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EENY 2009: Scenes From the Show, Part III
Slide Shows | 11/4/2009

Keynotes, panels, and more show floor vendors make up this installment of our trip 'round Ethernet Expo

EENY 2009: Interoute Targets Edge Unity
News Analysis | 11/4/2009

As part of its quest for simplicity, Interoute is aiming to cut the number of customer boxes it needs to support to just a handful

Optimum Lightpath's Dave Pistacchio: Healthy Ethernet
LRTV Interviews | 11/4/2009

Ethernet technology enables an interactive healthcare application that is changing how doctors and patients interact. Optimum Lightpath's Dave Pistacchio describes that service and talks about the need for high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity

Comcast Plans Job Cuts & Upgrades
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/4/2009

MSO will make unspecified layoffs as 'Project Cavalry' gets underway in more than half of its markets

Operators Rally Round IMS for LTE Voice
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/4/2009

AT&T and Verizon are among the big dogs backing IMS for voice and SMS service delivery over proto-4G LTE

AT&T: Ethernet Is It
News Analysis | 11/4/2009

Carrier is rapidly pushing Ethernet into every part of its network, including the wireless piece that's straining under the bandwidth demands of smartphone use

Ethernet Exchange of Blows
Craig's A-List | 11/4/2009

1:15 PM Equinix, CENX, and the MEF: ready to rumble

Level 3's Russell Shriver: Service Expansion
LRTV Interviews | 11/4/2009

Russell Shriver, Level 3's VP of product management for IP and data services, says carriers need to expand, innovate, and take Ethernet services to the next level

EENY 2009: Scenes From the Show, Part II
Slide Shows | 11/4/2009

More pics and grins from Ethernet Expo in New York

Charter Does More D3
The Bauminator | 11/4/2009

12:40 PM MSO debuts its 60-Meg wideband tier in another AT&T U-verse market

EENY 2009: Scenes From the Show, Part I
Slide Shows | 11/4/2009

Small booths and wide smiles dominate the Ethernet Expo exhibits hall

EENY: Operators Talk 100-GigE Services
News Analysis | 11/4/2009

Service providers at Ethernet Expo insist there's demand for a, still theoretical, 100-Gig Ethernet service

Nokia Siemens: Hot for Nortel's MEN?
News Analysis | 11/4/2009

Nokia Siemens is reportedly looking to outbid Ciena for Nortel's Metro Ethernet Networks business

Mzima Networks' Grant Kirkwood: Ethernet Gives a Fresh Start
LRTV Interviews | 11/4/2009

Mzima Networks CTO Grant Kirkwood discusses his company's business plan and how it uses Ethernet connectivity to give enterprises a fresh start in their offices and when outsourcing their network infrastructures

AboveNet's Rajiv Datta: Ultra-Low Latency, Guaranteed
LRTV Interviews | 11/4/2009

Enterprise customers are realizing that not all Ethernet services are created equal, says AboveNet CTO, Rajiv Datta. Newer, more aggressive service-level agreements and ultra-low latency guarantees are ways that service providers are standing out from the competition

Ethernet Expo Awards 2009
LRTV Interviews | 11/4/2009

The winners of Light Reading's 2009 Ethernet Expo Awards

RCN Gets Docsis 3.0 Ball Rolling
The Bauminator | 11/3/2009

5:45 PM Cable overbuilder starts lighting up Cisco's wideband gear in New York, Boston, and Lehigh Valley

EENY '09: Carrier Ethernet Interconnections
LRTV Documentaries | 11/3/2009

One constant challenge for carriers is their ability to connect with other carrier networks to extend the reach of their services. Service providers here have taken note of the problem, and they weigh in during this news brief

Reliance Globalcom's Kamran Sistanizadeh: Managing Services
LRTV Interviews | 11/3/2009

Reliance Globalcom's CTO talks about the importance of managed services and explains why that particular carrier offering is still going gangbusters in a bad economy

Cablevision Expects Lower WiFi Bill
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/3/2009

New York-based MSO says outdoor WiFi deployment is ahead of schedule and coming in 15% under budget

Verizon Goes Global With VPLS
News Analysis | 11/3/2009

New offering isn't the market's first, but Verizon Business says it delivers better common customer experience

TW Telecom Connects With DPI
News Analysis | 11/3/2009

CLEC creating customer portal that will enable enterprises to keep close tabs on network and application performance

Korean MSO Takes Wideband Upstream
The Bauminator | 11/3/2009

2:40 PM SK Broadband, another cable tech early adopter, is using Arris gear to bond four upstream channels

Equinix's Jarrett Appleby: The Ethernet Hook-Up
LRTV Interviews | 11/3/2009

Equinix Inc.'s Jarrett Appleby explains how local carriers can get global reach with his company's Carrier Ethernet Exchange

EENY 2009: Gear Market Set for 2010 Rebound
News Analysis | 11/3/2009

The market for Carrier Ethernet switch router gear is set to grow in 2010 after contraction in 2009, analyst tells packed event

Apple Pitching Subscription TV to Content Owners
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/3/2009

According to reports, Apple planned over-the-top subscription TV service would cost $30 per month and be delivered through iTunes

Denver's Cable Meet: Style Over Substance?
The Cable Pipeline | 11/3/2009

NOON MSOs talked the talk about new, advanced services, but will they walk the walk?

Nokia Siemens Revamps, Cuts Jobs
News Analysis | 11/3/2009

Nokia Siemens unveiled a major cost-cutting initiative, a new corporate structure, and plans to cut 9% of its workforce

ANDA Balances Mobile Backhaul
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/3/2009

The company's EtherStream technology promises to help carriers milk more mobile data bandwidth out of their base stations

Verizon Brings GPON to the Desktop
News Analysis | 11/3/2009

Using the same technology its vendors developed to push FiOS into MDUs, Verizon Business now offers fiber LAN

Q&A: Level 3 Communications
Ethernet Exposed | 11/3/2009

9:45 AM We discuss Ethernet business services market trends with Russell Shriver, Level 3's VP of Product Management, IP & Data Services

Anything to Fear From Apple?
TelcoTV Thoughts | 11/3/2009

9:25 AM Apple is pitching a $30/month iTunes video package

Cisco Eyes Up China
AsiaBlog | 11/3/2009

9:10 AM Cisco's M&A run continues with a bid to buy Chinese set-top box firm DVN

Ethernet Gets a CENX View
News Analysis | 11/3/2009

MEF president Nan Chen takes the wraps off his long-awaited Ethernet interconnect startup

4G Startup Revs LTE Automation
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/3/2009

Startup AirHop tackles thorny issues of self-organizing networks for LTE and future 4G networks

SureWest to Make Its Mark With Mediaroom
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/3/2009

SureWest is launching Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV to fiber and copper customers and promising to do it aggressively

Nokia (Dis)N-Gages
Wireless Bits | 11/2/2009

5:00 PM Phone maker shuts down mobile games service

Look Out – Here Comes SpiderCloud!
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/2/2009

Startup has nothing to do with superheroes, spiders, or anything cloudy

Carriers Cough Up for Cioffi
News Analysis | 11/2/2009

After years of self-containment, John Cioffi's DSL management specialist Assia bags $10 million, with operators backing the vendor

Photos: SCTE Cable-Tec Expo '09
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/2/2009

Cable IP convergence, 3D-TV demos, and Docsis and PON growing closer together – just some of the things that were on tap at cable's big tech confab in Denver

No iPhone Price War in UK
Wireless Bits | 11/2/2009

8:25 AM Not much difference between Orange and O2 iPhone prices

Q&A: Optimum Lightpath
Ethernet Exposed | 11/2/2009

7:00 AM Dave Pistacchio, president of Optimum Lightpath, talks to us about the future of Ethernet services

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