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Energy Raters Go Mobile
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/6/2006

Symbol handhelds free home inspectors from paper trail

$302 Million!
The Philter | 2/6/2006

For just $575 a minute, you, too, can fund the FCC.

Sniffing + Seeing = What?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/6/2006

As AirMagnet and others integrate site survey tools into their network sniffers, users so far are underwhelmed

The Cloud Drifts Into Hotzones
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/6/2006

WiFi operator The Cloud fluffs up the scale of its wireless broadband deployments and its VC funding

IMS Firm Raises $30M
News Analysis | 2/6/2006

IMS directory developer Apertio raises $30M on the way to an IPO and scores deal with Vodafone

Red Panda | 2/6/2006

Wear those helmets, kids.

Couch Potatoes Unite!
Monkey Bidness | 2/6/2006

You have nothing to lose but your hangovers.

The Philter | 2/6/2006

Google could go big in WiMax.

Cramer Cracks at NetCracker
News Analysis | 2/6/2006

Things are getting testy in the inventory management sector as rivals claim to have kicked each other out of carrier accounts

Google, Skype Back WiFi Startup
News Analysis | 2/6/2006

They join prominent VCs in betting $21.7 million on FON, a Spanish startup forming a worldwide WiFi-sharing community

The Cloud Drifts Into Hotzones
News Analysis | 2/6/2006

WiFi operator The Cloud fluffs up the scale of its wireless broadband deployments and its VC funding

Super Tidy Bowl
Monkey Bidness | 2/4/2006

ABC ensures game with no offense.

Comcast Q4 Results a Mixed Bag
BroadBananas | 2/3/2006

Comcast reported mixed subscriber results for the fourth quarter of 2005 and subdued guidance for 2006.

Ballart Bolts From AT&T
News Analysis | 2/3/2006

Ralph Ballart, the public face of Project Lightspeed, has moved on to Alcatel, sources say

Judge to Blackberry Users: Drop Dead
The Martin Chronicles | 2/3/2006

Here's a thought: Let's wait to see if NTP has valid patents before shutting down RIM.

Notebooks Rule the Stores
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/3/2006

Notebooks sold more in retail than PCs last year, enterprise to follow in 2008, according to Current Analysis

Where Carrier Ethernet Is Going
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 2/3/2006

Players will need quick feet to keep pace with the carrier Ethernet market in another booming year.

Super Bowl Fakts
Light Ranting | 2/3/2006

The world's third most popular football game

The Philter | 2/3/2006

Telecom has a new name.

Cisco/Andiamo Vets Try Something 'Nuova'
News Analysis | 2/3/2006

The four executives responsible for Cisco spin-in Andiamo are at it again with a new startup

BT Nears 21CN Vendor Lockdown
News Analysis | 2/3/2006

As BT completes contract negotiations, it's working hard to overcome the shortcomings of its preferred suppliers

Pots, Kettles, Skanks
Monkey Bidness | 2/3/2006

Dueling role models

Case Study: The Super Bowl
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/3/2006

For the most unwired Super Bowl ever, Ford Field will be one gigantic WiFi hotspot

AOL Goes P2P for Video
News Analysis | 2/3/2006

Time Warner division borrows a trick from the file-sharing community to deliver DVD-quality video

The Philter Index
The Philter | 2/3/2006

Get your fact detection rings on, kiddies!

Nortel, Huawei Bid on GPON
News Analysis | 2/3/2006

GPON is on Huawei and Nortel's minds, as Nortel says the companies have bid for the RBOCs' GPON RFP

Mobile Content
Wireless Buzz | 2/3/2006

Bookham Basks in 'Cramer Effect'
News Analysis | 2/2/2006

Loud approval from TV pundit Jim Cramer sends Bookham stock skyrocketing but the Q3 forecast sends it back down

Location Services Lost on Users
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/2/2006

Despite the hype around location services, users aren't getting the message – yet

The Boss Bares Some
Red Panda | 2/2/2006

Fearless leader submits to PR grilling.

Moto Shuts Next Level Facility
News Analysis | 2/2/2006

Motorola says it is closing its Rohnert Park, Calif. facility, the former home of Next Level Communications

Hillary Sees Her Shadow
Monkey Bidness | 2/2/2006

Ten more years of Republicans.

What's on Dave.tv?
The Philter | 2/2/2006

Final NTP Patent Struck Down
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/2/2006

RIM opponent expected to appeal; resolution of case could come this month

ECI: Nortel Didn't Deliver
News Analysis | 2/2/2006

With current partner Nortel jumping into bed with Huawei, ECI is in talks with other players about getting a foot in the RBOC door

The G-d Box
Jonestown | 2/2/2006

Just what should we call 'em?

Alcatel Pays Up
News Analysis | 2/2/2006

With 2005 profits of €930 million and the wind in its sails, Alcatel announces its first shareholder dividend for four years

Google Readying VoIP Play
BroadBananas | 2/1/2006

VoIP Inc., a voice over IP (VoIP) network services provider to carriers and ISPs, is helping Google get into the VoIP game, according to a SEC filing on Monday.

Unified Munchiness
The Philter | 2/1/2006

One time, my boss followed me to the bathroom…

Case Study: Texas State Fair
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/1/2006

They make 'em bigger in Texas, even the video survelliance networks

JDSU Inches Toward Profits
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

Components company reports Q2 losses of less than a penny per share but still has a long way to go

Broadwing Soars as Huber Goes
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

He'll still be chairman, but the Corvis founder is stepping down as CEO. Investors appear relieved

AT&T Shines a Light on Lightspeed
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

Tells investors and analysts that its Project Lightspeed will debut in 21 US markets by year's end

The Google Effect
The Martin Chronicles | 2/1/2006

Wall Street analysts don't spook easily.

Nokia Stays Strong on Home Turf
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/1/2006

IDC pegs Smartphone maker with 62 percent marketshare, but notes Microsoft, RIM could be stronger in 2006

Will Telcos Want Their Dave.tv?
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

Atlanta startup aims to sell its Internet TV service via cable providers, telcos, and even satellite companies

Valley Wonk: Marvell Ascending
Column | 2/1/2006

3Com moves out, Marvell takes over. It's a sign.

Can't We All Just Get Along?
Cutting Loose | 2/1/2006

Patent disputes roiling the Internet economy are good for no one – especially not for customers

VOIP Finds Home in Eastern Europe
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

More and more service providers in Central and Eastern Europe are pushing VOIP to their customers as broadband uptake grows

No Fear, Some Loathing
Monkey Bidness | 2/1/2006

Once upon a time you dressed so fine...

THUS Gets Your Communications
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

THUS acquires enterprise service providers Your Communications and Legend Communications for £70M

Traffic Light Reading
The Philter | 2/1/2006

Is our name really too generic?

Nortel & Huawei: Broadband Buddies
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

Nortel and Huawei are forming a joint venture to develop 'ultra broadband technologies' for the global market

Help Me! I'm Clueless!
Monkey Bidness | 2/1/2006

Refreshing candor from a critic

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