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3G iPhone: Hiding in Plain Sight?
Jonestown | 5/30/2008

Apple in a box

Nortel: There's More to PBT Than BT
News Analysis | 5/30/2008

Nortel is disappointed at BT's decision to relegate PBT to a bit part player in its 21CN, but says other major carriers are interested

Onstream Gets Narrowstep
Contentinople | 5/30/2008

Today's news from Contentinople

The Friday Five
The Bauminator | 5/30/2008

Dish fires back at TiVo, Comcast.net hackers speak... and a handful of other items that caught our attention as the week draws to a close

Britt: Docsis 3.0 Coming to NYC
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/30/2008

Verizon hopes to take a bite out of The Big Apple with FiOS, but Time Warner Cable is already making plans to bite back

RBN's Not Dead
Craig's A-List | 5/30/2008

But it's Sorrento's property now

Wayne Crawford, Executive Director, NXTcomm
LRTV NXTcomm | 5/30/2008

NXTcomm is replacing Supercomm, and the show’s executive director explains that NXTcomm is truly different because it’s a 'convergence marketplace.' It is still built on core telco technologies and companies but has an eye on the applications and content that will spur those core technologies to greater growth.

SeaChange Software Strategy Surges
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/30/2008

VOD vendor beats the street, buoyed by additional backoffice software deployments with Comcast and Cox

AlcaLu Investors Vote for Change
NXTcomm News Analysis | 5/30/2008

Shareholders at AlcaLu's annual meeting approve all the resolutions, including some that affect CEO Russo's position

Matt Polka, President, American Cable Association
LRTV Interviews | 5/30/2008

Matt Polka is in touch with the small and mid-sized cable operator and, interestingly, their concerns are too terribly different from that of Comcast and others. The telcos and satellite operators are going hard after their core video businesses, forcing them to branch out and be more creative.

India Wrap: Tensions & Tribunals
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/30/2008

Tensions between Department of Telecom and the regulator, plus news of Spice Telecom and RIM, round out a week of activity in India

Another CEO at Hammerhead
Craig's A-List | 5/30/2008

Stop us if this sounds familiar

The U-verse Experiment
The Philter | 5/30/2008

I switched. Here's how it's going so far

NBCU Wins the Gold
Contentinople | 5/29/2008

Today's news from Contentinople

FiOS Evolves Again
Raynman | 5/29/2008

But not enough

PBT Sidelined at BT
News Analysis | 5/29/2008

The verdict is in at BT: PBT has been found guilty of being a one-trick pony, so it's being sidelined in favor of MPLS

Huawei Goes Indie for OSS
News Analysis | 5/29/2008

Chinese giant spins off its telecom software assets into an independent operation, Huawei Software

Roberts Clearer on Clearwire Strategy
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/29/2008

Comcast's CEO lays down the reasons why he likes his deal with the new Clearwire

Hackers Smack Comcast.net
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/29/2008

The moral: Change your passwords frequently, especially if you're Comcast

TiVo Sees Dish Drama Dissolving
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/29/2008

The DVR patent infringement case isn't likely to reach the Supreme Court, TiVo execs say

Sycamore's Freefall Continues
News Analysis | 5/29/2008

As expected, Sycamore's revenues fell more than 50 percent due to instability from one major customer

Blame Microsoft
The Bauminator | 5/29/2008

Moto learns a big lesson from early Docsis 3.0 deployments

iPhone Delays?
Jonestown | 5/29/2008

Infineon results might point to 3G delays

Android Demo
Jonestown | 5/29/2008

Google gives a video view of Android features

Cisco: WiFi & Beyond
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/28/2008

Cisco's 'Vision' strategy could see its WiFi empire rubbing shoulders with other networks

Know Thine History
The Philter | 5/28/2008

A fake news nugget found on the way to VOD-ville

When a View is Just a View
Contentinople | 5/28/2008

Today on Contentinople

The Death of the Set-Top Box?
The Bauminator | 5/28/2008

Umm, no...

Does Cable Really Mean Business?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/28/2008

US cable operators are gearing up to take another run at the commercial services market

C&W Eyes Ethernet Acquisition
News Analysis | 5/28/2008

Cable & Wireless is in discussions to buy UK enterprise services provider THUS in a bid to bolster its British business further

Warrior's Debut
Craig's A-List | 5/28/2008

Cisco's CTO is on the Live! agenda

Cool Google Job
Wireless Bits | 5/28/2008

Nice work if you can get it

Death at the Ballpark
Monkey Bidness | 5/28/2008

From the morbid promo department

Comcast Shedding Some Systems
The Bauminator | 5/28/2008

MSO looking to tighten up its clusters by selling off more than 40 systems serving about 400,000 subs

Truly tru2way
LRTV Documentaries | 5/28/2008

The promise of tru2way is closer to becoming a reality. This move to a common software platform could let cable companies, programmers, and gadget makers provide a real interactive TV experience, even without requiring a set-top box. The transition might be painful at first, but the payoff should be huge if the services come anywhere close to measuring up to the hype. In this video, hear perspectives from Cox Communications Inc., Comcast Corp., CableLabs, and the editors of Cable Digital Ne

Google: The Mobile Web Sucks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/28/2008

The mobile Web has so far failed to inspire users and the 'amazing app' has yet to be invented, says Google

China Mobile Wants More 3G Phones
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/28/2008

With the future of Chinese 3G clearer, China Mobile has opened the second phase of a tender for TD-SCDMA devices

Bell Canada to Appeal High Court Ruling
News Analysis | 5/28/2008

A ruling earlier this month threatens to block the $52B takeover of BCE by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan and a group of US firms

4G Drives All-IP Mobile Networks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/28/2008

As operators evaluate next-gen wireless technology, the path from 3G tops the agenda, according to Heavy Reading

Sony Supports tru2way
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/27/2008

Sony and six major US MSOs sign a memo involving tru2way that could result in TVs that get cable services with no need for a set-top

Do the Telcos Fear tru2way?
News Analysis | 5/27/2008

With cable MSOs rolling out tru2way, AT&T says its 'been there done that' while Verizon feels a little left out

Google's Mobile Software Focus
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/27/2008

Job postings by the search giant reveal possible Clearwire work and a desire to further mobilize YouTube

What Zeugma Isn't
Craig's A-List | 5/27/2008

Where the startup doesn't want to be pigeonholed

Verizon Downloads 'Starz Play' Deal
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/27/2008

A big telco, not a cable operator, becomes the first to launch a subset of Starz's Internet VOD service

The Battle Rages Over 'White Space'
LR Mobile Column | 5/27/2008

What will become of the unused analog television frequencies?

Web 2.0 Backlash
The Philter | 5/27/2008

Are we surprised that most startups are still failing?

It's About Time (Warner)
BroadBananas | 5/27/2008

Analyst suggests that a spun-off Time Warner Cable could produce nation's first blue-chip cable operator

Cable vs Telco
LRTV Documentaries | 5/27/2008

Cable companies have more reach, deeper video-on-demand (VOD) plans, and the ability to install services faster in residential neighborhoods. But not everyone thinks the cable companies have the long term advantage. From The Cable Show in New Orleans, we get perspectives from Heavy Reading, Cox Communications Inc., and The American Cable Association (ACA), as well as the outspoken editors of Cable Digital News and Light Reading

Sarin Steps Down as Vodafone CEO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/27/2008

Arun Sarin announces his retirement as Vodafone reports strong annual financials and outlook. The boy done good, says analyst

Zeugma Rethinks Edge Routing
News Analysis | 5/27/2008

A melding of routing and computing power could help carriers deploy new services faster

Infineon CEO Quits
EuroBlog | 5/27/2008

Wolfgang Ziebart is victim of boardroom rumble

BT's WiMax Musings
Wireless Bits | 5/27/2008

Device availability is important factor

More Euro iPhone News
Wireless Bits | 5/27/2008

Next stop, the Nordics and Baltics

MTN M&A Latest
EuroBlog | 5/26/2008

As Bharti withdraws, Reliance eases into pole position

Spying Scandal Rocks Deutsche Telekom
News Analysis | 5/26/2008

CEO 'shaken to core' by allegations of illegal use of call records by German carrier giant's internal security staff

Reliance Snaps Up Vanco
News Analysis | 5/26/2008

Ambitious Indian carrier opens its wallet once more to buy troubled virtual VPN provider Vanco

China to Get 3G – At Last!
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/26/2008

It's been a long time coming, but China is ready to issue 3G licenses as part of its telecom market restructuring process

Yahoo Delays AGM
EuroBlog | 5/26/2008

Shareholders' meeting put back to late July

Ericsson: Ready to Ramp GPON
News Analysis | 5/26/2008

Ericsson's North American CTO says the company's GPON deployments at AT&T are coming in late 2008 or early 2009

All's 'Fair' in Love & Bandwidth Management
The Bauminator | 5/23/2008

Comcast has outlined its concept for a 'protocol agnostic' platform, and the vendors appear ready and willing to lend a helping hand

Lohan, Internap in Cohoots
Contentinople | 5/23/2008

Today on Contentinople

BT's PBT D-Day
EuroBlog | 5/23/2008

Reversal of fortune for PBT, we hear...

WiMax Revives the Radio Star
Jonestown | 5/23/2008

Clearwire lets you listen to Clear Channel on the move

India's Videocon Plans Mobile Launch
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/23/2008

The conglomerate's ambitions include 10% market share and its own brand of handsets

Oh Canada: BCE Buyout Falls Apart
News Analysis | 5/23/2008

Bell Canada's privatization bid is on the brink of collapsing amid shaky financing and an appeals court ruling

Allergic to WiFi?
Jonestown | 5/23/2008

That's what some Santa Fe, NM, residents claim

Red Panda | 5/23/2008

Red Panda – and everyone else – duped by '13-Year-Old Hires Hooker' story

Leave Tila Alone!
Monkey Bidness | 5/23/2008

Some privacy here, OK?

China Begins Carrier Revamp
EuroBlog | 5/23/2008

The restructuring of China's carrier community has begun

Providence Gets Big IDEA Stake
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/23/2008

Providence Equity Partners splashes out $640M for a 20% stake in an IDEA Cellular subsidiary

Last Night at the Operax
News Analysis | 5/23/2008

The fat lady's doing her vocal exercises as policy control specialist Operax has reportedly run low on cash

Time Warner Cable Joins the MoCA Club
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/23/2008

But based on Cisco's MoCA-powered set-top roadmap, the MSO's largest box supplier doesn't see large-scale volumes until sometime next year

Monkey Bidness | 5/22/2008

Two American pastimes come together

Jonestown | 5/22/2008

Nah, she meshed of her own accord

Major Vendors Kiss OSS
News Analysis | 5/22/2008

The big box players, including AlcaLu, Cisco, NSN, and Nortel are talking up their OSS credentials at this year's OSS fest in France

Secustream Skirts DRM Debate
News Analysis | 5/22/2008

Telenor's Conax subsidiary acquires a tiny startup that says it's got an alternative to DRM

SME Buzz
Contentinople | 5/22/2008

Today's news from Contentinople

Comcast CTO: Manage People, Not Protocols
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/22/2008

In a video exclusive, Comcast CTO/EVP Tony Werner offers some details about the MSO's upcoming bandwidth capacity management system

Cashing In on Docsis 3.0
The Bauminator | 5/22/2008

How much is Arris's gear deal with Comcast worth this year? One analyst takes a stab at it

Mobile Subscriber Growth Boosts Telekom Malaysia
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/22/2008

Telekom Malaysia boosted revenues by 10.6% during Q1 and looks to add more operators to its stable of emerging markets investments

I'm Sorry
Raynman | 5/22/2008

James Crowe is sorry for the 100% stock gain

Internet Tidal Wave Hits 3G
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/22/2008

As traffic spikes, mobile data networks are becoming more and more like their wired broadband forerunners

Darwinian Discards
Monkey Bidness | 5/22/2008

Back to the drawing board

Slingin' Hash
BroadBananas | 5/22/2008

SlingModems aside, EchoStar could really get Comcast's attention with a price-busting digital terminal adapter (DTA)

Dish Box Will Bake In Sling
The Bauminator | 5/22/2008

What, you thought cable would get the first crack at this?

Hey Operators, What About Voice?
BelkBlog | 5/21/2008

Remember: It’s a mobile PHONE!

AT&T's 3G Overhaul
Jonestown | 5/21/2008

Operator says it is nearly finished with 3G uplink upgrade, just in time for the iPhone

PHOTOS! The Cable Show, Part II
NCTA News Analysis | 5/21/2008

Our second photo series from The Cable Show finds no shortage of sports legends, TV journalists, and sexy show hosts

Live From SME
Contentinople | 5/21/2008

Today on Contentinople

Cisco Doubles Up for Cable
NCTA News Analysis | 5/21/2008

The digital terminal adapter (DTA) isn't the only digital-to-analog subscriber-side box Cisco is developing

Set-Top P2P?
The Bauminator | 5/21/2008

Hey, you with the nifty tru2way box! Wanna join cable's managed P2P network?

Vodafone's Blazin' 3G Upgrade
LR Mobile Column | 5/21/2008

Gabriel Brown reviews Vodafone's high-speed HSPA service and discovers that faster 3G is a thrill

Cisco's Newest Hole
Craig's A-List | 5/21/2008

A rootkit for IOS. Yeah, that could be bad

BSNL Gets Temporary GSM Fix
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/21/2008

Motorola is delivering GSM equipment to BSNL for some temporary capacity relief and confirms its bidding on the carrier's new mega tender

Hello, China!
Monkey Bidness | 5/21/2008

Japan launches cute offensive

Time Warner Cable Leaving the Nest
NCTA News Analysis | 5/21/2008

Mother ship looks to score a big dividend as the long-awaited separation arrives

Optimized Networks
LRTV Documentaries | 5/21/2008

It's not just consumer behavior that is driving cable operators to maximize their networks for higher capacity and performance, but also ever increasing competition from telcos. LRTV looks at some of the new technologies, such as Docsis 3.0, that helping them in this battle royal.

Borden's Back
EuroBlog | 5/21/2008

Former Granite CEO has a new hotseat

PicoChip Unveils LTE Femto Design
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/21/2008

PicoChip takes the wraps off new reference designs for LTE femtocells and picocells

PHOTOS! The Cable Show, Part I
NCTA News Analysis | 5/21/2008

Content is king and celebrities run wild at The Cable Show in New Orleans

The Cable Show 2008
LRTV NCTA | 5/21/2008

Pretty pictures.

Content to the Consumer
LRTV Documentaries | 5/21/2008

While the consumer may be driving the method and manner that their content is delivered, what is the business model that supports this? New technologies such as switch digital video allow cable operators to target ever more specific demographics and thus increase the value of their advertising. Just as important, the 'Next 40 Channels' become a a very important revenue opportunity.

We're 97! We're 97!
Monkey Bidness | 5/21/2008

Peace & plenty! Well... plenty

4G: Can't Stand the Rain
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/21/2008

...against my antenna, causing packet loss and latency

Vendors Unite on Femtocell Architecture
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/21/2008

Femto Forum members agree on a common femtocell architecture and plan to submit specification proposals to standards bodies next week

Qualcomm Invests in ip.access
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/21/2008

Qualcomm makes strategic investment in femtocell vendor ip.access, but plans for femtocell chipsets remain unclear

Tony Werner, CTO, Comcast
LRTV Soundbites | 5/21/2008

Tony Werner, CTO, Comcast

NBC Talks Up Apple
Contentinople | 5/20/2008

Contentinople reports from Streaming Media East

Is Nuova Needling Cisco's Brass?
News Analysis | 5/20/2008

Some believe Jayshree Ullal's departure was related to the Nuova buyout; others say it's just Cisco's newest phase

Don't Try This on the 3G iPhone
Jonestown | 5/20/2008

You might be stuck with AT&T for 3G

No IPTV for FiOS?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/20/2008

Verizon doesn't see a compelling case to offer IPTV on its FiOS network yet – but it will come in time

The Best Telecom Analysts
Raynman | 5/20/2008

Who made the best calls in 2007?

ISPs Say They Won't Block P2P
News Analysis | 5/20/2008

At the Streaming Media East conference, Comcast and Verizon say they won't throttle traffic from peer-to-peer networks

Ex-Moto CTO Tabbed to Run Sonus
News Analysis | 5/20/2008

Richard Nottenburg, who left Moto last week, joins a company going through executive changes of its own

The Buffyverse
Red Panda | 5/20/2008

Ever pondered Jungian individuation in Buffy The Vampire Slayer?

Ethernet's 35th
Craig's A-List | 5/20/2008

Since it has a birthday, we might as well note it

New Moxi Boxi
The Bauminator | 5/20/2008

Visual evidence that Digeo once again has a viable set-top product for the cable industry

Vendor Giants Go Soft
EuroBlog | 5/20/2008

Big box vendors stake their OSS claims at TMF event

Media Mobility
LRTV Documentaries | 5/20/2008

Content is becoming truly mobile, not just in terms of wireless, but in time and space. DVR technology is well established, but how will content get delivered across various competing technologies utilized by all the operators? What will be the impact of new technologies such as Packet Cable 2.0 and LTE? LRTV takes a look at the new world of mobile media.

Video Quality
The Philter | 5/20/2008

The eyes have it

Dreaming of VOD Gold
Cable Guy | 5/20/2008

The cable industry wants to monetize VOD

DTAs on Parade
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/20/2008

Cisco, Motorola, and Thomson are all showing off simple digital terminal adapters here at the show, but Pace Micro is not

Nokia Siemens Preps Hosted IPTV
News Analysis | 5/20/2008

Nokia Siemens Networks is planning the launch of a hosted IPTV service for telco TV hopefuls, with AlcaLu not far behind

T-Mobile Challenges Ofcom
Wireless Bits | 5/20/2008

2.6GHz auction could be delayed

Comcast Backs P2P
Contentinople | 5/19/2008

Today's news on Contentinople

Carrier Scorecard: What Recession?
News Analysis | 5/19/2008

The stalling US economy might be getting ready to take a swing at AT&T, Qwest, and Verizon

Craig's A-List | 5/19/2008

BeamExpress takes another crack at VCSELs

Clearwire Won't Use Google's Dark Fiber
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/19/2008

Google's $500M bet on Clearwire's WiMax plans does not include access to the company's dark fiber assets

Desperate for Housewives?
The Philter | 5/19/2008

Panasonic's CEO points out a coveted demographic

Vodafone Splashes Out on Acquisitions
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/19/2008

The carrier spends $784M to boost social networking capabilities and fixed broadband services in Germany

Etisalat Ups Africa Investment
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/19/2008

Etisalat increases its stake in African operator Atlantique Telecom as it embarks on a new phase of international expansion

Mu Moves on Services
News Analysis | 5/19/2008

The former Mu Security wants to broaden its horizons and become Dynamic. $10M more should help

Sprint: To Have & Have Not
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/19/2008

Sprint has had more than its fair share of bad fortune, despite (or maybe because of) some incredibly innovative ideas over the years

HP Sees the Light
Craig's A-List | 5/19/2008

Silicon photonics gets another supporter

Broadband Everywhere
LRTV Documentaries | 5/19/2008

Until now cable operators have been slow to get into the wireless space. But now it seems there’s no reason why that elusive quadruple play shouldn’t be just around the corner. The answer seems to be WiMax. With the rollout of WiMax across North America by the end of the year, it seems there will be no excuses for not taking the kids out while the football game is on.

Comcast Buying Arris Docsis 3.0 Gear
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/19/2008

And the MSO is already putting Docsis 3.0 to the test in at least two more markets, by the way

Moto Exec Exits
Wireless Bits | 5/19/2008

Another one bites the dust

Qualcomm Spectrum Splash
Wireless Bits | 5/19/2008

MediaFLO coming to UK soon?

New and Improved?
The Bauminator | 5/19/2008

I don't have ICTV to kick around any more…

'Canoe' Updates Coming
The Bauminator | 5/19/2008

A 'spate' of official details about cable's big advanced ad project (even some that haven't leaked out already) are less than a month away

MSOs Open Up on Tru2way
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/19/2008

Comcast and Time Warner Cable outline deployment plans for the industry's much ballyhooed 'open' digital video platform

Optical: Smokin' POTS
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/19/2008

Despite the shaky economic environment, spending on advanced optical transport equipment is poised to keep on growing

What Is tru2way's True Potential?
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/19/2008

Panasonic is jumping into the tru2way market and it insists it has looked before leaping

Comcast Denied Set-Top Waiver (Again)
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/18/2008

MSO comes out on the losing end of its protracted fight for a waiver on low-end set-tops with integrated security

Should I Switch to U-verse?
The Philter | 5/18/2008

AT&T's U-verse has arrived in my neighborhood. Should I try it?

The Cable Show: A Five Item Preview
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/17/2008

Cable's big gig is just about to kick off in The Big Easy. Here's a handful of things we'll be focused on as we try to penetrate the noise

A Cisco Field Upset?
Craig's A-List | 5/16/2008

What an ex-Microsoft guy might mean to baseball

Finisar & Optium Challenge JDSU
News Analysis | 5/16/2008

The biggest optical merger in years creates a legitimate challenger to No. 1 supplier JDSU

Dear Yahoo Letters
Contentinople | 5/16/2008

Today's news on Contentinople

Alltel Does LTE
Jonestown | 5/16/2008

But what with, exactly?

An Optical Merger!
Craig's A-List | 5/16/2008

But what does the Finisar/Optium deal take away?

Reliance Borrows $750M for Huawei Gear
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/16/2008

India's Reliance Communications has scored a $750M loan from the China Development Bank to bankroll a GSM contract with Huawei

Huawei Dives for €uros
EuroBlog | 5/16/2008

Huawei has bagged some Euro subsea action

Orange Expands Its iPhone Empire
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/16/2008

With iPhone sales topping 100,000 in France, Orange will sell the Apple device in more than 10 extra markets in EMEA and the Caribbean

Cable Makes Big 'tru2way' Play
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/16/2008

Cable is trotting out its 'open' platform at The Cable Show, but don't expect tru2way-powered devices to be a retail hit right away

Clearwire's Backhaul Bet
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/16/2008

CTO John Saw tells Unstrung that microwave links and a flat-IP architecture can reduce the cost of backhauling wireless broadband

Is Enterasys Eyeing Extreme?
News Analysis | 5/16/2008

Seriously, Extreme is rumored to be on the block again – for real this time

Verizon in No Rush for IPTV
News Analysis | 5/16/2008

Verizon is waiting to see a business case reason to move to IPTV and if one never emerges, it may not do it at all

Let's Make a Deal
Contentinople | 5/15/2008

Today's news on Contentinople

Study Alleges a Cox Block on P2P Traffic
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/15/2008

Study from German research firm suggests that broadband ISPs may be throttling peer-to-peer applications

Sprint & Samsung: 'WiMax Is Ready'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/15/2008

Not ready to sell to you, but it's ready

Mobile WiMax: Limited Horizons
LR Mobile Column | 5/15/2008

Despite the best efforts of WiMax advocates, good old W-CDMA is still more than holding its own in the global mobile broadband market

Embarq: Sprint, No Thanks
Jonestown | 5/15/2008

Now spinoff snubs Sprint

Orascom Scopes Out Africa
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/15/2008

Orascom Telecom has set up a subsidiary to handle investments in small operators in Africa and Asia

Preparing for a Voice-Optional Cellular World
LR Mobile Column | 5/15/2008

Rapid growth in wireless data usage shows it could eventually replace voice as a primary feature in cellular phone service

Mobile WiMax: Limited Horizons
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/15/2008

Despite the best efforts of WiMax advocates, good old W-CDMA is still more than holding its own in the global mobile broadband market

Extreme + Enterasys?
Craig's A-List | 5/15/2008

Extreme might finally get bought

Alltel: The Numbers Game
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/15/2008

Little Rock carrier also has a good quarter for subscriber adds

Boost for T-MPLS?
EuroBlog | 5/15/2008

NTT is checking out PBT rival T-MPLS

Verizon, AT&T Land Biggest Networx Deal
News Analysis | 5/15/2008

Verizon and AT&T have won nearly $1B in deals with The Department of Homeland Security under the Networx Universal contract

The Icahn 10
Craig's A-List | 5/15/2008

The interesting ones like Mark Cuban, anyway

Cable Makes a Comeback
The Bauminator | 5/15/2008

Study says MSOs signed on more high-speed subs in Q1 than the telcos for the first time since, well, a very long time ago…

Africa Tackles Its Capacity Bottleneck
News Analysis | 5/15/2008

Submarine cable and satellite projects aim to hook up Africa to the rest of the world

The Hunt for the 3G iPhone
Jonestown | 5/15/2008

Help to track the ever-evolving story of Apple's 3G iPhone

AlcaLu Seeks CEO Dismissal Rule Change
News Analysis | 5/15/2008

Alcatel-Lucent shareholders will vote May 30 on whether to make it easier for the vendor's board to dismiss the CEO or Chairman

Comcast Connects With Plaxo
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/15/2008

Companies confirm rumors, with plans in place to integrate Plaxo's social-networking tech into a wider set of services

Options Scandal Deepens at Broadcom
News Analysis | 5/15/2008

Chairman Henry Samueli and general counsel David Dull step down as the SEC charges start to fly

Fighting FiOS With Fiber
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/14/2008

As Verizon barrels ahead with FiOS, cable operators are finally getting serious about putting more fiber in their own diets

BT Still Coy on Ethernet
News Analysis | 5/14/2008

Announces major managed Ethernet backhaul services deal with mobile operator O2 but doesn't want to talk tech

Will Wireless Broadband Supplant FTTH?
News Analysis | 5/14/2008

A wireless broadband network might challenge wireline, but most feel it still won't touch fiber-to-the-home

Verizon's LiMo Bean 'Surprise'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/14/2008

Verizon helps to make LiMo a Linux OS contender

CMC Plays Host to iTV
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/14/2008

The Comcast Media Center believes a new centralized system will ensure that smaller MSOs aren't left off the tru2way train

CoreOptics Lands $25M
News Analysis | 5/14/2008

Optical component startup gets funding to pursue 40-Gig opportunities

YouTube Still on Top
Contentinople | 5/14/2008

Quickies from Contentinople

Dish Deflates HD
The Bauminator | 5/14/2008

Satco giveth and taketh away…

W Makes Ultimate Sacrifice
Monkey Bidness | 5/14/2008

The horrors of war strike home

Ericsson Earmarks $25B for R&D
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/14/2008

Ericsson boosts R&D spend to $25B over the next five years and looks forward to increased IPR revenues

Ericsson Surveys Quake Damage
Wireless Bits | 5/14/2008

Vendor assesses impact

Light Reading Does Radio
Raynman | 5/14/2008

Monkeying around on NY's No. 1 music station

Dish Sibling to Sling Product at Cable
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/14/2008

New Docsis-powered SlingModem is cool for cable, but it's sold by a company with ties to the big MSO's most hated enemy

Telefónica: Big IPTV Numbers. Big Profits
News Analysis | 5/14/2008

Spanish giant's revenues, profits, subscriber numbers, and domestic IPTV penetration rate are all still on the rise

Kid Knows How to Party
Red Panda | 5/14/2008

Dr. Pepper, Fritos, Warcraft... and hookers

Bharti, Cisco Muck With Managed Services
News Analysis | 5/14/2008

Bharti Airtel teams with Cisco to roll out a suite of managed network services for Indian enterprises

Can Icahn Shift Yahoo?
EuroBlog | 5/14/2008

Microsoft couldn't, but maybe Icahn can

German Sense of Humor?
EuroBlog | 5/14/2008

Does Germany have a Ministry of Crazy Ideas?

Yahoo's Proxy Saga
Craig's A-List | 5/14/2008

Shareholders, including Carl Icahn, still want to fight back

Swiss 3G iPhone
Wireless Bits | 5/14/2008

Swisscom lands iPhone deal

Swedish LTE in 2010
Wireless Bits | 5/14/2008

TeliaSonera plans to launch LTE in 2010

Ten Reasons to Love Sprint
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/13/2008

Ten things to put the spark back into your relationship with America's third-largest wireless operator

Rural Telcos Bring Fiber-to-the-Boondocks
News Analysis | 5/13/2008

At The Future of Broadband conference, carriers and vendors discuss the perils of getting broadband services to rural territories

Iron Man vs Speed Racer
Contentinople | 5/13/2008

Today on Contentinople

BroadLogic Trims D-to-A Costs
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/13/2008

New refinements could reduce costs for the OEM partners looking to build digital-to-analog gateways

Horton Says 'Eek!'
Monkey Bidness | 5/13/2008

Nothing worse than a mouse where it doesn't belong

Exploring the UK
Red Panda | 5/13/2008

The US and UK have even more in common than we thought

Quake Hits China's Networks
Wireless Bits | 5/13/2008

The disastrous earthquake in China has shut down cell sites

Chatting Up the 3G iPhone
Jonestown | 5/13/2008

Apple confirms Jobs keynote at WWDC

HP's $13.9B Power Play
News Analysis | 5/13/2008

The $13.9B acquisition of EDS by HP would create an even stronger partner and supplier for major carriers

CLWR: Where It's at With WiMax
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/13/2008

WiMax player plots launches in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and, er, Grand Rapids, and confirms it will only need $2.3B to complete the network

TDM: Pulling the Plug
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/13/2008

What will it take for operators to finally pull the plug on TDM switches, and will they actually do it before TDM turns 40?

Cisco, ip.access Prep Femto Combo
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/13/2008

Cisco and ip.access are working on an end-to-end femtocell solution, while the femto vendor has landed an important win at AT&T

Does Piracy Aid Content Owners?
Raynman | 5/13/2008

One Internet video exec suggests it might

NDS Navigates Its Way Into Cox
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/13/2008

Cox will use a new user interface on high-end set-tops powered by tru2way and an interim software/middleware platform called 'OnRamp'

Big News Day
BroadBananas | 5/13/2008

In buying Newsday, the Dolans are sending a message to the Murdochs

Faster 3G
Wireless Bits | 5/13/2008

Vodafone expands 7.2-Mbit/s HSPA network in the UK

Telecom Italia Eyes Femtos
Wireless Bits | 5/13/2008

Telecom Italia and femtocells – that's amore!

Ullal Calls It Quits at Cisco
News Analysis | 5/12/2008

Jayshree Ullal spent time running Cisco's enterprise, optical, and data center divisions. Now she's off to something new

Charter HD
The Philter | 5/12/2008

Lots of viewing choices, not a lot of channels

Clearwire's Loss Gets Bigger
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/12/2008

The pre-WiMax operator's loss keeps growing as it preps for the JV later in 2008

Cisco, Teliris Cheapen Telepresence
News Analysis | 5/12/2008

Cisco and Teliris are both looking to capture the larger low end of the telepresence market with new cheaper configurations

Do the CDN Shuffle
Contentinople | 5/12/2008

Here's a look at Contentinople today

Charter Keeps Wireless Options Open
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/12/2008

MSO is less committal about its wireless plans than it is about Docsis 3.0 and its rollout of switched digital video and hi-def VOD

Wiretapping Update
Raynman | 5/12/2008

Are Democrats about to give in?

Africa Adds 65M Subs in 2007
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/12/2008

African operators added more than 65M new subscribers in 2007, led by Nigeria

Ullal Leaving Cisco
Craig's A-List | 5/12/2008

Another exec breaks ranks

AlcaLu, Reliance Form Joint Venture
News Analysis | 5/12/2008

Alcatel-Lucent is forming a global managed network services joint venture with Indian operator Reliance Communications

SeaChange to Restart & Personalize VOD
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/12/2008

VOD upgrades allow MSOs to restart shows in progress and help consumers personalize their on-demand programming lineups

Procera Targets Tier 1s
News Analysis | 5/12/2008

Company offers up to 80 Gbit/s of throughput with two new Deep Packet Inspection products

Dish Pumps Up Hi-Def
The Bauminator | 5/12/2008

Still no AMC-14? Still no problem, satco says

Squirrel Pasties
Monkey Bidness | 5/12/2008

Getting them to stay on is the trick

Larry Dennison, Founder & CTO, Soapstone Networks
LRTV Interviews | 5/12/2008

Larry Dennison, the founder and CTO of Soapstone Networks, says his company’s full product rollout will happen in the second half of this year. When it does, Dennison says Soapstone hopes to convince carriers that using its control plane will allow them to automate operations across several different types of physical networks. He describes the value of his company’s recent announcement with ANDA Networks and talks about what’s happened to the Avici routers inside AT&T’s

MTN M&A Update
Wireless Bits | 5/12/2008

Vodafone's not bidding for MTN

Swedish 4G
Wireless Bits | 5/12/2008

Intel buys WiMax spectrum

Sprint Bleeds Cellular Customers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/12/2008

The US market's third-ranked cellular operator lost more than 1 million customers during the first quarter

Apple Takes Its iPhone Global
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/12/2008

New carrier deals will take the iPhone to mobile users in Asia/Pacific, including India, and Latin America

OpVista Runs With DMC for 40-Gig
News Analysis | 5/12/2008

Yet another plan to deliver 40-Gig on 10-Gig optical networks, but one that OpVista says doesn't require dispersion compensation

RIM Unveils 3G Device, VC Fund
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/12/2008

RIM forms a $150 million apps development VC fund and unveils its 3G BlackBerry device

Former Level 3 VP Becomes Panther Chief
News Analysis | 5/9/2008

Contentinople reports that Steve Liddell has been hired as the new CEO of Panther Express

Verizon Opens LiMo Door
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/9/2008

Operator said to be close to introducing open-source Linux phones based on the LiMo platform, but no Android yet

FiberNet Plans to Expand
News Analysis | 5/9/2008

FiberNet has announced a significant network expansion project on the heels of its successful collocation upgrade last year

Going Global
Contentinople | 5/9/2008

What's happenin' at Contentinople today

The Friday Five
The Bauminator | 5/9/2008

Calling attention to a handful of other cable-related things that happened this week...

Docsis 3.0 Gear Tracker
The Bauminator | 5/9/2008

Which vendors and product models have obtained the green light from CableLabs?

Modems, CMTSs Break Docsis 3.0 Barrier
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/9/2008

CableLabs awards first-ever Docsis 3.0 cable modem certifications, while Casa Systems is first to obtain 'full' CMTS qualification

Who Needs Wires?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/9/2008

New wireless investments by service providers demonstrate a growing commitment to mobile services

Spirent on the Mend?
News Analysis | 5/9/2008

There are signs of recovery at the test vendor, with sales and profits on the rise following a lengthy company-wide overhaul

Cisco, Ericsson & ATCA
Craig's A-List | 5/9/2008

Scoping out the field

Readers Right?
Jonestown | 5/9/2008

Your harsh verdict on mobile WiMax in the US so far

BSNL Floats New Mega GSM Tender
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/9/2008

BSNL issues new GSM tenders for 93M new lines following the demise of its previous network expansion contracts

Carphone Guns for DSL Top Spot
News Analysis | 5/9/2008

British firm shifts into new gear with formation of new retail firm and a bid to buy its way to the top of the British broadband pile

Huawei's Plan B?
EuroBlog | 5/9/2008

Does the Chinese vendor have a new US invasion plan?

Teliris Gets $10M More
News Analysis | 5/9/2008

Woo-hoo! More debt! Teliris has secured $10M in debt financing, saying it needs more working capital

RCN to 'Crush' It in Beantown
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/9/2008

Boston is next in line for cable operator's all-digital migration and an overarching strategy it calls 'Project Analog Crush'

The Fastest 3G Yet
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/8/2008

A user report on Vodafone's self-proclaimed 'Fastest Mobile Broadband in the Galaxy'

Maxed Out
Jonestown | 5/8/2008

Intel keeps on spending on WiMax

Can Clearwire Do It?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/8/2008

Analysts estimate that it could cost up to $12B to deploy a mobile WiMax network in 50 markets in the US

Digital Hollywoodland
Contentinople | 5/8/2008

What's on deck at Contentinople

ATCA Market Size
Craig's A-List | 5/8/2008

New numbers on the way

DTV Transition Test Bed
The Bauminator | 5/8/2008

Meet Wilmington, N.C.

Bluetooth May Bite
Monkey Bidness | 5/8/2008

Don't take it to the pub

DT Struggles to Entertain
News Analysis | 5/8/2008

German broadband users aren’t being turned on by Entertain, Deutsch Telekom’s IPTV offer, as low Q1 customer additions show

Telepresence in Iraq
Raynman | 5/8/2008

Troops reconnect with loved ones

CDMA vs WiMax
BelkBlog | 5/8/2008

Why WiMax wishes it were the new CDMA

Cablevision High on WiFi
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/8/2008

MSO moving on a plan to throw a WiFi-powered wireless canopy over of its entire footprint, and offer services free to existing cable modem subs

Carrier Ethernet's International Flavor
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/8/2008

2008 is turning out to be the year of international expansion for Ethernet enterprise and wholesale services

Widevine's Protection
The Philter | 5/8/2008

For a company that supposedly protects content, Widevine is promoting a despicable habit

The Fastest 3G Yet
LR Mobile Column | 5/8/2008

A user report on Vodafone's self-proclaimed 'Fastest Mobile Broadband in the Galaxy'

Vonage Turns a Double Play
News Analysis | 5/8/2008

Vonage will be selling broadband DSL services to its customers through a partnership with Covad

T-Mobile Adds 2M in Q1
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/8/2008

SunCom acquisition helps to make the first quarter a major customer grab for T-Mobile USA

Cablevision Whipping Up Wireless, Too
The Bauminator | 5/8/2008

But not with WiMax...

New Euro Subsea Action
EuroBlog | 5/8/2008

16 carriers plan another submarine link to India

FiOS in NYC: Verizon's Daunting Task
News Analysis | 5/8/2008

Verizon shows us some of the challenges and benefits of outfitting the dense urban jungle of New York City for FiOS

Telco Video: The Quality Scale
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/7/2008

Telcos are making big strides toward IPTV, but they still need to do more to ensure service quality

Is WiMax the New CDMA?
Jonestown | 5/7/2008

More lessons from the wireless past

NSN's New Femtofriend
Wireless Bits | 5/7/2008

Pirelli partners with Nokia Siemens

FT Ramps Up Its IPTV
News Analysis | 5/7/2008

France Telecom added another 167,000 IPTV customers in the first three months of 2008, taking its total to more than 1.4 million

Blu-ray Never Sleeps
Contentinople | 5/7/2008

What's shakin' at Contentinople

Mediacom Eyes Clearwire
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/7/2008

Already a Sprint partner, Mediacom likes the sound of the new WiMax joint venture

Craig's A-List | 5/7/2008

Shameless plug for our San Jose event

Caught on Tape: Barry West
The Philter | 5/7/2008

Sprint honcho's comments on 4G, 700 MHz, and the Clearwire deal

Clearwire: In Depth With Barry West
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/7/2008

The president of the 'new Clearwire' talks with Unstrung about how mobile WiMax is the next big thing (again)

Orange Doubles Mobile Broadband Base
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/7/2008

Data services revenues and mobile broadband subscribers continue to grow at Orange in Europe as the operator reports Q1 results

Stoner TV
Red Panda | 5/7/2008

ABC makes a startling discovery

New XOHM Launch Schedule
Jonestown | 5/7/2008

WiMax late in Q3?

Clearwire: We'll Kick LTE's Butt
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/7/2008

New Wimax venture reckons its large pool of spectrum and ready-to-rock mobile broadband services will leave the LTE crew in its wake

Cable Plays Clearwire Card
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/7/2008

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House are throwing millions into a new venture that will rekindle cable's wireless strategy

Comcast Caps Coming?
The Bauminator | 5/7/2008

Report says MSO is considering a 250 gigabyte monthly consumption cap as part of a 'protocol agnostic' bandwidth management effort

Cable Leaps Past Telcos?
Raynman | 5/7/2008

Sprint/Clearwire venture changes competitive landscape

StarHub Starts Customer Femto Trial
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/7/2008

StarHub customers get to try out femtocells from ZTE and Huawei for six months

Sprint: 4G & M&A Still Unclear
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/7/2008

Despite Sprint’s 51% stake in the new WiMax version of Clearwire, its own 4G and M&A strategies remain anything but clear

Barry West, CTO, Sprint-Nextel
LRTV Soundbites | 5/7/2008

Barry West, CTO, Sprint-Nextel

Cisco Storm Clouds
Craig's A-List | 5/7/2008

What's the opposite of a silver lining?

Cisco Gets Visual
Craig's A-List | 5/7/2008

New buzzwords for the new era

Sprint, Clearwire Create $14.5B WiMax Giant
News Analysis | 5/7/2008

Sprint and Clearwire's new $14.5 billion WiMax firm is being backed by Google, Intel, and three cable operators

Sprint 'Committed' to iDEN
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/7/2008

The carrier isn't commenting on the latest spinoff rumors but says it's committed to iDEN and push-to-talk for the foreseeable future

Barry West, CTO, Sprint-Nextel
LRTV Soundbites | 5/7/2008

Barry West, CTO, Sprint-Nextel

WiMax Wednesday?
The Bauminator | 5/6/2008

WSJ says big Sprint-Clearwire-cable WiMax deal is going down as early as tomorrow morning... for real this time

CLWR Ride Gets Wilder
Jonestown | 5/6/2008

The Clearwire WiMax rumor rodeo

Mad for Ads
Contentinople | 5/6/2008

The day's headlines from Contentinople

Shankar Narayanaswamy, VP Network Architecture, Reliance Globalcom
LRTV Interviews | 5/6/2008

Shankar Narayanaswamy, the VP Network of Architecture at Reliance Globalcom says his company is planning a $200M worldwide expansion of its Ethernet services for enterprises. Reliance says it will invest in dark fiber, Ethernet equipment, and it will strike agreements with carriers all over the world in order to connect to the cities where it plans to expand. The cities on its radar at the moment include London, Paris, Dubai, Bombay, and Singapore.

Are Carriers Gunning for Skype?
News Analysis | 5/6/2008

Big-name carriers might be gathering to offer a Skype-like service, according to one analyst's theory

Cisco's Q3 Hits the Flats
News Analysis | 5/6/2008

Revenues stalled, but net income beat expectations, and sales forecasts didn't bring any further bad news

DCIA Takes Reins of P2P Project
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/6/2008

A new initiative replaces the P2P Bill of Rights that Comcast and Pando had started

tru2way Signs Up Samsung
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/6/2008

A streamlined version of the tru2way agreement sits right with Samsung, which becomes the first CE vendor on board

Tellabs Strengthens Optical Outlook
News Analysis | 5/6/2008

Analyst says updates to Tellabs's optical transport system improves its position in Verizon and elsewhere

Mobile Network Power Struggles
LR Mobile Column | 5/6/2008

As energy costs continue to soar, operators in all markets will be looking to shave opex with greener equipment

A Broadband 2.0 Manifesto
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/6/2008

As the era of Broadband 1.0 draws to a close, we look at the ten characteristics that will define Broadband 2.0

DT Sprint Bid 'Unlikely'
EuroBlog | 5/6/2008

Dresdner analysts don't see DT bidding for Sprint

Tax Revamp Hits Qwest Profits
News Analysis | 5/6/2008

New tax rates drop Qwest's net income by 35% while the company's numbers overall continued their steady decline

Mamma Mia! Italians Get 3G iPhone
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/6/2008

Telecom Italia will sell the phones this summer in Italy, where it will go head-to-head with Vodafone, which also has an iPhone deal

MTN Becomes M&A Magnet
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/6/2008

South African operator MTN is already in takeover talks with India's Bharti Airtel, and it may attract other suitors, analysts say

Redback Nabs Ex-Cisco Engineer
News Analysis | 5/6/2008

A key engineering exec who's worked on Cisco's 7200, 7600, Catalyst, and ASR lines is in Redback's ranks now

Qwest Ditches Sprint for Verizon
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/5/2008

Qwest becomes an MVNO as Ed Mueller gets the kind of wireless partnership he wanted

DT & Sprint: A Bargain in the Balance?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/5/2008

If DT does buy Sprint, it gets a knock-down bargain customer base and cheap 4G – but also a huge potential integration headache

Touch Nothing!
Monkey Bidness | 5/5/2008

Death by blogging

ADVA Tackles Ethernet Pain Point
News Analysis | 5/5/2008

Vendor's latest Ethernet product targets one of the sector's main pain points -- external network-to-network interconnect (E-NNI)

Yahoo for Hollywood!
Contentinople | 5/5/2008

Today's news from Contentinople

Cisco Games the ASR
Craig's A-List | 5/5/2008

Video game madness! Win a router!

Small Systems Want More From Martin…
The Bauminator | 5/5/2008

Three MSOs argue that DTV transition relief for small systems should not be given on the basis of bandwidth levels alone...

A Question of Control
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/5/2008

An array of session-control solutions are available these days, but the big question remains what telcos will do with them

Riverbed Extends WAN Optimization
News Analysis | 5/5/2008

Riverbed announces deals with a host of vendors, eyes network monitoring opportunities

Telcos Top Up on Digital Fuel
News Analysis | 5/5/2008

Digital Fuel, a startup that manages SLAs for many major telcos, is counting some major carriers as its customers

Yin & Yang
The Philter | 5/5/2008

Why not celebrate? Microsoft has given Yahoo a clear mission

A DT Bid for Sprint?
Jonestown | 5/5/2008

Otherwise known as a four-network fiasco

BroadBananas | 5/5/2008

Rascally rodents dine on Qwest's fiber

Cars & Wireless
BelkBlog | 5/5/2008

A cautionary tale from the past for today's wireless industry

Camiant Intros 'Fair Use' Bandwidth System
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/5/2008

Development could portend a shift away from all-you-can-eat consumption models and toward bandwidth 'quotas' and byte cap policies

T-Mobile 3G Next Week
Jonestown | 5/2/2008

Better late than never

Defining Telepresence
Raynman | 5/2/2008

A rough definition

The Philter | 5/2/2008

How'd that guy get up here?

Talkin' Backhaul Blues
Jonestown | 5/2/2008

Or, how 4G could help widen the digital divide

PBT: The MPLS Antidote?
LRTV Interviews | 5/2/2008

PBT is seen as a technology on the rise. It’s not widely deployed yet, but it continues to win support with carriers the world over. Will it be used only in niche applications, or does it have potential to solve some real problems with carrier Ethernet multipoint services?

Cisco Rolls Out TP
News Analysis | 5/2/2008

Making telepresence as widespread as Cisco wants is going to require more than just selling a lot of units

CDNs vs. MSOs
Contentinople | 5/2/2008

Today's news from Contentinople

Clearwire 'Coaster Continues
Jonestown | 5/2/2008

Stock drops on Comcast comments

Brazil Issues 3G Licenses
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/2/2008

TIM Brasil and Claro launch 3G services in the 2.1 GHz band, having received licenses this week from regulator Anatel

T Minus 1
Jonestown | 5/2/2008

The countdown to 3G

Nortel Hell
The Philter | 5/2/2008

Really, what's not to like?

BigBand Beats Street, Trims 5%
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/2/2008

Posts better than expected revenues and expanding deployment base, but cuts back in effort to become 'pure play' digital video company

The Philter | 5/2/2008

Not everyone's making money with ROADMs

Open Season on Mobile Networks
LR Mobile Column | 5/2/2008

The basic concept underlying mobile open access seems simple enough, but the devil, as usual, lurks in the details

Oracle Flexes Its Muscle
EuroBlog | 5/2/2008

In the telecom world, Oracle just got bigger

iPhone WiMax Rumor
Jonestown | 5/2/2008

We think not

Google, IBM Think Cloudy
News Analysis | 5/2/2008

The rivals team up to rule what they believe will be the dominant software delivery model in the 21st century – cloud computing

Asia/Pacific Dominates Mobile Growth
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/2/2008

Six of the 'Top 10 Emerging Mobile Markets' are in Asia/Pacific, with China wrestling the top spot away from India in 2007

Iron Supplement
The Bauminator | 5/2/2008

Have you heard the news? They've adapted the Iron Man trailer into a full-length movie!

JV Helps Nortel Bust Q1 Estimates
News Analysis | 5/2/2008

Income from its joint venture with LG helped Nortel boost revenues by 11%, much higher than expected

Bolivia Swipes Italian Operation
EuroBlog | 5/2/2008

Mamma Mia! Bolivia just nationalized Telecom Italia unit Entel

Rumor Dents Ericsson
EuroBlog | 5/2/2008

Speculation about accounting issues hits Ericsson's stock

UTStarcom Pays Up
The Philter | 5/1/2008

CEO Hong Lu gets a $100K fine

Garmin Finds Phones
Jonestown | 5/1/2008

Will you pay $500 for a Garmin phone?

Radiohead Fesses Up
Contentinople | 5/1/2008

What's been shakin' at the content factory

Nokia's WiMax Brick
Jonestown | 5/1/2008

You can pre-order the WiMax tablet, but what will you connect to?

4G Backhaul: A Problem for All?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/1/2008

The 4G backhaul bottleneck may not be limited to Sprint's Xohm rollout

Copper Leads XO’s Ethernet Push
News Analysis | 5/1/2008

XO has greatly expanded its national Ethernet footprint largely through the use of copper

Sonus Nears NGN Role at Colt
News Analysis | 5/1/2008

Sonus is close to striking a deal with pan-European carrier Colt to be a provider of IMS systems for the operator's new network rollout

JDSU's Setback
Craig's A-List | 5/1/2008

Getting testy about the turnaround

Telcos Soften Up
News Analysis | 5/1/2008

Carriers make the case for software-centric strategies at London event, but at least one says the whole Web 2.0 movement is over-hyped

Sonus Bonus
EuroBlog | 5/1/2008

Sonus CEO Hassan Ahmed had a lucrative 2007

Who's Driving the Handset Business?
LR Mobile Column | 5/1/2008

While handset makers in the US and Europe face a tough earnings season, there's no sign of slowdown in China or India

Who's Driving the Handset Business?
Column | 5/1/2008

While handset makers in the US and Europe face a tough earnings season, there's no sign of slowdown in China or India

High-Speed Internet Drives Comcast's Q1
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/1/2008

MSO couldn't stop the bleeding of basic subs, but the quarter was marked by solid Docsis and voice service subscription gains

Comcast Confirms Digital Dongle Project
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/1/2008

Comcast cable president Steve Burke sheds some light on MSO's plan to deploy a simple, one-way Digital Terminal Adapter (DTA)

Cert Wave 57 Results Are In
The Bauminator | 5/1/2008

But did any cable modems break the Docsis 3.0 barrier?

Sezmi Aims Beyond IPTV
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/1/2008

The former Building B wants to help telcos rewrite the TV rules, from the way video is delivered to the way it's watched

BT Lines Up Telepresence Service
News Analysis | 5/1/2008

BT has joined AT&T in unveiling inter-company telepresence services based on Cisco's immersive, multimedia conferencing technology

AlcaLu's Next CEO?
The Philter | 5/1/2008

Well, since we brought it up, I have another name to add

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