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Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative IoT/M2M Strategy
The Philter | 4/30/2019

Nokia, Senet, Sprint & Ericsson and Wind River all stood out as having compelling IoT strategies and approaches to a growing, lucrative market.

If Sprint, T-Mobile divest customers in a merger, they could call América Móvil
News Analysis | 4/30/2019

The merger of Sprint and T-Mobile continues to cast shadows across the industry, with Mexico's America Movil voicing interest in divested customers and T-Mobile's prepaid chief leaving the company.

Charter Exploring 'Dual SIM' Technology
News Analysis | 4/30/2019

Charter, which added 176,000 mobile lines in Q1, is testing dual SIM capabilities, but deployments are not expected in 2019.

Charter in Talks About Licensing Comcast's X1 Platform
News Analysis | 4/30/2019

CEO Tom Rutledge confirms that Charter's had discussions, but company currently remains committed to its own, next-gen video platform and interface.

Three UK to cut two thirds of tech jobs in digital makeover
News Analysis | 4/30/2019

The smallest of the UK's mobile operators is set to get even smaller on the staffing side as it automates processes and moves IT systems into the public cloud.

Eurobites: Huawei Refused to Close Vodafone's 'Backdoor' – Report
News Analysis | 4/30/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Iliad fined by French stock market regulator; ARM gets new CFO; Safaricom's Collymore steps down; Telenor's Q1.

Here Are AT&T's 5 Most Congested Markets
News Analysis | 4/30/2019

California seems to be giving AT&T troubles.

Orange Q1 Sales Dip in France Amid Tough Competition
News Analysis | 4/30/2019

The French telecom incumbent sees revenues fall at home for the first time in two years but still manages to grow earnings.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative Automation Strategy
News Analysis | 4/30/2019

India's Reliance Jio and Japan's Rakuten make this year's shortlist for Most Innovative Automation Strategy.

Harmonic CEO: We Want to Be No. 1 in Cable Virtualization, DAA
News Analysis | 4/29/2019

Harmonic sees a big year ahead for its 'CableOS' platform and distributed access architecture deployments as vendor takes aim at a cable network market that's been led by Arris, Cisco and Casa Systems.

Alphabet Reports Cloud Expansion, but Slowing Ad Growth Stalls Shares
News Analysis | 4/29/2019

Google's parent company credited its cloud business with growing revenues, but slowing growth in the advertising business sent its stock down.

Viacom Seeks Free OTT Payoff on Pluto TV
The Bauminator | 4/29/2019

As the pay-TV sector continues to struggle, programmer sets launch of several free, ad-supported streaming channels from BET, Comedy Central, Spike and MTV on the now Viacom-owned Pluto TV ad-based OTT service.

T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Odds Sink to 55%
News Analysis | 4/29/2019

Analysts at Raymond James said that the proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile is facing increasing headwinds. However, the top antitrust regulator at the DoJ said he has not yet made up his mind about the proposed transaction.

ZTE Returns to Profit Despite Sales Slump
News Analysis | 4/29/2019

A fourth consecutive decline in quarterly sales at ZTE is a troubling sign for the Chinese vendor's supporters.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: Huawei, Apple/Qualcomm & 5G
LRTV Documentaries | 4/29/2019

They say 'Hi Wei,' then talk about Huawei. And other stuff.

Huawei 5G Bans Highlight Network Confusion
Morris Lore | 4/29/2019

Muddled thinking about the core and the edge is shaping government policy toward Huawei in some parts of the world.

AT&T Flies 'Airship' to 5G Cloud
News Analysis | 4/29/2019

AT&T's 5G network cloud is built using Airship open source cloud infrastructure provisioning software, which goes to version 1 on Monday.

China Mobile Upends Broadband Market
News Analysis | 4/29/2019

China's biggest mobile operator has triggered upheaval in the market for broadband services.

TiVo Tunes In to Cable's IP Video Migration, Use of Android TV Boxes
News Analysis | 4/29/2019

TiVo says it's gaining ground with its next-gen video platform even as some of the nation's Tier 2/3 cable ops look to play down pay-TV and avoid investing in next-gen platforms.

Cisco Connects With WiFi 6 Updates, OpenRoaming Progress
News Analysis | 4/29/2019

Cisco's Catalyst switch updates, access point improvements and OpenRoaming partners combine to paint a picture of constant, effortless wireless connectivity.

Eurobites: UK Fiber Challenger Looks to Raise £1B for Network Buildout
News Analysis | 4/29/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Exponential-e teams up on data storage; small-cells M&A; T-Systems goes all-in with Azure; China's ambassador to UK sticks up for Huawei.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative Blockchain for Telecoms Strategy
Shades of Ray | 4/29/2019

Colt, Filament, Mobileum and Synchronoss Technologies all submitted standout entries for most innovative blockchain for telecoms strategy in this year's Leading Lights contest.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative Security Strategy
The Philter | 4/28/2019

Fortinet, ZTE, CUJO AI and Colt all had standout entries for most innovative security strategy in this year's Leading Lights contest.

TiVo/Rovi Seeks to Block Comcast X1 Box, Broadband Gateway Imports
News Analysis | 4/26/2019

New complaint at the International Trade Commission alleges that cable operator is infringing on six patents that also form basis of a recent lawsuit filed in a California court.

FCC Commissioners Waver Over C-Band Details for 5G
News Analysis | 4/26/2019

Two of the FCC's five commissioners don't quite see eye-to-eye on exactly how to shift C-Band spectrum from the satellite industry to the 5G sector. Billions of dollars are at stake.

Cox tests premium low-lag gaming service
News Analysis | 4/26/2019

MSO stresses that $14.99/month 'Cox Elite Gamer' service steers clear of net neutrality concerns because it does not prioritize or speed up Internet traffic.

Eurobites: ETSI & Linux Foundation Get Jiggy With IT
News Analysis | 4/26/2019

Also in today's regional roundup: Orange Spain tests Huawei 5G smartphone; KPN's numbers are heading south as it makes its 5G vendor decisions; and competitive device manufacturer Oppo is heading to Europe.

WiCipedia: Empty Restrooms, Mom 2.0 Summit & 'Brilliant Jerks' Culture
WiCipedia | 4/26/2019

This week in our WiC roundup: Conference restroom lines show gender disparity; the best companies for millennial women; men in tech who committed sexual harassment or assault likely have big new jobs; and more.

KPN Rules Out Huawei for 5G Core
News Analysis | 4/26/2019

Dutch national operator will use a 'Western' supplier for the 'sensitive' 5G core platform.

Juniper Foresees Service Provider Gloom
News Analysis | 4/25/2019

Juniper is hopeful its service provider business might pick up, but it isn't making promises. Overall Juniper revenues are down sharply in Q1.

T-Mobile: 5G Launch in 2H19 Should Double LTE Speeds
News Analysis | 4/25/2019

As analysts grow increasingly worried that T-Mobile will not be able to consummate its proposed merger with Sprint, the focus is shifting to the 5G services T-Mobile might be able to provide on its own.

Verizon: Fully Virtualized 5G Core to Launch in 1 to 2 Years
News Analysis | 4/25/2019

Verizon currently uses a 4G LTE IMS core from Nokia for its 5G offerings. But in the next 1 to 2 years, the operator has said it will shift to a standalone, fully virtualized 5G core for its 5G services.

Podcast: Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Madness, Ominous Signs for Omniverse
The Philter | 4/25/2019

Jeff Baumgartner catches us up on the Omniverse saga and Mike Dano looks at what might happen if the Sprint and T-Mobile merger is blocked.

Comcast's Mobile Sub Growth Slows, but Other Mobile Metrics Improve
News Analysis | 4/25/2019

Xfinity Mobile adds 170,000 lines in Q1, extending the total to 1.4 million. Mobile-related revenues rose 24.4% while losses shrunk significantly.

SoftBank Plows Big Bucks Into Drones & Balloons for 5G, IoT
News Analysis | 4/25/2019

SoftBank is embarking on a new business that involves building massive drones to provide Internet services in remote areas. Tied in, SoftBank is also plowing $125 million into Alphabet's Loon project.

Eurobites: BT Considers Offers for Irish Unit
News Analysis | 4/25/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone and Orange expand network-sharing agreement in Spain; Telia's soft start to the year; Telecom Italia claims speed supremacy.

Nokia Suffers 5G Blues in Q1, Stock Slumps
News Analysis | 4/25/2019

When the CEO and CFO say the quarter was 'weak,' you know it was bad: investors agreed.

Rackspace names third CEO in two years
News Analysis | 4/25/2019

Kevin Jones, who has experience in both transportation and enterprise technology, replaces Joe Eazor, who didn't last long.

Ruckus Ready to Roll With CBRS Tech
News Analysis | 4/24/2019

In-building cellular coverage expected to be 'biggest, broadest use case' early on, exec says.

5G Completely Absent From Tesla's Big Autonomous Driving Event
News Analysis | 4/24/2019

Tesla's Elon Musk made some aggressive promises around autonomous driving during the company's 'Autonomy Day' event. Conspicuously absent though was any mention of 5G.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative Telco Cloud Product Strategy (Vendor)
News Analysis | 4/24/2019

Thirteen vendors, from Altiostar to ZTE, are helping operators apply SDN and NFV technologies to transform their networks from the core to the edge.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative SD-WAN Service
News Analysis | 4/24/2019

With momentum running strong in the SD-WAN market, the Leading Lights award for the 'Most Innovative SD-WAN Service' received a flood of entries.

AT&T Loses 627K Video Subs in Q1
News Analysis | 4/24/2019

Losses in period include 83,000 for DirecTV Now, but company sees legacy TV declines slowing later in 2019 alongside improving results for its newly priced OTT video product.

AT&T Hints at Speed-Based Pricing for 5G
News Analysis | 4/24/2019

AT&T executives offered updates on the operator's '5G E' and 5G NR network buildout efforts, as well as a list of what the operator needs to make things easier.

Huawei's Ox Horn Campus Is a Total Trip!
LRTV Documentaries | 4/24/2019

Take a sneak peek at the new Huawei campus with Telecoms.com's Jamie Davies and Light Reading's Tien Chi Fu. Yes, European-style architecture slap-bang in the middle of China's bustling tech center. It's like Disney World without the fun - but with 5G!

Eurobites: UK Gives Huawei the Nod on 'Non-Core' 5G Network Elements
News Analysis | 4/24/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Virgin Media CEO Mockridge departs; Tele2 earnings up, revenue down; Telia lands smart-meter deal; 5G live at Glastonbury.

Vapor IO Dials Up Edge Computing Hotline to Amazon's AWS
News Analysis | 4/24/2019

Vapor IO is working with Crown Castle and Amazon to essentially develop a 'red phone' hotline between its edge computing data centers and the AWS data centers Amazon offers for cloud computing services.

ACE Stands By Case Linking Omniverse & Dragon Box
News Analysis | 4/24/2019

Omniverse, the target of a copyright lawsuit, has argued that any comparison between it and Dragon Box is 'scandalous and immaterial' and has moved to strike it from the proceedings.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative Business Cloud Service
The Philter | 4/23/2019

Colt Technology Services, Comcast Business and Vonage all had stand-out cloud service offerings for business customers in the past 12 months.

Verizon to Hawk YouTube TV to Mobile, 5G Home & Fios Broadband Subs
News Analysis | 4/23/2019

Pact fits with Verizon's decision to focus on the network and its ambitious 5G rollout and to avoid the expense and headache of building its own OTT-TV service.

VMware Takes IoT Management to the Cloud
News Analysis | 4/23/2019

VMware Pulse IoT Center provides edge infrastructure and lifecycle management, and partners can get in on the action later this year.

Verizon: mmWave Is Not 'a Coverage Spectrum' for 5G
News Analysis | 4/23/2019

Verizon's CEO fought back against concerns that the operator's mmWave 5G buildout isn't meeting expectations, but said that 'we all need to remind ourselves, this is not a coverage spectrum.'

Here Are T-Mobile's 5 Most Congested Markets
News Analysis | 4/23/2019

California – including cities like San Bernardino, Pomona and Salinas – appears to be causing T-Mobile some trouble in terms of network congestion, at least according to new findings from Tutela.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Telco Cloud Strategy
News Analysis | 4/23/2019

Three leading operators make the shortlist for telco cloud strategy for this year's Leading Lights.

Eurobites: UK's Mobile Giants Upstaged by MVNO Minnows, Says Report
News Analysis | 4/23/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia gets virtual with 5G testing; Forsway lands 5G contract with European Space Agency; telematics-based car insurance in the fast lane.

DevOps Startup Harness.io Scores $60M Funding
News Analysis | 4/23/2019

Founded by Jyoti Bansal, who previously co-founded AppDynamics and sold it to Cisco for $3.7 billion, Harness.io provides continuous application integration and deployment (CICD) as a service.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative Cable/Video Product or Service
News Analysis | 4/22/2019

Our shortlist for this Leading Lights category features eight solid contenders.

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy
News Analysis | 4/22/2019

Alef Edge, AT&T, Edgeworx, MobiledgeX, Qwilt, SK Telecom and Vapor IO are the Leading Lights 2019 Finalists for Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy.

TiVo Fires Another Lawsuit at Comcast
News Analysis | 4/22/2019

This time around, TiVo/Rovi accuses Comcast of infringing on six patents and technologies used in a variety of DVR and non-DVR video devices, as well as broadband gateways.

Rogers Nets 100K X1-Based Video Subs in Q1, but Pay-TV Base Declines
News Analysis | 4/22/2019

Makes 'steady progress' with new IP-based video service based on Comcast's cloud platform, but admits rollout has a way to go.

AT&T, T-Mobile Close Galaxy Fold Hopes as Samsung Delays Folding Phone
News Analysis | 4/22/2019

Apparently Samsung's new folding phone, the Galaxy Fold, isn't quite ready for prime time considering a number of reviewers found major problems with the device. It's like the Galaxy Note 7 all over again.

India's Telecom Sector Set for ARPU Recovery
News Analysis | 4/22/2019

Aggressive competition has driven down customer spending in the Indian telecom market, but there are at last signs of a change.

Why Wireless Carriers Magically Keep Growing Every Quarter
News Analysis | 4/22/2019

US wireless network operators are reporting phone growth beyond any rational explanation. Where are these new 'customers' coming from? Hint: Look for unused phones in desk drawers.

Deal Will Keep Charter in New York
News Analysis | 4/19/2019

A proposed deal, which still faces a final review, calls for Charter to expand broadband service in Upstate New York and pay an additional $12 million to reach other unserved and underserved areas.

Can SeaChange Mop Up Its Mess?
News Analysis | 4/19/2019

The video software company is confident it can emerge from turmoil despite a shrinking business; a string of reorgs; and the recent, abrupt departure of its CEO stemming from a dispute with an 'activist' shareholder.

America's Big 5G Millimeter-Wave Spectrum Experiment Comes Up Short
News Analysis | 4/19/2019

Millimeter-wave spectrum, core to the US government's 5G strategy, doesn't seem to be generating the expected demand among providers. That's probably because it isn't performing like some had promised, at least not yet.

WiCipedia: Ageism, Diversity Training & Tackling Algorithms
WiCipedia | 4/19/2019

This week in our WiC roundup: Diversity training is on the rise; algorithm bias will be a thing of the past; ageism is biggest hurdle in tech hiring; and more.

Omniverse Lawsuit Scares Off Clikia
News Analysis | 4/19/2019

Clikia shuts down OTT-TV service, CEO departs, company changes control and pivots to enter the private jet charter operation business.

Faulty towers? Orange rubbishes Germany's 5G DIY scheme
Morris Lore | 4/18/2019

Some German companies want to build their own 5G networks instead of relying on telcos. Good luck with that, says France's Orange.

Ligado's 5G Ambitions Take One (Tiny) Step Forward
News Analysis | 4/18/2019

The FCC this week said it plans to do... something... with a tiny chunk of mid-band spectrum. Ligado, which rose from the ashes of Philip Falcone's failed LightSquared, is hoping to get that spectrum and eventually use it for 5G.

Microsoft Acquires Express Logic for IoT Operating Systems
News Analysis | 4/18/2019

Express Logic's ThreadX realtime operating system will be Microsoft's choice in Internet of Things devices like light bulbs and temperature gauges that are highly constrained for power use and memory.

T-Mobile Adds Banking to Its List of New Services
News Analysis | 4/18/2019

Just days after launching a TV service, T-Mobile announced nationwide banking. The developments come amid the operator's efforts to score approval for its proposed merger with Sprint.

FCC Cracks Down on Video Streaming Boxes
News Analysis | 4/18/2019

Agency's Enforcement Bureau takes aim at the marketing and distribution of boxes deemed out-of-compliance with FCC's technical requirements and follows earlier efforts to clamp down on devices used for video piracy.

Zone TV's Jeff Weber: Taking AI-Guided OTT Video Direct to Consumers
CxO Spotlight | 4/18/2019

After focusing on pay-TV box partnerships, digital content specialist has entered hybrid mode with its first standalone OTT video service.

5G? C'est formidable, say French industrial groups
News Analysis | 4/18/2019

French industrial groups say 5G will boost productivity and urge Orange to get moving on network rollout during a conference hosted by the French operator in Paris today.

Nokia 5G Kit 3 Months Behind Schedule in South Korea – Report
News Analysis | 4/18/2019

Nokia's kit has displayed some problems in interoperability testing and in carrying heavy traffic loads, says local press report.

Here Are T-Mobile's 4 Options if Sprint Merger Collapses
DanoVision | 4/18/2019

The chances that Sprint and T-Mobile will receive approval for their merger proposal continue to dim. And that leads to the next obvious question: What will Sprint and T-Mobile do if they don't receive regulatory approval?

Eurobites: Orange Lifts Lid on 5G-Fest
News Analysis | 4/18/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Huawei promises 'no backdoors' to Germany; ADVA advances in Q1; EU lawmakers back WiFi standard for connected cars.

China Mobile may be barred from US telecom market under FCC proposal
News Analysis | 4/17/2019

The FCC is heeding a recommendation by the Trump administration to prevent China Mobile from building interconnection facilities inside the US.

DriveNets Boasts Cloud-Native Router Breakthrough
News Analysis | 4/17/2019

Israeli startup claims to be first to market with a disaggregated router that supports 400G-per-port throughput as it courts major telcos and takes on the router establishment.

The Aftermath: Where Do Qualcomm, Intel & Apple Go From Here?
News Analysis | 4/17/2019

Following Apple's new agreement with Qualcomm - and its rejection of Intel - the question now is whether Apple will develop its own 5G modem, and what Intel might do with its now-abandoned 5G modem business.

Netflix Still Poised for Global Growth Despite Disney Threat
The Bauminator | 4/17/2019

Netflix is akin to a 'Blockbuster store in the cloud' while Disney+ will cater to families and fans of The Mouse's well-branded, highly recognized fare, analyst says.

Ericsson not a fan of German spectrum plan
News Analysis | 4/17/2019

Germany's approach to the award of 5G spectrum could turn out badly for the Swedish equipment maker.

SD-WAN Startup CloudGenix Scores $65M Funding – but the Market Is Brutal
News Analysis | 4/17/2019

CloudGenix says it provides an alternative to NFV for telcos and communications service providers looking for a platform to deploy services over the cloud.

In 5G, US Carriers Aren't Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is, but They Will
News Analysis | 4/17/2019

Wall Street analysts aren't seeing the kind of 5G spending they had expected in the US tower industry, an indication that US operators may not be racing to 5G as fast as the hype seems to indicate.

Eurobites: Swisscom & Ericsson Flip the 5G Switch
News Analysis | 4/17/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone ad bends the giga-truth; Nokia and Nordic Telecom get mission-critical with LTE; Orange teams up on cyberdefense; Amazon hits trouble in Italy.

Ericsson Gets Off to Flying 2019 Start but Must Cough Up for Corruption
News Analysis | 4/17/2019

Swedish equipment maker reports its strongest set of quarterly results under the current management but warns investors that a US investigation into corrupt practices will land it with 'material' penalties.

DoJ Staffers Signal Early Checkout for Sprint, T-Mobile Merger
The Philter | 4/16/2019

A few Trump hotel stays might not have been enough to help the UnCarrier, according to The Wall Street Journal. T-Mobile's boss puts down the story but offers no details.

Netflix Nears 150M Subs, Shrugs Off New Competition From Disney, Apple
News Analysis | 4/16/2019

OTT giant doesn't expect coming debuts of Disney+, Apple TV+ to have a material affect on Netflix's sub growth.

Apple, Qualcomm Truce May Pave the Way for 5G iPhone
News Analysis | 4/16/2019

Apple and Qualcomm announced an end to their courtroom battles, as well as a new patent licensing agreement and a supply agreement that could provide Apple with Qualcomm's 5G modem.

Who Else Should Be in the Light Reading Hall of Fame?
News Analysis | 4/16/2019

Know your role. Take our poll. Help our editors finish arguing which set of executives, inventors and luminaries will be among this year's inductees into the Light Reading Hall of Fame.

CenturyLink Shed 6K Workers During Crash Course Diet Last Year
News Analysis | 4/16/2019

The fifth-biggest US operator by sales is beating AT&T and Verizon in terms of how many jobs it cut last year, according to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Google Fiber to Pay $3.84M to Clean Up Mess It Left in Louisville
News Analysis | 4/16/2019

Google Fiber ceased service on Monday following decision to exit the market because of technical issues discovered with shallow trenching techniques it used there.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: AI, Regulation & 5G Spectrum
LRTV Documentaries | 4/16/2019

This week: AI in networks and beyond; regulation conversation; and 5G spectrum.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom, BMW Try to Steer German Govt Away From Connected-Car WiFi
News Analysis | 4/16/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: German auction latest; US takes 'softer' approach on Huawei front; how the Notre-Dame fire confused YouTube's algorithm.

Huawei Tips Carrier Kit Sales to Rebound
News Analysis | 4/16/2019

Chinese equipment giant forecasts double-digit growth in revenues at its carrier business this year after a slight decline in 2018.

Comcast, Charter MVNO Deals Are Bad for Everyone – Analyst
The Bauminator | 4/16/2019

The cablecos and Verizon could be better suited with a revised deal centered on collaboration and network convergence - an agreement focused on small cell deployments that can fuel 5G networks.

China Probes Ericsson Over Licensing Complaints
News Analysis | 4/16/2019

The Swedish vendor's Beijing offices were raided on Friday after complaints were made about its licensing activities.

Service Management Modernization – Benefits & Challenges
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 4/15/2019

AT&T Sells 9.5% Stake in Hulu for $1.43B
News Analysis | 4/15/2019

Disney tightens its grip on Hulu, sparking speculation on what Comcast/NBCU will do.

Huawei: US Wireless Network Business Remains Undimmed
News Analysis | 4/15/2019

While Huawei is effectively barred in the US from doing business with nationwide wireless operators, it still has customers here - and is fighting to hang on to them.

Here Are Sprint's 5 Most Congested Markets
News Analysis | 4/15/2019

Based on some testing from Tutela, five cities in Texas, California, Florida and Nebraska round out Sprint's five most congested markets, based on the difference between busy and idle network speeds.

MEC: The Definition Disparity
News Analysis | 4/15/2019

Edge computing in a mobile environment promises to underpin a variety of new technologies and services. But what exactly does MEC even stand for? It depends on who you ask.

Omniverse: Deal Between Hovsat & DirecTV Has 'No Limitations'
News Analysis | 4/15/2019

The long-term TV contract has no restrictions on geographic markets, nor delivery method, Omniverse tells court.

Is Huawei's Cloud Goal a Case of Castles in the Air?
News Analysis | 4/15/2019

Two years after announcing the launch of its public cloud business, the Chinese equipment giant has yet to prove it can challenge the web giants on the global stage.

Eurobites: Germany Holds Door Open for Huawei
News Analysis | 4/15/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: CityFibre loses legal challenge; Video-streaming giants come under the UK regulatory microscope; new boss for Swisscom's blockchain unit.

Philo Noodles Next OTT-TV Moves
LRTV Interviews | 4/15/2019

Philo CTO Ben Chambers explains the vMVPD's hybrid subscription and ad-supported model and describes its new technology that lets OTT subs synchronize their viewing.

Nyansa Takes AI-Driven IoT Security to the Cloud
News Analysis | 4/15/2019

Networking startup Nyansa is adding Internet of Things security and management to its Voyance cloud-based application assurance service.

A Service Called 'Omni Go' Quietly Replaces FlixonTV
The Bauminator | 4/12/2019

It's unclear if this is more than a brand change, but the new site notes that OmniGo.tv is a trademark of the embattled Omniverse One World Television.

Absence of Mid-Band Spectrum Clouds Trump's 5G Proclamations
News Analysis | 4/12/2019

President Trump hosted a 5G-themed press conference with the chairman of the FCC - but the event didn't cover many of the hot-button 5G issues that those in the industry are worried about.

Slideshow: NAB 2019
Slide Shows | 4/12/2019

Behold! Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Check out some pics and caps from this week's video tech-fest in Sin City.

Germany's 5G Auction Riches May Equal a Big Win for China
News Analysis | 4/12/2019

Spending in Germany's 5G auction has now reached a point where it could hinder the rollout of next-generation mobile services.

WiCipedia: Hiring Diverse Employees & Creating Glass-Shattering Companies
WiCipedia | 4/12/2019

This week in our WiC roundup: Microsoft employees out bad behavior over email; a new tool makes hiring diverse candidates a piece of cake; MacKenzie Bezos will be fourth-richest woman in world; and more.

Eurobites: O2 Supplies 5G Boost for Connected Car Trials
News Analysis | 4/12/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Cisco milks 5G use case in deepest Somerset; KPN amalgamates security units; Dutch agency probes Apple over alleged apps bias.

Disney+ to Debut November 12, Fetch $6.99 Per Month
News Analysis | 4/12/2019

Pricing on Disney+ will vastly undercut that of Netflix, feature a vault of TV shows, movies and new original fare from big brands that include Marvel, Fox, Star Wars and Pixar.

Following NYC Launch, Starry Considers Joining Smartphone Bundle
News Analysis | 4/11/2019

Starry launched its latest market - New York City - and also fanned speculation that its fixed wireless, in-home broadband service could be added to a smartphone offering.

WiFi 6 Gains Momentum Amid Calls for 5G 'Convergence'
News Analysis | 4/11/2019

As WiFi 6 technology gains steam with deployments and devices, WiFi proponents continue to argue that there is a role for WiFi in a 5G world.

OTT-TV Latency Gap Starting to Close
News Analysis | 4/11/2019

Suppliers at NAB 2019 are pushing upgrades and enhancements to streaming video workflows that establish delay-parity between traditional broadcast TV feeds and TV signals delivered over-the-top.

Help Data Scientists & Get Behind Acumos, Says Orange Exec
News Analysis | 4/11/2019

The Linux Foundation's AI initiative could do with more telecom operator members if it is to make a real impact.

Plotting the Path to OTT 2.0
LRTV Interviews | 4/11/2019

In a recap of Light Reading's 'Getting to OTT 2.0' panel at NAB 2019, Alan Breznick and Jeff Baumgartner note that the market is now focusing on profitability and containing piracy and password sharing.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom Can Hike Its Last-Mile Charges – Regulator
News Analysis | 4/11/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: ETNO's vision of telecom loveliness; Three updates on core network upgrade; how Tele2 saved a ton of electricity.

Disney+ Could Blow Away Subscriber Forecasts
News Analysis | 4/11/2019

The new subscription streaming service could outpace other well-heeled OTT services entering the market this year.

Samsung Pumps Up the Basestations in Korean 5G Market
News Analysis | 4/11/2019

Data provided by South Korea's Samsung does not look good for its mobile infrastructure rivals.

Snakes on a Control Plane Scare Telefónica
News Analysis | 4/11/2019

A firm rules-based system could help to address concern that AI may confuse humans and even go off the rails.

New Radios Could Slash Cost of Huawei 5G Ban
News Analysis | 4/10/2019

Features in the latest radios could end a nasty form of vendor 'lock-in' that may prevent an operator from using different 4G and 5G suppliers.

Leading Lights 2019: The Finalists
News Analysis | 4/10/2019

Light Reading is delighted - nay, pumped - to announce the finalists for this year's Leading Lights Awards program, which is now in its 15th year.

Dish's Ergen Teases Fixed Wireless, Dynamic Pricing for 5G Network
News Analysis | 4/10/2019

Dish chairman Charlie Ergen says building a wireless network 'is harder than I thought it was going to be,' but reiterates plan to build a 5G offering that could enable dynamic pricing and fixed wireless services.

Viacom Taps Google for Video Lifecycle
News Analysis | 4/10/2019

It's an early win for Google Cloud's new telecom and media business chief, and for Google Cloud's new focus on established vertical industries.

Colt's AI Trials Provide Good News for Humans
News Analysis | 4/10/2019

Colt reports mixed fortunes with four trials of AI technology and predicts that humans will be needed for a long time yet.

T-Mobile Launching 'TVision Home' Against Cable TV
News Analysis | 4/10/2019

TV service launching April 14 in 8 markets integrating Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, will eventually work with third-party streaming devices.

Google Steps Up Enterprise Networking – Get Ready to Panic
News Analysis | 4/10/2019

Google launched several new services to connect enterprises with its cloud platform. The company says it's not competing with telcos, but it sure looks like they are.

AT&T Launches Mobile 5G Service in 7 More Cities
News Analysis | 4/10/2019

AT&T switches on mobile 5G in parts of seven more US cities.

Why a Megadeal Between Mobile & Hypercloud Could Happen
DanoVision | 4/10/2019

Mobile network operators like AT&T and Verizon might team with big cloud companies like Amazon or Microsoft to tackle edge computing.

Souring US-China Relations Could Cast Shadow Over 5G Standards-Setting Process
News Analysis | 4/10/2019

AT&T, FirstNet and Sprint did not attend a recent 3GPP meeting in China. Some in the industry attribute their absence to relatively benign reasons, but others worry that increasingly sour US-China relations could affect the standards-setting process.

Eurobites: Swisscom Edges Closer to Europe's First Major 5G Launch
News Analysis | 4/10/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: EU 1, Qualcomm 0; WiFi-versus-5G-in-cars tussle takes unexpected turn; Telefonica targets IoT security.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: 5G, Tech Politics & Notspots
LRTV Documentaries | 4/9/2019

The usual suspects cast an eye over the first commercial 5G launches, political pressure on tech companies and the issue of 'notspots.'

Qualcomm Challenges Nvidia, Intel With AI Chip for Data Centers
News Analysis | 4/9/2019

Qualcomm is looking to capitalize on its expertise in mobile devices by building AI acceleration for the high-density, low-power constraints of modern data centers.

Google Extends Support to AWS & Azure – Wait, What?
News Analysis | 4/9/2019

Like the saying goes: 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.'

Royalty-Free Video Codec AV1 Keeps Gaining Ground
News Analysis | 4/9/2019

Hardware support for AV1 isn't expected until 2020, but software-based implementations of it are taking hold, AV1-based content is on the way, and support for the royalty-free HEVC rival in smartphones and smart TVs could soon follow.

Putting a Sigfox in Canada's IoT Henhouse
News Analysis | 4/9/2019

Sigfox technology is due to arrive in the Canadian market, and the boss of the local business is confident that low prices and small share of the market will translate into big profits.

Yes, Google Is Still Selling Fixed Wireless, but No, It's Not Doing 5G
News Analysis | 4/9/2019

Amid all the 5G noise, it's easy to forget that Alphabet acquired a fixed wireless provider called Webpass in 2016. Now, as commercial 5G networks come online and fixed wireless stands as an initial use case, what's happening at Webpass?

Eurobites: Telenor Buys DNA for Finnish Foray
News Analysis | 4/9/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telekom Srbija and Ericsson virtualize the core; Cisco scores in Italy and France; Vodafone Egypt goes with Red Hat for cloud-based customer service upgrade; Three UK calls on Callsign for fraud prevention.

Juniper Bridges WAN, LAN & WiFi for Cloud SD-WAN
News Analysis | 4/9/2019

Juniper extends into a crowded market, but claims greater scalability and breadth than its competitors.

ATSC 3.0 Declared 'Ready for Deployment'
News Analysis | 4/8/2019

Rollout of feature-packed, OTT-like next-gen signaling standard is critical to the survival of the broadcast TV industry, top Sinclair Broadcast Group exec says.

Philo Trials Tech That Lets OTT-TV Subs Synchronize Their Viewing
News Analysis | 4/8/2019

Virtual MVPD is developing a way to link more social interactivity to the live and on-demand streaming experience.

5G4REAL: The 5G Chinese Boogeyman
LRTV Documentaries | 4/8/2019

The specter of a 5G Chinese boogeyman loomed large over a recent gathering of US policymakers, service providers and vendors.

Eurobites: Virgin Media Mulls Wholesale Access Offer as UK Fiber Market Heats Up
News Analysis | 4/8/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: German 5G auction latest; Huawei gear comes under further UK scrutiny; ETNO rubbishes connected-car WiFi (again); BT wins NATO deal.

Volkswagen Plan Is Latest 5G Car Wreck for German Telcos
News Analysis | 4/8/2019

Plans by German carmakers to build their own 5G networks would deal a blow to operators that believe 5G will speed them into the enterprise sector.

Startup Seeks Cable Edge in Edge Computing
LRTV Interviews | 4/8/2019

Mutable Founder & CEO Antonio Pellegrino explains how his New York startup aims to team with cable operators and other service providers to offer edge computing apps to customers.

Google Sets Sail for Bandwidth Breakthrough
News Analysis | 4/8/2019

Google looks likely to be first to commercial implementation of technology called space-division multiplexing (SDM) for significant bandwidth improvements.

Avoiding the Prepaid Death Spiral
Column | 4/8/2019

Operators that mainly serve prepaid customers must figure out a strategy for tackling churn.

Podcast: Mobile 5G Is Alive!
LRTV Documentaries | 4/5/2019

5G, AWS, telco cloud and Internet video have dominated the headlines in recent weeks and we're talking about all of it, live from NYC.

Four Trends We'll Be Tracking at NAB 2019
The Bauminator | 4/5/2019

What's new with AV1, OTT and ATSC 3.0, and what does the video and TV industry really think of 5G? We'll find out next week in Sin City.

5G 'Race' Continues to Dominate US Policy Discussions
News Analysis | 4/5/2019

The US wireless industry trade group continues to use the specter of a 5G Chinese boogeyman to push policymakers to bend to its demands. And based on CTIA's 5G event this week, the association may be making headway in its efforts.

Another set of 5G standards was just released, but no one really cares
News Analysis | 4/5/2019

The 3GPP's RAN committee recently voted to approve the third and final bundle of initial 5G specifications. However, those in the industry are calling it a 'non event,' because few operators appear interested in the specs.

Huawei 5G Ban May Cost UK £7B, Say Telcos in Panicky Report
News Analysis | 4/5/2019

A panicky report from the UK's mobile network operators seems to overstate the impact of banning Huawei on the UK economy.

Eurobites: 5G Arrives at UK's Birmingham New Street Station
News Analysis | 4/5/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telia's Lithuanian arm axes jobs; Sunrise launches FWA for 5G early adopters; Ofcom probes BT over Irish fiber deal.

Why CSG Is Betting on Blockchain
News Analysis | 4/5/2019

New lab backed by CSG to focus on how blockchain tech can streamline global roaming deals, inter-carrier agreements and possibly settlements between pay-TV and OTT services.

WiCipedia: Gen Z Redefines Tech & Pay Gap Inequality Rages On
WiCipedia | 4/5/2019

This week in our WiC roundup: Gen Z enters the workforce; pay gap inequality is not solved yet; harassment is the norm for women in tech, and more.

India's BSNL May Lay Off 31% of Staff – Reports
News Analysis | 4/5/2019

India's state-owned operator is planning on cutting about 54,000 jobs, according to press reports.

AT&T: White Boxes Online in Toronto & London – 76 Countries & 400G Planned
News Analysis | 4/4/2019

AT&T already has white box networking deployed in Toronto and London, with a lot more to come, says CTO Andre Fuetsch.

South Korea Stutters Towards a National 5G Launch on Friday
News Analysis | 4/4/2019

Following a minor prelude, South Korea will kick off its widespread 5G launch on April 5.

CenturyLink Taps Streamroot for P2P Assist
News Analysis | 4/4/2019

Says the P2P-focused agreement will help CenturyLink expand into hard-to-reach areas and augment, not replace, its global content delivery network.

T-Mobile: AT&T's '5G E' Label Helped Tilt Speed Tests
News Analysis | 4/4/2019

T-Mobile has cited data from Ookla for years showing that its wireless network is the fastest in the country. Now Ookla's new numbers give the crown to AT&T and T-Mobile was fast with its excuses.

CommScope Wraps $7.4B Deal for Arris
News Analysis | 4/4/2019

Strategic aim of the merger centers on prep for the 5G transition, network convergence and complementary wireless tech spanning both licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

'Lean NFV' Aims to Reignite Virtualization
News Analysis | 4/4/2019

Nicira co-founder Scott Shenker and other networking visionaries issue a manifesto for technology they say can jump-start development for network functions virtualization (NFV).

German 5G Auction Bids Near €3B
News Analysis | 4/4/2019

Germany's spectrum auction looks set to exceed the euro 3 billion ($3.4 billion) threshold because of keen interest in the 2GHz band.

CableLabs' virtualization efforts enter new realities
News Analysis | 4/4/2019

Virtualization group retooling to support industry's new Flexible MAC Architecture amid recent departure of two execs focused on NFV and SDN, sources say.

Eurobites: Swedish Govt Considers Sale of Telia Stake
News Analysis | 4/4/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: T-Systems teams up with Israel's Argus on automotive cybersecurity; AirTies completes Technicolor WiFi deal; BBC's iPlayer streams FA Cup in Ultra HD.

Verizon's Mobile 5G Network Goes Live in 2 Cities at 'Typical' 450Mbit/s Speeds
News Analysis | 4/3/2019

Verizon switched its mobile 5G network on in two cities a week earlier than expected, and set performance expectations: average 450Mbit/s downloads, peaks up to 1Gbit/s and latency of 30 milliseconds.

CommScope Upgraded on Arris Deal, 5G Potential
News Analysis | 4/3/2019

Raymond James ups CommScope to 'Strong Buy' on belief that Arris will boost earnings more than expected and that the combined company is poised to make hay on the 5G transition.

T-Mobile, Viacom Strike Deal for Mobile TV
News Analysis | 4/3/2019

New agreement paves way for T-Mobile to offer live streams of Viacom networks, including MTV, Nickelodeon & Comedy Central, nationwide via its mobile network.

Meet Verizon's New Network Team
News Analysis | 4/3/2019

Verizon is embarking on a new corporate structure that unifies its wireless and wireline network operations. Here's a look at some of the operator's top executives, and their organizational relationships, in Verizon's new network division.

Intel Doubles Down on 5G & NFV
News Analysis | 4/3/2019

The vendor lavishes an unusual amount of love on telcos and other network operators as it unveils an assortment of new networking, compute, memory and storage components.

Eurobites: Union Rejects BT's 'Restructuring' Plan
News Analysis | 4/3/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telia completes Fintur acquisition, faces threats over TV ad; Spirent swaps Erics; Europe wants to be in connected-car vanguard.

SKT Boasts 34K 5G Basestations, Undercuts 4G Pricing
News Analysis | 4/3/2019

Ahead of a mass-market 5G launch on Friday, the South Korean operator said it had deployed 34,000 basestations and that its 5G service will cost less than 4G.

Making the Most of OTT Video
Alantown | 4/2/2019

With streaming video still exploding, experts from across the video spectrum will discuss how to turn OTT into a compelling, secure and profitable platform to deliver content to multiple screens.

Disney+ Poised to Rake In 24M Subs by 2023 – Forecast
The Bauminator | 4/2/2019

Using a blend of big movies, library content, off-network TV series and 'sizzle-worthy' originals, Disney+ is said to be in the best spot to take on Netflix and outpace other, new streaming rivals, analyst says.

T-Mobile's Threats to Cable Are All Bark & No Bite, Says New Street
News Analysis | 4/2/2019

T-Mobile has boasted that it will pose a major threat to the nation's cable companies if it is able to merge with Sprint. But the Wall Street analysts at New Street Research aren't buying that argument.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: Apple, Huawei & Europe
LRTV Documentaries | 4/2/2019

The core crew on Apple (see what we did there?), Huawei and the ongoing super-slow-mo car crash that is Brexit.

German 5G Bids Top €2B, But It's Too Soon to Panic
News Analysis | 4/2/2019

Germany's biggest operator has already rung the alarm bell over the country's ongoing 5G auction, but spending is still way off Italian levels.

Rogers, Videotron Angle for X1 Edge
News Analysis | 4/2/2019

Like Shaw Communications in the western half of the nation, the two big Canadian cablecos are now rolling out their own syndicated versions of Comcast's cloud-based video platform in their respective regions.

Eurobites: T-Systems, SAP Cozy Up in the Cloud
News Analysis | 4/2/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson and ABB make it official; Openet appoints new man in Asia-Pacific; ETSI issues standards for digital signatures on mobile devices.

AWS Hires SDN/NFV Pioneer
News Analysis | 4/2/2019

SDN/NFV pioneer Tetsuya Nakamura, until recently at CableLabs, has jumped ship to Amazon Web Services. Meanwhile, another SDN/NFV pioneer from CableLabs, Don Clarke, is taking time off.

Raytheon-Lockheed Martin Pact Could Free up to $19B in 5G Spectrum
News Analysis | 4/1/2019

Two massive technology companies with deep ties to the US government have teamed on a proposal that could ultimately free 50MHz in the 1300MHz band for 5G or other commercial uses. But the idea faces big challenges.

Intel Capital Splashes $117M on 14 Startups – Including a Telco Supplier
News Analysis | 4/1/2019

Tibit Communications, one of the beneficiaries of Intel's investment, provides home, office and cell site broadband connectivity. Others relate to AI, IoT and other emerging applications driving network demand.

Cujo AI's Peiro: Locked In on Home Network & IoT Security Market
CxO Spotlight | 4/1/2019

The startup, with Comcast and Charter in its corner, believes its AI and machine learning-driven analysis platform steers clear of data privacy concerns raised by those that rely on deep packet inspection tech.

24GHz 5G Auction Passes $1.7B
News Analysis | 4/1/2019

24GHz 5G auction up to $1,710,903,965 as of Monday afternoon.

Cable One Bulks Up With $525.9M Fidelity Buy
News Analysis | 4/1/2019

But it's not clear how Fidelity's app-based TV streaming offering in partnership with MobiTV will play long-term at broadband-focused Cable One.

So Much for the Diet: Huawei Gained 8K Workers Last Year, Report Shows
News Analysis | 4/1/2019

Despite announcing diet plans in 2017, Huawei appears to have gained weight in the last couple of years.

ADC Vendor Kemp Bought by Investor
News Analysis | 4/1/2019

Acquisition of the 18-year-old vendor, which provides application delivery controllers (ADCs) and load balancers, follows a much more spectacular deal where competitor F5 bought NGINX for $670 million.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom Pledges to Go Even Greener
News Analysis | 4/1/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson bags 5G deal in Bahrain; Nokia unwraps Factory in a Box 2.0; UK operators investigate mast-sharing.

Putting AI to Work With Hardhats
LRTV Interviews | 4/1/2019

Blitzz CEO Rama Sreenivasan explains how his startup uses AI and augmented reality to help cable technicians resolve customer service problems in the field.

Nortel Resurrected for 6G R&D
News Analysis | 4/1/2019

Nortel's back! Investors show faith in one of the industry's biggest ever names, with 6G as the focus.

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