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Comcast's NBCU Takes Bite Out of Apple Ads
News Analysis | 11/8/2016

New deal signals Comcast's rise in the advertising business.

MEF Mind Meld Unites Groups on NaaS
News Analysis | 11/8/2016

New industry initiative to define and enable inter-carrier network-as-a-service offerings draws support of seven other top industry organizations.

AT&T's Toby Ford Upskills U on NFV MANO
Kelsey's Grammar | 11/8/2016

Toby Ford, AT&T, tackles the challenges of and solutions to successfully implementing NFV MANO.

Virtualization Frustration Sees Telcos Rebel
News Analysis | 11/8/2016

Service providers are increasingly unhappy with their suppliers, and they are making their feelings known.

Why Fixed Access Is Key to Wireless Strategies
LRTV Interviews | 11/8/2016

Federico Guillén, president of Fixed Networks at Nokia, explains why fixed broadband access networks are becoming increasingly important in a wireless world and talks about other key trends.

Eurobites: Moody's Downgrades Telefónica
News Analysis | 11/8/2016

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Altice fined for jumping the acquisition gun; du pairs up with MediaTek for IoT; UK Information Commissioner puts brakes on Facebook's WhatsApp data-gathering.

Business WiFi: It's Old & It Sucks, Finds Survey
News Analysis | 11/8/2016

IGR and KodaCloud say your WiFi smells funny.

VoLTE Sparks, VoWiFi Stalls for Orange Romania
News Analysis | 11/8/2016

Orange Romania CEO updates on VoLTE and WiFi calling progress as Orange continues to roll out services in Europe.

Windstream Buys EarthLink for $673M
News Analysis | 11/7/2016

ISPs look to a more enterprise -- and possibly wireless future -- as Windstream buys dial-up pioneer EarthLink.

The Holidays Ride on Trojan-Horse Hardware
MariNation | 11/7/2016

Don't underestimate the technology Trojan Horse.

Latest NFV Headache: Software Licensing
News Analysis | 11/7/2016

BT's Neil McRae injects the issue into day-long OSS event and industry leaders agree there aren't easy answers right now.

Nyansa Looks to Diagnose Cloud Application Performance Mysteries
News Analysis | 11/7/2016

When cloud application performance goes bad, Nyansa looks to diagnose the problem.

SoftBank Gets Earnings Boost From Sprint, Japan
News Analysis | 11/7/2016

Japanese service provider reports increase in earnings despite revenue stagnation.

Eurobites: BT Deploys Nuage for SD-WAN
News Analysis | 11/7/2016

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: the cost of a gigabit society; Telia acquires Phonero; Wind/3 Italia deal signed and sealed; Deutsche Telekom on drone alert.

OPEN-O's SUN Rises on Brownfields, Too
News Analysis | 11/7/2016

First software release touts 'any service over any network' approach to orchestration of virtual and physical functions.

How 3GPP Is Preparing for 5G
LRTV Interviews | 11/7/2016

The imminent introduction of 5G requires a new framework and platform for the whole ecosystem that takes multiple verticals into account, explain Dino Flore, the 3GPP RAN Chairman, and Erik Guttman, Chairman of the 3GPP's Services and System Aspects Technical Standards Group (TSG SA).

Why Deutsche Telekom Might Brexit Too
News Analysis | 11/7/2016

Being BT's biggest single shareholder may no longer suit Deutsche Telekom.

Orange Sticks to High-Fiber Diet
News Analysis | 11/7/2016

Orange reaffirms that fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and 4G are the technology pillars of its fixed and mobile convergence strategy.

RJio's 'Free' Strategy: Success or Failure?
News Analysis | 11/7/2016

RJio risks losing a lot of its new customers once its free data offer comes to an end.

Bharti Airtel CIO Charts Course for Women in India Telecom
Mentor Monday | 11/7/2016

Bharti Airtel is making it easier for women to return to work after having children, and CIO Harmeen Mehta is hoping more will join the workforce in India.

Oracle to Close $9B NetSuite Buyout
News Analysis | 11/5/2016

Oracle clinches NetSuite buyout despite efforts by NetSuite investor T. Rowe Price to block the deal.

Gigabites: Comcast Doubles Down on D3.1
News Analysis | 11/4/2016

A total of 15 cities will have access to Comcast's DOCSIS 3.1-powered gigabit service by early 2017.

CEO Chat: Mellanox Technologies' Eyal Waldman
Between the CEOs | 11/4/2016

Eyal Waldman, CEO of Mellanox Technologies, speaks to Steve Saunders, CEO of Light Reading, for an exclusive interview about the 100 GB cable challenge, cybersecurity and much more.

CenturyLink Sells Data Centers for $2.15B
News Analysis | 11/4/2016

The assets go to a consortium of investors, as CenturyLink picks up coin for its $24 billion Level 3 acquisition.

TM Forum Ousts Its CEO
News Analysis | 11/4/2016

TM Forum's Peter Sany has been shown the door, replaced by Nik Willetts as interim President and CEO.

TiVo Turns a Profit Post Rovi Deal
News Analysis | 11/4/2016

TiVo reported solid Q3 earnings and a new five-year licensing deal with Samsung, but a lawsuit with Comcast continues to throw shade on the company's financial results.

Frontier Lops Off 1,000 Jobs in Big Overhaul
News Analysis | 11/4/2016

Big US telco sets major staff layoffs as it struggles to revamp its operations and stem further customer and revenue losses after Verizon deal.

Eurobites: Iliad Spies Italian Opportunity
News Analysis | 11/4/2016

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone's Dutch sale confirmed; Virgin's third quarter; KPN invests in tech fund; Turkey throttling.

WiCipedia: Internet by Bicycle, Pay Gaps & Misogyny in the Valley
WiCipedia | 11/4/2016

This week in our WiC roundup: Google brings the Internet to rural Indian women; Peter Thiel faces Silicon Valley criticism; the pay gap breakdown by industry; and more.

Arista Blooms, but Customers Feel Unfulfilled
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

Backed-up lead times cast a blot on otherwise glowing quarterly results.

Third Time's the Charm: FCC Tries to Price Broadcast Bandwidth for Mobile
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

The 600 MHZ auction rides again!

Lattice Purchased by Somebody for $1.3B
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

A little known capital company has scooped up FPGA vendor Lattice Semiconductor for $1.3 billion.

Marvell to Divest Businesses, Lay Off 900
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

Marvell Technology Group is divesting unspecified non-strategic businesses, reducing R&D spending and laying off 17% of its workforce -- 900 employees.

Charter Launches Big Rebranding Push
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

As it proceeds with the integration of TWC and Bright House cable systems, Charter has begun rolling out its Spectrum packages and pricing in its new markets.

Rackspace finalizes deal to go private
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

Rackspace is now off the markets and focused on delivering managed services to connect enterprises to multiple clouds.

Intel Proposes 'Unified' Security, Opens DXL
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

Intel Security has announced what it's calling an enhanced unified defense architecture. So what does that mean?

Arris CEO Hints at Wireless M&A – Could Ruckus Be a Target?
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

Arris may want to acquire wireless networking assets, and Ruckus just came up for sale.

Vodafone: Desperately Seeking Cloud-Centric Tech
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

Vodafone is on a multi-track journey to implement its SDN/NFV strategy but needs cloud-native, cloud-ready next generation tools from its technology partners, explains David Amzallag, the operator's head of network virtualization and SDN/NFV.

Vodafone Germany Urges NFV Vendors to 'Step Up' Efforts
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

German operator unveils ambitious virtualization targets but says it cannot realize its 'cloudification' ambitions alone.

Eurobites: Colt Commits to 100G Upgrade
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Swisscom treads water in Q3; Ericsson extends Turkcell partnership; Privacy Shield faces French legal challenge.

It's Showtime for OPEN-O
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

Next week will see the release of the first OPEN-O implementation.

Software or Hardware: China Telcos Tell Huawei to Decide
News Analysis | 11/3/2016

China's biggest operators have told Huawei it faces a stark choice about its future focus.

Facebook Puts 'Video First'
News Analysis | 11/2/2016

During another glowing quarterly earnings call, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about the company's plans to make video the primary mode for Facebook users.

Small Cell Connectivity Drives $1.5B Acquisition
News Analysis | 11/2/2016

Crown Castle's acquisition of FiberNet is all about getting additional fiber network assets that can hook up small cells.

Microsoft Attacks Slack, Slack Whacks Back
News Analysis | 11/2/2016

Microsoft introduced Teams, an Office version of Slack's chat app for the workplace that's attracted a cult following.

Broadcom Buys Brocade for $5.9B, Will Ditch Ruckus & IP Biz
News Analysis | 11/2/2016

Broadcom is buying Brocade, and will then turn round and off Ruckus and more to focus on the SAN business.

TM Forum Wants Role of Open Source Glue
News Analysis | 11/2/2016

Industry organization meets with multiple open source groups to discuss how its reference architecture for hybrid network management can extend to them.

Why the $&#* Would I 'Watch With Twitter?'
MariNation | 11/2/2016

When it comes to interactive television, there are some things the pay-TV industry never learns.

Eurobites: Telefónica Deploys Nokia's Virtual Router
News Analysis | 11/2/2016

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Omantel connects Africa and Asia; TDC slips in Q3; Telia slams Swedish government's auction ruling; UC's gone fishing.

Adtran Squares Up to Huawei on Supervectoring
News Analysis | 11/2/2016

The vendor battle over the copper-fortifying technology is starting to heat up.

Photos: Operations Transformation Summit, Wuzhen
Slide Shows | 11/1/2016

Huawei's Operations Transformation Summit 2016 is underway in Wuzhen, China.

Amazon Bigger in IaaS Cloud Than Microsoft, Google & IBM Combined
News Analysis | 11/1/2016

The top four players dominate the cloud market through sheer weight, according to a report from Synergy Research Group.

Facebook, TIP Splash Some Open Sauce on Optical Networking
News Analysis | 11/1/2016

The transport sector is now home to the Open Packet DWDM initiative and Voyager, a white box transponder and routing solution.

Why DirecTV Now May Flop
MariNation | 11/1/2016

Compare and contrast: A look at the price points and adoption levels for existing OTT services paints a picture of the future for AT&T's DirecTV Now offering, and it's not great.

Eurobites: Finns Put NB-IoT on Trial
News Analysis | 11/1/2016

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: IoT in Ireland; KPN launches VoLTE service; UK pumps £1.9 billion into cybersecurity; did Trump ping Russia?

Reader Poll: 3GPP, ITU Are Still the 5G Power Brokers
News Analysis | 11/1/2016

Despite much competition to develop the 5G standard, readers reckon that trad standards bodies such as the 3GPP and the ITU will hold sway on the next-gen spec.

Microsoft Lights a Fire Under Open Source Hardware Dev
News Analysis | 11/1/2016

Microsoft's new Project Olympus is not only a new specification for server hardware – it also offers a model for speeding up open source hardware development.

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