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Policy Watch: TiVo, Cable Trade SDV Barbs
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/30/2010

TiVo says its IP backchannel idea trumps the costs of tuning adapters, while Cisco claims the proposal underestimates the costs and complexities

Xelerated Finally Gets 100G
News Analysis | 6/30/2010

The network processors sampling today probably sound familiar

Telefónica's $8.8B Brazilian Deal Blocked
News Analysis | 6/30/2010

Portuguese government intervenes, blocking Spanish giant's purchase of controlling stake in Brazilian operator Vivo

Softbank Kicks Off Free Femto Giveaway
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/30/2010

Softbank is one of the first operators to offer free femtocells, as it ramps up a national service in Japan

JDSU CEO Sees Wireless Test Boom
News Analysis | 6/30/2010

Company transforms from optical components into major LTE test player, with acquisition of Agilent's NSD business

Samsung's US Galaxy Quest
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/30/2010

New Galaxy launches could be a boost for Android and the company's profile stateside

Cox Reports Heavy Interactive TV Usage
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/30/2010

MSO exec says usage of its interactive TV apps suite among eligible customers is outpacing video-on-demand

Hulu Unveils Subscription Service
Contentinople | 6/30/2010

10:20 AM CEO says the new service, Hulu Plus, won't lead to cord-cutting

Android Gains Apps Developer Love
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/30/2010

Android is picking up steam in the mobile app developer community, thanks to the openness and capabilities of the operating system

TEF Heaps on the Pressure
EuroBlog | 6/30/2010

6:55 AM Telefónica ups its Vivo offer ahead of vote

Cisco Debuts Android Tablet for the Enterprise
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/29/2010

Cisco has an iPad alternative for the salaryman (or woman) coming in Q1 2011

Hulu Opens Toll Road
The Bauminator | 6/29/2010

5:15 PM Subscription-based 'Hulu Plus' could threaten Netflix, but it might also create an opportunity for cable

D3 Revs Up for Retail
The Bauminator | 6/29/2010

2:30 PM Moto and Zoom get ready to battle it out as more Docsis 3.0 modems go on sale

Cisco Joins the Tablet Crowd
Craig's A-List | 6/29/2010

2:00 PM At least they didn't call it a 'pad'

Cisco Takes Energy Management to the Home
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/29/2010

The networking giant unveils a home control device for smarter energy usage and tackles building automation

Cable Defends Its SDV Crutch
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/29/2010

NCTA claims tuning adapters – deployed to just 31,600 subs so far on cable systems that use switched digital video – are doing the job

India's Mobile Market Hits 617M
News Analysis | 6/29/2010

Indian mobile growth continues unabated with addition of 16.3M new subscribers in May

Larger SPs Still Browsing Ethernet Exchanges
News Analysis | 6/29/2010

AT&T and NTT are among those not yet committing to using an Ethernet exchange to extend the reach of their services

TeliaSonera Beefs Up 4G Dongles
Wireless Bits | 6/29/2010

12:45 PM The new ones support 2G and 3G, too

Porn Industry Won't Flash
Contentinople | 6/29/2010

9:55 AM And the rest of the Web will likely follow

LTE Spurs Indoor Wireless Coverage Biz
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/29/2010

Distributed antenna systems specialist Extenet sees opportunity for indoor wireless coverage as LTE is deployed

AlcaLu Buys Some API Smarts
News Analysis | 6/29/2010

In a bid to further boost its 'applications enablement' strategy, Alcatel-Lucent buys an API repository used by tens of thousands of developers

Cox Trots Out Tru2way Guide
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/29/2010

Cox exec says tru2way-powered interface is already live with some subs today as MSO prepares to deploy it everywhere later this year

Mobile Apps for the Other 98%
Que Sera Sarah | 6/29/2010

7:10 AM We know what apps you data hogs are using, but what about the rest of us?

Mobile’s Top 5 Battery Killers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/29/2010

It's not just data caps that you have to worry about; here are five apps that will burn through your battery life

India's 3G Billing Challenge
News Analysis | 6/29/2010

Nine of India's mobile operators have secured 3G spectrum, but do they have the billing capabilities to make the most of their new capacity?

TV Everywhere Faces Standards Conundrum
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/28/2010

Offering shows on multiple screens could expand programmer reach and revenues, but lack of standards could stymie near-term growth

Femto Watch: Vodafone Expands Footprint
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/28/2010

Vodafone's femto activities span more markets than you might realize while Wisconsin gets another femto service

Telefónica Looks to Third Parties
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/28/2010

Telefónica drops hints about an ambitious initiative to involve third parties more fully in its business

3DTV Warning: Poor Quality Could Poison the Well
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/28/2010

Consumers could be turned off by 3DTV if programmers and setmakers rely too heavily on 2D-to-3D conversions in the tech's early days

Facebook Movie Trailer Released
Contentinople | 6/28/2010

10:15 AM The Social Network's first teaser trailer is now online

World Cup Update: US Out, Mobile TV Up
Que Sera Sarah | 6/28/2010

9:30 AM Will mobile TV’s surge last longer than the US’s soccer run?

Reliance, GTL Strike $10.8B Tower Deal
News Analysis | 6/28/2010

GTL and Reliance Communications merge their wireless tower units in a deal that creates India's largest independent tower company

Telefónica's Vivo Battle Heats Up
EuroBlog | 6/28/2010

8:05 AM It's Spain vs. Portugal this week in telecom M&A

Samsung Gets Epic With WiMax Smarty for Sprint
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/28/2010

Sprint pushes proto-4G time advantage with new handset, as Samsung preps for Android onslaught in the US

CommunicAsia 2010: I'll Drink to That!
Slide Shows | 6/28/2010

Our final set of pics from this year's CommunicAsia deals with the most important topics of the day: sports and beverages

Comcast Claims Interactive Ad Success
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/25/2010

Comcast exec says an interactive ad trial in San Francisco led to more TV viewers in one program's key demographic

Waiting on RIM 6.0
Que Sera Sarah | 6/25/2010

2:10 PM Research In Motion is promising that its new OS will be a 'quantum leap' for the smartphone market

Photos From Light Reading's Mobile Backhaul Show
Slide Shows | 6/25/2010

Light Reading's tenth Backhaul Strategies conference in New York had some new faces, thanks to the addition of a core convergence focus

The Droid's Summer Price Push
Jonestown | 6/25/2010

1:00 PM And initial reactions to the Droid X

Apple Outdoes Itself with iPhone 4
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/25/2010

Initial analyst estimates say Apple sold 1.5M iPhone 4s on launch day, more than any other device in the history of iDevices

Hulu Readies Subscription Plan
Contentinople | 6/25/2010

9:50 AM Hulu Plus could be ready for a select few users next week

India's Source Code Bombshell
AsiaBlog | 6/25/2010

9:10 AM Who's going to hand over their source code to whom?

Video's 'Third Wave'
The Bauminator | 6/25/2010

8:45 AM Cisco exec: Cable's ready to hang-ten with IP video this time as it seeks out ways to deliver video to all screens

Vivendi Denies Reliance Talks
AsiaBlog | 6/25/2010

8:20 AM French giant denies M&A negotiations

Cloud Watch: Cisco Adds a Name
News Analysis | 6/25/2010

Sun's former cloud minder finds a new home, as does a familiar face from the Ethernet world

Dan Jones Analyzes the Droid X
LRTV Soundbites | 6/25/2010

Easy on the M&A
AsiaBlog | 6/24/2010

9:00 PM India's M&A rules are set to be revised, according to sources

Canoe Boots Up Interactive Ad Campaign
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/24/2010

Canoe CTO says cross-MSO advanced ad joint venture is offering interactive 'request for information' ads to millions of cable homes

Wall Street vs. LTE
The Philter | 6/24/2010

2:30 PM Investors don't seem thrilled with LTE. Is it because no one sees a clear path from bigger bandwidth to higher profits?

iPhone 4 Takes Over Chicago
Que Sera Sarah | 6/24/2010

1:40 PM Even a tornado couldn't keep a swarm of Chicago residents away from the iPhone today; only AT&T could do that

Worldwide iPhone 4 Photos
Slide Shows | 6/24/2010

Scenes from New York, Paris, London, and Japan as customers all over brave bad weather, long lines, and media mockery to get an iPhone 4

Euro Capex Caution
EuroBlog | 6/24/2010

NOON Tighter purse strings in the Old Country

SDV: Cable's Stepping Stone to IP Video?
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/24/2010

Switched digital video offers cable a bandwidth boost, but a Comcast exec says it can also help the industry migrate to IPTV

ZTE Bankrolls Canadian Mobile Network
News Analysis | 6/24/2010

New Canadian CDMA network to be kickstarted with $350 million loan from Chinese bank, brokered by equipment supplier ZTE

Big Lines Form for the iPhone 4
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/24/2010

Apple has done it again! Some fans waited all night for the new iPhone, and lines snaked around the block as it launched in NYC

YouTube Wins Landmark Case
Contentinople | 6/24/2010

9:25 AM Judge rules in favor of Google in long-running copyright battle with Viacom

Clearleap, Roku Shop Web Video Combo to Cable
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/24/2010

Companies team to pitch cable an IP-centric platform in effort to help MSOs fend off over-the-top video service providers

AlcaLu Lands GPON Role in Australia's NBN
News Analysis | 6/24/2010

Despite past associations, AlcaLu's involvement in national FTTx broadband access initiative is all above-board, says governing company

CableCARD Update
The Bauminator | 6/24/2010

7:05 AM Top 10 'incumbent' MSOs have deployed more than 21 million of the security modules

Verizon Reveals iPhone 4 Challenger From Moto
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/23/2010

Verizon brings out the big guns for the Motorola DroidX launch in NYC UPDATED 6/24 7:15 AM

Cox CTO Resigns
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/23/2010

MSO calls resignation of Scott Hatfield a 'mutual decision' and taps Percy Kirk as an interim replacement as it searches for a successor UPDATED 5:15 PM

Are Carrier Fees Killing LBS?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/23/2010

Developer says they can’t make money on location-based services with carriers' high retail transport fees; carriers say that’s not their fault

Bad News for Bonded Copper?
LRTV Documentaries | 6/23/2010

AT&T's Yiannis Argyropoulos explains that bonded copper, while great for enterprises, is not as big of a deal as fiber and microwave technologies for carrier cell-site backhaul.

Ethernet Quickly Eclipsing T1s for Backhaul
News Analysis | 6/23/2010

Tower Cloud CEO says wireless operators ordering fewer T1s, more Ethernet

LTE Will Reshape Entire AT&T Network
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/23/2010

Flood of mobile data will create need for greater efficiency than today's Ethernet metro networks can provide

Overture Beefs Up for Mobile Backhaul
News Analysis | 6/23/2010

Vendor adds ITU G.8032 Ethernet protection switching to its optical edge

Utility Tests White Spaces for Smart Grid
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/23/2010

Spectrum Bridge and Google team with Northern California utility to show how unused TV broadcast channels can revolutionize the electric grid

AT&T Confirms U-verse 'Issue'
The Philter | 6/23/2010

8:00 AM No details discussed, but the outage was substantial and spread over several states

Marketers Slam Apple's Privacy Invasion
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/23/2010

Apple’s privacy updates aren’t meshing with the Mobile Marketing Association’s idea of fair play

RGB Tunes Up Mobile TV With RipCode Buy
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/23/2010

RGB deals for the technology to add mobile capabilities to its TV Everywhere network gateway. And it's still talking about an IPO

thePlatform Extends OTT On-Ramps
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/23/2010

Comcast-owned firm offers to help programmers hook up with the growing array of broadband-connected boxes from companies like Roku and Boxee

Carrier Pwns NYC/Chicago Latency
News Analysis | 6/22/2010

Spread Networks, funded by ex-Netscape CEO James Barksdale, got a low-latency network the 'easy' way: by trenching its own fiber... 'All your base are belong to us!'

Policy Watch: Who's Afraid of Comcast-NBC?
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/22/2010

Critics and fans of the $30B merger pipe up as the FCC closes its first round of comments on the controversial marriage

DoCoMo Seeks LTE Femto Suppliers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/22/2010

DoCoMo said it wants to roll out LTE femtos in 2011 and 2012, but who's got the goods to meet the carrier's demands?

APAC's Dancefloor Omen
AsiaBlog | 6/22/2010

11:35 AM Dancing Girls Fiscal Health Metric reveals negative trend

CommunicAsia 2010: Picture This!
Slide Shows | 6/22/2010

Big names and a regional flavor were on display in Singapore, but the Dancing Girls Fiscal Health Metric gave us cause for concern

Google Plans Music Service
Contentinople | 6/22/2010

11:05 AM Search giant continues to circle Apple

AT&T Defends Data Caps on Femtos
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/22/2010

AT&T stands by femto pricing strategy and explains why Microcell traffic counts towards subscribers' data caps

Metaswitch Taps Nuance for Speech-to-Text
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/22/2010

MetaSwitch uses Nuance to target its carrier customer base with speech-to-text capabilities that span multiple devices

Genband Plays Name Game With Nortel Set
News Analysis | 6/22/2010

Nortel CVAS products get their new names as Genband starts rolling out its strategy for the merged company

Brightcove Optimizes Flash on Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/22/2010

Brightcove adapts its app SDK and mobile templates to Flash Player 10.1 on Android, but it won’t be playing Web-standard favorites

BSNL Faces Exec Crisis
AsiaBlog | 6/22/2010

7:40 AM Indian giant's top team is shrinking

Motorola Sticks With Microsoft for Biz Phone
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/21/2010

While Moto's handset unit goes gaga for Android, the company sticks with Microsoft for security and control in new enterprise communicator

Telstra Bags $10B Broadband Deal
News Analysis | 6/21/2010

Telstra secures its place in Australia's national broadband network after agreeing on terms for use of its copper and cable infrastructure

FCC Douses 'Firewire'
The Bauminator | 6/21/2010

2:00 PM IEEE 1394 has one foot in the grave after FCC waiver lets MSOs deploy leased HD set-tops that sport only IP-based networking interfaces

Comcast, NDS Connect on Tru2way
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/21/2010

Comcast picks tru2way 'reference' stack and NDS as prime integrator as MSO looks to expand box choices and speed up app development

Can Utilities & Telecom Team on Smart Grid?
News Analysis | 6/21/2010

Verizon and Utilities Telecom Council look for ways that traditional rivals can find common ground on smart grid

T-Mobile’s Promotional Payoff
Que Sera Sarah | 6/21/2010

11:20 AM T-Mobile likely had its largest number of new activations on Saturday following a Father’s Day promo

ESPN Sees World Cup Cross-Platform Jump
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/21/2010

Web and mobile platforms are getting plenty of use, but the vast majority of users are still tuning in to matches via regular TV

Huffing Some Lèse Majesté
Monkey Bidness | 6/18/2010

6:00 PM The Queen of Blogs is unavailable

Entropic Surges Off Comcast DVR Scuttlebutt
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/18/2010

Chipmaker's shares jump 14% when word gets out that Comcast is getting close to launching a MoCA-powered AnyRoom DVR service

LTE Watch: FCC Eyes Satellite Spectrum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/18/2010

Space isn't the place to be using 90MHz of spectrum, FCC says, plus other LTE-related news

Near-Field Inches Nearer
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/18/2010

NFC could become a reality as Broadcom acquires Innovision and Nokia plans to add NFC chips to future smartphones UPDATED 6/21 2PM

Pyramid: Mobile Data Drives Czech Revival
News Analysis | 6/18/2010

Like so many in Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech market suffered in 2009 but will be re-energized by demand for mobile data services

Cable Sets Video Sights Deeper
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/18/2010

3DTV is a hot concept right now, but many challenges remain before it can gain mass adoption

Verizon LTE Plan Not a Rural Slam-Dunk
News Analysis | 6/18/2010

Rural associations adopt a 'wait and see' attitude, and rural wireless carriers still want the FCC to mandate data roaming

CommunicAsia 2010: Two Techs Set for 4G OK
News Analysis | 6/18/2010

Following a meeting in Vietnam this week, the ITU is all set to rubber-stamp two 4G technologies, says industry consultant

Will Reclassification Derail FCC's Broadband Plan?
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/18/2010

Cable pundits say industry generally embraces the Plan, but warn that FCC's broadband reclassification effort could do more harm than good

Death at the World Cup
Monkey Bidness | 6/18/2010

9:00 AM Christians 1, Futbol Fans 0

BT Staff Vote on Strike
EuroBlog | 6/18/2010

8:15 AM Industrial action expected

DT Spying Charges Dropped
EuroBlog | 6/18/2010

7:45 AM Former Chairman and CEO cleared of snooping

The iPhone 3GS: It's Better on 2G
The Philter | 6/17/2010

5:30 PM On AT&T's network, the best network available for voice is indeed the 2G network. For data? Nothing beats WiFi

FCC Looks to Reclaim Its Broadband Mojo
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/17/2010

Title I, Title II, or 'Third Way'? The FCC's ready to hear about the benefits and risks of all three as it seeks to save its National Broadband Plan

ARPU Is Dead
Que Sera Sarah | 6/17/2010

1:25 PM When you are talking about millions of devices with thousands of pricing plans, ARPU loses its meaning

Does 4G Have a Role in M2M?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/17/2010

Tier 1 carriers duke it out over which network can best handle the onslaught of M2M apps and devices

Inphi Files for an IPO
News Analysis | 6/17/2010

Memory interfaces have been paying the bills, but Inphi's S-1 mentions 40G and 100G, too

CMC Exec: Don’t Get Greedy With Interactive Ads
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/17/2010

Although the revenue potential of interactive ads is appealing, flooding subs with too many of them could turn off customers, Comcast Media Center exec warns

Colt Reaches for Clouds
EuroBlog | 6/17/2010

6:55 AM European carrier reveals new service plans

CommunicAsia 2010: What the FTTH?
News Analysis | 6/17/2010

Carrier CEO questions the need for really high consumer broadband speeds – and he's already offering the service!

CommunicAsia 2010: Oz Team Crunches Mobile Data
News Analysis | 6/17/2010

Australian developers take their mobile data compression techniques to the US, where patchy 3G coverage could give them a Tier 1 opening

AT&T Enforces Data Cap on Femtos
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/17/2010

Think you can get around AT&T's data caps by using your Microcell? Think again because that data counts towards your monthly cap

Vodafone Femto Ads Banned
Wireless Bits | 6/17/2010

4:20 AM UK operator has wrists slapped for misleading femto ads

Nistica Hires a COO
Craig's A-List | 6/16/2010

5:30 PM ROADM startups are growing up

Comcast Brings 100-Meg to Augusta
The Bauminator | 6/16/2010

5:20 PM Georgia system is the second to get MSO's faster (and pricier) biz-class Docsis 3.0 tier

Is Searchable Better Than Social?
The Philter | 6/16/2010

3:50 PM I've changed my social networks so people can find me easily. But is there a better way to be social and searchable?

Huawei DTAs Break In at Suddenlink
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/16/2010

Suddenlink is the first US MSO to confirm that it's deploying simple channel zappers from the Chinese giant

Gadget Watch: Apple Sorry for iPhone 4 Fiasco
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/16/2010

Vendor says that 600,000 pre-orders for iPhone 4 took it and its carrier partners by surprise, resulting in delays and user frustration

Photos From CommunicAsia 2010
Slide Shows | 6/16/2010

We take a quick run around the show floor at one of Asia's hottest communications industry confabs

IBM Says It Can Give Mobile Biz a Boost
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/16/2010

IBM looks to cash in on the explosion in mobile data with new cell tower monitoring software, analytics, and Lotus Notes

Nokia Feels High-End Heat in Q2 Warning
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/16/2010

Nokia lowers Q2 revenue and operating margin outlook, and said it expects to lose some device value market share this year

AT&T Study Finds Fast Telepresence Payback
News Analysis | 6/16/2010

Independent study carried out with Carbon Disclosure Project says reduced travel and other benefits provide ROI within 15 months

CommunicAsia 2010: Navteq Preps India Ad Launch
News Analysis | 6/16/2010

Nokia's Navteq division aims to be the first company to bring location-based advertising to India

Time to Shine: The Leading Lights Awards Are Back
News Analysis | 6/16/2010

The communications industry's most independent editorial awards will be handed out Nov. 2. Get your entries in soon

Trio Chase Tower Deal
AsiaBlog | 6/16/2010

6:00 AM India's Reliance Infratel is up for grabs

CommunicAsia 2010: ZTE Overtakes AlcaLu in Broadband Battle
News Analysis | 6/16/2010

ZTE unveils FTTx deals with China Telecom and Telekom Malaysia, and claims to be No. 2 in global broadband fixed market

What SeaMicro Means to Juniper
Craig's A-List | 6/15/2010

6:15 PM A collapse in the data center

NSN Adds Packet-Optical Punch
News Analysis | 6/15/2010

The hiT 7300 is getting enhanced with an OTN switch, but NSN says it's still OK partnering with Juniper on non-packet-optical alternatives

Comcast Closing Tru2way Gap
The Bauminator | 6/15/2010

5:30 PM MSO says 'almost' 90% of its headends have been upgraded for tru2way

Comcast Getting Ready to Uncork SDV
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/15/2010

MSO intends to start deploying switched digital video later this year, paving way for Comcast to offer more than 150 HD channels

TiVo, Cable Re-Spark SDV Debate
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/15/2010

TiVo wants cable to support switched digital video with IP backchannels, but MSOs say it would be costly and expose them to security holes

How Do You Data Cap a Video Camera?
Jonestown | 6/15/2010

3:50 PM Tiered billing on 3G and LTE will mean carriers will have to get a lot better about alerting us to data overages

App Insights: Dissecting the App Store Players
Que Sera Sarah | 6/15/2010

2:45 PM Who are the real competitors in the crowded mobile apps space?

Operators Need Developers for Apps Ambitions
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/15/2010

The biggest challenge for mobile operators eager to compete in the mobile app market is gaining support from app developers, Pyramid says

Pyramid: Mobile Apps on the Upswing
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/15/2010

Mobile app downloads are set to grow sevenfold by 2014, but the wealth from this growth won't be shared equally, finds Pyramid Research

Broadband Forum Gives Nod to G.hn
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/15/2010

HomeGrid Forum is counting on fellow consortium, the Broadband Forum, to bring in the G.hn customers

Verizon Says LTE Will Match 3G Footprint in 2013
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/15/2010

The operator says it is on track for a commercial launch in 2010 and will cover 200M people in the US in 2012

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 6/15/2010

12:20 PM Mediacom mulls going private, SDV shows signs of life, and other items that made the cable world go round while I was away

CommunicAsia 2010: Storing Up App Trouble?
News Analysis | 6/15/2010

India's mobile operators won't make much headway with their mobile app stores unless they broaden their horizons, reckons analyst

MoCA Is Go for 2.0
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/15/2010

The newly ratified spec reaches 800 Mbit/s, as expected, but it's also got a Turbo mode that flirts with 1 Gbit/s

CommunicAsia 2010: Intel Still Bullish on WiMax
News Analysis | 6/15/2010

WiMax chip champion sticks with the party line, saying those that jump to LTE will do so for spectrum reasons

CommunicAsia: Skype Hype
AsiaBlog | 6/15/2010

6:00 AM CEO leaves his industry vision in his Singapore hotel room

picoChip Scores $20M, Ships 1M Chips
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/15/2010

Femto chip maker picoChip completes another $20 million funding round and marks a milestone with 1 million chips sold

Applause for AlcaLu
The Philter | 6/14/2010

5:30 PM One analyst puts AlcaLu on his shopping list

Telecom Confronts the Mobile Data Revolution
LR Mobile Column | 6/14/2010

Scott Raynovich ruminates on what the move to 4G will mean for carriers as data traffic surpasses voice traffic on mobile networks

Closing the Cash Flow Gap
The Bauminator | 6/14/2010

1:20 PM Cablevision execs say the potential for healthier cash flow offers some long-term upside from its Bresnan buy

Samsung Bets on Hardware
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/14/2010

Samsung is playing up the hardware in its new mobile devices, but its advantages there may be short-lived

Cablevision Goes Country With Bresnan Buy
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/14/2010

MSO is going a little bit country via $1.36B buy of Bresnan, a Tier 2 cable operator that locks horns with Qwest in the rural Midwest

Gedeon Gabfest on Data App Competition
Rewired | 6/14/2010

11:00 AM Telus CTO sees both challenges and opportunities in wireless data, but cuts upgrades to network unless revenue is attached

Verizon's Advantages: Unlimited Data & Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/14/2010

Verizon has a couple of weapons against the new Apple iPhone on AT&T's network this summer

CommunicAsia 2010: The Broadband Conundrum
News Analysis | 6/14/2010

Fixed and wireless broadband developments, along with mobile apps and their smartphone friends, will be in the spotlight in Singapore

India's Billion-Dollar LTE Question
AsiaBlog | 6/14/2010

5:00 AM How will Reliance Industries spend its first broadband wireless billions?

Telepresence Comes Home in 3D
Craig's A-List | 6/12/2010

2:15 PM They're separate products, but the headline is funnier this way

BWA Auction Is Bad News for WiMax's Future
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/11/2010

LTE winners in India's BWA auctions put another big dent in WiMax's ambition to be a widespread global standard

Comcast VP: CMAPs Will Bring Digital Density
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/11/2010

Comcast VP Jorge Salinger says CMAP is getting support from several MSOs and vendors that are eager to test their gear

LTE Watch: Hello Tokyo
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/11/2010

NTT DoCoMo starts 37.5-Mbit/s LTE trial in Japan, wants to go live in December

Home-Networking Showdown Emerges
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/11/2010

G.hn and MoCA 2.0 are getting ratified at about the same time, setting up the battle between the near-gigabit home-networking options

Packets Pay Off
EuroBlog | 6/11/2010

1:50 PM Ciena's Carrier Ethernet acquisition is bearing fruit

Qualcomm Still Silent on India Partners
News Analysis | 6/11/2010

With some spectrum under its belt, Qualcomm says it will announce its Indian broadband wireless operator partners within a month

Oh Brother!
AsiaBlog | 6/11/2010

10:20 AM It's a family affair in India's broadband wireless sector

AT&T Chooses Broadcom for Set-Top Chips
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/11/2010

As Sigma Designs is being transitioned out of its exclusive slot in AT&T’s U-Verse STBs, Broadcom says it's transitioning in

Converged Multiservice Access Platform
LRTV Interviews | 6/11/2010

Heavy Reading's Alan Breznick talks to Jorge Salinger, VP of Access Architecture at Comcast, about CMAP as an alternative to the existing MHA architecture

India's BWA Auction Ends in $8.2B Drama
News Analysis | 6/11/2010

Startup ISP Infotel wins pan-Indian spectrum and is immediately acquired as government rakes in $8.2B from broadband wireless auction

M2M Pits Carriers Against MVNOs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/10/2010

Wireless operators and independent M2M providers are working out how to play nice as sometimes friends, sometimes foes

Cablevision Ads Attack Slow 3G Networks
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/10/2010

While AT&T rethinks slow and unreliable, Cablevision tries to turn on a few smartphone users to its WiFi network

3D Glasses Head to Market
Craig's A-List | 6/10/2010

1:40 PM A TV standard you probably haven't thought about

News Analysis | 6/10/2010

It's great news for pizza makers, and terrible news for network managers, but what does the World Cup portend for telcos?

Brocade Takes Aim at Nexus
News Analysis | 6/10/2010

The single-layer fabric might steal some of Juniper's thunder, but Brocade's real game plan is to catch Cisco customers in transition

Ciena Loses Out on MEN Deferrals
News Analysis | 6/10/2010

Ciena can only watch as $90M of deferred revenues pass it by following the Nortel deal, but the vendor remains positive about the acquisition

Billions Bid for India's Broadband Spectrum
News Analysis | 6/10/2010

The high prices paid for India's 3G spectrum haven't dampened enthusiasm for capacity in the 2.3GHz band, but MTNL isn't so keen

AT&T iPad Users Get Hacked
Jonestown | 6/10/2010

10:45 AM 114,000 users' emails revealed – including some VIPs – in 3G iPad hack against AT&T

Does iPhone 4 Dash Nokia's High-End Hopes?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/10/2010

After Apple's latest iPhone, Nokia at least needs a strong Symbian 4 release to restore its smartphone status

Bharti Joins the Cloud Crowd
AsiaBlog | 6/10/2010

5:15 AM Offers virtual IT resources, but is there any pent up demand?

Rogers's TV Everywhere Passes 100K Subs
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/9/2010

Rogers has a quick uptick in its customers looking for on-demand video content online

App Focus: Mobile Apps Rake In the Dough
Que Sera Sarah | 6/9/2010

3:15 PM Mobile apps are finally becoming money makers; HTC acquires UI app firm Abaxia; SMS lives on

Rural Wireless Carriers Ready for a Fight
News Analysis | 6/9/2010

Data roaming, handset exclusivity, and 700MHz spectrum plans are all hot-button issues for their survival, RCA head says

O2 Boosts Capacity for Smartphone Surge
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/9/2010

O2 adds network and signaling capacity in London to improve smartphone users' service

Ads Follow Mobile Video Explosion
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/9/2010

JumpTap adds ads to its portfolio of mobile advertising formats as content providers look to monetize the growth

Gadget Watch: How Many EVOs Did Sprint Sell Really?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/9/2010

Not as many as it initially said, even if the EVO was still a top seller for Sprint

Telus: Billing Systems Must Enable New Apps
News Analysis | 6/9/2010

CTO Gedeon tells B/OSS event that merely being more cost-effective is no longer enough for billing and operations support systems

Brocade Preaches Data Center Nirvana
News Analysis | 6/9/2010

The company outlines a vision of a single-layer data center that sounds an awful lot like what Juniper keeps promising

Analyst: AlcaLu's 100G Game-Changer
News Analysis | 6/9/2010

Alcatel-Lucent's 100G launch is a significant development that will give it an advantage, reckons Heavy Reading analyst

AlcaLu Goes Commercial With 100G
News Analysis | 6/9/2010

The company says its 100G cards are ready to ship, creating competition for Ciena/Nortel

Ciena's Q2 Let Down by MEN
News Analysis | 6/9/2010

The optical and Ethernet business acquired from Nortel delivers limp sales, while Ciena's other product lines do better than expected

HSPA+ Could Still Be in Apple's Future
Jonestown | 6/8/2010

5:00 PM I still think an LTE iPhone will happen in 2012 rather than 2011

Microsoft Muted, Not Maimed, by Apple
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/8/2010

Is 4 better than 7? Microsoft will soon find out as it feels the squeeze from Apple and its new iPhone 4

SPIT Watch: iPad, IPO & M&A
News Analysis | 6/8/2010

Openet links itself to the iPad, AT&T, and an IPO; Empirix acquires; BroadSoft sets its IPO price range; and Nakina has a new friend

Operators Support iPhone 4 Worldwide
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/8/2010

Not exactly surprising but operators around the world are keen to embrace Apple's newest iPhone

Bharti Shows Off New Physique
News Analysis | 6/8/2010

But legal dispute mars Indian giant's African expansion

Cisco Pushing Telepresence on All Fronts
News Analysis | 6/8/2010

Tandberg integration, more and better mobile video, higher picture quality, and cheaper packaging all aimed to make video pervasive

Virtela Brings App Acceleration to Cloud
News Analysis | 6/8/2010

Service provider to capitalize on virtual status and new extended cloud infrastructure to make WAN optimization an on-demand service

DoCoMo's LTE Warm-Up
AsiaBlog | 6/8/2010

9:05 AM DoCoMo flexes its new LTE network ahead of commercial launch later this year

Tejas Resuscitates Ethos
News Analysis | 6/8/2010

Indian optical vendor gives kiss of life to packet optical hopeful Ethos Networks with an all-stock takeover deal

The Verizon iPhone
Jonestown | 6/7/2010

8:40 PM Well, that didn't happen, did it?

Video Chat: Meet the New Data Hog
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/7/2010

Apple won't even risk video chat on 3G yet, while demand for Sprint EVO video call service overloaded the application developer's servers

Femto Watch: Vodafone Means Business in Spain
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/7/2010

Vodafone launches femtocells in a new European market while KDDI gears up to launch 3G femtos in Japan, plus more femto fun

Apple Unveils the iPhone 4
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/7/2010

The new iPhone has a better display and front-loaded camera, as well as MicroSIM support, but no faster 3G capability yet

Photos From the iPhone 4 Release
Slide Shows | 6/7/2010

Six quick snapshots and quips from the iPhone 4 launch. The new phone will produce bigger photos and videos, with new high-res screen

Pyramid: Indonesia to Take APAC Crown
News Analysis | 6/7/2010

Competition goes loco down in the archipelago, with Indonesia set to be APAC's fastest growing market in a few years, Pyramid Research says

Interview: Mark Gathen, Director of Video Strategy, Cox
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/7/2010

Find out if TV Everywhere is going anywhere and why Cox won't just use Comcast's Xfinity to deliver online video content to subscribers

Where's Matty?
EuroBlog | 6/7/2010

12:50 PM Matt Bross has become Huawei's invisible man

Polycom Ups Telepresence Ante
News Analysis | 6/7/2010

New support for standard compression cuts bandwidth required for HD video; new platform makes immersive telepresence more flexible

Awaiting the iPhone
Jonestown | 6/7/2010

11:15 AM What are you hoping for with the likely new arrival from Apple today?

Telcordia Crashes Crowded Policy Party
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/7/2010

Telcordia unveils its Bandwidth Manager, a policy control-based tool designed to help wireless operators manage and monetize data services

Reliance Lines Up Stake Sale
News Analysis | 6/7/2010

With AT&T linked to a potential investment, Reliance Comm's board approves equity stake sale, and encourages other M&A activities

LTE Watch: Verizon Pushes Ahead With Rural Plans
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/4/2010

The carrier looks for partners with towers and backhaul capabilities; meanwhile, a 4G app helps the 'cooking chief'

Tellabs Feels the AT&T Squeeze
Craig's A-List | 6/4/2010

4:05 PM It's been a down week

Cable Would Be Apple's Obvious TV Partner
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/4/2010

Depending on whom you believe, Apple could soon unveil an updated cloud-based Apple TV product, and operators like Comcast will want in

Sprint's EVO Launch Creates Buzz & Mixed Crowds
Slide Shows | 6/4/2010

Sprint's first WiMax smartphone hit stores today to mixed crowds and a sales systems hiccup UPDATED 8:30PM

Romania Returns From Wilderness Year
News Analysis | 6/4/2010

Its telecom market took a hammering in 2009, but Romania will provide growth opportunities in coming years, finds a new report from Pyramid Research

FT: We're Committed to Switzerland
News Analysis | 6/4/2010

Its merger plans may be in tatters, but France Telecom says it isn't giving up on the Swiss market

Revolutionizing Service Testing
Video Resources | 6/4/2010

EtherSAM, an Ethernet service testing methodology based on ITU-T Y.156sam, is the only one adapted to today's mobile backhaul, commercial and wholesale services. It allows turning up and troubleshooting services eight times faster with 100% accuracy.

Facebook's PR Crisis
Contentinople | 6/4/2010

10:00 AM The privacy policy disaster has even become ammunition in a political attack ad

BT Staff to Vote on Strike
EuroBlog | 6/4/2010

9:30 AM UK incumbent faces industrial action

PSA: Step Away From the Shrek Glass
Monkey Bidness | 6/4/2010

8:55 AM It'll make you look like him

BillShrink: AT&T Data Caps Mean Paying Twice
Que Sera Sarah | 6/3/2010

5:10 PM BillShrink concludes that AT&T's new data caps will hurt wireless users, especially if they're iPhone owners

Can FiOS Leapfrog Cable – on Voice Service?
News Analysis | 6/3/2010

New digital voice offering represents true IP convergence for FiOS services, but it isn't IMS-based

Indian Reprieve for Chinese Vendors
AsiaBlog | 6/3/2010

2:25 PM But purchase orders still require clearance

TeliaSonera: LTE Handsets Early Next Year
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/3/2010

The world's first LTE operator is expecting to get next-gen capable phones early in 2011, the operator's head of R&D says at a Light Reading virtual event

Holiday Plans in Ruins
EuroBlog | 6/3/2010

12:55 PM EC ruling on BT's FTTx network will ruin others' holiday plans

Android Gets a Prepaid Boost
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/3/2010

Boost Mobile gets its first Android device; Nokia inks a deal with T-Mobile; Sprint's EVO 4G gets hyped

VZ Denies iPhone Plans
Contentinople | 6/3/2010

9:20 AM Verizon spokesman says it has 'no plans' for the iPhone, but other reports differ

Telx Adds an Ethernet Exchange
News Analysis | 6/3/2010

The US-based collocation specialist will be hooking up carriers' Ethernet services, too, becoming the fourth exchange announced and, it says, the largest

Big Cable: Same Networks, Different Data Plans
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/2/2010

Following news of AT&T's data caps, it's worth looking to see how big cable resellers of Clearwire view all-you-can-eat mobile data plans

Capping the Data Gusher
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2010

News and views from LR Mobile and beyond on AT&T's major move in data pricing

VC Focus Turns Away From Chips, Systems
News Analysis | 6/2/2010

Morgenthaler, a firm long involved in telecom startups, wants to invest in services and applications, not hardware. It's not alone, either

Mobile TV Competes in World Cup
Que Sera Sarah | 6/2/2010

5:20 PM The World Cup won’t just pick a winner for soccer, but also for network coverage and mobile TV viability

DeMuth Not Leaving Telecom...Yet
News Analysis | 6/2/2010

SureWest CTO retiring from the company but will likely be back in action as telecom innovator

LINX Wants Its 100G
Craig's A-List | 6/2/2010

4:50 PM Brocade might even skip 40G to get it to them, and to other exchanges

5 Mobile Apps That Bust Data Caps
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2010

New AT&T customers will be paying per megabyte of data; here are the apps that could push them over their monthly limit

India: M&A Hotbed
AsiaBlog | 6/2/2010

1:00 PM Reliance is at the heart of India's M&A speculation

'All You Can Eat' Is Off the Menu
Wireless Bits | 6/2/2010

12:25 PM Pyramid Research outlines options to unlimited mobile data plans

AT&T's Data Caps
The Philter | 6/2/2010

12:15 PM Why applaud AT&T's mobile data caps? Most people will pay less for data, and video services on specialized networks might catch on

LTE Virtual Event
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/2/2010

TeliaSonera to discuss the world's first LTE network deployment

Bye, Bye Unlimited iPad Data Plan
Jonestown | 6/2/2010

11:20 AM Could AT&T's new plans cause a run on iPads in the next few days?

Telefónica Ups Its Vivo Offer
EuroBlog | 6/2/2010

11:10 AM Finds spare €800 million down the back of its sofa

AT&T Intros Mobile Data Caps
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2010

New smartphone users lose access to unlimited data use offer as AT&T looks to ease pressure on its network

AT&T's 3G Femtocells Now in More US Cities
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2010

AT&T's microcells come to NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and parts of Texas

Cisco: Video Traffic Set to Dominate Internet
News Analysis | 6/2/2010

Video traffic will exceed peer-to-peer traffic for the first time later this year, according to annual Cisco Visual Network Index

India's 3G Players Face Share Issue
News Analysis | 6/2/2010

With billions spent on 3G spectrum, India's operators will look to ride each others' networks – but will that include spectrum sharing?

The Femto X Factor
Wireless Bits | 6/1/2010

5:45 PM Light Reading Mobile's Simon Cowell moment

The New Genband: Day One
News Analysis | 6/1/2010

CEO Vogt says he expects the firm to dominate the next-gen VoIP switching market and sees Genband hitting $800M in revenue this year

Sympathy for the Carrier
Jonestown | 6/1/2010

5:10 PM Please allow me to introduce myself...

Mobile VoIP Not a Game Changer
Que Sera Sarah | 6/1/2010

4:35 PM VoIP won’t revolutionize mobile phones if it won’t save users money, analyst says

What's AT&T Getting From Skype?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/1/2010

AT&T lets Skype run over the top of its 3G network, but it should get more out of its deal with the VoIP kingpin, analyst says

Cloud Watch: HP to Cut 9,000
News Analysis | 6/1/2010

Stuff from Voltaire, too, but HP's $1B in restructuring charges through 2013 leads the news pack

AT&T Gets Serious About Innovation
News Analysis | 6/1/2010

CTO uses interactive portal, financial incentives, and internal VC review committee to spark new ideas from within old bureaucracy

'Shoot Us, Please!'
Monkey Bidness | 6/1/2010

NOON Mag subscribers asked to show some tough love

International Sales Push iPad Over 2M Mark
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/1/2010

The 3G bandwidth question for the new tablet is still up in the air

NSN Hires a CTO
News Analysis | 6/1/2010

Nokia Siemens Networks nabs BT exec to take senior technology role

Another iPad Challenger
Contentinople | 6/1/2010

9:45 AM Netbook king AsusTek unveils the Eee Pad. No, it's not an adult diaper

China's Triple-Play Shift
AsiaBlog | 6/1/2010

7:30 AM 'One pipe, all services' is the new mantra

More MSOs Back Comcast's Big Box Project
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/1/2010

Cablevision, Cox, Charter, Liberty Global, and Rogers are among those helping out with the evolving Converged Multiservice Access Platform (CMAP) specs

Huawei's Latest US Offensive
AsiaBlog | 6/1/2010

6:55 AM Seeks help from former Bush advisor

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