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Halo 3's Haul
The Philter | 9/29/2007

$170M in 24 hours

Ma Bell's Thin Skin
The Philter | 9/29/2007

Watch what you say around AT&T

Chambers On-Air
Craig's A-List | 9/28/2007

How much Cisco loves TelePresence

iPhone Software Updates
Jonestown | 9/28/2007

Hard cheese for some users

Mobile Mouse Shut Down
Jonestown | 9/28/2007

No Wireless Mickey for you!

3Com Tastes the Bain
News Analysis | 9/28/2007

A $2.2B cash offer from Bain and Huawei sends 3Com stock soaring, but could it have done better?

Google Buys Zingku
MO Content | 9/28/2007

Will help the firm with mobile content and ad provision

3Com Mania
Craig's A-List | 9/28/2007

Hey, look, it's become a leader at something

DT Goes Double Dutch for $1.9B
News Analysis | 9/28/2007

German giant completes its expected acquisition of France Telecom's Dutch assets for €1.3B ($1.9B)

More on Cisco's WiMax Ambitions
Wireless Bits | 9/28/2007

ThinkEquity believes that Cisco will buy Navini

BigBand Looks to Resolve BigProblems
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/28/2007

Analysts and investors punish company after it cuts revenue guidance by as much as 40%. Execs assess the damage

The 700MHz Impact
LR Mobile Column | 9/28/2007

As the first major nation to allocate 700MHz spectrum, the U.S. could establish global leadership in next-generation wireless networks.

Tellabs Still Looking at Carrier Access
News Analysis | 9/28/2007

Sources say Tellabs is performing due diligence in its bid to acquire Carrier Access for $7 per share

Science Update
Red Panda | 9/28/2007

Science Says: Men are happier than women. Well, duh

3Com: It's Done
Craig's A-List | 9/28/2007

Could Huawei/Bain end Cisco's win streak?

Raining on BigBand's Parade
Cable Guy | 9/28/2007

Harmonic challenges BigBand's edge QAM claim

Tough Month Ahead for AlcaLu's Russo
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/28/2007

Following an extraordinary meeting of the Alcatel-Lucent board, pressure is mounting on CEO Pat Russo

Googles 'n' Bits
Craig's A-List | 9/28/2007

More on Moffett, status on DoubleClick

Huawei Faces $670M CAT Fight
News Analysis | 9/28/2007

Fines from Thai operator CAT Telecom could cost Huawei $2.8M per day on a deployment that's eight months late

Russia's Sistema Buys Into India
News Analysis | 9/28/2007

Russian giant Sistema takes a 10% stake in Indian regional operator Shyam Telelink

Optical Expo: A Look Ahead
News Analysis | 9/28/2007

Packet optical transport systems, 100-Gigabit transport, and fiber-to-the-home are hot topics at this year's Optical Expo

What's Up at Network2?
The Philter | 9/28/2007

Where's the Internet TV Guide?

Optical Future
Craig's A-List | 9/27/2007

Who do you want to become?

Sprint's New Palm
Jonestown | 9/27/2007

A smaller smartphone for the rest of us?

Slapping Machine
Jonestown | 9/27/2007

Double ouch

BigBand Falls out of Tune
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/27/2007

Shares fall more than 24 percent in early after-hours trading after company slashes its Q3 forecast

AT&T-EchoStar Rumor Returns
The Bauminator | 9/27/2007

Such a marriage would further threaten the potential for direct deals between Sling Media and cable operators

Opting Out
MO Content | 9/27/2007

The Verizon controversy raises an interesting question about how much control we have over the texts we receive

One More Day!
The Philter | 9/27/2007

Leading Lights entries due tomorrow

Cisco Wooing WiMax Vendors?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/27/2007

Sources say Cisco is well on its way to buying a WiMax base-station company

Reader Finds FTTH
The Philter | 9/27/2007

U-verse sighting in Oswego, Ill.

Metasploit Adds iPhone Hacking Tools
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/27/2007

Popular pen-test tool now comes with Apple iPhone payloads

Czech Out Ethernet's New Euro Hotspots
News Analysis | 9/27/2007

We just love that joke

The Hold'em Modem
Wireless Bits | 9/27/2007

Will a wireless modem with storage catch on for those that crave truly mobile content?

BT Goes Live With PBT
News Analysis | 9/27/2007

BT still has some hoops to jump through before it can deploy PBT in the UK, but it has turned it on in mainland Europe

The Bauminator | 9/27/2007

Sling Media has developed a Docsis-powered 'place-shifting' device. But why?

VZ Goes Ultra Long-Haul
EuroBlog | 9/27/2007

Verizon readies to upgrade to ultra long-haul in Europe

Contentinople Countdown
Light Ranting | 9/26/2007

Weird social networking sites, cartoons 'n' more...

What's WiMax's Sprint Speed?
Wireless Bits | 9/26/2007

Technology is edging ever closer to reality, but how fast will it be when it arrives?

MO Content | 9/26/2007

Can you see me now? Probably not

CableLabs Certifies Secret Slingbox Gear
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/26/2007

CableLabs has certified a new Slingbox with an on-board Docsis 2.0 cable modem, giving it the green light for retail distribution

Vonage Loses Verizon Appeal
News Analysis | 9/26/2007

Vonage is confirmed to be guilty of violating two of three Verizon technology patents

iPhone VOIP Arrives
Jonestown | 9/26/2007

How will Apple & AT&T feel about free WiFi calls?

'Business as Usual' for Sling Media
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/26/2007

Sling Media CEO says place-shifting pioneer will maintain brand and retail strategy

Only in Texas?
The Philter | 9/26/2007

I have to admit, this photo gives me laugh lines

Verizon Biz Nears 'God Box' Choice
News Analysis | 9/26/2007

Verizon Business is ready to announce its vendor choice for a multiservice edge device for its enterprise customers UPDATED 9/27 11:15 AM

HD-Day Arrives
The Bauminator | 9/26/2007

After a false start last week, DirecTV launched 21 new hi-def nets on Wednesday morning

IPv6 Hang Time
Craig's A-List | 9/26/2007

Getting there is half the fun

Sprint Promises WiMax 'Momentum'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/26/2007

Get ready for WiMax and the first compliant devices, they're coming soon, claims Sprint 4G chief at Chicago show

Verizon Gears Up for 100 Gig
News Analysis | 9/26/2007

Verizon says it wants to test one vendor's 100-Gbit/s equipment by the end of this year

Juniper Sees the Light
Craig's A-List | 9/26/2007

A truce in the VPLS holy war

Reding Faces Resistance
EuroBlog | 9/26/2007

Not everyone is on board the Reding roller coaster

Juniper Gains Ethernet Mojo
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/26/2007

After taking flak for supposedly missing the Ethernet/IPTV boat, Juniper has enjoyed a pretty good year

Arris Takes a Dive
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/26/2007

Shares in Arris fell after the C-COR deal was announced, but an expected Q3 EPS miss could be the culprit

BlackBerry @Home
Jonestown | 9/25/2007

RIM and T-Mobile introduce first BlackBerry to allow WiFi calls

Vonage Guilty Again
News Analysis | 9/25/2007

For the second time this year, Vonage is guilty of violating another carrier's patents

Centillium Soars on PON Deal
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/25/2007

A long-awaited deal with NTT seems to be the catalyst for a 15% jump in Centillium's stock price

Happy Dumb Pipes
Cutting Loose | 9/25/2007

Apple shows that carriers are happy to play dumb if you have something to sell

BigBand Edge QAM Goes 'Universal'
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/25/2007

Although Arris and C-COR stole its thunder on Monday, BigBand is trying to drum up some noise with a third-gen 'universal' edge QAM

WiMax: The Chips Are Up
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/25/2007

Motorola, IBM, and others get deeper into WiMax Silicon

Google Teaches 'How To'
Red Panda | 9/25/2007

WikiHow on iGoogle is for masterminds only

Charlie in Charge?
The Bauminator | 9/25/2007

As the proud owner of a Slingbox, I woke up this morning a bit closer to becoming an EchoStar customer

Survival of the Fittest...
Jonestown | 9/25/2007


Swimming With Hammerhead
Craig's A-List | 9/25/2007

They've got real customers, just no names

Another Nice Earner for Apple
MO Content | 9/25/2007

Company makes 30 percent of the cost of iTunes downloads

Required Reading, 9/25 PM
The Philter | 9/25/2007

In between deadlines, I've found some headlines

Want Swedish Spectrum?
Wireless Bits | 9/25/2007

Swedish regulator plans flexible wireless broadband auction

Juniper's ACE Rivals
EuroBlog | 9/25/2007

'A' and 'C' get namechecked, but not 'E'

Mo' Ads for Kiddies
MO Content | 9/25/2007

Catch'em while they're young

Lightstorm Charges Into Ethernet
News Analysis | 9/25/2007

Startup has developed and now launched a switch chip designed specifically for Carrier Ethernet requirements

Sycamore Intros Metro Switch
News Analysis | 9/25/2007

Product gap filler seen by one analyst as too little, too late

Google's Building Unity Underseas
News Analysis | 9/25/2007

Google is reportedly in talks with carriers to build a new transpacific submarine cable

Apple: Don't Unlock the iPhone
Jonestown | 9/24/2007

Macmaker warns users who seek to roam free

CableCARD Update
The Bauminator | 9/24/2007

Thanks in part to the July integration ban, the number of CableCARDs deployed among the top 10 US MSOs is approaching 1 million

PacketFront Lands Vienna Deal
News Analysis | 9/24/2007

Swedish vendor is supplying the fiber access and home gateway technology for Vienna's municipal FTTH network

More Bumps in the Road to 802.11n
Jonestown | 9/24/2007

Sigh! Patent problems loom

Cisco's SLA
Craig's A-List | 9/24/2007

IPTV gets some new quality control

Mobile MySpace
MO Content | 9/24/2007

Or, the loneliness of crowds

Smiley Face Turns 25
Raynman | 9/24/2007


Spending Slowdown at AT&T?
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/24/2007

Capex at the carrier could slow due to excess Project Lightspeed inventory and a budget crunch at AT&T Local UPDATED 9/25 NOON

Ultra Mobile Spec Out
Wireless Bits | 9/24/2007

But who's buying?

Calix Goes for 1-Gig ONTs
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/24/2007

'Welcome to 2006,' says a competitor

Arris Takes 'Giant Leap Forward'
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/24/2007

Proposal for C-COR gives Arris the portfolio and scale necessary to compete against bigger dogs like Cisco and Motorola

Blyk's Ad-Funded Service Hits UK
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/24/2007

MVNO service launches advertising-funded mobile service for young people

Ads Invade Phones
Red Panda | 9/24/2007

'We're listening, and we want to sell you stuff'

Auctions to Open Up Emerging Markets
News Analysis | 9/24/2007

A roundup of upcoming mobile and fixed license auctions in emerging markets

News Blips
The Philter | 9/24/2007

Tomorrow is Halo Day

What Ofcom Giveth...
Wireless Bits | 9/24/2007

Ofcom wants to open 900 MHz to 3G services

Swedish Standoff
EuroBlog | 9/24/2007

TeliaSonera takes on the regulator

At Age 2, Verizon FiOS Evolves
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/24/2007

Verizon's gradually changing FiOS to an IPTV service. But that alone won't make it remarkably different from cable TV

WiFi Alliance Promises N-Harmony
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/24/2007

Some big-name offerings are among the 90 'pre-n' products that are now certified compatible

Widevine Talks Up CableCard Strategy
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/24/2007

Encryption firm's entry bolsters cable strategy and makes it a candidate for Verizon's 'next-gen' conditional access system

Arris Bids $730M for C-COR
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/24/2007

Having lost out on Tandberg TV and Terayon, Arris tries a $730M bid for C-COR

Google Eyeing UK Broadband?
Jonestown | 9/21/2007

Search giant could have spectrum ambitions outside the US

Peermeta Grabs $6M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/21/2007

Serial entreprenuer Cheng Wu gets his claws into the mobile content market

Twango, Bango
MO Content | 9/21/2007

Oh no

AlcaLu 'Ads' to Its TV Program
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/21/2007

Latest purchase gives AlcaLu credibility in the interactive ad sector for broadcasters and telcos, claims exec

Bell Canada Shareholders OK Privatization
News Analysis | 9/21/2007

BCE shareholders approve bid by Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan. CEO Michael Sabia announces plans to step down

E-People Persons
Monkey Bidness | 9/21/2007

Second Life becoming Only Life?

Cable, Satcos Face à la Carte Lawsuit
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/21/2007

A class action suit seeks an end to prepackaged programming tiers from cable and DBS ops, as well as network 'tying' deals

iPhone Goes Nordic
Jonestown | 9/21/2007

Operators in talks now

3,000 Hours & Counting
The Philter | 9/21/2007

Charter says it has 3,000 hours of VOD capacity per video server

iPhone iMpact
EuroBlog | 9/21/2007

Analyst eyes effects of Apple's Euro venture

More CDN Pressures Ahead
News Analysis | 9/21/2007

An analyst lowers his price target and says it's time to sell Akamai and Limelight

Worst Acronym Ever?
Jonestown | 9/21/2007

Wanna meet? F2F?

Monkey Bidness | 9/21/2007

New uses for cellphones

The FiOS Effect II
The Bauminator | 9/21/2007

Cablevision has consulted the crystal ball to see how much financial damage Verizon might mete out through 2011

BCE Holders Cry Foul
Raynman | 9/21/2007

Canadians hate making money

Moto's Media Monster
MO Content | 9/21/2007

Test-driving the Z8

AlcaLu Buys IPTV Apps Specialist
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/21/2007

Alcatel-Lucent is acquiring British interactive TV applications specialist Tamblin to cap a busy week of announcements

Embarq's Copper TV
Raynman | 9/20/2007

No Fiber in Embarq's Diet?

iPhone, Oh La La
Jonestown | 9/20/2007

Extracting maximum publicity for La iPhone

Will Verizon Get Real?
Light Ranting | 9/20/2007

Another service quashed by the walled garden

Openwave Change a Harbinger?
Jonestown | 9/20/2007

Puckett and see

Really Bad PR Pitches
Peer Pressure | 9/20/2007

You take the good with the bad

Cedar Point Plugs In WiMax
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/20/2007

A cable MSO in Ecuador is first to deploy vendor's new voice-over-WiMax implementation

Cellphones on the Subway
Jonestown | 9/20/2007

More noise in NYC

Cow on the Run
Monkey Bidness | 9/20/2007

Where's the beef?

Verizon, Vodafone Head for LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/20/2007

Duo is working towards adopting a common 4G platform, with Long-Term Evolution the front runner

Hi-Def Dud
The Bauminator | 9/20/2007

Christmas was postponed for DirecTV's legion of HD-philes

Deutsche Telekom Flirts With PBT
News Analysis | 9/20/2007

German incumbent is checking out PBT's capabilities in a trial with Nokia Siemens Networks

ISPs Battle Botnets
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/19/2007

Anti-botnet security services are on the rise, but ISPs still aren't coming over to clean up your machine

NexTone Responds to Acme
Peer Pressure | 9/19/2007

More drama in the SBC

Nortel Works Some Optical Wins
News Analysis | 9/19/2007

The company's OME 6500 is beginning to get traction, as the market for converged optical + Ethernet equipment heats up

3G G-Phone
Jonestown | 9/19/2007

Yet it is still the software, stupid

Cable's 'Canoe' RFI Paddles Toward Deadline
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/19/2007

CableLabs RFI seeks a uniform system for ads, so advertisers can 'buy cable,' write one check, and reach more folks than with telco tv

Oh, Consolidation?
The Bauminator | 9/19/2007

Rogers exec suggests company could buy Shaw or smaller Canadian cable ops if the price is right

Maynor Releases Apple Wireless Bug Code
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/19/2007

Over a year after the Apple wireless flap, researcher David Maynor publishes a paper with proof-of-concept of the controversial hack

Will Euros Buy the iPhone?
Jonestown | 9/19/2007

Even without the latest in 3G?

Vodafone & Orange Share 3G
Wireless Bits | 9/19/2007

Vodafone & Orange to share 3G costs by pooling infrastructure

Calix Strikes Back
Raynman | 9/19/2007

Was Pannaway deluded?

Germans Get Gemütlich
MO Content | 9/19/2007

German operators cozy up for a DVB-H license

Find True Love
MO Content | 9/19/2007

Mobile dating revenues to hit $1B by 2012

3, T-Mobile Talks
MO Content | 9/19/2007

Does T-Mobile UK really want to buy 3?

Exalt Beams Up Microwaves
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/19/2007

Founded by a Western Multiplex vet, Exalt hopes to cash in on a wireless backhaul overhaul

iPhone Goes to Germany
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/19/2007

Apple chooses T-Mobile to carry the iPhone in Germany, which goes on sale November 9 for $557

Wii Shopping
The Philter | 9/19/2007

Beware of the bundle

Apple Building More iPhones?
Jonestown | 9/19/2007

Influential analyst house ups its estimates

The People v God
Red Panda | 9/19/2007

Problem with God? Tell it to the judge

iPhone vs Led Zeppelin
EuroBlog | 9/19/2007

Apple device beats aging rockers, says O2 man

Burke Sizes Up Telcos, Content Opportunities
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/19/2007

Comcast COO says Verizon is the real deal, but questions the damage being caused by AT&T's video offering

Santur Raises $26.5M, Talks IPO
News Analysis | 9/19/2007

One last funding round could propel the tunable laser vendor to an IPO

Analysts See Bumps in Tellabs Fiber Biz
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/19/2007

Analysts expect Tellabs FTTC equipment sales to decline in BellSouth territories

Indian Regulator Tackles IPTV
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/19/2007

Indian regulator closes consultation on its IPTV recommendations this week

Craig's A-List | 9/18/2007

Want holes? They got'em!

Will Euros Buy the iPhone?
Cutting Loose | 9/18/2007

The Old Continent got its first taste of iPhone mania today, but will Europeans buy a smartphone without the latest 3G connectivity?

What's in Nokia's (en)Pocket?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/18/2007

Nokia acquires mobile advertising firm Enpocket and builds on its new Internet services strategy

Virgin Bonds With Docsis
The Bauminator | 9/18/2007

MSO is recruiting customers to test a 50-Mbit/s Internet service based on pre-Docsis 3.0 tech

Global Metro What?
Peer Pressure | 9/18/2007

Global Metro Carrier Ethernet for business is an oxymoron

Jobs Leads iPhone Into UK
News Analysis | 9/18/2007

Apple's Steve Jobs has teamed up with O2 to bring the iPhone to Britain, and it's clear who's calling the shots

Slideshow: iPhone Hits London
Slide Shows | 9/18/2007

Pics from today's iPhone UK announcement at the Apple store on Regent Street, London

Classy New York Post
Raynman | 9/18/2007

For 25 cents, why not?

iPhone UK Launch: Jobs Has 'Upset Girlfriends'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/18/2007

Apple boss Steve Jobs admits he may have left a trail of broken hearts in his wake in the build-up to his UK iPhone deal with O2

Belgium for Sale!
Red Panda | 9/18/2007

Sprouts not included

Cisco Buys Cognio
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/18/2007

Networking giant buys partner Cognio, which helps to smooth the path of corporate WiFi

Text Sells?
Jonestown | 9/18/2007

I don't think so

Ciena Picks Up PhyFlex Scraps
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/18/2007

Ciena has picked up some assets and intellectual property of PhyFlex Networks for an undisclosed sum

Killer Croc Alert
Monkey Bidness | 9/18/2007

Ugly shoes may be hazardous to your health

T-Mobile to Bid for 3?
EuroBlog | 9/18/2007

3 and T-Mobile get jiggy

Reding's At It Again
EuroBlog | 9/18/2007

European Commissioner wants to cut mobile termination rates

UK iPhone
Jonestown | 9/18/2007

How much?!!!

Great PR Pitches
Peer Pressure | 9/18/2007

Nothing beats a pitch with a personal touch

iPhone Invades UK
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/18/2007

O2 will be the exclusive UK operator to carry the iPhone, which will cost £269 ($536) when it hits the shops on November 9

Optical vs China
Craig's A-List | 9/18/2007

Does Xponent spell a trend?

A Vote for the Stone Age
The Bauminator | 9/18/2007

Are we truly better off with the iPhone, FTTP, and Docsis 3.0? Do you pine for the days of the dialup Internet?

UTStarcom Unveils New Look
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/18/2007

A few layoffs but no radical changes yet, as UTStarcom grinds its way back towards profitability

Comcast Speeds Up & Slows Down
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/18/2007

The MSO is preparing to launch a slower offering for dialup customers, and it's still on track to exploit Docsis 3.0

Gemfire Lights Up $37M
News Analysis | 9/18/2007

Yes, the company is still around, and it's gotten more funding and a new cast of investors

Deceptive Cadences
Jonestown | 9/17/2007

Memories can wait

Tektronix Helps Fund CloudShield
News Analysis | 9/17/2007

Deep packet inspection vendor CloudShield raises $15 million and gets a strategic partner

Charter VOD Update
The Philter | 9/17/2007

Blame the man, not the remote

Tazz Shrinks, Shifts Strategy
News Analysis | 9/17/2007

Carrier delays take their toll on policy control specialist Tazz Networks, which has shrunk down to just 10 staff

Fate of 756
Craig's A-List | 9/17/2007

Barry Bonds's home run ball now belongs to you

Whaleback Starting to Swim With Cable
The Bauminator | 9/17/2007

IP-PBX specialist may be on its third software release, but its cable strategy is just getting off the ground

Sprint Goes Femto
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/17/2007

New Airave box offers cheaper couch potato calls for the carrier's CDMA users

Paetec to Acquire McLeod for $492M
News Analysis | 9/17/2007

Paetec's acquisition of McLeod gives it a national footprint it hopes will compete with AT&T and Verizon Business

Illegal Pants Wearing
Red Panda | 9/17/2007

'I see London, I see France...'

Euro iPhone Tomorrow?
Jonestown | 9/17/2007

O2 has reportedly clinched the deal in the UK

The FiOS Tax
BroadBananas | 9/17/2007

Some cable subs in NJ are finding that competition from Verizon is increasing their monthly cable bill

Top Video Sites
Light Ranting | 9/17/2007

Readers rank the best

Peeling Back Apple's iPhone Revenue
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/17/2007

Wall Street research firm weighs on how much Apple makes from AT&T through the iPhone

Market Bubbleology Revisted
Raynman | 9/17/2007

Different industries. Same old crap

Report: Attacks on ISP Nets Intensifying
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/17/2007

Gigabit-speed sustained attacks on the rise, and botnets are now the No. 1 threat to ISP backbones

T-Mobile to Buy SunCom for $2.4B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/17/2007

T-Mobile announced plans to acquire SunCom Wireless for $2.4 billion

G-Phone, No Strings
Jonestown | 9/17/2007

The platform still is the point

Bresnan Whips Up Wireless Strategy
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/17/2007

Way out West in Montana, Bresnan becomes the latest MSO to dabble in WiFi access

ECOC Kicks Off
EuroBlog | 9/17/2007

Europe's optical players have gathered in Berlin

Leap Rejects MetroPCS Bid
Jonestown | 9/17/2007

What now for these second-tier players?

Is Xponent Xpiring?
News Analysis | 9/17/2007

The optical startup is searching for a buyer after an aggressive ramp-up didn't pan out

ECOC Roll Call
Craig's A-List | 9/16/2007

The Top 5 companies we didn't know still existed

Your Skin Is Like Vinyl
Jonestown | 9/14/2007

Why can't karaoke joints feature some cooler songs?

Acme Pans Rivals
Peer Pressure | 9/14/2007

So much drama in the SBC

Xirrus Marches in the 802.11n Parade
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/14/2007

Big box startup promises a veritable broadband beast for 2008

Light Ranting | 9/14/2007

Pat Russo says: 'It's not the execution.' What is it, then?

Analysts Lay Into AlcaLu
News Analysis | 9/14/2007

One calls the Alcatel/Lucent merger a 'fiasco' while another says the company is the telecom industry's Britney Spears

CableLabs Preps for Docsis 3.0 Tests
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/14/2007

Officials say the R&D house will be ready to go for Docsis 3.0 tests

Where Are the True Believers?
The Bauminator | 9/14/2007

A 26.5 million set-top RFP? Sorry, I meant to say 26,493,286. Sure, it's excessive, but this is a phone company

A Loss for Bross
The Philter | 9/14/2007

Person o' the Year, thus far

Now Wait for Wireless Broadband
Jonestown | 9/14/2007

Verizon sues FCC over 700Mhz auctions

Update on iPlayer
EuroBlog | 9/14/2007

Success with the BBC's TV-on-demand service

Amedia Out on Its Ear
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/14/2007

Home gateway developer has been kicked out of its offices, is down to two staff, and looks dead in the water

Google Airspace II
Craig's A-List | 9/14/2007

To the moon, Alice!

Packet Optical Market Set to Explode
News Analysis | 9/14/2007

Heavy Reading estimates packet optical sales will jump from $0 to $1B by 2012, driven by Tier 1 carrier demand

BroadLight Boss Can't Wait for GPON
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/14/2007

BroadLight CEO Andrew Vought says this latest round of funding should be the company's last

AT&T WiMax Heading South?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/13/2007

Industry source says the carrier has lined up suppliers for a limited rollout of the wireless broadband tech in 2008

Google Guys Take Moffet
Light Ranting | 9/13/2007

Except for the 767, they're not ostentatious

Vendor Visions
The Bauminator | 9/13/2007

CableLabs interop gives us a glimpse of the suppliers that will vie for business when MSOs start to test and deploy PacketCable 2.0

'Leave Britney ALONE!'
Red Panda | 9/13/2007

'I heart Britney Spears and public humiliation'

Newport's NSN Hopes
EuroBlog | 9/13/2007

SBC vendor cozies up to Nokia Siemens

Cablevision Sets Shareholder Vote
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/13/2007

MSO's road to privatization will take another turn on Oct. 24, when shareholders cast their votes on the deal

TiVo Goes South (of the Border)
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/13/2007

Cablevision de México ha lanzado una versión española de la lengua del video digital de la serie 2 esta'ndares-def de TiVo

SEC Charges Four More Ex-Nortelers
News Analysis | 9/13/2007

SEC brings charges against four former finance VPs

Kids 'R' Ussia
Monkey Bidness | 9/13/2007

Screw work! Win valuable prizes!

Google Airspace
Craig's A-List | 9/13/2007

Take that, Larry Ellison

AlcaLu Cuts 2007 Outlook by $1.25B
News Analysis | 9/13/2007

Alcatel-Lucent's stock slumps 11% as it lowers its 2007 revenue projections

Sonus Sees Sales Shakeup
News Analysis | 9/13/2007

Management changes may have led to a shakeup in Sonus's sales force

The Top CDNs
Light Ranting | 9/12/2007

Contentinoplers pick Limelight as top dog

FiOS Tracker
Raynman | 9/12/2007

State Franchises Matter

Apple Sells a Million iPhones
Jonestown | 9/12/2007

Glass half empty or half full?

Muni: The Hits Keep Coming
Wireless Bits | 9/12/2007

Now the Silicon Valley mesh project is called into question

Nokia Siemens in Talks to Buy Atrica
News Analysis | 9/12/2007

Nokia Siemens Networks is in talks to buy Ethernet kit vendor Atrica, according to a source close to the negotiations

Carl-Henric the Conquerer
The Philter | 9/12/2007

Person o' the Year update

India's OnMobile Buys Voxmobili
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/12/2007

Indian value-added services player acquires Parisian mobile backup software provider

AT&T Outage in NY?
Jonestown | 9/12/2007

A little bit of local trouble

Hutch Soars on 3 Italia Sale Report
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/12/2007

A report that Hutchison will sell its Italian 3G operator sent the Hong Kong conglomerate's share price soaring

Tellabs Snares Euro Backhaul Deal
News Analysis | 9/12/2007

Swisscom Mobile is the first operator to deploy Tellabs new 8605 pseudowire access gateway at cell sites for 3G backhaul

VZB's Olive Branch to Branch Offices
News Analysis | 9/12/2007

Verizon Business plans to improve the scaleability and costs of deploying managed services to branch offices

Boredom at 151 kbit/s
The Bauminator | 9/12/2007

After nine hours, the FCC's 'open agenda meeting' produced some jazz tunes and several frustrated viewers

FCC OKs Dual TV Carriage Rules
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/12/2007

Rules will force MSOs to deliver 'must carry' broadcast channels in analog and digital, but FCC concedes to a three-year sunset

Nortel Lands More PBT Action
News Analysis | 9/12/2007

PBT is back in the news as Nortel announces two more customer engagements, and Ixia joins Nortel's PBT club

Trapeze Mulling Sale?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/11/2007

WiFi startup said to be considering selling out to a larger, public company

What Smells Tired?
Red Panda | 9/11/2007

Do you see in Smellovision?

9/11: The Radio Issue
Cutting Loose | 9/11/2007

Sometimes I feel like there's less of sense of urgency about emergency communications than there should be

Tellabs Still Stands Alone
News Analysis | 9/11/2007

Analysts are becoming skeptical that Tellabs is close to selling

NTP Rides Again
Jonestown | 9/11/2007

Sue'em, sue'em, sue'em!

Marketing Math
Craig's A-List | 9/11/2007

Everyone gains share!

Carrier Scorecard: Orange
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/11/2007

Orange grows its broadband and data services, but can't stop ARPUs from falling in Europe

Modem Shipments Eclipse Old Record
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/11/2007

Worldwide shipments of cable data and voice modems surged past 16 million units in the first half of the year.

Poll Update
The Philter | 9/11/2007

Person o' the Year, thus far

VOD Tips Apple Cart
EuroBlog | 9/11/2007

Vodafone has launched an iPhone spoiler service

Is Insight Off the Block?
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/11/2007

The mid-sized New York-based MSO appears to be off the deal table, but the move could mark just a temporary retreat, an analyst says

BroadLight Bags $12M More
News Analysis | 9/11/2007

PON chip leader raises $12M in its fifth round of venture funding

Moto Marks IP STB Milestone
BroadBananas | 9/11/2007

North America is still missing from the equation

Parisians Plan EPON Network
News Analysis | 9/11/2007

Parisian municipal consortium Sipperec is building a wholesale EPON-based access network to provide businesses with gigabit speeds

Apple Joining Consortium Bid for 700MHz?
Jonestown | 9/11/2007

Wireless broadband battle hotting up

Charter's VOD Is DOA
The Philter | 9/11/2007

Channel 999 is 666 upside down

C'vision Boss Buys FiOS?
Raynman | 9/10/2007

Some grainy evidence

Veveo Vets Videos
Light Ranting | 9/10/2007

New video search player hopes to shake up mobile

Kajeet: Raking It In for the Kids
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/10/2007

Young person's wireless operator gets a $36.8M series B VC infusion for its 'tween-focused' MVNO

Comcast Media Center Unveils HD Six-Pack
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/10/2007

So far, 15 operators have signed deals to carry a new HDTV service offered by the CMC and SES Americom

Finland Air-Rocks
Red Panda | 9/10/2007

Air guitar or not, it's still rock 'n' roll to me...

He's With the Band
Craig's A-List | 9/10/2007

Roger McNamee talks about his moonlighting gig

Getting High on High-Def
The Bauminator | 9/10/2007

This is your mouth. This is HDTV. This is your mouth drooling over HDTV. Try not to get electrocuted

Newport Stays Afloat
EuroBlog | 9/10/2007

SBC vendor got its top-up cash

Chen All Quiet on Qosera
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/10/2007

Chen plans new carrier Ethernet venture called Qosera

Family Values
Monkey Bidness | 9/10/2007

...ain't what they used to be

Vodafone Grooves to MusicStation
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/10/2007

Vodafone unveils an unlimited music download service ahead of Apple's news of European distribution partners for the iPhone

Matisse Lands $45M More
News Analysis | 9/10/2007

Equipment vendor banks more funding but is still in search of customers

Xsigo Gets Real, Gets Virtual
News Analysis | 9/10/2007

Big names are backing the virtualization startup which is using a new I/O scheme to help make data centers more flexible

Remember 'Paperless Offices'?
Jonestown | 9/7/2007

An idea that was crushed under the weight of endless printouts and glossy copies

More P2P Evil
Peer Pressure | 9/7/2007

I'm in UR puter, stealin UR identity

Time to Redefine the Browser
Nearpoints | 9/7/2007

And change its name, too

Leap to Consider MetroPCS Bid
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/7/2007

Low-cost local operator says it will look into rival's $7.5B bid; CFO leaves

NCTA Vids Spotlight DTV Transition
The Bauminator | 9/7/2007

I love Eunice Mixon! Do you?

Net Neutrality & the NFL
Raynman | 9/7/2007

Taking sides on both issues

He Makes Us Proud Yet Again
Monkey Bidness | 9/7/2007

You say 'Austria,' I say 'Idiot'

Cisco Sketches Docsis 3.0 Roadmap
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/7/2007

Vendor says its widely deployed mid-range and new 'compact' CMTS products will support next-gen specs

BSNL Awards $1.3B GSM Contract
News Analysis | 9/7/2007

BSNL awards reduced mobile equipment contract to Ericsson after a government minister objected to its $4.5B mega-GSM tender

RGB's Not Missing Moto
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/7/2007

Video technology startup lines up deals after its former primary partner acquired a competitor

Tandberg ODs on Codian
News Analysis | 9/7/2007

Videoconferencing system specialist Tandberg is paying $270M for high-definition videoconferencing system specialist Codian

Gaynor Lands at Sonus
News Analysis | 9/6/2007

Sycamore's finance chief swaps one nearly delisted company for another

Google: Thinking Bigger Than Phones?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/6/2007

It's the software, stupid! Why focusing on the GPhone misses the big picture

Verizon Makes FiOS More Mobile
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/6/2007

Verizon brings email to the mobile phone for FiOS customers

Stalin Returns
Red Panda | 9/6/2007

Russian administration adopts 'smile and nod' theory

iPhone Price Cut
Jonestown | 9/6/2007

Anyone feel burnt by it?

Verizon Attacks Old Folks
Raynman | 9/6/2007

True story

Headline o' the Year
Monkey Bidness | 9/6/2007

Dog bites wimp

CacheLogic Adds to Its CDN
News Analysis | 9/6/2007

Content delivery network upstart adds new video delivery capabilities and forges relationships with Adobe and Microsoft

Cisco Flashes Cross-Platform Play
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/6/2007

Cisco is fueling an 'any stream to any screen' strategy by integrating with Adobe

Poll Update
The Philter | 9/6/2007

Person o' the Year thus far

CESR Sales Hit All-Time High
News Analysis | 9/6/2007

Carrier Ethernet switch/router market was up 36 percent year over year in the second quarter, according to Heavy Reading

Swedes Are Home Free With FMC
News Analysis | 9/6/2007

TeliaSonera preps its Home Free FMC service for launch in Sweden

Muni Meltdown
Wireless Bits | 9/5/2007

We told you so!

U-verse Picks Up the Pace
TelcoTV News Analysis | 9/5/2007

It started slow, but AT&T's U-verse is up to 100,000 subscribers and could meet its goal of 10,000 adds per week

Hot Apple Wrap
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/5/2007

The iPhone maker unveils more devices, but the examination of who makes money from Apple's wireless adventures continues

LSI Takes Out Tarari
News Analysis | 9/5/2007

Chipmaker is looking to add intelligence and security functionality to its portfolio

Mindspeed Makes Ample Acquisition
News Analysis | 9/5/2007

The chip company makes its Ethernet move by acquiring Ample's assets

Must-Carry Madness
The Bauminator | 9/5/2007

A report suggests FCC chairman Kevin Martin has the votes necessary to impose dual must-carry on the cable industry

Goat Is My Co-Pilot
Monkey Bidness | 9/5/2007

Real bleeding-edge technology

Finisar Falls on Q1 'Turbulence'
News Analysis | 9/5/2007

The optics company can't fully explain its rollercoaster of a quarter, and that seems to have left investors unsettled

FCC Denies Comcast Again
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/5/2007

Comcast plans to take its case to federal court

Cisco 2.0
Craig's A-List | 9/5/2007

Chambers is preaching it again

Poll Positions
The Philter | 9/5/2007

Leading Lights poll update

Austrians Dig Mobile Payments
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/5/2007

Mobilkom launches a mobile payment service that uses near field communication

Sycamore Loss Widens, CFO Steps Down
News Analysis | 9/5/2007

Optical networking vendor disappoints in its fiscal fourth quarter

'Person of the Year' Voting Opens
News Analysis | 9/5/2007

The shortlist is out (the CEO of Puppet Greetings didn't make the cut), so it's time to vote for your Person of the Year

Italtel Appoints New CEO
News Analysis | 9/5/2007

Italian softswitch vendor appoints new CEO to drive growth and further the company's international expansion

Gustafsson Gets His Stripes
EuroBlog | 9/5/2007

Former Spirent CEO has new home at Zebra

The IMS Two-Step
News Analysis | 9/5/2007

Heavy Reading report says carriers are faced with a crucial decision regarding IMS as they upgrade to all-IP networks

Palm Cans Foleo
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/4/2007

Radical new 'mobile companion' turns out to be damp squib

Let’s Not Forget Authorization
Nearpoints | 9/4/2007

The other A in AAA

P2P Used for Evil
Peer Pressure | 9/4/2007

BitTorrent brings supervillain back to life. I'm not joking.

Clearwire's Broadband Bay
Cutting Loose | 9/4/2007

Will users care enough about mobility to change to mobile WiMax as it arrives in the US?

MetroPCS's $7.5B Leap
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/4/2007

Large local cut-rate carrier MetroPCS makes long-anticipated bid for rival Leap Wireless

KPN to Resell Narrowstep's Web TV
News Analysis | 9/4/2007

Wholesale division of Dutch incumbent is to resell Narrowstep's Web TV platform and content to its customers

Cisco Gives You $$$
Craig's A-List | 9/4/2007

But you have to outdo KISS first

Long Distance Is Long Gone
News Analysis | 9/4/2007

The FCC removed a requirement mandating that the three Baby Bells keep local and long distance as separate businesses

Verimatrix Cuddles With Cable
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/4/2007

Verimatrix is staking its claim on the cable industry as some MSOs mull a migration to IP-based video services

Cable's Towering Opportunity
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/4/2007

MSOs are just starting to scratch the surface on cellular backhaul revenues, says a new Light Reading Cable Industry Insider report

Brits Face-Off for Faceball
Red Panda | 9/4/2007

Londoners adopt 'Faceball'; abandon 'working'

It's Easy Being Green
The Philter | 9/4/2007

Please recycle this blog post

Oracle Buys Another OSS Firm
News Analysis | 9/4/2007

IT giant snaps up Irish network optimization specialist Netsure for an undisclosed sum

Google Moves on M-Payments
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/4/2007

A patent publication spells out Google's foray into mobile payments

Accessing YouTube at High Speed
BroadBananas | 9/4/2007

Beware of what you share. It could get you in deep legal trouble

Cisco Goes 802.11n
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/4/2007

Cisco gets into faster enterprise WiFi with the 802.11n 1250 access point

Fujitsu Scores Massive FLAG Deal
News Analysis | 9/3/2007

Fujitsu wins FLAG Telecom's $1.5B subsea NGN deployment and a capacity upgrade at Pacific Crossing

Analyst: Chinese Face Spy Scandal Fallout
News Analysis | 9/3/2007

A report that the Chinese military hacked into German government computers could have an impact on telecom vendors, analyst reckons

DirecTV On Demand Update
The Bauminator | 9/3/2007

Report says DirecTV will boot up 'on-demand' service with a library of 2,000 to 3,000 hours of content, with 20% in hi-def

The Power of Russo
EuroBlog | 9/3/2007

Pat Russo ranks #10 in global power list

Free Unveils FTTH, Better Profits
News Analysis | 9/3/2007

French alternative operator Iliad has outlined its $40.90 per month FTTH offer, and has reported increased profits for H1

Fun-Free Playground
Monkey Bidness | 9/1/2007

Saving kids from themselves

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