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Juniper Snapping Up Cyphort for Security
Wagner’s Ring | 8/31/2017

Cyphort provides analytics for threat defense, and Juniper plans to use the assets to bolster on-premises and cloud security.

Oracle Adds Machine Learning, AI to IoT Cloud
Scott Ferguson | 8/31/2017

Oracle is adding a level of automation to its IoT portfolio with the addition of machine learning and AI.

OpenStack 'Pike' Release Emphasizes Ease-of-Use
Scott Ferguson | 8/31/2017

The 16th version of OpenStack is called 'Pike' and the release looks to simplify the deployment of the private cloud platform.

'For Sale' Rumor Lights Fire Under Broadsoft's Stock
News Analysis | 8/31/2017

Share price jumps 11.5% Wednesday following reports of a planned sale, but Broadsoft isn't the only IP communications platform player looking for a buyer.

Louisiana Overcomes Change Resistance for Cloud Journey
Wagner’s Ring | 8/31/2017

The state government is used to the old way of doing things, but the Office of Technology Services sees it's time to change.

Sysco Looks to Multi-Cloud for Digital Transformation
Wagner’s Ring | 8/30/2017

The food logistics company has ambitions beyond just 'moving things around at a very low cost.'

Is Target Looking to Cut Ties With AWS?
Scott Ferguson | 8/30/2017

With Amazon closing on its Whole Foods acquisition, Target is reportedly looking to move away from AWS for cloud support.

Salesforce Using AI, Natural Language to Search Databases
Scott Ferguson | 8/29/2017

Salesforce's Seq2SQL will allow businesses to use natural language and AI to search relational databases such as SQL.

VMware & Google Hook Up Kubernetes for Enterprise
Wagner’s Ring | 8/29/2017

Fresh off a deal with Amazon, VMware is connecting with Google and Pivotal to help enterprises deploy container applications compatible with Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Security Will Hit $12B by 2024 – Report
Scott Ferguson | 8/29/2017

A new industry survey from Hexa Research finds that the market for cloud security is expected to grow from about $1.4 billion in 2016 to more than $12 billion by 2024.

Cloud Computing: What Lies Ahead for the Rest of 2017
Scott Ferguson | 8/29/2017

A free webinar from Enterprise Cloud News looks at where the cloud is headed for the rest of 2017.

Juniper Secures Cloud-Native Apps
Wagner’s Ring | 8/29/2017

Juniper Contrail Security protects apps built on microservices.

VMware Sharpens Cloud Story, Aims at Security
News Analysis | 8/28/2017

VMworld kicks off with a fulfilled promise about AWS and a new visit to security's 'Goldilocks zone.'

Oracle Hiring 5,000 Cloud Pros in US
Scott Ferguson | 8/28/2017

After being dogged by layoff rumors, Oracle is looking to hire 5,000 cloud professionals in the US.

VMware Debuts Multi-Cloud Management Services
Wagner’s Ring | 8/28/2017

Provides tools to manage and secure applications on-prem and in public clouds without getting in the way of developers and users.

VMware Launches Amazon Cloud Support
Wagner’s Ring | 8/28/2017

VMware Cloud for AWS supports vSphere, VSAN and NSX on Amazon Web Services.

'Hey! You Got Public Cloud on My Premises!'
Wagner’s Ring | 8/25/2017

Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Google and other vendors are mixing on-prem and public cloud technologies, hoping they go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Enterprise Cloud Communications Deliver Borderless Collaboration
News from Huawei | 8/25/2017

There are still a lot of problems and challenges that impede the construction of an information-based enterprise but Huawei has some solutions.

VMware's Cloud Momentum Continues Through Q2
Scott Ferguson | 8/24/2017

VMware's second-quarter earnings reflect the company's continued transformation into a significant cloud player.

Cloud, Digital Transformation Fueling Open Source Job Market
Scott Ferguson | 8/24/2017

A new report from the Linux Foundation and Dice shows companies are looking to hire more IT admins with open source skills to support various cloud plans and digital transformation projects.

Verizon Tightens VNS Security With Check Point
News Analysis | 8/24/2017

Verizon's Shawn Hakl says the addition of Check Point to Verizon Virtual Network Services fits in with Verizon's strategy to provide customers with an expanding software catalog that works over a broad spectrum of hardware.

ZeroStack Propels 'Self-Driving Cloud'
Wagner’s Ring | 8/24/2017

With a new CEO, ZeroStack is looking to make on-premises infrastructure as hassle-free as public cloud.

Google & Walmart Take the Fight to Amazon
Wagner’s Ring | 8/23/2017

Consumers will be able to order Walmart merchandise through Google Assistant.

Google Offering Tiered Networking for Cloud Customers
Scott Ferguson | 8/23/2017

Google will now offer standard and premier networking options for its cloud customers.

Microsoft's 'Project Brainwave' Details Ambitious AI Plans
Scott Ferguson | 8/23/2017

'Project Brainwave' is a deep-learning acceleration platform that Microsoft is developing and will deliver through its Azure public cloud.

Verizon Expands SDN Strategy for Enterprises
News Analysis | 8/23/2017

In addition to providing software-based networking and virtualized security services, Verizon's new SD-Branch service also addresses cloud-based end-user management for its enterprise customers.

Forward Launches Freemium Service for Network Visibility
Wagner’s Ring | 8/23/2017

In addition to launching the new service, Forward scored $16 million in funding.

Druva Scores $80M Funding for Cloud Data Protection
Wagner’s Ring | 8/22/2017

Total warchest now about $200 million for the cloud data protection and management specialist.

Microsoft, Red Hat Expand Partnership to Include Containers
Scott Ferguson | 8/22/2017

An agreement between Microsoft and Red Hat will allow Windows Server containers to run natively on several different Red Hat platforms.

Google Polishes Chromebooks for Enterprise
Wagner’s Ring | 8/22/2017

Google debuts Chrome Enterprise to enhance enterprise security and management for Chromebooks and other Chrome devices.

IBM, Partners Using Blockchain to Protect Food Supply
Scott Ferguson | 8/22/2017

IBM and a consortium of major retail and distribution vendors are planning to use blockchain technology to better monitor and secure the global supply chain for food.

Service Cloudification Enables B2B Transformation in China Telecom
News from Huawei | 8/21/2017

How can communications service providers develop new lines of business based on emerging trends in the enterprise ICT sector?

Cisco Acquiring SpringPath for $320M
Scott Ferguson | 8/21/2017

After partnering for several years, Cisco is acquiring SpringPath for $320 million to boost its hyperconverged portfolio for enterprise data centers.

Network Automation: 3 Tips to Getting Started
News Analysis | 8/21/2017

Network automation can save an enterprise time, money and resources. However, it's not easy to start. To help, here are three useful tips to get the process going.

Cisco Beefs Up Security, Management for Spark Collaboration
Wagner’s Ring | 8/21/2017

Adds end-to-end encryption with on-prem key storage, analytics and mobile device management.

Cisco Takes Networking Fight to Amazon, Microsoft & Google
Wagner’s Ring | 8/21/2017

Enterprises will be able to manage software-defined networks on premises or in AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform using Cisco native ACI tools.

Cloud Pushing SD-WAN Market to $1.6B by 2021 – Report
Scott Ferguson | 8/18/2017

A report suggests the rush to cloud computing could make the SD-WAN market worth $1.6 billion by 2021.

Alibaba Cloud Snags 1M Paying Customers
Scott Ferguson | 8/17/2017

Despite losses in its cloud division, Alibaba now boasts over 1 million paying customers.

CoreOS Adds Microsoft Azure Support for Kubernetes
Wagner’s Ring | 8/17/2017

Azure support is designed to help enterprises avoid cloud vendor lock-in.

Druva Debuts Protection for Cloud Data
Wagner’s Ring | 8/17/2017

Druva is launching a suite of backup, security and governance services to help enterprises take back control they lose when they move data to the cloud.

Cisco Revenue Decline Continues Into Q4
Scott Ferguson | 8/16/2017

Despite in-line financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter of 2017, Cisco revenue declines continued as it looks to embrace the cloud, security and its 'network intuitive' platform.

Microsoft Introduces 'Event Grid' to Automate Azure Serverless Computing
Wagner’s Ring | 8/16/2017

New service helps enterprise write serverless apps more quickly, and let them make more efficient – and less expensive – use of cloud resources.

DevOps, Cloud Changing the Security Market – Report
Scott Ferguson | 8/16/2017

The emergence of public cloud, SaaS and DevOps is changing the way IT purchases security for the enterprise, according to Gartner.

Equinix Index Tracks Interconnection Boom
News Analysis | 8/16/2017

Private data exchange capacity is growing at a much faster pace than the Internet equivalent, according to a new index developed by Equinix.

What Lies Ahead for Enterprise Cloud?
Wagner’s Ring | 8/16/2017

With the work year gearing up as the summer winds down, what can we expect from enterprise cloud? Find out on our webinar Tuesday, August 22.

Microsoft Buying Cloud Orchestration Expert Cycle Computing
Scott Ferguson | 8/15/2017

Microsoft is adding a layer of cloud orchestration to its Azure cloud with the acquisition of Cycle Computing.

Rackspace Wants to Encrypt Customer Data in the Cloud
Scott Ferguson | 8/15/2017

Rackspace is expanding its managed security service with encryption.

FICO, a Premier OpenStack User, Goes to the AWS Dark Side
Wagner’s Ring | 8/15/2017

FICO is looking to AWS for global reach, security and features such as serverless computing and container report, says the financial services company, as OpenStack advocates cringe.

Serverless Computing: Why You Should Wait
News Analysis | 8/15/2017

With offerings from AWS, Google and Microsoft, serverless computing has received a lot of attention, but be aware – it's not ready for prime time yet.

AWS Snags Hulu, FICO as Cloud Customers
Scott Ferguson | 8/14/2017

In addition to picking up Hulu and FICO has customers, AWS also announced some updates for its public cloud platform at its Summit in New York City.

Oracle Bringing More Database Services to the Cloud
Scott Ferguson | 8/14/2017

Oracle plans to offer its Exadata Cloud as part of the company's next-generation infrastructure.

Buzzword Bingo: What the Heck Is Digital Transformation?
Wagner’s Ring | 8/14/2017

Digital transformation: It's not just a meaningless marketing phrase.

'Ladysplaining' Ex-Googler's Anti-Women Memo
Wagner’s Ring | 8/11/2017

Why James Damore, who was fired from Google for writing an anti-women memo, is more than just your average dumb monkey with a keyboard.

HPE Blasting Spaceborne Supercomputer Into Space
Scott Ferguson | 8/11/2017

When Elon Musk's SpaceX Dragon rocket takes off later this month to the ISS, it will be equipped with an HPE supercomputer dubbed Spaceborne.

Microsoft Serves Coco-Flavored Blockchain for Enterprise
Wagner’s Ring | 8/11/2017

Microsoft introduces Coco, a blockchain platform designed to improve scalability, speed, governance and privacy for enterprise needs.

Amazon Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation: Why You Should Care
Wagner’s Ring | 8/10/2017

Amazon is getting behind Kubernetes, taking on a bigger role in open source and educating enterprises on digital transformation.

Sony, IBM Bringing Blockchain to Education
Scott Ferguson | 8/10/2017

Sony is using IBM's blockchain to bring the technology to the education sector.

SD-WAN Security a Headache?
News Analysis | 8/9/2017

MetTel's Ed Fox explains the SD-WAN deployment challenge in assisting enterprise customers is making the transition from a legacy approach to security to a secure SD-WAN.

IoT Skills in Demand: Analytics, Big Data, Security
Scott Ferguson | 8/9/2017

A study conducted by Ubuntu maker Canonical finds that the IoT market needs skilled workers, especially ones with knowledge of big data, analytics and security.

Blockchain-Powered Cloud Dreams Face Barriers
Wagner’s Ring | 8/9/2017

Startups Filecoin and Cloudwith.me have big plans to build peer-to-peer cloud platforms powered by blockchain, but they'll face technical and regulatory obstacles.

Windstream Launches Combined UC & SD-WAN Service
News Analysis | 8/8/2017

Windstream launched the first update to its Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions portfolio, which includes the addition of Broadview's OfficeSuite paired with the operator's SD-WAN platform.

Startups Plan Peer-to-Peer Clouds, Funded & Enabled by Blockchain
Wagner’s Ring | 8/8/2017

Filecoin and Cloudwith.me are both raising money using funding mechanisms based on blockchain, to build cloud infrastructures enabled by blockchain.

Washington State DoT Builds Its Cloud One Blade at a Time
Scott Ferguson | 8/8/2017

Washington State's Department of Transportation is building out its private cloud infrastructure. It might be slow but the results are worth it.

IBM Software Helps Speed Up Deep Learning
Scott Ferguson | 8/8/2017

IBM Research is looking to speed up deep learning across multiple servers and GPUs with new software that uses APIs to hook into a number of open source frameworks.

How CIOs Can Win Friends & Influence Spending
News Analysis | 8/7/2017

With budget shifting away from IT, CIOs need to find allies in their enterprises to help get cloud computing projects, as well as other tech initiatives, implemented. It's time to be buddies with the CFO.

Nyansa Helps IT Fight Complaints
Wagner’s Ring | 8/7/2017

Updates to Nyansa's Voyance service help tech support diagnose problems brought on by BYOD and network complexity.

Arista Surges 20% on Earnings Blowout
Wagner’s Ring | 8/4/2017

Arista stock leaped upward on Friday after reporting fantastic quarterly results, driven in part by Microsoft and other cloud customers.

HPE Sets Date for Software Spinoff
Scott Ferguson | 8/4/2017

HPE will officially spin off its software division on August 21 into a new company called SeattleSpin Co., which will then become a subsidiary of Micro Focus.

Low-Code: Can It Speed Up DevOps, Agile?
Scott Ferguson | 8/4/2017

A survey from Forrester and Appian, which makes low-code tools, shows the technology is helping to speed up the development of applications in the era of cloud, DevOps and digital transformation.

Is Twitter Pivoting to Live Video?
Wagner’s Ring | 8/4/2017

COO Anthony Noto, nicknamed the 'wartime CEO,' wants to turn the social network into a 24x7 live video platform.

AppViewX Boosts App Automation
Wagner’s Ring | 8/4/2017

AppViewX extending its toolkit for app deployment and orchestration to automate manual processes and help network operators save time.

GTT Gears for Organic Growth
News Analysis | 8/3/2017

After a series of acquisitions, the company is aggressively pursuing expansion of internal sales, but may still be in acquisition mode.

AppViewX Debuts Tools for App Automation, Orchestration
Wagner’s Ring | 8/3/2017

The AppViewX platform is designed to automate manual processes and save valuable time in hybrid cloud deployments.

IoT Security Raises Concerns for US Senators
Scott Ferguson | 8/3/2017

With the Internet of Things continuing to grow, a group of US senators is looking to get a better handle on the security of connected devices.

Usual Suspects Lead US Fiber-Lit Building List
News Analysis | 8/2/2017

AT&T and Verizon are one-two but after that it's all about the mergers to determine who owns the most fiber-lit buildings.

Apple Defends China VPN Ban
Wagner’s Ring | 8/2/2017

Apple banned unlicensed VPN apps from its Chinese App Store in compliance with local law, as it does in all countries it does business in, CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday.

How Cloud Storage Became Cool
Scott Ferguson | 8/2/2017

The latest ECN webinar is all about keeping your data safe in the era of cloud.

Oracle Brings Supply Chain to the Cloud
Scott Ferguson | 8/2/2017

Oracle is releasing a massive update to its Cloud Applications suite, including significant additions for supply chain, ERP, human resources and customer experience.

AWS Commands Corner Over Cloud Market
News Analysis | 8/2/2017

Of the leading cloud providers – Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google – Amazon is over three times the size of its nearest competitor, according to a Synergy Research report.

Apple Responds to Trump, Touts 2M US Jobs
Wagner’s Ring | 8/1/2017

While President Donald Trump says Apple CEO Tim Cook promised to build three manufacturing plants in the US, Cook claims Apple has created 2 million jobs.

Apple Shines in Cloud & Enterprise
Wagner’s Ring | 8/1/2017

Cloud services revenue hit an all-time record for Apple in quarterly results announced Tuesday, as the company also touted strong enterprise gains.

Red Hat Acquires Data DeDup Specialist Permabit
Scott Ferguson | 8/1/2017

Red Hat plans to incorporate Permabit's storage compression technology into its Linux platform, as well as hyperconverged and container offerings.

Rackspace Tightens Amazon Embrace
Wagner’s Ring | 8/1/2017

Rackspace is broadening its professional services and tools for large enterprise cloud migration to AWS.

Healthcare Heads to the Cloud
Scott Ferguson | 8/1/2017

Healthcare is embracing cloud computing almost as fast as traditional enterprises. Why this sudden acceptance of technology? ECN went looking for answers.

SD-WAN Supplier Talari Targets Carrier-Leery Enterprises
News Analysis | 8/1/2017

Talari's focus is providing an SD-WAN solution for enterprise customers that want to leverage their investment in legacy equipment and don't necessarily want to work with a service provider for SD-WAN.

S-Net Deploys Versa's SD-WAN Platform
News Analysis | 8/1/2017

S-Net has already deployed Versa's SD-WAN service to about 15 customers and more than 100 locations.

S-Net Taps SD-WAN for Cloud Voice & Data
Wagner’s Ring | 8/1/2017

S-Net is looking to provide low cost and flexibility for its cloud voice and data enterprise customers.

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