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TW Cable Vows Video Improvements
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/2/2012

Cloud-based guides, IP set-tops and all-singing/all-dancing video gateways are part of TW Cable's 2013 video game plan

AT&T to Buy NextWave for 'Alternative' 4G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2012

Ma Bell will offer up to $50M for NextWave's capacity in the WCS bands, opening up 4G opportunities if interference worries are removed

How 4G Apps Can Kill Old Gear
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2012

4G LTE applications could bust up older networking equipment that isn't built to handle smaller packet sizes, according to Stoke

Olympics Sink Netflix Streams
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/2/2012

Also: DirecTV gets dinged in Q2; Roku signs CE pals; Amazon streams to the iPad; Google spreads the fiber gospel

RIM's LTE PlayBook: Better Late Than Never?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2012

RIM's tablet is finally getting LTE, with the first versions going on sale in Canada on Aug. 9

TWC's Video Subs Attrition
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/2/2012

Churn hammered TW Cable's video totals, but the cable operator grew in other areas and pulled in better-than-expected Q2 results

Matchmaking NSN
EuroBlog | 8/2/2012

7:05 AM Forget Alcatel-Lucent – NEC could be the best bet to merge with Nokia Siemens Networks

Euronews: BT Claims Wi-Fi Gold
News Analysis | 8/2/2012

In today's Olympics-tinged EMEA roundup: BT's Wi-Fi hits the spot; Russian mobile merger talk; Telecom Italia returns to profit

Nokia Puts Itself on the Map
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2012

With its future in smartphones unclear, the Finnish company is pushing its advantages in maps and location-based services

Cavium Customizes for the Cloud
News Analysis | 8/1/2012

The chipmaker says it's developing new processors, from scratch, with secret ingredients apparently engineered for data centers and clouds

Who's Going to Buy NSN?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 8/1/2012

The fate of Nokia Siemens will shape the landscape of the global telecom infrastructure market during the next 10 years

Comcast Faces Broadband Cap Flap
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/1/2012

Pressure group tells the FCC that Comcast's data policy for the Xbox 360 violates a condition of its NBCU merger

Huawei Hits Back at Hack Attack
News Analysis | 8/1/2012

Vendor says its security policies are rigorous, but test lab insists processes are flawed

LR Reader Poll: Nokia's Takeover 'Joke'
Que Sera Sarah | 8/1/2012

12:40 PM Lenovo thinks the prospect of acquiring Nokia is hilarious, but would another company want to snatch up all of Nokia now?

Comcast's Cloud TV Service Rolls Into Atlanta
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/1/2012

Comcast will try to bring some mojo back to video as it makes plans to launch its X1 service in five 'major' markets this year

Google Fiber Promises Phase II Rollout
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/1/2012

Also: Skewering NBC's Olympics coverage becomes a sport; BlackArrow targets TV ads to all screens; SDV catches on with small cable

Comcast Q2 Profits Climb, Video Subs Fall
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/1/2012

Comcast net income was up 6.1% in the second quarter while it lost a less-than-expected 176,000 video subscribers

Euronews: Alcatel-Lucent Admits Faults
News Analysis | 8/1/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: CEO's mea culpa; Nokia directors bag their cut-price shares; Russian carrier tires of Apple's retail control

Texts Are Too Over the Top
Que Sera Sarah | 8/1/2012

12:05 AM Olympic officials are asking viewers to find alternatives to texting but aren't people doing that anyway with OTT apps?

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