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Comic-Con Photos: That's Not a Costume. It's Actually a Cat
Wagner’s Ring | 7/31/2017

Enterprise Cloud News editor Mitch Wagner takes a day off to see the sights at Comic-Con.

SD-WAN Market Will Hit $8B by 2021
Scott Ferguson | 7/31/2017

With enterprise investing more in cloud, big data and mobile, it's driving a greater need for SD-WAN, and creating a major market that is only now starting to grow.

AWS, Despite Slowdown, Reigns Over Cloud Market – Report
Scott Ferguson | 7/31/2017

Synergy Research's latest look at the global cloud market finds that AWS is about three times larger than its next closest rival.

HPE's Meg Whitman Says No to Uber
Scott Ferguson | 7/28/2017

HPE CEO Meg Whitman says she's staying at the company and will not be the CEO of Uber.

Will Automation Take All the IT Jobs?
Wagner’s Ring | 7/28/2017

If maintenance and operations require fewer workers, where do all those workers go?

Vendor Lock-In, Security Remain Major Cloud Obstacles – Study
Scott Ferguson | 7/28/2017

A study conducted by Stratoscale finds that the main obstacles to cloud include vendor lock-in, as well as security, especially with public IaaS.

AWS Engine Pulls the Amazon Train in Q2
Wagner’s Ring | 7/27/2017

With 42% year-over-year growth, AWS is the fastest-growing part of Amazon's business.

Cloud Networking Pioneer Big Switch Scores $30.7M Funding
Wagner’s Ring | 7/27/2017

Brings the total to $120 million for the SDN specialist.

Mitel, ShoreTel Deal Emphasizes UC in the Cloud
Scott Ferguson | 7/27/2017

Mitel's $530 million acquisition of ShoreTel puts the emphasis on shifting UC to the cloud as a way to compete against more nimble players such as Slack.

Allstate Learns to Innovate With the Cloud
Wagner’s Ring | 7/27/2017

The 86-year-old insurer faces competition from online upstarts, and has had to learn to innovate.

Salesforce Service Cloud Gets Personal
Scott Ferguson | 7/27/2017

With customers looking for a much more personalized service, the latest update to Salesforce's Service Cloud allows enterprises to quickly give their consumers this added layer of attention.

GigaSpaces Spins Off Cloudify as Standalone Company
Scott Ferguson | 7/27/2017

As its own company, Cloudify will focus on management and orchestration of cloud apps, as well as NFV.

F5 Still Faces Growing Pains in the Cloud
News Analysis | 7/26/2017

F5's Q3 was marred by macroeconomic issues, but the bigger looming issue is still the cloud.

Microsoft Fires Shot at Google With Containers
Wagner’s Ring | 7/26/2017

Enterprise container support in Azure hits Google Cloud Platform close to home.

HPE's Meg Whitman Considered for Uber CEO – Report
Scott Ferguson | 7/26/2017

HPE CEO Meg Whitman is being considered for the top job at Uber, according to Bloomberg.

Digital Transformation Causing Sleepless Nights for IT – Study
Scott Ferguson | 7/26/2017

A report from Couchbase finds that IT leaders and CIOs are worried about their business being left behind in the move to digital transformation.

Juniper Teases Possible Acquisitions in Cloud Security, SD-WAN
Wagner’s Ring | 7/25/2017

The networking vendor is doing well in quarterly earnings, driven by cloud growth.

Telecom Not Big Part of Juniper's Good News
News Analysis | 7/25/2017

Vendor posted third straight quarter of solid growth, but attributes that mostly to cloud vertical.

CenturyLink: Hybrid SD-WANs Ain't No Picnic
News Analysis | 7/25/2017

New managed services bundles address enterprise demand for managing traffic over combination of private MPLS services and SD-WANs.

Google Launches Fight Club for AI Security
Wagner’s Ring | 7/25/2017

A Google competition pits machine learning attackers against machine learning defenders to strengthen security.

Microsoft Designing Its Own AI Chip
Scott Ferguson | 7/25/2017

Microsoft continues to place big bets on AI, and now Redmond is planning on building its own artificial intelligence chip for HoloLens.

Google Growth Driven by Enterprise Cloud & Machine Learning
Wagner’s Ring | 7/24/2017

Google claims its drive to diversify beyond ad revenue is paying off, although its Q2 earnings didn't include specifics about growth in cloud or machine learning.

Edge Computing: AT&T's Next Big Play?
News Analysis | 7/24/2017

CTO says mobile operators are uniquely positioned to deliver the distributed cloud computing power next-gen apps will require.

Microsoft's Azure Stack Is Useful but Not for Everyone
News Analysis | 7/24/2017

Microsoft is about to release its Azure Stack, which can help enterprises create hybrid clouds. However, the technology is not for everyone.

Enterprises Look to Bake Security Into DevOps – Study
Scott Ferguson | 7/24/2017

While DevOps remains a relatively new feature of the enterprise, security is one concept everyone can agree on. Now, many IT leaders are trying to combine the two.

Arista Switch Ban Stays in Place for Now
Scott Ferguson | 7/21/2017

The International Trade Commission has ruled that a ban against Arista's networking switches will stay in place for now.

AWS Considering Kubernetes for Container Management – Report
Scott Ferguson | 7/21/2017

Amazon Web Services is reportedly considering using Google-backed Kubernetes for container orchestration management, although no firm decision has been made yet.

Microsoft's Azure, Other Cloud Offerings Driving Solid Growth
Scott Ferguson | 7/20/2017

Robust cloud growth, especially within Azure, helps Microsoft close out its fiscal 2017 on a high note.

Google Cloud Platform Gets Speed Boost
Scott Ferguson | 7/20/2017

Google is planning to use the same congestion control algorithm it uses with search and YouTube to give the company's cloud platform a speed boost.

Apple Launches Machine Learning Journal
Scott Ferguson | 7/20/2017

The once secretive Apple is now publishing its machine learning research on a new website.

Juniper Taps Google Executive as CTO
Scott Ferguson | 7/19/2017

Juniper has picked Google's Bikash Koley to replace the company's co-founder Pradeep Sindhu, who stepped down at CTO earlier this year.

Oracle Eyes Its Own Style of Hybrid Cloud Expansion
Scott Ferguson | 7/19/2017

Additional updates to the Oracle Cloud at Customer look to bring the company's hybrid cloud offerings into customer's data centers.

Veritas Looks to Stop Data Running Wild
Wagner’s Ring | 7/19/2017

Veritas is introducing a suite of services for data management, backup, compliance and more, across the cloud and on premises.

IBM's Cloud Strategy Helps, but Can't Stop Revenue Decline
Scott Ferguson | 7/18/2017

IBM continues to grow its cloud business, but these investments could not stop Big Blue's revenue decline in the second quarter of 2017.

Rackspace, Pivotal Ink Partnership to Court Developers
Scott Ferguson | 7/18/2017

Rackspace is teaming up with Pivotal to reach developers who are creating cloud-native applications.

Nutanix CIO: We Drink Our Own Champagne
Scott Ferguson | 7/18/2017

In the era of cloud, it's more than eating your own dog food. For Wendy Pfeiffer, the CIO of Nutanix, the challenges of running the infrastructure of a cloud provider requires a more elegant approach.

Startup TidalScale Scales Up Commodity Servers
Wagner’s Ring | 7/18/2017

While commodity servers are great for scaling out, they don't scale up. TidalScale is looking to fix that.

Cisco Live Photos: Dress for Success in a Company Onesie
Wagner’s Ring | 7/17/2017

Warning: pork contains pork.

Intent-Based Networking: What Does It Mean for Your Cloud?
News Analysis | 7/17/2017

Now that Cisco is jumping into intent-based networking, IT leaders need to understand the technology to take advantage of it. Here's a primer.

IBM Brings Big Iron to the Big Cloud
Scott Ferguson | 7/17/2017

IBM's new z14 mainframe emphasizes cloud and encryption.

Cloud Driving IT Spending in 2017
Scott Ferguson | 7/14/2017

Gartner and IDC released separate reports that show IT spending increasing in the second half of 2017. Cloud is one of the main drivers.

Cisco Buys Observable Networks to Enhance Security
Scott Ferguson | 7/13/2017

Cisco is adding an additional layer of intelligence to the network with its acquisition of Observable Networks, which specializes in security.

IBM Watson Faces Tough Road – Analyst
Wagner’s Ring | 7/13/2017

A 'hefty services component,' competition for AI talent and slender returns on investment are obstacles for IBM's AI initiatives, according to a note from Jefferies.

Microsoft Establishes New AI Research Lab
Scott Ferguson | 7/13/2017

The Microsoft Research AI lab looks to tackle some of the bigger problems with artificial intelligence that Google is already working on.

IBM Automates IT Services With Watson
Wagner’s Ring | 7/13/2017

IBM is looking to Watson to help enterprises streamline IT operations.

Alphabet Launches Investment Fund for AI Startups
Wagner’s Ring | 7/12/2017

Startups will get access to Google funding and expertise for building AI.

Salesforce Brings Einstein AI to Field Service Lightning
Scott Ferguson | 7/12/2017

Salesforce is updating its Field Service Lightning offering with its Einstein AI technology to help better track and monitor technicians and other assets in the field throughout the day.

Google Revs Container Engine for Security & Enterprise Apps
Wagner’s Ring | 7/12/2017

Kubernetes-based Google Container Engine is adding security, scalability, extensibility and hybrid networking features for enterprise and developer appeal.

Cisco Looks to Allay Cloud Bill Shock
Wagner’s Ring | 7/11/2017

New management tools for the Unified Computing System server are designed to let users get a better handle on projected cloud costs.

Red Hat's OpenShift Online Revamped for Containers
Scott Ferguson | 7/11/2017

Red Hat continues to move its developer tools toward containers, including Kubernetes, with a new release of its OpenShift Online platform.

Oracle Cloud Gets NetBonded to AT&T
News Analysis | 7/11/2017

AT&T kept getting asked if NetBond included Oracle. Not any more.

Telia Carrier Now the EdgeConneX Connection
News Analysis | 7/11/2017

The companies create a strategic partnership that will bring Telia Carrier's network to every EdgeConneX site.

Ex-Twitter Engineers Score $10.5M for Cloud Startup Buoyant
Wagner’s Ring | 7/11/2017

Buoyant builds the open source Linkerd project, providing an infrastructure for communications between cloud-native applications.

HyTrust Acquires DataGravity & Grabs $36M Funding for Cloud Security
Wagner’s Ring | 7/11/2017

The acquisition enhances HyTrust's cloud security portfolio, adding data visibility to the vendor's existing virtual machine capabilities.

Microsoft's Azure Stack Creeps Closer to Release
Scott Ferguson | 7/10/2017

With help from Lenovo, HPE and Dell EMC, Microsoft is moving its Azure Stack to availability.

CIOs: Cloud Talent Is Closer Than You Think
News Analysis | 7/10/2017

CIOs are always worried about hiring the right talent. However, there are plenty of talented employees already on staff. It's only a matter of spotting them.

Microsoft, HPE Partner on Azure Stack Expansion
Scott Ferguson | 7/10/2017

HPE is using its Cloud28 channel program to expand its reach into the cloud, and is now partnering with Microsoft to increase the use of the software giant's Azure Stack platform.

9 Most Overhyped or Under-Appreciated Cloud Technologies
Wagner’s Ring | 7/10/2017

Some technologies are getting ridiculous praise, and others don't get enough love. Find out which are which in Enterprise Cloud News' latest special report.

Citrix Spins the CEO Wheel Again, as Tatarinov Departs
News Analysis | 7/10/2017

Kirill Tatarinov lasted 18 months, but he's now out, with David Henshall becoming Citrix's fourth CEO in two years.

Microsoft Changes CIOs in March to Cloud
Wagner’s Ring | 7/9/2017

Longtime Microsoft vet Kurt DelBene is taking the reins from Jim DuBois, following the layoff of thousands of salespeople as part of Microsoft's cloud strategy.

Cisco's 'Network Intuitive': A Risky Transition
Wagner’s Ring | 7/7/2017

Cisco's vision of fully automated networks is a necessary step, but it's a bold one, and the vendor may have a tough time bringing customers along.

Unnecessary Photo of a Live Piglet Eating at a Restaurant Table
Wagner’s Ring | 7/7/2017

The best email we've ever gotten at Enterprise Cloud News.

Arista Suspends US Imports in Trade Dispute
News Analysis | 7/6/2017

Cisco wins this round: Arista has stopped importing switches to the US for now.

Microsoft Cutting Jobs in Shift to Cloud
Wagner’s Ring | 7/6/2017

The company is reportedly chopping 3,000 heads in sales, mostly in Europe, as cloud takes up more of its business.

Arista Barred From Importing Switches to US
Scott Ferguson | 7/6/2017

Arista's years-long fight with Cisco over patent infringement took another turn this week as the company announced it would not import some of switching products into the US to comply with an ITC ruling.

Programmer Secretly Automates Most of His Own Job – Is That Wrong?
Wagner’s Ring | 7/6/2017

He's secretly figured out how to do his full-time, 40-hour job in one to two hours per week, and wants to know if he's cheating his employer.

Intel Cutting Over 100 IoT Jobs
Scott Ferguson | 7/6/2017

Intel is reportedly cutting about 140 IoT jobs after canceling several projects earlier this year.

Open Source Is Like a Puppy, Says Platform9 CEO
Wagner’s Ring | 7/5/2017

Open source is appealing but it's a lot of work.

Evernote Founder Dreams of Digital Immortality
Wagner’s Ring | 7/5/2017

Stepan Pachikov sees the cloud note-taking app he created as a step in the direction of uploading all our memories to AI.

Serverless Is Cheaper Than VMs, Containers – Report
Scott Ferguson | 7/4/2017

A new study from 451 Research finds that serverless computing can save enterprises more money than virtual machines and containers.

Colt Sales Exec on Services Trends
LRTV Interviews | 7/4/2017

Colt's sales director for enterprise, James Kershaw, sheds some light on the services currently in demand and how network upgrades are influencing customer demand.

Microsoft Reorg Targets Cloud & AI Sales
Scott Ferguson | 7/3/2017

A Microsoft reorg puts intensified priority on cloud computing and artificial intelligence, according to a report.

AI Coming to Big Pharma
Scott Ferguson | 7/3/2017

GlaxoSmithKline recently signed a deal with AI startup Exscientia to see if artificial intelligence can make drug discovery more efficient.

How Colt Capitalized on SDN & NFV
LRTV Interviews | 7/3/2017

Mirko Voltolini, VP of technology and architecture at Colt, talks about how SDN and NFV have impacted network operations and service development.

Avi Tightens Ties With Cisco
News Analysis | 7/3/2017

The virtual ADC vendor gets an official reseller deal with Cisco's NFV platform while also riding alongside the Tetration and ACI systems.

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