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CTIA 2009: Verizon LTE Goin' Steady
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/1/2009

Carrier doesn't add much detail to what it said in Barcelona, but does explain how to achieve 400% wireless penetration

Femtocells Go to Wisconsin
Wireless Bits | 4/1/2009

5:45 PM Say cheese?

McCaw: WiMax Key to Cable's 'Next Step'
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/1/2009

Clearwire's chairman tells his cable investors that WiMax positions them for a big future run

Opnext Changes CEOs, Starts Cutting
News Analysis | 4/1/2009

Gilles Bouchard takes over with a 10% layoff, but Opnext's fabs and its major R&D projects are intact

CTIA 2009: Verizon Wants Fewer OSes
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/1/2009

But it isn't yet saying which ones should come out on top

CTIA 2009: Verizon's Netbook Slip
Jonestown | 4/1/2009

3:10 PM McAdam almost announces Verizon netbook

CTIA 2009: RIM's BB App Flap
Jonestown | 4/1/2009

2:10 PM RIM keynote was one long advertisement

CTIA 2009: Verizon's CDMA-to-LTE Helper
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/1/2009

AlcaLu will help Verizon integrate its proto-4G and 3G networks while Ericsson is expected to take a more 'greenfield' approach to LTE, analysts say

The Philter | 4/1/2009

NOON Twitter updates from another big show

Europe Nears Telecom Reform
EuroBlog | 4/1/2009

11:20 AM A telecom regulation reform package is set to be agreed upon

Doing Double Duty
The Bauminator | 4/1/2009

11:00 AM Bel-Air node matches Docsis with WiMax and WiFi

Ready to Row With Canoe?
The Bauminator | 4/1/2009

9:50 AM Openet is getting into cable in a big way, and believes the needs of the industry's advanced ad project offer a perfect target

Juniper Routers Gain Video Powers
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/1/2009

A partnership with Triveni yields a video-monitoring application for the M and MX router lines

AlcaLu Mines IP Smarts for LTE Core
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/1/2009

AlcaLu unveils its own Evolved Packet Core for mobile broadband and the 7750 router is the key ingredient

Cox Unleashes Wideband
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/1/2009

Picks Lafayette, La., for its first Docsis 3.0 deployment, and expects to have two thirds of its footprint wideband-ready by 2010

Comcast, itaas Engage on EBIF
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/1/2009

Itaas scores license to offer TVWorks's enhanced TV 'engine' to other MSOs, both big and small

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