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Tribalism Is Rife in Telecom, Too
Morris Lore | 10/13/2017

The last thing the shrinking communications networking industry would seem to need is more working groups or associations, yet new ones are sprouting.

WiC Panel: The Upside of Sexism Scandals
News Analysis | 10/13/2017

Recent scandals at large tech companies show the industry's problems treating women fairly, but also reveal much less public tolerance of sexism.

Cablecos, Networks Play the Blame Game
News Analysis | 10/13/2017

Who's to blame in the skinny bundle wars?

Telecom Italia Covers 73% of Italy With NB-IoT
News Analysis | 10/13/2017

Italian operator launches commercial NB-IoT services across most of the country, giving a further boost to the cellular standard.

Juniper Hits a Cloud Snag in Q3
Scott Ferguson | 10/13/2017

Juniper announced this week that it would miss earnings estimates as its cloud business hits a downturn.

BMC Embraces Multi-Cloud, Strikes Partnership With AWS
Scott Ferguson | 10/13/2017

At an event in New York City, BMC laid out an ambitious agenda that included multi-cloud, machine learning and a new partnership with AWS.

Eurobites: UK Regulator Faces Legal Challenge Over In-Flight WiFi License
News Analysis | 10/13/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Eutelsat acquires Noorsat for $75 million; Orange partners with Ciena and Akamai for vCDN; Finns go ga-ga for mobile gigabytes.

Sigfox Plans 20 Cent Disposable Radio for IoT
News Analysis | 10/13/2017

A 20 cent, disposable radio for IoT? It's coming soon, says Sigfox's CMO

What's Blockchain Good For?
Wagner’s Ring | 10/13/2017

Sure, blockchain is over-hyped. But don't let that distract you from its practical value.

WiCipedia: Int'l Day of the Girl & Sephora Shows the Ropes
WiCipedia | 10/13/2017

This week in our WiC roundup: The wearables market brings back convention models; racial inequalities faring worse than gender differences; BBC goes to the Valley; and more.

NetScout Preaches Smart Data for Digital Transformation
News Analysis | 10/13/2017

Analytics is all very well, but NetScout's Vikram Saksena says data needs to be intelligently reduced down to something truly useful.

India's Airtel to Take Over Tata Teleservices
News Analysis | 10/13/2017

The merger will be the second-biggest deal announced in India's telecom market this year, and represents a lifeline for Tata.

Managing VMs: Harnessing the Power of Mobility
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 10/12/2017

Taking the pulse of NFV and SDN deployments.

Cisco's Latest ACI Offers DCI
News Analysis | 10/12/2017

The Application-Centric Infrastructure now reaches its tentacles across multiple data centers.

Juniper's Q3 Sags as Cloud Business Dips
News Analysis | 10/12/2017

Could be good news for Arista, says MKM Partners.

Pay-TV Cord-Cutting Slams AT&T
News Analysis | 10/12/2017

In a regulatory filing Wednesday, AT&T said it expects to shed nearly 400,000 DirecTV and U-verse TV subscribers in the third quarter.

AT&T Brings vCPE, Wireless WAN to Wholesale Channel
News Analysis | 10/12/2017

At its solutions partner event this week, AT&T unveiled wholesale versions of its FlexWare and wireless backup service offerings.

Google & Partners Secure 'Software Supply Chain'
Wagner’s Ring | 10/12/2017

The open source Grafeas and Kritis projects are designed for securing and certify modern, complex software rollouts.

Alibaba's $15B R&D Investment Includes AI, IoT
Scott Ferguson | 10/12/2017

Alibaba will invest $15 billion over the next three years in a variety of research and development projects.

Cisco's ACI Stretches Tendrils Into Other Data Centers
News Analysis | 10/12/2017

ACI 3.0 expands the SDN platform's multi-site capabilities for the SDN platform, stepping on the toes of another Cisco DCI option.

CFOs & Finance Find Benefits in the Cloud
Column | 10/12/2017

The shift to cloud computing is changing the way business is done. Now, the CFOs and their finance teams are seeing a benefit in cloud as well.

Eurobites: Sky Set Fair in Q1 Despite UK Headwinds
News Analysis | 10/12/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia lands networks deal in Iraq; Ericsson surveys 5G readiness; LoRaWAN collaboration.

Google Pitches TV-Like Quality for Online Ads
News Analysis | 10/12/2017

Having developed a platform for monetizing newspaper content online, Google has now set its sights on monetizing online advertising for broadcasters.

SD-WAN Questions Linger for CSPs
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 10/11/2017

Although many service providers have already deployed software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology and believe it is an integral part of their business, a clear path to vendor success and long-term revenue isn't yet visible.

FCC Restarts Approval Clock for CenturyLink & Level 3
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

CenturyLink's $34B purchase of Level 3 Communications is apparently very close to being cleared for take-off.

Orange Moves to 'Industrial' NFV Phase, Will Start in Spain
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

French telecom incumbent is ready to embark on a more widespread rollout of NFV using technology from a handful of suppliers.

The Big Cable DAA Update
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

Ahead of SCTE, we look at cable's ongoing efforts to shift to a distributed architecture. Is 2018 the year that DAA deployments take off?

Cloud Security Startup ShiftLeft De-Stealths
Wagner’s Ring | 10/11/2017

ShiftLeft's service scans application source code for normal behavior and detects and remdiates deviations that might indicate possible attacks.

Eurobites: UK Proposes Social Media Levy to Boost Internet Safety
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Deutsche Telekom bets on smart parking; Vivendi tries to settle pay-TV dispute; balloon goes up for EE.

Cloud Networking Startup Teridion Taps Ex-HPE Exec as CEO
Wagner’s Ring | 10/11/2017

Saar Gillai heads up a company that speeds personalized information from cloud providers to users.

Google's Pixel 2: No Gigabit LTE for You, Either!
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

LR hears that Google has rate-limited its new Pixel 2 flagship, much as Apple reportedly throttled the iPhone 8.

Colt Preps AI-Enabled Network Management
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

The international operator has plans to automate its network management and unify its NFV architecture in 2018.

AT&T: Designing Hardware for the Cloud
LRTV Interviews | 10/11/2017

DENVER, 10/11/2017 – Hardware is simplified, and cloud-based software is distributed as micro-services across many servers, so failure of one isn't impactful, says Tom Anschutz, distinguished member of technical staff at AT&T.

Facebook's TIP to Launch AI Working Group
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

A new TIP working group will look at using machine learning and AI to improve network management.

China Unicom to Build 'Thousands' of Edge DCs
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

Chinese operator is poised to migrate to 'thousands' of edge data centers as it makes preparations for the launch of 5G.

Martiny Cocktail? DT Exec Eyes ONAP & Zero-Touch Merger
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

DT exec Klaus Martiny thinks ONAP and ETSI could be quite a mix.

ONAP & MEF Formally Team on LSO APIs, Framework
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

Team of companies belonging to both groups will work on making sure LSO interfaces match ONAP needs at key north-south and east-west connections.

Vodafone: Virtualization Vendors Must Put Up or Shut Up
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

Vodafone's new head of virtualization is already fed up with vendors refusing to play ball and act like grown-up cloud community players.

CableLabs Pushes Full Duplex Forward
News Analysis | 10/11/2017

Cable R&D group completes key physical layer stage of latest DOCSIS spec, which will enable operators to offer symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds for the first time.

Dell Putting Its Company Muscle Behind New IoT Strategy
Scott Ferguson | 10/10/2017

Dell Technologies is looking to leverage all parts of the company as part of a big push into the Internet of Things.

Automation Gets Its Own ETSI Group
News Analysis | 10/10/2017

Wait, what? Another ETSI group?? Major vendors and operators collaborate to form a 'zero-touch' networking group at ETSI, but not everyone thinks that's a good move.

Complexity Could Derail Automation, Say Telcos
News Analysis | 10/10/2017

Telcos are increasingly focused on automating their networks, but complexity represents a major challenge, said industry executives in The Hague this week.

MEF Proclaims Progress on Key LSO Interfaces
News Analysis | 10/10/2017

New software development kits for its LSO Presto and Sonata interfaces build on work done by operator members to speed interconnection.

Verizon: Delivering Automation in Orchestration
Kelsey's Grammar | 10/10/2017

Verizon's Fred Oliveira explains how the industry needs to focus more on automation in NFV orchestration and less on managing individual network elements.

Verizon on Automating Network Services
LRTV Interviews | 10/10/2017

DENVER, 10/10/2017 – Verizon's Fred Oliveira addresses challenges to NFV orchestration, including the amount of time spent managing individual network elements.

DT: Brutal Automation Is Only Way to Succeed
News Analysis | 10/10/2017

German incumbent says its new goal is to build networks that can be managed without human intervention.

The Revolution Will Be Automated
From the Founder | 10/10/2017

Light Reading is spending much of this year digging into the details of how automation technology will impact the comms market, but let's take a moment to also look at how automation is set to overturn the current world order by the middle of the century.

Dialog Axiata Wants 5G Lead in South Asia
News Analysis | 10/10/2017

The Sri Lankan operator wants to be a 5G pioneer in South Asia.

Eurobites: Reality Bites for Nokia's VR Dreams
News Analysis | 10/10/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Swisscom hawks its telco cloud; UK government in the dock over BT 'state aid'; T-Systems and Huawei give Kone a connectivity lift.

IBM Combining Data Science Experience & PowerAI for Analytics
Scott Ferguson | 10/10/2017

IBM is looking to add more machine learning and deep learning into the big data analytics process by combing its Data Science Experience and PowerAI platforms.

In Cable First, WOW Distributes & Virtualizes the Access Network
News Analysis | 10/10/2017

In a cable first, WOW is virtualizing its cable access network with the help of Nokia's virtualized Distributed Access Architecture (vDAA) technology.

Salesforce Launches CRM/IoT Starter Kit
Wagner’s Ring | 10/10/2017

Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition is designed to give enterprises a way to get started using IoT data to improve customer outcomes.

Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Launch Blockchain Training Course
Scott Ferguson | 10/10/2017

The Linux Foundation, along with the Hyperledger Project, are launching a training and certification course for blockchain.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: Up to No Good
LRTV Documentaries | 10/10/2017

The Light Reading sandwich makes an appearance once more as Scott is joined by Ray and Iain.

Nokia's Rajeev Suri: On 5G, IoT & the AlcaLu Deal
CxO Spotlight | 10/9/2017

The Nokia CEO tells Craig Matsumoto why telcos need to find new opportunity in 5G and why the Alcatel-Lucent acquisition succeeded.

Mobile Video Gobbling Viewing Time, Says Ericsson Study
News Analysis | 10/9/2017

Ericsson's ConsumerLab releases findings from its most recent wave of research.

BT: Aiming for a Virtualization App Store
Rewired | 10/9/2017

New services are taking hold, as businesses overcome their trepidation over virtualization and the technology matures, says Jim Sabey.

3D-Printing Startup Carbon Puts Down Cloud Footprint
Wagner’s Ring | 10/9/2017

The company standardized on Oracle business applications to simplify internal operations as it looks to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

BT: NFV Services Taking Hold
LRTV Interviews | 10/9/2017

DENVER, 10/9/2017 – BT's Jim Sabey says the global operator is delivering cloud-based virtualized services and developing its own app store, overcoming early customer concerns about the reliability of virtualization.

Eurobites: VodafoneZiggo Extends Ericsson's Managed Services Contract Until 2020
News Analysis | 10/9/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: mobile viewing to rocket, says Ericsson; Qualcomm offers sweeteners to EU for NXP deal; Deutsche Telekom announces new CEO for enterprise arm.

VMware European Chief: GDPR Fueling Cloud, Security Adoption
News Analysis | 10/9/2017

As the new GDPR privacy and data rules loom in the European Union, VMware sees cloud and security adoption increasing.

Fujitsu's Head of Optical Shares Her Transformation Story
Mentor Monday | 10/9/2017

Christine Podraza, VP and head of Fujitsu's Optical Business Unit, shares lessons she's learned over the course of her career as she's gone from learning to earning to returning.

Practical Advice of the Transforming Kind
Rewired | 10/9/2017

CenturyLink's Bill Walker is an IT guy, tasked with helping transform a legacy telco. He shared some very practical ideas about how to do that – notes from the trenches, as it were – in this video interview.

Ericsson Nominates Ronnie Leten as New Chairman
News Analysis | 10/9/2017

Nomination comes after former chairman Leif Johansson said he would not seek re-election under apparent shareholder pressure.

4 Tips for Maintaining Control in the Cloud
Column | 10/9/2017

As enterprises spread applications across multiple clouds, they need ways to maintain visibility and control, Ixia's Jeff Harris argues.

MIMO in 5G Networks: Engineering & Test Challenges
Column | 10/6/2017

Going deep on how MIMO underpins the development of 5G.

OSM's New NFV MANO Release Sticks to a Focused Approach
News Analysis | 10/6/2017

The third release of Open Source MANO's software drops on Monday, featuring new features, and a more detailed architecture.

Netflix Hikes Rates, Tries to Outrun Debt
News Analysis | 10/6/2017

The OTT video leader has raised its prices for the first time in three years according to reports.

Bill Walker's Best Practices for Transformation
LRTV Interviews | 10/6/2017

CenturyLink's director of network architecture shares his insights on how to best train and retain good network/IT folks, and convert COs to data centers.

Ericsson to Cut 10% of Irish Workforce
News Analysis | 10/6/2017

Swedish vendor will cut 130 jobs in Ireland as part of a broader cost-cutting strategy designed to restore profitability.

AWS Delivering Cloud to GE
Scott Ferguson | 10/6/2017

Amazon Web Services scored a major cloud deal with GE.

UK's Zeetta Eyes £125M in TIP Funding
News Analysis | 10/6/2017

Bristol-based SDN startup also gets access to BT's labs.

Eurobites: Police Raid Vivendi's Paris Office
News Analysis | 10/6/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Colt expands Asia-Pacific network with Ciena; Telefónica integrates security features with Microsoft Azure; Ofcom clamps down on broadband ads.

WiCipedia: Twitter Threats, Diversity Hires & Oracle in Hot Seat
WiCipedia | 10/6/2017

This week in our WiC roundup: Female founders face Twitter harassment; Amazon needs a new opener; Oracle has lawsuit battle ahead; and more.

Oracle OpenWorld: The View From the Show Floor – & Beyond
Slide Shows | 10/6/2017

Larry Ellison rants, networked cars look cute, dogs nap, and more!

Cisco Makes the Case for FDX Over FTTH
News Analysis | 10/6/2017

Cisco explains why Altice may not need to deploy fiber to the home in the US after all.

Wrestling With the Challenges of Automation
Column | 10/6/2017

DevOps, AI, NFV and other technologies will help automate the network, but organizations need to start working on that transition right away, Juniper's Sumeet Singh argues.

GTT's Sahim: MPLS Is Not the Problem
News Analysis | 10/5/2017

GTT's Kevin Sahim explained the challenges legacy WAN architectures present to achieving interoperability as operators seek to develop a smarter enterprise WAN.

Tata Teleservices Mulls Exit Option
News Analysis | 10/5/2017

The demise of Tata Teleservices would mark the first disappearance of a Tata Group business in 150 years.

NYC May Be Leading a Digital Revolution
News Analysis | 10/5/2017

To become a smart city, New York wants to change its relationship with the telecom industry.

Telecom Italia Drama: What Is Vivendi Up To?
News Analysis | 10/5/2017

Telecom Italia seems like an incongruous part of the Vivendi empire, and yet Vivendi is now its effective controller. Just what is the French company planning?

Facebook Accelerates But YouTube Dominates – Report
News Analysis | 10/5/2017

Facebook is now the second-largest online distributor of video, according to new research from Ampere Analysis.

AT&T Hits Milestone on Software-Defined Access
News Analysis | 10/5/2017

Operator releases hardware abstraction framework for XGS-PON into Open Networking Foundation, supporting multivendor OLTs.

Splunk Fires Back at Oracle & 'Ludicrous Larry' Ellison
Wagner’s Ring | 10/5/2017

Oracle is fundamentally ignorant of the security market, Splunk says, after the Oracle chairman, chief technology officer and co-founder took aim at Splunk in a keynote address this week.

Eurobites: Ericsson Upgrades Etisalat's Core in Egypt
News Analysis | 10/5/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange trials LTE-M; Telenor creates cloud unit with Cisco; Ekinops completes OneAccess buy.

Cloud Skills: What Matters to IT, Developers
Scott Ferguson | 10/5/2017

When it comes to the cloud, the right skills can matter a lot to IT pros, as well as developers.

Sprint's Stark on Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone
Women in Comms Introduction Videos | 10/5/2017

DENVER, 10/5/2017 – Sprint's Jill Stark explains her approach to leading a diverse team, and encourages women to take risks in furthering their careers.

Nokia Lands Non-Telco SDN Deal in China
News Analysis | 10/5/2017

Finnish vendor is to supply its SDN-based virtualized services platform to China's second-largest property insurance company.

Aftermath: CES Staying in Vegas, MWC in Barca Through 2023
News Analysis | 10/5/2017

THe CES and GSMA tell LR that they are monitoring the aftermath of the mass shooting in Las Vegas and ongoing separatist protests in Barcelona respectively.

Salesforce's Marc Benioff: I Hope We Are Disrupted
Scott Ferguson | 10/4/2017

At the Gartner Symposium and ITxpo, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff talked innovation, disruption, AI and working with AWS.

Pai: Use USF Funds for Puerto Rican Recovery
News Analysis | 10/4/2017

FCC chairman proposes advancing up to $77 million in USF funds to service providers in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands to finance emergency network repairs.

Verizon Puts UC in Its Wireless Network
News Analysis | 10/4/2017

New One Talk capabilities target midsized and multi-site businesses with collaboration tools built right into the Verizon Wireless network.

Heavy Reading's TLC Offers New Reality Checks
News Analysis | 10/4/2017

Reports from the focus group based Thought Leadership Council cut through the hype to reveal what CSP executives are really thinking.

Ericsson Seeks Merger in Spain to Cut Costs – Report
News Analysis | 10/4/2017

Ailing Swedish vendor is now looking at merging Abentel with Spain's Dominion as a way of boosting profitability.

Mobile AR to Rocket Past Other Immersive Formats
News Analysis | 10/4/2017

New research from Digi-Capital finds that mobile AR will be the fastest-growing segment in the AR/VR space.

Eurobites: BT Shares Data With Interpol to Aid Global Fight Against Cybercrime
News Analysis | 10/4/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: EU takes Ireland to court over Apple's missing tax millions; Zain deploys Openwave in Saudi Arabia; Proximus strikes FTTH deal.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Cashing In on Retail Banking
Scott Ferguson | 10/4/2017

Salesforce is preparing to expand its Financial Services Cloud into the retail banking space.

Oracle's Ellison: 'We Are Losing the Cyberwar'
Wagner’s Ring | 10/4/2017

Oracle's feisty co-founder says automation is required to fight off cyber attacks, and fortunately Oracle has just the tool to do it.

India's Telcos Face Existential Threat, Says Idea CEO
News Analysis | 10/4/2017

Profits are disappearing, debts are mounting and yet India's biggest operators are still forced to maintain their legacy networks. Something must change, says the boss of one of India's biggest operators.

Uber Approves SoftBank Investment, Board Changes – Reports
News Analysis | 10/4/2017

Uber could receive up to $1.25 billion from SoftBank as it continues to fight regulatory opposition to its activities.

C-V2X Is Getting Ready for Commercialization With Growing Ecosystem Support
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 10/4/2017

SAN FRANCISCO, 10/4/2017 – Durga Malladi, SVP of Engineering from Qualcomm, discusses how momentum continues to build around Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology with growing ecosystem support.

Ixia Launches World’s First 400GE Testing Solutions
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 10/4/2017

SAN FRANCISCO, 10/4/2017 – Ixia's senior product manager, Charles Seifert, sits down with Light Reading editor-in-chief Craig Matsumoto to talk about the recent launch of the world's first 400GE testing solution, which garnered multiple Best of Show awards at Interop Tokyo 2017.

Is Trouble Brewing for Brocade, Broadcom?
News Analysis | 10/4/2017

Regulators could put the brakes on Broadcom's acquisition of Brocade, and Arris's acquisition of Brocade's Ruckus Wireless assets.

Apstra's Intent-Based Networking Adds SDN Overlays
News Analysis | 10/3/2017

Network automation startup Apstra launched AOS 2.0, which integrates automation of operations across the underlay and overlay network infrastructures in data centers.

Cloud Pushing IT Spending to $3.7T in 2018
Scott Ferguson | 10/3/2017

Gartner released new figures that show IT spending is set to grow about 4% over the next year, thanks to enterprise spending more on cloud.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Gets Compute, Networking Boost
Scott Ferguson | 10/3/2017

Oracle is revamping its IaaS offering with more compute, storage and networking options as the company looks to challenge AWS more head-on.

Oracle’s New 'Adaptive' Apps Know What You Want Before You Ask
Wagner’s Ring | 10/3/2017

Sales, supply chain, human resources and other enterprise apps make their own connections between data and try to anticipate user needs.

Q&A: How RIFT.io Takes Automation Carrier-Grade
From the Founder | 10/3/2017

Steve Saunders sits down with RIFT.io CTO Matt Harper to learn how a bunch of telecom veterans are tackling the core issues behind NFV.

Nokia Bares AaaS for Telco Clientele
News Analysis | 10/3/2017

Finnish vendor exposes its analytics capabilities to operators that do not want to spend heavily on their own analytics infrastructure.

Nokia's Leprince Hails Enterprise Growth
News Analysis | 10/3/2017

Nokia's diversification into high-growth enterprise markets is starting to pay off, says the company's global services boss.

CSPs See Slow Going for IoT – Report
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 10/3/2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly, but the lack of standards – as well as uncertainty about its revenue potential – is a major source of frustration for communications service providers (CSPs).

Google Steps Up Insider Threat Protection
Wagner’s Ring | 10/3/2017

'Custom roles' gives cloud administrators the ability to give users the permissions they need to do their jobs – and only those permissions.

DOJ Blesses CenturyLink, Level 3 Merger... With Conditions
News Analysis | 10/3/2017

CenturyLink has approval from the US Department of Justice to acquire Level 3, but it will have to divest itself of some of Level 3's nationwide fiber assets.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: Talking Turmoil
LRTV Documentaries | 10/3/2017

LONDON, 10/3/2017 – Our team of talkative telecoms trouble-makers turn their skeptical gaze onto the turmoil at the top of TIM this week, where Vivendi is exercising far more control than its 24% shareholding would seem to allow.

Spatulas & Cats to Replace TV Remote
News Analysis | 10/3/2017

New technology from the University of Lancaster could replace remote controls with 'gesture control.'

Apstra Automates Legacy App Networks
Wagner’s Ring | 10/3/2017

New version of Apstra Operating System helps enterprises 'cloudify' their legacy data centers.

GE Keeps the Lights on With IoT
Scott Ferguson | 10/3/2017

GE is about ready to fully deploy its Predix platform, along with Asset Performance Management software, to its own facility to ensure the flow of electricity doesn't stop.

India's RCom Eyes Asset Sales After Aircel Merger Collapses
News Analysis | 10/3/2017

India's fifth-biggest operator may have to resort to the sale of some valuable assets to pay off debts after calling off a merger with local rival Aircel.

Eurobites: EU Vote Raises Telcos' Fears of 'Heavy-Touch' Regulation
News Analysis | 10/3/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia and Zain trial NB-IoT in Saudi Arabia; fiber boost for Sweden; taxi for Uber's UK boss!

AWS's Andy Jassy: No One Thought We'd Grow This Quickly
Scott Ferguson | 10/3/2017

Amazon Web Services is the undisputed leader of public cloud, and at the Gartner Symposium AWS chief Andy Jassy offered a window into how that happened.

Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoCs Integrate the RF Signal Chain
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 10/3/2017

SAN JOSE, 10/3/2017 – Xilinx discusses product details of their Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC family, which integrates multi-giga-sample RF data converters and soft-decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) into an All Programmable SoC architecture.

'No Facts, Wild Claims & Lots of Bluster'; Amazon Hits Back at Oracle's Ellison
Wagner’s Ring | 10/2/2017

Amazon and SAP say Larry Ellison's claims against them are baloney.

Evolution Pitches OTT Apps for Smaller Ops
News Analysis | 10/2/2017

Seeking to help small and midsized cable operators compete in the OTT video market, vendor introduces app-based streaming video service to deliver local broadcast and cable channels.

Anschutz: Next-Gen NFV Actually Saves Opex
News Analysis | 10/2/2017

First-gen virtual network functions were still vertically integrated but combining next-gen disaggregation with open source will pay off.

Will AI Solve the IT Jobs Shortage?
Scott Ferguson | 10/2/2017

Artificial intelligence is thought to be destroying jobs. However, Gartner analysts believe that the only way to fill important IT positions for security and IoT is through AI.

Oracle, SAP Clash on Blockchain
Wagner’s Ring | 10/2/2017

Oracle is offering blockchain as a cloud service, while SAP plans to integrate blockchain into its Internet of Things, manufacturing and digital supply chain solutions.

Altice/Disney Deal: A Case of 'Happy Ever After'?
News Analysis | 10/2/2017

Threat of blackouts still looms large in programming negotiations.

Is NFV Stuck in the Terrible Twos?
News Analysis | 10/2/2017

In examining the 'good, the bad and the ugly' of NFV, Masergy's Ray Watson likened progress to the unpredictable toddler growth stage.

Eurobites: UK Regulator Accuses BT & Three of Erecting 5G Roadblocks
News Analysis | 10/2/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange and Microsoft combine on industrial IoT; BT lands Sky Ireland broadband deal; Proximus acquires app development company.

Automation in the Enterprise: Don't Forget the People
News Analysis | 10/2/2017

Automation is one of those buzzwords that CIOs are starting to pay attention to. However, before you automate all your IT processes, think about the people first.

India Aims for Leadership Position in 5G
News Analysis | 10/2/2017

India has until now been regarded as a technology follower, rather than a technology pioneer. But its government and operators hope to change all that with 5G.

Oracle's Ellison: Amazon & SAP Use Our Database Because We're Better
Wagner’s Ring | 10/2/2017

Oracle OpenWorld attendees are rapt as Larry Ellison delivers Sunday's keynote.

Vodafone Portugal to Boost FTTH Footprint With NOS Deal
News Analysis | 10/2/2017

Latest network-sharing deal in Europe will boost Vodafone Portugal's FTTH footprint by nearly 50%.

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