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Phil & Scott Podcast: Part I
LRTV Soundbites | 1/29/2010

LTE Watch: Size Matters
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/29/2010

Bigger channels equal more bandwidth in this week's LTE roundup

Cable ITV Watch: Mixed Signals for 3DTV
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/29/2010

Comcast sorta thinks 3DTV's a winner, TiVo swallows a 'poison pill' provision, Concurrent's three-screen play gets some lift, and more

Mobile Phone Sales Bounce Back
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/29/2010

Manufacturers shipped 15% more in Q4 2009 than in Q3, market research firm claims

The iPad Consumer
The Philter | 1/29/2010

4:00 PM Some folks are frustrated that the new Apple tablet computer doesn't do enough. They may be trying too hard

Tejas Preps Managed Services Launch
News Analysis | 1/29/2010

Indian optical player is looking for an opportunity to launch itself into the managed services market, and is hinting at an IPO

Inside a Clearwire Cabinet
Kaps Korner | 1/29/2010

9:00 AM Take a home video look at the underpinnings of Clearwire's nascent national wireless broadband network

Broadcom Founder Goes Free
News Analysis | 1/29/2010

The criminal drug case against Henry Nicholas is thrown out, completing a shutout defeat for federal prosecutors

Comcast: NBCU Deal Won't Kill Web TV Players
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/29/2010

Companies claim their combined share of the online video pie is tiny and poses little threat to Internet TV rivals and emerging wannabees

Taking the Pulse of a Broadband Stimulus Winner
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/29/2010

Using patented technology from cable veterans, Pulse promises cost-effective FTTH for rural electrical cooperatives

AlcaLu CEO Ben Verwaayen, Part III
LRTV Interviews | 1/29/2010

Cisco Switching Exec Joins Broadcom
News Analysis | 1/28/2010

A long way from Xros and the all-optical days, Rajiv Ramaswami is now headed for Broadcom's enterprise division

2K for D3 in Q4
The Bauminator | 1/28/2010

5:05 PM Time Warner Cable's wideband rollout isn't setting the Big Apple on fire

Apple's iPad: Unlocking the 3G Myth
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/28/2010

The Apple iPad may be 'unlocked,' but that doesn't mean that consumers have much of a choice of providers in the US

NSN Lays LTE Groundwork
EuroBlog | 1/28/2010

1:20 PM Nokia Siemens is laying the ground for future LTE growth

AT&T to Spend $2B More on Wireless in 2010
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/28/2010

The operator will put up to $19 billion into capex in 2010, and its top priority is wireless

Time Warner Cable Hits WiMax Accelerator
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/28/2010

TWC is bullish on WiMax data services, but on the fence about adding a voice component amid a glut of mobile phone competition

iPad Aftermath
Contentinople | 1/28/2010

11:45 AM Critics question the iPad's name, among other things

AT&T Wireline: Shifting the Mix
News Analysis | 1/28/2010

AT&T's business moves toward wireless, data, and managed services, but it's seeing growth in IP business connections and U-verse

Let Them Aviat
Wireless Bits | 1/28/2010

11:00 AM Harris Stratex changes its name

Verizon, Accenture Tap SAP App Gap
News Analysis | 1/28/2010

New hosted service offers management of SAP applications for mid-sized enterprises on a global basis

Nokia Siemens Shrinks 18% in 2009
News Analysis | 1/28/2010

Vendor reports dramatic drop in full year revenues, but ends year with a quarterly operating profit and with some optimism for 2010

Stokin' Up Mobile Data Offload
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/28/2010

Stoke's mobile data offload product aims to alleviate the capacity crunch in mobile operators' core data networks

Au Revoir, Thomson – Bonjour, Technicolor
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/28/2010

French vendor Thomson changes its name to Technicolor as it prepares to exit its restructuring program

'Larry Ellison Just Doesn't Get It'
News Analysis | 1/28/2010

Actually, his rant against the 'cloud computing' term has some merit

Comcast Gets Its IPv6 On
The Bauminator | 1/27/2010

10:50 PM MSO says it plans to conduct as many as four 'production-network trials' of IPv6 in Q2 and Q3 of 2010

iPad's Buddy: Cablevision?
The Bauminator | 1/27/2010

5:00 PM Is Cablevision's WiFi network ready for Apple's new magical gizmo?

Time Warner Cable to Shut Down Nat'l Division
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/27/2010

MSO will start the process in about 90 days, noting that the decision will hit about 100 management positions and 250 customer care jobs in Colorado

Will the Apple iPad Crush 3G Networks?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/27/2010

The tablet could suck down more data than a smartphone, piling the pressure on 3G networks

Oracle/Sun Expresses Telco Ambitions
News Analysis | 1/27/2010

As Oracle declares its plans for Sun, telecom gets called out as a key market where the synergies can really kick in

Haggis Profiling Continues
Monkey Bidness | 1/27/2010

3:00 PM Offal news

Policy Watch: Stimulating Rural America
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/27/2010

The telcos, not cable, grab some stimulus cash, Comcast-NBCU deal punches the clock, and wireless carriers get pressed about early termination fees

Scenes From the Apple iPad Launch
Slide Shows | 1/27/2010

Apple's new multimedia tablet computer gives consumers another bandwidth-sucking device designed for video consumption

Gadget Watch: Now 85% iPad Free!
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/27/2010

A roundup of what else is happening on the device scene this week

Apple iPad Unveiled
Jonestown | 1/27/2010

1:50 PM Still waiting for news on wireless connectivity options

Major Outsourcing Up for Grabs
AsiaBlog | 1/27/2010

11:50 AM In India, two $1 billion outsourcing deals are on the table

Apple Tablet's Big Day
Contentinople | 1/27/2010

11:15 AM Rumors continue to pop up, but it won't be long until we get the real story

Verizon FiOS Plugs In Internet Radio
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/27/2010

Thanks to a Clear Channel hook-up, Verizon gives FiOS TV and Internet subs access to hundreds of Internet radio stations

The Confusing World of LTE Speeds
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/27/2010

Analysts and test firm now say TeliaSonera is getting 25 Mbit/s or more for downloads on the world's first LTE network

Cloud Watch: Piercing the Hype
News Analysis | 1/27/2010

Service provider interviews don't yet reflect the rosy forecast numbers; meanwhile, the products and partnerships continue to roll

FT's CEO Under Pressure
EuroBlog | 1/27/2010

8:10 AM Will Didier Lombard relinquish the top post at France Telecom sooner rather than later?

AlcaLu CEO Ben Verwaayen, Part II
LRTV Interviews | 1/27/2010

Nortel Sharpens Avaya's SME Focus in India
News Analysis | 1/27/2010

Nortel's channel presence will help the 'New Avaya' attack the SME sector in India, says managing director

Backhaul Timing: Anything But Synchronized
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 1/26/2010

Deploying packet backhaul at the cell site opens up a whole range of new options for network synchronization

A 'BOLD' Move
The Bauminator | 1/26/2010

5:05 PM Jones/NCTI and partners give at-risk kids a shot at becoming cable techs and earning some college credits

Comcast-NBCU: More Than a Pipe Dream?
The Cable Pipeline | 1/26/2010

3:05 PM Why Comcast's pursuit of NBCU is good for them, consumers, and the cable industry

Apple Accounting iFAQ
LR Mobile Column | 1/26/2010

Really? An iPhone is a service?

Comcast Lights Up DTA Encryption
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/26/2010

MSO confirms that channel zappers serving customers in Portland and Seattle are its first to have content protection activated

Verizon Wireline Job Cuts Drag on Q4
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/26/2010

Verizon posts $653 million net loss, even as Verizon Wireless adds 2.2 million new mobile subscribers

FiOS: No Longer a High Flyer?
Rewired | 1/26/2010

10:25 AM Are economic woes prompting Verizon to adopt a more conservative approach to selling FiOS?

KPN Sticks With IPTV for Its FTTx Future
News Analysis | 1/26/2010

Despite desperately slow uptake, KPN is sticking with its IPTV service to help make its FTTx services attractive

What to Expect From Apple's Tablet
Contentinople | 1/26/2010

9:20 AM A final rundown of all the rumors swirling around the device Apple is expected to reveal tomorrow

Vodafone Sings Its Own Praises
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/26/2010

Vodafone claims to have the largest number of paying music subscribers in Europe and is ramping its customer base each month

Verizon's Joseph Ambeault: Social TV
LRTV Interviews | 1/26/2010

Brightcove Tunes Up for 'TV Everywhere' Pilots
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/25/2010

Brightcove says cable nets will start testing its 'TV Everywhere' by March or April, a move that puts pressure on Comcast-owned thePlatform

Can Polycom Squeeze Cisco?
Rewired | 1/25/2010

4:50 PM Partnership with Juniper Networks could lure service providers to Polycom's telepresence offer

DirecTV Preps Multiroom DVR
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/25/2010

Entropic apparently beats out Broadcom for the business as DirecTV gets ready to introduce a new line of MoCA-based boxes in Q1

Microsoft Plans Device to Rival Apple Tablet
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/25/2010

Apple is expected to launch its tablet device on Wednesday, but Microsoft could be hot on its heels

Cox Takes LTE for a Spin
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/25/2010

Cox adds AlcaLu to the roster as MSO tests voice calls and streaming hi-def video in Phoenix and San Diego using the proto-4G platform

KDDI Commands Cable Market With $4B Deal
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/25/2010

KDDI is buying a 38% stake in J:COM, Japan's leading cable operator, from Liberty Global for $4 billion in cash

Arris Whips Up Some Cable WiFi
The Bauminator | 1/25/2010

11:15 AM Vendor nets some wireless biz from the Tier 2 MSO sector

Ericsson Crystal Ball Still Cloudy
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/25/2010

Ericsson's new CFO, Jan Frykhammar, tells Unstrung that market uncertainty will continue in 2010 and offers no guidance

Juniper, Polycom Take Video Vows
News Analysis | 1/25/2010

Anything you can do... Juniper teams up with videoconferencing specialist Polycom to counter Cisco's acquisition of Tandberg

Ericsson Keeps Its Distance From Huawei
News Analysis | 1/25/2010

Ericsson kept its revenue numbers steady in 2009, leaving it well ahead of Huawei, but the vendor has favorable currency movements to thank for that

AlcaLu CEO Ben Verwaayen, Part I
LRTV Interviews | 1/25/2010

LTE Watch: Testing Times
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/22/2010

Spirent signs on with Verizon, LTE not as fast as promised, and AlcaLu's connected car comes to Europe

Moto Complains to ITC About RIM
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/22/2010

Phone makers grapple over patents again

SportsNet for 'Sunday Ticket'?
The Bauminator | 1/22/2010

5:05 PM A fair swap? Or perhaps Comcast could just plant some giant trees and wait it out UPDATED 5:55 PM

Asia Watch: Money Talks...
News Analysis | 1/22/2010

Our APAC roundup includes a wide range of fiscal affairs – revenues, profits, capex – plus other news from Australia, China, and Singapore

The Week in WiMax
Kaps Korner | 1/22/2010

2:45 PM Missing in action: WiMax stimulus funds, Cisco WiMax device, Open Range

Indian Operators Battle Brutal Market
News Analysis | 1/22/2010

India's mobile operators are signing up plenty of customers, but their ARPU levels are being eroded by a savage price war

Cable ITV Watch: Comcast, NBC Gear for a Grillin'
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/22/2010

The feds to put Comcast and NBC on the hotseat, ITV vendors get ready to play nice at CableLabs, a possible name for Discovery's 3D channel, and more

Optical Core Challengers: Rise Up!
News Analysis | 1/22/2010

A bit dramatic, maybe, but the conversion to packet-optical is creating an opening for smaller players to topple optical incumbents

Smit Leaves Charter for Comcast
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/22/2010

Neil Smit named president of Comcast's cable unit, just two months after he steered Charter out of bankruptcy

Samsung Suffers Setbacks in India
AsiaBlog | 1/22/2010

8:30 AM Handset vendor is facing staff, sales, and channel issues in India

IPO Not the Cure for BSNL's Ills
News Analysis | 1/22/2010

Former finance director at BSNL says an IPO wouldn't help the Indian state-owned carrier, which is caught in a downward spiral

Nokia Offers Ovi Maps for Free
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/21/2010

Nokia steps up to take on Google, makes life harder for Garmin and TomTom

Verizon: We're Ready for Apple Devices
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/21/2010

Verizon CEO says the wireless carrier's network is 'prepared' for the Apple tablet and other devices

Intel Puts 3D Inside 'Atom'
The Bauminator | 1/21/2010

12:55 PM Intel wants to put the chip in next-gen cable boxes, but France Telecom has its hands on the first commercial implementation

Verizon Makes UC&C an Easier Sell
News Analysis | 1/21/2010

New professional consulting services spell out business case, ease transition to new IP-based unified communications and collaboration

Scenes From Haiti: The Wait to Communicate
Slide Shows | 1/21/2010

With cell service returning in spots, but power still out in most of Haiti, lines form to do the most mundane of tasks

Cisco Taps itaas to Doll Up 'SARA' IPG
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/21/2010

Cisco's still driving development, but itaas is now tasked with spicing up the legacy cable set-top guide

Amazon Opens Up the Kindle
Contentinople | 1/21/2010

10:30 AM Kindle users will be able to purchase apps for the device later this year

AlcaLu Joins the War for the Optical Core
News Analysis | 1/21/2010

A freaking huge new crossconnect shows off part of AlcaLu's plan for packet/optical convergence and primes a new battleground for the optical core

Boxee Urges TV Nets to 'Experiment'
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/20/2010

New pay platform could encroach on cable's turf, but Boxee insists it simply wants TV networks to give its Internet distribution outlet a shot

Microsoft Takes On TiVo
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/20/2010

And, in doing so, Microsoft comes to the aid of AT&T, a marquee Mediaroom customer

FCC Tightens 'Terrestrial Loophole'
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/20/2010

MSOs must share some vertically integrated, regional sports nets with rivals, though the FCC will look at grievances on a case-by-case basis

The Hilarity of LTE iPhone Rumors
Jonestown | 1/20/2010

3:05 PM If an LTE iPhone is coming in Q2, where are the networks?

Telekom Austria's IPTV Growth Slows
EuroBlog | 1/20/2010

1:55 PM Telekom Austria breaks the 100K subs barrier, but annual additions are down

Redefining P-OTS
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 1/20/2010

2010 figures to be a big year for packet-optical transport, as it moves from the metro into the network core

Amdocs Targets Growth in India
AsiaBlog | 1/20/2010

12:20 PM Hopes its CES 8.0 will attract new business

Gadget Watch: Awaiting the Apple Tablet
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/20/2010

The Apple iPad vies for attention with talk of an upcoming 'Zune' phone from Microsoft

Europe Fires Up Faster 3G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/20/2010

In the land of LTE in Europe, Swedish operator 3 plans a major upgrade to its 3G network and holds fire on rolling out the proto-4G technology

Apple in Talks With Publishers
Contentinople | 1/20/2010

11:00 AM A week before Apple is expected to unveil its tablet, it's in NYC talking with book publishers

Policy Watch: FCC Broadband Update
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/20/2010

FCC to offer Broadband Plan update, thousands weigh in on net neutrality rules, a big good-bye to 700MHz microphones, and more

Indian Handset Firms Grab Market Share
News Analysis | 1/20/2010

It's not just the likes of Nokia and Samsung that are benefiting from India's love affair with the mobile phone

Google's China Beef Spreads to Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/19/2010

So far, the search giant is delaying two phones and isn't saying if any other Chinese Android projects could be affected

Cox Bets on IPTV in Vegas
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/19/2010

CityCenter deal marks Cox's first-ever linear IPTV deployment. New residences not likely to have a tiger in every bathroom

Verizon Boosts Biz With CENX Connection
News Analysis | 1/19/2010

Verizon wholesale business should get a healthy bump after scoring a deal to offer Ethernet services through the CENX exchange in NYC

Inphi Celebrates Life After 40-Gig
News Analysis | 1/19/2010

The company got rewarded for its patience with 40G chips. Now it's hoping the 100G wait won't be as long

God Is My Gunsight
Monkey Bidness | 1/19/2010

2:00 PM File this one under 'Winning Hearts & Minds'

AT&T & Verizon Start Price War
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/19/2010

Carriers unveil new lower-cost plans

PacketExchange Swallows Mzima
News Analysis | 1/19/2010

Two of the Carrier Ethernet services sector's specialists combine their networks and operations

HSN’s 'T-Commerce' App Gains Traction
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/19/2010

Most HSN customers still call in orders, but the net's 'Shop By Remote' is gathering momentum at Verizon, Comcast, and Dish

ESPN to Stream on Xbox
Contentinople | 1/19/2010

10:10 AM Microsoft and Disney are in talks to stream live sporting events through Xbox Live

Perfect Storm Threatens Telecom Networks
News Analysis | 1/19/2010

Arbor Networks' annual survey of ISPs finds many pessimistic over their networks' ability to stay secure in the face of major changes

Ericsson Kickstarts Nortel Integration Plans
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/19/2010

Ericsson's new CDMA exec, Rima Qureshi, aims to integrate the Nortel CDMA and GSM businesses by the end of 2010

Amdocs Adds Telco 2.0 Smarts to Its CES
News Analysis | 1/19/2010

New Amdocs customer experience system incorporates jNetX service delivery platform, promises support for multiple new business models

Vodafone Revs Femto Engine
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/18/2010

Vodafone launches new femtocell brand, national advertising campaign, and cuts the price of its little home base station in the UK

Ericsson's Services Head Eyes More Growth
News Analysis | 1/18/2010

New head of Ericsson's services business expects further growth and is looking for more targeted acquisitions to boost local capabilities

SAIC Buys DPI Specialist
News Analysis | 1/18/2010

SAIC, the former owner of Telcordia, buys deep packet inspection (DPI) platform specialist Cloudshield

New Names Join Ericsson's Top Team
News Analysis | 1/18/2010

New Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg shuffles his exec deck and fills key positions in Global Services and CDMA Mobile Systems

New Service Provider Experiences
The Philter | 1/18/2010

1:00 AM Thanks to advanced gateways, service providers could begin selling an experience, not just a connection

Recovery Act Round 2: Ding! $4.8B in the Ring
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/15/2010

NTIA and RUS promise a simplified awards process as the second tranche of Recovery Act money is released

Verizon Mandates 3G Data Plans
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/15/2010

Don't say we didn't warn you: Metered data usage is around the bend as Verizon mandates a 3G data plan while cutting voice costs

Is Moto Having Second Thoughts?
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/15/2010

Report: Moto shelves its Home & Networks Mobility auction after initial bids don't meet expectations

Chinese Hackers Hit Juniper, Too
News Analysis | 1/15/2010

All told, 34 companies might have been affected, and Juniper and Symantec say they've begun investigating

This Week in WiMax
Kaps Korner | 1/15/2010

3:45 PM Clearwire needs a national pricing effort that strikes at the bandwidth crunch faced by the big telcos

Zodiac Flirts With M&A Play
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/15/2010

ITV firm looking to pursue acquisitions this year as its organic growth rate shows signs of slowing

The Bauminator | 1/15/2010

12:55 PM Meet the cable set-top duopoly's new letterhead

Videogame Industry Makes a Comeback
Contentinople | 1/15/2010

10:30 AM Sales of consoles like the Wii power the resurgence

Cisco Still Doesn't Want a RAN
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/15/2010

When it comes to end-to-end networks, the radio end isn't so important to have, Cisco contends

Spirent CEO Sees More Testing M&A
News Analysis | 1/15/2010

Spirent's chief executive is expecting consolidation in the test and measurement sector in 2010

Clearwire Not Rushing to Test 'WiMax 2'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/14/2010

But faster 802.16m technology is likely to reignite the 4G debate if – as expected – it gets approved this year

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 1/14/2010

5:30 PM More D3 for Mediacom, Comcast Cavalry rolls on, and Liberty Global promises a box that 'will blow you away'

Kao's Day at OFC/NFOEC
Craig's A-List | 1/14/2010

4:50 PM Discovering fiber optics still gets you street cred in some circles

Nortel's Year
Column | 1/14/2010

An anniversary no one wants to celebrate

Carriers Ready for New Partners, Biz Models
News Analysis | 1/14/2010

Survey commissioned by Amdocs shows that pervasive connectivity amplifies the need to partner with Internet companies

Arris Swirls With MSO 'Budget Flush'
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/14/2010

Arris bumps Q4 guidance after MSOs take on more product inventory late in 2009

Vevo Takes Off
Contentinople | 1/14/2010

10:30 AM New music video site soars in popularity, with help from YouTube

AlcaLu Plans to Break Optical Ground
EuroBlog | 1/14/2010

8:10 AM Alcatel-Lucent to unveil intelligent optical core development

Cox: Wireless Coming in March
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/13/2010

MSO kicks off a teaser campaign for its mobile service, promising 'unbelievably fair' wireless plans and a March introduction

Comcast's New IPG, 'MyDVR' Take Off
The Bauminator | 1/13/2010

5:00 PM But not in all its Motorola markets

Moto Streamlines EMEA Biz With Compal
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/13/2010

Moto exec says sale of its EMEA Docsis CPE business to Compal Broadband Networks will help trim costs as MSOs gear up for big wideband rollouts

Rumor: Qualcomm Prepping Femto Proto for MWC
Rumors | 1/13/2010

Qualcomm is expected to have a pre-production femto emulator on display at MWC

Global Crossing Upgrading Managed Services
News Analysis | 1/13/2010

Carrier announces addition of Juniper routers and WAN optimization but promises more change to come

Android: The Commodity Phone Killer
LR Mobile Column | 1/13/2010

Or, why Google's entry to the smartphone market should make Motorola, Nokia, and RIM very nervous

Netflix Goes Wii
Contentinople | 1/13/2010

10:50 AM The video-streaming service is now available on all 26M of the Wii consoles sold in the US

NSN Replaces Huawei in Euro LTE Rollout
News Analysis | 1/13/2010

'Commercial terms' the key as TeliaSonera sticks with Ericsson, adds Nokia Siemens, and drops Huawei, for its widespread LTE rollout UPDATED 12:20 PM

Sprint / Wal-Mart WiMax Conundrum
Jonestown | 1/13/2010

8:45 AM Rumors suggest that Sprint is working on a WiMax tower deal with Sprint, wait just a second there...

Cablevision's Interactive Ads Click With Subs
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/13/2010

MSO says the 'conversion rate' for a string of interactive ad campaigns launched last fall reached as high as 70%

Vello Pulls a Shocker: Profitability
News Analysis | 1/12/2010

No, not Velcro! The reborn OpVista isn't huge, but at least it's not losing money, according to the CEO

Asia Watch: Cisco's Theatre of Dreams
News Analysis | 1/12/2010

Cisco resets its APAC stage, Bharti Airtel buys into Bangladesh, and other word from the hotbed of news that is Asia/Pacific

Moto Sells EMEA Docsis Modem Biz
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/12/2010

Sources say Compal Broadband Networks has taken control of sales and support for Moto's EuroDocsis modems, EMTAs, and WiFi gateways

How Closely Could Google Watch Nexus One Users?
Jonestown | 1/12/2010

2:00 PM iSuppli ponders Nexus One user tracking by Google

CES 2010: LTE in Pictures
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/12/2010

LTE – and faux-LTE demos – femtocells, wireless e-books, and mobile Internet devices all caught our eye at CES

Comcast to Expand 'Xfinity' to DSL Subs
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/12/2010

Comcast video subs who bring their own broadband could get access to the MSO's 'Xfinity' lineup within six to eight months

Wal-Mart to Buy VUDU
Contentinople | 1/12/2010

11:20 AM Reports claim Wal-Mart may make another attempt to enter the online video market

3G Fuels Mobile Packet Core
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 1/12/2010

The strong growth in HSPA is driving common core strategies for 3G/LTE

Verizon Tempts Retailers With Managed Services
News Analysis | 1/12/2010

Verizon Business announces an open standards approach to offering IT services to the retail community

Courting Net Neutrality's Future
The Cable Pipeline | 1/12/2010

10:35 AM The results from the latest scrum between the FCC and Comcast will have a big impact on future challenges centered on network neutrality

Alcatel-Lucent Launches Green Touch
LRTV Interviews | 1/12/2010

Ray Le Maistre talks to Ben Verwaayen, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent, and Gee Rittenhouse, head of research at Bell Labs, about Green Touch, a revolutionary new project aimed at reducing power consumption in the global networking sector by a factor of 1,000

Ericsson Snaps Up Systems Integrator
News Analysis | 1/12/2010

Telecom's leading professional services player adds 1,000 staff to its payroll with the acquisition of an Italian systems integrator

Apple Tablet Faux Pas?
Wireless Bits | 1/12/2010

9:00 AM Did someone mention Apple's 'iSlate'? Mais non!

India's 3G Spectrum in Short Supply
AsiaBlog | 1/12/2010

8:15 AM Report suggests only three bidders will get 3G spectrum at the upcoming auction

Marvell Man
Craig's A-List | 1/11/2010

5:20 PM Yet another CES crowd-drawer

Ceton Pitches Cable Set-Top Alternative
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/11/2010

Ceton could give CableCARDs new life at retail with a quad-tuner product that fits inside Microsoft Media Center PCs

Nexus One Has a $174 Bill-of-Materials
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/11/2010

A 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chip contributes most to the cost of the phone

Seeding Docsis 3.0
The Bauminator | 1/11/2010

3:55 PM Sunflower Broadband exec says MSO has already achieved a 2-3% penetration rate for its new Docsis 3.0 tiers

AlcaLu Leads New Green Mission
News Analysis | 1/11/2010

Alcatel-Lucent spearheads five-year mission to boldly go where no Internet initiative has gone before...

CES 2010: What We Learned (In Pictures)
Slide Shows | 1/11/2010

Skype in the living room, Nokia's CEO has a flashback, and the AVN Show reminds us it's fun to do bad things

Clearwire Preps NY & SF Markets
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/11/2010

2010 will see the company expand into even bigger markets, including New York City and the Bay Area, as it looks to quadruple its footprint

Huawei to Invest in India
AsiaBlog | 1/11/2010

7:00 AM Chinese vendor unveils $500M R&D plan

FCC Lets Cablevision Lock Up Its Basic TV Tier
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/8/2010

The catch is that Cablevision must agree to provide free boxes and CableCARDs to basic subs and report back any consumer complaints

AlcaLu Will Do LTE in Vegas
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/8/2010

AlcaLu and Ericsson have 'evenly split' the Verizon LTE deployment, but nobody is saying exactly when markets will go live in 2010

Comcast vs. the FCC
The Bauminator | 1/8/2010

5:15 PM Reports say MSO takes Round 1 in appeal of FCC's sanction on Comcast's old bandwidth management system

CES 2010: Qualcomm Polishes Chrome
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/8/2010

Qualcomm CEO's keynote reveals increasing ties between Qualcomm chipsets and Google mobile operating systems

Cisco Preps for Olympics Trial
News Analysis | 1/8/2010

The company claims it has a unique take on turning data centers into video monsters, and Vancouver 2010 will be its proving ground

This Week in WiMax
Kaps Korner | 1/8/2010

4:25 PM With an easy-to-understand device and big marketing, Sprint is pushing 4G into the mainstream

Cable's Tru2way Build Continues
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/8/2010

Cox is the first to confirm that all its headends are tru2way-ready, while other major US MSOs say they are nearing the finish line

CES 2010: More Scenes From CES
Slide Shows | 1/8/2010

This photo set features some glamor and pop, more super smartphones, and a couple of different handheld computer formats to soak in

Asia Watch: Buy Me, I'm Hot!
News Analysis | 1/8/2010

The Asia/Pacific market is awash with merger, acquisition, and investment activity, with India at the heart of the action

Fox Finds Its 'Integrity'
Monkey Bidness | 1/8/2010

NOON And about time

Clearwire Launches on the Costa del Sol
News Analysis | 1/8/2010

Mobile WiMax service launched in Spanish city of Malaga, covering a population of almost 600,000, but will it costa el fortune?

Yahoo Signs With Silverman
Contentinople | 1/8/2010

11:00 AM Controversial ex-NBC exec will produce video content for the site

Career Guidance
Monkey Bidness | 1/8/2010

10:10 AM Moderate those dreams

Broadcom Breaks Out HD-DTA Chipset
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/8/2010

Broadcom is first out of the gate with silicon that will power a new breed of low-cost, hi-def channel zappers, but Zoran's close behind

FCC Delays National Broadband Plan
News Analysis | 1/7/2010

FCC chairman Genachowski notified Congress that the National Broadband Plan will be delivered one month late, coming out in mid-March

CES 2010: Scenes From the Show
Slide Shows | 1/7/2010

DirecTV Won't Give Cable Access to 3D Nets
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/7/2010

DirecTV has no plans to seek cable carriage for its new trio of 3DTV 'channels,' keeping it exclusive to the satellite-TV giant UPDATED 7:00 PM

Cisco's Eos Reaches for Telcos
News Analysis | 1/7/2010

As the hosted Web platform grows up, Cisco has its eye on turning it into a service-provider offering

AT&T Wants Nexus One Users' Cash
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/7/2010

'We will sell them a plan,' AT&T says, as the carrier plots its own Android devices

ActiveVideo's Blockbuster
The Bauminator | 1/7/2010

11:15 AM ActiveVideo is on board to help cloud up Blockbuster's broadband video play

Analyst: US Capex to Inch Up in 2010
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/7/2010

After a hefty fall in 2009, capital expenditure by the US carriers is set to increase this year, but only slightly

Ballmer Shows His Tablet
Contentinople | 1/7/2010

10:30 AM But it's not the rumored 'Courier' we were expecting

£1B Boost for British Broadband
EuroBlog | 1/7/2010

9:35 AM Government pledges £1 billion in broadband investments

SeaChange Snags VividLogic for $12M
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/7/2010

Buy of tru2way middleware specialist gives SeaChange a software path to next-gen set-tops and video gateway devices

AT&T Says It's Ready for Wireless Growth
News Analysis | 1/7/2010

AT&T CTO John Donovan hits some highlights of the service provider's efforts to improve its networks to keep up with wireless data demand

Nortel VoIP Auction Set for Late Feb
News Analysis | 1/7/2010

Genband approved as the 'stalking horse' bidder for Nortel's Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions unit, with auction set for Feb 25

Cisco Brings Telepresence Home
News Analysis | 1/6/2010

Telepresence headlines Cisco's cavalcade of CES news, but the company's original carrier partner, AT&T, isn't on board yet

Dish Slings Its 'TV Everywhere' Strategy
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/6/2010

New devices will help Dish set its 'TV Everywhere' agenda in Q2

Sunflower Uncaps D3 Video Tier
The Bauminator | 1/6/2010

1:05 PM 'Palladium' subscribers aren't subject to a monthly consumption cap, but speeds are 'variable'

New Year Vows Reignite Home-Networking Faceoff
News Analysis | 1/6/2010

HomePlug-MoCA alliance could lead to gear based on a combination of the two home-networking standards, and a new skirmish with rival G.hn

Discovery Prez: New 3D Net Will Need 6MHz
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/6/2010

MSOs may need to dedicate 6MHz of spectrum to carry an apparently bandwidth-hungry 3D network Discovery and its partners intend to launch in 2011

Report: Mobile Internet Yet to Take Off in India
News Analysis | 1/6/2010

India's mobile market is huge, but few users are regularly accessing the Internet with their mobile devices, according to a study

Microsoft to Upstage Apple
Contentinople | 1/6/2010

10:10 AM Microsoft is planning to unveil a tablet device at CES, weeks before Apple introduces its iSlate

Quattro Confirms Apple Acquisition
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/6/2010

Mobile ad specialist casually mentions in a New Year's greeting that it has been bought by Apple

Open & Unlocked. So What?
LR Mobile Column | 1/6/2010

Why unlocked phones won't mean so much until networks get more open in the US

The Unlocked Nexus One
Jonestown | 1/5/2010

4:10 PM Will You Buy?

CIOs Not Sold on Managed Service Value
News Analysis | 1/5/2010

A study done for BT shows CIOs need help in the IT arena but aren't sure about network-based offers such as cloud computing

Breathing New Life Into the CableCARD?
The Bauminator | 1/5/2010

3:40 PM Microsoft's Steve Ballmer reportedly to highlight a new CableCARD tuner that feeds digital cable to the PC

ESPN Jumps Into the 3DTV Game
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/5/2010

ESPN 3D to offer at least 85 live events during its first year, but the network will shut down between 3D events to ensure it's not a bandwidth buster

Nexus One Won't Support AT&T's Fastest 3G Data Services
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/5/2010

But the Google Phone is available unlocked and on T-Mobile, with Verizon Wireless and Vodafone coming soon

Nokia Goes Solo in Barcelona
News Analysis | 1/5/2010

Handset giant sets up shop outside Mobile World Congress 2010, and it isn't the only one shunning this year's show floor

Google Introduces 'Nexus One' Phone
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/5/2010

Company also opens up Web store to sell phone with and without service plans from partners

Do Delays Really Hurt Stimulus Funding?
Rewired | 1/5/2010

11:05 AM So what if the NTIA is three months behind giving out money? Getting it right matters more than doing it quickly

Aircel Plans Mobile App Store, Tower Sale
News Analysis | 1/5/2010

Indian operator unveils plans to open India's first mobile apps store, with help from Infosys, and readies the sale of its mobile towers

Skype on TV
Contentinople | 1/5/2010

10:10 AM Skype teams up with Panasonic and LG for video calls on TV

Cox, CableLabs Give DECE More Cable Cred
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/5/2010

Cox and CableLabs join Comcast in the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, a move that may allow MSOs to get a cut of the lucrative retail DVD market

What Cisco Won't Buy
Craig's A-List | 1/4/2010

5:45 PM Not a rumor, just an idea. One that won't fly, though

Google Leads CES Device Cavalcade
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/4/2010

The Nexus One isn't the only news this week, however – there will be gadgets at CES proper in Las Vegas

Consumer Groups Want 'TV Everywhere' Probe
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/4/2010

Group alleges that MSOs and programmers may be colluding on 'TV Everywhere' in an attempt to kill off Internet-fed video competition

China Mobile Exec in Corruption Probe
AsiaBlog | 1/4/2010

1:05 PM Serious financial irregularities cited

Twilio Banks $3.7M
EuroBlog | 1/4/2010

12:40 PM Cloud VoIP apps firm bags some cash

CES Starts Up
Contentinople | 1/4/2010

NOON Expect to see developments in 3DTV and green tech

Huawei Claims 2009 Revenues of $21.5B
News Analysis | 1/4/2010

Chinese vendor estimates its 2009 revenues at $21.5 billion and predicts further growth in 2010, but at a slower rate

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