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MEF18 Day Two: uCPE Can Spur IT Service Revenue
LRTV Interviews | 10/31/2018

Light Reading editors share their highlights from Day Two of MEF18, including new uses for uCPE and MEF's faster spec processes.

Spectrum, Telus Team on Dynamic Services PoC
News Analysis | 10/31/2018

MEF18 demo shows policy-driven dynamic services over multi-carrier networks

IBM-Red Hat: A Crazy Plan That Might Work
News Analysis | 10/31/2018

IBM's $34 billion Red Hat buyout is a high-risk, high-reward gamble that will probably fail. But if IBM succeeds, it can dominate enterprise computing for a generation.

Data Center Switching Enters the 400G Era
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 10/31/2018

The growth of public and private cloud data centers is driving a strong and growing market for high-performance switch chips, and the choices dominating operators in the market make will have a dramatic impact.

MEF Executing on SD-WAN Specs, New APIs & Enterprise Council
News Analysis | 10/30/2018

Organization kicks off its annual conference with three key announcements showing progress on multiple MEF 3.0 fronts.

IBM's Red Hat Acquisition: 'Management Has Run Out of Steam'
News Analysis | 10/30/2018

IBM's Red Hat acquisition seems like a hail-mary play by a vendor that's losing to the competition in public cloud.

MEF18 Preview: APIs, Blockchain & More
LRTV Interviews | 10/29/2018

Light Reading's Carol Wilson and Mitch Wagner tell you what they're looking forward to at MEF18 in Los Angeles.

IBM: Don't Panic! We Won't Mess With Red Hat
News Analysis | 10/29/2018

On a joint conference call, senior IBM and Red Hat execs sought to reassure analysts, investors and customers that nothing will change at Red Hat after Big Blue completes its $34 billion takeover.

Is IBM Overpaying for Red Hat?
Morris Lore | 10/29/2018

Big Blue is paying a staggering premium for a company that trades in open source software.

Google Extends Enterprise Support in 'Firebase' Mobile Dev Service
News Analysis | 10/29/2018

Google is taking the next generation of its Firebase mobile app development service beyond consumer apps and small and midsized business developers.

IBM Buying Red Hat for $34B, Turning Cloud Upside Down
News Analysis | 10/28/2018

IBM rocket-boosts its flagging cloud business by acquiring the open source pioneer.

Cloud Spending Growth Slows, While Big Providers Squeeze Little Guys Even Harder
News Analysis | 10/26/2018

While cloud spending slowed in Q3 2018, it's still growing faster than last year.

Microsoft Completes $7.5B GitHub Acquisition
News Analysis | 10/26/2018

The open source developer community gained 3 million users since the two companies announced the acquisition in June, suggesting that developer claims they'd abandon the platform were overblown.

Mesosphere Tames Kubernetes Proliferation
News Analysis | 10/26/2018

New software is designed to centralize Kubernetes deployments under IT control, as well as improve support for developers building data science applications with machine learning.

Amazon's Cloud Business Grows 46%, Reaching a $26B Annual Run Rate
News Analysis | 10/25/2018

AWS boosted its operating margin to 31% by slashing costs, the company said. Amazon reported overall sales of $56.6 billion, up 29% year-over-year.

Google: Cloud Computing Is Still a Prime Investment Target
News Analysis | 10/25/2018

Internet giant pouring dollars into acquiring talent including sales and marketing skills for its cloud unit, still ranked third behind AWS and Microsoft.

Microsoft Woos Reluctant Developers as $7.5B GitHub Acquisition Nears Close
News Analysis | 10/25/2018

Developer trust will have to be 'earned and not something that we will inherit because of being owners of GitHub,' CEO Satya Nadella said on an earnings call Wednesday.

Mirantis Takes Kubernetes to the Telco Edge
News Analysis | 10/25/2018

The open source cloud vendor says telco network virtualization is stalled, and it's got the cure.

Microsoft Relishes Record Quarter, but Cloud Growth Slows
News Analysis | 10/24/2018

76% year-over-year growth looks laggy when you've been kissing triple digits.

SD-WAN Puts a Doctor in a Backpack
News Analysis | 10/24/2018

The swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack brings medical consultation and transmit clinical data from remote locations, using SD-WAN for connectivity.

Oracle Takes On a Blockchain Skeptic
News Analysis | 10/23/2018

As Oracle debuts new blockchain solutions, Light Reading wonders what, if anything, blockchain is good for.

Eurobites: Telefónica Cries Foul Over Vodafone-Unitymedia Deal in Germany
News Analysis | 10/23/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Sparkle and Amartus air their SD-WAN concept; Nokia boosts Netia's network capacity in Poland; Orange seals satellite-based military deal.

Arista Promises New 400G Switches for These Cloudy Times
News Analysis | 10/23/2018

Before the end of this year, Arista said it will be shipping at least one new 400G switch aimed at helping cloud and data center providers handle the growth and sheer number of enterprise workloads.

Using a Lego Approach to Cable Node Upgrades
The Bauminator | 10/22/2018

A proposed standard aims to allow upgrades to legacy technologies like DOCSIS, or new capabilities, such as 5G or PON, to be snapped into a generic (and modular) node housing.

New Oracle Service Takes Aim at Salesforce
News Analysis | 10/22/2018

Oracle's new CX Unity service is designed to go beyond the linear 'customer journey' to help serve today's 'fickle and nomadic' customers, the company says.

WiCipedia: Diversity in Product Dev & Israeli Entrepreneurs Protest Sexism
WiCipedia | 10/19/2018

This week in our WiC roundup: Keeping smart home products safe for all; Merkel finds sexism in Israeli tech community; girls have limited access to mobile phones worldwide; and more.

CSPs Prove Eager to Embrace Edge Computing
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 10/18/2018

Almost 70% of service providers in this month's Thought Leadership Council (TLC) survey say they either already have or will move compute and application execution to the edge by 2020.

Ciena: Scale for the Future, Support the Legacy
News Analysis | 10/17/2018

New initiatives bring IP onto the platform for end-to-end services up to Layer 3 but also support remaining base of TDM offerings better.

Dell to Icahn: Buzz Off
News Analysis | 10/16/2018

Dell is continuing forward with its planned return to public markets, as investor Carl Icahn threatens to go to the mattresses to fight the proposal.

IBM Is Losing the Cloud Race
News Analysis | 10/16/2018

Twenty percent growth looks great, but not when the market is growing at 50%.

Arista Challenges Cisco on Campus Networks
News Analysis | 10/16/2018

Arista is extending its Cognitive Campus strategy with networking technology gained from its recent Mojo Networks purchase. Arista says: No more BMOC for CSCO.

Icahn Declares War on Dell's Planned Return to Public Markets
News Analysis | 10/15/2018

‘... I still enjoy a good fight for the right reasons,’ Icahn warns. Let's make popcorn and watch the show.

Aryaka's New CEO: We Need to Be More Than a Face in the SD-WAN Crowd
News Analysis | 10/15/2018

IPO plans are on hold as Aryaka builds its business.

Zayo's Brian Daniels: Getting Fiber in Place to Feed 5G Services
LRTV Interviews | 10/12/2018

The legislative environment now seems to have roadblocks up against fiber deployment, according to Brian Daniels, Zayo's senior VP of strategic networks. He said there's a need for standard fees and permanent processes to help multiple tenants use a city's light poles and other infrastructure so several carriers can efficiently provide competitive services in cities.

Investors Rain Cash on Cloud Startups
News Analysis | 10/12/2018

Investors shell out for companies that plan to kill on-premises data warehouses, server scalability and web performance limits, and AI bottlenecks. That's more murder than a Quentin Tarantino movie!

Microsoft: We 'Pledge Our Entire Patent Portfolio' to Linux
News Analysis | 10/11/2018

Microsoft joins the Open Invention Network, a mutual patent protection society, and is bringing along 60,000 patents as a housewarming gift.

IBM: We're Beating Red Hat Private Cloud Growth
News Analysis | 10/11/2018

IBM Cloud Private, which is a year old, has hundreds of users, a landmark it took Red Hat nearly four years to achieve. However....

Netsurion's SD-WAN Plays to MSPs
News Analysis | 10/10/2018

Managed service provider developed its own combined connectivity-security solution that it's selling direct and to other MSPs.

Symantec Seeks to Slash SaaS Security Response Time
News Analysis | 10/10/2018

Looks to reduce time for security pros to detect and react to application threats.

Aqsacom's Telecom Cyber-Intelligence Focus Turns to 5G, NFV
The Philter | 10/9/2018

With one of its most important software updates coming up this month, Aqsacom CEO Gilles Blanc discusses his company's background, technology edge and why 5G is so challenging to cyber-intelligence firms.

CenturyLink Adds Dynamic Cloud Connections
News Analysis | 10/9/2018

New Layer 2-based service promises cloud connections in minutes to enterprises in fiber-fed buildings globally.

Google Quits $10B Pentagon Cloud Competition
News Analysis | 10/9/2018

Google says it won't compete for a lucrative cloud computing contract because it's inconsistent with the company values — and also because portions are out of scope of current government certifications.

I Love Google+ & I'm Sad To See It Die
Wagner’s Ring | 10/9/2018

Superior technology isn't enough.

The New Network Economics
LRTV Interviews | 10/8/2018

Equinix's Bill Long says age of virtualization and automation is causing a major shift in network deployment costs as well as the engineering skillsets required amid the growing need for talented software developers.

Behind the Cloudera-Hortonworks Merger: 'The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend'
News Analysis | 10/8/2018

Fending off hypercloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft was a driver for the merger. But there's more to it than that.

Telia Carrier Vies to Be Prime Cloud Connector
News Analysis | 10/5/2018

Cloud connections, not video or 5G, will be the global network operator's growth drive.

VMware Closes CloudHealth Acquisition
News Analysis | 10/5/2018

VMware beefs up its portfolio for multicloud management.

Chinese Hardware Hack Threatens US Tech Supply Chain – Bloomberg
News Analysis | 10/4/2018

Thirty companies, including Amazon and Apple, and the US government are threatened in the attack, according to a bombshell investigative report from Bloomberg.

When Making SD-WAN Plans, Don't Shirk Security
News Analysis | 10/4/2018

Security requirements 'can change the design of your overall network dramatically,' says Orange Business's John Isch.

SAP Debuts Cloud Tools for Old-School & New Wave Developers
News Analysis | 10/2/2018

Extending support for legacy languages to the cloud, as well as that newfangled serverless thing that all the kids are going on about.

Are Retailers Leaving Amazon Cloud?
News Analysis | 10/2/2018

Some retailers are moving to platforms that aren't competing for customers. Others just want to keep their options open.

Equinix: Scale or Die
News Analysis | 10/1/2018

VP Bill Long tells NFV-Carrier SDN crowd that niche players and new entrants face a much riskier market, even though hardware capex requirements are much lower.

Microsoft Secures IoT 'Dark Matter'
News Analysis | 10/1/2018

Microsoft is developing hardware and software tools to help secure 80 billion Internet of Things devices that will come online by 2025.

3 Takeaways From Microsoft Ignite
Wagner’s Ring | 10/1/2018

Microsoft is striving to win cloud customers with a new telco strategic focus, HoloLens augmented reality, and by forswearing competing with customers – unlike, Microsoft says, its crosstown rivals at Amazon Web Services.

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