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Facebook Opens Up to Flash
Contentinople | 3/31/2009

5:15 PM Facebook sides with Adobe Flash the day after MySpace sided with Microsoft Silverlight

OFC/NFOEC Final Tally
Craig's A-List | 3/31/2009

3:45 PM Numbers were down, spirits less so

Cox & NDS: BFFs
The Bauminator | 3/31/2009

3:10 PM Cox and NDS have become best friends forever... or at least for as long as it takes the MSO to get tru2way up and running

A Cable Show '09 Preview
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/31/2009

Concerns about the economy are sure to take center stage, but here's a handful of hot tech topics that will also define the cable confab

The Bank of R&D
Wireless Bits | 3/31/2009

1:40 PM NSN seeks LTE funding from the EIB

Nortel Weighs Heavy on PPF
EuroBlog | 3/31/2009

NOON UK pension protection fund feels the strain of Nortel deficit

CTIA 2009 Preview: Verizon's LTE Party
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/31/2009

As the mobile industry heads to Vegas for the annual US trade fest, Verizon won't be the only operator at the LTE party

China Unicom Plans Massive Capex Hike
News Analysis | 3/31/2009

Unicom is ramping up its capex budget for 2009 by 56 percent as it plans a rapid 3G mobile network rollout and bolsters fixed broadband

Chunghwa Rides High in Taiwan
News Analysis | 3/31/2009

Competitors look to mobile TV and WiMax to challenge Chunghwa Telecom's dominance in FTTx and IPTV

Harry Bosco, Opnext
LRTV Interviews | 3/31/2009

Opnext's former CEO (as of April 1, 2009) looks back on the telecom downturn and forward to the recession

Nokia Getting Touchier
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/30/2009

Analysts are looking for revamped touch-screen smartphones and user interfaces from Nokia, Unstrung finds

Liberty Global Europe's Manuel Kohnstamm
LRTV Interviews | 3/30/2009

Liberty Global Europe's Manuel Kohnstamm talks about how IPTV's popularity is forcing cable operators to react and become more competitive

EchoStar Slings Its First Tru2way Set-Top
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/30/2009

EchoStar plans to sell its Sling-capable HD-DVR directly to US MSOs rather than trying its hand at retail

Extend-ing Into Europe
EuroBlog | 3/30/2009

3:00 PM ExtendMedia is building a presence on the cultured side of the Atlantic

Security Unease Dogs 21CN
EuroBlog | 3/30/2009

1:35 PM BT + 21CN + Huawei = Security hurly-burly

Cox, Huawei Make Wireless Connection
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/30/2009

China giant gains first big US cable foothold after winning deal to supply Cox with 'LTE-ready' SingleRAN gear and 3900 base stations

Ceragon's Backhaul Sales Slow
Wireless Bits | 3/30/2009

12:30 PM Ceragon's sales are down and deals are taking longer

AlcaLu Preps New Optical Platform
News Analysis | 3/30/2009

It's not just Ciena that has OTN switching on its optical R&D conveyor belt – AlcaLu's brewing something new, too!

Drake Heats Up Digital Strategy
The Bauminator | 3/30/2009

8:00 AM Vendor partners up to help MSOs make the digital leap using MPEG-4 and a DCAS

Moto Downloads Docsis Plans
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/30/2009

Moto adds redundancy to its downstream-dedicated CMTS blade, but says plans are underway for an upstream blade that packs in 48 ports

Magic Touch
Jonestown | 3/27/2009

6:00 PM FCC passes HTC's second Android phone

Joost Ups Quality
Contentinople | 3/27/2009

5:20 PM CTO Jason Gaedtke tells Contentinople the online video portal's big plans to boost quality

CTIA 2009: Device Preview
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/27/2009

Femtocells, smartphones, and maybe even a WiMax tablet could be on the menu at CTIA next week

VC: IPTV 'Dogged' by Standards Issues
News Analysis | 3/27/2009

VC firms are looking for investment opportunities in IPTV, but a lack of scale and standards means the attraction is limited, says VC

OFC/NFOEC 2009 Roundup
News Analysis | 3/27/2009

Nokia Siemens tunes up, ROADMs double down, and pieces of 10-Gig EPON start falling into place

Coming Soon: An Optical Uptick?
News Analysis | 3/27/2009

The components industry is agreeing with Finisar that orders might improve after a couple of brutal quarters

Charter Turns to Chapter 11
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/27/2009

Charter aims to cut its debt by $8B by filing for bankruptcy

OFC/NFOEC Snapshots
Craig's A-List | 3/27/2009

7:25 AM San Diego was nice, but these indoor shots won't tell you that

Where Have You Gone, Herbert Hoover?
Monkey Bidness | 3/26/2009

6:20 PM 'Freedom is the answer.' What was the question?

OFC/NFOEC 2009: The Economy
LRTV Documentaries | 3/26/2009

Vendors from around the optical networking industry discuss how their companies intend to cope with the global recession

Last Call
The Philter | 3/26/2009

5:40 PM A few things you should see before heading for the bar to watch the rest of your bracket fall to pieces

Carriers Flip for AIG
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/26/2009

That's an 'access-independent gateway' – no relation to the recent Congressional whipping boy

Visible Measures Gets $10M
Contentinople | 3/26/2009

5:00 PM Video measurement firm completes Series C round

Where Art Thou, Alvarion?
Jonestown | 3/26/2009

4:20 PM Doesn't seem as if this major WiMax vendor figures in Clearwire's plans

AlcaLu Mad for MSO Ad Market
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/26/2009

Vendor's so jazzed about interactive media opportunities in the North American cable market that it's tuned its IPTV platform for the MSOs

Huawei's Clearwire Ride?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/26/2009

WSJ says Clearwire is talking to Huawei, but you heard it here first!

Google's Android Gets Flash
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/26/2009

Bsquare will port the technology to Google's platform, which could give the Android an advantage over the iPhone

IPTV's Crowded House
EuroBlog | 3/26/2009

1:40 PM Europe's IPTV sector is alive, but overcrowded

Comcast Joins the Blog Roll
The Bauminator | 3/26/2009

12:35 PM Über-MSO follows Twitter strategy with a journey into the blogosphere

R.L. Drake CEO: We'll Be Agile
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/26/2009

Drake may be a small fish in a big cable technology pond, but its new chief believes the firm can swim faster than its larger competitors

Balls Down, Wangs Up
Monkey Bidness | 3/26/2009

8:50 AM And Deaths have declined

DirecTV's Can of Worms
TelcoTV Thoughts | 3/25/2009

6:25 PM Debating the fairness of network neutrality

Last Call
The Philter | 3/25/2009

5:15 PM A few things you should see before heading for the bar to 'mark up the budget'

Cox Severs Ties to TVWorks
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/25/2009

Cox has dissolved its interest in an ITV joint venture originally formed with Comcast in 2005, Cable Digital News has learned

BCI Gets Busy With Cox's 3G Buildout
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/25/2009

Cox is still mum on when its wireless service will debut, but selection of BCI shows that the buildout is well underway

Blockbuster on TiVo
Contentinople | 3/25/2009

4:30 PM Blockbuster joins Netflix and Amazon in offering many of its titles through TiVo DVRs

WiMax's Bay Window
Jonestown | 3/25/2009

3:00 PM Redux

Europe Dominates IPTV Landscape
News Analysis | 3/25/2009

More than half the world's IPTV customers are in Europe, according to a new report from the Broadband Forum

ChinaWatch: Capex Cuts & Contracts
News Analysis | 3/25/2009

China Telecom is cutting its annual capex budget by nearly a fifth, while China Unicom has been handing out 3G infrastructure deals

Irdeto Keys on Cable IPTV
The Bauminator | 3/25/2009

12:25 PM It's sure to face lots of competition, but Irdeto thinks it can help MSOs secure content as they embark on IP-based video strategies

Sprint to Extend '4G' in Clearwire Markets
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/25/2009

Sprint tracks Clearwire with plans to ride on mobile WiMax launches in 2009 and 2010

T-Mob Carries Huawei 3G Stick
Wireless Bits | 3/25/2009

9:10 AM T-Mobile adds to 3G devices in US with new USB stick and promises more coverage

Reviving Muni Networks
Craig's A-List | 3/25/2009

8:00 AM Municipal networks could be the wild card in the broadband stimulus bill

Entropic Slashes 18% of Staff
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/25/2009

MoCA founder cuts 55 employees and scuttles an advanced network processor architecture as part of a restructuring that will cost $1.7M

Bookham, Avanex Set the Date
Craig's A-List | 3/25/2009

7:20 AM Here, we'll save you a click: April 27

JDSU, Emcore Shrink Tunables
News Analysis | 3/24/2009

Tunability gets squashed down into XFP modules, a development JDSU has worked on for years, with Emcore hot on its trail

LTE Phones Will Lag Behind Networks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/24/2009

Analysts don't expect LTE handsets to come out in high volumes until at least 2011, and initial devices will be pricey and battery-hungry

Net Sharing in the Slow Lane
Wireless Bits | 3/24/2009

5:20 PM Vodafone dumps Orange for a pan-European cell site sharing deal with Telefónica

IPTV Forum: Show Floor Shockers!
News Analysis | 3/24/2009

Visitors to the 2009 IPTV World Forum in London will find some big names missing from the show floor – plus news from AlcaLu and others

Move's Shakeup
Contentinople | 3/24/2009

4:45 PM Move's CEO could be next to go

For Sale: Wideband Gear
The Bauminator | 3/24/2009

3:30 PM How much for that Docsis 3.0 CMTS in the window?

DirecTV Calls NFL Broadband Play
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/24/2009

DirecTV retains possession of Sunday Ticket, but Web TV component could loosen satco's exclusive grip on the package

Optical Components: Still Too Crowded
News Analysis | 3/24/2009

Big-name mergers might not be enough to boost the optical components industry, because they're not doing enough to cut down oversupply

CableCARD Update VII
The Bauminator | 3/23/2009

6:15 PM The top 10 US MSOs deployed just 8,000 CableCARDs for retail devices since the last time the NCTA reported in

Verizon Rethinks Long Haul
News Analysis | 3/23/2009

Carrier prods equipment vendors to create a new type of gear that's going to be key to a long-haul network rebuild in 2011 or 2012

Concurrent Upgrades for Mobile & PC VoD
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/23/2009

Concurrent's the latest traditional VoD vendor to offer mobile and Web-fed video services

Startup Pushes for IPDR Adoption
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/23/2009

Applied Broadband says the need for metered Internet services and advanced advertising will increase the need for IPDR technology

The Hulu Situation
Contentinople | 3/23/2009

3:55 PM Contentinople talks Hulu with Boxee CEO Avner Ronen

The Case Against IPoDWDM
Craig's A-List | 3/23/2009

3:05 PM Verizon has its doubts about Cisco's optical plan. And it's unpronounceable

Ericsson Offloads OSS Unit
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/23/2009

Ericsson is selling its TEMS wireless network optimization business to Ascom, giving the Swiss firm instant market leadership

Japan Cablenet Swims Upstream
The Bauminator | 3/23/2009

2:45 PM MSO taps gear from Arris to produce the first announced cable modem service that employs Docsis-based upstream channel bonding

The Dumb Flip?
Craig's A-List | 3/23/2009

2:10 PM Why Cisco might not want to create the next iPhone

India's TRAI Left With Empty Chair
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/23/2009

India's telecom regulator will be without a new chairman ahead of the national elections and the delayed 3G spectrum auction

Lost in the Post
EuroBlog | 3/23/2009

8:50 AM For sale online: O2 network upgrade parts

Cox Puts NDS at Heart of Tru2way Plan
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/23/2009

Cox hires NDS to prepare 20 set-top applications for its planned tru2way launch this summer

ADVA Opens Another 100-Gig Front
News Analysis | 3/23/2009

Another modulation scheme! This one's for the metro, where ADVA believes carriers won't wait for the full slate of 100-Gig components

Force10 Thinks 'Exa'
News Analysis | 3/23/2009

The company puts up new, big numbers with its latest 10GE switch while hinting at a stronger telecom play with Turin

SXSW 2009 Pics
The Philter | 3/20/2009

Here are some snapshots from the land of digital content, interactive media, and BBQ

Mobile Commerce: A Loyalty Lever?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/20/2009

New reports suggest that smart uses of mobile payments and mobile banking could help operators expand their businesses

Mobile Media Gains
Contentinople | 3/20/2009

5:15 PM But old hurdles still remain

At the Buzzer
The Philter | 3/20/2009

4:45 PM A few things you should see before heading home to watch more basketball

OFC/NFOEC 2009 Preview
News Analysis | 3/20/2009

All-optical rides yet again, 10Gig EPON steps to the plate, and OTN transceivers get a boost

A Small 'Set-Back' for Sony
The Bauminator | 3/20/2009

4:15 PM You've already seen the box, so here's how it hides behind a Sony Bravia TV

ZTE Secures $15B, Highlights R&D
News Analysis | 3/20/2009

Chinese vendor secures $15B credit line and details R&D focus areas, including LTE, SDR, PON, optical transport, IMS, and OSS

The Price of WDM-PON
Craig's A-List | 3/20/2009

ADVA plans to make its case at OFC/NFOEC

Will Consumers Get à la Carte Online?
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/20/2009

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen says consumers will be the big winners when online video goes mainstream

The Trouble With Huawei...
EuroBlog | 3/20/2009

10:40 AM Huawei staffer sacked over data theft incident UPDATED 1:00 PM

Sony Ericsson Issues Profit Warning
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/20/2009

First-quarter demand has been even weaker than expected, with the handset maker predicting sales of just 14 million and a massive loss

The Hammer Falls at Hammerhead
News Analysis | 3/20/2009

Despite landing big-name carriers, the edge aggregation startup is forced to shut its doors

Paradigm Shift DENIED
Jonestown | 3/19/2009

At least in the world of UK local government

EchoStar Jumps the Pond
The Bauminator | 3/19/2009

Charlie Ergen's tech team takes its cable set-top act to Europe, where it's sure to have an easier time gaining the trust of MSOs

Charter Plan Could Pay Execs $24M
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/19/2009

Charter's incentive plan aims to keep four top execs from changing jobs through the bankruptcy process and beyond

India Adds 13M Subs in February
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/19/2009

As India's mobile sub base continues its growth spurt, the telecom regulator pitches ideas on how to increase rural coverage and uptake

Sub Rates Not Shrinking
Contentinople | 3/19/2009

Viacom CEO says he's not seeing a fall in subscription rates due to online video

ZTE Ramps 2008 Revenues
News Analysis | 3/19/2009

Chinese vendor reports big increases in revenues and profits for 2008, but the margins in its carrier infrastructure business dip

Viacom Sees No Cord-Cutting
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/19/2009

Viacom CEO Phillippe Dauman says his company is not seeing lower subscription rates for paid TV

Bad PR Vibes
The Philter | 3/19/2009

I'm not flattered by this imitation

Cisco's Latest Buy: Flippin' Sweet
News Analysis | 3/19/2009

For $590 million in stock, Cisco becomes a video camera company

IndiaWatch: Towering Investments
News Analysis | 3/19/2009

US firm buys Indian mobile tower player XCEL, Tata unveils 100 Mbit/s broadband in Mumbai, plus other news

Clearwire's Upgrade Issue
Jonestown | 3/18/2009

Its current fixed wireless users are going to need new modems

Take Our Poll: Supercomm Date Change
News Analysis | 3/18/2009

Do you want Supercomm to become the new October classic?

Can Harmonic Relieve Cable's MPEG-2 Pain?
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/18/2009

Vendor claims multi-format encoder lets MSOs cram up to four hi-def feeds per channel without sacrificing video quality

Is Verizon a Cable Company?
TelcoTV Thoughts | 3/18/2009

The lines are blurring

OneChip Tries Infinera's Trick
News Analysis | 3/18/2009

Monolithic integration worked on a big, expensive scale for Infinera, so now a startup wants to apply the idea to something small and cheap

Adapt or Go Extinct
Contentinople | 3/18/2009

NBCU president and CEO Jeff Zucker issued a warning for broadcasters today

Interoute's Healthy Fiber Diet
EuroBlog | 3/18/2009

Euro altnet puts healthy 2008 down to its fiber heritage

Supercomm's Busy Month
Craig's A-List | 3/18/2009

What else is happening in the weeks around Oct. 21-23?

TWC COO: Beware of Over-the-Top Services
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/18/2009

TWC COO Landel Hobbs today at Digital Hollywood warned that over-the-top Internet video services could threaten advertising and subscription revenue streams

AirWalk Unveils Its Enterprise Femto
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/18/2009

Just what is an 'enterprise femtocell' anyway?

Vendors Scrap Over Managed Services Deals
News Analysis | 3/18/2009

As Ericsson scores with Vodafone UK, rival Nokia Siemens replaces the Swedish giant at Orange Spain and wins a deal within the UK

Supercomm 2009 Delayed Until October
News Analysis | 3/18/2009

Traditional summertime confab moves to October and changes its event management personnel

Broadcasters Rally 'Round June 12
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/18/2009

The FCC says 927 stations intend to pull the analog plug on June 12, the new 'hard' digital transition date

40-Gig Pumps Up
Craig's A-List | 3/18/2009

A bright spot in the gloom

The CEA vs. Cablevision
The Bauminator | 3/18/2009

Round 7: CEA still fighting a set-top waiver extension that gives Cablevision more time to develop a downloadable security system

Cedar Point Cuts Staff as Slowdown Bites
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/18/2009

VoIP vendor lays off 15 percent of staff as organic cable voice subscription growth continues to slow

DVDs Aren't Dead Yet
The Philter | 3/18/2009

New medium, same story: Filmmakers aren't getting paid. Could broadband providers help?

The Make-or-Break WiMax Deal
LR Mobile Column | 3/17/2009

A BNSL WiMax contract in India could be crucial for technology players such as Alvarion or Telsima, but Huawei is looming...

Apple iPhone 3.0 on Display
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/17/2009

The beta of Apple's next iPhone operating system supports in-app purchases, peer-to-peer connections, Bluetooth, and more

ACC on the Web
Contentinople | 3/17/2009

Raycom and Swarmcast put the ACC basketball tournament online for the first time

Sierra Strikes Forth for 100G
News Analysis | 3/17/2009

After enjoying a temporary chip monopoly at 40G, Sierra Monolithics is ready to talk 100G

Stimulating Conversations
The Bauminator | 3/17/2009

Cable's top pressure group OK with broadband stimulus funds so long as what's spent doesn't 'upset the competitive balance'

AlcaLu Ups Its ID Game
EuroBlog | 3/17/2009

AlcaLu teams with identity-based services specialist UnboundID

Moto Unveils Mini VoD Server
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/17/2009

New B-3 server is based on (surprise!) Flash and targeted to smaller MSOs or as an edge streamer/storage element in larger VoD networks

Ericsson: We Can Do 500 Mbit/s Over VDSL2
News Analysis | 3/17/2009

Ericsson says it can achieve broadband speeds of 500 Mbit/s over copper using bonding and noise cancellation techniques

How Would Jesus Season?
Monkey Bidness | 3/17/2009

Saltines for crackers?

Nokia Cuts 1,700 Jobs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/17/2009

Devices unit and corporate functions take the brunt of Nokia's latest headcount reduction

Edgeware Takes On Flash Rivals in US
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/17/2009

Swedish video server startup is bringing its Flash game to the US, but analysts wonder if Tier 1 operators will want to play

Last Call
The Philter | 3/17/2009

Three things you should read and a special SXSW plea for Twitter followers

Ciena Preps 'CoreDirector 2'
News Analysis | 3/16/2009

Ciena is in the advanced stages of developing a bigger, more packet-oriented successor to its popular CoreDirector optical platform

Boxee Moves On
Contentinople | 3/16/2009

Putting the past behind it, Boxee makes several big announcements over the weekend

WiMax Femtos: The Comcast Question
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/16/2009

Will femtos be part of Comcast's Clearwire deal?

Quick Pix: Sony-Comcast Goes Retail
The Bauminator | 3/16/2009

A quick glimpse at what's in store at the new 'Sony Style Comcast Labs' outlet

China’s Operators Prep Next 3G Wave
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/16/2009

As China Mobile ramps its TD-SCDMA activities, China Telecom kicks off its CDMA 2000 rollout

Cisco Dreams of Data Center Unity
News Analysis | 3/16/2009

The company does want to rethink the data center, but not the server market, and it's bringing partners along for the ride

Sony-Comcast Store Has Tru2way 'Set-Back' Box
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/16/2009

It's not for sale yet, but a tru2way-certified hideaway box will be among the 'future' items demonstrated at the new Sony-Comcast store

Losses Mount at Charter
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/16/2009

About two weeks away from a prearranged bankruptcy, Charter posts a $1.25 billion loss, but revenues jump 8.5 percent

Culture Moves Mobile Services
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/16/2009

Panelists here at SXSW 2009 say understanding local culture is a huge barrier to entry for emerging mobile markets

PETA Goes Cannibal
Monkey Bidness | 3/16/2009

Unethical treatment of George Clooney

Is Ciena Ogling MEN?
EuroBlog | 3/16/2009

Speculation suggests Ciena may grab Nortel's optical assets

Review: Netbooks & Integrated 3G
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/13/2009

Testing the Dell Mini 9, one of the few 'netbooks' to support integrated 3G/HSPA

Light Reading's New Look
The Philter | 3/13/2009

Clearwire Hiring in Atlanta & Vegas
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/13/2009

Operator has 'open house' in Atlanta and is looking for more staff in Vegas

SeaChange Flashes Server Growth
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/13/2009

Vendor says it's starting to make hay with Flash VoD servers and new software as MSOs take on more content delivery network-like traits

AT&T Develops Its CDN Business
News Analysis | 3/13/2009

Since re-launching its content delivery network last year, AT&T has added new features and customers

The Road to 100GigE
EuroBlog | 3/13/2009

Details of European project 100-GET

Comcast WiMaxes Portland
The Bauminator | 3/13/2009

Report says MSO will have it up and running there by mid-year

Deutsche Telekom Trials 100G
News Analysis | 3/13/2009

German giant trials 100-Gbit/s optical transmission with Ericsson using a Marconi platform it deployed commercially last year

Turkcell Doubles Up for 3G
Wireless Bits | 3/13/2009

Huawei joins Ericsson as 3G supplier at Turkcell

China to Top Capex Table
News Analysis | 3/13/2009

Mobile network expansion will push China to the top of the global telecom capex league table in 2009, according to Pyramid Research

Cisco: No Blade Server
Craig's A-List | 3/12/2009

Defusing some hype while hyping up 'unified computing'

Last Call
The Philter | 3/12/2009

Three things you should read before Happy Hour

CDNetworks Targets Gaming
Contentinople | 3/12/2009

CDNetworks announces a slew of massively multiplayer online game publishers as customers

Cablevision Eyes All-Digital Future
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/12/2009

MSO isn't kissing analog good-bye yet, but it does intend to stop marketing its expanded basic tier in analog format by the end of 2009

Palm, Sprint Give No Launch Date or Price for Pre
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/12/2009

Palm and Sprint talk about how wonderful the new Pre is on a Webcast, but offer little solid news about the smartphone

ChinaWatch: Warning & Surfing
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/12/2009

A profits warning, surfing and searching deals with Microsoft and Google, and a WiMax rollout make up the latest news from China

IndiaWatch: Game-Changin' Days
News Analysis | 3/12/2009

All the latest from India, including new rules for carrier investors, changes at Bharti Airtel, and willing bidders for Satyam

No Joy in Chipland
Craig's A-List | 3/12/2009

Xilinx reiterates that VCs don't want silicon

Skype Targets $1B Revenues
News Analysis | 3/12/2009

As Google unveils its latest voice application, Skype owner eBay sets its VoIP business a nice, fat, round 2011 sales target

Have a Nice Drunk!
Monkey Bidness | 3/12/2009

Drive careful now!

VOD, O2 to Share Networks?
Wireless Bits | 3/12/2009

Report says UK deal is imminent

Is Nortel Prepping a Major Sale?
News Analysis | 3/12/2009

The company is talking to potential buyers about the wireless and enterprise divisions, according to one report

Canoe Rows Toward Enhanced TV
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/12/2009

Advanced ad venture will follow its first addressable advertising product with an interactive ad campaign based on EBIF

$97 Android
Jonestown | 3/11/2009

Amazon has the G1 cheap

Avoid the Tincture
Red Panda | 3/11/2009

Prince Charles is accused of 'outright quackery'

Still Spending on Ethernet
Craig's A-List | 3/11/2009

Reliance serves up some numbers

Last Call
The Philter | 3/11/2009

Three things you should read before heading home

Beyond Clicks
Contentinople | 3/11/2009

Adify 4.0 goes beyond counting clicks to measure the effectiveness of online ads

Prey for the iPhone?
LR Mobile Column | 3/11/2009

Palm's play for its new smartphone

BT Freezes Pay
EuroBlog | 3/11/2009

Unions blast BT decision

Nokia Unveils Music Phones
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/11/2009

The 5730 smartphone has strong multimedia capabilities and a Symbian operating system

OSS Firm Defies Downturn
EuroBlog | 3/11/2009

Evolving's momentum gives hope to telecom software sector

Convergence Grips Gateway Vendors
News Analysis | 3/11/2009

A new breed of gateway is making its way into carrier networks, with Cisco and Huawei at the forefront of vendor developments

Jonestown | 3/11/2009

The difference between Clearwire's and the big telcos' capex plans in 2009 is startling

Socialite TV
The Bauminator | 3/11/2009

Execs at thePlatform and Plaxo shed some light on how they will link video publishing with social networking

TV Apps Teams Face Cable Conundrum
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/11/2009

Writing enhanced TV apps is easy when compared to the challenge of integrating them with cable's mishmash of headends and set-tops

Action in India
EuroBlog | 3/11/2009

M&A rumors and more GSM growth

AT&T Boosts 3G, Adds 3,000 Jobs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/10/2009

Amid capex cuts, AT&T is making noise about expanding its 3G reach and adding 3,000 jobs

Here Comes the Boss!
Contentinople | 3/10/2009

CBS makes it easy to watch March Madness coverage at work with the 'Boss Button'

IndiaWatch: Money Matters
News Analysis | 3/10/2009

India's regulator cuts national interconnect fees, Satyam seeks an investor, and PowerTel plans to invest in video transport technology

Cisco Drops Hints
Craig's A-List | 3/10/2009

A not-so-revealing CTO chat

RadioFrame Exits Femtocell Biz
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/10/2009

RadioFrame has closed its European operation and stopped making femtocells, Unstrung has learned

Monkey Bidness | 3/10/2009

You throw 'em, you lose 'em

Mobility Drives Commerce
LR Mobile Column | 3/10/2009

With consumer-driven businesses scrambling to make their products and services more appealing, the possibilities of mobile commerce are beckoning

ITV Hookups
The Bauminator | 3/10/2009

Look here, look there, interactive TV partnerships are forming everywhere

On the Road Again
Monkey Bidness | 3/10/2009

Self-absorbed morons, that is

ClariPhy Cleans Up 10-Gig
News Analysis | 3/10/2009

Still kicking after more than six years, the chip startup is ready to join the EDC market

Time Warner Cable, Itaas Ink ITV Accord
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/10/2009

Itaas will serve as a one-stop-shop for developers seeking to create interactive applications for the nation's second-largest MSO

The Convergence of Morrow
Jonestown | 3/9/2009

New Clearwire CEO was thinking about broadband togetherness back in 2004

Clearwire Swaps Out CEO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/9/2009

Vodafone UK 3G alumnus Bill Morrow to oversee Clearwire's ambitious WiMax plans in US

Hulu, Boxee Battle
Contentinople | 3/9/2009

In the latest blow, Hulu blocks Boxee's workaround

ChinaWatch: Crunch Time!
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/9/2009

Mobile value-added services specialists show signs of suffering, and China Unicom closes in on an iPhone deal

Solving Cable's Upstream Dilemma
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/9/2009

Even the rollout of Docsis 3.0 isn't providing the solution cable needs to cure its glaring upstream bandwidth problem

Nokia Claims 5800's 3G Problems Are Fixed
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/9/2009

The company said on Friday that a configuration change has fixed the 3G reception issues plaguing the smartphone

Europeans Ramp FTTH Rollouts
News Analysis | 3/9/2009

Operators expand their fiber-to-the-home rollouts in the Netherlands and Slovakia, two of Europe's most progressive FTTH nations

ZillionTV Goes Over-the-Top
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/8/2009

Launches a new service that will allow consumers to watch free over-the-top Internet video directly on their TV screens

OMG Lent Lite
Monkey Bidness | 3/8/2009


ZillionTV's Big Plans
Contentinople | 3/6/2009

CEO Mitch Berman tells Contentinople what sets his company apart

CyOptics: Not Dead Yet
Craig's A-List | 3/6/2009

Don't look for proof on the Website, though

Netbook Realities
LR Mobile Column | 3/6/2009

Get ready for third phase of mobile computing

Will iPhone Users Defect to Palm's Pre?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/6/2009

This summer will be the perfect time for the Pre's release, says Palm investor Roger McNamee, as many iPhone contracts will be expiring

AsiaWatch: India Preps Number Portability
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/6/2009

India’s DoT picks Telcordia and Syniverse for number portability, while Ericsson lands RAN deal in Indonesia with Telkomsel

Ciena: Carriers Need to Spend Soon
News Analysis | 3/6/2009

Ciena's resident optimist and CEO Gary Smith says carrier networks are nearing full load and will need fresh capacity soon(ish)

DTV Notebook
The Bauminator | 3/6/2009

Takeaways from the FCC's en banc hearing on the digital TV transition

Will VOD Swap Out Google?
Wireless Bits | 3/6/2009

Report suggests Yahoo might usurp Google at Vodafone

Stimulus Snippet
Jonestown | 3/6/2009

No Broadband bump needed for CLWR

EU Reforms Hit Brick Wall
EuroBlog | 3/6/2009

No one surprised as Europeans fail to reach agreement

Finisar Sees Hope, Again
News Analysis | 3/6/2009

There's been a burst of ordering that has Finisar wondering if it's crossing the bottom of the downturn

Pre View
Jonestown | 3/6/2009

Palm Pre soon?

Indian Operator Expects Lengthy 3G Delay
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/6/2009

Indian mobile operator exec sees 3G spectrum auction delay stretching into H2 as state-owned carriers fire up their networks

Is US Innovation Flaming Out?
News Analysis | 3/6/2009

Silicon Valley panelists share their concern that a de-emphasis on basic research puts the US at a handicap

Clearwire Preps $1.5B Deployment in '09
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/5/2009

The WiMax contendor says it's got cash to fund deployments into 2011, including at least $1.5B to be spent this year

Beatles Rock Totally
Contentinople | 3/5/2009

The Beatles: Rock Band will be released this September

Nokia Likes LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/5/2009

Calling WiMax a 'niche player,' a Nokia exec says the company plans to have 4G devices using Long Term Evolution technology in 2010

TV Ads: Not Dead Yet
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/5/2009

Internet video ads are getting all the buzz, but TV remains the most effective medium for advertising

Global Capex Set for 2010 Rebound
News Analysis | 3/5/2009

New Light Reading Insider report sees a dip in telecom capex in 2009 but a rebound next year

Nagra Critical of Cablevision Security Plan
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/5/2009

Security firm urges FCC to amend a waiver that gives MSO more time to develop a downloadable security system based on the NDS 'key ladder'

Comcast Sends In the All-Digital 'Cavalry'
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/5/2009

Systems in Chattanooga and the Philly region are in the prep phase for Comcast's big analog reclamation project

Ciena Cuts 200 Jobs as Sales Plummet
News Analysis | 3/5/2009

Ciena cuts its headcount by 9% and prepares to close its Acton R&D facility as fiscal first-quarter revenues dive by 26%

New Forum Gives Voice to LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/5/2009

T-Mobile and major vendors join forces in VoLGA Forum to propose new solution for delivering voice over LTE

Cable Starts to Seed All-Fiber Future
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/5/2009

Deployments and trials are underway, but the market for RFoG and other cable FTTP tech won't bloom right away, Heavy Reading says

Clearwire: Tight Tier 1 Focus
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/4/2009

Analysts expect Clearwire's WiMax plan to focus on major cities and an overlay for existing markets

Sling's 3 Screens
Contentinople | 3/4/2009

Sling Media CEO John Gilmore talks up the company's 'three screen' approach in an interview with Contentinople

No Femtos in Verizon's First LTE Rollout
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/4/2009

Verizon Wireless likes femtocells, but the home base stations won't factor in the operator's LTE deployment next year

Ofidium Tackles 100Gig
News Analysis | 3/4/2009

Let the 100Gig startup race begin! An Australian entry is reviving the idea of OFDM for optical networks

RCN Closing in on Wideband
The Bauminator | 3/4/2009

MSO chief says launches could star within weeks in New York and Boston, expects new tier to be most attractive to SMBs

Weakened WOW Wants Another Waiver
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/4/2009

Still pleading financial woes, WOW says it needs time to comply with the FCC's integrated security ban

China Mobile Preps 3G Surge
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/4/2009

Wireless giant is gearing up for a major rollout of TD-SCDMA infrastructure by 2010, according to Chinese reports

Huawei, Telsima Win BSNL?
Wireless Bits | 3/4/2009

We hear Huawei and Telsima have won BSNL's WiMax contracts

Transmode Lauds 2008
EuroBlog | 3/4/2009

Optical specialist reports 32% sales hike

BigBand Lays Cable IPTV Groundwork
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/4/2009

Vendor claims MSOs can deliver IPTV services economically using new software and an architecture that completely sidesteps the CMTS

Deutsche Telekom Capex Update
EuroBlog | 3/4/2009

Good news for vendors from DT

Blago Lands on His Feet
Monkey Bidness | 3/3/2009

A six-figure hair day

MWC 2009: Huawei Booth Tour
News Analysis | 3/3/2009

Would we be allowed into the Huawei booth at Mobile World Congress with a photographer? Of course... Check out the results

AsiaWatch: Slump Slows Growth, India Hot
News Analysis | 3/3/2009

Carriers react as the credit crunch hits, investments continue to flow in and out of India, and more

Bay Area Gets Wideband
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/3/2009

As expected, MSO takes on AT&T with a Docsis 3.0-fueled 50-Mbit/s cable modem offering while juicing up its other high-speed tiers

March Madness!
Contentinople | 3/3/2009

Contentinople is flooded with news today, including CBS's plans for NCAA online video

10Gig EPON Warms Up
Craig's A-List | 3/3/2009

Let the ROI debates begin

TiVo, Comcast Discount Targets HD Subs
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/3/2009

Subs taking HD 'triple-play' will pay less for TiVo. Meanwhile, Internet port in pre-tru2way TiVo DVRs will pave path to cable VoD services

Harris Stratex Snaps Up Telsima for $12M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/3/2009

Microwave backhaul vendor Harris Stratex announces that it will buy WiMax specialist Telsima for $12 million in cash

BT's Fiber to the Hype
EuroBlog | 3/3/2009

BT plans more FTTx and polishes its fiber achievements

BT Gets Green Light for Fiber Plans
News Analysis | 3/3/2009

Report from British regulator Ofcom paves way for BT's fiber-based broadband plans by relaxing pricing restrictions

Et Tu, Morin? Then Fall, CESR!
News Analysis | 3/2/2009

Nortel cuts back its investment in the carrier Ethernet switch/router space and pledges a bigger emphasis on optical networking

Arris Enters RFoG Fray
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/2/2009

Cable vendor enters an increasingly crowded RF-over-Glass market and introduces a range of other digital video and Docsis products

Hulu Slows Down
Contentinople | 3/2/2009

Hulu's growth slowed in January, according to new numbers from comScore

TXP Is Back
The Philter | 3/2/2009

And they're hiring?

Nortel Loses Billions & Plans Bonuses
News Analysis | 3/2/2009

As Nortel announces reduced sales and a 2008 loss of $5.8B, details emerge of a planned executive retention bonus scheme

TiVo Gets More Cable-Ready
The Bauminator | 3/2/2009

New partnerships address DVR pioneer's tru2way and pre-tru2way ambitions

I'm Not Dead
The Philter | 3/2/2009

I was only napping

Moto Co-CEO Sees Mobile Unit Turnaround
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/2/2009

While Motorola may be de-emphasizing its mobile enterprise operation, executive comments indicate the company is likely to remain focused on consumer handsets

Nokia's Problem Touch
Jonestown | 3/2/2009

Some of Nokia's new US 5800 touchscreen phones are having problems with 3G

Clearleap Aims to Make Web Video a Commodity
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/2/2009

Atlanta-based startup jumps in with a publishing system designed to help MSOs, satcos, and IPTV providers bridge the TV-Internet gap

Telekom Austria CEO Goes to VimpelCom
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/2/2009

Telekom Austria CEO Boris Nemsic abandons the Austrian operator to become CEO of Russian mobile operator VimpelCom

Verivue Surfaces With Comcast Backing
LR Cable News Analysis | 3/2/2009

Jim Dolce's new baby decloaks with a cross-platform 'media switch' and a $40 million second round led by Comcast Interactive Capital

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