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Poop Happens
Monkey Bidness | 11/8/2007

Ferret feces join the war on drugs

Soccer Kickstarts BT's IPTV Growth
News Analysis | 11/8/2007

Adding Premier League soccer content has tripled BT Vision's customer base, but restructuring costs hit the carrier's Q2 profits

TTM Adds $55M to Backhaul War Chest
News Analysis | 11/8/2007

Funding that could total $120M sets up TTM for an assault on the North American wireless backhaul market

Investors Frown on Cisco Q1
News Analysis | 11/7/2007

Cisco beats expectations for another quarter, although the stock is sliding after hours

Ho, Ho, ACH!!
Red Panda | 11/7/2007

Santa and his murderous elf sell calendars

Acme Shares Beaten After Earnings
News Analysis | 11/7/2007

Shares in Acme Packet fell more than 15 percent Wednesday, despite strong third-quarter results

Schooling the Street
Peer Pressure | 11/7/2007

Wall Street 'needs to grow up,' analyst says

Fruit of the Sea
Monkey Bidness | 11/7/2007

Bananas at night, Monkeys' delight

Internet Vice Squad
The Bauminator | 11/7/2007

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the Network Neutrality Squad!

Moral 'Pygmies'
Craig's A-List | 11/7/2007

China is nothing to Yahoo about

Vodafone Opens the Ovi
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/7/2007

Vodafone partners with Nokia to combine their Internet services on Nokia handsets

Time Warner Cable Bleeds Subs
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/7/2007

Lingering issues in Los Angeles and Dallas contributed to the bulk of a larger than expected loss of 83,000 basic video subs in the period

Interactive TV Wish List
Raynman | 11/7/2007

5 interactive services I'd want from FiOS or U-verse

Next-Gen Spectrum Crunch
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/7/2007

Spectrum availability will be a barrier for LTE deployment, finds a new Unstrung Insider report

U-verse Capex: Pay More, Get Less
BroadBananas | 11/7/2007

That video thing over DSL isn't so easy, apparently

3G LTE: How Far? How Fast?
LR Mobile Column | 11/7/2007

The 3GPP's Long-Term Evolution (LTE) standard has emerged as the leading candidate technology for next-generation wireless networks.

Norway Nets $13.5M
Wireless Bits | 11/7/2007

Norway kicks off 2.6 GHz mobile broadband auction

Analysts: Google Plans Lack Substance
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/7/2007

Industry analysts are not yet sure what to make of Google's Android open software initiative

Swisscom Still Dogged by IPTV Issues
News Analysis | 11/7/2007

A year after commercial launch Swisscom's IPTV service is still experiencing technical difficulties

Yet More Euro IPTV Growth
EuroBlog | 11/7/2007

Swisscom adds another 10,000 subs

Serbians Gear Up for Growth
EuroBlog | 11/6/2007

Serbia Broadband ups its optical capacity

Level 3 Jumps Into Streaming
News Analysis | 11/6/2007

Streaming media, in multiple formats, gives Level 3 another service for its CDN

Lagging RBOCs
Raynman | 11/6/2007

Bad day for telco stocks

NaviSite Outage Lingers On
News Analysis | 11/6/2007

With some Websites reportedly down for four days, hosting provider NaviSite is feeling customers' wrath

Android's Data Impact
Cutting Loose | 11/6/2007

Google's carrier partners are betting that Google will give them an iPhone-like boost

Fiber to the Meter
Peer Pressure | 11/6/2007

A deployment in which all homes are passed

AT&T Readjusts U-verse Forecast
News Analysis | 11/6/2007

AT&T says it will spend $500M more on U-Verse, passing 1 million fewer homes by the end of 2008 than expected earlier

Mediacom Eyes HD Expansion
The Bauminator | 11/6/2007

MSO's 'basic family' tier to offer 30 to 40 hi-def nets in time for the 2007 holiday season – offering one reason for a rise in Q3 capex

Nortel CEO Sees 2008 Growth
News Analysis | 11/6/2007

Mike Zavirovski says Nortel's annual revenues are set to grow in 2008, helping to send the stock up 12%

Dumping Cisco
Craig's A-List | 11/6/2007

Breaking up, on the Web, isn't so hard to do

Bewkes Roundup
The Bauminator | 11/6/2007

Big changes may be in store when new Time Warner CEO takes the helm in January

Mediacom Posts Loss, Lowers Guidance
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/6/2007

Shares stumble more than 12 percent Tuesday morning after MSO lowers revenue projections for 2007 and posts wider-than-expected net loss

Operators Flock to Femto Forum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/6/2007

The Femto Forum grows its membership to more than 40 companies including major operators and equipment suppliers

The Femto Stays
Wireless Bits | 11/6/2007

It's not feminine hygiene, it's a home base station

Nortel Edges Into Profit
News Analysis | 11/6/2007

Q3 falls short of expectations, but Nortel still manages a small profit and a gross margin of 43% on sales of $2.7 billion

CableLabs Touts OpenCable Progress
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/6/2007

Fifteen vendors join 'interop' as FCC mulls whether to rule in favor of OpenCable, the CEA's 'DCR Plus' proposal, or a combo of the two

G-Man Speaks
Craig's A-List | 11/5/2007

Eric Schmidt, performance artist?

Spirent Cuts Deeper, Sticks With OSS
News Analysis | 11/5/2007

Strategic review identifies further cost cuts but decides against an exit from the service assurance market

Google: Android's Not Evil
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/5/2007

Google is thinking big with Android, but it's not talking much about ad revenues or Apple yet

Top 5 List
The Philter | 11/5/2007

Top 5 services I wish my wireless carrier offered

More Euro IPTV Growth
EuroBlog | 11/5/2007

The Czechs like IPTV, too

Mother Goose 2.0
Red Panda | 11/5/2007

'In my day we had to pick an Internet from a tree'

Unisys Aims, Pulls AppTrigger
News Analysis | 11/5/2007

Unisys teams with AppTrigger as it aims to build on its installed base of carrier messaging systems

Google Makes Mobile Move
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/5/2007

There's no Gphone yet, but Google is moving into cellphones with an OS and middleware platform called Android

TelcoTV Tidbits
Raynman | 11/5/2007

With visual aids

The Power of the Pen
The Bauminator | 11/5/2007

Beware: I have a customized writing utensil. I shall use it to smite the enemy and take over the world!

Insight-ful Questions Expected Tuesday
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/5/2007

MSO posted a solid quarter, but firm answers about Insight's future likely won't be answered until tomorrow morning

Dollar's Slip Is Showing
Monkey Bidness | 11/5/2007

Gisele Bündchen, leading economic indicator

G-Phone Today?
MO Content | 11/5/2007

The day when Google reveals all

Microsoft Seals $500M IPTV Deal
News Analysis | 11/5/2007

Microsoft's long-standing IPTV collaborator Reliance Communications is to launch its telco TV services in India early next year

Bogus PR Ban
The Philter | 11/5/2007

Send us your tired masses of PR pitches

VOD in Malaysia?
Wireless Bits | 11/5/2007

Vodafone to buy share of Telekom Malaysia's mobile business unit

UK iPhone This Week
MO Content | 11/5/2007

Start queuing now for the iPhone

It's a Big Fat World
Monkey Bidness | 11/4/2007

When you wish upon a donut...

Contentinople in Pictures!
Contentinople | 11/2/2007

Our slideshow from Digital Hollywood

Cisco Markup Redux
Craig's A-List | 11/2/2007

Vyatta says thanks for the memory prices

Group Questions Comcast's Net Neutrality
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/2/2007

Petition calls on FCC to investigate, suggests MSO should be fined $195,000 for each sub affected by 'degraded' Internet service

Fall VON Highlights
Peer Pressure | 11/2/2007

By Halloween, VON was a ghost town

IPTV Growth Gets Euro Pop
News Analysis | 11/2/2007

European carriers are adding tens of thousands of IPTV subs each month as the Old Continent leads the way in telco TV growth

Mother Cow
Red Panda | 11/2/2007

Udderly ridiculous

Carrier Access Gets Scoffer Offer
News Analysis | 11/2/2007

Shareholder sends an offer letter of $3.40 a share to CACS, saying the company is undervalued

Cisco Doubles Down on China
News Analysis | 11/2/2007

Cisco promises to invest $16 billion in China over the next five years

Old Sausage
Monkey Bidness | 11/2/2007

Consumer protection 1432

Conexant Quits Wireless
News Analysis | 11/2/2007

Still mired in losses, Conexant discontinues standalone wireless LAN chips and lays off 140

EC Hits Back
EuroBlog | 11/2/2007

Euro regulators are in tit-for-tat mode

It's Fatal Friday!
Monkey Bidness | 11/2/2007

For God's sake, stay home!!!

Leap-MetroPCS Deal Gets More Confusing
Jonestown | 11/1/2007

MetroPCS pulls out but Leap says it is open to talks

CACS Update
The Philter | 11/1/2007

Many offers, little prices

Low-Tech Fun
The Bauminator | 11/1/2007

Who needs hi-def when you've got ASCII-Vision?

Verizon Leads the Great 100-Mbit/s Bandwidth Race
News Analysis | 11/1/2007

Verizon is gearing up for 100 Mbit/s to be a common offering for most homes. Will AT&T follow suit?

MetroPCS Pulls Leap Bid
Jonestown | 11/1/2007

The talking is over

Comcast Takes CableCARD Battle to Court
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/1/2007

The FCC wouldn't grant Comcast a waiver, and, as promised, Comcast is taking the fight to appeals court

AT&T Defends FTTN
Peer Pressure | 11/1/2007

VP says bandwidth is a non-issue

Key Management Enhanced for RFID Security
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/1/2007

Tutarus, SecureRF encrypt RFID data on the chip

Fresh BlackBerry Juice
Jonestown | 11/1/2007

Verizon first with a CDMA Pearl?

Sprint Halts 'Pivot' Expansion
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/1/2007

Stems market and retail store expansion of a wireless service offered in tandem with cable MSOs, citing mounting provisioning issues

Sprint Stumbles Again
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/1/2007

Third-ranked US wireless operator reports subscriber numbers down by 60,000 for the third quarter

Optical Last Mile
Craig's A-List | 11/1/2007

JDSU's reasons to turn thumbs down on copper

Analyst Pooh-Poohs MDU Ruling
The Bauminator | 11/1/2007

Top cable analyst suggests FCC's ban on exclusive cable MDU contracts is much ado about less than what many investors might think

BT Preps Staff Cull
EuroBlog | 11/1/2007

Significant jobs cuts expected at BT

Windstream Taps TiVo
News Analysis | 11/1/2007

A new partnership with TiVo might help Windstream fight off cable competition

Google & Verizon
Wireless Bits | 11/1/2007

Sitting in a tree...

AlcaLu's Floaters
EuroBlog | 11/1/2007

Reshuffle leaves two senior execs in limbo

JDSU Sees Optical Rebound
News Analysis | 11/1/2007

The company's optical sales bounce back, but not all the way

TelcoTV 2007
LRTV Documentaries | 11/1/2007

Telcos are finally offering TV services in a real way, but are any of them making money? And, now that they've figured out the technical hurdles, what should they be doing to really stand out in this competitive business?

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