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FastWeb: Another IPTV Flameout
Rewired | 5/31/2012

5:25 PM Italian company pioneered IPTV in 2001 but is pulling the plug this year as subscribership wanes

Cricket's iPhone Leap of Faith
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/31/2012

Carrier commits to $900M over three years to get the first pre-paid iPhone 4S for its regional customer base

Alcatel-Lucent's Hot Streak
AsiaBlog | 5/31/2012

1:10 PM Alcatel-Lucent is on fire (not literally) in Asia/Pacific, but it wants the operators to spend a LOT more

Breakthrough in India
AsiaBlog | 5/31/2012

11:35 AM A new telecom policy has been approved at last, paving the way for renewed growth and investment

What's the Holdup With Cisco & SDN?
Craig's A-List | 5/31/2012

11:15 AM Cisco does take software-defined networking seriously, and that's supposedly why it's waiting two more weeks to explain its plans

Aereo Fights for Its Life
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/31/2012

Also: TiVo posts loss but adds subs; In Demand hops on Comcast's CDN; Comcast's cloud-based voice platform rolls into Michigan

Carriers Must Think Small to Make Mobile Customers Happy
LRTV Interviews | 5/31/2012

Heavy Reading’s Berge Ayvazian on how small cells can get smart about connections and help carriers improve data speed and coverage in traffic-heavy networks

Euronews: Slim Makes His Move on KPN
News Analysis | 5/31/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Formal offer made for quarter of Dutch incumbent; Telefónica preps IPOs; ETNO wants public funds for rollouts

Telefónica Plans Regional IPOs
News Analysis | 5/31/2012

Debt-laden Spanish giant to raise funds through IPOs in Europe and Latin America

The Two Faces of OTT
Wireless Bits | 5/31/2012

4:00 AM Like them and/or loathe them, OTT services stir up mixed emotions for mobile operators

Ex-HP CTO Named CableLabs CEO
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/30/2012

Phil McKinney has come out of HP 'retirement' to head up the cable industry's Louisville, Colo.-based R&D house

Verizon Tees Up 300-Meg FiOS Tier
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/30/2012

Verizon to retain its broadband bragging rights over cable and Docsis 3.0 as it prepares to crank up FiOS speeds in June

IT Services Firm to Buy Connectiva
News Analysis | 5/30/2012

IT services firm Mara Ison Technologies is set to acquire revenue assurance and analytics specialist Connectiva

The Software Side of Customer Service
Que Sera Sarah | 5/30/2012

12:40 PM Everything Everywhere is pumping £50M into schooling its customer service reps on mobile operating systems

Verizon Builds an MPLS Metro With AlcaLu
News Analysis | 5/30/2012

Alcatel-Lucent's XRS core router is being put to metro uses by Verizon, which really just wants raise its MPLS quotient

Where Will Comcast's X1 Land Next?
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/30/2012

Atlanta, Denver and Philadelphia are among the markets that could get Comcast's next-gen video product before the end of 2012

Vodafone Leads Open Global App-Store Push
News Analysis | 5/30/2012

Vodafone, AT&T, DT, Telefónica and Verizon team on API-based effort to enable open apps market, with no industry/standards bodies involved

RCN's Strange Bedfellows
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/30/2012

Also: Apple still likes its TV box; BendBroadband wraps LTE upgrade; Comcaster to help monitor net neutrality; Amazon streams to the Xbox

Docomo Locks Down 4G With AlcaLu
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/30/2012

Alcatel-Lucent muscles in on Stoke's turf as it wins a deal to supply LTE security gateways to the Japanese mobile carrier

Analyst: Nokia Lumia 'Not a Company Saver'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/30/2012

MKM Partners downgrades Nokia to $2 after finding that the Windows phones have already been supplanted by the latest Androids

EC Nixes Pure Net Neutrality
EuroBlog | 5/30/2012

8:30 AM Transparency and choice is the best way to deal with online service restrictions, reckons the EC's digital watchdog Neelie Kroes

Euronews: AlcaLu CEO Warns of 'Digital Desert'
News Analysis | 5/30/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Ben Verwaayen urges network investment; EC proposes Net Neutrality action; S&P piles yet more pressure on Nokia

Tekelec Back in M&A Mode
Rumors | 5/30/2012

RIM to Sell the BlackBerry Farm?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/29/2012

The company warns of a Q1 operating loss and hires bankers to explore its options, which suggests a sale might be on the table

Apple Seeks 4G Talent
Jonestown | 5/29/2012

4:45 PM Apple's looking for applicants to help it evolve 4G across the globe, as analysts continue to speculate on the arrival of the iPhone 5

Sprint's iDEN Will Be iDONE in June 2013
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/29/2012

Sprint says it's done selling iDEN phones and will turn off the push-to-talk network as soon as June 30 of next year

Back to the Future on Unbundling
Rewired | 5/29/2012

11:50 AM TM Forum's Willetts sees US and Western Europe failing at broadband because regulators and financial analysts are stuck in old patterns

Samsung Unveils iTunes Rival
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/29/2012

The Samsung Galaxy S III comes equipped with Music Hub, Samsung's new music repository

AlcaLu's APAC Action
News Analysis | 5/29/2012

Major FTTH deal in China plus noteworthy IP, SPIT and video monitoring engagements in Japan, Australia and New Zealand

Rogers Hires ActiveVideo CTO to Lead IPTV Shift
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/29/2012

Former Time Warner Cable and ActiveVideo exec John Callahan will lead Rogers Communications' next-gen video initiative plans

Androids Join Comcast's Streaming Party
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/29/2012

Also: Cox updates its iPad app; Dish's defends its ad-zapper; Comcast expands Xfinity Home; Ultra-HD takes a step forward

Samsung Galaxy S III Hits EMEA
EuroBlog | 5/29/2012

5:45 AM The smartphone hailed as the big rival to the iPhone arrives in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Euronews: Investors Fight Over Technicolor
News Analysis | 5/29/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Vultures circle over video technology firm; Huawei rejects subsidy allegations; Samsung Galaxy S III reaches EMEA

Meet the New CTO – It's the CIO
News Analysis | 5/28/2012

As the technology power shift accelerates within service providers, Vodafone is hiring country CIOs that will become the operator's CTOs of the future

LTE World 2012: Hola, Barcelona
Slide Shows | 5/28/2012

Check out Light Reading Mobile's photos from the LTE World Summit 2012

Report: RIM to Cut 2,000 More Jobs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/28/2012

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion will announce further job cuts and a new restructuring effort later this week, according to reports

Euronews: EC Sharpens Knives Over Huawei, ZTE
News Analysis | 5/28/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Commission plans case over 'illegal state subsidies'; France Telecom gets Mobinil; set-top plant could close

Cisco Hits the Brakes on Cius
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/25/2012

Maybe it's time to admit that the world already has a zillion tablets

Bharti Buys Into Qualcomm's 4G Unit
News Analysis | 5/25/2012

India's lead operator has acquired more LTE coverage through an investment in Qualcomm's spectrum holdings

The Cable Show 2012: Seven Big Takeaways
The Bauminator | 5/25/2012

The meaning of Comcast's X1, the industry's Wi-Fi ambitions, and an emerging cable tech battle are among the items on my list

The Cable Show 2012: Dan's Tour
Slide Shows | 5/25/2012

11:45 AM Take a walk on the (mostly) wireless side through The Cable Show in foggy, rainy Boston

Management World 2012:
The Customer Experience Catalyst
The Philter | 5/25/2012

11:10 AM Ventraq and others devise a way to measure how operators are meeting customer needs. But could such a straightforward system ever catch on?

Dish, Broadcasters Go to War Over Ad-Zapper
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/25/2012

VoIP Call Centers & a BYOD World
Research Rewind | 5/25/2012

This week: South Africa’s telecom outlook; VoIP call centers and a BYOD world; your daily telecom news fix

Pain in Spain Rains on LTE Fest
Wireless Bits | 5/25/2012

8:00 AM It wasn't all doom and gloom at LTE World Summit in Barcelona, but the dire Spanish economy cast its shadow, most notably at the airport

Pacnet Calls Time on Its CEO
News Analysis | 5/25/2012

Loss-making pan-Asian network operator dumps its long-time CEO Bill Barney.

Euronews: Tide Turns Against Handset Subsidies
News Analysis | 5/25/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Will European telcos just say no to handset subsidies? And it's a bad week for Telefónica on the ratings front...

Best In Show Awards
EuroBlog | 5/25/2012

6:30 AM We hand out our unofficial awards at Management World 2012, including Best Cheese, Best Orange Meeting Room and Best Use of Nano-Witchcraft

AlcaLu Claims 400G Is Hot
News Analysis | 5/24/2012

Even Alcatel-Lucent is surprised at the eagerness around 400G, with some carriers wanting bragging rights for the optical technology

The Cable Show 2012: Photos From Boston
Slide Shows | 5/24/2012

Missed this year's big to-do in Beantown, or want to relive part of it? We've got you covered

Comcast Gives Wi-Fi a Voice
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/24/2012

Comcast aims to rejuvenate its home phone service with Voice2Go, an app that lets customers place free phone calls via Wi-Fi

Microsoft: A Company of Many Clouds
News Analysis | 5/24/2012

Consumer clouds and B2B clouds litter the Microsoft landscape, but the software giant is serious about service provider clouds as well

Aereo's Service Wins a Reprieve (for Now)
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/24/2012

Also: Cable Show attendance dips; ActiveVideo rolls its video cloud; MaxLinear goes inside Intel's D3 chips; Minerva flirts with cable

Management World 2012: Scenes From the Show
Slide Shows | 5/24/2012

Scenes from the show floor and the Light Reading 'Speed Dating' event

Cable's Hot Zone Could Equal Offload
Jonestown | 5/24/2012

10:15 AM The cableco Wi-Fi plan could make it easier to offload smartphone data in the northeastern US

Top Trends at #MWD12
EuroBlog | 5/24/2012

10:00 AM The standout trends from Management World 2012

Setting Cox's Priorities
LRTV Interviews | 5/24/2012

Cox Communications EVP & CTO Kevin Hart explains what's at the top of his to-do list and offers an update on the company's TV Everywhere and IP video strategies

Creative, Confounding Wireless Bills
Que Sera Sarah | 5/24/2012

7:30 AM Bargain shoppers and coupon cutters will love creative pricing, but it'll make for one beast of a monthly statement

Management World 2012: Catalyst Collection
LRTV Documentaries | 5/24/2012

What were this year's Management World Catalyst projects all about? We talked to five of the teams to find out which industry challenges they were tackling

Euronews: T-Mobile Sale 'Unlikely'
News Analysis | 5/24/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: DT's CEO tells it like it is; Freeview boss sees 4G trouble ahead; C&WC results not so hot in Caribbean

Betting on Brokers
Rewired | 5/24/2012

6:00 AM Service brokers can play an important role in application innovation

4G Voice Still Just a Whisper
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/24/2012

It will take longer than expected for operators to launch and turn up the volume on Voice-over-LTE

Taking CEM Seriously
LRTV Interviews | 5/24/2012

How can communications service providers get the most out of their customer experience management (CEM) strategies? Jean-Marc Steffann, executive director at Capgemini's Telecom, Media and Entertainment division, explains

The Carrier Creep Factor
Que Sera Sarah | 5/24/2012

3:00 AM Wireless operators are treading a fine line between helpful and creepy when it comes to contextual pricing plans

The Cable Show 2012: Wrap Up
LRTV Soundbites | 5/24/2012

Comcast Calls on Wi-Fi
LRTV Interviews | 5/23/2012

Comcast's Catherine Avgiris walks us through Voice2Go, which enhances Comcast's residential phone service with free Wi-Fi phone calls, advanced call forwarding and the ability to create personal phone numbers

AlcaLu CEO Likes His Product Lineup
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/23/2012

The right pieces are in place, even if the results don't show up in quarterly earnings yet, Alcatel-Lucent CEO Ben Verwaayen says

Photos: AlcaLu Technology Symposium
Slide Shows | 5/23/2012

Between the XRS launch and an 'art gallery' of demos, AlcaLu's annual showcase gave analysts lots to look at

Carlyle's Cable Muscle
Jonestown | 5/23/2012

3:55 PM Sometimes controversial VC firm The Carlyle Group appears more focused on cable than mobile at the moment

Nice to See You!
LRTV Interviews | 5/23/2012

TM Forum Chairman Keith Willetts talks about the much needed communications services revolution and the Management World show's return to Nice on the French Riviera

CableLabs Nears End of CEO Search
The Bauminator | 5/23/2012

3:15 PM Cable's R&D house is expected to appoint a new leader soon, and the rumor is it will be someone from the Silicon Valley

NSN Sticks It to Huawei
EuroBlog | 5/23/2012

1:35 PM NSN accuses rival Huawei of practicing the sincerest form of flattery...

Handoff Headache
Que Sera Sarah | 5/23/2012

1:00 PM LTE-to-3G handoffs are still a major challenge for mobile operators

NetCracker's Suite Spot
News Analysis | 5/23/2012

With Convergys deal done, software firm sets its sights on total OSS/BSS play for differentiated services

Carriers Get Black Marks on Teamwork
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/23/2012

Their fear of OTT apps and old telco mentality has made the wireless operators hard to do business with, software companies say

Does Docsis Have a 10-Gig Future?
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/23/2012

Arris, Cisco and Moto offer a roadmap that, they claim, will help Docsis bump capacities to 10Gbit/s downstream and 2Gbit/s upstream

CHR Promises Big Savings for Telcos in Need
News Analysis | 5/23/2012

CHR guarantees 5 to 25 percent savings for cash-strapped rural telcos who adopt its cloud or managed services programs

Which Is the Most Macho Broadband Plan?
iBraue | 5/23/2012

The US, Brazil, Colombia and Chile all have their Broadband Plans in place. But which one has the biggest cojones?

Huawei Courts US Cable
LRTV Interviews | 5/23/2012

Huawei's MSO chief explains how it's helping US cable operators evolve their networks beyond Docsis 3.0 and into the world of EPON Protocol over Coax

What's Hot At #MWD12
EuroBlog | 5/23/2012

7:50 AM Heavy Reading analysts assess the first day's action at the service provider IT (SPIT)-fest that is Management World 2012 in Dublin

Euronews: Dante Opts for Infinera's Hot Tech
News Analysis | 5/23/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: research network deploys DTN-X platform; the bleak view from Spain; NFC, not KFC, lands at French airport

Orange: Operators Must Share LTE Networks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/23/2012

Operators need to embrace active RAN sharing to make the LTE business case work, says Orange

Management World 2012: More Dublin Shots
Slide Shows | 5/23/2012

Don't SPIT in our Guinness, but LR Mobile snuck away from the show floor to capture the sights and drinks of Ireland's capital city

Avail-TVN Will Buy Again, CEO Says
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/23/2012

Avail-TVN CEO says that advertising and analytics companies could be in his M&A sights

Cable's Still Finding Its Way on Wi-Fi
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/23/2012

Cable's getting aggressive with Wi-Fi, but execs say school's still in session as they try to fine-tune their wireless broadband strategies

The Cloud Backlash
Rewired | 5/22/2012

9:05 PM Service providers and large customers are deploying cloud services but avoiding calling them 'cloud services.' And the point is?

Verizon's 'Viewdini' Unchains Comcast Video
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/22/2012

Verizon Wireless taps some key partners as it looks to bring some search and discovery magic to mobile video

Google & Moto: What's Next?
Jonestown | 5/22/2012

4:35 PM New Android smartphones, tablets and low-end devices have to be on the horizon as Google closes the deal on Motorola Mobility

Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper Get Core-Router Upgrades
News Analysis | 5/22/2012

The war of big numbers is hardly over, as AlcaLu expands its routers into 16Tbit/s range and Juniper hooks up multiple T4000s

Where is the Customer Service Culture?
The Philter | 5/22/2012

11:15 AM Service providers want to manage and measure the customer experience, but what good are data and usage stats when a customer service culture doesn't exist?

Google Closes $12.5B Motorola Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/22/2012

Sanjay Jha steps down as CEO of Motorola Mobility, but Dan Moloney will continue to run Moto's Home unit

EuroBlog | 5/22/2012

11:05 AM ANALYTICS, ANALYTICS, ANALYTICS. Guess what the hot topic at Management World in Dublin might be?

Is Innovation Too Tough for Big Telecom?
News Analysis | 5/22/2012

TM Forum is focused on innovation acceleration but industry experts say dramatic culture change is needed to make that happen

Cable's New Video Frontier
LRTV Interviews | 5/22/2012

Ian Blaine, CEO of thePlatform, explains how the media publishing firm is backing Comcast's X1 platform and what cable needs to do to get TV Everywhere to the next level

Comcast Navigates New Screens
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/22/2012

Also: Adobe gives TV Everywhere the ad-vantage; Comcast ads going multi-screen; Enseo debuts a CableCARD box; Google Fiber hits a snag

Breaking Into Europe
LRTV Interviews | 5/22/2012

At Management World 2012 in Dublin, Andy Tiller, VP of product marketing at AsiaInfo-Linkage, talks about the Chinese software vendor's plans to take Europe by storm

The Cable Show 2012: Comcast Flies the X1
The Bauminator | 5/22/2012

9:25 AM A big crowd gathered at the Comcast booth to check out X1, Comcast's next-gen video service, and the debut of 'Project Dayview,' a cross-platform user interface in the making

Amdocs Analyzes Analytics
News Analysis | 5/22/2012

High-powered analytics systems are all the rage in the Service Provider IT world, so what's sector giant Amdocs up to in this area?

Operators Dress Up Data Caps
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/22/2012

Wireless operators have moved from the operational requirements of new data pricing plans to figuring out how to market them to disgruntled consumers, policy vendor says

TWC CEO Heaps More Dirt on the Set-Top Box
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/22/2012

Glenn Britt still thinks the set-top's days are numbered as cable migrates to IP video and branches out to more IP-connected devices

Management World 2012: Where's the Innovation?
LRTV Interviews | 5/22/2012

Heavy Reading's Graham Finnie provides an update on how operators seem to be faring as they embrace apps ecosystems and challenging new business models

Euronews: Vodafone Profits Slip as Europe Suffers
News Analysis | 5/22/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Vodafone profits slide 11%; C&WW also down; Dublin sees some bandwidth trading; Virgin boss attacks BT

Management World 2012: Photos from Dublin
Slide Shows | 5/22/2012

Before the show floor opens, some pics from Ireland's capital

Willetts Unzips Telecom Future
News Analysis | 5/22/2012

Survival means finding visionary leaders willing to take chances and somehow convincing Wall Street and regulators that it'll be okay

Tekelec Plays Mediator for Operators & Apps
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/22/2012

By working with over-the-top apps instead of resisting them, Tekelec says wireless operators can make those apps pay for themselves

The Cable Show 2012: Day 1
LRTV Soundbites | 5/22/2012

The Changing Face of Customer Service
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/21/2012

Social networking trends have spurred new opportunities for the makers of VoIP call center platforms

Comcast's Set-Top Software Kit
LRTV Interviews | 5/21/2012

itaas President and CEO Vibha Rustagi explains how Comcast's Reference Development Kit (RDK) could get cable closer to a new standard for next-gen set-top boxes

SeaChange Unloads VoD Content Unit for $27M
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/21/2012

While Avail-TVN raises $100 million to cover the deal and to help fuel its international growth strategy

What I'm Looking for in Dublin
Rewired | 5/21/2012

2:30 PM It's not the Guinness brewery tour or the ghosts of the 1916 Easter Rising but some cloud management solutions

Management World 2012: Yet More Preview Pitches
News Analysis | 5/21/2012

Sigma Systems, Empirix, HP, Aricent, OpenCloud, Comptel, Virtual Instruments and MACH make their pre-show pitches for the Dublin event

Comcast's X1 Video Platform Lands First in Boston
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/21/2012

Beantown will be the first market to get Comcast's next-gen hybrid IP/QAM video platform, but you knew that already...

TiVo & Pace Debut Docsis 3.0-Powered Gateway
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/21/2012

Also: Vendors align with Comcast's set-top kit, Intel shows new D3 chip; Moto secures TWC's IP video streams; Nagra gateway goes multi-screen

The Docsis Addendum
The Bauminator | 5/21/2012

8:30 AM A potential addition to the Docsis 3.0 specs could set up a fight with the IEEE's budding EPON Protocol over Coax standard

Cable Goes Big With Wi-Fi Roaming
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/21/2012

Comcast, Bright House, Cablevision, Cox and TW Cable will let their high-speed Internet customers access more than 50,000 Wi-Fi hotspots

Mobile Money: What's the End Game?
Que Sera Sarah | 5/21/2012

6:45 AM Wireless operators have partnered up on mobile payments, but it may only be a stopgap until they're ready to tackle the market on their own

Casa Puts Heat on Cisco, Arris & Motorola
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/21/2012

Vendor hopes to gain some ground on cable access competitors with its first integrated product for the embryonic CCAP market

Euronews: AlcaLu Offers Managed CEM
News Analysis | 5/21/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: AlcaLu's SPIT in spotlight; LR co-founder's proud moment; Kabel Deutschland swallows rival

4G: What's New?
Wireless Bits | 5/21/2012

2:00 AM It's back to Barcelona for the LTE World Summit, where the hot topics will be 4G service creation and new operator business models

Packet-Optical Transport Evolution: In Pictures
Slide Shows | 5/18/2012

You can't really see software-defined networking, but you can see a bunch of optical networking people talking about it

Management World 2012: More Preview Pitches
News Analysis | 5/18/2012

Fancy a chat with Microsoft, Versant or cVidya in Dublin? Check out these swift pre-show pitches

Motorola Doubles Up on CMTS Downstreams
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/18/2012

Moto extends the life of its CMTS as it continues to develop products for CCAP, cable's next-gen access architecture

SoMoClo Descends on Dublin
News Analysis | 5/18/2012

The combination of social, mobile and cloud, or SoMoClo, will have Management World attendees exercising their jaws, reckons industry analyst

Network Efficiency Trumps Speed, Says AT&T
News Analysis | 5/18/2012

Jim King of AT&T Labs says 100G isn't as important to the company as the optical technology that makes the transport network run smoothly

Juniper's QFabric Lands in Hong Kong
News Analysis | 5/18/2012

A deal to put QFabric into a trading network comes as the company pushes to regain Wall Street's confidence

The Cable Show 2012: To Docsis 3.0 & Beyond!
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/18/2012

TV Everywhere, net neutrality and wireless will be hot topics, but also expect cable's access network to make some big leaps next week

XO Preps the Next Optical Wave
LRTV Interviews | 5/18/2012

The vendors have delivered packet-optical systems, and it's up to XO to do something good with them, CTO Randy Nicklas says. Meanwhile, he's also eyeing the potential of OpenFlow. From the Packet-Optical Transport Evolution conference

LTE Will Suck as Long as Backhaul Does
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/18/2012

Optical wholesaling seems to be doing well as a business, but that hasn't convinced operators to fiber up more of their cell towers

Comcast's Xbox Answers Don't Satisfy Critics
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/18/2012

Also: Cablevision promotes Kanouff; BlackArrow goes system-wide at TW Cable; Arris gateway software weaves in HTML5

XO Takes a Shine to OpenFlow
News Analysis | 5/18/2012

What it does isn't special or new, but OpenFlow has a money-saving potential that past technologies didn't, CTO Randy Nicklas says

Facebook's Future in Mobile
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/18/2012

A substantial slice of Facebook's expected IPO bonanza could help further its mobile ambitions

OS Watch: Google Shuns the Wireless Operators
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/18/2012

Also: Samsung wins in Android's fragmented world; RIM and bada beat Windows Phone; BlackBerry gets UK government seal of approval

Euronews: Nokia Cash Burn Freaks Analysts
News Analysis | 5/18/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Risk of a default rears its head for Finnish giant; Hutchison Whampoa bid for Eircom rebuffed; Jersey's fiber diet

Context Is King for Network Operators
Research Rewind | 5/18/2012

7:00 AM This week: Canada’s telecom future, context as king for operators, main themes from LR’s Packet-Optical Transport Evolution Conference

A Mobile Reporter in a Management World
Que Sera Sarah | 5/18/2012

3:00 AM This LR Mobile reporter will be on the search for SPIT-covered mobile topics at next week's Management World Forum in Dublin

Verizon: Putting SDN in Its Place
LRTV Interviews | 5/18/2012

Given the disruptive potential of software-defined networking, what's going to happen to routers as we know them? Stuart Elby of Verizon gives us his theory

100-Gig? 40-Gig? Yes, Says Cisco
News Analysis | 5/17/2012

What if ports could change speeds in, say, 25Gbit/s increments? Cisco brought up the idea at the Packet Optical Transport Evolution conference

Fiber Shortage Will Slow LTE
LRTV Interviews | 5/17/2012

Less than one-fourth of cell towers in the US have fiber connections today, says Hunter Newby, CEO of Allied Fiber. Without fiber, 4G networks will be bandwidth starved

Comcast to Raise Caps, Test Overage Fees
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/17/2012

Comcast will kill its static 250GB cap and test new policies that will raise the limit to at least 300GB, but apply overage fees

Analyst Questions Customer Experience Message
News Analysis | 5/17/2012

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is little more than vendor marketing, says analyst, as he tells us what to expect at Management World

Terayon Founder Plans Access Revolution
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/17/2012

Shlomo Rakib has quietly launched Cohere Technologies, a startup that aims to bring some radical changes to cable's access network architecture

Management World 2012: Preview Pitches
News Analysis | 5/17/2012

Fancy a chat with MDS, Matrixx or Lavastorm in Dublin? Check out these swift pitches in what can only be described as a 'Matt Hooper Special'

DirecTV Goes Big With Satellite Broadband
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/17/2012

Also: TW Cable & Viacom bury the hatchet; FCC queries Verizon on spectrum; Genova returns to Cablevision; Netflix eyes family plans

The Cable Show Opens Up to Outsiders & Rivals
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/17/2012

Beyond the usual names and faces, execs from Netflix and Verizon Wireless will enter cable's den at next week's big show in Beantown

Optical Transport Traffic Up, Spending Flat
News Analysis | 5/17/2012

Service provider transport networks are handling massively more volume, but spending has yet to surpass Sonet/SDH spending

What Verizon Sees in Software-Defined Networking
LRTV Interviews | 5/17/2012

Verizon has already put software-defined networking to use. Stuart Elby, who's in charge of network architecture, explains how and why

Euronews: Ciena Lands 100G Deal in UK
News Analysis | 5/17/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Ciena scores in UK; AlcaLu settles with Klausner; Intune bags former Ciena man; LTE goes live in London

Packet Optical Goes Soft
LRTV Interviews | 5/17/2012

Light Reading's Packet Optical Transport Evolution conference will see lots of discussion about the optical control plane as vendors prepare for far-off plans in cloud computing and software-defined networking

Show Me the Guinness
EuroBlog | 5/17/2012

4:45 AM A brief guide to Management World's hot topics and beverages

Verizon Wireless Brings Unlimited Users to Tiers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/16/2012

Grandfathered-in unlimited plan customers will be forced to pick a tier when Verizon rolls out shared data plans this summer

4G: Live in London
Wireless Bits | 5/16/2012

4:00 PM London's first (and only) LTE network gets caught on camera by Light Reading Mobile

Comcast Flips On Skype TV
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/16/2012

Comcast will try to gain and retain triple-play customers with a $9.95-per-month Skype video chat service that launches in 10 markets this week

Packet-Optical Moves Beyond 100G
News Analysis | 5/16/2012

We mean that not just in terms of faster speeds, but also in terms of new topics like software-defined networking

Tellabs Revenues May Rise in H2
News Analysis | 5/16/2012

Increased spending by AT&T and Verizon in the US should give Tellabs a boost in H2, reckons one analyst, who spies the potential for some M&A considerations

Meet the New US Wireless Operators
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/16/2012

A number of low-cost MVNOs are launching in the US with potentially disruptive – but still unproven – business models

Intel's New Docsis 3.0 Chip Guns for 1-Gig
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/16/2012

Hitron is among the first to use a "media gateway" D3 chipset from Intel that can bond 24 downstream channels and eight upstream channels

AT&T, US Cellular Eye Cox's 700MHz Airwaves
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/16/2012

Also: ESPN predicts big TV Everywhere numbers; Cisco, Comcast execs join Adobe board; Avail-TVN splices VoD ads

Euronews: Russia's Ready for LTE
News Analysis | 5/16/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Yota fires the LTE starting pistol in Russia; Iskratel expands in GPON space; Nokia gets Siri-usly cheesed off

Comcast Denies It's Prioritizing Xbox Video
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/15/2012

Comcast's CTO says Xfinity TV app for the Xbox 360 uses separately-provisioned bandwidth and is akin to the MSO's traditional cable service

New Cyan CEO Sees Global Growth
News Analysis | 5/15/2012

Telecom vet Mark Floyd takes over at Cyan and will get the company ready to grow as it continues to target fast-growing metro networks

What We Learned at CTIA
Jonestown | 5/15/2012

3:10 PM Small was beautiful, video was mobile and context was creepy at CTIA; but device hunters were out of luck in The Big Easy

RAD Joins the Grandmaster Set
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/15/2012

With its new mobile backhaul aggregation box, RAD Data has joined a select set of vendors with Grandmaster clock capabilities

Verizon Wireless & Cox Tag-Team on U-verse
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/15/2012

Verizon Wireless and the MSO sidestep FiOS territory early on as they launch a mobile/cable services bundle in Oklahoma City and Tulsa

Verizon Blankets Two-Thirds of Population in 4G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/15/2012

Verizon expands 4G LTE to 28 new markets and adds extra coverage in 11 existing 4G cities

Could Aereo Deflate the TV Business Model?
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/15/2012

Also: Hillcrest's TV browser goes open source; Foxconn squashes Apple TV rumor; EchoStar's new broadband bird is prepped for launch

Policy's Integration Rift
News Analysis | 5/15/2012

Analyst expects the controversy surrounding policy and charging to be a major talking point at Management World

Verizon Shows Off Its Hurricane Force
LRTV Interviews | 5/15/2012

At CTIA in New Orleans, Verizon explains to LR Mobile how it uses mobile cell sites to restore wireless services after hurricanes and other disasters

Nokia Aims Low With New Devices
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/15/2012

Nokia targets emerging markets with two new feature phones as it looks to shore up its traditional strongholds

Euronews: AlcaLu Bites Into the Core
News Analysis | 5/15/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: AlcaLu hints at core router breakthrough; Iliad's first-quarter mobile bonanza (and how it hurt SFR)

Context Is King
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/14/2012

The future for telcos lies in leveraging context about their customers, but getting from concept to execution is no simple affair

Cisco Hints at What Comes After Docsis 3.0
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/14/2012

Docsis 3.1? 4.0? Whatever the designation, Cisco says CableLabs is developing a new spec that will beef up cable's feeble upstream path

RCA Petitions for Conditions on Verizon & Cable
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/14/2012

Carrier group made up of T-Mobile, Sprint and others is OK with Verizon's AWS spectrum buy provided the FCC applies some conditions to it

LightSquared Files for Chapter 11
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/14/2012

Wireless broadband wholesale hopeful LightSquared can't hold off lenders any longer, files for bankruptcy protection in New York

Patent Hoarder Adaptix Takes On T-Mobile & NSN
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/14/2012

Adaptix is once again in court, this time alleging that NSN base stations being deployed by T-Mobile infringe on five of the vendor's patents

Bandwidth Trading Is Back!
News Analysis | 5/14/2012

Internet exchange operator Epsilon says it isn't Enron revisited

CTIA Postscript: Small Cells Step Out
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/14/2012

Small cells are crucial to the deployment of LTE, and their role in the 4G world started to solidify at the New Orleans wireless fest

T-Mobile Keys Group Targeting Verizon-MSO Deal
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/14/2012

Also: Foxconn preps for Apple's TV; AT&T halts sales of Xbox 360 U-verse kit; NBC exec frets about Dish's new ad-zapper

Euronews: Huawei Wins Big in UK
News Analysis | 5/14/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Chinese vendor scores managed-services deal with O2; KPN under pressure to sell German unit; NTT says Buongiorno

Look Out Europe…
EuroBlog | 5/14/2012

6:30 AM Will AsiaInfo-Linkage be the Huawei of BSS?

U.S. Cellular Eyes Verizon's 700MHz Spectrum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/11/2012

U.S. Cellular might consider a bid for Verizon's lower band 700MHz spectrum as it seeks ways to extend its 4G footprint

Gearing Up for POTE 2012
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/11/2012

Here’s a look at some of the key themes we expect to hear about at this year's Packet-Optical Transport Evolution Conference

Cable's Big Streaming Party
The Bauminator | 5/11/2012

6:30 PM At The Cable Show, here's one way MSOs will try to show the feds how the cable industry is playing nice with the CE guys

OpenFlow, SDN & an Industry Uprising
The Philter | 5/11/2012

6:05 PM OpenFlow's popularity might be about an industry demanding more control of networks, services and the cloud than top vendors have allowed to date

Is the Worst Over at SeaChange?
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/11/2012

New CEO Raghu Rau says the company's transformation into a software company is almost complete, though it might pursue "tuck-in" acquisitions

SPIT Bits: Now It's Ixia's Turn...
News Analysis | 5/11/2012

Ixia is making a Service Provider IT (SPIT) acquisition, plus news from NetCracker, Comptel, CA and Telstra

In Wireless Operators We Trust?
Que Sera Sarah | 5/11/2012

2:15 PM Consumers' expectation of privacy may be misguided, but the wireless operators have a ways to go to convince us we can trust them with our data

Hillcrest Puts the Motion in Mobile
LRTV Interviews | 5/11/2012

The remote control maker is porting its software to mobile devices to change the way we interact on and with our smarpthones and tablets

Verizon Goes Global With Metro 100G
News Analysis | 5/11/2012

Upgrading to 100Gbit/s systems in metro markets around the world and deploying Ciena kit for control plane smarts

Interop 2012: Beer Bash & Booth Crawl
Slide Shows | 5/11/2012

Interop's booth crawl and happy hour rounded out a terrific day of cloud content and carrier meetings here in the driest place on Earth

CTIA 2012: LTE, Apps, Small Cells & More
Que Sera Sarah | 5/11/2012

10:40 AM LR Mobile Site Editor Dan Jones and I discuss the big themes at CTIA, the show where the LTE network, devices and apps came together

Interactive TV Firm Lands $26M for Tablet Push
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/11/2012

Also: SeaChange closes server sale; Suddenlink sheds video subs; group wants details of the Verizon-cable tech JV; Joost fades away

Do You Know DiMoWiNe?
Que Sera Sarah | 5/11/2012

9:30 AM We don't either, so we asked people on the CTIA show floor what they thought this acronym from Lemko Corp. might mean and how it should be pronounced. Deemoowinnee, anyone?

Photos: Sarah's New Orleans Tour
Que Sera Sarah | 5/11/2012

I came, I saw, I ate ... and I worked a little too. Here's what I have to show for it

From Revenue Assurance to Revenue Optimization
Research Rewind | 5/11/2012

7:30 AM This week: Revenue optimization, cable's tablet habit and the need for better management, free daily telecom newsletter

Euronews: EC Imposes Data Roaming Cap
News Analysis | 5/11/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Brussels sets price caps for roaming within EU; Telefónica offers its own bill-shock solution; Dutch go net neutral

Nice Return for TMF Show?
EuroBlog | 5/11/2012

9:25 AM Is the TM Forum's annual Management World show heading back to its spiritual home on the French Riviera?

Small Cells Throw Up Big Challenges for Operators
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/11/2012

A diverse range of public access small cells has emerged, but operators face deployment challenges for these new devices

Dish Sticks It to the Broadcasters
The Bauminator | 5/10/2012

5:00 PM Dish's newest feature skips commercials automatically. Well, who wouldn't love that?

Slim's Dutch Drama
EuroBlog | 5/10/2012

2:30 PM Is this a good time to invest in European telecom? And does anyone remember KPN Qwest et al?

OpenFlow Keeps Buzzing
LRTV Interviews | 5/10/2012

OpenFlow and software-defined networking were the talk of Interop. Light Reading sits down with Dan Pitt of the Open Networking Foundation to explore the reasons why

ADVA Mixes OpenFlow With Optical
News Analysis | 5/10/2012

The software-defined networking protocol is mostly discussed as a Layer 2 or 3 item, but it might be able to do something for wavelengths, too

Good Times Slow Down at Cisco
News Analysis | 5/10/2012

Cisco says everything's great, but orders are decelerating and the company's Q4 forecast came up short

Netflix Cranks Up the Net Neutrality Heat
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/10/2012

Also: Arris debuts D3 modem with 16 downstream channels; Moto CMTS shipments rise in Q1; Mediacom narrows video subscriber losses

Huawei Denied German Bid
EuroBlog | 5/10/2012

10:45 AM Germany is the latest market where Huawei has been given the cold shoulder because of perceived security concerns

Enterprise Wi-Fi is Booming, But Complex
News Analysis | 5/10/2012

Accenture can't hire people fast enough to help enterprises engineer industry-specific Wi-Fi networks. But will carriers benefit?

CCAP Market Is Cisco's & Arris's to Lose
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/10/2012

Cisco, Arris, Harmonic and Motorola head the cable access market but don't expect the next-gen access platform to spawn many new challengers

Euronews: DT Eyes T-Mobile/MetroPCS Merger
News Analysis | 5/10/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: German giant looks at Plan B for its US unit; KPN-versus-Slim latest; BT raises profits on falling revenues

Why LTE? It's All in the Apps, Says Verizon
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/10/2012

The carrier plans to partner with more developers to showcase the power of LTE, especially through apps that involve video

CTIA 2012: More Pix'n'Mix
Slide Shows | 5/10/2012

There's still more phones, cars, booth gimmicks and a few Jazz Fest holdouts left to see

CTIA 2012: 4G's Goin' Country
LRTV Soundbites | 5/10/2012

Ericsson has cut deals with Bluegrass Wireless and others for LTE in rural areas

Cricket Muves to the Music
News Analysis | 5/9/2012

Muve exec sees unlimited music becoming as essential to wireless service as texting and voice mail

Cricket's 3G-Friendly Mobile Tunes
LRTV Interviews | 5/9/2012

Muve Music was built for the prepaid carrier's 3G network, but it's success has Cricket thinking about 4G improvements and international expansion

Sprint Tees Up LTE Small Cells
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/9/2012

Sprint will release its smaller, faster LTE cells to the wild by the end of 2012

Interop 2012: Photos From the Show Floor
Slide Shows | 5/9/2012

Our first pass through the Interop show floor highlights Huawei, Barracuda Networks, JDSU, magicians, models and more

Sprint Counters Verizon's 4G Jibe
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/9/2012

Sprint says the peformance of its 4G LTE network will be comparable to rival offerings, despite Verizon's claims to the contrary

Can Charter Repeat the Video Feat?
The Bauminator | 5/9/2012

11:25 AM Charter added video subs for the first time in five years in the first quarter, but was it a blip or a trend in the making?

Interop 2012: Cisco, Zynga & Avaya Keynote Pics
Slide Shows | 5/9/2012

Cisco's CTO Padmasree Warrior, Zynga's Infrastructure CTO Allan Leinwand, and Avaya's SVP Marc Randall offer thoughts on enterprise clouds and software defined networking

Broadcom Chips Drive Huawei's Huge Switch
News Analysis | 5/9/2012

Huawei comes to Interop striving for relevance in the US enterprise and data center markets

T-Mobile CTO: Our 4G Stands Up to LTE Rivals
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/9/2012

The carrier's CTO says that while it's planning on deploying LTE, its HSPA+ network can already rival its competitors' LTE

Mobile Commerce Sidesteps the Carriers
Que Sera Sarah | 5/9/2012

10:10 AM Credit card companies aren't waiting on the wireless operators to offer mobile wallets to their customers

Dish Snaps Up Some LightSquared Debt
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/9/2012

Also: Verizon questioned about wireline commitments; SeaChange teaches old set-tops some new tricks; Comcast notches a MetroE win

CTIA 2012: Photos From the Big Easy
Slide Shows | 5/9/2012

CTIA's taken over New Orleans's sprawling convention center, and we have the pics to prove it

Telefónica Digital Gets Smart
News Analysis | 5/9/2012

Operator's Digital division takes on Skype et al with its own unified communications smartphone app, but it has its limitations

CTIA 2012: How's Your Network Hanging?
Jonestown | 5/9/2012

7:15 AM We're getting relatively good 3G service here in New Orleans, how about you?

Euronews: Ericsson Caches In
News Analysis | 5/9/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Ericsson, erm, accelerates the cloud; Telefónica does a Skype; TDC sees its margins squeezed in Q1

Hesse: Sprint Not a Risk Despite Big Investments
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/8/2012

Sprint CEO acknowledges that operator is spending big on LTE and the iPhone but says the debt market is 'eager' to invest in the carrier

CTIA: What's Hot in New Orleans
Jonestown | 5/8/2012

6:25 PM 4G LTE and mobile video are getting hot and heavy in The Big Easy

Smartphones Battle for Third
Que Sera Sarah | 5/8/2012

5:20 PM It's easy to think RIM and Nokia are the only handset makers climbing up from the bottom, but others have a lot to prove, too

Size Matters for LTE, Verizon CTO Says
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/8/2012

Verizon's Tony Melone claims that -- all things being equal -- Big Red's LTE network will beat the smaller radio channels used by Sprint

Verizon Sees a Cloud-SDN Connection
News Analysis | 5/8/2012

Verizon's Stuart Elby says the drive to the cloud is also driving service providers headlong into software-defined networking

Cisco Broadens Its Software-Defined Networking
News Analysis | 5/8/2012

More hints emerge about Cisco's software-defined networking strategy, with the company saying it wants to lead in widening SDN's scope

Will NSN Play the Wi-Fi Field?
Wireless Bits | 5/8/2012

1:00 PM After a reseller agreement with Ruckus Wireless, will NSN hedge its carrier Wi-Fi bets?

RIM's New Marketing Man Is a LightSquared Vet
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/8/2012

The BlackBerry maker's executive shuffle continues as it brings on a COO from Sony and a CMO from LightSquared

Ruckus Gets a Piece of Cable's Wi-Fi Action
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/8/2012

Time Warner Cable taps Ruckus as a new source for Wi-Fi gear as the MSO ramps up hot spot deployments in Los Angeles

Photos: AT&T's Digital Housewarming
Que Sera Sarah | 5/8/2012

11:10 AM Photos from the carrier's connected digital home in New Orleans

Comcast Streams ESPN (Almost) Everywhere
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/8/2012

Also: Charter and DirecTV add video subs in Q1; cable campaign plays up TV Everywhere; Sigma seals up Trident's digital TV chips

Multi-Screen TV Startup Bags $13M
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/8/2012

Elemental Technologies, one of Comcast's big TV Everywhere suppliers, raises $13M 'C' round to fund global expansion and new products

Putting Policy & SDM to Work
News Analysis | 5/8/2012

Light Reading Live! event tackles the deployment of policy and subscriber data management systems that enable personalized mobile services

M2M Goes Cross-Border
Que Sera Sarah | 5/8/2012

8:00 AM Raco Wireless says its internal SIM lets companies stay connected across continents without paying hefty roaming fees

NSN Raises a Wi-Fi Ruckus
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/8/2012

Ruckus Wireless will announce a reseller agreement with Nokia Siemens Networks at CTIA this week

Euronews: Slim Picking at KPN
News Analysis | 5/8/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Latin American giant eyes $4.2B Dutch opportunity; Nokia responds to class action; India brings Telenor's Q1 down

NSN, Ericsson Win T-Mobile's LTE Business
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/8/2012

Equipment vendors will deploy 37,000 cell sites across T-Mobile USA's HSPA+ footprint this year and enable it to launch LTE in 2013

From Revenue Assurance to Revenue Optimization
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/7/2012

Revenue assurance and fraud management vendors have an advantage in the communications space, but they also encounter significant challenges

Sequans Gets a Break With Clearwire 4G Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/7/2012

Jilted by Sprint, Sequans gets thrown a lifeline

Cincinnati Bell Partners to Form Quicker Clouds
News Analysis | 5/7/2012

Cincinnati Bell partners with Apptix and Parallels so it can provide small and medium businesses with cloud services quickly

Dish Chairman Rules Out More Spectrum Buys
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/7/2012

Charlie Ergen says Dish has plenty of spectrum for the mobile service it might someday build out

Verizon Adds Color to Video on LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/7/2012

Through a new partnership with live video streaming app, Color, Verizon hopes to showcase the power of speedy uploads on LTE

Dish Serves Up Q1 Subscriber Surprise
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/7/2012

Also: MSOs lose 2.9M TV subs in 2011; LG tees up its new Google TV; Comcast to shed most of A&E stake

LTE-Advanced Testing Gets Underway
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/7/2012

When the test vendors get involved, trials can't be far behind -- even if deployment will still take years

AT&T's Home Security Service to Go BYOB
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/7/2012

AT&T touts a bring-your-own broadband and wireless model for Digital Life, a service that will target a market also being chased by MSOs

Let's Socialize: Take Our Survey!
Que Sera Sarah | 5/7/2012

8:30 AM Take a five-minute break from scouring Facebook, and take Light Reading's survey on social networking

HD Voice: Can't Hear You Now
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/7/2012

HD Voice has helped Orange bring users back to the phone call, but it'll be a while before it's something worth listening to in the U.S.

Italians Rage at NSN
EuroBlog | 5/4/2012

3:40 PM Union urges government intervention over planned Nokia Siemens Networks layoffs

The Lowly Optical Connector Gets a Makeover
News Analysis | 5/4/2012

Following the examples of ketchup bottles and toothpaste tubes, Arrayed Fiberoptics thinks it's found a better way to do a decades-old design

Cablevision May Cook Up a Netflix Competitor
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/4/2012

Also: HBO GO will soon be on Fire; Discovery buys Web TV startup; Comcast-TiVo combo coming to Boston

OS Watch: Samsung Humanizes the Smartphone
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/4/2012

Also: Android takes center stage at CTIA; bad news for bada; RIM and Microsoft duke it out; Tizen's 1.0 source code gets released; and more

CTIA: Behind the Devices
Que Sera Sarah | 5/4/2012

8:00 AM Have we mentioned it's the year of LTE? At CTIA, we'll see what that means to the operators, vendors and device makers

Mobile Clouds, CEM and Telecom Tipping Points
Research Rewind | 5/4/2012

This week: Mobile clouds, CEM, technologies that are becoming mainstream

Euronews: Ericsson Pumps $4.9B Into R&D
News Analysis | 5/4/2012

Ericsson's annual stats, NSN's CTIA preparations and LTE in the Netherlands all feature in today's roundup from EMEA

The Cable Show 2012 Preview
LRTV Soundbites | 5/4/2012

Samsung's New Galaxy: A Data Hog Approaches
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/3/2012

The latest Samsung Galaxy phone stresses software over raw hardware upgrades alone, but its large display could still make it a data hog on carrier networks

Adding Up the SDN Effect
News Analysis | 5/3/2012

4:50 PM Big Web companies like Google will soon have the spending power of telcos, and that could change vendors' lives drastically

Cablevision Cranks Up the Capex
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/3/2012

Capex spiked in Q1 and will remain high for a while as Cablevision expands its Wi-Fi network and network DVR and tees up new products

Cisco Buys Web Analytics Firm Truviso
News Analysis | 5/3/2012

Cisco adds more analytics capabilities by purchasing Truviso, a startup specializing in analyzing real-time Internet traffic on service provider and enterprise networks

Cablevision's Lower Prices Pay Off
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/3/2012

Aggressive pricing helped Cablevision rake in more subscribers than expected in all categories, but the MSO missed its financial targets

Verizon's Fixed 4G Goes National
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/3/2012

Also: HBO owner likes Hulu's TV Everywhere plan; Comcast to appeal FCC Bloomberg ruling; Concurrent profits from video server sales

Euronews: FT's Q1 Suffers Free Fall
News Analysis | 5/3/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: France Telecom's Q1 reflects effect of Free's entry into market; Nokia tablet talk; Vodafone man heads for SFR

Experiencing a Technology Leap Year
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/2/2012

2012 is poised to be a year in which critical technologies leap from development to commercialization and monetization

Cap Doesn't Fit for Sony TV Plans
The Bauminator | 5/2/2012

4:55 PM Sony drops plans for a streaming TV service in the US and pins the blame on Comcast's broadband capping policies

Comcast's X1 to Fly First in Boston?
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/2/2012

Comcast intends to deploy its next-gen video platform to one 'major' market in Q2, and sources say Boston is first in line

Nokia: How Low Will It Go?
Wireless Bits | 5/2/2012

12:05 PM An analyst forecast for Nokia's smartphone market share looks dire

Mobile Life 2012 Survey Slide Show
Slide Shows | 5/2/2012

We surveyed more than 500 telecom professionals to get a sense of their smartphone habits, wireless data consumption and likely LTE adoption. Dig in!

FCC Lengthens Review of Verizon's Spectrum Deal
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/2/2012

Also: Mark Cuban, Gary Lauder invest in Flingo; Technicolor weighs minority offer; LG preps two HDTVs for Google TV

4G & Video Drive SPIT Acquisitions
News Analysis | 5/2/2012

A flurry of service provider IT (SPIT) acquisitions involving Allot, WeDo and Acme Packet highlight some key industry trends

Getting to Know Your Customers
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/2/2012

Telcos are looking to customer experience management (CEM) to garner customer loyalty and longevity

Comcast Sheds 37K Video Subs in Q1
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/2/2012

The MSO didn't end its years-long video losing streak, but it did see gains in the broadband, voice and business service categories

Euronews: Spirent Q1 Profits Up 15%
News Analysis | 5/2/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Testing firm looking good; Portugal gets more 4G; Nokia focuses on cameras; BSkyB making money as well as headlines

Will Comcast (Gasp!) Add Video Subs in Q1?
The Bauminator | 5/2/2012

2:00 AM A 20-quarter losing streak is on the line here

Moto Posts a Loss in Google Limbo
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/1/2012

The handset maker only ships 5.1M smartphones in Q1, while it waits for China to approve its takeover by Google

Synacor Upends the App Concept
The Bauminator | 5/1/2012

4:15 PM Synacor's first (and very small) acquisition could be a big multi-screen hit for MSOs as they tap HTML5 to avoid paying tribute to Apple and Google

Pre-Paid Poaching
Que Sera Sarah | 5/1/2012

3:50 PM The contract-free space is heating up, which is good news for consumers, but not necessarily for Leap Wireless and MetroPCS

XO Keeps Cloud in the Family
News Analysis | 5/1/2012

Remember Concentric? The name is back in the headlines (not literally) as XO makes its move on the cloud services market

RIM Talks the Talk
Que Sera Sarah | 5/1/2012

1:00 PM Now it's time to walk the proverbial walk

BlackBerry 10: For the Data & Time Crunched
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/1/2012

RIM shows off its next-gen OS, designed for those without time to waste, even as it admits it took its sweet time to get here

Huawei Lands LTE Deal in India
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/1/2012

Latest LTE TDD deal from India's mobile market leader, Bharti Airtel, goes to Chinese vendor

Another Ex-Cablevision Exec Lands at Charter
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/1/2012

John Bickham fills the long-vacant COO slot at Charter, becoming the third former Cablevision exec to join the MSO in recent months

More IPO Ruckus
Wireless Bits | 5/1/2012

10:25 Ruckus Wireless has reportedly hired banks for an IPO and is poised to announce a partnership with Nokia Siemens

Adelphia Scandal Victims Get $728M
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/1/2012

Also: SeaChange gets a permanent CEO; new DirecTV unit targets mobility and apps; Affinegy, like Cisco, buys into TR-069

Allot Snaps Up Ortiva Wireless
News Analysis | 5/1/2012

DPI specialist Allot Communications adds mobile video optimization capabilities to its arsenal with the acquisition of Ortiva

Euronews: iPad 4G Ads Get Third Degree
News Analysis | 5/1/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Apple in trouble over iPad marketing in UK; Allot to buy mobile video firm; bid for Ireland's eircom rejected

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