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T-Mobile wants to give 5G a kick in the pants
Morris Lore | 3/24/2022

Carriers need to get out of the way if the technology is to thrive, says the operator, but it seems to be doing the opposite.

Altice USA scores new MVNO deal with T-Mobile
News Analysis | 3/24/2022

New deal is expected to give Altice USA more flexibility on offers and packages as operator prepares to rev up its budding Optimum Mobile business.

WeLink expands leadership team, plots growth
News Analysis | 3/24/2022

John Paul Farmer is one of a handful of new executives at fixed wireless startup WeLink, which hopes to expand its services to more cities using government funding.

Eurobites: Vodafone, Nokia set course for marine-focused 5G in Plymouth
News Analysis | 3/24/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: KKR wants to see TIM's books; Ghana extends SIM re-registration deadline; Google gives green light to Spotify's payment platform.

Vodafone taps Nokia for fixed SDN controller trials
News Analysis | 3/24/2022

Group moves ahead with ambition to apply principles of disaggregation and openness to fixed broadband networks.

Remote OLT sales activity spotlights cable's growing focus on fiber
News Analysis | 3/24/2022

Revenues for remote OLTs surged to $10 million in 2021, compared to just $300,000 in 2020, and are poised to more than double in 2022, according to Dell'Oro Group.

Russia's war on Ukraine looks a nightmare for Netcracker
News Analysis | 3/24/2022

The telco software company says it has stopped business in Russia, while dodging questions about its reliance on Russian coders.

TRAI bets on lampposts to accelerate 5G infrastructure
News Analysis | 3/24/2022

With 5G rollout just around the corner, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has launched a pilot using street furniture to deploy small cell networks.

ZTE whistleblower: They think the law is just a suggestion
News Analysis | 3/24/2022

A decade on, ZTE whistleblower shares inside story of illegal trades – as Chinese vendor exits US probation despite last-minute allegation of visa fraud.

Telstra talks about its ground game in a decade-long deal with OneWeb
LRTV Interviews | 3/23/2022

Vish Vishwanathan, vice president, wholesale and satellite, Telstra America, talks about the size and scope of the telco's deal with OneWeb and how telcos and satellite firms are helping one another with market expansion.

Starlink surpasses 250K residential and business subscribers
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

Meanwhile, Starlink, which has supplied 'thousands' of satellite broadband kits to Ukraine, is raising prices on hardware due to surging inflation.

China Mobile buoyant despite chip shortage, volatile prices
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

Digital transformation services now the biggest growth drivers at the world's largest mobile operator.

SASE scoops up $4B in revenue for 2021, Dell'Oro Group reports
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

Dell'Oro Group predicts the SASE market will reach double-digit billion-dollar revenue by 2025.

Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone wipe out more 4G 'grey spots'
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

Germany's operators are making progress with their aim to eliminate so-called grey and white spots to improve 4G coverage.

Telecom needs to get ready for quantum computing, report warns
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

Of the report's many warnings: 'No online system can be trusted anymore because the current key establishment and key exchanges can be breached.'

The open RAN diversity mission is not going to plan
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

Doubts are growing that open RAN will inject competition into the market for mobile network products.

Comcast's latest open source contribution centers on cybersecurity
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

Comcast's 'xGitGuard' tool uses AI and machine learning techniques to detect 'secrets' - such as API tokens and passwords - that might be inadvertently lurking in open source code.

Eurobites: Zain chooses Huawei as it looks to push the 5G envelope
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Tele2 commits to circularity; Telia issues euro 500 million green bond; Zoomed-out UK workers bang nails into caffeine's coffin.

India 5G testing mandate could lead to device shortage
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

India's telcos claim government enforced testing will create a bottleneck, thwarting moves to rival China as a global mobile handset manufacturing base.

NBN's fixed wireless access, satellite networks get $555M boost
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

The Australian federal government says it will tip a further A$480 million into the national broadband project, with NBN Co. adding another A$270 million.

Cox investment prompts Rhode Island reps to push for broadband council
Broadband World News | 3/22/2022

Rhode Island lawmakers called a multi-million-dollar Cox investment 'an effort to catch up on years of neglect' and renewed their push for a dedicated advisory council to plan out the state's broadband future.

FCC sets July 29 kickoff for 2.5GHz spectrum auction
News Analysis | 3/22/2022

T-Mobile is expected to be a key player in the auction of about 8,000 new, county-based overlay licenses of unassigned 2.5GHz midband spectrum.

Charter goes big at the edge
News Analysis | 3/22/2022

Charter's Spectrum Enterprise unit is putting more emphasis on the higher end of the market with Enterprise Network Edge, a platform that features advanced security and SD-WAN capabilities.

Juniper takes Apstra and IBN to edge data centers
News Analysis | 3/22/2022

Juniper's latest version of Apstra to support smaller edge data centers comes in response to enterprise customers' increased use of edge data centers for applications such as industrial automation and augmented reality.

Swisscom to shutter 3G network in 2025
News Analysis | 3/22/2022

Swiss operator set to redeploy frequencies for 4G and 5G networks.

USPTO study: Everyone's a winner in 5G patents
News Analysis | 3/22/2022

Ericsson, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Qualcomm and Samsung rose to the top in a US Patent and Trademark Office report, but none took the lead.

NTT DoCoMo pitches open RAN smarts plus 13-vendor dream team
News Analysis | 3/22/2022

With the most extensive open RAN on the planet, the Japanese operator is trying to reduce costs ahead of virtualization.

Eurobites: OneWeb turns to SpaceX as Russian rocket deal misfires
News Analysis | 3/22/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Cellnex sells French towers; Iskratel targets UK FTTH market; Swisscom will kill 3G in 2025.

China cranks up national data center, computing project
News Analysis | 3/22/2022

China telcos, cloud firms join in huge national computer grid scheme.

Apple recovers from massive outage
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

Several Apple services, including its app store, Apple TV+, iCloud, Maps and Apple Music were temporarily knocked out on Monday.

Verizon-SES deal accelerates C-band clearance
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

Adding fuel to Verizon's 5G C-band rollout, which includes fixed wireless access services, the new agreement aims to speed up and expand Verizon's access to critical midband spectrum in certain US markets.

Cable also fitting into the fiber frenzy
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

Enhanced DOCSIS 3.1 and DOCSIS 4.0 still fit into many cable network roadmaps, but operators are also getting more aggressive with fiber-to-the-premises overlays and buildouts.

Germany eases rules to accelerate fiber, 5G build
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

New gigabit strategy aims to simplify planning processes and construction techniques to meet deployment goals.

Global broadband prices rose during pandemic – study
Broadband World News | 3/21/2022

A new policy brief shows fixed broadband prices rose to 3.5% of gross national income (GNI) per capita in 2021, up from 2.9% in 2020. Mobile broadband prices increased to 2% of GNI in 2021, up from 1.9% in 2020.

Retrobrands wants to revive the Nextel brand as an MVNO
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

A Sprint holding company is claiming trademark infringement and has filed a lawsuit to prevent a Nextel-branded mobile service from launching.

Vodafone admits software rebirth will be hard to deliver
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

The operator is competing against dozens of other companies for a pool of expensive talent and its success cannot be guaranteed.

CableLabs pushes case for coherent PON
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

CableLabs' Curtis Knittle says the 100-Gig capabilities supported by emerging C-PON systems will help cable operators reclaim optical spectrum and add capacity as network needs exceed what legacy tech can deliver.

Eurobites: CityFibre bags fresh £300M investment from Mubadala fund
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson continues stables-cleaning process; VEON employees tough it out in Ukraine; Nokia's patent applications rise.

Clouds part for China Telecom as business soars
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

Cloud, digitalization and industrial 5G have powered China Telecom to a 25% hike in full-year earnings.

Private equity circling Vantage Towers – report
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

Unnamed sources tell Reuters that global infrastructure funds have approached Vodafone about acquiring a majority stake in Vantage Towers.

CableLabs to host '10G Showcase' on April 27
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

Private event to feature strategy discussions, technology presentations and live demos. Industry sources say the demos will include both options for DOCSIS 4.0: Extended Spectrum DOCSIS and Full Duplex DOCSIS.

BT gets into 5G SA testbed with Nokia
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

5G private network use cases are on show as part of the UK government's 5G Test Beds and Trials funding program.

FCC calls on Dish about open RAN
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

'While legacy carriers built closed end-to-end networks, Dish chose O-RAN because, among other reasons, it offers lower capital and operating costs, and is more resilient,' Dish told the FCC.

Telenor gets green light for Myanmar sale
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

M1 secures a local partner to allow the acquisition to go ahead, but a human rights group expresses outrage over Telenor's exit.

Gogo, SmartSky take their 5G battle to the skies
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

Both companies are racing to build 5G-style networks on the ground in order to beam speedy Internet connections to business aircraft overhead.

Eurobites: South Africa finally wraps up spectrum auction
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Virgin TV gets BritBox; KPN makes healthcare investment; South Africa settles with Huawei.

The Divide: Sacred Wind's John Badal on bringing broadband to Navajo Nation
LRTV Interviews | 3/18/2022

This week: John Badal, founder and CEO of Sacred Wind Communications, on how his company is closing the digital divide on Navajo lands in rural New Mexico.

Malaysia wins telcos' backing for 5G wholesale network
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

The government has rejected appeals by the telcos to issue a second 5G wholesale license, but it will allow them to own as much as 70% of the wholesale network owner, Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB).

Arm cuts itself off from Russia, joining Intel and AMD
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

The UK-based chip designer has suspended product deliveries and support, leaving Russian data centers with a looming problem.

Three UK thrives despite competition concerns
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

The UK operator maintains its stance on in-market consolidation, but manages to increase postpaid customers and revenue in 2021.

US cable holds steady with 29% of mobile adds in Q4
News Analysis | 3/17/2022

Comcast, Charter and Altice USA added a record 697,000 mobile lines in Q4, ending 2021 with 7.73 million. T-Mobile likely to 'share' the spoils with cable as an alternative in the market's low end, MoffettNathanson says.

Microsoft inches closer to fixed-mobile convergence
News Analysis | 3/17/2022

'You'll have one device to rule them all and won't have to carry around two mobile phones for business and personal use while still having a distinct separation between work and personal calls,' an exec boasted.

Netflix starts to crack down on password sharing
News Analysis | 3/17/2022

Amid slowing subscriber growth, Netflix will soon test 'Extra Member' and 'Profile Transfer' features in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru that support credential sharing outside the subscribing household... for a price.

T-Mobile: Standalone 5G is helping us win enterprise share
News Analysis | 3/17/2022

'We're the only ones with a 5G standalone core and you really need a 5G standalone core to enable a lot of these use cases that you're hearing about,' T-Mobile CFO Peter Osvaldik said this week.

Arm has awkwardly become a lifeline for the Huawei cloud
News Analysis | 3/17/2022

A UK-based chip designer currently owned by a Japanese billionaire has provided an essential helping hand for one of China's most controversial companies.

Eurobites: UK's Online Safety Bill reaches lawmakers
News Analysis | 3/17/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone creates jobs in Stoke, slims down Newbury HQ; FiberCop and Neoip add towns to fiber rollout; Nokia trials 5G network with Japan's Omron.

New report highlights MEC performance challenges and how perception changes after production deployment
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/16/2022

SPONSORED: Heavy Reading's survey results indicate that the deployment of edge computing introduces issues of scale and complexity, and CSPs are most concerned with overall network performance and security.

How Comcast is paving the road to 10G
News Analysis | 3/16/2022

Elad Nafshi, Comcast's chief network officer, details how the operator will roll out DOCSIS 4.0 over a virtualized platform that will also support targeted deployments of FTTP.

DOCSIS 3.1 has lots of gas left in the tank
News Analysis | 3/16/2022

Industry experts believe DOCSIS 3.1 can keep pace with today's fiber competition by pairing a 1.2GHz upgrade with an upstream-expanding 'high-split.' But emergence of new PON technologies could limit the role of DOCSIS 4.0.

Windstream Enterprise teams with Cato to roll cloud-based SASE service to North American customers
News Analysis | 3/16/2022

The managed SASE service includes five components: SD-WAN, firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS), secure web gateways (SWGs), zero trust network access (ZTNA) and cloud access security broker (CASB).

After spending $117B, US carriers ask for even more 5G spectrum
News Analysis | 3/16/2022

The CTIA, the US wireless industry's trade association, urged legislators to release spectrum for 5G including 3.1GHz-3.45GHz, 7.125GHz-8.4 GHz, 1.3GHz-1.35GHz, 1.124GHz-1.164GHz and other bands.

GalaxySpace launches China's first LEOsat test constellation
News Analysis | 3/16/2022

It is the first Chinese company to mass-produce satellites, reportedly aiming to build 300 to 500 annually at a cost of around several million yuan each.

T-Mobile buys some – but not all – of its 2.5GHz spectrum licenses
News Analysis | 3/16/2022

New FCC rules create the tantalizing possibility for other companies to purchase a license that T-Mobile is leasing for 5G. As noted by AllNet, at least one company has done just that: SoniqWave.

France offers up more spectrum for industrial 5G
News Analysis | 3/16/2022

Two business ministers and Arcep propose opening up the 3.8GHz-4.0GHz band to industrial players.

Industry weighs in on FCC broadband nutrition labels
Broadband World News | 3/16/2022

With the public comment period on the FCC's broadband nutrition label rules wrapped up, here are some takeaways from the industry's input on how they may be written.

Eurobites: Irish watchdog takes €17M bite out of Meta for data breaches
News Analysis | 3/16/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ofcom sets out space spectrum strategy; how Viasat hack helped Russia's invasion of Ukraine; EU approves Amazon's takeover of MGM, disses Midnight Cowboy.

Charter CTO: Cable industry 'well on our way' to 10G
News Analysis | 3/15/2022

Cable is at the start of the commercialization phase of DOCSIS 4.0, a cornerstone of 10G, with suppliers and other tech partners inching toward interops, Charter's Stephanie Mitchko-Beale said at LR's annual cable tech event.

6G will not be a new radio standard, say BT and Vodafone
News Analysis | 3/15/2022

Executives at the UK operators sound confident 6G will use the same underlying technology as 5G.

Arm chops 1,000 jobs
News Analysis | 3/15/2022

Semiconductor-design specialist wants to trim workforce by 12% to 15% ahead of IPO.

Vodafone Germany nabs 5G+ branding for 5G SA
News Analysis | 3/15/2022

German operator says more than 10 million people can now use its 5G SA service at home.

What's the Story? The splinternet is coming
LRTV Interviews | 3/15/2022

Mike Dano discusses his recent coverage of the 'splinternet' and what it means for the industry at large.

Charter gives SMBs an ad-vantage
News Analysis | 3/15/2022

Charter's Spectrum Reach unit is giving $1,500 in free TV advertising to SMBs as they try to bounce back from the ongoing pandemic and associated inflation and supply chain issues.

UScellular CTO updates on midband, standalone 5G
CxO Spotlight | 3/15/2022

'Most of the applications on devices really can be served by 30, 50, 60 Mbit/s, no problem,' UScellular's Mike Irizarry said, noting that those are the speeds supported today by UScellular's 4G LTE network.

Eurobites: VEON sees credit ratings slide as Ukraine carnage hits home
News Analysis | 3/15/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefonica pals up with Pente for enterprise cloud services; Nokia goes underground in Chile; companies get ready for the hybrid working era.

Vodafone UK proposes net neutrality fix for network slicing
News Analysis | 3/15/2022

The operator has carried out network slicing trials with Ericsson but says rules changes are needed before new services can be offered.

BSNL to launch 4G with 5G NSA network by August
News Analysis | 3/15/2022

India has been trying to promote the growth of indigenous technologies and products to reduce its dependency on international vendors.

DDoS attacks up nearly 40%, mostly targeting gaming and retail, Radware reports
News Analysis | 3/14/2022

Between 2020 and 2021, the average DDoS volume per company was also up 26%, but attack vectors larger than 10 Gbit/s were down 5%.

AWS opens the curtain on its 5G strategy for Dish
News Analysis | 3/14/2022

'By utilizing the AWS Cloud, Dish was able to architect, design, build and deliver a complete cloud-native 5G network with full operations and network deployment automation,' AWS engineers wrote.

TIM starts formal talks with KKR
News Analysis | 3/14/2022

The Italian operator also plans to explore a long-mooted merger with state-backed broadband operator Open Fiber.

Rakuten's Amin targets 25% of RAN market in bid to unseat giants
News Analysis | 3/14/2022

The Japanese vendor's Symphony business is championing openness as it goes after a market still dominated by Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia.

AT&T hints at its 'Act 2'
News Analysis | 3/14/2022

'The AT&T story will be written in two acts. Today we'll focus on the first act, and that is taking our current asset base and delivering competitive returns," CEO John Stankey said.

AT&T's aggressive copper network retirement could be a mistake, analyst says
News Analysis | 3/14/2022

New Street Research believes AT&T should instead expand its fiber network buildout, holding that the company's large fixed footprint is the 'single biggest advantage' AT&T has over its wireless rivals.

Business is booming at China Unicom
News Analysis | 3/14/2022

China Unicom's industry Internet unit leads the way, overtaking fixed-line broadband to become its second-largest segment.

Scaling open vRAN operations
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/11/2022

SPONSORED: Heavy Reading white paper examines how to create a scalable deployment model for disaggregated, open vRAN.

OFC 2022: Heavy Reading's Sterling Perrin coherently talks about pluggables
LRTV Interviews | 3/11/2022

As OFC 2022 wraps up, Heavy Reading's Sterling Perrin weighs in on IP-over-DWDM and why it's really working this time. We also discuss market components upstart EFFECT Photonics and its noteworthy deal with Viasat.

The 5G takeaways from AT&T's investor day
News Analysis | 3/11/2022

Among those takeaways: AT&T's midband 5G buildout trails those of Verizon and T-Mobile. AT&T did not mention millimeter wave 5G. And AT&T remains uninterested in fixed wireless.

AT&T notching 37% subscriber penetration rates in fiber markets
News Analysis | 3/11/2022

Amid its aggressive fiber build, AT&T has also unleashed a plan to turn down and decommission 50% of its legacy copper network by 2025 and to largely lean on fixed wireless to capture DSL subs in those areas.

OFC 2022: Cignal AI's Andrew Schmitt on what's hot in optical
LRTV Interviews | 3/11/2022

Andrew Schmitt, founder and directing analyst at Cignal AI, helps us wrap up a few key topics from OFC 2022 and talks about what he's looking forward to in the optical networking space.

Telefónica Vivo taps Cisco, NEC for '5G-ready' IP transport
News Analysis | 3/11/2022

Aim is to support converged mobile and fixed networks. According to conditions attached to recently secured 5G-friendly spectrum, Vivo must launch 5G services no later than July 31.

Complaints begin after AT&T's 3G shutdown
News Analysis | 3/11/2022

'Wave7 Research believes that the 2/22 AT&T 3G shutdown has caused more trouble than press coverage would indicate, with significant issues for some AT&T MVNOs in particular,' wrote Wave7 analysts in a recent report.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom starts tower sale process – report
News Analysis | 3/11/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: 25G PON in Croatia; Teldat chooses Telefonica Tech's public cloud; EU, UK probe Google/Meta deal on advertising.

Is cable going to the dickens?
Alantown | 3/11/2022

As we have for the past two years, Light Reading will stage the Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies conference as a free digital event over two half-days next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ukraine has made Huawei even more toxic for European telcos
Morris Lore | 3/11/2022

The Chinese equipment vendor's continued involvement in Russia is awkward for its biggest European customers.

NTT DoCoMo hires Beyond Now for SME biz
News Analysis | 3/11/2022

Former BearingPoint unit picks up more business from long-standing carrier partner NTT.

PMC CEO David Somo: MEMs the word
CxO Spotlight | 3/10/2022

Preciseley Microtechnology Corporation (PMC) President and CEO David Somo took a moment to talk about his company's optical components and which end markets are hot right now.

Google Fiber gets down to business with 2-Gig broadband
News Analysis | 3/10/2022

New offering, priced at $250 per month, matches the cost of Google Fiber's original 1-Gig service for businesses, which has been lowered to $100 per month.

OFC 2022: Omdia analysts size up the PON market
LRTV Interviews | 3/10/2022

Omdia analysts Julie Kunstler and Jaimie Lenderman discuss the growth of fiber access, new operator concerns about power consumption and the glut of fiber funding that's just around the corner.

What's the Story? FWA both friend and foe to cable cos
LRTV Interviews | 3/10/2022

In this episode, Jeff Baumgartner explains why some streaming services now have ad-supported versions; what the future holds for DOCSIS; and whether the FWA market presents new opportunities, competition or both to cable operators.

Preparing for the splinternet
DanoVision | 3/10/2022

Cogent and Lumen moved to cut Russia off from the Internet. But some analysts warn such actions could 'cause other countries to consider ways to either control those companies or utilize other companies.'

Brokerage firm warns Google's $5.4B deal with Mandiant may face 'protracted' review
News Analysis | 3/10/2022

MKM Partners suspects Google's all-cash swoop for cybersecurity specialist will hit some regulatory buffers.

AT&T launches 5-Gig speeds in all fiber markets
News Analysis | 3/10/2022

In the wake of initial market launches in January, AT&T says 7 million fiber locations across its 21-state footprint now have access to the telco's symmetrical 2-Gig and 5-Gig tiers.

Asia-Pac telcos ready $6B in tower sales
News Analysis | 3/10/2022

PLTD chairman Manny Pangilinan told a briefing last week that the bids came from global tower companies, some in partnership with local firms, and were all above the target P50 billion (US$960 million) mark.

New playbook guides states on getting grants and funding fiber
Broadband World News | 3/10/2022

The playbook offers states a guide to navigating broadband funding opportunities in the Biden administration's infrastructure bill - and stresses the need to spend funds on future-proof technology.

Eurobites: Huawei hit by UK resignations as it continues to do business in rogue-state Russia
News Analysis | 3/10/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ukrainian government considers moving data to safety; ETNO calls for more coordination to defend against increased cyberwarfare risk; Zain, BT in reality check.

Google will do the thinking for BT in future
News Analysis | 3/10/2022

Artificial intelligence developed by US Big Tech will help to run the UK operator in the years ahead.

Telefónica teams up with Repsol on green energy
News Analysis | 3/10/2022

Spanish operator to add a further string to its bow with solar panels joint venture.

Service provider views on transport slicing and packet fronthaul
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/10/2022

Results from Heavy Reading's Operator Strategies for 5G Transport Market Leadership Survey indicate the need for transport network slicing and packetized fronthaul transport.

Spectrum Mobile 'profitable as a standalone business,' Charter CEO says
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

Charter's targeted use of CBRS for offload will help to reduce MVNO costs. It's not a must-do, 'but it's an upside,' says company Chairman and CEO Tom Rutledge.

Orange Business Services teams up with Fortinet on cloud-based SASE service
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

Fortinet is Orange's first vendor partner in the SASE space, but the service provider expects to add more managed SASE options in the future.

Infinera's Rob Shore: Optical engine revving at OFC
LRTV Interviews | 3/9/2022

Rob Shore, Infinera's SVP of marketing, discusses three announcements covering Infinera's most recent technology and market moves in optical transport, pluggable optics and a partnership that will unlock private networking and edge computing deployments for a major US service provider.

Geopolitics invades the 5G race to space
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

A number of satellite companies are touting US-based suppliers and vendors, which is noteworthy considering Russia recently said it would stop supplying rockets to the US.

T-Mobile moves to renegotiate MVNO deals
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

The company is working on new MVNO deals with Boost Mobile owner Dish Network; Google, which offers mobile services through Google Fi; and cable company Altice, which operates Optimum Mobile.

GF's new platform takes aim at exploding data volumes, power consumption
LRTV Interviews | 3/9/2022

Anthony Yu, VP of computing and wired infrastructure at GlobalFoundries (GF), joins the Light Reading podcast on the show floor at OFC to discuss his company's GF Fotonix announcement, the partners involved and the timing of the markets it is addressing with silicon photonics.

Startup uses AI to help operators accelerate sales and ARPU
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

Actifai, which already has a foothold at Breezeline, Hargray, Cogeco and Cincinnati Bell, says initial deployments have generated a lift in ARPU in the range of 10% to 15%.

Fresh VEON liquidity concerns as lenders 'review' relationship – report
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

Banks providing $1.25 billion revolving credit facility get nervy about EU sanctions on Russian oligarchs associated with Group.

Nokia, CommScope, Cisco, others raise equipment prices
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

'Following twenty years of average macro basestation price declines in the 5% to 10% range, we are now modeling RAN prices to increase,' warned Stefan Pongratz of Dell'Oro Group.

RIL strengthens local tech capabilities for India's 5G race
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

RIL has recently also developed a compact 5G-as-a-service solution called 'Jio 5G Hyperlite Stack,' which it plans to offer to enterprises and businesses.

Rakuten Mobile's new boss sets out 'fast-paced' growth plan
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

Tareq Amin says the burden of capex will start to ease in the summer, allowing the Japanese operator to focus on customer acquisition.

Eurobites: Cellnex targets automotive market with Segula tie-up
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Lumen pulls the plug on Russia; Vodafone brings HBO Max to more European markets; Proximus does Belgium proud by Ukrainian refugees.

ZTE trumpets strong 2021 on back of 5G sales
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

The China-based vendor continues its recovery following its near collapse in 2018.

Apple ditches mmWave 5G with newest iPhone
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

Less than two years ago, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg touted the benefits of mmWave 5G during the unveiling of Apple's iPhone 12. But the newest iPhone doesn't support mmWave at all.

Netflix has no plans for ad-supported tiers, but 'never say never,' CFO says
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

The streaming giant doesn't harbor 'religion against advertising' but remains content with its 'scalable subscription model,' company CFO Spencer Neumann says.

What's the Story? Iain Morris escapes robot dogs to bring MWC recap
LRTV Interviews | 3/8/2022

Iain Morris shares his take on Mobile World Congress, discusses themes that emerged at the event such as the metaverse and explains why he's still waiting on a drink from a 5G-powered barman.

Rogers puts more weight behind enterprise IoT
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

Following an initial debut of smart building IoT services in 2020, the Canadian operator's business services unit is going bigger, launching IoT products with an array of tech and service partners.

Huawei carries on in Russia as other Chinese firms wait and see
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

The exit of western brands from Russia might seem like a golden opportunity for Chinese firms, but it is not that straightforward.

5G struggles to get into cheap US phones
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

Almost none of the phones that Verizon sold at the end of last year in the $250-or-less category support 5G. Instead, most of the cheap phones that Verizon sold featured only 4G connections.

Amdocs declines to announce Russia sanctions
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

The provider of B/OSS software lists three major Russian clients in its last annual filing with US authorities and also does business in Ukraine.

Eurobites: Second KKR bid for Telecom Italia on the cards – report
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Sparkle launches global IoT service; Deutsche Telekom digs Netcracker suite; more fiber for eastern England.

How Western sanctions will hurt Russian telecom and tech
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

Operators have been cut off from the only viable non-Chinese suppliers, and the Chinese ones have problems of their own.

Orange and Másmovíl unveil Spanish merger plan
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

Proposed deal is expected to close in Q2 2023, but European Union approval is far from assured.

Open RAN security is a collaborative endeavor
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/7/2022

Heavy Reading survey says open RAN security will rely on an active community of suppliers, developers, testers and security experts working constantly to identify threats and maintain protection.

Cybersecurity threats more advanced and automated in 2021, Fortinet reports
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

Threats during 2H 2021 were more destructive and unpredictable, according to the FortiGuard Labs Global Threat Landscape Report. Bad actors are also taking advantage of a broader attack surface with a more distributed workforce.

Fixed wireless an 'inferior product,' Comcast CEO says
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

Cable operator isn't taking FWA for granted, but Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts likens it to the kind of lower-priced, lower-speed offerings it has long seen from DSL.

Ciena halts Russia sales but sees no major impact
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

Sales are booming, but optical equipment vendor watches share price fall as component shortages put margins under pressure.

Samsung's Galaxy source code stolen by hackers
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

'Currently, we do not anticipate any impact to our business or customers. We have implemented measures to prevent further such incidents,' Samsung said in a statement.

EE rolls out 200 4G small cells using Nokia kit
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

UK operator announces new batch of outdoor installations using licensed-assisted access. 5G small cells coming 'soon.'

Dish rings up smartphone makers
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

Two new Motorola phones support Dish's Band 70. No other network operator in the world uses that specific band, thus implying direct support of Dish by handset makers.

Apple TV+ is first app to use Comcast's global technology platform
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

Following the launch of Apple TV+ by Sky in parts of Europe late last year, Comcast is bringing Apple's premium streaming service to X1, Xfinity Flex and its new family of XClass TVs.

Netflix pulls plug in Russia
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

Streaming giant's decision to temporarily cut off access comes as Russia's invasion of Ukraine intensifies, and arrives days after Netflix refused to carry 20 Russian free-to-air propaganda channels.

AT&T cuts price on 5G unlimited data
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

AT&T's new 'Value Plus Plan' offers unlimited 5G connections and is cheaper than the carrier's other unlimited offerings. It's also cheaper than similar plans from Verizon and T-Mobile.

mmWave 5G advocates try to refocus their sales pitch at MWC
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

A session at last week's big trade show featured speakers from Nokia, Qualcomm, Verizon, Telstra and other companies, and focused on the economic business case supporting mmWave transmissions.

Cox appeal of $1B music copyright verdict will ripple across broadband industry
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

Cable operator's battle to reverse or vacate a $1 billion verdict stemming from copyright claims made by major music labels heads to the oral argument stage this week. The result could affect ISPs far and wide.

Telstra, OneWeb cue LEOsat partnership for Australia and Pacific
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

The companies say they are exploring new solutions for connectivity in Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Eurobites: UK tweaks mast planning rules to boost mobile coverage
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT spreads the small-cell love in the UK; Proximus welcomes Ada; Turk Telekom turns to Mavenir.

MWC takes leave of reality as visitors pile back
Morris Lore | 3/7/2022

The mobile industry's giant shindig was back with 61,000 visitors, even if the big news stories had nothing to do with it.

How Dish's cloud journey has already reshaped its business
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

The deployment so far, in partnership with Nokia, Mavenir and AWS, had already yielded lessons in how the new architecture can drastically change a telco operations and business.

BICS CEO calls on telcos to support Ukraine
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

Matteo Gatta issues an 'urgent plea,' as the industry takes measures to help people stay connected.

Verizon to build a new 200,000-square-foot data center north of Dallas
News Analysis | 3/4/2022

The service provider's decision to build a new data center comes just a few years after divesting nearly 30 data centers to Equinix for $3.6 billion.

FWA nabbed 38% of broadband share in Q4 as possible 'fiber bubble' forms
News Analysis | 3/4/2022

Recent fixed wireless subscriber growth from T-Mobile and Verizon has grabbed the broadband spotlight, but MoffettNathanson's Craig Moffett wonders if an influx of fiber projects will end up paying off.

Cogent moves to cut Russia from the Internet – report
News Analysis | 3/4/2022

'In light of the unwarranted and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Cogent is terminating all of your services effective at 5 p.m. GMT on March 4, 2022,' the company wrote to a Russian customer.

Telecom Italia plans to do the splits
News Analysis | 3/4/2022

Italian operator to split off fixed network into separate unit and sell stake in towerco INWIT.

Starlink a mixed blessing for Ukraine
News Analysis | 3/4/2022

Elon Musk has switched on SpaceX's Starlink satellite broadband for Ukraine, but security researchers fear the dishes might help Russia target users.

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison checks out Nokia for 4G/5G
News Analysis | 3/4/2022

Recently merged operator signs three-year deal with Finnish supplier to expand 4G and 5G coverage across Indonesia.

The Divide: What Starry has learned about connecting low-income communities
LRTV Interviews | 3/4/2022

This week: Virginia Lam Abrams, co-founder and SVP of government affairs and strategic advancement at Starry, returns to the podcast to discuss updates on the fixed wireless provider's Starry Connect program for affordable and public housing developments, and how federal subsidies are helping some Starry customers get broadband at no cost.

Verizon's 5G opportunities: First FWA, then edge, then the metaverse
News Analysis | 3/4/2022

Verizon said it expects 4-5 million FWA customers by 2025, slightly below T-Mobile's goal of gaining 7-8 million FWA customers during roughly the same time.

Samsung has no 2G, and that's a problem for Vodafone
Morris Lore | 3/4/2022

The South Korean vendor's lack of 2G or 3G network products brings open RAN difficulties for the UK operator.

Disney sizing up ad-supported version of Disney+ – report
News Analysis | 3/4/2022

Update: Disney confirmed that it will launch an ad-supported version of Disney+ for the US in late 2022, with plans to expand it internationally in 2023.

Eurobites: Activist investor puts the heat on Ericsson in wake of Iraq furore
News Analysis | 3/4/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Cellnex/Hutchison deal wins UK competition watchdog approval; crowds return to MWC; Sky Mobile heads to Ireland.

Scaling beyond connectivity: Essential move for CSPs to deliver added value
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 3/4/2022

5G is fundamentally transforming the future of business and opening a new realm of opportunities for communications service providers, enterprises and industries, as well as consumers. CSPs need to go beyond connectivity; they need to encompass digital and IT services to reignite growth by preparing for 5G, cloud and edge technology advancements.

Cable One makes its case for DOCSIS 4.0 upgrades
News Analysis | 3/3/2022

Cable One uses FTTP in all greenfield areas and market expansions, but the operator estimates that overbuilding existing HFC plant with FTTP is three to six times as expensive as going with a DOCSIS 4.0 upgrade.

New ruling reopens door for Cox's mobile launch
News Analysis | 3/3/2022

'We ... vacate the injunction against Cox,' the Delaware Supreme Court ruling stated. However, Cox said it still hasn't announced any specific wireless plans.

Verizon Go90s again; New '+play' service seems unnecessary
DanoVision | 3/3/2022

My expectation is that Verizon's '+play' is just more bloatware for its Android phones, and will eventually join the company's ill-fated Go90 streaming video service in the dustbin of tech history.

DT targets city rollout of open RAN after Intel progress
News Analysis | 3/3/2022

The German incumbent's new chief technology officer promises a 'significant' urban investment in open RAN, possibly starting next year.

Asia's operators talk going carbon neutral at MWC22
News Analysis | 3/3/2022

Asian operators came together at Mobile World Congress to talk about decarbonizing network equipment and other efforts to go carbon neutral.

Comcast says network traffic still rising, but shifting to pre-pandemic patterns
News Analysis | 3/3/2022

Cable op says 2021 peak downstream traffic rose 11% and upstream traffic increased 5% from 2020 levels, while peak traffic has returned to later parts in the day as students headed back to school and some workers returned to offices.

Eurobites: Telecom Italia records net loss of €8.7B for 2021
News Analysis | 3/3/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: A1 Telekom joins cloud infrastructure initiative; Orange Mali chooses Intelsat for hard-to-reach areas; Spotify closes Moscow office.

Verizon's Sowmyanarayan on how FWA supports edge computing, private wireless
News Analysis | 3/3/2022

'We are seeing good coverage exactly where we thought,' Verizon's Sampath Sowmyanarayan said of the company's C-band 5G network. And he said that's helping sales of edge computing and private wireless.

What's the Story? Dano dishes on 5G cell site tour
LRTV Interviews | 3/3/2022

Mike Dano tours a Dish 5G cell site in Las Vegas.

5G transport: Meeting capacity demand
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/3/2022

SPONSORED: New survey includes network operator views on transport deployment issues and timelines, fronthaul networks and RAN centralization, routing and synchronization and 5G edge connectivity.

Lynk CEO Charles Miller: The sky's the limit
CxO Spotlight | 3/3/2022

Charles Miller, co-founder and CEO of Lynk, discusses his company's technology and its ambition to help existing mobile network operators connect rural, remote and underserved communities all over the world.

War in Ukraine continues to rattle telecom industry
News Analysis | 3/2/2022

Among the latest developments: Russian space agency Roscosmos has refused to launch more than 30 satellites for OneWeb, while Apple has halted sales in Russia.

MEF's marketplace gives APIs a place to land
News Analysis | 3/2/2022

Prior to the LSO Marketplace, service providers would have to 'dig around in a developer site called GitHub,' to assess service interoperability, said MEF's Daniel Bar-Lev.

T-Mobile overhauls senior leadership team
News Analysis | 3/2/2022

Among the changes: Jon Freier will take over customer care; Callie Field will take over T-Mobile Business; and Mike Katz will be T-Mobile's new CMO. Dow Draper will leave.

Russian telcos left with Huawei as Ericsson and Nokia down tools
News Analysis | 3/2/2022

The Nordic vendors have paused work as they assess the impact of US sanctions, raising the prospect of a China-powered Russian telecom sector.

CommScope alters course on DOCSIS 4.0
News Analysis | 3/2/2022

Sources say CommScope has halted a plan to develop a DOCSIS 4.0 chipset and architecture for network gear in partnership with MaxLinear and Xilinx. The decision could cede the network side of the D4.0 market to Broadcom.

Orange cleans up with Samsung smartphones
News Analysis | 3/2/2022

Duo commit to making Galaxy models 'greener' and join forces on testing 5G SA devices.

MWC22 Day 3: Mars copters, K-pop and cobots
LRTV Documentaries | 3/2/2022

Day three brings the flight spare for the Mars helicopter, industrial cobots and other automation, virtual auction houses and middle-aged men getting down to K-pop in the metaverse.

Ericsson Iraq crisis worsens as risk of US penalties grows
News Analysis | 3/2/2022

The Swedish kit maker is facing fines, the potential collapse of its Vonage deal and a loss of business.

SKT taking its metaverse platform to the world
News Analysis | 3/2/2022

The company aims to launch the Ifland metaverse service in 80 countries this year as part of an effort to become a global leader in key next-gen technologies.

BT's Rob Shuter on 5G for enterprise
LRTV Interviews | 3/2/2022

Rob Shuter, CEO of BT Enterprise, joins Fiona Graham at Mobile World Congress to discuss BT's 5G use cases in the enterprise market, how private networks, cybersecurity and edge/cloud intersect for their customers, and his predictions for the role of the metaverse in the future of work.

Optical transport market takes a hit from declining sales in APAC
News Analysis | 3/1/2022

Optical transport revenue in APAC fell 11% due to lower sales in the region in 2021, according to Dell'Oro.

Globalstar, EchoStar take starring roles in 5G mysteries
News Analysis | 3/1/2022

Globalstar's mystery customer is spending $310 million to purchase 17 new satellites. Meanwhile, EchoStar's chairman, Charlie Ergen, hinted the company might partner with Dish Network.

How InterDigital is prepping for 6G
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2022

Liren Chen, president and CEO of InterDigital, shares his perspective on advancements in 5G, and how his company is planning ahead for 6G and the metaverse.

Average data consumption eclipses half a terabyte per month – OpenVault
News Analysis | 3/1/2022

Latest data usage milestone enters the frame as broadband service operators continue to unleash and expand the reach of multi-gigabit speed tiers.

Rosenworcel's MWC appearance hints at shifting spectrum policy
News Analysis | 3/1/2022

The chair of the FCC discussed the importance of midband spectrum over mmWave spectrum in Barcelona, and said that the agency would auction 2.5GHz spectrum in July.

The next telco worry is paying for the metaverse
News Analysis | 3/1/2022

As Facebook demands network improvements, operators gathered at MWC weigh the impact of the metaverse and call for new business models.

Why 5G is uniquely ill-equipped to support the metaverse
DanoVision | 3/1/2022

According to Meta, the 5G industry needs to support reductions in network latency, symmetrical bandwidth and a 'common framework' for data sharing. Good luck with that.

Why Verizon sees a future in robotics
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2022

Rima Qureshi, executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Verizon, joins Iain Morris on the show floor to discuss a demo of the company's work in advanced 5G and robotics.

Rogers may need to sell Shaw's mobile business to complete merger – report
News Analysis | 3/1/2022

A committee is advising Ottawa to reject the proposed merger if Rogers declines to unload Shaw's mobile business, which includes Freedom Mobile.

BT's Howard Watson on why the 'standalone evolution' matters
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2022

Howard Watson, CTIO of BT Group, discusses the operator's shift from non-standalone to standalone 5G, why it matters for customers and the technological hurdles to standing up a 5G core.

MWC22 Day 2: To the metaverse and beyond
LRTV Documentaries | 3/1/2022

It's day two at Mobile World Congress Barcelona, and Light Reading's Fiona Graham is back with another update. Ukraine, cyberdogs, the metaverse, rollable phones and more - find out what's been going on from the show floor.

Building the open cloud native highway
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 3/1/2022

Cloud native mainstream for 5G core is now extending to RAN at the edge.

Industries harnessing the power of 5G
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 3/1/2022

Service Provider 5G fabric, the ecosystem and open source communities stimulate industry use case innovation and new revenues.

How real is China's 5G gap?
News Analysis | 3/1/2022

China has deployed 1.4 million 5G basestations, which it says accounts for more than 60% of the world's total. The US has around 50,000.

Orange to put 2G, 3G out of old-age misery by 2030
News Analysis | 3/1/2022

The French incumbent says it plans telecom euthanasia for the aging standards as it tries to simplify network management.

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