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Is Microsoft Planning Reorg Around Cloud?
Wagner’s Ring | 6/30/2017

To intensify its focus on the cloud, Microsoft plans a global sales reorganization and job cuts, according to reports.

Colt's CTO on Connecting the Cloud
LRTV Interviews | 6/30/2017

Colt CTO Rajiv Datta talks about the impact of SDN and NFV, how data centers are now at the core of the telecoms ecosystem and how network and services evolution is being built around enterprise demands.

Alibaba Eyes Deal for ZTE's Software Biz – Report
Scott Ferguson | 6/30/2017

Alibaba is reportedly in negotiations to buy ZTE's software business as the company looks to expand its public IaaS offerings beyond China.

Startup Platform9 Scores $22M Funding for Cloud Management
Wagner’s Ring | 6/30/2017

Four-year-old Platform9 supports OpenStack and Kubernetes enterprise cloud management.

Microsoft's Cloudyn Buy Boosts Multi-Cloud Strategy
Wagner’s Ring | 6/29/2017

Microsoft bought Cloudyn, which helps enterprises contain costs of running applications on Microsoft and competitors' clouds.

Cisco Wants to Reconquer Your Network With 'Intuitive' Plan
News Analysis | 6/29/2017

Cisco's 'network intuitive' is about the next 30 years, but it's also a return to the old Cisco.

Cisco & Microsoft Are Collaborating: Arista Should Be Worried
Wagner’s Ring | 6/29/2017

Cisco and Microsoft are working on standardized APIs that marry the performance and resilience of Cisco switches with the flexibility of white box equipment. And Microsoft is Arista's biggest customer.

Nutanix Buddies With Google, Tackles Hybrid Cloud
Scott Ferguson | 6/29/2017

Nutanix is looking to take its hyperconverged offering to the next level with an emphasis on hybrid cloud. The company also struck a deal with Google that will deliver its management software as a service.

China Telecom Deploys Tiered Managed SD-WAN Services
News Analysis | 6/28/2017

China Telecom and Silver Peak have combined to deliver managed SD-WAN services to multinationals.

Microsoft & Box: Frenemies Look to Alter Cloud Storage
Scott Ferguson | 6/28/2017

Microsoft and Box have a new agreement, and the sometime rivals and sometime partners are looking to alter the cloud storage game.

Cisco Makes 'Intuitive' Bet to Reconquer Networks
Wagner’s Ring | 6/28/2017

With its 'network intuitive' strategy, Cisco is looking to take control of enterprise networks in exchange for delivering security and massive business value.

Cisco, Microsoft, in 'Major,' Mysterious Cloud Deal
Wagner’s Ring | 6/28/2017

Microsoft and Cisco are in a deal involving Nexus switches on Azure. We don't know a whole lot more.

Cisco Spent $2M to Close Minor Pay Gaps
News Analysis | 6/27/2017

Improvements in analytics have allowed Cisco to granularly understand its employees' pay and rectify any gaps after an upfront investment of $2 million.

IBM, Oracle Tout Cloud Customer Wins
Scott Ferguson | 6/27/2017

IBM and Oracle each announced significant new cloud customers this week. Oracle is supplying Bank of America with ERP, and IBM is moving portions of American Airlines onto its public cloud.

Cal Poly 'Leapfrogs' Into the Future With Cloud
Scott Ferguson | 6/27/2017

California Polytechnic State University is going all in on public cloud and using AWS for its IaaS needs. The university's CIO explains why.

Diversity & SD-WAN Drive GTT-Global Capacity Deal
News Analysis | 6/26/2017

Acquisition lets GTT add greater diversity to its access connections, enabling SD-WAN product to meet more enterprise cloud connectivity needs.

Apple Hugs Cisco in Big Enterprise Push
Wagner’s Ring | 6/26/2017

The two companies are partnering to pitch themselves as the secure platform for enterprise networking.

Deluxe Corp. Checks In With Private Cloud
Wagner’s Ring | 6/26/2017

Billion-dollar Deluxe Corp. is leveraging a private cloud to transform from check-printing to a full suite of services for financial companies.

Google vs. Apple: When Your Computer Breaks, Where Are You Better Off?
Wagner’s Ring | 6/26/2017

Hardware always fails. When the inevitable failure comes, are you better off storing your data in Apple iCloud or Google Cloud?

Cloud Hopping: 5 Tips on Migrating Between Public Clouds
News Analysis | 6/26/2017

For enterprises wanting to move from one public cloud provider to another, there's a lot to consider. However, you don't have to worry about vendor lock-in if you follow these five steps.

Cloud, Digital Marketing Driving IT Hiring in 2017
Scott Ferguson | 6/23/2017

Cloud computing, along with digital transformation in marketing and big data, are going to drive IT hiring in the second half of 2017, according to Robert Half Technology.

ThinkPad at 25: Looking Back at an Icon
Slide Shows | 6/23/2017

For 25 years, the ThinkPad has dominated the enterprise computing space. Enterprise Cloud News looks back at the laptop.

Dropbox Wants a Fiber Network of Its Own
News Analysis | 6/23/2017

Dropbox is launching an international private fiber network to provide faster file access to its 500 million customers worldwide.

Amazon Says Walmart Bullies Vendors Off AWS Cloud
Wagner’s Ring | 6/22/2017

Walmart is pushing some of its vendors to find alternatives to Amazon Web Services. Amazon says that's bullying.

IBM Targets Data Governance as Europe Eyes More Privacy
Scott Ferguson | 6/22/2017

With new European Union regulations looming, IBM is looking to contribute more to Apache Atlas, as well as expand its commercial data governance and compliance offerings.

HPE Appoints Antonio Neri as President
Scott Ferguson | 6/22/2017

CEO Meg Whitman has appointed Antonio Neri president of the company as HPE looks to shed some businesses and dive deeper into cloud infrastructure, IoT and analytics.

Oracle Touts AT&T Cloud Deployment
Wagner’s Ring | 6/21/2017

Hungry for attention as a public cloud provider, Oracle lands a major customer in AT&T.

Oracle Earnings Soar on Cloud Growth
Wagner’s Ring | 6/21/2017

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) topped $1 billion for the first time, with strong growth in platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service (PaaS and IaaS) as well.

Vapor IO's 'Project Volutus' Brings Cloud to the Edge
Scott Ferguson | 6/21/2017

Startup Vapor IO's new offering looks to use colocation services to bring the cloud closer to edge to power applications from connected cars to AI to virtual reality.

Lenovo Eyes Bigger Roles in Cloud, Data Center
Scott Ferguson | 6/21/2017

Two years after buying IBM's System x server business, Lenovo is making a play for the cloud, data center and more.

Liberty Mutual Aspires to Be 'Software Company That Sells Insurance'
Wagner’s Ring | 6/21/2017

It's a familiar problem: Developing solutions with proprietary technology just takes too long, and IT faces pressure from customers and users to get more agile. Liberty Mutual turned to Cloud Foundry for results.

Cisco Declares a New Era of Intent-Based Networking
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

Intent-based networking, which turns the network into one intelligent, automated system, is ready for prime time, and Cisco wants to lead the pack in making it a commercial reality.

Lenovo Doubles Down on Hyperconverged With Microsoft's Help
Scott Ferguson | 6/20/2017

Lenovo is updating its ThinkAgile hyperconverged offering to include the Microsoft Azure Stack for hybrid or private cloud deployments.

Microsoft, Accenture Building Blockchain Digital IDs for 1.1B People
Scott Ferguson | 6/20/2017

Accenture and Microsoft are planning to use blockchain to create digital identification for more than 1 billion people as part of the UN's ID2020 program.

Juniper Pushes Network Virtualization
Wagner’s Ring | 6/20/2017

Juniper introduced Cloud-Grade Networking, adding telemetry, automation, security and machine learning to help enterprises make the transition to the cloud.

NTT Claims Largest SD-WAN Footprint
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

Company says its 100% software-defined network lets it reach 196 countries with SD-WAN service that is highly customizable.

US Loses Top Slots in Supercomputing Rankings
Scott Ferguson | 6/19/2017

For only the second time in 24 years, the United States does not have a supercomputer in one of the top three spots on the Top 500 list. China, however, remains dominant.

US Energy Department Aims for Exascale
Scott Ferguson | 6/19/2017

The US Energy Department is doling out millions in grants to six tech companies to build an exascale supercomputer, and to better compete with China in the HPC market.

Wasting Money on Cloud: 6 Ways to Stop
News Analysis | 6/19/2017

Cloud computing is being sold as a major cost saver for IT, but it's easier than you think to waste your budget on the cloud. Here are six steps to stop the bleeding and boost your bottom line.

Amazon Steals Big Microsoft Customer With Whole Foods Purchase
Wagner’s Ring | 6/18/2017

Microsoft bragged about having Whole Foods as an Azure, Active Directory and Office 365 customer. Are those bragging rights going to Amazon now?

Cloud Foundry Takes Diversity 'Exceptionally Seriously'
Wagner’s Ring | 6/16/2017

As a little African-American girl fascinated by computers, Kyla McMullen says she wanted to turn herself into a white boy to fit in, but now she's standing out as a woman in tech.

Salesforce: AI Could Produce 800K Jobs
Scott Ferguson | 6/16/2017

Unlike the naysayers, Salesforce sees AI as job creator. In a joint study with IDC, the CRM company found artificial intelligence could produce 800,000 jobs and revenue of $1 trillion.

Can Comcast Beat Customer Hate With a Private Cloud?
Wagner’s Ring | 6/15/2017

Comcast is looking to a private cloud based on Cloud Foundry to turn around record bad customer satisfaction scores.

IBM, AIG Bringing Blockchain to Insurance Industry
Scott Ferguson | 6/15/2017

IBM and AIG have completed a successful blockchain 'smart contract' pilot program that could bring the technology into the international insurance agency.

Comcast Looks to Beat Customer Hate With Private Cloud
Wagner’s Ring | 6/15/2017

Comcast is boosting its dismal customer satisfaction ratings with a private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud built on Cloud Foundry.

Google & Microsoft Tout Multi-Cloud, but Where's Amazon?
Wagner’s Ring | 6/15/2017

Amazon was conspicuous by its absence from a discussion of moving workloads between multiple cloud providers.

Aryaka Launches Clientless SD-WAN for Remote Access
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

Aryaka, an SD-WAN startup founded in 2009, launched a clientless SD-WAN delivering software-defined remote access by combining dynamic CDN and global SD-WAN technologies yesterday at the WAN Summit.

IoT Spending Will Reach $1.4T by 2021 – Report
Scott Ferguson | 6/15/2017

Global spending on all parts of the Internet of Things ecosphere will reach nearly $1.4 trillion within the next five years, according to IDC.

Is Apple's Car 'The Mother of All AI Projects'?
Scott Ferguson | 6/14/2017

In an interview with Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook breathes new life into company's car rumors, calling the project the "mother of all AI projects."

GE Wants to Make the Industrial Internet More Predictable
Scott Ferguson | 6/14/2017

At the Minds and Machines Europe show, GE unveiled new predictive analytics capabilities using its ServiceMax acquisition that can make the industrial Internet easier to manage.

Microsoft Goes for Cloud Foundry Gold
Wagner’s Ring | 6/13/2017

Beefing up Azure support for the open source platform-as-a-service software, Microsoft joins Cloud Foundry Foundation as a gold member.

IBM, Hortonworks Team on Machine Learning, Data Science
Scott Ferguson | 6/13/2017

Hortonwork and IBM are expanding their partnership to include machine learning and data science for the enterprise.

Equinix, Alibaba Eye Cloud Expansion With New Partnership
Scott Ferguson | 6/13/2017

A new partnership between Equinix and Alibaba is a new way for the two companies to expand their cloud and data center offerings into new markets.

Inside Apple's New 'Business Chat'
Wagner’s Ring | 6/13/2017

Apple wants companies to communicate with their customers over Messages, and is building tools to do it.

Verizon: Enterprises Scoff at Phony White Boxes
Wagner’s Ring | 6/12/2017

When it comes to white box networking, enterprises demand the real deal, Verizon says.

Microsoft Fends Off 1.5M Cloud Attacks a Day
Scott Ferguson | 6/12/2017

Microsoft is pulling back the curtain on how it protects its Azure cloud from nearly 1.5 million cyberattacks each day.

CIOs Need to Get Real About Security in the Cloud
News Analysis | 6/12/2017

It's easy to be into a panic over security, especially when cyber attacks such as WannaCry dominate the headlines. However, smart CIOs know that security in the cloud requires a real plan.

Digital Realty Deal a Strategic Expansion
News Analysis | 6/9/2017

Paying $7.6B in stock for a seemingly smaller company brings blue-chip customers and well located data centers for hyperscalers.

To Stop AI From Going Rogue, Make It Neurotic
Wagner’s Ring | 6/9/2017

Make AI doubt its own usefulness in order to make sure we can switch it off, according to researchers at the University of California Berkeley.

Lloyds Inks Ł1.3B Cloud Deal With IBM
Wagner’s Ring | 6/9/2017

Lloyds Banking Group signed a ten-year agreement, valued at US$1.66 billion, to move to a private cloud.

IoT: Living in the Material World
Slide Shows | 6/9/2017

IoT is starting to make its way into the real world, as reflected at the HPE Discover conference this week.

Facebook Getting Pushback on Open Source Hardware Initiative
Wagner’s Ring | 6/8/2017

Getting startup and investor pushback on Telecom Infra Project.

Versa's Ahuja: Go Beyond SD-WAN
News Analysis | 6/8/2017

Versa Network's Kelly Ahuja says it's time to go beyond SD-WAN to the software-defined branch to address cost and complexity challenges.

Dell Reaps Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure
Scott Ferguson | 6/8/2017

Despite posting a quarterly loss of $1.5 billion, Dell saw its hyperconverged infrastructure business grow.

Apple's Cloud Strategy Will Save the iPad
Wagner’s Ring | 6/8/2017

Early predictions that iPads would replace the PC aren't wrong. They were just premature.

Meg Whitman: HPE Is Ready to Expand Again
Scott Ferguson | 6/8/2017

HPE CEO Meg Whitman laid out an ambitious plan for the company at its Discover show.

Is Facebook Moving WhatsApp off IBM?
Wagner’s Ring | 6/7/2017

Facebook is reportedly looking to bring its messaging service to its own data centers, costing IBM a marquee customer.

CenturyLink: SD-WAN No Quick Fix
News Analysis | 6/7/2017

The hot new service is actually part of broader customer networking transformation that needs to be planned and plotted long-term.

HPE Cranks Up The Machine at Discover
Scott Ferguson | 6/7/2017

HPE is putting a lot of faith in its memory-driven computing system – The Machine – and provided an update and some use cases at Discover.

Apple Adding 'Business Chat' to Messages, for Enterprise Customer Service
Wagner’s Ring | 6/6/2017

Going against Facebook and Twitter, Apple is offering businesses channels to connect with customers.

Meg Whitman: HPE Will Live on the Intelligent Edge
Scott Ferguson | 6/6/2017

At its Discover show, HPE CEO Meg Whitman outlined a strategy that involves computing on the edge and hybrid cloud.

Telia Carrier PoPs Up in Portland
News Analysis | 6/6/2017

Global carrier adds two new points of presence in the Silicon Forest to reduce latency and add diversity for customers there.

VMware Lets You Fiddle With Your Hybrid Cloud to Cut Costs
Wagner’s Ring | 6/6/2017

The updated vRealize cloud management suite lets users move workloads to wherever they're cheapest – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or on-premises VMware-based private cloud.

HPE Goes All in With Hybrid IT
Scott Ferguson | 6/6/2017

At its Discover show in Las Vegas, HPE laid out its plans to become one of the premier providers of hybrid cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure.

Apple Tunes Up Siri & Cloud Services
Wagner’s Ring | 6/5/2017

Cloud services took center stage at Apple's annual spring product launch, with a new music speaker to rival Amazon Echo, as well as added cloud hooks in the new version of iOS.

For Boys Town, Private Cloud Ain't Heavy
Wagner’s Ring | 6/5/2017

The not-for-profit, providing childcare and healthcare across the US, is moving to a private cloud infrastructure to provide IT agility while keeping costs down.

AI Likely to Outperform Humans in Less Than 50 Years
Scott Ferguson | 6/5/2017

A joint report from Oxford and Yale universities finds that artificial intelligence will outperform humans in most tasks in 45 years, and could automate all jobs in 120 years.

NetApp Expands Into Hyperconverged, Hybrid Cloud
Scott Ferguson | 6/5/2017

NetApp is breaking away from its traditional storage roots and diving deeper into hyperconverged infrastructure and hybrid cloud.

Beware the Blockchain Bubble
Wagner’s Ring | 6/2/2017

Plans to use blockchain for business call to mind another word starting with 'B.'

IBM Loans Cloud Power to Community Grid
Scott Ferguson | 6/2/2017

The World Community Grid, which IBM's philanthropic arm created in 2004, is moving off a traditional data center and to the company's Bluemix public cloud.

VMware's Cloud Momentum Continues in Q1
News Analysis | 6/1/2017

VMware ups its 2018 sales forecasts as a strategy built on hybrid clouds and cross-cloud architectures continues to bear fruit.

Cloud Growth Spawns Worries, Mary Meeker Reports
Wagner’s Ring | 6/1/2017

Enterprise cloud spending is nearly equal to spending on conventional data centers, but security is still a concern, along with other potential problems.

Microsoft Draft Looks to Make Containers Easier
Scott Ferguson | 6/1/2017

Microsoft is releasing Draft, an open source tool that looks to make deploying apps in containers, as well as within Kubernetes environments, easier.

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