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Cisco: We'll Partner With Service Providers on Collaboration
LRTV Interviews | 11/30/2018

The energetic Amy Chang, head of collaboration technology at Cisco, talks with a less energetic Mitch Wagner of Light Reading about the vendor's strategy to partner with service providers to take the stress out of videoconferencing.

Will Plume's Open Source Plan Pay Off?
News Analysis | 11/29/2018

Comcast, Liberty Global, Bell Canada, Samsung and Sagemcom are on board with 'OpenSync,' as Plume seeks much more buy-in for its smart home software initiative.

Windstream Underscores Need for Reach
News Analysis | 11/28/2018

Adding more Southwest US 'on-ramps' to its Cloud Connect platform underscores importance of fiber reach.

AWS Launches 'Outposts' On-Prem Cloud Hardware, With VMware Help
News Analysis | 11/28/2018

Outposts lets users run native AWS software, or VMWare Cloud on AWS, on AWS-built on-premises hardware.

AWS Takes Aim at Oracle & Microsoft – With Telco Assistance
News Analysis | 11/27/2018

AWS CEO Andy Jassy says enterprise are 'looking to flee' Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server – and the Philippines' Globe Telecom says they're one example of a company that moved off Oracle.

Cisco: Get Ready for the Multi-Zettabyte Internet
News Analysis | 11/27/2018

Cisco's annual state-of-the-Internet report – a.k.a. the Cisco Visual Networking Index – projects 4.8 zettabytes of annual traffic by 2022, as networks are transformed by edge computing, IoT and the growing popularity of OTT-delivered video.

Verizon's Hakl on 5G Rollout & Company Reorganization
LRTV Interviews | 11/27/2018

Verizon's Shawn Hakl, SVP of Business Products, talks with Light Reading's Mitch Wagner about the telco's 5G rollout and its recent, sweeping reorganization to focus on customer segments.

AWS Debuts Networking Services – Should Telcos Be Scared?
News Analysis | 11/27/2018

Amazon Web Services launches Global Accelerator and other networking services. Is AWS going into competition with telcos?

Exponential-e CEO on Cloud, Security & Coffee
CxO Spotlight | 11/23/2018

Lee Wade, CEO at UK cloud and data network operator Exponential-e, talks cloud and network evolution, automation, security and why he has two baristas at the company's London HQ.

Comcast Business: Taking New Angles
LRTV Interviews | 11/21/2018

Cable's business services are still growing, but MSOs aren't standing pat as they pursue new areas and lines of business. Jeff Lewis discusses how Comcast is homing in on new opportunities such as SD-WAN, managed security services and the delivery of faster and faster speeds.

Eurobites: Genish Versus Elliott Gets Personal
News Analysis | 11/21/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Alfa deploys Nokia's 4.5G tech; TalkTalk ups sticks, sets up fiber rollout arm; Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson provide campus network for Osram.

Podcast: CenturyLink's CxO Moves & Do We Really Need RFPs?
The Philter | 11/21/2018

On this podcast, we discussed CenturyLink new CTO, why Dull But Critical (DBC) is our favorite category of telecom infrastructure and how cable companies are warming up to the cloud. We also ask a critical question: Does the telecom industry need RFPs?

The Future of Cable Business Services: Covering the Bases
LRTV Interviews | 11/20/2018

After getting some baseball news out of the way, Light Reading's Alan Breznick and Jeff Baumgartner sum up their findings and observations from the recent 'The Future of Cable Business Services' event in NYC.

Cisco Renews Service Provider Focus at Partner Summit 2018
LRTV Documentaries | 11/20/2018

Light Reading's Mitch Wagner filed this report from Las Vegas, where he spoke to enterprise partners, telco CTOs and Cisco executives about the emergence of IoT, AI and 5G – and how those technologies are reshaping networking.

Google: Greene's out as Cloud Boss
News Analysis | 11/16/2018

Greene grew Google Cloud to a top enterprise cloud player. Oracle, meanwhile, is flailing in enterprise cloud, making ex-President Thomas Kurian a puzzling choice as successor.

Comcast's Industrial IoT Platform Has Global Potential
News Analysis | 11/16/2018

'We're effectively IoT over the top,' machineQ exec says.

Analyst: SD-WAN Not Yet Zero-Touch
LRTV Interviews | 11/16/2018

Zero-touch provisioning and plug-and-play are still buzzwords where SD-WAN is concerned, but not reality, says VSG's Erin Dunne.

IBM Revs 'Cloud Factory' for Migration Automation
News Analysis | 11/16/2018

IBM is beefing up its automated tools and services for moving applications to multiple clouds.

Orange Pushing Multivendor SD-WAN
LRTV Interviews | 11/16/2018

Orange Business Services is working with several vendors to develop multivendor SD-WAN expertise and counting on MEF application programming interfaces and definitions for SD-WAN to enable a single portal for its SD-WAN offering, says Franck Morales, vice president of marketing of connectivity services for Orange Business Services. In addition, its SD-WAN service will be built on four other pillars: native cloud connectivity, best-of-breed security, global services and future-proof solution.

Oracle to Buy SD-WAN Pioneer Talari
News Analysis | 11/16/2018

Oracle will integrate the venerable SD-WAN provider into its communications service provider business unit.

Icahn Backs Off Dell Fight
News Analysis | 11/15/2018

Activist investor Carl Icahn, who threatened fire and fury against Dell's plan to go public, now says the company's sweetened deal is the best he's going to get.

AT&T: App Focus Driving Enterprises to Managed SD-WAN
LRTV Interviews | 11/15/2018

SD-WAN is changing the way customers think about networking, from just routing packets appropriately to looking at application flows, and determining the best approach for each application, says Roman Pacewicz, chief product officer for AT&T.

Cisco Reports Strong Q1, but Service Provider Business Lags Growth
News Analysis | 11/15/2018

Overall revenue was up 8% year-over-year in Q1 2019 and product orders also grew by 8%, but service provider product orders were up just 2% and executives provided little insight as to why that line of business is lagging.

F&S: Survey Shows Enterprises Prefer Managed SD-WAN Services
LRTV Interviews | 11/14/2018

Enterprises are shifting to a carrier-managed version of SD-WAN, with only about a quarter of companies preferring a DIY approach, says Roopa Honnachari, industry director, business services and cloud computing for Frost & Sullivan's ICT practice.

SES CEO Plugs Satellite's Role in Global Ecosystem
LRTV Interviews | 11/14/2018

Satellite access will play a key role going forward in reaching distant locations more quickly than fiber can, providing access and wireless backhaul, enabling disaster recovery and backup and connecting mobile sites including cruise and shipping vessels, airplanes and more, says SES CEO John-Paul Hemingway.

CableLabs Erects 'Micronets' Framework for IoT Security
News Analysis | 11/14/2018

Organization says home networks are in need of enterprise-grade protection as IoT devices proliferate and that meeting this challenge will require steps well beyond the boundaries of the cable industry.

Ericsson Takes Startup Approach With 'Edge Gravity'
News Analysis | 11/14/2018

Newly named unit has built a global edge cloud platform that connects a core network to dozens of last-mile service provider networks and a unified software stack.

Colt's Voltolini on Service Automation
LRTV Interviews | 11/13/2018

Mirko Voltolini, global head of Network on Demand at Colt, talks about how the operator has automated the service delivery aspect of its Ethernet services but is still working on the significant challenge of automating the service assurance lifecycle.

Cisco Secures & Sweetens SD-WAN
News Analysis | 11/13/2018

Enhances security, performance and programmability of its Cisco SD-WAN service.

Cisco Contemplates Cloud Calling & Claustrophobic Conferencing
News Analysis | 11/13/2018

Cisco wants to give telcos and other communications service providers opportunities to sell cloud voice calling through Webex Teams. And the vendor is also introducing videoconferencing technology for confined spaces.

PCCW Global: Blockchain Can Automate Inter-Carrier Connections
LRTV Interviews | 11/13/2018

Service interconnection is changing, requiring automation to handle commercial agreements at scale and blockchain can enable that, says Marc Halbfinger, CEO of PCCW Global.

VMs, Containers & the Lumpy Cloud Evolution
Column | 11/12/2018

Network operators will each take their own unique journey to becoming more cloud-native. This heterogeneous, 'lumpy' universe will be with us for quite a while.

'Keep Talkin' Larry' – AWS CEO Trolls Oracle's Ellison, as Amazon Dumps Oracle
News Analysis | 11/11/2018

Amazon is making good progress moving its databases from competitor Oracle's software, and AWS CEO Andy Jassy can't resist tweaking Oracle about it.

Microsoft Scores Another Retail Win, Taking Gap to the Cloud
News Analysis | 11/9/2018

Gap Inc. is moving its 3,100 stores and other channels to the Microsoft cloud, including Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic, as well as mobile and other channels.

CenturyLink's Dugan: On-Demand Services Critical to Telco's Future
LRTV Interviews | 11/9/2018

CenturyLink is moving to 'as-a-service' model to support enterprise use of multiple cloud platforms, says Andrew Dugan, who is now the carrier's CTO.

Cisco & Amazon Bring Public Cloud On-Prem
News Analysis | 11/9/2018

Cisco has deals with all the major cloud providers now, building its multicloud vision for enterprises.

VMware Swings to Kubernetes
News Analysis | 11/9/2018

With the acquisition of Kubernetes startup Heptio, VMware takes a careful step navigating the delicate transition to cloud and open source without alienating its existing customers.

Spectrum: SD-WAN Is Coming Soon, but It's Complicated
LRTV Interviews | 11/8/2018

Satya Parimi of Spectrum Enterprise, says managed SD-WAN services are coming shortly following trials that revealed the complexity of deploying this new service.

Public Safety Agencies Exhorted to Embrace Cloud
News Analysis | 11/7/2018

Public safety expert tells conference there's no reason agencies can't be 'mobile-first' and consume as-a-service apps immediately to save more lives.

Podcast: Agile IT & the Rush Toward Digital Transformation - Sponsored by SAP
Scott Ferguson | 11/6/2018

For the last several years, CIOs and IT professionals have been wrestling with two specific issues as they work toward a cloud-centric future: Agile IT and the rush toward digital transformation. While enterprises want to keep innovating, finding a starting point and knowing which projects to tackle first remain a major obstacle.

To get a better handle on Agile IT and digital transformation, Light Reading Managing Editor Scott Ferguson recently spoke to two experts in these fields: Dan Kearnan, senior director of marketing for cloud at SAP, and Roy Illsley, a distinguished analyst with Ovum.

Budgets Lag Despite CSP Concern Over Network Security
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/6/2018

Most communications service providers (CSPs) surveyed for this month's Thought Leadership Council (TLC) report feel they are on track with network security planning, but more than 80% of respondents worry about future technology being used to launch complex attack vectors.

Eurobites: KPN lubricates Shell's industrial processes with a squirt of 5G
News Analysis | 11/6/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telia clears out of Kazakhstan; Openreach brings fiber to Nottingham and Belfast; EU divided over digital services tax.

Microsoft & Walmart Heat Up Amazon War
News Analysis | 11/6/2018

The two companies are collaborating in a 'cloud factory' in Austin, Texas, to migrate thousands of Walmart apps to the Microsoft Azure cloud. And that's just the beginning.

How Red Hat Could Give IBM's Telco Strategy a New Lease of Life
News Analysis | 11/5/2018

With telco cloud and open source developments playing a key role in network operator strategies, Red Hat's acquisition could bolster IBM's opportunities with communications service provider customers.

RAD: uCPE Is Gateway to IT Service Revenues
News Analysis | 11/1/2018

Service providers need to broaden their view of what uCPE can offer to include not just VNFs but virtual functions that support basic IT.

HPE's 'Spaceborne' Computer Gets Down to Business in Earth Orbit
News Analysis | 11/1/2018

The International Space Station's onboard computer will start chewing on real scientific data, after a year running test suites and benchmarks.

The Open Source Revolution Is Over – the Revolutionaries Won
News Analysis | 11/1/2018

Microsoft's $7.5 billion GitHub acquisition and IBM's $34 billion purchase of Red Hat mark the final end of open source's outlaw period. Light Reading looks at how open source went mainstream, and what the revolution means for business.

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