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Class Trip to the VZW Store
Raynman | 10/31/2007

It was a trick, not a treat

CACS: Be Patient
Raynman | 10/30/2007

M&A could take 60 to 90 days

Redneck Tradeshow
Raynman | 10/25/2007

Mullets, Bud Lite, HS Football, and TelcoTV

AT&T's 3 Screens Update
Raynman | 10/24/2007

Are they getting any closer to the Holy Grail?

Fun With FTTH Data
Raynman | 10/23/2007

Numbers don't lie

Fiber to the Hairpiece
Raynman | 10/17/2007

FiOS comes to Trump

Ethernet Expo Jokes
Raynman | 10/15/2007

Hilarity ensues... sorta

Qwest Downgraded
Raynman | 10/11/2007

But is IPTV coming?

Ethernet Expo Keynote Preview
Raynman | 10/9/2007

A day-by-day glance

Strange M&A
Raynman | 10/5/2007

Verizon's 'Trendy' Play
Raynman | 10/3/2007

Cellphones and MLB Playoffs

Can I Use It Now?
Raynman | 10/1/2007

Screwing with Verizon

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