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Aquantia Gets out of the 10-Gig Gate
News Analysis | 12/9/2005

Another chip startup has emerged in the 10-Gbit/s copper arena as the IEEE wraps up a key standard

Separated at Birth?
Jonestown | 12/9/2005

Now it can be told.

Larry, Watch Your Back
Red Panda | 12/9/2005

A lesson for cheeky monkeys everywhere

Monkey Contagion Update
Monkey Bidness | 12/9/2005

How does 'Monkey Flu' sound?

Amsterdam Gets Active With FTTH
News Analysis | 12/9/2005

Major FTTH project opts for active Ethernet, with wholesale capacity provider bbned and Cisco pulling the strings

BSNL Shuns Huawei
News Analysis | 12/9/2005

BSNL puts off banning Huawei for defaulting on a contract but turns to rival Chinese vendors

Ciena Grows & Pares Losses
News Analysis | 12/8/2005

Ciena looks ahead to more revenue growth as it continues to focus on optical transport and Ethernet services

Yahoo Jumps Into Voice
News Analysis | 12/8/2005

Yahoo will soon announce a PSTN-connected version of its VOIP client, a clear statement that it intends to compete with Skype

Won't Get Fooled Again!
Monkey Bidness | 12/8/2005

California dreamin': Bonehead v Loony

Jonestown | 12/8/2005

Mobile firm finds a new way to make you really, really nervous.

Ma Marble
The Philter | 12/8/2005

Have you seen the new AT&T logo?

Hirings & Unwirings
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/8/2005

Who's in and who's out in the world of enterprise wireless LAN

America Among the Thugs
Red Panda | 12/8/2005

Some home truths about US hooliganism.

IMS: A Poisoned Chalice?
News Analysis | 12/8/2005

It's the hottest three-letter acronym in telecom town, but is IMS a villain as well as a hero for today's telecom players?

IMS & SDPs Must Work Together
News Analysis | 12/8/2005

Insider report says carriers will need both to sell new IP apps

Canyon of Kvetching
The Martin Chronicles | 12/8/2005

Hype collides with disillusionment as the WiMax rollout begins

NTL Eyes Virgin Quad-Play in U.K.
BroadBananas | 12/7/2005

Dutch Put KPN on the Block
News Analysis | 12/7/2005

The Dutch government is set to give up its 'Golden Share' in KPN, laying the carrier open to takeover approaches

KPN on the Block
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/7/2005

The Dutch government is set to give up its 'Golden Share' in KPN, laying the carrier open to takeover approaches

IEEE OKs Mobile WiMax
News Analysis | 12/7/2005

Approval of the 802.16e standard brings the technology one step closer to reality

IEEE OKs 802.16e Standard
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/7/2005

Today's approval of the standard brings mobile WiMax one step closer to reality

Google Gotcha
Light Ranting | 12/7/2005

Have you ever really tested search engines?

Enigma Unlocks Packet Switch Fabric
News Analysis | 12/7/2005

The switch-fabric startup launches this week, taking its shot at new technology for the backplane

Google Targeting
Red Panda | 12/7/2005

Handy help for terrorists everwhere!

Bookham Ships More Jobs to China
News Analysis | 12/7/2005

Another 150 jobs are being transferred to China as the components firm continues its cost-cutting program

Is Cingular Cold on Sonus?
News Analysis | 12/7/2005

Speculation abounds that Cingular is considering capping the use of Sonus VOIP softswitches in favor of Lucent's

Bible Gals Gone Wild
Monkey Bidness | 12/6/2005

But be prepared to become a pillar of salt.

Qualcomm's WLAN Shoe Drops
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/6/2005

Chipmaker gets cosy with WLAN Forum

Cisco Everywhere: Meet SONA
News Analysis | 12/6/2005

A bid to make the network – and Cisco's devices and software – the home for key enterprise apps like security

BT Takes 21CN 'Baby Step'
News Analysis | 12/6/2005

BT talks up successful VOIP trials using technology from 21CN key vendors, including softswitch capabilities from Ericsson

Gorilla My Dreams
Monkey Bidness | 12/6/2005

Koko can't catch a break.

The Openera Era
The Philter | 12/6/2005

'I can't hear you. But you look fabulous.'

Sylantro Seeks CEO
News Analysis | 12/6/2005

Founder Pete Bonee says it's time to find a seasoned chief exec, possibly to take Sylantro public

Cisco Relents on Wi-LAN Claims
News Analysis | 12/6/2005

Vendor will purchase and license patented WiFi technology

Take That, Satan!
Monkey Bidness | 12/6/2005

The Bible and the Paint Gun

Infinera Bags Big Bear
News Analysis | 12/6/2005

Infinera comes clean as the buyer for the rest of the transponder company's assets

Bulldog Bites on IMS
News Analysis | 12/6/2005

IMS isn't just for the fixed/ mobile convergence plans of large incumbent operators, says CTO of C&W's broadband access division

Cisco Relents on Wi-LAN Claims
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/5/2005

Vendor will purchase and license patented WiFi technology

NTL Eyes Mobile Buy
News Analysis | 12/5/2005

Cable operator NTL offers £817M (US$1.41B) for mobile operator Virgin in a bid to offer quad-play

Wireless Security Portal Opens
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/5/2005

Find flaws and fixes for 802.11, Bluetooth, 3G, WiMax, and RFID

Verizon's Expensive Books
Light Ranting | 12/5/2005

$14B? What good are phone books anyway?

AOL + MTV = ???
The Philter | 12/5/2005

Will video on demand save AOL's dwindling membership?

Cisco Warms Up to IMS
News Analysis | 12/5/2005

The networking giant is slowly moving its gateways and softwitches to IP Multimedia Subsystem interoperability

Good News for Light Readers
Monkey Bidness | 12/5/2005

Coffee can cure you.

WWP Bags $25.5M More
News Analysis | 12/5/2005

Two Craig McCaw-influenced firms lead the Ethernet equipment vendor's latest financing

Cisco's CRS-1 Goes Optical
News Analysis | 12/5/2005

Adding IP-over-DWDM and a new type of GMPLS, Cisco hopes to bring the CRS-1 closer to the optical core

Cisco Integrates Session Control
News Analysis | 12/5/2005

As expected, Cisco has put a session border controller into a router, but the company didn't do it by acquisition

Users in Blackberry Jam
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2005

As RIM moves toward a settlement in its patent dispute with NTP, alternative mobile email services start to look more attractive

LR Names Private Product Finalists
News Analysis | 12/2/2005

Light Reading names the Leading Lights finalists for Best New Product, Private Company

LR Picks M&A Strategy Finalists
News Analysis | 12/2/2005

Light Reading names the Leading Lights finalists for M&A Strategy, Public Company

Grinch Watch
The Philter | 12/2/2005

Let's rat out the corporate grinches.

Cisco's Funk Breakdown
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2005

Funk could be Juniper's backdoor into Cisco accounts

LR Names Finalists
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2005

Wireless products make big showing in annual Light Reading awards

Alcatel Buys Into 2Wire
News Analysis | 12/2/2005

Buys 25% stake in home gateway specialist for $120M, while AT&T and Telmex snap up another 26% between them

Vyyo Bets Big on Cable Overlay
News Analysis | 12/2/2005

A small tech firm's latest acquisition may have scored it a multimillion-dollar deal with Cox

Bush's 3-Point Plan
Monkey Bidness | 12/2/2005

It's foolproof!

Fluke to Buy Visual Networks
News Analysis | 12/2/2005

Test and measurement firm to pay $75M for VOIP-focused network management systems vendor

Investors Smile on Optics
News Analysis | 12/2/2005

Avanex stock surges, apparently on Corning's share sales, while JDSU gets a boost from a proposed reverse stock split

Dolan On Target About A La Carte
BroadBananas | 12/1/2005

Big Bear Put to Sleep
News Analysis | 12/1/2005

The former 40-Gbit/s transponder hopeful is selling off assets, part of them to Finisar

Avago Springs From Agilent
News Analysis | 12/1/2005

The sale of Agilent's semiconductor business is complete. The next goal: multiple IPOs

French Operators Protest Fine
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/1/2005

France's largest mobile carriers in uproar over record €534M fine for collusion

Juniper's Secret
The Philter | 12/1/2005

Juniper has no M&A strategy.

BT Calls for IMS Support
News Analysis | 12/1/2005

BT exec says companies like AOL and Sony need to jump on board to open up application development to third parties

RIM Ruling Foretells Changes
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/1/2005

Latest round in patent dispute with NTP only hastens move to open systems for wireless email

Euro Giants Lose Market Share
News Analysis | 12/1/2005

Europe's incumbent operators continue to lose market share in their domestic fixed line voice sectors, according to research from InfoCom

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