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New 'Dashboard' illustrates how US cable networks are coping during COVID-19 crisis
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

Based on data from cross-section of US cable operators, downstream demand is up 20.1% and upstream demand has risen 27% since March 1, according to the NCTA.

Palo Alto to acquire CloudGenix in $420M cash deal
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

Palo Alto Networks will integrate CloudGenix's cloud-managed SD-WAN products to speed up onboarding of remote branches and retail stores utilizing Palo Alto's Prisma Access SASE platform.

Set your alarms: Wednesday promises plenty of 5G fireworks
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

T-Mobile and Sprint are expected to announce the official close of their long-gestating merger, and the FCC's chairman is expected to outline his plan to release the 6GHz spectrum band for unlicensed use.

AlefEdge to use Microsoft Azure for real-time advertising with edge computing
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

Microsoft is leveraging its new Azure Edge Zones with edge computing startup AlefEdge for real-time advertising services.

COVID-19 will help China to extend its 5G lead
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

Operators in virus-stricken countries are starting to tighten their belts, and 5G rollout may no longer seem like a spending priority.

NTT DoCoMo quits NB-IoT
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

Japan's DoCoMo said it would discontinue its NB-IoT service, which likely indicates the expense of running the IoT offering was not enough to warrant the revenues the operator derived from it.

Why service providers fancy Wi-Fi 6
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

Next-gen wireless platform will provide a solid capacity boost and open door to new, specialized services, CommScope exec says. But part of that future hinges on the still unresolved future of the 6GHz band.

Ericsson CEO warns of 'necessary measures' in wake of COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

Borje Ekholm tells shareholders that the Swedish firm has yet to see significant business disruption, but it is only a matter of time before it does.

AT&T hints at mobile and fixed plans for mmWave 5G
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

AT&T has spent around $2 billion on millimeter wave spectrum licenses for 5G during the past year. Now, the operator is hinting that it could use the spectrum for 5G in both mobile and fixed applications.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: COVID-19 blues, MWC refunds and 5G patents
LRTV Documentaries | 3/31/2020

The regular crew try out a new videoconferencing platform in the second week of COVID-19 lockdown. And Scott taunts Iain with a can of beer.

Building Better Telco Clouds
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 3/31/2020

As telcos begin to build and scale next-generation 5G and MEC networks, new IT infrastructure manageability challenges are emerging.

HPE to launch open source software for 5G core and edge infrastructure
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

HPE announced a new partnership effort called the Open Distributed Infrastructure Management Initiative that the company hopes will help it break into the 5G core and edge space.

Huawei, ZTE win 90% of giant China Mobile 5G tender
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

China's biggest operator has just handed out major 5G contracts, and the Western rivals to Huawei and ZTE were barely acknowledged.

SCTE/ISBE standards initiatives spread into AI, smart cities, telehealth
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

New 'Explorer' effort, which will also look to accelerate the industry's involvement with autonomous transport, seeks out expertise and aid from industries and people from outside the traditional cable sector.

Amdocs tries to tap into the connected home market with doxi OS
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

By creating an AI-driven home operating system, the company believes it can reduce service calls.

Eurobites: Spain postpones 5G auction as COVID-19 tightens its grip
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia offers 'AI as a service'; more virus-related reassurance; Spongebob Squarepants to the rescue!

Huawei gloomy about 2020 as US sanctions take toll and COVID-19 threatens
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

Sales and profits rose for the Chinese equipment giant, but it has undoubtedly been harmed by US measures.

Proximus looks beyond COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

Belgian operator flags April 1 launch for 5G as it outlines a new operational and financial strategy under the #inspire2022 banner.

SD-WAN security: The richness of multidimensionality
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/31/2020

SD-WAN security services strategies possess the richness to support a programmable and multidimensional application-aware security model, writes Heavy Reading's Jim Hodges.

'In times like these': Carriers debut COVID-19 ad campaigns
News Analysis | 3/31/2020

Carriers are increasingly putting the new coronavirus front-and-center in their latest advertising messages.

Some CCA members fight COVID-19 by pledging 'no refund needed' on show
News Analysis | 3/30/2020

The coronavirus has cut significantly into some organizations' event revenues. Now, some members of the CCA have pledged to reject refunds on their trade show expenses in order to keep the association up and running.

Comcast: Peak network traffic rises 32% as millions stay at home
News Analysis | 3/30/2020

Peak usage is up as much as 60% in some markets that were hit early by COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, but usage there is starting to plateau, according to Comcast's Tony Werner.

Behind the numbers: How COVID-19 could change the US telecom industry
News Analysis | 3/30/2020

With Americans forced to stay home, the value of a reliable Internet connection has soared. What might that mean for the financial position of telecom operators and policymakers' perception of the industry?

Reinvention may steel BICS for COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/30/2020

Can a company known as a roaming middleman survive a pandemic that has all but ended international travel?

5G set to make Hong Kong debut
News Analysis | 3/30/2020

Hutchison is all set for its 5G debut but is still resisting rules on exclusion zones.

SKT: 5G chews up twice as much data as 4G
News Analysis | 3/30/2020

South Korean operator reports back on 5G usage patterns one year on from launch. Talks again about 'hyper collaboration' to squeeze more from the next-gen tech.

Backhaul or anyhaul: Why IP transport is critical to 5G
News Analysis | 3/30/2020

In 5G, transport must be in sync with the radio access network or it will be a bottleneck.

Eurobites: UK telcos remove fixed data caps, go easy on the hard-up to ease COVID-19 pain
News Analysis | 3/30/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: UK operators warn of delayed line repairs; BEREC reports no signs of network congestion; the ethics of data tracking at a time of crisis.

Euskaltel keeps calm and carries on with network expansion
News Analysis | 3/30/2020

Amid the spread of COVID-19, the operator in Spain's Basque region intends to pursue its national network expansion strategy, including the launch of Virgin-branded services.

WOW CEO Teresa Elder hospitalized with COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/29/2020

Bill Case, WOW's chief information officer, serving as acting CEO as Elder recovers.

OneWeb heads into bankruptcy and SpaceX might be next
News Analysis | 3/27/2020

OneWeb filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, an action that casts a cloud over rival Starlink, the satellite broadband initiative backed by Elon Musk's SpaceX.

Microsoft's telco ambitions still unclear after Affirmed purchase
News Analysis | 3/27/2020

Microsoft could use the technology it is acquiring from Affirmed Networks for a number of different offerings. But the company isn't providing much insight into its strategy.

ZTE is on the up, but challenges remain
News Analysis | 3/27/2020

The Chinese equipment vendor is back in profit for a full year after recovering from US fines and sanctions, and its business is mainly growing.

Metaswitch's Giuhat talks 5G opps for women in comms
Kelsey's Grammar | 3/27/2020

Women in Comms caught up with Giuhat to discuss how 5G may impact career opportunities for women in the industry, new developments in Metaswitch's UC platforms and the impact of mentors on her own career path.

Video streaming – and (gasp!) even traditional TV – gain lift during pandemic
The Bauminator | 3/27/2020

Usage of Disney+, Hulu and Netflix is unsurprisingly up, but so is cable and broadcast TV viewing and the desire among some consumers to add a pay-TV subscription, Hub Entertainment Research finds.

COVID-19? Run to the clouds
News Analysis | 3/27/2020

Dell'Oro anticipates uptick in cloud demand as enterprises cut IT spend.

The mysterious case of the vanishing Chinese customers
News Analysis | 3/27/2020

... and three other things we've learnt from the telecom reporting season in China.

Farewell, Light Reading, and thanks!
Shades of Ray | 3/27/2020

After 18 years, it's time for a new adventure.

NetNumber highlights 5G core challenge
News Analysis | 3/27/2020

The rollout of 5G core systems will herald a distributed architecture, but that brings data management challenges, suggests NetNumber's COO.

WiCipedia: Working from home is bright spot of COVID-19 for many minority workers
WiCipedia | 3/27/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: Women in tech work from home and manage just about everything else; former and current employees of The Wing tell all; networking apps for professional women are flourishing; and more.

Eurobites: Hungary's 5G auction brings home the bacon
News Analysis | 3/27/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: CityFibre completes FibreNation acquisition; Ericsson provides reassurance; operators do their bit in a time of crisis.

Optiva CEO seeks a 'second life' for cloud BSS specialist
CxO Spotlight | 3/27/2020

CEO Danielle Royston has an aggressive new plan for the cloud-based BSS vendor and growing customer support, but it involves extra investment and ongoing losses that might not suit all of the company's investors.

Fujitsu launches private 5G network
News Analysis | 3/27/2020

Manufacturer claims a first in Japan as it gears up to launch its own private 5G network in Kawasaki City, with more to come.

Telia goes all Scandi noir about COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/27/2020

The Nordic operator's profit warning could be the first of many issued by telecom operators in the coming weeks.

JR Shaw, Shaw Communications founder, dies at 85
News Analysis | 3/26/2020

JR Shaw, a cable Hall of Famer and industry pioneer, stepped down as CEO of the Canadian service provider in 1998 but had remained active with the company, serving as executive chairman.

CableLabs preparing to take DOCSIS 4.0 to the test
News Analysis | 3/26/2020

As cable ops size up their next move, CableLabs is pulling together a group to focus on test plans for products based on new specs that will pump up the capacity of cable's widely deployed HFC networks.

$30B in new federal education funding could help US wireless industry
News Analysis | 3/26/2020

The $2 trillion coronavirus economic stimulus package could funnel money to AT&T, Verizon and other mobile operators as schools work to connect students with Wi-Fi routers and mobile hotspots.

Even COVID-19 can't stop Huawei, says founder
Morris Lore | 3/26/2020

Ren Zhengfei pops up to inform the Western world that his company has recovered swiftly from the virus and is ready for European business.

Huawei 'rip and replace' price tag doubles to $2B amid coronavirus outbreak
News Analysis | 3/26/2020

The FCC's chairman has urged Congress to earmark $2 billion in the coronavirus relief package to pay US telecom operators to swap out Huawei and ZTE equipment with products from 'trusted' suppliers.

With Affirmed Networks purchase, Microsoft looks to plug 5G into Azure
News Analysis | 3/26/2020

The purchase of Affirmed Networks will allow Microsoft to sell software-powered, virtualized functions to mobile network operators, challenging the likes of Ericsson, Cisco and others.

How Altran plays a pivotal role in 5G, edge
CxO Spotlight | 3/26/2020

Altran's key relationships in 5G software and edge initiatives have helped make it a $4.1 billion takeover target for Capgemini.

OTT voice traffic reaches 1 trillion minutes in 2019 – report
News Analysis | 3/26/2020

TeleGeography's latest report on voice traffic estimates that OTT voice traffic was more than double international carrier voice traffic in 2019.

CableLabs unleashes DOCSIS 4.0 specs
News Analysis | 3/26/2020

The new specs will add capacity, tack on new advanced capabilities and, more generally, extend the life of the cable network for years, but the DOCSIS 4.0 era will likely take several years to fully unfold.

Eurobites: Ericsson lands new RAN deal with Russia's MTS
News Analysis | 3/26/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Inwit deal completes; Elliott cuts stake in TIM; GSMA looking at virus-related data sharing?

Amid COVID-19 traffic spikes, online video game providers dial it back, too
News Analysis | 3/26/2020

Akamai, Sony and Microsoft are among the online video gaming companies that have pledged to reduce the amount of network traffic that their services generate.

HKBN doing barter deals for broadband
News Analysis | 3/26/2020

Swapping broadband for cheeseburgers? HKBN will barter.

Tele2 has slashed hundreds of jobs and more cuts are coming
News Analysis | 3/26/2020

New figures show that about 13% of jobs were cut last year as the Swedish operator worked on boosting profitability in the absence of sales growth.

Casa Systems seeing 'no impact' from COVID-19 on Q1
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

Cable and wireless tech supplier says manufacturing is fully operational and seeing increased customer demand. Meanwhile, CommScope says it's also seeing cable operator spending tick up.

Juniper's Mist will offer AI-powered analytics to enterprises
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

Juniper Networks subsidiary Mist Systems is ramping up its ability to provide enterprises with analytics capabilities.

Verizon, AT&T and others mobilize to fight a virus hitting close to home
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

Verizon, AT&T and Comcast are among the service providers with employees who reportedly have the coronavirus. Now, those operators and others are mobilizing in unprecedented ways to fight the spread of COVID-19.

FCC delays 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum auction by a month
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

The FCC said it will hold its 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum auction in July. That could affect a range of companies, including Verizon, AT&T and Charter Communications.

COVID-19 to inflict pain on US commercial wireline sector – analyst
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

The wireline commercial units of AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink will be impacted by COVID-19, but the effects also will be felt by US cable and its disproportionate exposure to the SMB market, industry analyst Craig Moffett warns.

Light Reading resets Cable Next-Gen event for late August
Alantown | 3/25/2020

We now plan to hold our Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies event in Denver on August 25-27 after postponing it earlier this month because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NTT, Toyota in $1.8B smart city tie-up
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

The telecom giant and the carmaker are teaming up in the expectation that smart cities will be a major business opportunity.

GSMA offers sting-in-the-tail MWC refunds
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

Weeks after this year's show was canceled, the trade association has offered credits against the costs of future shows and, for those companies that didn't cancel, a partial cash refund.

Facebook likes Reliance Jio
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

Social media giant willing to spend billions to get minority stake in India's aggressive newcomer.

Facebook sales warning shows world is still not very digital
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

Facebook is one of the most highly automated and digital businesses on the planet, but its fortunes are partly built on brick-and-mortar foundations.

Eurobites: COVID-19 puts kibosh on broadband switching in UK
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia completes Elenion acquisition; Virgin Media sees changing data patterns; Disney+ launch is semi-frozen in the UK.

Top telcos take TIP specs to optical hopefuls
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

Specifications developed by TIP's Phoenix project, which is focused on optical transponders for disaggregated systems, are to be included in an RFI from major operators.

3GPP delays 5G standards work by three months
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

Standards body pushes back Release 16 and Release 17 timelines amid the global spread of COVID-19.

Indian telcos gear up to ensure connectivity in the time of COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/25/2020

India's operators are quickly responding to the outbreak of the virus as the country goes under lockdown.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: COVID-19, video and disruption
LRTV Documentaries | 3/25/2020

The usual crew adjusts seamlessly to the new reality by recording this week's pod remotely.

US wireless networks are holding up to COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

Operators - including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint - are reporting significant rises in their customers' calling and texting. But it appears that much of the bulk of Americans' Internet traffic is headed over wired networks.

Twitter's profit warning proves COVID-19 will infect big tech
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

The social networking site is abuzz with chatter about the deadly virus and less worrying issues, but advertising revenues have slumped.

YouTube cuts video quality worldwide
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

Video streaming giant will temporarily default to standard-def globally, but will still allow users to manually adjust YouTube streams to HD quality.

Getting ready for the Uncarrier's big second act
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

In the past few years, T-Mobile has reinvigorated its business under the 'Uncarrier' brand. Now, as it nears the completion of its merger with Sprint, it's preparing for its next act.

Telia Carrier's 'evangelist' to stress test open line system economics
CxO Spotlight | 3/24/2020

Global operator adopts 'suck it and see' approach to open line system efficiencies.

Comcast warns COVID-19 crisis could have material impact
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

Cites closure of theme parks, delays of movie releases, suspension of content production, postponement of Olympic Games and effects on the TV ad market and other parts of its cable business.

BT says au revoir to domestic operations in France
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

UK incumbent wants to focus on multinational businesses and security solutions.

Bouygues Telecom signs tower deal with Phoenix
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

French operator to form JV to develop 4,000 towers to meet mobile network coverage requirements and prepare for 5G.

COVID-19 stokes fear of the surveillance society
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

Telecom operators and technology firms are handing over location data to governments fighting the outbreak of COVID-19, but at what long-term cost?

Eurobites: Nokia attempts to land a 5G patents punch
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: ETSI unveils augmented reality spec; Cosmote goes with Ericsson for 5G RAN; Belgian operators granted temporary 5G licenses.

China Telecom plans 5X boost in 5G capex
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

The sum the Chinese mobile operator is tipping into its 5G rollout represents a fivefold increase on what it spent last year.

NEC's 5G fortunes hinge on Rakuten's success
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

The Japanese equipment maker has a central role in the world's most keenly anticipated launch of mobile network services.

Comcast-Altitude TV lawsuit screeches to a halt
News Analysis | 3/24/2020

Court grants Comcast's motion to stay discovery citing impacts of COVID-19 crisis and an expectation that Comcast's move to dismiss the suit will be resolved in a 'very timely fashion.'

Operators experiment with 5G pricing
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

US operators aren't charging extra for 5G, but other operators around the world are taking a much different approach to 5G service plans.

5G, edge computing, small cells to get more attention after pandemic
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

Executives ranging from outgoing IBM chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty to incoming Colony Capital CEO Marc Ganzi are speculating on the future of networking technologies amid the coronavirus crisis.

AT&T network 'performing quite well' despite 'signs of stress,' CEO says
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

Mobile traffic volumes have increased 40% and Wi-Fi calling has surged 100%, Randall Stephenson, AT&T's top exec, says.

Ericsson: COVID-19 isn't affecting equipment production, but 'a few' employees have virus
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

Ericsson's CEO says 'the short-term impact of the coronavirus on our supply chain has been limited to none,' but acknowledges that an unspecified number of company employees have contracted the new virus.

China's mobile subs base shrinks by 20M
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

Each of the country's big three operators take a hit on subscriber numbers in the wake of COVID-19.

KDDI preps 5G service sandwich, puts AWS Wavelength to work
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

Japanese operator is set to launch its 5G service one day after NTT DoCoMo and one day before SoftBank, and will put AWS Wavelength to work to support edge-enabled services.

FuboTV gets the urge to merge with FaceBank Group
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

Combined company to be named FuboTV Inc. and be led by current fuboTV CEO David Gandler.

China Unicom boosts earnings but sales remain flat
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

Network sharing has led to savings for the Chinese operator as it ramps up its deployment of 5G services.

Eurobites: Virus-led voice-call revival puts strain on UK networks
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: the COVID-19 fight goes on; OneWeb sends up more satellites; connected tractors; throttling Walt.

AVoD players not feeling pressure to sell amid M&A frenzy
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

The CEOs of Wurl and Zone TV believe the free streaming market is in its early days and has plenty of room to accommodate independents even as media giants go on a rampage to acquire Tubi, Xumo and Pluto TV.

Networks bearing up to demand in COVID-19 era, finds Nokia research
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

Nokia Deepfield research shows that networks are coping so far, although growth in traffic is reaching unprecedented levels.

Verizon still charges extra for 5G
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

No other mobile provider in the US has joined Verizon in charging extra for 5G. Verizon, for its part, argues it can levy that fee because its 5G is 'differentiated.'

SoftBank preps $41B asset sale amid COVID-19 panic
News Analysis | 3/23/2020

Exposure to underperforming companies and a mountain of debt makes SoftBank look more vulnerable to the deadly virus than many other firms.

Podcast: A few good films
The Philter | 3/20/2020

OK, enough about COVID-19. We can't handle the truth. Let's talk about what kind of movies we like to watch while practicing social distancing. Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre weighs in.

Broadband is not immune to COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/20/2020

Networks are performing well, but some operators could also become a victim of the deadly virus sweeping the planet.

NAB 2020 will be replaced by online event called 'NAB Show Express'
News Analysis | 3/20/2020

National Association of Broadcasters also developing an enhanced and expanded version of its fall New York event.

Australian government asks streaming companies to throttle NBN traffic
News Analysis | 3/20/2020

Faced with surge in NBN loads, Australian govt asks content companies to impose limits.

Verizon: Ten employees have COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/20/2020

Verizon said ten of its employees have the new coronavirus, that so far it has shuttered 500 corporate-owned retail stores and that around 100,000 of its employees are now working from home.

ITU draws up emergency plans to tackle COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/20/2020

UN Agency urges national telecommunications authorities to test effectiveness of disaster response plans.

Eurobites: UK mobile operators offer tracking tech to government in COVID-19 fight
News Analysis | 3/20/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT updates further on network resilience; YouTube follows Netflix lead to save EU bandwidth; UK telecom staff are 'key workers' - official.

WiCipedia: Mansplaining makes for a sticky situation
WiCipedia | 3/20/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: While the world around us is consumed by COVID-19 news, women in tech are still pushing forward without delay. There's no time to pause when there's so much change to make.

India's top court deals yet another blow to its telcos
News Analysis | 3/20/2020

Legal authorities in India say operators must pay what the government demands and not what the companies believe they owe - and they must do it soon.

BT sheds LatAm ops as part of Global overhaul
News Analysis | 3/20/2020

UK incumbent operator plans to sell assets in 16 countries to CIH Telecommunications Americas for an undisclosed sum.

Charter tweaks policy, allows some employees to work from home
News Analysis | 3/19/2020

Charter has been reviewing the situation daily amid the COVID-19 crisis, but the change follows an uproar over an employee who quit over an earlier policy that discouraged employees from working from home.

5G phones haven't exactly been flying off US store shelves
News Analysis | 3/19/2020

Although just 1% of phones in the US sported 5G last year, that figure could rise to 25% this year.

Netflix to cut streaming bit rates across Europe for 30 days
News Analysis | 3/19/2020

Streaming giant says the temporary move will reduce Netflix traffic on European networks by about 25% and lessen the strain amid a COVID-19 outbreak that's forcing millions to stay at home.

Rakuten turns 5G revolutionary as it nears world's first open RAN launch
News Analysis | 3/19/2020

The world's most ambitious operator and its daring technology chief are determined to show the industry that 5G networks do not have to be developed in the same old way.

Could COVID-19 supercharge operators' telecom and 5G investments?
DanoVision | 3/19/2020

Some Wall Street analysts see the spread of the new coronavirus as hastening society's embrace of online life. And that could motivate network operators to invest in their networks.

Podcast: Five ways COVID-19 is affecting the telecom industry right now
The Philter | 3/19/2020

Light Reading's Mike Dano, Kelsey Ziser and Phil Harvey discuss COVID-19, how it is affecting the telecom industry now and what might happen next as stores close, stocks drop and everyone works from home.

Comcast brings Hulu to Flex, with X1 on deck
News Analysis | 3/19/2020

Device integration paves way for Hulu's subscription VoD service (but not its live TV offering) to become available on Flex streaming devices as well as Comcast's full-fledged X1 platform.

Eurobites: EU urges streaming giants to rein in bandwidth use
News Analysis | 3/19/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Three revenue up but users down; Virgin Media brings the gig to UK's West Midlands; Telefonica gets Aldi connected.

Podcast: Smart cities strategies and O-RAN testing intrigue
The Philter | 3/19/2020

US Ignite's Mari Silbey returns to discuss smart cities, O-RAN testing and what some recent carrier moves might really mean.

RDK-powered devices surpass 60M, up 20%
News Analysis | 3/19/2020

Open source platform for set-tops and gateways and other connected devices is seeing competition in the service provider field from Android TV and, increasingly, Amazon's Fire TV.

China Mobile reports 15.4M 5G customers
News Analysis | 3/19/2020

China's biggest operator has racked up an impressive number of subscribers to the new technology in just a few months.

Verizon to use spectrum connected to Dish for COVID-19 traffic surge
News Analysis | 3/19/2020

The new agreement among Northstar Wireless LLC and SNR Wireless LicenseCo and Verizon could lay the groundwork for a deeper relationship between Verizon and Dish.

6GHz should be allocated for both licensed and unlicensed applications
Column | 3/19/2020

The FCC is considering exactly what to do with the 6GHz band. Given the amount of spectrum already allocated to unlicensed applications, the agency would do well to consider licensing it.

Red Hat: We need to talk about cloud-native
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

Susan James, senior director of telecommunications strategy at Red Hat, says the telecoms sector needs to take a horizontal approach to its underlying IT infrastructure if containerization isn't to suffer the same issues as NFV.

Lynk scores big win in global space race
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

Lynk said it successfully transmitted a message from a satellite in space to a regular Android GSM phone on the ground. The development indicates movement toward a major new technology.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint close thousands of retail stores nationwide
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

It's difficult to determine the actual number of retail stores that have been closed, but it is likely in the thousands, thus affecting the handful of employees who work at each location.

With COVID-19 comes the real dawn of the digital age
Morris Lore | 3/18/2020

The pandemic will have a permanent impact on the way we live and work, forcing every part of society to evolve fast.

Light Reading preps online event on streaming video
Alantown | 3/18/2020

In a new digital event, we will tackle the technical, operational, security, business model, service quality and navigation issues of delivering next-gen OTT video to viewers.

Home Internet data usage surges amid COVID-19 crisis
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

OpenVault sees big jumps in upstream and downstream usage, Verizon reports surge in online gaming, and Plume finds a significant rise in devices being connected to home networks.

NTT DoCoMo places bets on Genvid
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

Venture capital arm of NTT's mobile operation backs US-based esports firm.

Vodafone proposes five-point plan to fight COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

The UK-based operator's five-point plan indicates that it will assist governments in tracking people's movements in affected areas in order to thwart the spread of the virus.

Comcast, Telia among MEF's SD-WAN certified service providers
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

Comcast Business, PCCW Global, Spectrum Enterprise and Telia Company are the first service providers to achieve MEF 3.0 SD-WAN service certification.

Ahead of 5G rollout, China Tower nearly doubles profit
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

The infrastructure firm reported growth in sales and earnings last year as demand for tower infrastructure in China continues to rise.

Podcast: Empty arenas, Wi-Fi 6 and big tech upgrades
The Philter | 3/18/2020

Paul Kapustka from Mobile Sports Report joins the podcast to discuss the COVID-19 effect on public venues and arena networks, the reliability of 4G DAS and why Wi-Fi 6 is the future of stadium connectivity.

Telefónica takes open RAN into 5G territory
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

Spanish giant to collaborate with Altiostar, Gigatera Communications, Intel, Supermicro and Xilinx on trials of 4G and 5G open RAN technology across three European countries and Brazil.

Rakuten to sell mobile platform globally, likely targeting Dish
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

Japan's Rakuten hasn't even commercially launched its virtualized, open RAN network yet, but it's already planning to sell its platform to other companies worldwide later this year.

Eurobites: COVID-19 strikes French 5G spectrum auction
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: A1 Austria touts analytics tech for coronavirus fight; virus plays havoc with shareholder meetings; KPN, VodafoneZiggo win access case.

Camunda claims key automation role at DT
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

US open source provider says it's the brains behind one of the largest robotic process automation (RPA) implementations in Europe.

Japan 5G: NTT DoCoMo cuts in on SoftBank launch
News Analysis | 3/18/2020

But the launch announcement by Japan's biggest operator has a rushed feel.

Fox snaps up Tubi for $440M
News Analysis | 3/17/2020

Acquisition takes another free, ad-supported streaming service off the table, following Comcast's acquisition of Xumo and Viacom's purchase of Pluto TV.

Study: Huawei was the biggest contributor to 5G standards
News Analysis | 3/17/2020

According to new findings from Strategy Analytics, China's Huawei 'leads in terms of overall contributions to the end-to-end 5G standards.' That's worrying some US lawmakers.

Cable's next big network move: Expanding the upstream
News Analysis | 3/17/2020

Cable ops are preparing to expand their feeble upstream capabilities with techniques and upgrades that will strengthen what's been a long-standing weakest link of the HFC network.

The five ways (and counting) COVID-19 is affecting US telecom
News Analysis | 3/17/2020

From store closings to potentially 'material' financial impacts, here's how the new coronavirus is affecting some of the nation's biggest telecom players.

Collaboration platforms brace for WFH overload
News Analysis | 3/17/2020

Conferencing and digital collaboration platform service providers are adding global capacity as WFH (work from home) traffic volumes impact service quality.

UK mobile networks hit problems as COVID-19 spreads
News Analysis | 3/17/2020

EE, O2 and Three all suffer issues along with popular gaming and collaboration apps, but fixed-line broadband holds its own.

Google Fiber halts sales calls, closes retail stores
News Analysis | 3/17/2020

Service installations will continue as fiber-fueled service provider pitches in to slow the spread of COVID-19.

5G's economic value is driving international race, says Ericsson exec
News Analysis | 3/17/2020

Countries are competing against one another to be the first to adopt new-look 5G services, according to an executive for the Swedish vendor.

Nokia WINGs it with 5G IoT
News Analysis | 3/17/2020

Finnish vendor adds 5G capability to its Worldwide IoT Network Grid and enables it to be enhanced with multi-access edge computing (MEC) to support new IoT use cases.

Iliad has boosted profits but lost control
News Analysis | 3/17/2020

The French operator may have invited trouble in future by ceding infrastructure control to other players.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: 5G race, coronavirus and optical
LRTV Documentaries | 3/17/2020

This week: Big kit vendors do battle, optical networks - and the C-word.

Eurobites: UK's Carphone Warehouse shuts stores, makes 2,900 redundant
News Analysis | 3/17/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Swisscom delves into drones; Virgin Media lands Manchester public-sector connectivity gig; Russia spends big on satellites.

AI, machine learning could put cell sites to sleep (and slash energy costs)
News Analysis | 3/16/2020

AI and machine learning can be used to reduce operators' energy costs by putting cell sites to sleep when they're not needed, according to new research from Ericsson.

In maps: Who bought what. and where, during 5G spectrum auction
News Analysis | 3/16/2020

Analysts across Spectrum Financial Partners, AllNet Insights & Analytics and Moise Advisory offer a clear look at exactly what went down during Auction 103.

How T-Mobile could immediately triple its lowband LTE capacity for COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/16/2020

T-Mobile's 'genius move' would borrow 600MHz spectrum from Dish Network, Comcast and others and immediately put it to use in the operator's existing lowband LTE network.

Leading Lights awards deadline looms
News Analysis | 3/16/2020

UPDATED! Get your awards submission skates on! Entries for this year's Leading Lights awards need to be in by close of day, Friday, April 3.

Broadcom sues Netflix over streaming patents
News Analysis | 3/16/2020

Set-top box chipmaker claims OTT video giant is infringing on nine patents covering 'foundational technologies' that are essential to Netflix's streaming service.

Cincinnati Bell agrees to Macquarie's $2.9B bid
News Analysis | 3/16/2020

Deal, for $15.50 per share, is the path forward after Brookfield declined to sweeten its competing bid for the service provider. Cincinnati Bell has paid a $24.8 million break-up fee as a result.

ZTE says US has not been in touch about new bribery charges
News Analysis | 3/16/2020

Chinese equipment vendor says it has not had a formal approach by US authorities following news reports that it bribed foreign officials to gain advantages.

Euro operators call for broadband discipline as COVID-19 drives people home
News Analysis | 3/16/2020

Operators want customers to prioritize necessary uses of home broadband services, although recent examples of panic buying do not bode well for pleas to take a 'rational' approach.

China telcos issue tenders for 480K 5G basestations
News Analysis | 3/16/2020

China's operators are set to ramp up spending on 5G rollout after the recent slowdown.

'Sub-nevers' will alter streaming market with new viewing habits
Column | 3/16/2020

This emerging group of consumers who have never subscribed to a pay service will have a sweeping impact on the streaming market in the long term.

Eurobites: BT reassures UK users over network resilience
News Analysis | 3/16/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: French operators could get tough with bandwidth-guzzlers; Proximus and Salt do their bit for the COVID-19 fight; ETSI's hackfest show goes on.

Scenes from the Satellite Show
Slide Shows | 3/13/2020

The Satellite Show 2020 was a hardware-centric haven that reveled in the more grounded side of the new space race.

Verizon's C-Band meal might not leave crumbs for anyone else
DanoVision | 3/13/2020

Verizon is widely expected to dominate the FCC's planned auction of midband C-Band spectrum for 5G. That's because there's no firm limit to how much C-Band spectrum Verizon can acquire.

US ISPs back Pai's 'Keep Americans Connected Pledge'
News Analysis | 3/13/2020

Covering the next 60 days, commitments linked to COVID-19 outbreak include suspension of service terminations for customers unable to pay bills, the waiving of late fees and the opening of Wi-Fi hotspots. Pai also calls on ISPs to relax data caps.

Uniti sells 486 cell towers to mystery buyer for $190M
News Analysis | 3/13/2020

Viewed as an 'opportunity to inject liquidity,' fiber company Uniti said it will sell 486 cell towers spread across 33 eastern and central US states.

Stop the presses! 5G is safe, experts say
News Analysis | 3/13/2020

Updated advisory guidelines from International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection aim to put people at ease over exposure to more electromagnetic radiation.

Core Internet players will 'easily absorb' COVID-19-induced traffic surge, Internet Society says
News Analysis | 3/13/2020

Meanwhile, closer to home, Comcast expands and enhances Internet Essentials, AT&T suspends data caps, and Charter declares its network ready to manage expected data wave in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

Chayora set to go live with $1.5B China data center
News Analysis | 3/13/2020

Chayora defies trend to build a China data center business and go where few foreign firms have dared venture.

COVID-19 makes data connectivity as critical as toilet paper
News Analysis | 3/13/2020

With people confined to their homes by the virus, residential broadband networks will become more important than ever.

Europe's telco incumbents slashed 18.5K jobs in 2019
News Analysis | 3/13/2020

The pace of job cuts at some of Europe's biggest telecom firms increased last year and staff numbers have fallen sharply in the last few years.

Is 5G industrial intervention needed?
Column | 3/13/2020

The case for governmental involvement in the 5G sector remains unconvincing.

Eurobites: France says 'oui' to Huawei
News Analysis | 3/13/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT boss catches COVID-19; Ofcom sets out spectrum auction rules; Orange lands Google cable in France.

WiCipedia: Global female income hits all-time high, continues to rise
WiCipedia | 3/13/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: Women's contribution to the global economy is rapidly on the rise; startup boards are still majority male; UK women are subtly persuaded into admin positions; and more.

Network operators brace for COVID-19 traffic spikes
News Analysis | 3/13/2020

Fortnite, Netflix, Call of Duty, videoconferencing and other online services are growing in popularity amid the new coronavirus outbreak. Are network operators ready for a digital deluge?

Meet the senior leadership team for the 'New T-Mobile'
News Analysis | 3/12/2020

Sprint's John Saw, Deeanne King and Dow Draper are among the executives that will lead the new company created through the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint.

CableLabs adds 5G expertise
News Analysis | 3/12/2020

Cable-backed R&D organization has hired mobile industry vet and 5G expert Rakesh Taori as VP of wireless as cable ops continue to ramp up activities around wireless and network convergence.

Podcast: CSG's Haifa El Ashkar on the 'perfect storm' for mobile industry disruption
Kelsey's Grammar | 3/12/2020

CSG's Haifa El Ashkar explains the broad industry impact we can expect from the intersection of mobile identity, blockchain, eSIMs and IoT.

US lawmakers take another run at keeping out Huawei's 5G gear
News Analysis | 3/12/2020

New bills introduced in the House and Senate would make it nearly impossible for Huawei to do business in US dollars unless it is working on 3G and 4G networks.

Shocker! Verizon was the big spender in FCC's 5G mmWave auction
News Analysis | 3/12/2020

Verizon spent $1.6 billion for a total of 4,940 mmWave spectrum licenses across the US in the FCC's big auction. That's important because T-Mobile only spent $873 million on licenses during the event.

CEO of AT&T's ad-focused Xandr unit resigns – report
News Analysis | 3/12/2020

Brian Lesser, who led a unit tasked with bringing advanced advertising capabilities to AT&T's pay-TV service and its new HBO Max offering, reportedly angled for the top job at WarnerMedia.

SKT makes moves in healthcare, gaming
News Analysis | 3/12/2020

South Korean operator goes down JV route to explore domestic and international expansion in different industry sectors.

New Yorkers fret about getting left out of FCC's rural broadband funding
News Analysis | 3/12/2020

The FCC plans to allocate up to $20.4 billion for rural broadband networks. However, New York is the only continental US state excluded from the initial portion of the program.

Brits show love for fiber in a time of COVID-19
Morris Lore | 3/12/2020

The UK government will pump GB pound 5 billion into gigabit connectivity. What could possibly go wrong?

After a flying start, Samsung struggles to gain ground in 5G
News Analysis | 3/12/2020

The South Korean equipment giant is far off the target it set last year.

Eurobites: Ericsson acquisition boosts its private-network credentials
News Analysis | 3/12/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia lands private-network role in Paris rail project; ADVA slices its pizza box; Proximus boosts Wi-Fi with AirTies.

BT doubles down on cybersecurity service efforts
News Analysis | 3/12/2020

UK-based operator said the launch of its new Security Advisory Services practice marks the ongoing expansion of its cybersecurity capabilities.

Ericsson shares 5G energy-reduction recipe
News Analysis | 3/12/2020

Swedish supplier claims it's possible to quadruple data traffic without increasing energy consumption.

Optical equipment makers quantify COVID-19 impact
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

Neophotonics, Lumentum and Applied Optoelectronics are among the equipment suppliers that have discussed the effects of the spread of the coronavirus.

NAB 2020 postponed, alternatives being reviewed
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

Announcement from the National Association of Broadcasters made soon after the spread of the new coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

The long-distance view of OFC: 800G and more!
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

Move over, 5G - we're talking 800G! As the OFC show continues, albeit minus a few big names, the optical transport sector fills the Light Reading inbox with news of technical advances and deals galore.

Verizon intros Yahoo Mobile brand into prepaid space
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

Amid a shrinking prepaid market, Verizon said it will leverage the Yahoo brand it acquired in 2017 to offer the new Yahoo Mobile prepaid service.

Dish Network's 5G ambitions clouded by Rakuten's troubles
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

Some analysts have soured on Rakuten's efforts to disrupt the Japanese market with a virtualized, open RAN network. And that could cast concerns over Dish Network's 5G plans.

India needs U-turn to prevent Jio monopoly
Morris Lore | 3/11/2020

The Indian telecom market is heading toward a monopoly controlled by the country's richest man unless there is an abrupt change in the regulatory environment.

Rakuten Mobile to use an optical mesh network for backhaul
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

Rakuten's deployment is unique because it's the first time a reconfigurable optical network will be used for mobile backhaul, according to Nokia.

Telefónica and TIM eyeing Oi mobile biz in Brazil – reports
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

The two operators have apparently made overtures to Oi advisers, although the high debt levels at all three companies could prove to be an obstacle to any purchase.

Google developing next-gen Chromecast streamer – report
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

New, more powerful device expected to support Android TV and a separate voice-capable remote control as Google chases after streaming platform leaders Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

T-Mobile reportedly reaches settlement with California AG on Sprint merger
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

T-Mobile has reportedly approved a deal with California's attorney general that would remove another obstacle to the operator's proposal to merge with Sprint.

Eurobites: Telefónica takes up arms against COVID-19
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: the "upside" of the new coronavirus; Huawei survives UK vote; Rob Shuter steps down at MTN.

GSMA: Don't give spectrum to enterprise
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

The trade association implores governments to ensure spectrum stays in the hands of telecom operators.

Bruised Telecom Italia to ax costs after mobile setback
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

Italian incumbent has upped its savings targets after reporting a sharp fall in revenues at its domestic mobile business last year.

India delays 5G spectrum auction on financial woes
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

India has again delayed its 5G auction and now seems likely to lag other countries on the rollout of the new technology.

The resurrection of Ericsson Digital Services
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

An overlooked part of the Swedish vendor turned an important corner last year and has reason to feel optimistic about 2020.

Optical cross-connect revival: A new generation of optical switching for tomorrow's networks
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/10/2020

Optical cross-connect (OXC) is coming back in vogue thanks to CDC ROADMs that add greater scale and automation to the photonic layer.

HPE makes a play for the 5G core
News Analysis | 3/10/2020

ICT giant builds on its telecom heritage and taps respected partners to take on the traditional mobile infrastructure suppliers in 5G's next big battlefield with an 'open' platform pitch.

Quibi in legal quarrel over its 'Turnstyle' tech
News Analysis | 3/10/2020

As it nears the launch of its premium, short-form video service, Quibi seeks a declaratory judgement that its 'Turnstyle' technology does not infringe on a patent owned by a company called Eko.

The new space race: Connecting your phone to a satellite
News Analysis | 3/10/2020

The space race of the 21st century pits Lynk against SpaceMobile to see which startup will be able to connect their satellites to existing cellphones on the ground.

South Korea's big three squeezed for more 5G investment
News Analysis | 3/10/2020

KT, SKT and LG Uplus agree to massive hike in 5G infrastructure capex after meeting with the country's Ministry of Science and ICT.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: MWC fallout, CEO departures and satellites
LRTV Documentaries | 3/10/2020

Scott and Jamie are joined by Paul Nolan from CC Group PR to reflect on a tough week for telecom industry CEOs.

Qualcomm trumpets progress with C-V2X in Europe
News Analysis | 3/10/2020

Chipmaker says momentum is growing around the connected car technology, with commercial product launches now in sight following RED certification in Europe.

Light Reading postpones Cable Next-Gen event
Alantown | 3/10/2020

With public health concerns about the spread of COVID-19 mounting, Light Reading's Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies event will be postponed until sometime in late August.

Musk's Starlink is 'not some huge threat to telcos'
News Analysis | 3/10/2020

SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk said his company's satellite broadband project will serve hard-to-reach customers and 'be helpful' to telcos.

Eurobites: UK government rebels prepare to detonate H(uawei)-bomb
News Analysis | 3/10/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson pushes eSIM tech; Vodacom slashes price of data in South Africa; Orange invests in digital verification startup.

Indosat latest to enter open RAN fray
News Analysis | 3/10/2020

The Indonesian operator will carry out trials and open a TIP lab as it looks to provide a spur to local players.

Altitude TV dangles carrots to lure fans to DirecTV
News Analysis | 3/10/2020

Regional sports net is offering gift cards and regular season game tickets as its contract dispute with Comcast and Dish drags on.

Why the US prepaid market is collapsing
News Analysis | 3/9/2020

The Wall Street analysts at Cowen found that the US wireless industry collectively lost 330,000 prepaid customers during the entirety of 2019, a first for the industry.

Telia Carrier expands enterprise business with new SD-WAN service
News Analysis | 3/9/2020

Telia Carrier launches its first SD-WAN service on Cisco's Viptela platform.

Verizon, AT&T redraw smart city efforts
DanoVision | 3/9/2020

Smart city executives are leaving AT&T and Verizon. The reason? The FCC's new small cell rules eliminate the need for operators to push for smart city agreements.

US cable's mobile base hits 3.2M lines
News Analysis | 3/9/2020

Cable ops have become 'by far the most important' reseller in the US mobile market, analyst says.

HK, Philippines set to join Asia's 5G party
News Analysis | 3/9/2020

New countries in the region are preparing to launch the high-speed mobile technology.

Huawei's '18-month lead' in 5G is telecom's most spurious claim
Morris Lore | 3/9/2020

Suggestions the Chinese equipment vendor's 5G challengers are years behind do not hold up to scrutiny.

Eurobites: UK mobile operators and government sign rural coverage deal
News Analysis | 3/9/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: EE gets busy in Scotland; NGMN Alliance goes cloud-native; Disney does deal with Telefonica.

Huawei picks up five-market 5G deal from Ooredoo
News Analysis | 3/9/2020

The much-maligned China-based vendor has won a 5G deal from Qatar-based Ooredoo covering Kuwait, Oman, Indonesia, Tunisia and the Maldives.

EC clears Inwit tower deal, Vodafone banks €2.14B cash windfall
News Analysis | 3/9/2020

Brussels green-lights merger of Vodafone Italy's tower assets with Inwit, the passive tower infrastructure arm of Telecom Italia.

Is $1B enough to rip out Huawei gear from the US?
News Analysis | 3/6/2020

The work involved in ripping Huawei equipment out of US networks is extensive, setting up the potential for costs above the $1 billion Congress has already set aside for the effort.

Court rejects Omniverse's bid for default judgment against HovSat
News Analysis | 3/6/2020

Reason for denial is procedural, as court cannot determine if HovSat was properly served.

Quibi pitches 90-day free trial to pump early sign-ups
News Analysis | 3/6/2020

Deep-pocketed streaming startup focused on premium short-form fare is making some moves a month ahead of its April 6 launch of a service that will start at $4.99 per month for an ad-supported tier.

Biggest-ever auction of 5G mmWave spectrum ends at $7.6B
News Analysis | 3/6/2020

T-Mobile is expected to walk away with roughly $2 billion in millimeter wave spectrum licenses from Auction 103, which it appears poised to add to the spectrum it will acquire from Sprint.

Top Cisco exec jumps ship for Western Digital CEO job
News Analysis | 3/6/2020

David Goeckeler, who handled $34 billion of Cisco's $52 billion in annual sales, is taking the CEO job at Western Digital.

Charter opens access to Verizon's 5G network
News Analysis | 3/6/2020

Charter enables Spectrum Mobile customers on unlimited plans to access Verizon's millimeter wave 5G network for no added cost. Customers on its 'By the Gig' plan remain 4G-only.

Vlocity acquisition gives Salesforce a new run at telecoms
News Analysis | 3/6/2020

Having funded and hosted Vlocity's development, and been a go-to-market partner, Salesforce knows exactly what it's getting for its $1.33 billion acquisition.

WiCipedia: Digital assistants need more than a gender makeover
WiCipedia | 3/6/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: Get involved for International Women's Day; how digital assistants would differ if they were created by women; what keeps women in tech; and more.

Eurobites: CityFibre accelerates UK network rollout
News Analysis | 3/6/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional rights roundup: Vodafone/TIM towers venture 'set for EU approval'; Net Insight acquires Aperi's virtualized media production technology; Virgin Media admits data breach.

Elisa highlights trio of real-world 5G use cases
News Analysis | 3/6/2020

The Finnish 5G frontrunner is showcasing nine 5G solutions at its showroom in Helsinki, of which it claims three are new - one involves a tractor!

Spark gives 5G RAN thumbs-up to Samsung
News Analysis | 3/6/2020

New Zealand incumbent underlines multivendor 5G RAN strategy by shaking hands on commercial deal with South Korean vendor.

New York's utility to test private LTE network with several vendors
News Analysis | 3/5/2020

New York's state-owned power utility is hoping to test a private LTE network that it wants to build for services ranging from energy metering to flying inspection drones.

Verizon sweetens new Mix & Match plans
News Analysis | 3/5/2020

Telco doubles the speeds of its two sub-Gigabit options - to 200 Mbit/s and 400 Mbit/s - without raising the price.

Microsoft, Cisco team up for IoT at the edge
News Analysis | 3/5/2020

Two massive software vendors have decided to combine their cloud computing and IoT offerings in order to take advantage of the trend toward edge computing.

Cable access network spending dropped 30% in 2019 – Dell'Oro
News Analysis | 3/5/2020

Culprits include slowdown in capacity purchases, next-gen network indecision and a lack of broadband competition. Meanwhile, DOCSIS 3.1 CPE shipments made a big jump.

Google Cloud tightens its ties to telecoms
News Analysis | 3/5/2020

Google Cloud fleshes out telco-focused strategy as it inks 5G edge services deal with AT&T, debuts telco-tailored version of Anthos apps platform and connects with Netcracker and Amdocs.

SoftBank ignites Japan 5G market with March 27 launch
News Analysis | 3/5/2020

The Japanese service provider has responded to an aggressive mobile launch by Rakuten with its own 5G service.

NTT DoCoMo leans on Ericsson for AI-enabled RAN optimization
News Analysis | 3/5/2020

Japanese operator chooses AI-based optimization tools from the Sweden-based vendor for its radio access network, with an eye to real-time diagnostics in 5G.

Eurobites: Dave Dyson steps down as Three UK boss
News Analysis | 3/5/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Google Cloud floats across Europe; Tele2 and Elisa cooperate on enterprise services; Ericsson goes with Sinch for 5G messaging.

Nokia lines up Intel next to Marvell as 5G chip suppliers
News Analysis | 3/5/2020

The Finnish vendor is relying on Intel and Marvell as it tries to phase out the costly components that have been eroding its 5G profits.

T-Mobile evaluating open RAN for merged 5G network
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

T-Mobile's Karri Kuoppamaki tells Light Reading that one new element the operator might consider in its 5G buildout is open radio access network (RAN) technology.

WOW trials Android TV-based streaming service
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

Pilot of 'WOW! tv+' service in Columbus, Ohio, streams cable op's traditional pay-TV packages alongside a cloud DVR, integrations with Netflix and other OTT apps on an Android TV device with a voice remote.

5G players dance for US government's anti-Huawei money
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

Billions of dollars in US government money is being dangled in front of vendors that can provide secure 5G equipment.

NAB Show still a go
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

Showrunner says 'overwhelming majority' of exhibitors looking forward to Las Vegas event while registrations continue on pace with normal patterns amid ongoing concerns about the spread of COVID-19.

Nokia hires Marvell to fix 5G problems
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

The Finnish equipment maker hopes a new deal with the US chipmaker will help to restore its 5G competitiveness and boost profitability.

Altice USA nears launch of FTTP-powered triple-play
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

Multi-service offering developing after operator ended 2019 with more than 600,000 service-ready FTTP homes in its Optimum footprint in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Ori takes a vertical approach to the telco edge
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

Edge computing startup believes telco edge strategies need to start with a specific focus on dedicated vertical sectors, such as gaming, and is winning operator support from the likes of Telefonica.

The great 5G slowdown in Asia
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

The region's fledgling 5G market is not growing as fast as hoped, and not necessarily because of coronavirus.

Rakuten thanks Nokia for 4G but says NEC is 'our future'
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

The Japanese company prefers to shop locally for its 5G products, it made clear during a press conference this week. It is not alone.

CommScope to reassess R&D spending in areas such as set-top boxes
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

However, CPE biz remains an important cash generator and a strategic piece of the portfolio that pulls through other products with different margin profiles, CFO says.

Telco giants team on interoperable edge computing
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

China Unicom, KT, Telefonica, and Telstra are collaborating on a new interoperable multi-access edge computing (MEC) initiative.

Omdia's Thomas Morrod on how 5G can impact GDP
LRTV Interviews | 3/4/2020

Speaking at the recent Future Vision event in London, Omdia's research and analysis executive director, Thomas Morrod, gives a long-term view of how 5G could boost GDP by enabling incremental business opportunities in specific vertical sectors.

Eurobites: Nokia, Telenor and Telia trial MOCN-based network-sharing in Denmark
News Analysis | 3/4/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia cuts jobs in Finland; British MP highlights Huawei 'slave labor'allegations; ECI acquired by Ribbon; 'Fitbit for cows.'

A new approach to upgrading optical networking at the edge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/3/2020

Huawei's new Liquid OTN solution is a small granularity technology that offers some significant benefits for organizations that need guaranteed bandwidth, low latency and resilient optical connections.

Laying the foundation for long-term 5G success
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/3/2020

A successful 5G rollout is not just about upgrading existing basestations or deploying some new ones. Nor is it simply an upgrade of core network capabilities.

2020 set up as 'an investment year' for Comcast, CEO says
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts touts initiatives underway at Sky, the coming launch of the Peacock streaming service and new projects underway at NBCU's parks division.

AT&T aims to keep selling DirecTV 'where it has a rightful place'
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

Meanwhile, AT&T reportedly has halted online sales of U-verse TV as the new OTT-delivered AT&T TV service becomes company's pay-TV workhorse.

AT&T preparing to unveil massive, three-year cost-cutting plan
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

AT&T's John Stankey said the operator's cost-cutting program could generate 'double digits of billions [in savings] over a three-year planning cycle,' and cover areas ranging from power usage to call centers.

Verizon CFO: COVID-19 hasn't affected us... yet
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

Verizon's Matt Ellis said the operator hasn't recorded any 'material' effects from the COVID-19 coronavirus so far, but he cautioned that could change 'if we see continued disruption.'

Our Cable Next-Gen event is going ahead as planned
Alantown | 3/3/2020

Despite concerns about the spread of COVID-19, Light Reading's Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies event is still a go for Denver in two weeks.

Japan's Rakuten gives new meaning to 'bill shock'
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

Prices are just half what rivals charge, but Rakuten may have a long and arduous journey toward profitability.

Finding the sweet spot for 5G iPhones
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

Apple recorded a blockbuster quarter during the critical holiday shopping season, partly thanks to its $700 iPhone 11. But will the company maintain that $700 offer in an age of 5G?

Telenor takes step closer to zero-humans business
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

The Norwegian operator has already shed thousands of employees and more are set to go under plans announced today.

India's RJio wants to develop its own 5G
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

The disruptive Indian operator is now looking to seize the 5G technology initiative from the traditional vendor community.

Eurobites: Virgin Media rejigs partner contracts, brings field visits back in-house
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone invests in space-broadband venture; Nokia sets out fiber access stall; Telenor keeps tight grip on costs.

Cable must fight 'creeping complacency' about emerging broadband threats – analyst
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

Fixed wireless broadband represents the 'most important threat' to cable broadband and new satellite-based options are also worth a wary eye, Craig Moffett concludes in a report sizing up the state of US broadband.

Podcast: Orange Business Services CEO on becoming a network-native, digital service provider
Kelsey's Grammar | 3/3/2020

OBS CEO Helmut Reisinger weighs in on what it means to be network-native and how the service provider stands out from its competition.

OFC management: 500 sponsors and exhibitors are planning to attend
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

The annual optical networking confab said that cancellation lists don't tell the full story of what's set to happen in San Diego next week.

Viavi trumpets 'first' test tools for open RAN specs
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

The network test vendor, already included on an illustrious list of vendors supporting Rakuten Mobile, is claiming an industry first with the launch of an open RAN test suite.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: Nokia, ZTE and telecoms investment
LRTV Documentaries | 3/3/2020

Team Pod delves deep into Nokia and takes a look at the (largely) forgotten man of Chinese equipment vendors - ZTE.

China goverment inspectors flay operators over number portability
News Analysis | 3/3/2020

Chinese operators have come in for heavy criticism over their response to the introduction of MNP.

Comcast, AT&T, Verizon lead $67M in telecom lobbying in 2019
News Analysis | 3/2/2020

The nation's top telecom operators spent a combined $67.36 million in 2019 on regulatory lobbying. That's a slight increase from 2018.

COMSovereign buys VNC for LTE equipment play
News Analysis | 3/2/2020

COMSovereign's CEO said VNC will help the company become one of the only US-based providers of 'connectivity solutions that span the entire data transmission spectrum.'

Walmart, Verizon in 5G partnership talks – report
News Analysis | 3/2/2020

A 5G partnership between Verizon and Walmart could include everything from the installation of 5G antennas in Walmart stores to streaming video of doctor visits.

Discovery's streaming service will play nice with pay-TV partners
The Bauminator | 3/2/2020

'The cable guys aren't going to wake up and find out what we're doing,' CEO David Zaslav says.

AT&T TV streams nationwide
News Analysis | 3/2/2020

Following a string of market trials, AT&T has expanded the reach of a new streaming service delivered on an Android TV box that aims to revitalize AT&T's struggling pay-TV business.

Huawei, ZTE continue their advance under US fire – Dell'Oro
News Analysis | 3/2/2020

A US campaign has failed to halt the Chinese companies, with major Western equipment makers ceding further ground.

Podcast: Helmut Reisinger, CEO of Orange Business Services
CxO Spotlight | 3/2/2020

The IT and integration side of Orange has been touting its credentials as an option for enterprises that need help managing multi-cloud environments. Reisinger weighs in on what it means to be network native, how OBS stands out from its competition and what a company that size does to prepare for the business impact of the new coronavirus and the reality that we're all suddenly a lot less mobile.

Huawei, ZTE may face India exclusions after government move
News Analysis | 3/2/2020

Feeling its companies do not get a fair deal in China, India's government has unveiled a new rule allowing it to restrict Chinese vendors.

China finally embraces full Internet peering
News Analysis | 3/2/2020

China has scrapped hefty Internet data charges in a move that should help China Mobile but hinder the country's other two big operators.

Nokia CEO Suri quits after 5G setbacks
News Analysis | 3/2/2020

Boss of Finnish network firm will be replaced by Pekka Lundmark, the CEO of Finnish energy firm Fortum, but not until much later this year.

Eurobites: Spain's MásMóvil to buy Lycamobile for €372M
News Analysis | 3/2/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Iliad closes fiber deal with InfraVia; Vivendi fights Italian court over Mediaset; Nokia loses market share.

Singtel tackles 5G network slicing with Nokia
News Analysis | 3/2/2020

Singapore-based operator flags trials with Finnish vendor with aim of providing customizable services to support different 5G use cases and applications.

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