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Clearwire 'Finally in New York City'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/12/2010

Clearwire is sending out offers to sign up for WiMax service in NYC for an initial $35 a month

Chinese Freedom Fighter
Monkey Bidness | 9/10/2010

5:15 PM Freedom from marketing abuse, that is

Verizon Wireless Gets a New CFO
Que Sera Sarah | 9/10/2010

12:30 PM Vodafone's restructuring could leave Verizon Wireless on its own

Apple Relaxes App Restrictions
Contentinople | 9/10/2010

10:30 AM Apps using Adobe Flash and Google AdMob are now allowed... but flatulence apps are not

BT Builds CDN With CDS
EuroBlog | 9/10/2010

9:50 AM Carrier to use Cisco's Content Delivery System for its content delivery network

My Little Pony on the Go-Boom
Monkey Bidness | 9/10/2010

9:10 AM Step away from the stuffed animal...

Euronews: Sept. 10
News Analysis | 9/10/2010

Nokia, Vodafone, BT, and the French president stand tall in today's roundup of European telecom news bits

OS Watch: RIM Regrets & iPhone Instructions
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/10/2010

Developers hate RIM, love Android, and have a love-hate relationship with Apple. Plus other OS observations

Everyone's Mad About the iPad
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/10/2010

Major TV service providers are crafting strategies for Apple's latest hit, but there are key differences in how they're being executed

Celeno's Cable Breakthrough
The Bauminator | 9/10/2010

6:00 AM Celeno gets big WiFi win as Liberty Global prepares to hit Europe with video-optimized multimedia gateways

Nokia Dumps CEO, Hires Elop
News Analysis | 9/10/2010

With its mobile device leadership faltering, Nokia replaces Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo with Stephen Elop, a Microsoft man from Canada

AT&T: Same Old Song
Jonestown | 9/9/2010

5:20 PM Are customers feeling the effects of AT&T's 3G upgrades? Their Facebook responses suggest not

T-Mobile Unveils Fastest 3G Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/9/2010

As exclusively reported back in July, T-Mobile has a HTC phone coming this month that can rival download speeds of the Sprint Epic and Evo

OSS: The Missing Link
News Analysis | 9/9/2010

The evolution of OSS continues as industry experts link service provider IT (SPIT) software directly to carrier revenues

Weinman Quits AT&T
EuroBlog | 9/9/2010

1:00 PM AT&T's cloud evangelist is moving on

The Cisco-ActiveVideo Mating Dance
The Bauminator | 9/9/2010

12:10 PM Is it time for Cisco to complete the courtship and buy ActiveVideo Networks?

Operators Hang Big Hopes on ROADMs
Next-Generation ROADM News Analysis | 9/9/2010

The stage is set for the flexible optical network operators have been dreaming of, but management software will need a boost

Hurricane Electric Spins Different IPv6 View
News Analysis | 9/9/2010

There's no lack of interest by large firms in the transition, just the occasional lack of coverage by large operators, says IPv6 pioneer

NSN Crosses Its IPTV Streams
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/9/2010

Nokia Siemens Networks targets set-tops, PCs, and smartphones with new IPTV client that's completely devoid of Myrio code

Euronews: Sept. 9
News Analysis | 9/9/2010

Telenor, Vodafone, and Amsterdam figure in today's European news roundup

Phyworks Finds a Home
Craig's A-List | 9/8/2010

5:15 PM For a bubble-era chip company, a $72.5M buyout seems like a nice haul

Intel Outside
The Bauminator | 9/8/2010

4:45 PM Will the threat of lawsuits cause Zoran to sweeten its bid for Microtune or open an opportunity for Intel?

Qualcomm vs. Verizon
Jonestown | 9/8/2010

3:20 PM Which is right about the arrival date of LTE smartphones on the market?

Sprint: 4G Is in the Air for NYC
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/8/2010

The operator is offering a 'sneak peek' of its WiMax service in the Big Apple but still not giving an actual launch date

Zoran Targets Broadcom With Microtune Buy
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/8/2010

The cable chip market is changing again as Zoran inks a deal for Microtune and looks to develop integrated SoCs for set-tops and DTVs

Qualcomm Plots 1.5GHz Tablet Processor
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/8/2010

At the Innovation Qualcomm event in London, Qualcomm said it has a 1.5GHz dual-core processor up its sleeve

SMS’s Sore Thumb Serenade
Que Sera Sarah | 9/8/2010

12:35 PM SMS may be boring, but it's booming

Healthy Market for 4G Base Station Antennas
LR Mobile Column | 9/8/2010

Deployment of 4G LTE and WiMax mobile networks will result in strong growth for makers of base station antennas and related products

Healthy Market for 4G Base Station Antennas
LR Mobile Column | 9/8/2010

Deployment of 4G LTE and WiMax mobile networks will result in strong growth for makers of base station antennas and related products

ROADMs Get Ready to Go Off-Grid
Next-Generation ROADM News Analysis | 9/8/2010

Finisar officially declares the gridlessness of its ROADM, a feature carriers think they might need as the network goes beyond 100G

Apple to Sell 28M iPads in 2011
Contentinople | 9/8/2010

10:45 AM The iPad is turning up the heat on the entire PC industry, analyst says

Indian Mobile Sub Base Crosses 650M
News Analysis | 9/8/2010

New subscribers continue to flock to the incumbents as India adds another 17 million mobile users

Startup Sees Enterprise Apps as Telco Opportunity
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/8/2010

SAP partner Leapfactor launches cloud-based enterprise apps platform to make the workplace more consumer-like

MEN at Work for Ciena
News Analysis | 9/8/2010

Legacy sales disappoint, but MEN steps up for Ciena's Q3

Cable's Long Path to IPTV Nirvana
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/8/2010

CTO of Moto's Home division sees parallels between cable's journeys to digital TV and now to IP video – it'll be a step-laden grind

Rumor Mill Run Amok
Wireless Bits | 9/8/2010

7:45 AM FT/DT speculation goes crazy

Euronews: Sept. 8
News Analysis | 9/8/2010

Vodafone, Swisscom, Deutsche Telekom, and NSN get top billing in today's roundup of European telecom news bits

RIM's DataViz Buy Could Help With Tablet Biz
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/7/2010

RIM acquires DataViz to fill the gaps in its mobile strategy and maybe help it with applications for its rumored tablet device

Google: Search Future Tied to Mobile
Jonestown | 9/7/2010

5:15 PM CEO Schmidt's vision of the future of search only makes sense if you're mobile

Las Vegas – Mobile Broadband Capital of the US
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/7/2010

Sin City is likely to be the most '4G'-friendly town in the US for the rest of the year, but other metro areas are snapping at its heels

Uninor Commits to India
News Analysis | 9/7/2010

Telenor subsidiary reiterates its targets and strategy for the Indian market despite tough competitive conditions

Ethernet Expo Americas Preview
Ethernet Exposed | 9/7/2010

3:50 PM This year's Expo is shaping up to be one of our largest shows ever

Moto Leans on Ericsson's LTE
Wireless Bits | 9/7/2010

2:30 PM Vendors team up for LTE-based public safety

Q&A: Optimum Lightpath
Ethernet Exposed | 9/7/2010

12:40 PM Senior VPs John Macario and Julia McGrath discuss the future of Carrier Ethernet business services

Q&A: Jeremy Legg, VP, Turner Broadcasting
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/7/2010

Legg walks through Turner's TV Everywhere strategy and how the programmer intends to build cross-platform into its business model

Samsung & LG Dual It Up
Que Sera Sarah | 9/7/2010

11:15 AM Handset makers add dual-core processors to make mobile faster, more powerful

Ericsson Buys North American Integrator
News Analysis | 9/7/2010

Snaps up a chunk of North American strategy and technology consulting services specialist InCode

LTE Dawns in Hong Kong
AsiaBlog | 9/7/2010

7:10 AM CSL shows off its next-gen mobile network

Euronews: Sept. 7
News Analysis | 9/7/2010

France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, C&W Worldwide, and Huawei make the running in today's European news digest

DT Takes First Orders for LTE Service
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/6/2010

Deutsche Telekom opens a registration Website for its new LTE service, as it plans to launch the 4G offer commercially by the end of this year

Is the Rise of Mobile Money Aiding Terrorism?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/6/2010

Customer screening vendor says mobile money transfers are open to abuse by crooks and terrorists, but industry body dismisses the claims

Vodafone Prices LTE
Wireless Bits | 9/6/2010

9:15 AM LTE is in the house

Reliance/GTL Merger Collapses
AsiaBlog | 9/6/2010

7:30 AM Proposed $10.7 billion telecom towers deal called off

Euronews: Sept. 6
News Analysis | 9/6/2010

It's a Polish double, plus the latest on C&W Worldwide and Vodafone, in today's roundup of European telecom news bites

Policy Control Key to Personalized Services
Policy Management News Analysis | 9/4/2010

Policy control is rapidly moving from a tool to control network traffic and ease congestion to a means of delivering user-centric services

Intel on the Couch
Craig's A-List | 9/3/2010

12:40 PM So, tell me what's been troubling you (not that I don't have a guess)

Indian Startups Seek Exit
AsiaBlog | 9/3/2010

11:40 AM Struggling startup operators approach government for an exit route

Smartphones: The New Hacker Frontier
LR Mobile Column | 9/3/2010

As mobile phones become basic tools of commerce, the threat of significant theft through hacking is rising

The New Deal
The Bauminator | 9/3/2010

11:10 AM Retransmission deals are typically touchy, but broadband video and TV Everywhere are taking them to a whole new level

Reveling in ROADMs
Next-Generation ROADM News Analysis | 9/3/2010

Our latest ROADM resource is now live. While it gets going, here's a quick primer on all things ROADM to get you caught up

Huawei Bags India 3G Deal
AsiaBlog | 9/3/2010

8:55 AM With restrictions lifted, Huawei lands network deal with Tata

Cisco, Harmonic Rule Cable Access in Q2
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/3/2010

Cisco sits atop the global CMTS revenue heap, while Harmonic hops over BigBand in the edge QAM market, Infonetics says

Euronews: Sept. 3
News Analysis | 9/3/2010

Fastweb, Vodafone, and Deutsche Telekom take the lead in today's roundup of European telecom news bites

Dublin, Not Nice
EuroBlog | 9/3/2010

6:00 AM TM Forum moves its annual jamboree

Fastweb Hits 100Mbit/s
EuroBlog | 9/3/2010

5:45 AM Italian operator takes fast FTTH to 2 million homes and businesses

Infinera 100G Checkup
Craig's A-List | 9/2/2010

5:30 PM The XO trial gives us a reason to get Infinera on the phone

JDSU Goes Green
Craig's A-List | 9/2/2010

5:15 PM Quick: Name that acquisition. From 2005

Cisco to Service Providers: Get Moving on IPv6
News Analysis | 9/2/2010

Broadband services and mobile phones may prove the biggest IPv6 bugaboo and service providers need to get moving, Cisco says

Why Not an HSPA+ iPhone?
Jonestown | 9/2/2010

4:45 PM Apple could easily upgrade to faster GSM-based 3G for its next phone

CableLabs IDs 'Safe Harbor' Bit Rates for 3DTV
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/2/2010

Cable's R&D house advises MSOs and programmers how many bits they should throw at 3DTV services when using MPEG-2 or MPEG-4

Cisco Steals Smart Grid Show
Que Sera Sarah | 9/2/2010

2:05 PM Cisco is getting aggressive on the grid, potentially leaving telcos out of the equation

IPv6 Prep Warnings Get More Urgent
News Analysis | 9/2/2010

Verizon is the latest service provider to urge businesses to get ready for the transition before IPv4 numbers are all gone

EuroBlog | 9/2/2010

12:35 PM How far will consolidation shrink the European market?

MegaPath Still on Growth Path
News Analysis | 9/2/2010

More acquisitions lie ahead for the managed services company, which this week completed its merger with Covad and Speakeasy

Euronews: Sept. 2
News Analysis | 9/2/2010

O2, Deutsche Telekom, and Virgin Media are in today's potpourri of European telecom news

T-Mobile's Faster 3G Requires Fresher Gear
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/2/2010

Expected 'dual-carrier' speed bump should require less work on the network side, but faster downloads will require newer devices

Roku, Boxee Don't Fear Apple TV's Bite
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/2/2010

Over-the-top video players say they'll have no trouble competing with Apple's latest attempt to rule the TV domain

Verizon Throws Handsets at Prepaid Problem
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/2/2010

Verizon Wireless's rumored prepaid smartphone plans are only a tactic, not the start of a real prepaid strategy UPDATED 12:25 PM

Wound-Care Firm Smiles Through Verizon Cloud
News Analysis | 9/2/2010

GWR saves money on server upgrades and gets guaranteed uptime for its software service using Verizon CaaS

Will Smaller Apple TV Spell Big Trouble for VoD?
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/1/2010

Apple could put pressure on cable VoD with device that sells for $99 and accesses Netflix streaming and iTunes movie/TV rentals

FCC Puts Regulation Cart Ahead of Services Horse
Rewired | 9/1/2010

3:15 PM Feds want to know how to regulate smart grid, telemedicine, and IPTV services: How about waiting until they exist?

TelcoTV Asia: In Pictures!
Slide Shows | 9/1/2010

It's day one of TelcoTV Asia in Shanghai, and our photographer was there to capture the action

Meet Xsigo
Craig's A-List | 9/1/2010

12:20 PM The startup brings out its heavyweight investors

Sprint Ponders Clearwire Strategy
Wireless Bits | 9/1/2010

NOON And speculation crops up again over T-Mobile investing in Clearwire

Apple's Big Day
Contentinople | 9/1/2010

11:05 AM Apple's expected to make a bushel of big announcements today, ranging from a new line of iPods to the latest version of Apple TV

Cisco's CMTS Comeback
The Bauminator | 9/1/2010

10:35 AM Dell'Oro says Cisco was the CMTS top dog in Q2 as sales outpaced Arris's and Motorola's

India Gets Its 3G On
News Analysis | 9/1/2010

Shocking news! Indian government allocates 3G spectrum on time

Euronews: Sept. 1
News Analysis | 9/1/2010

C&W Worldwide, VimpelCom, and Vodafone Germany are doing the business in today's digest of Europe telecom news snippets

EBIF Coming to DTAs
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/1/2010

Evolution Digital intends to use EBIF as a quasi-middleware layer in DTAs for user interfaces and an array of other video apps

T-Mobile Leaves AT&T in Its HSPA+ Dust
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/1/2010

T-Mobile USA is promising 42-Mbit/s 3G in 2011, but will only beat AT&T in highest theoretical speeds

AlcaLu OpenPlugs Away at Apps Enablement
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/1/2010

Telco equipment giant buys a maker of mobile software development tools hoping to help carriers find their apps with both hands

Introducing Light Reading's Salary Survey
The Philter | 9/1/2010

6:00 AM Tell us what you're pullin' down and we'll tell you how you compare to your industry peers

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