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Are DIY Telco Networks DOA? If True, Great for VMware
News Analysis | 8/30/2018

VMware is gearing up to be a leading vendor to service providers, and may be getting a boost from a shift away from DIY networks and toward integrated stacks.

VMware Sees 'Enormous' Telco Opportunity
News Analysis | 8/29/2018

SD-WAN is driving deals where VMware partners with telcos to sell to enterprise customers.

Disney's Ben Havey: Collaboration & Content in a 5G World
CxO Spotlight | 8/29/2018

To help its parent company connect with consumers as a new kind of service provider, The Walt Disney Studios is creating new entertainment experiences, solving tech problems and getting ready for 5G networks.

VMware Flies to Public Cloud With CloudHealth Acquisition
News Analysis | 8/28/2018

VMware says CloudHealth will give MSPs visibility into public cloud workloads, complementing VMware's existing insights into private clouds and applications.

VMware Buys CloudHealth for Multicloud Ops
News Analysis | 8/27/2018

CloudHealth provides a unified platform to help managed service providers manage cloud costs, usage, security and performance in one place.

VMware Challenges Cisco With AWS & Microsoft Pacts
News Analysis | 8/27/2018

VMware is extending its NSX networking across private clouds, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, and partnering with Cisco rival Arista for switch interoperability.

AI Takes On Telecom Customer Service
Column | 8/27/2018

AI-driven solutions are being used in telecommunications to support various elements of the customer experience that most CRM systems just can't handle.

VMware Slashes Costs for vSphere on AWS
News Analysis | 8/26/2018

VMware cut minimum costs in half for enterprises looking to get started moving vSphere to AWS, among several updates to the service.

VMware Wants You – Yes, You! – as a Cloud Provider
News Analysis | 8/24/2018

The company is rolling out upgrades to its Cloud Provider toolset, to help telcos and managed service providers prosper by delivering multicloud services.

AT&T Boosts Akraino With Code, Summit
News Analysis | 8/23/2018

Carrier hosted two-day developer summmit for open source edge software project, after it released key seed code for major use case.

Mirantis: Your Tailor for Bespoke Private Cloud
News Analysis | 8/23/2018

New version of Mirantis Cloud Platform makes it easier to deploy private clouds for network functions virtualization (NFV), high performance computing and other specialized workloads.

Red Hat Takes Aim at VMware
News Analysis | 8/23/2018

Red Hat will help enterprises move to open virtualization and eventually containers, getting off their expensive "legacy virtualization solutions" -- aka VMware.

Is Open Source More Secure? Maybe Not
News Analysis | 8/21/2018

Cloud training expert cautions against assuming open source software is inherently more secure, advising developers to use with caution.

Slack Value Tops $7B With $427M Funding
News Analysis | 8/21/2018

Warchest will help Slack beat Microsoft, Cisco and other mighty competitors.

The World of Disney: StudioLAB Innovation, Cisco Collaboration & 5G Anticipation
The Philter | 8/21/2018

With technology partners and an eye toward 5G networks, the StudioLAB is helping Disney-owned content studios solve technical production problems and reach consumers in novel ways.

Arista Weaves Security Blanket Over Data Center, Campus and Cloud
News Analysis | 8/21/2018

Arista is stepping up its war with Cisco, extending its new networking fabric strategy to encompass security.

The AI-Driven Telecom Network Is Near & Necessary
Column | 8/20/2018

By 2021, telecom networks will see a turning point where AI-driven technologies will be necessary to deploy, run and manage 5G services and leverage comprehensive network automation solutions.

Google VP: 'Stubbing Your Toe Shouldn't Be Fatal'
News Analysis | 8/20/2018

Google is working to empower developers to succeed with small steps, says Adam Seligman, developer relations VP.

Salesforce Open-Sourcing Machine Learning Software Behind Its 'Einstein' AI
News Analysis | 8/16/2018

Salesforce's 'TransmogrifAI' helps enterprises build big AI systems based on oceans of data.

Google Applies AI to Recruitment, Call Centers & Recommendations
News Analysis | 8/16/2018

Google is looking to knock down barriers to AI adoption by offering enterprises a head start on specific business uses.

Cogent CEO Dave Schaeffer: The World on a Fiber
CxO Spotlight | 8/16/2018

One way to look at how much the industry is changing is to spend some time with an executive – and a company – that has stuck to the same formula and industry view for almost 20 years.

Eurobites: Exponential-e Takes Virgin Atlantic Into the Cloud
News Analysis | 8/16/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Swisscom's fixed-line challenge; MegaFon on the march in Q2; O2 sees the light; Virgin's fiber-to-the-crater.

Cisco: Service Provider Revenues Grow, but the 5G Bonanza Is Yet to Come
News Analysis | 8/15/2018

Disappointing shortage of bad news in Cisco's quarterly earnings, with revenues up across the board.

Oracle Open Sources GraphPipe for 'Dead Simple' Machine Learning Deployment
News Analysis | 8/15/2018

Big Red can't decide whether it loves open source or hates it.

Packet Carving New Niche at the Edge
News Analysis | 8/15/2018

Industry veteran Ihab Tarazi helps lead company in providing IaaS at the edge of the network, offering bare metal compute as part of a larger edge computing ecosystem.

Twistlock Scores $33M to Expand Its Cloud Security Empire
News Analysis | 8/15/2018

The cloud-native applications security specialist has now raised $63 million.

How VMware Plans to Put the Screws on Cisco
News Analysis | 8/15/2018

VMware plans to marry networking and application intelligence, to put Cisco in the crosshairs.

Automation Makes Network Security a Much Bigger Priority
Column | 8/15/2018

Automation will help companies meet customer demand and stay competitive, but it also makes the security stakes that much higher. Here are some key ingredients for a comprehensive network security approach.

US Government Agencies Barred From Buying Huawei, ZTE Tech
News Analysis | 8/15/2018

Defense Authorization Act 2019 puts Chinese tech on purchasing hit list.

Arista Finds Its Campus Mojo
News Analysis | 8/14/2018

Recent Mojo acquisition (no, really, that's the company name) extends Arista's network automation strategy from core to campus.

Crown Castle Courting Enterprises
News Analysis | 8/13/2018

Shared infrastructure play now includes delivering fiber services, lit and unlit, to enterprises in large urban areas across US.

Intel pivots to data-centric future
News Analysis | 8/13/2018

Can Intel reinvent itself for the post-PC future?

Ahoy! Microsoft Adds Webcams to Undersea Data Center
News Analysis | 8/13/2018

There's something fishy at Microsoft's undersea data center off the coast of Scotland, and they want you take a good look.

Cox Business Bulks Up With RapidScale Buy
News Analysis | 8/9/2018

Deal gives Cox biz services unit a broader set of managed cloud services targeted to a mix of verticals.

Dumb Networks, Not Just Dumb Pipes
The Philter | 8/9/2018

The CEO of one of the largest ISPs in the world isn't so keen to use artificial intelligence to manage its network. He just doesn't need it.

Intel Reinventing Xeon for AI – but Is It Too Late?
News Analysis | 8/9/2018

Intel is late to market with AI-enabled chips, but it's determined to catch up.

CenturyLink: Faster Integration Driving Brighter Future
News Analysis | 8/9/2018

Execs upgrade the guidance for 2018 saying the integration of Level 3 is going well and will drive major new business opportunities.

The Cloud Can Prevent Machine-Learning Failures
Column | 8/8/2018

The cloud gives enterprises an express lane to machine learning.

AT&T VP: Using AI to Hyper-Automate Processes
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 8/8/2018

With the use of microservices and AI, AT&T is looking to speed up and change the processes that will ultimately help it transform its network operations and become more efficient.

Salesforce Now Has 2 Bosses – COO Keith Block Joins Marc Benioff as Co-CEO
News Analysis | 8/8/2018

Block will be responsible for growth strategy, executions and operations, while Benioff continues as chairman, leading vision and innovation.

Tower Companies Brace for an Edge Computing Bonanza
News Analysis | 8/7/2018

Cell towers represent a logical location for edge computing and their owners see major opportunity, once they figure out the business model. Two major operators are already on the move.

Cisco Blends Viptela SD-WAN Into Router Stack
News Analysis | 8/7/2018

Cisco's goal is to speed up and simplify WAN deployments, with centralized management and improved visibility.

Arista Shelling Out $400M to Settle Cisco Litigation
News Analysis | 8/6/2018

Arista will write a big check to dismiss the suit charging that it ripped off Cisco's intellectual property.

Cisco's Multi-Year Buying Binge
News Analysis | 8/6/2018

It may seem like Cisco buys companies the way the rest of us buy smartphone apps – just for the heck of it, when they're bored. But there's actually a plan.

Cisco Takes Security Beyond the Enterprise Network With $2.35B Duo Buy
News Analysis | 8/2/2018

Cisco is looking to make it less scary for enterprises to live in the world of public clouds, BYO devices and end users who aren't employees.

Evernote: The Cloud Gets You Closer to Customers
Wagner’s Ring | 8/2/2018

Moving to the cloud lets engineers get close to customer problems, rather than struggling with infrastructure, says Evernote Chief of Staff Ben McCormack.

Arris Financials Clipped by Component Shortages
News Analysis | 8/2/2018

Arris misses its Q2 numbers and cuts financial guidance for 2018 as a component crisis continues to put stress on its key CPE business.

Mirantis & Fujitsu Building 4-Petaflop Supercomputer & Research Cloud in Japan
News Analysis | 8/2/2018

The research cloud will run OpenStack, an example of that software's future in specialized cloud settings, including high-performance computing, says Mirantis co-founder and CMO Boris Renski.

Nutanix Acquiring Frame, for Desktop-as-a-Service
News Analysis | 8/2/2018

Nutanix is climbing the cloud stack by acquiring Mainframe2, aka "Frame," which delivers cloud-based Windows desktops and applications.

Amazon Ditching Oracle by 2020 – Report
News Analysis | 8/1/2018

Larry Ellison loves to insult AWS, but Amazon isn't going to put up with it much longer.

Google VP: Small Failures Drive Big Success
Wagner’s Ring | 8/1/2018

Developers need tools that let them make fast, incremental changes to cloud applications, says Google's Adam Seligman, VP of developer relations.

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