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Telecom, Banking Most Advanced in Digital Transformation – Ovum
News Wire Feed | 11/30/2017

Ovum's annual survey of ICT decision-makers shows that less than 10% of enterprises have achieved their digital transformation goals.

Ericsson Makes 5G Predictions in Mobility Report
News Wire Feed | 11/27/2017

Ericsson expects 5G to cover more than 20% of the global population by 2023 and for there to be 1 billion 5G subscribers by then, according to its annual Mobility Report.

ZTE's 4.5GHz Band System Used by SoftBank for 5G Experiment
News Wire Feed | 11/24/2017

ZTE provides its experimental system, specifically the 5G basestations and core network equipment, for the 4.5GHz band substantiative experiment of SoftBank.

Huawei Unveils 5G-Ready Base Station, New Massive MIMO AAU
News Wire Feed | 11/20/2017

Huawei unveiled a 5G-ready base station and its Dual-200 C-band Massive MIMO active antenna unit (AAU) at the Mobile Broadband Forum event in London.

SK Telecom Boasts 5G-PON Deployment
News Wire Feed | 11/20/2017

South Korean operator says it has deployed a single PON system to support the transport of data to and from 5G and 4G radio access network locations.

Qualcomm, ZTE, China Mobile Boast End-to-End 5G-Ready NR System
News Wire Feed | 11/17/2017

Partners say system is compliant with the 5G New Radio (NR) Layer 1 standard framework currently being finalized by 3GPP.

Huawei's Wireless X Labs Unveils Digital Sky Initiative
News Wire Feed | 11/15/2017

Huawei is seeking partners to help it develop the low airspace digitized economy via enhanced low airspace network coverage.

NTT Communications to Acquire Secure-24
News Wire Feed | 11/14/2017

NTT Communications is to acquire Secure-24, a managed services provider in the US.

Amdocs Unveils ONAP-Based Intercarrier Service Orchestration Solution
News Wire Feed | 11/13/2017

Amdocs has unveiled a virtualized intercarrier service orchestration solution with traffic scaling capabilities based on an ONAP approach.

ZTE & Telefónica Complete 5G Transport Test
News Wire Feed | 11/1/2017

Completes phase-1 transport test in cooperation with Telefónica at its Future Networks Lab in Madrid, Spain.

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