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FCC Puts Dish's LTE Plan on Ice
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/3/2012

Dish's LTE network plans are stuck in neutral after the FCC decides to pursue a formal rulemaking on how Dish's spectrum can be used

Dish's LTE Plan Could Be in Jeopardy
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/2/2012

Unless Dish gets its waiver, a looming vote at the FCC on March 21 could derail Dish's plan to build a video-capable 4G network

Diller's Aereo Under Legal Attack
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/2/2012

Also: Apple's pay-TV plan hits a media roadblock; MSOs push for basic tier lockup; ex-SeaChange CEO resurfaces; ONO does more TiVo

The Telecom CMOs: NSN's Barry French
iBraue | 3/2/2012

11:00 AM Light Reading talks to Barry French, CMO of NSN, and finds out what the big marketing picture is for the vendor

MWC 2012: Foto Fiesta
Wireless Bits | 3/2/2012

9:45 AM Michelle's unofficial Mobile World Congress slideshow

MWC 2012: Show Floor Pics
Slide Shows | 3/2/2012

Devices, dresses and two men in a Connected House bed ... some of the enduring images from this year's Mobile World Congress

Just the Facts, MAM
Research Rewind | 3/2/2012

8:00 AM This week: 3G in China; mobile banking; Akamai's licensed CDN; enabling multi-CoS Ethernet; mobile application management

Euronews: Vivendi Vexed Over Free Ride
News Analysis | 3/2/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: France Telecom made it too easy for Free, says Vivendi boss; Russians eye Bulgaria's Vivacom; Nitel to be liquidated

MWC 2012: Dan's Tour
Slide Shows | 3/2/2012

LR's Mr Mobile went for a wander round some of the halls, taking time out for coffee, sunshine and unexpected student protests

Netflix's Path Into MSOs Becomes Clearer
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/2/2012

With the Starz deal ended, Netflix might find itself becoming a bigger part of some operators' plans

MWC 2012: A One-Armed Android in Barcelona
Que Sera Sarah | 3/2/2012

3:00 AM He may be missing an arm, but our little green correspondent didn't miss any of the action in Barcelona..

The Telecom CMOs: AlcaLu's Stephen Carter
iBraue | 3/1/2012

4:45 PM Light Reading interviews star telecom CMO Stephen Carter of Alcatel-Lucent

Windstream Prepares to Merge With OTT Video
News Analysis | 3/1/2012

Its Merge service with Roku is just the first step in what the telco promises will be a unique and aggressive strategy to bulk up broadband

Cisco Tops CMTS Market
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/1/2012

CMTS downstreams surge in 2011, but vendors could have cause for concern as the cost per port plummets

Banks Get on the Phone, Tablet
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/1/2012

Mobile banking is fast becoming a mainstream service demanded by more affluent users

Mobile Upload Uprising
Que Sera Sarah | 3/1/2012

10:35 AM Juniper says operators need to get ready for every smartphone owner to become a mobile broadcaster

Russian Into LTE TDD
EuroBlog | 3/1/2012

10:15 AM MTS has a TDD license and isn't stopping there

Netflix Plays Friendly With Cable
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/1/2012

Also: Netflix subs no longer seeing Starz; TW Cable closes Insight buy, setting up Willner's exit; Cogeco bugs out of Europe

Sprint Sees iPhone Subsidies as Necessary Evil
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/1/2012

Sprint isn't thrilled that rising smartphone subsidies will drag down profits this year, but admits it had to buck up for the iPhone

Sprint Talks iPhone Subsidies, LTE Devices
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2012

The iPhone will be a drag on Sprint's profits this year, but VP of Product Fared Adib says the company had to carry it to retain customers and appease those who stayed

Ciena Pushes Ahead to 400G
News Analysis | 3/1/2012

A new chip will start Ciena's 400G generation, but really it's about doing more with 100G

Euronews: Tata Considers C&WW Bid
News Analysis | 3/1/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Indian giant looks at UK services provider; TeliaSonera buys some fiber; SFR slumps in 2011; lightRadio in the UAE

MWC 2012: StarHub Profits From CEM
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2012

The implementation of a customer experience management (CEM) strategy at Singapore's StarHub has helped boost the operator's bottom line, says CEO Neil Montefiore

Looking for lightRadio
Wireless Bits | 3/1/2012

3:00 AM Light Reading Mobile did some small cell spotting here at MWC

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