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Microsoft's Cloud Bet Keeps Paying Off
Wagner’s Ring | 1/31/2018

Azure alone grew at a whopping 98% year-over-year in Microsoft quarterly results reported Wednesday, driving quarterly revenue of $28.9 billion, up 12% year-over-year.

Investors Jumpy Over Juniper Q1 Outlook
News Analysis | 1/31/2018

Juniper revenues were down in Q4, and projections for Q1 are not making Wall Street happy.

IBM Cloud Taps Into Nvidia GPUs for AI & HPC
Scott Ferguson | 1/31/2018

IBM is now offering access to Nvidia's Tesla V100 GPUs through its cloud offerings to help accelerate AI, HPC and other high-throughput workloads.

Now Cisco Is Getting Into the Kubernetes Racket
Wagner’s Ring | 1/31/2018

Cisco is looking to extend its infrastructure dominance into container management.

Red Hat Buys CoreOS for $250M, Building Kubernetes Muscle
Wagner’s Ring | 1/30/2018

The acquisition broadens Red Hat's open source toolkit to enable enterprises to deploy applications anywhere in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.

Atlantic Broadband Bulks Up on Fiber
News Analysis | 1/30/2018

In latest expansion move, midsize US cable overbuilder plans to use newly purchased South Florida fiber network to boost its business services efforts.

Automation Pioneer Blue Prism Grows Its Digital Workforce
News Analysis | 1/30/2018

The Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) partner to Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM says it added 300 new customers in 2017 and saw revenue grow 155%.

Cisco Revs Up Network Automation
Wagner’s Ring | 1/30/2018

'A good day in IT is when they don't get a call when something is broken,' says Prashanth Shenoy, Cisco VP of enterprise network marketing, as Cisco introduces software to help IT have more good days.

Cloud Collaboration: 4 Ways to Make it Work
News Analysis | 1/29/2018

As with infrastructure and applications, enterprises are eager to move their collaboration and UC tools to the cloud. Before starting, here are four factors to consider.

Amazon HQ2: Analytics Predicts the Pick
Wagner’s Ring | 1/29/2018

Analytics provider Looker claims that 2015 Census data makes a clear choice where Amazon should locate its second headquarters.

CEO Smith Abruptly Exits Equinix
News Analysis | 1/26/2018

Company release cites 'poor judgment' in handling an employee matter as the reason for Smith's shocking departure.

AT&T on Cloud Migration: This Petri Dish Breeds Big Data Benefits
News Analysis | 1/26/2018

AT&T's David Ohrn explains how businesses' digital transformation will continue to fuel accelerated adoption of cloud in 2018, and how the cloud provides companies with the ability to more effectively manage and utilize big data.

Dell considering IPO, or buying all of VMware – reports
Wagner’s Ring | 1/26/2018

Cloud infrastructure leader Dell is considering a return to public markets, and may also scoop up the parts of VMware that it doesn't already own, according to reports.

Cisco Turns Up the Heat on Hyperconvergence
Wagner’s Ring | 1/26/2018

Cisco gave its HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure a multicloud boost, adding support for Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors, containers including Kubernetes and new management tools.

Cisco to Buy Skyport Systems for Cloud Security
Wagner’s Ring | 1/25/2018

Cisco plans to acquire Skyport, which provides hyperconverged systems that are managed over the cloud for secure infrastructure.

Time to Enter the 2018 Leading Lights Awards
News Analysis | 1/25/2018

Are you a winner? Then get cracking on your submission for Light Reading's annual awards – there's a category (or three) for everyone!

Alphabet's Cybersecurity Moonshot: It's Deja Vu All Over Again
Wagner’s Ring | 1/25/2018

Several cybersecurity competitors, ranging in scope from Cisco to at least one startup, have similar goals to the new Alphabet subsidiary plan for a digital 'immune system' against threats.

Amazon Scoops Up Sqrrl for Cloud Security
Wagner’s Ring | 1/24/2018

AWS acquires Sqrrl, a startup with roots in the NSA, to expand security services.

IT Departments: Losing Control, Still Getting Blamed
Wagner’s Ring | 1/24/2018

The 'shadow IT' trend is growing worse, as more and more cloud data is not controlled by IT. And yet IT often gets blamed when things go wrong, according to studies.

Amzallag's Four Horsemen of the Telepocalypse
News Analysis | 1/23/2018

Vodafone's former virtualization chief highlights four key challenges for the communications networking and services sector in 2018.

Cloudian Bridges Storage From the Datacenter to the Cloud
Wagner’s Ring | 1/23/2018

Cloudian's new software and appliance creates a single storage image that stretches from on-premises to the public cloud.

Rainforest Raises $25M for Crowdsourced Software Quality Testing
Wagner’s Ring | 1/23/2018

Rainforest is like Lyft for software quality assurance, maintaining a fleet of testers who are available to developers at a moment's notice.

IBM & Maersk Set Sail With Blockchain
Wagner’s Ring | 1/22/2018

The two companies are forming a joint venture to use blockchain to streamline international shipping.

Stanley Black & Decker CIO Drills Down Into Industrial IoT
Scott Ferguson | 1/22/2018

CIO Rhonda Gass is spearheading an effort to bring more automation and IoT to the factories making Stanley Black & Decker tools and other equipment.

Digital Transformation: Balancing on a 3-Legged Stool
News Analysis | 1/22/2018

Digital transformation is all about balance. However, in order to avoid falling off, there are some important questions CIOs and other IT leaders need to ask.

Digital Realty Adds Oracle to Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem
News Analysis | 1/22/2018

Data center operator touts private connections via Service Exchange, and adds Oracle Cloud.

Salesforce, IBM & Google Relationship Status: 'It's Complicated'
Wagner’s Ring | 1/19/2018

Salesforce's Einstein and IBM Watson are going steady, but Salesforce is also sneaking around with Google on the side.

IBM Earnings Lesson: Don't Call the Mainframe a Dinosaur
Wagner’s Ring | 1/19/2018

The cloud and mainframe sales – yes, mainframe – helped reverse 22 straight quarters of revenue decline for IBM.

Amazon Taps 20 Locations as Finalists for Second Headquarters
Wagner’s Ring | 1/18/2018

Amazon says its second headquarters will bring tens of thousands of jobs and billions in revenue to the lucky location selected, but skeptics worry that governments will give tax breaks and other incentives that negate the benefit to citizens.

Cisco Ex-Boss John Chambers Launches VC Firm & Praises Eating Insects
Wagner’s Ring | 1/18/2018

The former Cisco CEO and chairman has launched a VC firm with investments including Internet of Things, customer experience and – this is where the bugs come in – agritech.

Google Launches Security Dashboard for G Suite
Wagner’s Ring | 1/17/2018

The new security dashboard for G Suite provides analytics to spot potential threats, as well as tips on security best practices.

Workday Acquires Machine Learning Startup SkipFlag
Scott Ferguson | 1/17/2018

Workday is looking to build out its machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities with the acquisition of startup SkipFlag.

Google Launches 3 Submarine Cables
Wagner’s Ring | 1/16/2018

Google says it'll be the first major non-telecoms company with its own undersea cable. So it's got that going for it.

Comcast to AWS: I Dub Thee Preferred Cloud
News Analysis | 1/16/2018

Comcast and AWS are going steady, but not exclusive.

Comcast Taps Amazon As 'Preferred' Cloud Provider
Wagner’s Ring | 1/16/2018

Comcast is turning to Amazon Web Services as it looks to augment waning traditional pay-TV with added services such as home security and mobile access. But what does 'preferred' mean?

Smartsheet Acquires Converse.AI for Conversational Workflow Automation
Wagner’s Ring | 1/16/2018

Bolsters natural-language capabilities for Smartsheet's service that aims to automate business processes.

Cradlepoint Cooks Up Cloud Connectivity
Wagner’s Ring | 1/16/2018

Cradlepoint's cloud service provides 4G LTE wide-area network connectivity for enterprise branches, vehicles and the Internet of Things.

Google Cloud Offers Updates on Spectre & Meltdown Flaws
Scott Ferguson | 1/15/2018

For the most part, Google Cloud has been able to mitigate the fallout from the Spectre and Meltdown flaws found in Intel's x86 processors, which says something about the resiliency of the cloud.

Are Public Clouds Interchangeable Commodities, Like Light Bulbs?
Wagner’s Ring | 1/15/2018

'Pluggable cloud' means moving workloads from one public cloud to another to get the best deal. Deloitte Consulting's David Linthicum is skeptical.

Dropbox Reportedly Filing for IPO
Scott Ferguson | 1/12/2018

Cloud storage and file sharing firm Dropbox has filed confidentially for an IPO, according to Bloomberg. The company is valued at over $10 billion.

IBM Planning to Reassign 30,000 Technology Services Jobs – Report
Wagner’s Ring | 1/12/2018

About a third of staff would be 'productively redeployed,' with about 10,000 of these IBM positions marked for attrition, according to a report on The Register.

Aryaka CMO Sets Sights on IPO in 2019
News Analysis | 1/11/2018

Aryaka CMO Gary Sevounts says the SD-WAN supplier is gearing up for an IPO in 2019, and tells Light Reading his predictions for the SD-WAN market in 2018.

CloudHealth, ParkMyCloud Partner to Rein in Enterprise Cloud Costs
Wagner’s Ring | 1/11/2018

CloudHealth and ParkMyCloud are combining technologies to let cloud users figure out how much they're spending on cloud and automate optimizing workloads to reduce costs.

VMware Confirms 'Small' Number of Layoffs
Wagner’s Ring | 1/10/2018

The company confirmed 'a small reduction in force,' but did not provide specifics. It's also continuing to hire.

Cisco Plugs Encryption Hole in Network Security
Wagner’s Ring | 1/10/2018

Users are encrypting more and more network traffic -- but so are attackers. Cisco's new Encrypted Traffic Analytics aims to improve network security while preserving privacy.

SolarWinds Boosts Cloud Offerings With Loggly Acquisition
Scott Ferguson | 1/9/2018

SolarWinds is looking to expand its cloud lineup with its acquisition of Loggly, which makes SaaS-based log monitoring and log analytics software.

Market Incentives Stacked Against Network Security – US Government Report
Wagner’s Ring | 1/9/2018

Market incentives motivate companies to minimize cost and time to market rather than build for security. That needs to change, according to a draft report from the US departments of Commerce and Homeland Security.

4 Multicloud Management Keys to Success
News Analysis | 1/8/2018

As cloud computing expands, enterprises and their IT departments are trying to get their hands around multicloud deployments. Managing multicloud is difficult, but there are four ways to make it easier.

'Spectre' & 'Meltdown' – What Cloud Users Need to Know
Wagner’s Ring | 1/8/2018

Don't forget to upgrade your browsers; vendors dispute reports of significant performance slowdowns due to patching; and containers and hypervisors don't get a free pass.

Google Cloud Offering 'Preemptible' GPUs Plus Price Cut
Scott Ferguson | 1/5/2018

Google Cloud now offers what it calls 'preemptible' GPUs to help accelerate batch computing and machine learning workloads. Google is also cutting prices.

Cloud Market Soared to $180B in Revenue in 2017 – Study
Scott Ferguson | 1/5/2018

The market for cloud computing continued to grow in 2017, with revenues surpassing the $180 billion mark for the year, a 24% growth rate over 2016, according to Synergy Research.

Making a Resolution for Resiliency in the Shifting Landscape of Cloud & IoT
Column | 1/5/2018

Riverbed's Phil Harris explains how service providers are well positioned to help enterprises discover new business opportunities in IoT and throughout their cloud migration.

Data Center M&A Booms, As Enterprises Change IT Priorities
Wagner’s Ring | 1/5/2018

As enterprises focus more on improving IT capabilities, and less on owning data center real estate, the shift is driving a boom in data center M&A activity, according to a report from Synergy Research.

Intel: We've Patched Most Chips for 'Spectre' & 'Meltdown'
Wagner’s Ring | 1/4/2018

Intel is rapidly rolling out patches in the wake of serious security vulnerabilities affecting nearly every computer user in the world.

Intel Chip Vulnerability Sends Cloud Providers Into Patching Overdrive
Scott Ferguson | 1/4/2018

After news of a significant vulnerability in Intel's processors was disclosed this week, AWS, Microsoft and Google had work to do.

Microsoft Is a 'Deeply Open Source Company,' Says Azure CTO Russinovich
Wagner’s Ring | 1/4/2018

Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich describes the company's attitude toward open source, edge computing, and blockchain in a brief but wide-ranging interview with Enterprise Cloud News.

Cisco Leads $113B Data Center Gear Market – Report
Scott Ferguson | 1/4/2018

Cisco led the $113 billion data center infrastructure market in 2017, although the growing importance of public cloud is beginning to change how enterprises are buying traditional gear.

Microsoft Acquiring Avere to Expand Cloud Data Storage
Scott Ferguson | 1/3/2018

Microsoft has inked a deal to acquire Avere Systems to help customers better store data in the cloud and hybrid environments.

Are Amazon & Salesforce Ditching Oracle?
Wagner’s Ring | 1/3/2018

Both Amazon and Salesforce are looking to get away from Oracle, according to a report from The Information.

MIT Warns of Ransomware in the Cloud, Weaponized AI
Scott Ferguson | 1/3/2018

In its security predictions for 2018, the MIT Technology Review warns of ransomware that targets clouds providers and weaponized artificial intelligence.

Arris Builds Cloud Platform for Next Decade
Wagner’s Ring | 1/2/2018

Networking vendor Arris is transitioning from 15-year-old on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, and hoping that transition will put the company in the innovation forefront for many years.

IoT in 2018: Is This Finally the Year?
News Analysis | 1/2/2018

The Internet of Things has been with us for a while, however, there are four issues IoT needs to overcome to prove itself a successful enterprise technology.

LinkD, Construction App Startup, Has Enterprise Cloud Needs
Scott Ferguson | 1/2/2018

In order to get its app out to the construction industry, LinkD – formerly WireFlare – needs enterprise-level cloud help. It found a willing partner in Oracle.

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