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T-Mobile to Pick Up 'Evil' Family Fees
News Analysis | 1/9/2014

T-Mobile promises to pay early termination fees, and offer trade-in cash, to get families to switch from its US carrier rivals.

Euronews: Orange Goes Gaming
News Analysis | 1/9/2014

Also in today's EMEA roundup: Belgian government nominates new Belgacom CEO; Channel Tunnel gets connected; Pace sets the, er, pace.

Verizon Rewards Innovation: The Envelope, Please
News Analysis | 1/9/2014

Verizon shows importance of application innovation with its Powerful Answers awards.

SDN's Northbound Ascent
News Analysis | 1/9/2014

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) says its working group on "Northbound APIs" is making real headway.

T-Mobile CTO: On the Road to Low-Band
News Analysis | 1/8/2014

Dallas, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, and parts of DC could be first to get T-Mobile's 700MHz LTE network, its CTO tells Light Reading.

Alticast Primps for Vegas Spotlight
News Analysis | 1/8/2014

Korean video equipment vendor unveils RDK/HDMI streaming stick, new program guide, cloud DVR solution, and multi-tuner gateway.

CES 2014: Do Robots Dream of Electric Scooters?
Slide Shows | 1/8/2014

Robots, bigger tablets, Segways, and wearable smart watches are all hot at this year's CES in Las Vegas.

Gentlemen, Start Your 4K Engines
Breznick Unbound | 1/8/2014

Comcast, DirecTV, Netflix, Amazon, & M-Go all notch deals with Samsung to deliver UltraHD video to viewers.

Moving & Shaking Ain't What It Used to Be
Rewired | 1/8/2014

Today's carriers want to keep their progress under wraps -- NFV and virtualization in general are the exception to that rule.

Apigee Acquisition Brings Analytics to APIs
News Analysis | 1/8/2014

The API management giant is acquiring InsightsOne to go deeper into the network and add predictive intelligence to APIs.

Euronews: Germany Takes Stand on Snoops
News Analysis | 1/8/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: TDF goes 100G with Ciena in France; Telenor appoints new India boss; Brits fiddle in front of the box.

Sprint Launches No-Sharing 'Framily' Plans
News Analysis | 1/7/2014

New plans let up to 10 people share a service plan with bulk discounts, with each member getting an individual bill and data plan.

NBC Jumps on Cisco's Cloud
News Analysis | 1/7/2014

Looking towards next month's Winter Olympic Games, NBC signs up as the first customer for Cisco's new cloud-based version of Videoscape platform.

Verizon Eyes Independent, Converged Future
News Analysis | 1/7/2014

Once the buyout of Verizon Wireless from Vodafone is complete, Verizon has a lot more converged services in store.

AT&T Developers Summit: More Than Apps
Slide Shows | 1/7/2014

It's not just for nerds anymore.

AT&T Ups the Stakes in Connected Cars
News Analysis | 1/7/2014

Carrier's new Drive platform and studio signal its determination to dominate the in-car wireless ecosystem.

AT&T Says Aloha to More AWS Spectrum
News Analysis | 1/7/2014

Carrier acquires 49 AWS spectrum licenses from Aloha Partners to expand its LTE coverage.

Euronews: EE Hits 2M Mark With 4G
News Analysis | 1/7/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Altice plans IPO; Liberty Global closing in on Ziggo; BICS goes LTE roaming.

AT&T Hears Call of VoLTE in 2014
News Analysis | 1/6/2014

AT&T execs are getting ready for 4G voice over LTE in 2014, and they expect initial markets to be announced early this year.

'China Hockey Stick' to Sweep Through Optical
News Analysis | 1/6/2014

China Mobile's ongoing 100G deployment is set to boost the financial health of several optical firms.

T-Mobile: Channel-51 Interference a Non-Issue
News Analysis | 1/6/2014

Carrier execs say half the population it will cover with Verizon's low-band spectrum is outside the range of channel 51 interference.

Ikanos Unveils New Gateway Chipsets
News Analysis | 1/6/2014

Silicon vendor doubles down with more powerful dual-core chips for xDSL, cable, and LTE gateways.

GreenWave Crashes Smart Homes
News Analysis | 1/6/2014

California startup stakes claim to growing home technology market with utility, retail, and service provider wins.

T-Mobile Spends $2.4B on Verizon Spectrum
News Analysis | 1/6/2014

The 'uncarrier' will use the spectrum to improve its indoor and rural coverage and bolster its position in the low-band spectrum.

China Mobile Drawn Into TV Dispute
News Analysis | 1/6/2014

China Mobile has been dragged into the the ongoing fracas over TV licenses in Hong Kong.

How Heavy Reading Called Small Cells Right
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 1/6/2014

Think we'd be seduced by the small cells hype? Get outta here!

ActiveVideo Unveils Ad Distribution System
News Analysis | 1/6/2014

Cloud TV platform specialist has developed a multi-platform advertising distribution system called AdCast.

Euronews: Orange Buys Security Specialist
News Analysis | 1/6/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Huawei wins in the Netherlands; Google buys Bitspin; Telefónica denies Brazil deal.

Huawei Is Striking the Right Notes
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 1/3/2014

Huawei's commitment to API exposure, policy management/analytics, and big data show that it's in tune with network operators' needs today.

Is 2014 the Year of Carrier Ethernet 2.0?
DOS Attack | 1/3/2014

Once called "the new Ethernet," Carrier Ethernet 2.0 still hasn't been widely adopted.

Huawei Pressures Its 400G Router Rivals
News Analysis | 1/3/2014

Chinese vendor claims more than 50 telcos deployed its latest core router in the second half of 2013.

Sprint Starts Big Enterprise Push With WiFi
News Analysis | 1/3/2014

Ruckus Wireless execs say Sprint's commercial WiFi service offering is just the start of grander plans in the enterprise.

Polaroid TV Ships With Roku Stick
News Analysis | 1/3/2014

New TV set that will debut at CES comes with integrated OTT video capabilities.

Euronews: KPN Takes Control of FTTH Venture
News Analysis | 1/3/2014

Also in today's regional news roundup: Mobile tower integration in Spain; M&A talk swirls around Vodafone; Vdio hits stop button; and more.

ZTE Reorgs for Mobile Device Domination
News Analysis | 1/2/2014

Chinese mobile vendor shuffles management to focus on operators, mobile devices, and the enterprise.

NFV to Trigger Cisco Buying Binge?
Rewired | 1/2/2014

MKM report predicts Cisco and Juniper may acquire optical networking companies Infinera and/or Ciena to prepare for virtualization.

ABC Makes TV Less Free
News Analysis | 1/2/2014

Now only authenticated subscribers and others prepared to pay get access to ABC content during the first week after a show's initial broadcast.

Euronews: More 4G Auctions in Europe
News Analysis | 1/2/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: KPN develops RCS-based service; security breaches still high on the communications sector agenda.

MSOs Eye Ads for Multiscreen
Breznick Unbound | 1/2/2014

Cable operators and other service providers are increasingly looking to monetize their new multiscreen video services through targeted ads. Will it work?

Top Trivia You Didn't Know About Alexander Graham Bell
Slide Shows | 1/1/2014

Alexander Graham Bell was one amazing guy. Without him, telecom wouldn't exist -- but Bell did a lot more in his life than simply invent the telephone.

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