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Juniper Looks Beyond IPTV
News Analysis | 2/16/2006

The company tells analysts it's not off the IPTV radar. Separately, Juniper preps for life as a 'franchise'

Tekelec Takes Its Time
News Analysis | 2/16/2006

The company's stock slipped a little on Wednesday as it delayed Q4 and full-year earnings

Embedded 3G: What's Inside Counts
LR Mobile Column | 2/16/2006

The case for embedding 3G modems in laptops is powerful, but be careful what exactly you buy.

Avici Downsizes to Survive
News Analysis | 2/16/2006

Core router vendor is cutting 45 percent of its staff and reviewing its strategy

Telcos vs. Cable: The Wrong War?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 2/16/2006

Like Vice President Dick Cheney, cable MSOs are shooting at the wrong target.

Wham! Bam! Calix Is Building a DSLAM
News Analysis | 2/16/2006

Fresh after its splash in the fiber access market, our sources say Calix is readying an all-IP DSLAM

My Two Cents
The Philter | 2/16/2006

Talk ain't cheap.

Tellabs Gets Tiny With New MSPP
News Analysis | 2/16/2006

The 6325 becomes the latest micro-MSPP on the block, targeting only SDH markets

Dell'Oro: Enterprise WLAN Market Up
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/15/2006

Corporate market gets more unstrung, grows 29 percent in the fourth quarter of 2005

Briefs, Not Boxers
Red Panda | 2/15/2006

CIR puts the arse in analysarse.

Dualmode Duds?
Jonestown | 2/15/2006

There could be some bumps in the road to a $1.9B market.

Telcos Flog Video Franchising
News Analysis | 2/15/2006

Verizon and AT&T decry local franchising as an impediment to their video deployment plans

Hotspot Invaders
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/15/2006

Ad-supported muni WiFi networks mean there's no such thing as a free Net connection

VOIP Ready to Cut the Cord
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/15/2006

Infonetics predicts WiFi VOIP phone market will be worth $1.9B by 2009

Cisco Places Gaming Bet
News Analysis | 2/15/2006

Takes a 9.7% stake in Shanda, a Chinese operator whose arsenal includes massively multiplayer games

Lucent Shareholders Rebel
News Analysis | 2/15/2006

Shareholders vote against the board, win proxy battle that could ultimately reduce executive pay

Fat Lake City
Monkey Bidness | 2/15/2006

From the tenure track at BYU...

Oracle Buying Into Service Delivery
News Analysis | 2/15/2006

Oracle is quietly moving into the service delivery platform market with the acquisition of Hotsip – others to come

Lucent Exec Pay Faces Proxy Vote
News Analysis | 2/15/2006

Lucent retirees once again tee up the executive pay issue, seeking to reduce the reliance management has on pension credits

A Cold Case
The Philter | 2/15/2006

Paranoia and software make for odd bedfellows.

WiFi VOIP: How Safe?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/14/2006

As dualmode handsets head to market, new security threats emerge

Wireless Mesh Test Gets Underway
News Analysis | 2/14/2006

Industry's first competitive trials proceeding with three mesh leaders

Cisco's $6.5B Bond Bonanza
News Analysis | 2/14/2006

Networking giant successfully sells $6.5B in bonds to buy SFA and maintain 'financial flexibility,' says one analyst

Wireless Mesh Test Gets Underway
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/14/2006

Industry's first competitive trials proceeding with three mesh leaders

The Philter | 2/14/2006

Light Reading has made yet another Top 20 list.

Riverstone's Bankruptcy Begins
News Analysis | 2/14/2006

Guess who's listed among the creditors in Riverstone's Chapter 11 filing?

3GSM Talks Mobile IM
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/14/2006

GSM operators promise interoperability, Microsoft promises mobile corporate capabilities

SMS Is Plenty Instant
Jonestown | 2/14/2006

How many operators does it take to breathe life into mobile IM?

China Unicom Breakup Seen
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/14/2006

While operators await the government's decision on 3G licenses, analyst says Unicom will be broken up

Analyst: China Unicom Breakup Likely
News Analysis | 2/14/2006

While China's operators await the government's decision on 3G licenses, industry observer says China Unicom will be broken up

Fast-Forward Through Mobility
Cutting Loose | 2/14/2006

As Heraclitus might say, in a fast-changing market only fast-change artists prosper

3GSM: Skype Gets Into 3G
News Analysis | 2/14/2006

Mobile operator Hutchison 3G will offer Skype connectivity to its subscribers in up to eight markets around the world

Monkey Bidness | 2/14/2006

Shower after shopping.

Lucent Unveils Mini 3G Router
News Analysis | 2/14/2006

Lucent targets GSM operators with a multifunctional edge IP router that can fill in gaps in high-speed wireless data coverage

Google Backlash Builds
Light Ranting | 2/14/2006

Funny how the lemmings switch direction.

FCC Photos & Notes
The Philter | 2/14/2006

Snapshots from Friday's FCC meeting.

Rogers Ends Year on Strong Note
Cable Guy | 2/13/2006

Talk Radio
Jonestown | 2/13/2006

Voice may push WLANs to the brink.

Verizon Steps Up Franchise Fight
News Analysis | 2/13/2006

Verizon exec says some 300 negotiations are in play as the carrier plots its next round of video service cities

UMA Steps Up
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/13/2006

Phone vendors bring converged cellular and WiFi mobiles to market, but who's buying?

Agilent: Ready to Spend
News Analysis | 2/13/2006

Company's Q1 earnings are on target, and officials say it could be ready for a shopping spree

Barron's Bear Sniffs Google
The Martin Chronicles | 2/13/2006

Experts questioning lofty valuation.

WLAN Love-Fest
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/13/2006

Partnerships and third-party access are now the big trends in the enterprise WiFi industry

Microsoft Gets Pushy
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/13/2006

Opens 3GSM with mobile email barrage and RIM in its crosshairs

The Philter | 2/13/2006

It's lightweight and compact.

Crocodile Tiers
Column | 2/13/2006

Stop crying, build the tiers

3GSM: Day 1 News Roundup
News Analysis | 2/13/2006

Virgin Mobile preps mobile TV service, Microsoft lands China Mobile deal, plus more Day 1 news

Canis Majoris
Red Panda | 2/13/2006

Pets! In uniforms! Uniforms on pets! Did we mention it's about pets in uniforms?

Hutchison Delays 3 Italia IPO
News Analysis | 2/13/2006

Hutchison Whampoa backs out of IPO plans for its Italian 3G unit, citing a weak European telecom market

Bring on the Cyborgs
Monkey Bidness | 2/13/2006

Soon you will be one of us...

Hot Teresa!
Monkey Bidness | 2/12/2006

A habit might become Paris Hilton.

FCC Brings Video Debate to Texas
News Analysis | 2/10/2006

All sides debate whether local video franchises are holding up nationwide video deployments at the FCC's open meeting

Policy Control Heats Up
News Analysis | 2/10/2006

Operators need frameworks in order to better control who uses their networks, according Services Software Insider

UTStarcom Logs Bittersweet Q4
News Analysis | 2/10/2006

Revenue upticks slightly but losses are bigger than expected and guidance remains gloomy

Mobile Email Monoculture Fades
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/10/2006

While Blackberries still dominate, the market moves inexorably toward open standards and more alternatives

New Palm Phone Coming Soon?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/10/2006

The high-end 3G Treo 700p could be out next month

3GSM: Donde Está IMS?
News Analysis | 2/10/2006

The status of IMS is set to be one of the hotly debated topics at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona next week

BT Gets a Gateway
News Analysis | 2/10/2006

BT has developed a multifunctional home gateway with Thomson and 2Wire, preparing for broadband services offerings

India's HFCL Targets Triple Play
News Analysis | 2/10/2006

HFCL Infotel forms partnerships to offer triple-play services in India

Kissing Kills
Monkey Bidness | 2/10/2006

Something else to worry about, kids!

The DSL Gateway Dilemma
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 2/10/2006

How far do service providers want to get into your house?

Stoke Stokes 'Net Neutrality' Flames
News Analysis | 2/9/2006

The startup says its IP service delivery platform might help carriers get something back from new broadband apps

Skype's Mobile Appeal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/9/2006

While not for everyone, Skype-compatible mobile phones could attract tech-savvy enterprises

XFP Module Gets a Shrink
News Analysis | 2/9/2006

Component and module suppliers are working on a new optical module form factor called SFP+ that could eventually supplant XFP

Vonage: More Fuel Please!
Light Ranting | 2/9/2006

Burning money like no tomorrow

RIM Trumpets Workaround
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/9/2006

Enterprise users remain leery and hope for a peaceful resolution of the dispute

US LEC's Jeffrey Blackey discusses the delivery of next-gen services to the enterprise
LRTV Master Class | 2/9/2006

US LEC SVP Jeffrey Blackey looks at the challenges of the next-generation network and how carriers can help business and enterprise customers take full advantage of their own network investments. He also looks at the new services that carriers can now provide for enterprises and the benefits of being able to dynamically allocate resources with an all-IP network

BT Takes Swype at Skype
News Analysis | 2/9/2006

CEO talks about VOIP, IPTV, WiMax, and fixed/mobile convergence during BT's Q3 conference call

Fans of Dorothy... & Herring
Monkey Bidness | 2/9/2006

We're gay, we're penguins, get used to it!

Brix Launches Triple Test for Triple Play
News Analysis | 2/9/2006

Puts together an IPTV test package that monitors IP gear, video equipment, and IPTV user experience

Riveting Testimony on Net Neutrality
BroadBananas | 2/8/2006

Google's Vint Cerf and the NCTA's Kyle McSlarrow were on Capitol Hill testifying before the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee on the topic of 'net neutrality.'

Spectrum Tax Odds
The Martin Chronicles | 2/8/2006

White House tax plan will never fly.

Remote Control
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/8/2006

Enterprises are only beginning to grapple with the challenges of managing mobile devices

Banking on Wireless
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/8/2006

Financial services companies seek new opportunities and non-traditional partners

Avanex Trudges Along
News Analysis | 2/8/2006

Strong demand still hasn't translated to revenues as Avanex continues its transition to Asian manufacturing

High Flyin' Vonage
The Philter | 2/8/2006

Welcome to Vonage Air...

Vonage Files for $250M IPO
News Analysis | 2/8/2006

The company hopes its CEO's past won't hinder its plan to raise big bucks on the public markets

Global X: Give Us More Standards
News Analysis | 2/8/2006

Global Crossing's Bud Basu says enterprise customers are often overwhelmed by buildling global IP networks

Tandberg Compresses SkyStream
News Analysis | 2/8/2006

Tandberg accelerates its push into MPEG-4 encoding by picking up SkyStream for a song

Steve Gets a Hummer
Red Panda | 2/8/2006

Everything's bigger down there.

Weighing Monkey Liberation
Monkey Bidness | 2/8/2006

I know why the caged monkey shrieks.

Colt Trots Out IP PBX Service
News Analysis | 2/8/2006

Colt Telecom rolls out managed IP PBX service with an eye towards convergence

Nortel Takes $2.5B Hit
News Analysis | 2/8/2006

Nortel to pay $575 million in cash and to issue $1.9 billion worth of stock to settle class action lawsuits

AT&T Chops DSL Prices Further
Cable Guy | 2/7/2006

How low can the telcos go? The cost of a DSL connection plunged to yet another record low late last week when AT&T slashed the prices of its two introductory broadband tiers to $12.99 a month and $17.99 a month, respectively, for new subscribers.

Cisco Rallies in Q2, Hides Optical
News Analysis | 2/7/2006

With numbers meeting optimistic expectations, Cisco cheers investors and predicts a strong Q3

Email Gets Open-Source Push
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/7/2006

Funambol offers another alternative to Blackberry, in case of shutdown

Lucent Gets Riverstoned
News Analysis | 2/7/2006

Riverstone will file for Chapter 11 protection in order to enable a $170M purchase by Lucent

Cerf's Up for Neutrality Debate
News Analysis | 2/7/2006

A Senate committee heard a star-studded panel of stakeholders in the network neutrality square-off Tuesday morning

RFID: A Market in Waiting?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/7/2006

Spreading through the store, on the ward, and at the baggage claim area, radio tags aren't quite mainstream, yet

'So What?' Stories
Cutting Loose | 2/7/2006

When customers yawn, it doesn't matter how cool your new technology is

Skype's Still Talking to Itself
News Analysis | 2/7/2006

As the popular the IM services begin to interconnect, eBay may soon make Skype a more open service

Verizon Razzes Google
Light Ranting | 2/7/2006

Says it may be time to end 'free lunch.'

Tap Dancing
The Martin Chronicles | 2/7/2006

When the feds say 'Trust us,' it's time to check your wallet – and your phone.

Moto: No Problems in the Cards
News Analysis | 2/7/2006

Sources say Moto is replacing linecards for FTTP gear in Verizon's network, but Motorola and Verizon say nothing's wrong

IBM: Chip Ahoy?
Jonestown | 2/6/2006

Don't hold your breath.

Energy Raters Go Mobile
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/6/2006

Symbol handhelds free home inspectors from paper trail

$302 Million!
The Philter | 2/6/2006

For just $575 a minute, you, too, can fund the FCC.

Sniffing + Seeing = What?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/6/2006

As AirMagnet and others integrate site survey tools into their network sniffers, users so far are underwhelmed

The Cloud Drifts Into Hotzones
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/6/2006

WiFi operator The Cloud fluffs up the scale of its wireless broadband deployments and its VC funding

IMS Firm Raises $30M
News Analysis | 2/6/2006

IMS directory developer Apertio raises $30M on the way to an IPO and scores deal with Vodafone

Red Panda | 2/6/2006

Wear those helmets, kids.

Couch Potatoes Unite!
Monkey Bidness | 2/6/2006

You have nothing to lose but your hangovers.

The Philter | 2/6/2006

Google could go big in WiMax.

Cramer Cracks at NetCracker
News Analysis | 2/6/2006

Things are getting testy in the inventory management sector as rivals claim to have kicked each other out of carrier accounts

Google, Skype Back WiFi Startup
News Analysis | 2/6/2006

They join prominent VCs in betting $21.7 million on FON, a Spanish startup forming a worldwide WiFi-sharing community

The Cloud Drifts Into Hotzones
News Analysis | 2/6/2006

WiFi operator The Cloud fluffs up the scale of its wireless broadband deployments and its VC funding

Super Tidy Bowl
Monkey Bidness | 2/4/2006

ABC ensures game with no offense.

Comcast Q4 Results a Mixed Bag
BroadBananas | 2/3/2006

Comcast reported mixed subscriber results for the fourth quarter of 2005 and subdued guidance for 2006.

Ballart Bolts From AT&T
News Analysis | 2/3/2006

Ralph Ballart, the public face of Project Lightspeed, has moved on to Alcatel, sources say

Judge to Blackberry Users: Drop Dead
The Martin Chronicles | 2/3/2006

Here's a thought: Let's wait to see if NTP has valid patents before shutting down RIM.

Notebooks Rule the Stores
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/3/2006

Notebooks sold more in retail than PCs last year, enterprise to follow in 2008, according to Current Analysis

Where Carrier Ethernet Is Going
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 2/3/2006

Players will need quick feet to keep pace with the carrier Ethernet market in another booming year.

Super Bowl Fakts
Light Ranting | 2/3/2006

The world's third most popular football game

The Philter | 2/3/2006

Telecom has a new name.

Cisco/Andiamo Vets Try Something 'Nuova'
News Analysis | 2/3/2006

The four executives responsible for Cisco spin-in Andiamo are at it again with a new startup

BT Nears 21CN Vendor Lockdown
News Analysis | 2/3/2006

As BT completes contract negotiations, it's working hard to overcome the shortcomings of its preferred suppliers

Pots, Kettles, Skanks
Monkey Bidness | 2/3/2006

Dueling role models

Case Study: The Super Bowl
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/3/2006

For the most unwired Super Bowl ever, Ford Field will be one gigantic WiFi hotspot

AOL Goes P2P for Video
News Analysis | 2/3/2006

Time Warner division borrows a trick from the file-sharing community to deliver DVD-quality video

The Philter Index
The Philter | 2/3/2006

Get your fact detection rings on, kiddies!

Nortel, Huawei Bid on GPON
News Analysis | 2/3/2006

GPON is on Huawei and Nortel's minds, as Nortel says the companies have bid for the RBOCs' GPON RFP

Mobile Content
Wireless Buzz | 2/3/2006

Bookham Basks in 'Cramer Effect'
News Analysis | 2/2/2006

Loud approval from TV pundit Jim Cramer sends Bookham stock skyrocketing but the Q3 forecast sends it back down

Location Services Lost on Users
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/2/2006

Despite the hype around location services, users aren't getting the message – yet

The Boss Bares Some
Red Panda | 2/2/2006

Fearless leader submits to PR grilling.

Moto Shuts Next Level Facility
News Analysis | 2/2/2006

Motorola says it is closing its Rohnert Park, Calif. facility, the former home of Next Level Communications

Hillary Sees Her Shadow
Monkey Bidness | 2/2/2006

Ten more years of Republicans.

What's on Dave.tv?
The Philter | 2/2/2006

Final NTP Patent Struck Down
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/2/2006

RIM opponent expected to appeal; resolution of case could come this month

ECI: Nortel Didn't Deliver
News Analysis | 2/2/2006

With current partner Nortel jumping into bed with Huawei, ECI is in talks with other players about getting a foot in the RBOC door

The G-d Box
Jonestown | 2/2/2006

Just what should we call 'em?

Alcatel Pays Up
News Analysis | 2/2/2006

With 2005 profits of €930 million and the wind in its sails, Alcatel announces its first shareholder dividend for four years

Google Readying VoIP Play
BroadBananas | 2/1/2006

VoIP Inc., a voice over IP (VoIP) network services provider to carriers and ISPs, is helping Google get into the VoIP game, according to a SEC filing on Monday.

Unified Munchiness
The Philter | 2/1/2006

One time, my boss followed me to the bathroom…

Case Study: Texas State Fair
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/1/2006

They make 'em bigger in Texas, even the video survelliance networks

JDSU Inches Toward Profits
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

Components company reports Q2 losses of less than a penny per share but still has a long way to go

Broadwing Soars as Huber Goes
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

He'll still be chairman, but the Corvis founder is stepping down as CEO. Investors appear relieved

AT&T Shines a Light on Lightspeed
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

Tells investors and analysts that its Project Lightspeed will debut in 21 US markets by year's end

The Google Effect
The Martin Chronicles | 2/1/2006

Wall Street analysts don't spook easily.

Nokia Stays Strong on Home Turf
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/1/2006

IDC pegs Smartphone maker with 62 percent marketshare, but notes Microsoft, RIM could be stronger in 2006

Will Telcos Want Their Dave.tv?
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

Atlanta startup aims to sell its Internet TV service via cable providers, telcos, and even satellite companies

Valley Wonk: Marvell Ascending
Column | 2/1/2006

3Com moves out, Marvell takes over. It's a sign.

Can't We All Just Get Along?
Cutting Loose | 2/1/2006

Patent disputes roiling the Internet economy are good for no one – especially not for customers

VOIP Finds Home in Eastern Europe
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

More and more service providers in Central and Eastern Europe are pushing VOIP to their customers as broadband uptake grows

No Fear, Some Loathing
Monkey Bidness | 2/1/2006

Once upon a time you dressed so fine...

THUS Gets Your Communications
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

THUS acquires enterprise service providers Your Communications and Legend Communications for £70M

Traffic Light Reading
The Philter | 2/1/2006

Is our name really too generic?

Nortel & Huawei: Broadband Buddies
News Analysis | 2/1/2006

Nortel and Huawei are forming a joint venture to develop 'ultra broadband technologies' for the global market

Help Me! I'm Clueless!
Monkey Bidness | 2/1/2006

Refreshing candor from a critic

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