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Interactive TV: Do We Really Want It?
News Analysis | 6/21/2017

Netflix has launched an interactive TV show with 'choice points' where viewers decide where to take the story next.

Infinera's Sales Director Paints Tech's Big Picture
Women in Comms Introduction Videos | 6/21/2017

Shannon Williams, Infinera's director of sales, shares how she achieves work's many balancing acts -- between her role and the broader company, today and tomorrow's tech and more.

Ericsson Moves Closer to Media Business Sale – Report
News Analysis | 6/21/2017

Swedish vendor is reported to have hired banks to look at a divestment of its media business and says it has agreed to sell its power modules business to Asia's Flex.

Cisco's Next Networking Frontier: Intuitive Networks
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

Cisco is giving the enterprise network a makeover, paving the way for automated, intelligent networks driven by policy rules.

Indian Telecom Industry Grapples With Huge Debt, Job Losses
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

Decimated by an aggressive new entrant and government taxation, India's telcos desperately need to restore profitability.

Cisco Declares a New Era of Intent-Based Networking
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

Intent-based networking, which turns the network into one intelligent, automated system, is ready for prime time, and Cisco wants to lead the pack in making it a commercial reality.

G.fast, GPON & the Future of Gigabit Services
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/20/2017

Although the access market is quickly turning to wireless connections, fiber still has its place and is a growing commodity for vendors.

Orange-Backed Athonet Aims to Be Core Rival to Ericsson, Nokia
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

A startup backed by Orange and Facebook could pose a threat to Ericsson and Nokia in the mobile core.

Lenovo Doubles Down on Hyperconverged With Microsoft's Help
Scott Ferguson | 6/20/2017

Lenovo is updating its ThinkAgile hyperconverged offering to include the Microsoft Azure Stack for hybrid or private cloud deployments.

What's Your CDN Strategy?
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

Identifying the best CDN strategy allows video distributors to optimize quality of experience and delivery cost as video streaming ramps up.

BT Tech Chief Makes Plea to 5G Chip Vendors
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

BT's lead tech executive has issued a plea to the 5G chipset vendors to focus on global requirements and not go chasing after early but limited opportunities.

Microsoft, Accenture Building Blockchain Digital IDs for 1.1B People
Scott Ferguson | 6/20/2017

Accenture and Microsoft are planning to use blockchain to create digital identification for more than 1 billion people as part of the UN's ID2020 program.

CENX Names Industry Veteran Kennedy CEO
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

Ed Kennedy, a big name in the optical space, will take over the CEO slot at CENX, currently being filled by CFO Kim Butler.

Eurobites: Nokia Demos 10G PON for Mobile Fronthaul
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia's new medical devices go on sale; Italtel wins 5G funding; Celine Dion in cake form!

Juniper Pushes Network Virtualization
Wagner’s Ring | 6/20/2017

Juniper introduced Cloud-Grade Networking, adding telemetry, automation, security and machine learning to help enterprises make the transition to the cloud.

NTT Claims Largest SD-WAN Footprint
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

Company says its 100% software-defined network lets it reach 196 countries with SD-WAN service that is highly customizable.

Verizon, Comcast Prep for TV Ad Tech Wars
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

With content and connectivity in their arsenals, Verizon and Comcast are putting new resources into advanced advertising tech.

Orange Cuts BT Stake Amid Concern About UK Outlook
News Analysis | 6/20/2017

French incumbent reduces its stake in BT following a torrid few months for the UK telco.

Ovum's Dario Talmesio on 5G in Europe
LRTV Interviews | 6/20/2017

At 5G World 2017, Dario Talmesio, principal analyst and practice leader on Ovum's fixed and mobile telecoms European team, explains the emerging trends amongst European operators as they prepare for 5G.

Comcast Opens Up on Smart Cities & machineQ
News Analysis | 6/19/2017

Comcast has big IoT plans for Philly, and every other city in its customer footprint.

FirstNet Unveils State Plans as 4G Safety Network Goes Ahead
News Analysis | 6/19/2017

States will now need to decide if they want in on the AT&T/FirstNet LTE network or not.

Arista Strengthens Its Case for the Network Core
News Analysis | 6/19/2017

Having proven out merchant silicon in the data center, Arista continues to aim for the service provider core with upgrades to its R-series of universal spine switches.

MoCA Makes Play for Broadband Access
News Analysis | 6/19/2017

The Multimedia over Coax Alliance is introducing a new broadband access technology to fill in the coverage 'gaps' left by fiber and coax networks.

US Loses Top Slots in Supercomputing Rankings
Scott Ferguson | 6/19/2017

For only the second time in 24 years, the United States does not have a supercomputer in one of the top three spots on the Top 500 list. China, however, remains dominant.

Poland's Play Plots €3.5B IPO
News Analysis | 6/19/2017

Poland's second-biggest mobile operator has announced plans for an IPO that could be Europe's biggest in the telecom sector for several years.

Telecom Italia in Broadband Clash With Govt – Reports
News Analysis | 6/19/2017

Italy's government is said to be at loggerheads with the country's biggest operator over broadband investment in rural areas.

US Energy Department Aims for Exascale
Scott Ferguson | 6/19/2017

The US Energy Department is doling out millions in grants to six tech companies to build an exascale supercomputer, and to better compete with China in the HPC market.

Eurobites: Sunrise Sunsets 2G Network
News Analysis | 6/19/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Hull may can the copper; new CMO for Altice; Deutsche Telekom rocks – in 360 degrees!

Wasting Money on Cloud: 6 Ways to Stop
News Analysis | 6/19/2017

Cloud computing is being sold as a major cost saver for IT, but it's easier than you think to waste your budget on the cloud. Here are six steps to stop the bleeding and boost your bottom line.

AT&T AI Director on Diversity in Data Mining
Mentor Monday | 6/19/2017

AT&T Labs is made up of engineers, scientists and experts from all walks of life, not necessarily by design, but Director Ann Skudlark says it's an important part of its success.

Ovum's Mike Roberts on 5G Uptake
LRTV Interviews | 6/19/2017

Mike Roberts, research director for Ovum's service provider markets group, explains why he has boosted his 5G subscriptions forecast.

Amazon Steals Big Microsoft Customer With Whole Foods Purchase
Wagner’s Ring | 6/18/2017

Microsoft bragged about having Whole Foods as an Azure, Active Directory and Office 365 customer. Are those bragging rights going to Amazon now?

Suit Claims CenturyLink Pulled a Wells Fargo
News Analysis | 6/16/2017

Former employee claims she was fired for telling CEO Glen Post about widespread charging of customers for services they didn't order.

Apple: 1000x Bitten, Never Shy
News Analysis | 6/16/2017

Once more unto the breach.

Can India's RJio Succeed in Broadband?
News Analysis | 6/16/2017

India's disruptive new entrant is planning on carrying its mobile revolution into the broadband sector.

Cloud Foundry Takes Diversity 'Exceptionally Seriously'
Wagner’s Ring | 6/16/2017

As a little African-American girl fascinated by computers, Kyla McMullen says she wanted to turn herself into a white boy to fit in, but now she's standing out as a woman in tech.

Verizon Adds Cloud-Based VNFs
News Analysis | 6/16/2017

Initial offerings include the usual suspects: SD-WAN, security and WAN optimization, and the company expects most firms will go hybrid.

Eurobites: Orange Pushes On With LoRa
News Analysis | 6/16/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: 3 fined for emergency services failing; Nokia wins Polish fiber deal; VR gets a call-up for Finnish soccer broadcast.

Salesforce: AI Could Produce 800K Jobs
Scott Ferguson | 6/16/2017

Unlike the naysayers, Salesforce sees AI as job creator. In a joint study with IDC, the CRM company found artificial intelligence could produce 800,000 jobs and revenue of $1 trillion.

EBU Rides Into Virtual Reality 'Wild West'
News Analysis | 6/16/2017

The European Broadcast Union is taking an active role in shaping new standards in the virtual reality arena.

Verizon Warns of $500M Hit From Yahoo Deal
News Analysis | 6/16/2017

Big Red warns investors that pre-tax profits will suffer in the second quarter as it works on integrating Yahoo with AOL.

WiCipedia: 50 to Watch & the 'Sheryl Sandberg of Mexico'
WiCipedia | 6/16/2017

This week in our WiCipedia roundup: GTB releases list of 50 women in telecom to watch in 2017; She Loves Tech competes in Pakistan; Erica Baker is our new role model; and more.

Element AI Raises $102M to Bring AI to All
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

Montreal-based startup says it will use the series-A funding to hire more, expand internationally and advance AI to the point where any company can plug-and-play its data for easy analysis.

Can Comcast Beat Customer Hate With a Private Cloud?
Wagner’s Ring | 6/15/2017

Comcast is looking to a private cloud based on Cloud Foundry to turn around record bad customer satisfaction scores.

Lockheed Martin: VR Is on Our Radar
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

The manufacturer of weapons systems for the US Navy reveals how VR is helping it install radar systems in naval vessels.

NB-IoT Interoperability Problems? 'Misinformation,' Says Vodafone
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

Vodafone slams reports of NB-IoT interoperability problems as 'misinformation' and says its own interoperability tests have uncovered no issues.

ISP Startup Targets Disruption in US Suburbs
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

Former Square employees have launched Common Networks, an ISP startup that combines point-to-point wireless service with software defined networking.

IBM, AIG Bringing Blockchain to Insurance Industry
Scott Ferguson | 6/15/2017

IBM and AIG have completed a successful blockchain 'smart contract' pilot program that could bring the technology into the international insurance agency.

Comcast Looks to Beat Customer Hate With Private Cloud
Wagner’s Ring | 6/15/2017

Comcast is boosting its dismal customer satisfaction ratings with a private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud built on Cloud Foundry.

Boeing: Productive VR Cuts Training Time by 75%
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

The aircraft manufacturer uses VR to help with training and maintenance tasks, finding it is a far more effective medium than traditional manuals.

MetTel Takes IoT Anywhere With Single SIM
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

MetTel introduced the IoT Single SIM today, a cloud-connected chip that can securely and automatically connect devices to the IoT with the strongest signal via the four major US and 650 worldwide carriers.

Ovum Ramps Up Its 5G Subs Forecast
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

Research firm now expects the number of 5G users to ramp significantly during 2022 to reach almost 390 million.

How Much Will 5G Cost? No One Has a Clue
Morris Lore | 6/15/2017

Operators want 5G and they want it now, but they don't know how much it will cost or whether it will make them any money.

Remote PHY Takes Early DAA Lead
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

One of several DAA approaches that cable operators are exploring to feed more bandwidth to optical nodes and then customers, Remote PHY hogged the stage at the recent ANGACOM show in Germany.

Orange Plots NB-IoT Launch Outside France
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

French telecom incumbent says it is now planning to use NB-IoT in markets outside France, where LoRa has taken hold.

Eurobites: Roaming Rumpus Isn't Over Yet
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telia's sheep project raises the baa on NB-IoT; Sky and Virgin collaborate on TV ads; BT's new woman in the Americas.

Google & Microsoft Tout Multi-Cloud, but Where's Amazon?
Wagner’s Ring | 6/15/2017

Amazon was conspicuous by its absence from a discussion of moving workloads between multiple cloud providers.

AT&T's Hubbard on Intersection of SD-WAN & MPLS
LRTV Interviews | 6/15/2017

AT&T's Rick Hubbard examines AT&T's SD-WAN strategy and the impact of SD-WAN on the MPLS business.

Aryaka Launches Clientless SD-WAN for Remote Access
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

Aryaka, an SD-WAN startup founded in 2009, launched a clientless SD-WAN delivering software-defined remote access by combining dynamic CDN and global SD-WAN technologies yesterday at the WAN Summit.

IoT Spending Will Reach $1.4T by 2021 – Report
Scott Ferguson | 6/15/2017

Global spending on all parts of the Internet of Things ecosphere will reach nearly $1.4 trillion within the next five years, according to IDC.

Keep Connected IoT Devices Under Control With Allot
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 6/15/2017

Allot AVP of International Pre-Sales, Daniel Keidar, explains how communications service providers can protect infrastructure and service availability from flooding attacks caused by malfunctioning or bot-infected devices connected to their network.

Data Sharing Key to AT&T's AI Push
News Analysis | 6/15/2017

SDN, AI and machine learning are changing how AT&T manages its network, but breaking down silos and empowering all its employees to be data scientists has been the real key to its transformation.

Don't Be the Next DDoS Headline: How Virtualization Can Bolster Service Provider Security
Column | 6/14/2017

Today's telcos and communication service providers are more vulnerable to large-scale DDoS attacks than ever.

Nokia heralds fastest network processor ever
News Analysis | 6/14/2017

The FP4 chip and a new routing platform target big telcos and web-scale giants.

Trump Names Democratic FCC Choice
News Analysis | 6/14/2017

President Trump plans to re-nominate Jessica Rosenworcel as a Democratic Commissioner on the FCC, less than six months after she left the telecom agency.

What Carriers Want From OPNFV
News Analysis | 6/14/2017

A Heavy Reading survey shows carriers support OPNFV but assign a wide variety of interests and expectations to the open source project.

NFV Force Awakens & Gets Realistic – Survey
News Analysis | 6/14/2017

Latest Heavy Reading Future of Virtualization report shows progress in identifying and deploying NFV but also admission that some timelines are slipping.

T-Mobile CFO on Sprint: Interesting, but We Have Options
News Analysis | 6/14/2017

Braxton Carter discusses the inevitable chatter about Sprint.

DT: 5G Network Slicing Lacks Clear Definition
News Analysis | 6/14/2017

Uwe Janssen urges operators and their customers to address confusion surrounding the definition of network slicing and gives short shrift to equipment incumbents.

Is Apple's Car 'The Mother of All AI Projects'?
Scott Ferguson | 6/14/2017

In an interview with Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook breathes new life into company's car rumors, calling the project the "mother of all AI projects."

Verizon: SD-WAN Boosting MPLS Sales
LRTV Interviews | 6/14/2017

SD-WAN is an option for managing bandwidth for applications where MPLS doesn't make sense but it is in no way replacing MPLS, notes Shawn Hakl, vice president of Network and Security Solutions with Verizon.

Eurobites: London AI Startup Thinks Big
News Analysis | 6/14/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: EU operators prepare for roaming charges revolution; DigitalRoute beefs up its board; Ryan Reynolds gets BT into trouble (again).

GE Wants to Make the Industrial Internet More Predictable
Scott Ferguson | 6/14/2017

At the Minds and Machines Europe show, GE unveiled new predictive analytics capabilities using its ServiceMax acquisition that can make the industrial Internet easier to manage.

Virtuapedians Get Something for Almost Nothing
The Pediatrician | 6/14/2017

It would be rude not too...

Parallel Wireless Founder Takes the Non-Traditional Path
Women in Comms Introduction Videos | 6/14/2017

And that's made all the difference for Kaitki Agaawal, who shares her story and advice, as well as her perspective on wireless network evolutions with WiC in Austin.

Tracking TiVo's Ups & Downs
News Analysis | 6/14/2017

Who will take over the reins as TiVo CEO?

Microsoft Goes for Cloud Foundry Gold
Wagner’s Ring | 6/13/2017

Beefing up Azure support for the open source platform-as-a-service software, Microsoft joins Cloud Foundry Foundation as a gold member.

Facebook's TIP Seizes vRAN Initiative From 3GPP
News Analysis | 6/13/2017

Thanks largely to a startup called Phluido, a new working group within Facebook's TIP is looking to standardize the virtualization of the radio access network.

How VR Could Cut Toilet Roll Use
News Analysis | 6/13/2017

VR better engages audiences and drives home important messages, according to Greg Furber, director of VR at content creation company Rewind.

Infinera's Metro Power Play
News Analysis | 6/13/2017

Optical vendor beefs up the metro platform it brought on board with the Transmode acquisition and says there are still plans to add PIC technology to the XTM system.

Uber Hopes Holder Reform Will Stop Implosion
News Analysis | 6/13/2017

Uber has accepted the 47 recommendations made by former US Attorney Eric Holder to improve its culture, including a leave of absence for its CEO.

IBM, Hortonworks Team on Machine Learning, Data Science
Scott Ferguson | 6/13/2017

Hortonwork and IBM are expanding their partnership to include machine learning and data science for the enterprise.

Equinix, Alibaba Eye Cloud Expansion With New Partnership
Scott Ferguson | 6/13/2017

A new partnership between Equinix and Alibaba is a new way for the two companies to expand their cloud and data center offerings into new markets.

UK Needs Policy Overhaul to Be 5G Leader, Says EE Boss
News Analysis | 6/13/2017

EE CEO Marc Allera says UK policymakers will need to shape up if the country is not to fall behind others on the rollout of 5G networks.

Arbor DDoS Mitigation Beefs Up Bigtime
News Analysis | 6/13/2017

Arbor Cloud doubles its current capacity with plans to double again by year's end, with 17 traffic scrubbing centers worldwide.

Eurobites: BT Soups Up Its Superchannel
News Analysis | 6/13/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT trials SDN for broadcast networks; EE demos balloon-based 5G backhaul; Altice hopes to raise $1.4 billion from US IPO.

Ruckus Lines Up Assets Ahead of Arris Sale
News Analysis | 6/13/2017

Brocade is teeing up Ruckus Wireless and ICX switching technology products for sale to Arris with a combined wired/wireless network solution, but the Arris acquisition still has to wait until Broadcom closes its own deal for Brocade.

Inside Apple's New 'Business Chat'
Wagner’s Ring | 6/13/2017

Apple wants companies to communicate with their customers over Messages, and is building tools to do it.

Ericsson Eyes Half a Billion 5G Users by 2022
News Analysis | 6/13/2017

Swedish vendor says recent plans to accelerate the development of 5G technology will spur rollouts from 2019 onward.

Verizon's OTT Buy, Partner & Build Strategy
LRTV Interviews | 6/12/2017

At BCE, Jeff Geiser, vice president of Solutions Engineering at Verizon Digital Media Services, talked about the CSP's OTT content delivery strategy, including the Uplink acquisition and the release of MX Studio.

Calix Crafts 10G EPON Backing for Cable
News Analysis | 6/12/2017

Seeking to make a bigger splash in the global $2 billion cable access tech market, Calix has introduced a 10G EPON version of its AXOS virtualized network platform for MSOs.

Pics: Rubber Ducks & SD-WAN Take Dallas
Slide Shows | 6/12/2017

Light Reading's SD-WAN event featured expert speakers and panelists who examined the future of and business case for SD-WAN, and a whole lot of rubber ducks.

Nokia CTO 'Not Optimistic' About 5G in Europe
News Analysis | 6/12/2017

Hossein Moiin becomes the latest industry executive to air concern about Europe's 5G lag.

Kalanick & Michael Out, Martello In at Uber?
News Analysis | 6/12/2017

Uber's board has reportedly approved all of Covington & Burling's recommendations, including a suggested leave of absence for its CEO and adding a new female board member.

Why You Can't Quit Cable TV
MariNation | 6/12/2017

Cord-cutting is fast losing its price advantage.

Verizon: Enterprises Scoff at Phony White Boxes
Wagner’s Ring | 6/12/2017

When it comes to white box networking, enterprises demand the real deal, Verizon says.

Microsoft Fends Off 1.5M Cloud Attacks a Day
Scott Ferguson | 6/12/2017

Microsoft is pulling back the curtain on how it protects its Azure cloud from nearly 1.5 million cyberattacks each day.

Accept That Fiber Acceptance Needs to Improve
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/12/2017

To offer high-level fiber quality assurance to the clients they are leasing to, network operators need to start looking into more comprehensive automated OTDR systems.

CIOs Need to Get Real About Security in the Cloud
News Analysis | 6/12/2017

It's easy to be into a panic over security, especially when cyber attacks such as WannaCry dominate the headlines. However, smart CIOs know that security in the cloud requires a real plan.

Eurobites: Merkel Urges New Data Diktat
News Analysis | 6/12/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: EU to probe Qualcomm/NXP deal; London Tech Week 2017 is up and running; Nokia wins big in China; mission-critical LTE tests planned; Dixons gives up on US.

OPNFV Summit Comes at Critical Time
News Analysis | 6/9/2017

Multiple issues including commercial models, cooperation among open source efforts and internal culture changes loom.

Startup Could Replace Ericsson, Says Orange
News Analysis | 6/9/2017

An 11-employee startup could displace Ericsson in the RAN, says France's biggest telco.

Confessions of a TM Forum Live! Virgin
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/9/2017

Heavy Reading's eight key takeaways from the TM Forum's annual jamboree in Nice.

Canadian Govt. Demands Lower Wireless Prices
News Analysis | 6/9/2017

ISED Minister Navdeep Bains calls for carriers to offer cheaper wireless and broadband plans, shaking up the nation's three major telecom players.

Digital Realty Deal a Strategic Expansion
News Analysis | 6/9/2017

Paying $7.6B in stock for a seemingly smaller company brings blue-chip customers and well located data centers for hyperscalers.

Lloyds Inks £1.3B Cloud Deal With IBM
Wagner’s Ring | 6/9/2017

Lloyds Banking Group signed a ten-year agreement, valued at US$1.66 billion, to move to a private cloud.

To Stop AI From Going Rogue, Make It Neurotic
Wagner’s Ring | 6/9/2017

Make AI doubt its own usefulness in order to make sure we can switch it off, according to researchers at the University of California Berkeley.

Eurobites: Ericsson Lands Spanish Core Network Deal
News Analysis | 6/9/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: FTTH Council Europe calls for investment-friendly regulation; Nokia upgrades Swiss air traffic control network; online giants could face police data grab; Telefónica plugs in to renewables.

IoT: Living in the Material World
Slide Shows | 6/9/2017

IoT is starting to make its way into the real world, as reflected at the HPE Discover conference this week.

WiCipedia: Setback to Success & the 'Dad Perspective'
WiCipedia | 6/9/2017

This week in our WiC roundup: Philly Tech Week appeals to minority youth; men bring the 'dad perspective'; the women of WWDC; and more.

Verizon: OTT on Tap as Yahoo Deal Nears Close
News Analysis | 6/9/2017

Verizon's Marni Walden confirms OTT plans once the company has closed on its deal to acquire Yahoo; a transaction which is now expected to be completed on June 13.

Facebook Getting Pushback on Open Source Hardware Initiative
Wagner’s Ring | 6/8/2017

Getting startup and investor pushback on Telecom Infra Project.

Calix Combines Edge, Access on AXOS
News Analysis | 6/8/2017

New Subscriber Management Module (SMm) streamlines service activation and other functions in a centralized approach to policy.

Versa's Ahuja: Go Beyond SD-WAN
News Analysis | 6/8/2017

Versa Network's Kelly Ahuja says it's time to go beyond SD-WAN to the software-defined branch to address cost and complexity challenges.

Dell Reaps Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure
Scott Ferguson | 6/8/2017

Despite posting a quarterly loss of $1.5 billion, Dell saw its hyperconverged infrastructure business grow.

Facebook Takes TIP in New Direction as Investors Doubt Open Source Payback
News Analysis | 6/8/2017

Social networking giant faces a backlash on its open source commitment and says it will start a new group with a RAND licensing model.

Smart Cities Could Be Gold Mine for Telcos
Column | 6/8/2017

But this story will take years to write.

Big Names Board the ONAP Express
News Analysis | 6/8/2017

PCCW, VEON, Juniper, Red Hat and Accenture are among ONAP's new members, but it still doesn't have as many supporters as the Open Source MANO initiative.

Apple's Cloud Strategy Will Save the iPad
Wagner’s Ring | 6/8/2017

Early predictions that iPads would replace the PC aren't wrong. They were just premature.

Meg Whitman: HPE Is Ready to Expand Again
Scott Ferguson | 6/8/2017

HPE CEO Meg Whitman laid out an ambitious plan for the company at its Discover show.

Orange, VCs Commit $113M to Network Startups as 'Black Box' Frustration Mounts
News Analysis | 6/8/2017

French telco teams up with Facebook to support network startups that could disrupt the status quo.

Eurobites: BT Dumps PwC in Wake of Italian Scandal
News Analysis | 6/8/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Comarch lands Croatian deal; Orange signs up to Cloud Foundry; fashion's loss is 3's gain.

Busting a Few Myths About Microservices
Column | 6/8/2017

A few myths have emerged about microservices that need to be addressed, says Ciena's Abel Tong.

Apple Looking for 5G Voice in Standards Body
News Analysis | 6/7/2017

Apple wants a candidate to work with 3GPP's RAN WG1.

Is Facebook Moving WhatsApp off IBM?
Wagner’s Ring | 6/7/2017

Facebook is reportedly looking to bring its messaging service to its own data centers, costing IBM a marquee customer.

Uber Drains the Swamp, but Is It Too Deep?
Que Sera Sarah | 6/7/2017

The ride-hailing company said it has let 20 employees go over an investigation into sexual harassment claims and is still investigating almost 100 others.

CenturyLink: SD-WAN No Quick Fix
News Analysis | 6/7/2017

The hot new service is actually part of broader customer networking transformation that needs to be planned and plotted long-term.

Verizon Beta Tests IPTV, Stays Mum on Launch
News Analysis | 6/7/2017

As new beta tests of Verizon's long-awaited IPTV service begin, rumor surfaces that a commercial launch has been postponed until at least September.

Nuage's Khandekar on the Future State of SD-WAN
News Analysis | 6/7/2017

SD-WAN solutions must address the right business cases, operational tools and partnerships, says Nuage Networks CEO Sunil Khandekar.

Eurobites: Operators Slam EC's 'Timid' 5G Efforts
News Analysis | 6/7/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson heads up connected car project; Actility forges IoT alliance in Sweden; Nokia brings 'mixed reality' to neurosurgery live streaming.

HPE Cranks Up The Machine at Discover
Scott Ferguson | 6/7/2017

HPE is putting a lot of faith in its memory-driven computing system – The Machine – and provided an update and some use cases at Discover.

Ciena Takes a Broad View of Diversity
Women in Comms Introduction Videos | 6/7/2017

Building the best team at Ciena and opening up new market opportunities means incorporating diversity of all kinds, according to its director of business development, Emmanuelle Cahane.

Apple Adding 'Business Chat' to Messages, for Enterprise Customer Service
Wagner’s Ring | 6/6/2017

Going against Facebook and Twitter, Apple is offering businesses channels to connect with customers.

Meg Whitman: HPE Will Live on the Intelligent Edge
Scott Ferguson | 6/6/2017

At its Discover show, HPE CEO Meg Whitman outlined a strategy that involves computing on the edge and hybrid cloud.

AI Key to Telcos' Digital Transformation – Survey
News Analysis | 6/6/2017

Infosys survey indicates that telecom service providers are especially interested in artificial intelligence for its ability to automate processes.

Verizon: Get the Gray Out
News Analysis | 6/6/2017

Network operator learns the hard way that enterprise customers know what a real white box is and won't settle for less.

AT&T's Chris Rice on Open Source & Standards
LRTV Documentaries | 6/6/2017

At BCE 2017 in Austin, AT&T executive Chris Rice discusses AT&T's journey into open source software but also explains why standards are still necessary.

Amazon Joins Protest Supporting Net Neutrality
News Analysis | 6/6/2017

A planned online protest in support of net neutrality is getting a high-profile backer in Amazon.

India's Devices Market: Chinese Dragons Versus Indian Tigers
News Analysis | 6/6/2017

India's device makers have fallen well behind their Chinese competitors in their domestic market.

SoftBank's 'Open Source' Source Is a Slovakian Startup
News Analysis | 6/6/2017

A network deal between tiny Frinx and giant SoftBank is a further sign of the upheaval caused by open source, software and virtualization technologies.

Telia Carrier PoPs Up in Portland
News Analysis | 6/6/2017

Global carrier adds two new points of presence in the Silicon Forest to reduce latency and add diversity for customers there.

NB-IoT Gets Insecurity Complex
Morris Lore | 6/6/2017

Reactions to reports of NB-IoT's difficulties betray some insecurity about the prospects for the LPWA technology.

VMware Lets You Fiddle With Your Hybrid Cloud to Cut Costs
Wagner’s Ring | 6/6/2017

The updated vRealize cloud management suite lets users move workloads to wherever they're cheapest – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or on-premises VMware-based private cloud.

Eurobites: Finns Look for Roaming Opt-Out
News Analysis | 6/6/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: talk of Telefónica quitting Mexico; Vodafone hit by Gulf crisis; Salt peps up its 4G network.

Threat Intelligence: A New Frontier in Cybersecurity
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/6/2017

In business as in warfare, it pays to know your enemy.

HPE Goes All in With Hybrid IT
Scott Ferguson | 6/6/2017

At its Discover show in Las Vegas, HPE laid out its plans to become one of the premier providers of hybrid cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure.

Apple Tunes Up Siri & Cloud Services
Wagner’s Ring | 6/5/2017

Cloud services took center stage at Apple's annual spring product launch, with a new music speaker to rival Amazon Echo, as well as added cloud hooks in the new version of iOS.

Metaswitch: Defining the Cloud Native Core
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 6/5/2017

Metaswitch CMO Ian Maclean sits down with Light Reading's Steve Saunders to discuss the future of NFV.

ANGACOM: Best of the Wurst
LRTV Documentaries | 6/5/2017

Join Alan Breznick for a breezy tour of the hot technology exhibits at ANGACOM, Europe's largest cable TV and broadband show, as well as Germany's hot culinary treats.

For Boys Town, Private Cloud Ain't Heavy
Wagner’s Ring | 6/5/2017

The not-for-profit, providing childcare and healthcare across the US, is moving to a private cloud infrastructure to provide IT agility while keeping costs down.

AI Likely to Outperform Humans in Less Than 50 Years
Scott Ferguson | 6/5/2017

A joint report from Oxford and Yale universities finds that artificial intelligence will outperform humans in most tasks in 45 years, and could automate all jobs in 120 years.

SK Telecom Moves Closer to 1Gbit/s 4G
News Analysis | 6/5/2017

South Korean operator claims to launch a 900Mbit/s service and says gigabit-speed 4G connections are coming early next year.

NetApp Expands Into Hyperconverged, Hybrid Cloud
Scott Ferguson | 6/5/2017

NetApp is breaking away from its traditional storage roots and diving deeper into hyperconverged infrastructure and hybrid cloud.

Verizon Lays Out a Vision for Mobile, Fiber & Cloud
News Analysis | 6/5/2017

In his BCE 2017 keynote, Verizon's Ed Chan discusses what it will take to deliver on 5G and IoT – and how that changes the priorities for a service provider.

Eurobites: Vodafone Netherlands Finally Switches on NB-IoT Network
News Analysis | 6/5/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telkom revenues up 10%; MTS cozies up to Nokia on IoT and more; EU wants more from Qualcomm.

SoftBank Seeks Another $7B in Plan for World Tech Domination – Report
News Analysis | 6/5/2017

SoftBank is said to be in discussions with potential investors in Canada and the Middle East as CEO Masayoshi Son looks to realize his technology ambitions.

Why Starman Switched to 10G EPON
LRTV Interviews | 6/5/2017

Jaanus Erlemann, CTO at Estonia's Starman, explains why the cable operator opted to upgrade its broadband access network with 10G EPON tech.

Arris Has Designs on a Smarter Cable Edge
News Analysis | 6/2/2017

Cable network nodes are in for a major intelligence boost.

AT&T Takes Charge With Vyatta OS Buy
News Analysis | 6/2/2017

Network operator will own the Vyatta operating system and software for both white box and cloud-based VNFs by acquiring Brocade technology.

Beware the Blockchain Bubble
Wagner’s Ring | 6/2/2017

Plans to use blockchain for business call to mind another word starting with 'B.'

IBM Loans Cloud Power to Community Grid
Scott Ferguson | 6/2/2017

The World Community Grid, which IBM's philanthropic arm created in 2004, is moving off a traditional data center and to the company's Bluemix public cloud.

Dynamic Storage a Key Support for Cloud Networks
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/2/2017

As operators make the push towards NFV, it's equally important to move towards data-on-demand storage.

Level 3 CTO: Lack of NFV Standards a Hindrance
LRTV Interviews | 6/2/2017

At BCE, Level 3 CTO Andrew Dugan told Light Reading that the lack of NFV standards is a 'pain point' and a hindrance to achieving scalability.

Eurobites: Vivendi Chief Adds Top Job at Telecom Italia
News Analysis | 6/2/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefónica trumps The Donald on climate change commitment; MegaFon rides the rails; Elisa joins Tampere smart city project; Google fine imminent?

SoftBank Suffers Satellite Strategy Setback
News Analysis | 6/2/2017

A proposed merger of SoftBank-backed satellite operator OneWeb and Intelsat has fallen through – now SoftBank is expected to look elsewhere for a tie-up.

WiCipedia: Best Initiatives for Women & Highest-Ranked Companies
WiCipedia | 6/2/2017

This week in our WiC roundup: A roundup of the best initiatives for women in tech; women rank their companies; South LA on the rise; and more.

VMware's Cloud Momentum Continues in Q1
News Analysis | 6/1/2017

VMware ups its 2018 sales forecasts as a strategy built on hybrid clouds and cross-cloud architectures continues to bear fruit.

Doughnuts From the Sky? Oh My!
Jonestown | 6/1/2017

Doughnuts get the delivery drone treatment in Denver, because... of course they do.

Nokia Gets in on Verizon 5G Tests
News Analysis | 6/1/2017

All of the tests, which are taking place in multiple US facilities, are focused on 28GHz millimeter wave (mmWave) radios.

Is Ciena in Breakaway Mode?
News Analysis | 6/1/2017

CEO sees today's positive financial results as proof its long-term investment strategy is paying off during an industry shakeout period.

Cloud Growth Spawns Worries, Mary Meeker Reports
Wagner’s Ring | 6/1/2017

Enterprise cloud spending is nearly equal to spending on conventional data centers, but security is still a concern, along with other potential problems.

Is Heterogeneous Coexistence a Requirement for Mobile IoT?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/1/2017

Learning from and building on the lessons of heterogeneous LPWA deployments makes a lot of sense.

Microsoft Draft Looks to Make Containers Easier
Scott Ferguson | 6/1/2017

Microsoft is releasing Draft, an open source tool that looks to make deploying apps in containers, as well as within Kubernetes environments, easier.

MetTel: SD-WAN Ramp-Up 'Astronomical'
LRTV Interviews | 6/1/2017

MetTel's VP of Network Services, Ed Fox, shares insight into the spike in demand for SD-WAN and the challenges of meeting that demand.

Eurobites: Telia Adds 4G Access to VPN Package
News Analysis | 6/1/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: 3 completes UK Broadband acquisition; Telefónica trumpets security first; Murdochs huddle with Ofcom to chew over Fox-Sky deal; Brits live dangerously with their mobiles.

Accelerating IP/Optical Network Visibility & Control
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 6/1/2017

Sedona Systems CTO Ori Gerstel speaks with Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre about the latest advances in IP/Optical network control.

IoT Food for Thought
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/1/2017

Don't forget about the potential of the 'smart farm.'

Verizon Offered $100B+ for Charter – Report
News Analysis | 6/1/2017

Months after it was first mooted, a new report suggests Charter has spurned a takeover bid from Verizon worth more than $100 billion.

Ownership Reform Won't Save Unicom
News Analysis | 6/1/2017

A scheme to revitalize China's weakest telecom operator seems unlikely to succeed.

Why India's RJio Wants to Lease Dark Fiber From Govt.
News Analysis | 6/1/2017

Could RJio's sudden interest in serving rural communities spark a rush into India's hinterland?

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