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Startups Battle for Scraps?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/3/2003

Alternative infrastructure startups could be left with slim pickings in contract battle with big boys

Hello, I Must Be Going!
Column | 9/3/2003

Hello! I must be going! I cannot stay, I came to say, I must be going... – Scott Clavenna

Report: Optical to Rise Again (Sort of)
News Analysis | 9/3/2003

Optical networking is on a wee upturn, as older gear falls out and carriers open the wallets for newer stuff

Headlong Into Heavy Reading
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/3/2003

We debut our new research service with the largest analytical survey of MSPPs ever undertaken

Extreme: Ship Ahoy!
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/2/2003

It's D-Day on the WLAN front, as wired incumbent Extreme is preparing to ship first WLAN products this month

IBM Sells Off Search Engines
News Analysis | 9/2/2003

Big Blue drops its search-engine ambitions, selling its only two chip designs to IDT

New Corvis Investors Unveiled
News Analysis | 9/2/2003

Thirty-three investors have poured over $70 million cash into Corvis. Is it a good deal?

Starent Shines On
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/2/2003

Korean W-CDMA deal gives wireless router startup a lead on rivals

Xtera Nabs Metro-Optix Assets
News Analysis | 9/2/2003

Xtera, fresh from a $30M round, hopes metro gear will keep customers happy 'til long-haul sales return

Nortel's Summer Abroad
News Analysis | 9/2/2003

Canadian firm has announced mostly international contracts this summer, with emphasis on Asia

FT Wants More Orange
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/1/2003

France Telecom has its eyes on a healthier slice of the Orange 'cash cow'

AFS Enters Ethernet Fray
News Analysis | 9/1/2003

American Fiber Systems is going from wholesaling dark fiber to selling Ethernet services. Can it work?

WorldCom Handed Rules and Writ
News Analysis | 9/1/2003

Our weekly WorldCom wrap sees the carrier accept 78 corporate rules and face charges in Oklahoma

Netgear Shifts Up for VOIP
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/1/2003

Wireless LAN vendor looks to tempt small enterprise customers with VOIP enhancements to its access points

Redux Revisits RAD
News Analysis | 9/1/2003

Founders of Redux will clash with their alma mater as both produce chips for TDM over IP

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