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Optix Claims 40-Gig First
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/31/2002

Startup plans to introduce its first product at Supercomm, a 40-Gbit/s single-chip framer

Cratos Craters
News Analysis | 5/31/2002

Did Tellium try to save Sonet gear-maker Cratos Networks? The point may be moot, as sources say Cratos is toast

WaveSmith's Multiservice Surprise
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/31/2002

WaveSmith's edge switch is replacing Marconi gear at Global NAPs -- but where's the IP?

Why Siemens Sold Unisphere
News Analysis | 5/31/2002

It's all part of a grand plan to focus on higher-level stuff -- notably, softswitches

Finisar Stock Slide Kills Merger
News Analysis | 5/31/2002

The BaySpec acquisition is off, raising doubts about whether Finisar can complete other planned deals

Intel's CTO Has a Smashing Time
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/31/2002

Pat Gelsinger was up to his old tricks at Intel's Developer Forum this week

Mr. Lieberman Goes to Silicon Valley
News Analysis | 5/30/2002

Senator Joseph Lieberman is the latest politician who thinks he can solve the telecom industry's woes

KPNQwest for a Buyer
News Analysis | 5/30/2002

Slightly used European carrier seeks buyer. Clean credit rating preferred

Salira Prompts PON Questions
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/30/2002

The startup has unveiled Ethernet PON equipment -- and drawn attention to the technology's uncertain future

Tellabs Sees Ocular Upside
News Analysis | 5/30/2002

Broadwing is the first customer of Tellabs' 6400, which it acquired when it bought Ocular Networks

Tellium's Optical VPN: What Is It?
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/29/2002

The switch-maker says it's got a way for carriers to carve up optical bandwidth and deliver more services

Access Is In
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/29/2002

Access equipment vendors look to storm Supercomm with last-mile wares that combine voice and data services

Polychromix Claims MEMS Advance
News Analysis | 5/29/2002

Plans to upstage others developing diffractive MEMS technology, like LightConnect and Silicon Light Machines

Nortel Falls Short in Long Haul
News Analysis | 5/29/2002

Latest from Ottawa: more layoffs, a reorg of long-haul optical, and the potential sale of the components division

Next Gen Sonet: What About SDH?
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/29/2002

Startup West Bay says its latest chip will bring the full benefits of next-gen Sonet to SDH equipment

MMO2: A Wireless Wimp?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/29/2002

The latest results from BT's former mobile operator reinforce the view that it's a prime acquisition target

Global Garage Sale Coming?
News Analysis | 5/28/2002

As its former bankruptcy rescue plan falls apart, the Global Crossing restructuring has grown more desperate

Bear Market Inspires Hibernation
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/28/2002

Startups need to stretch their cash, and many are dialing back extensively: But isn't there a risk of becoming obsolete?

RBOCs Ring Up Court Victory
News Analysis | 5/28/2002

The DC Court of Appeals has sided with the RBOCs, after the US Supreme Court rules for competitive carriers

Nortel Targets Next-Gen Congestion
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/28/2002

Nortel has a new box to bridge the gap in its next-gen Sonet offerings. Is there another message here?

Photuris, Meriton Unveil Metro Wares
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/28/2002

Startups see key value in combining Sonet and DWDM in metro gear. Two have announcements today

Vodafone Turns Deep Red, Focuses on Cost Control
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/28/2002

Vodafone's bottom line looks like a bloodbath, but core revenues and margins are solid

Eggheads Search for Wireless Coexistence
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/28/2002

HP & MIT researchers are working on ways to make wireless WANs and LANs play nice

Multilink Makes Sonet Flexible
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/27/2002

Claims that its new framer chip makes it possible to adjust the size of Sonet channels on the fly

Invites Go Out for Metro DWDM Test
News Analysis | 5/27/2002

Williams Communications, The U. of Tulsa, and Network Test are behind Light Reading's latest test

Japan's Ethernet Elite
News Analysis | 5/27/2002

Internet Initiative Japan, the company that pioneered dial-up access, is in danger of making money -- on Ethernet

Level 3 Software Play Has Perils
News Analysis | 5/24/2002

Level 3's planned acquisition of Software Spectrum won't change its underlying problems, analysts say

Startups Stumble and Succumb
News Analysis | 5/24/2002

Metro equipment startup Dynarc gives up the ghost; component player Solus files for Chapter 11

Nortel Folk Float to Seaway
News Analysis | 5/24/2002

A group of ex-Nortel employees licenses technology and forms content and security processor startup Seaway Networks

OFS Drags Down Furukawa
News Analysis | 5/24/2002

Japan's leading cable maker is axing portions of its OFS acquisition in the wake of further losses

Intel Scoops Up New Focus Laser Unit
News Analysis | 5/23/2002

Cash is king, as New Focus raises $50M from Intel, which is looking like an optical components consolidator

Qwest Trashes Junk Rating
News Analysis | 5/23/2002

Standard & Poors cut Qwest's credit rating to junk status yesterday. Qwest says it's just not fair

BT Lights Up Storage Service
News Analysis | 5/23/2002

Will its remote backup and mirroring service over optical fly where other storage service providers have flopped?

Ciena Looking to Merge Away Misery
News Analysis | 5/23/2002

Despite heavy losses, the company's looking ahead to ONI merger and a renewed focus on international carriers

China's Long March to 3G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/23/2002

Pick a technology -- China's experimenting with them all on the way to third-generation networks

ADC Reports Mixed Bag in Q2
News Analysis | 5/22/2002

Sales of broadband cable access are up, but losses are greater than expected

Riverstone Wins in Korea -- Again
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/22/2002

Riverstone says it nudged aside Cisco in another win at KT Corp. Is the router vendor putting all its eggs in one basket?

Pushing the Limits on Optical Monitoring
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/22/2002

Startup BTI Photonics says its subsystem can take a lot of the sweat out of developing transport equipment

Nokia Invests $36M in Redback
News Analysis | 5/22/2002

Redback gets some sorely needed cash, but the company isn't boosting its revenue estimates

T-Mobile: Best of a Bad Lot
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/22/2002

T-Mobile is the only gem that still glimmers in DT's battered crown

What's to Save Sycamore?
News Analysis | 5/21/2002

M&A rumors and layoff concerns increase as Sycamore's business continues to droop

Behind the Broadwing Meltdown
News Analysis | 5/21/2002

Broadwing's stock took a sudden nosedive today, but the company says fears are overblown

Vendors Aim to Cut Costs in Core
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/21/2002

Innovance launches Corvis-like products. NEC and Tellium offer a halfway house

Optical Oracle: Core Incompetence?
News Analysis | 5/21/2002

The Optical Oracle predicts that only two or three of today's IP core router players will survive the telecom winter

Packet Design's Routing 'Spy'
News Analysis | 5/21/2002

Packet Design says its new product watches and listens to routers in the network. Will carriers listen?

Hutchison Blusters on UK UMTS
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/21/2002

Makes content-free announcement. Gets bombastic over the billions it's spent on the project

Juniper Nabs Unisphere for $740M
News Analysis | 5/20/2002

Will 1+1=1? Juniper looks to get a leg up on Cisco in the edge router market UPDATED 1:30PM ET

MFN Falls Into Chapter 11
News Analysis | 5/20/2002

After defaulting on debt payments and being delisted from Nasdaq, the metro fiber carrier files for restructuring

SkyStream Wants Its IP TV
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/20/2002

Its platform, which runs broadcast video over existing phone lines, will be on display at Supercomm

MPLS VPNs: The Talk of Supercomm
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/20/2002

MPLS VPNs are gaining momentum, as two switch/router vendors, Laurel and Riverstone, add features

Vivace Livens Up the Edge
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/20/2002

Startup's huge, honking IP service edge switches are ready for display at Supercomm

P-Cube Nabs a $35M Series C
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/20/2002

IP services startup gets more dough for its network devices, which it plans to show off at Supercomm

2.5G Carriers Look to Optimize Assets
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/20/2002

Startups offer the wireless equivalent of a push-up bra for 2.5G networks

Ringo Stars at Pluris -- For Now
News Analysis | 5/17/2002

Cynthia Ringo, a former VC and ex-CEO of CopperCom, has taken the helm at Pluris -- temporarily

Lucent Pulls LambdaManager
News Analysis | 5/17/2002

Vendor says it doesn't see the market for a high-end OEO grooming switches at this time UPDATED 5/20 10:30 AM

Big Bear Promises Picnic
News Analysis | 5/17/2002

Startup says carriers will have a field day with its signal conditioning technology

Qwest Blows Hot and Cold on Startups
News Analysis | 5/17/2002

Qwest's networking division has another engineering shakeup, raising hopes it will buy from startups again

White Rock Gets Coarse
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/17/2002

White Rock joins the CWDM crowd with an eight-port device

LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/17/2002

Predictably, NTT DoCoMo is first major carrier to put WLAN chips in 3G devices

WLAN vs 3G: A CEO Writes
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/17/2002

WLAN hotspots could take a tasty chunk out of 3G revenues, according to the CEO of Columbitech

Is Ericsson Exiting Optical?
News Analysis | 5/16/2002

Whispers from Europe say Ericsson may swap its DWDM products in favor of Marconi's UPDATED 5/17 10:30 AM

Corvis Loses Sales VP; Gains President
News Analysis | 5/16/2002

Corvis's sales VP is out; former Dorsal CEO becomes president as the merger becomes official

Cogent Conundrum Continues
News Analysis | 5/16/2002

The latest financials appear to show progress. Can Cogent prove the skeptics wrong?

British Telecom on the Mend
News Analysis | 5/16/2002

The UK operator may soon regain a single A debt rating - more than can be said for its continental counterparts

Is Xenpak Past It?
News Analysis | 5/16/2002

Two new multisource agreements threaten to eat away the market for Xenpak optical transceivers, says RHK

Solution for the Fiber Glut: Turn It Off?
News Analysis | 5/16/2002

The industry is heading toward fewer carriers and possibly fewer networks to ease the capacity glut

LG Electronics Arms CDMA Insurgents
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/16/2002

South Korean CDMA specialist sets out to the help the little guys battle AT&T, Sprint, & Verizon

Fujitsu's Martin Joins Cisco
News Analysis | 5/15/2002

The executive credited with making Fujitsu a market leader in Sonet equipment has been lured away by Cisco

KPNQwest Ready to Kick the Bucket?
News Analysis | 5/15/2002

KPNQwest announced today that both its debt and its equity securities may be worthless. Bankruptcy could be looming

WorldCom Unveils Metro Ethernet
News Analysis | 5/15/2002

The carrier's banking on Ethernet as its next big business connectivity service. Are hopes too high?

Oops! JDSU Writes Off Again
News Analysis | 5/15/2002

JDSU writes off another $100M for the sinking shares of Nortel it received when it sold its Zurich plant

Supremes Rule for Competitive Carriers
News Analysis | 5/15/2002

The US Supreme Court has upheld the FCC pricing method for unbundled services -- a victory for competitive carriers

NetScreen: Swede Talking?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/15/2002

The security supplier says its deal with Ericsson will give it an inside track to carrier markets

Redback's Edge Router Redux
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/14/2002

Redback says it's improved its edge router for service providers -- and it has more trash talk for Cisco

Pluris Hangs On
News Analysis | 5/14/2002

Along with other aging, well-funded core routing startups, Pluris is white-knuckling it these days, as layoffs show

Work Poll: Salaries Are Slumping
News Analysis | 5/14/2002

How much is in your wallet? Not as much as before, according to Light Reading's latest work poll

Nortel Cozies Up to Brocade
News Analysis | 5/14/2002

Nortel gets optical with Brocade, soon after Cisco and Brocade break up. Coincidence?

Bandwidth9 Behind Schedule?
News Analysis | 5/14/2002

Significant layoffs could be a sign that all is not well at the tunable laser startup

MobilCom Losses Spiral
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/14/2002

German operator 'would face bankuptcy if not supported by France Telecom' says analyst

Metro Ethernet Forum Pipes Up
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/13/2002

This group's pushing hard for non-RPR Ethernet in carrier networks. Can it work? UPDATED 5/14 1:30 PM

Cisco's Got a Terabit Router Too
News Analysis | 5/13/2002

Cisco is prepping a set of core routers that go to terabits (in theory) -- but they can't be tied together

Cisco Makes Multiservice Move
News Analysis | 5/13/2002

Announces products, big and small, plus customers in Italy... and Alaska!

Fujitsu Delves Into Metro DWDM
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/13/2002

Fujitsu broadens its product lineup with two new metro DWDM boxes from its ADVA agreement

MultiMedia Messaging Will Be Slow to Grow, Says Report
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/13/2002

It'll generate huge revenues in the long term, but it isn't going to drive demand for GPRS networks anytime soon, says Ovum

Force10 Shows Off 10-GigE Switch
News Analysis | 5/10/2002

Force10's getting ready to ship a 10-Gig Ethernet switch, which it demonstrated at N+I this week

Cisco's Russo Resigns
News Analysis | 5/10/2002

Carl Russo, once head of Cisco's optical networking group, has left the company

WorldCom's Junk Status Fuels Fears
News Analysis | 5/10/2002

Three rating agencies reduce ratings on WorldCom's debt, as the carrier mulls $1B capex cut UPDATED 5/13 11AM

Cisco Adds CWDM to Switches
News Analysis | 5/10/2002

Cisco looks to breathe new life into switching and routing product lines with optical enhancements like CWDM

Commentary: Why 2.5G Plus WLAN Doesn't Equal 3G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/10/2002

The Little WLAN That Couldn't

VC Activity Continues to Crawl
News Analysis | 5/9/2002

Investments into and out of VC funds were the lowest in years during 1Q02 UPDATED 05/09/02 5:30 PM

Bubble Won't Reinflate, Poll Says
News Analysis | 5/9/2002

And only half the industry players will still be around in 2010, according to the latest Light Reading survey

Valo Vows Infinite Access
News Analysis | 5/9/2002

Stealthy startup's planning an access system that will 'never' run out of bandwidth

Ethernet Frame Relay
Column | 5/9/2002

Ethernet Frame Relay – Scott Clavenna

Service Providers Jump on VPNs
News Analysis | 5/9/2002

Sprint, SBC, and Verio announce VPN services at N+I, and equipment providers rush to congratulate themselves

Alidian Networks: Lost and Found!
News Analysis | 5/9/2002

A move brought down their Website and phones, but management's suddenly reappeared to say "all's well" UPDATED 4PM

Nokia Throws Its Cap Into the Ring
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/9/2002

Picks a fight with Qualcomm by calling for a limit on royalty payments for the use of 3G patents

LR Index Roars Back
News Analysis | 5/8/2002

After Cisco's cheery earnings report, battered equipment stocks ratchet up gains UPDATED 5PM ET

Cisco's Chambers Glows at N+I
News Analysis | 5/8/2002

Cisco CEO John Chambers presents his company as a poster child of economic success after its earnings spark optimism

Is It Too Late to Rescue WorldCom?
News Analysis | 5/8/2002

As WorldCom's stock languishes near $2, the market forsees disaster. How bad is it?

Third-Time Lucky for Fast-Chip?
News Analysis | 5/8/2002

The startup is taking another crack at convincing the world that its PolicyEdge chip is a genuine network processor

Agere Fat Cat Boards MegaSense
News Analysis | 5/8/2002

A former Agere exec on a juicy retirement package joins forces with startup MegaSense. Does that make Agere happy?

When Will WLAN Get Its Wings?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/8/2002

The technology to enable wireless Internet access on planes is on the runway. When will it be cleared for takeoff?

Cisco Tops Expectations
News Analysis | 5/7/2002

Profits higher than expected, but CEO John Chambers still won't call the bottom

What's Eating Juniper's Stock?
News Analysis | 5/7/2002

Its shares hit an all-time low as rumors, rivals, and customer woes drive it into single digits UPDATED 05/08, 10:33 AM

Axiowave on Track for More Funding
News Analysis | 5/7/2002

Mukesh Chatter's stealthy startup has raised $37M, but the company says it will close $45M

Guarding the Gigabits
News Analysis | 5/7/2002

Intrusion detection and anti-virus applications are showing up on security appliances with gigabit capacity

SMS in the U.S. -- All Upside?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/7/2002

It's official -- SMS means more revenue. Why didn't the U.S. Carriers think of this earlier?

Motorola Deal Plugs In Turin
News Analysis | 5/6/2002

Through its reseller arrangement with Motorola, startup Turin takes a bold step into the cable equipment market

Ex-Employees Take Aim at Accordion
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/6/2002

The access startup's desperate fight for survival took an unforeseen toll on its human resources

NetVmg Adds VPN Support
News Analysis | 5/6/2002

NetVmg opens itself up to a new market and further validates the idea of route optimization

Competitive Carriers Lash Out at FCC
News Analysis | 5/6/2002

Frustration builds as competitive carriers and incumbents lock horns over broadband access regulation

Any Color as Long as It’s Optical!
News Analysis | 5/6/2002

France Telecom creates new wonderwear that's geekier than Gap, smarter than you!

France Telecom Plans Wireless Wonderwear
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/6/2002

Gallic charm meets Times Square with France Telecom's multimedia wonderwear.

US to China: Do You Copy?
News Analysis | 5/3/2002

Chinese companies may be reverse engineering low-end optical components and selling them cheap

OnFiber Scoops Up Sphera for $2.3M
News Analysis | 5/3/2002

As Universal Access bows out, OnFiber buys Sphera's multimillion-dollar network for a mere $2.3M

Tropic Re-Emerges
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/3/2002

Has it been hibernating? Retrenching? Whatever it is, the metro startup's ready to show its wares publicly

Centerpoint Lays Off and Spins Out
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/3/2002

Embattled startup has slashed its headcount and is spinning off its wireless business

Report: Sprint Positioned Best in U.S.
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/3/2002

Sprint has technology & marketing edge according to the Wireless Oracle report on how U.S carriers are preparing for 3G

Cisco Prepping Monster IOS Upgrade
News Analysis | 5/2/2002

Company plans to announce huge upgrade to IOS software in the next couple of weeks; touts network resiliency

MRV Gets Another Margalit
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/2/2002

Zaffire founder Near Margalit goes to MRV, where his father is boss, to help the company reorganize itself

Juniper Scoping Out Unisphere?
News Analysis | 5/2/2002

Sources say Juniper is now eyeing Unisphere; in the meantime, Unisphere spins out its voice business

Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project
News Analysis | 5/2/2002

The latest version of Canada's key research network could boost commercial deployment as well

Symbol Talks Up Voice Over 802.11
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/2/2002

WLAN VOIP is a go for industry, but could it hit the hotspots?

Movaz Scores $60M More
Supercomm News Analysis | 5/1/2002

CEO Bijan Khosravi says this round will help bring the startup to breakeven next year

Fiber Cut Cripples Midtown Manhattan
News Analysis | 5/1/2002

Thousands go without service after Verizon loses a fiber optic cable serving 15,000 phone lines

Cisco Goes Spin-Crazy
News Analysis | 5/1/2002

Cisco buys two previously mysterious spin-ins to help revive its cable/broadband and Internet switching products

Sycamore Mulling More Cuts?
News Analysis | 5/1/2002

After Sycamore's earnings warning on Tuesday, layoff rumors sprout while speculation talk simmers

Who's Ahead in DWDM?
News Analysis | 5/1/2002

Ciena's leading the market in long-haul DWDM, but it's a leaner market with smaller prospects, says IDC

Galian Sets Sail
News Analysis | 5/1/2002

Startup is banking on photonic crystals giving it a breakthrough in integrated optical components

RIM – Soon The Database On Your Hip?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/1/2002

RIM has extended enterprise strategy and carrier partnerships.

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