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Spider Man
The Philter | 10/6/2005

This lovely little creature was waiting at my door a few days ago when I got home from work.

Telcos, Vendors Battle Over Gateway
News Analysis | 10/6/2005

Carriers want more sophisticated home gateway technology that can support triple play, but there's a price to pay

Tellabs Edges Into GPON
News Analysis | 10/6/2005

Tellabs adds some Vivace to its GPON plans and Siemens preps its GPON assault for 2006

Covad Buys in Broadband
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/5/2005

Covad Communications is buying wireless ISP NextWeb for $24.7 million

Alien 1, Dog 0
Monkey Bidness | 10/5/2005

They don't smell so hot, but they got a wicked sense of humor.

IPTV Startup Has Big Plans for Texas
News Analysis | 10/5/2005

Optical Entertainment Network wants to wire Texas with fiber-fed IPTV, one zip code at a time

Revenge of DWDM
Column | 10/5/2005

Ready for an enterprise telecom spree?

IPTV Rules
The Philter | 10/5/2005

Are IPTV providers really exempt from video franchises?

Ronnie Barker: Dead Now
Red Panda | 10/5/2005

We salute a comic genius with our tiny, furry paw.

ADC Slips on Inventory Pileup
News Analysis | 10/5/2005

Says its carrier customers were stockpiling fiber access gear, giving it a bumpy quarter

Marveling at the Munis
News Analysis | 10/5/2005

Muni networks are hot, but they face some challenges, say Light Readers and a new report

Even Video Is Big in Texas
News Analysis | 10/5/2005

Texas approves its first state-issued video franchise, opening the way for a triple-play shoot-out

XO Adds to VOIP 'Peer Pressure'
News Analysis | 10/5/2005

With the entrance of XO, VOIP peering gains some much-needed momentum

TI Unveils Wireless E-MTA Solution
BroadBananas | 10/4/2005

Texas Instruments introduced the first reference design for an integrated wireless residential gateway, DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem and PacketCable 1.5 embedded media terminal adapter (E-MTA).

The Idiot Box
Red Panda | 10/4/2005

Your mom was right: It'll rot your brain.

Stock Watch: LUNT
Light Ranting | 10/4/2005

Lucent and Nortel's stocks are the same price. Again.

Alcatel Unveils 'Universal' Metro Switch
News Analysis | 10/4/2005

Launches new metro optical transport switch, says it’s being trialed by Telecom Italia

Nominum Takes Telefónica
News Analysis | 10/4/2005

Nominum touts Telefónica as its latest customer as converged IP networks put more demand on DNS

UBS: Nortel Wins in Korea
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/4/2005

Analysts raise revenue estimates for Nortel following its 3G joint venture success in Korea

Baby Pig Walk
Jonestown | 10/4/2005

Trouble making your pot-bellied pig walk up a ramp?

The Philadelphia Experiment
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/4/2005

EarthLink, Motorola, and Tropos win citywide WiFi mesh deal

Google's Ad-Mad Network
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/4/2005

Google aims to boost ad revenue by offering free Net access in San Francisco

Kansas? Boring?
Monkey Bidness | 10/4/2005

Hallmark disses the Corn Belt.

BPL on Trial
The Philter | 10/4/2005

Some won't excel with BPL.

Hey Boss: Shut Up!
Light Ranting | 10/4/2005

New insights into the dangers of free speech

Google's Ad-Mad Network
News Analysis | 10/4/2005

Google aims to boost ad revenue by offering free Net access in San Francisco

NTL & Telewest: Together at Last!
News Analysis | 10/3/2005

After a prolonged courtship, ntl and Telewest have announced their nuptials in a deal worth $6B

Avanex Concerns Continue
News Analysis | 10/3/2005

The company's 10-K filing comes with a note about Avanex's future as a 'going concern'

Three Tune Army
Red Panda | 10/3/2005

Uncle Sam wants you... to get free downloads!

Strix Has WiMax Plans
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/3/2005

Mesh startup looks to WiMax to extend its metro capabilities with huge backhaul

SF Muni WiFi in Low Gear
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/3/2005

A year later, San Francisco's muni WiFi project is still little more than a gleam in the mayor's eye

Enterprises: More Fiber in the Diet?
News Analysis | 10/3/2005

Some large companies are building their own networks based on DWDM and Ethernet technology

Beer Problem Solved
Monkey Bidness | 10/3/2005

Too wasted to raise your arm? No prob!

Meriton Buys Mahi Networks
News Analysis | 10/3/2005

Canadian vendor buys ROADM player to form a metro 'agile optical networking' vendor. It's a smart move, says analyst

WiMax USA: Spectrum Crunch Ahead
News Analysis | 10/1/2005

A lack of licensed spectrum could become a big issue for ISPs looking to implement WiMax in the US, but it helps Sprint Nextel

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