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Comcast's Cable Boss Snags $5M Bonus
News Analysis | 12/31/2014

Comcast Cable CEO Neil Smit secured a $5 million bonus as part of his new five-year employment agreement.

LR's 14 New Year's Resolutions for Telecom
News Analysis | 12/31/2014

Light Reading is ringing in the New Year by offering up some practical resolutions that can help carriers and vendors better compete, make money and plan their strategic moves in 2015.

Some Abbreviated Thoughts on Acronyms
DOS Attack | 12/31/2014

VNF, DevOps, IaaS and FTTdp are among the technology acronyms that came into increasingly common usage in 2014.

Will 2015 Bring IoT Resolution for Operators?
The Gigabot | 12/31/2014

Communications service providers of all types need to figure out what role they will play in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

US Internet Rolls Out 10Gig in Minneapolis
News Analysis | 12/30/2014

ISP demonstrates the capabilities of its fiber network with the launch of a 10 Gbit/s service to select Minneapolis customers.

Survey Says Smart Home Gaining Traction
News Analysis | 12/30/2014

According to the IoTC, consumers are getting smart home info via word-of-mouth referrals and retail recommendations.

Comlink Talks New Apps, Targets Healthcare
LRTV Interviews | 12/30/2014

Comlink COO John Summersett discusses his company's eight-state fiber network from Light Reading's 2020 Vision Executive Summit.

Cable's Challenge to Go Green
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/30/2014

The cable industry is embarking on its most ambitious effort ever to cut its energy consumption and associated costs

Kordia Spies SDN Efficiencies
LRTV Interviews | 12/30/2014

Drew Gilpin, head of sales and marketing at New Zealand telco Kordia, sees SDN as a way to achieve a more efficient use of capital.

Tales of the Gigabit City, 2014 Edition
News Analysis | 12/29/2014

We take a look back at some of the unique Gigabit Cities stories of 2014 and detail what to look forward to in the coming year.

SK Telecom, Samsung Turn on Tri-Band LTE-A
News Analysis | 12/29/2014

In another world first, the South Korean operator flipped the switch on its tri-band LTE-Advanced network Monday, supported by Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE.

Aereo Heads to Auction
News Analysis | 12/29/2014

The US Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan is allowing Aereo to auction off its assets as long as broadcasters agree to the terms of the final sale.

Ciena Seen as Verizon 100G Metro Favorite
DOS Attack | 12/29/2014

Analysts suggest existing Verizon supplier Ciena is favorite to win a 100G metro spot at Verizon, but several vendors are in the running.

Networks & IT: Now It's Strategic!
LRTV Interviews | 12/29/2014

AT the 2020 Vision Executive Summit, cloud guru Joe Weinman talks about the strategic advantages that a combination of networks and IT can now deliver.

Who Will Make the SPIT Headlines in 2015?
Shades of Ray | 12/29/2014

We're expecting major news from the Service Provider IT (SPIT) fraternity next year.

Amdocs Spies Growth In India
Shades of Ray | 12/26/2014

CEO hopes to announce new telco customers in India in the coming year.

Small Cell Leaders: Where Are they Now?
Que Sera Sarah | 12/26/2014

The past year validated our 2014 small cell movers and shakers list in a lot of ways, but it also saw several executives leave the small cell market, by choice or otherwise.

Top 5 Telecom Fiascos of 2014
News Analysis | 12/26/2014

From the Sprint/T-mobile merger to net neutrality and the Cisco/Arista lawsuit, 2014 saw plenty of blunders for Light Reading's entertainment.

Top 5 Optical Trends for 2015
DOS Attack | 12/24/2014

Software programmability, IP and optical integration, metro 100G and other key trends are worth watching in the transport sector in the coming year.

5 Things Cable Didn't Deliver In 2014
News Analysis | 12/24/2014

It's time to tally up the cable disappointments for 2014.

OPNFV Gaining Traction, But Doesn't Address Orchestration Issues
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/24/2014

Network functions virtualization (NFV) management and orchestration (MANO) is still early in development and will come to market slowly.

Surprise! The Cloud Has Security Advantages
News Analysis | 12/24/2014

Security in the cloud may not be the bugaboo that it's made out to be for mobile carriers.

TDS Telecom Keeps Spreading Gigabit Cheer
News Analysis | 12/24/2014

Carrier continues gigabit network expansion, introducing a 1 Gbit/s service in 19 markets across four states.

Vodafone Teams on Telehealth for Seniors
News Analysis | 12/24/2014

In-home sensors report on seniors' well-being to caregiver remotely, allowing seniors to remain at home and independent longer.

Rockstar Group Unloads Patents for $900M
News Analysis | 12/23/2014

Consortium that bought Nortel's patents, including Apple, Microsoft and Ericsson, has sold them to patent house RPX as its fight against Android comes to an end.

Amdocs CEO Interview
LRTV Interviews | 12/23/2014

Amdocs CEO Eli Gelman talks data analytics, NFV, acquisitions and much more in an exclusive video interview.

What’s in Store for RDK
Column | 12/23/2014

Next year promises to see more product innovation and more implementations of the cable industry's Reference Design Kit software across the globe

Eurobites: Sky, Telstra Invest in Elemental
News Analysis | 12/23/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: KPN trials VoLTE; TeliaSonera's 4G takes over; Telefonica's fiber dominance in Spain.

EE Talks Biz Transformation on Road to 5G
LRTV Documentaries | 12/23/2014

EE's Director of Network Strategy David Salam discusses how data growth on its wireless network is driving business transformation and the move to 5G for the UK-based carrier.

A Drone for the Holidays? The FAA Wants a Word...
Jonestown | 12/23/2014

The FAA has put out a holiday how-to video about the rules surrounding any shiny new drone for you get for Christmas.

AT&T Seeks Help on Culture Change Issues
News Analysis | 12/23/2014

'Disruptive' vendors, open source community and academia all play a role in helping major telecom operator reshape its internal culture, says exec

Telstra Snaps Up Pacnet for $697M
News Analysis | 12/23/2014

Australian operator to acquire subsea network and data center operator to boost its South-East Asia presence.

Google Has Self-Driving Prototype Ready
News Analysis | 12/22/2014

Google unveiled its first complete prototype car for fully autonomous driving, shortly after reports suggest it's building a version of Android specifically for cars.

Affirmed & Elephant Talk Build a Virtual EPC
News Analysis | 12/22/2014

Affirmed Networks is lending its NFV cloud to Elephant Talk's SDN software to make a fully virtualized evolved packet core for operators in Europe and the Middle East.

Congress, FCC Prep Net Neutrality, OTT Action
News Analysis | 12/22/2014

Congress and the FCC are shoring up their positions on net neutrality and the definition of a TV distributor before 2014 comes to a close.

LTE Small Cells Set to Be Big in 2015
News Analysis | 12/22/2014

Deployments of small cells, dominated by single-mode LTE indoor base stations, are set to ramp up in the new year.

Eurobites: EE Shows Off 3-Carrier Aggregation
News Analysis | 12/22/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Swedish M2M specialist being acquired by Sierra Wireless; BT takes its fiber to the basement; and Dutch FTTH operator reaches 2 million homes.

Testing of NFV Requires Industry to Mature
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/22/2014

New streamlined methodologies for data processing, analysis and storage are needed for testing virtualized network functions.

Thread Connects With UL for IoT Testing
News Analysis | 12/22/2014

Internet of Things networking protocol group Thread Group names UL its go-to outfit for IoT product testing.

Verizon Reminds Us That 200G Exists
DOS Attack | 12/22/2014

Verizon quietly rolls out 200G on a single route, meeting its timetable and highlighting the next step beyond 100G.

Paul Bunyan's Giant Gigabit Plans
LRTV Documentaries | 12/22/2014

The CEO and GM of Minnesota rural operator Paul Bunyan Communications discusses the company's 5,000-square-mile gigabit network rollout.

Telstra Woos Pacnet
News Analysis | 12/22/2014

Acquisition of regional long-distance operator would add to Australian incumbent's international assets and deliver some SDN experience.

T-Mobile to Pay $90M for Cramming Crimes
News Analysis | 12/19/2014

There's a whole lotta cramming going on as T-Mobile agrees to pay $90M for unjust billing practices, following AT&T's $105 million settlement and Sprint's ongoing lawsuit.

Google Steering Android Towards Cars – Report
News Analysis | 12/19/2014

The Android M release is reportedly aimed at putting a Google OS in every dashboard.

Cox Starts All-Digital Rollout
News Analysis | 12/19/2014

Cox launches switch to all-digital service in its first market as it seeks to clear more bandwidth for faster broadband speeds, greater on-demand offerings and more video channels.

Is Google Good for Gigabit?
The Gigabot | 12/19/2014

Google Fiber delays the planned deployment of its gigabit network in its next nine metro targets, as other gigabit hopefuls step up.

HDR: The Next Big Video Thing
News Analysis | 12/19/2014

4K TV is so 2014. It's all about High-Dynamic Range (HDR) television for 2015.

OpenDaylight Establishes Security Team
News Analysis | 12/19/2014

The open source SDN organization has formed a dedicated team following disclosure of a serious security flaw that remained unaddressed for four months.

CenturyLink: Building the Case for NFV
LRTV Interviews | 12/19/2014

At the 2020 Vision Executive Summit, James Feger, VP, Network Strategy & Development at CenturyLink, talks about how the US operator is approaching virtual network functions from an operational and business case perspective.

Eurobites: AlcaLu & Nokia Merger Talk Resurfaces
News Analysis | 12/19/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Russian operators join forces on LTE; Ob3 satellites lift off; Deutsche Telekom takes extra mobile security measures.

IoT: The Future Is Bright for Operators
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/19/2014

Network operators have a unique opportunity to develop and profit from IoT-as-a-service propositions.

Apple Global SIM Could Drive Connected Cars
Jonestown | 12/18/2014

Maybe the point of Apple Global SIM goes beyond offering consumers a brief whiff of choice when using their shiny new iPad.

Comcast Launches 4K Streaming Service
News Analysis | 12/18/2014

Barely beating its self-imposed year-end deadline, Comcast is introducing a 4K video streaming service for TV viewers, starting with select NBC and USA Network shows.

Liberty Global Sees Business Goldmine
LRTV Interviews | 12/18/2014

Steen Sorensen, VP of business services for Liberty Global, explains where the giant international MSO sees growth potential.

US Carriers, You're Going to Cuba!
Wagner’s Ring | 12/18/2014

President Obama opened the door to American business in Cuba, including telcos.

Eurobites: BT Preps Stock, Bonds Issue to Fund Mobile M&A
News Analysis | 12/18/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Monsieur Iliad agrees to buy Orange Switzerland; UK government gets commitment on mobile coverage; Nokia Networks does Danish VoLTE.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water...
Jonestown | 12/18/2014

The US Navy has a robot spy shark drone. Yep, you read that right.

Equinix Speeds Cloud Provisioning via APIs
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

In addition to adding IBM SoftLayer to its roster of hyper-scale cloud connections, Equinix Cloud Exchange now offers APIs for real-time turnup.

FCC Mid-Band Auction to Roll On Into 2015?
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

The AWS-3 auction now stands at $44.23B as new bids trickle in.

Tucows Buys Into Gigabit Services
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

The Internet and mobile services company buys an ISP with hopes of adding gigabit services to its quiver.

Sprint Turns Up 16 More 2.5GHz Markets
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

Chief Network Officer John Saw celebrates the carrier's network milestones in 2014 as it prepares for another year in which many more improvements will be needed.

Deluxe Dives Into 4K Video
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

Deluxe adds 4K features and capabilities to its video-on-demand platform as it seeks to carve out a big role in the emerging market for UltraHD programming.

1-Gig: Coming to a Small Town Near You
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

A tiny town in Iowa enters the Gigabit Cities fray through a public/private partnership.

T-Mobile, BlackBerry Flirt With Reuniting
Que Sera Sarah | 12/17/2014

BlackBerry and T-Mobile are considering kissing and making up, but only if their CEOs can get along.

Boingo & TWC Share Hotspots for the Holidays
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

Boingo and Time Warner Cable unveil a reciprocal Passpoint roaming agreement giving subscribers of both company's services seamless access to each other's WiFi hotspots.

Eurobites: Apple Suspends Online Sales in Russia as Rouble Collapses
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT braced to battle regulator; Dixons Carphone underlying profits up; France explores 700MHz possibilities.

OpenDaylight Patches 'Serious Vulnerability' – After Four Months
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

The Netdump security flaw, first reported in August, can allow an attacker to take over an SDN network.

Telstra Writes Latest NBN Chapter
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

There's a new plan for Australia's national broadband network (NBN) and it's good news for incumbent operator Telstra.

HP's NFV Director Merges Physical, Virtual
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

Support for both physical and virtual resources is important to carriers making the transition to NFV while supporting legacy physical assets.

First DOCSIS 3.1 Interop Test Complete
News Analysis | 12/16/2014

Six vendors have successfully completed the first DOCSIS 3.1 interop test conducted by CableLabs.

T-Mobile Deploys 700MHz, Starts Data Rollover
News Analysis | 12/16/2014

Along with announcing Data Stash, its plan to let customers rollover unused data, T-Mobile shares updates about its LTE network progress and mentions plans for a 2G shutdown.

EE: The Road to 5G
LRTV Documentaries | 12/16/2014

Andy Sutton, the principal network architect at UK mobile operator EE, explains how his company is using Wembley stadium as a wireless test bed and how that's helping EE to plan the evolution to 5G.

NBC Goes Live Online, With a Catch
News Analysis | 12/16/2014

NBC is launching a live stream of its linear content online, but it will only be available to viewers who subscribe to a pay-TV package.

2020 Vision Photos: Night Sight
Slide Shows | 12/16/2014

More pictures from Light Reading's 2020 Vision Executive Summit in Iceland.

Eurobites: Ericsson Claims LTE-A First
News Analysis | 12/16/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT gets Sky Sports channels onto YouView boxes; Netflix rolls into Belgium; Ofcom's new boss.

Cloud Expansion Paves Way for Partnerships
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/16/2014

Cloud enablement partnerships between traditional communications service providers and cloud specialists are set to proliferate in the coming years.

US Cellular Injects Analytics Into LTE
LRTV Documentaries | 12/16/2014

US Cellular's Mario Vela explains how the operator uses analytics for network planning and what comes next as the carrier looks to eke more value out of its metrics.

AT&T Touts SDN Push, Seeks Talent
Rewired | 12/16/2014

Technology guru John Donovan pledges to make AT&T's network 75% software-defined by 2020.

BT Offers $19.5B to Buy EE
News Analysis | 12/15/2014

BT is in exclusive talks to acquire EE, the UK's largest mobile operator that is currently owned by Deutsche Telekom and Orange, for GB pound 12.5 billion.

Thoma, Teachers Fund Win Riverbed's Hand
News Analysis | 12/15/2014

Riverbed Technology ends a year of drama and acquisition offers by agreeing to be bought by a private equity firm and teachers pension plan.

How Cox Biz Plans to Keep Growing
LRTV Interviews | 12/15/2014

Steve Rowley, SVP of Cox Business, details how the third-biggest US MSO intends to boost its revenues to $2 billion and beyond over the rest of the decade

Live TV Dominates on Twitter – Nielsen
News Analysis | 12/15/2014

Most of the tweeting about TV viewing still takes place around live programming.

Glaring Gaps in FCC's Merger Data
News Analysis | 12/15/2014

The FCC has released a heavily redacted report on broadband subscriber counts both before and after the proposed deals among Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Charter.

T-Mobile Lights Up 27 Wideband LTE Cities
News Analysis | 12/15/2014

T-Mobile meets its year-end goal of 27 wideband LTE markets with the addition of NYC and announces its next uncarrier shake-up is coming tomorrow.

Telecom Faces Virtualization Pricing Issue
News Analysis | 12/15/2014

The rise of virtualization shifts value from hardware to software but the business models for pricing that are far from clear.

Eurobites: Nokia's HERE in Maps Deal With Baidu
News Analysis | 12/15/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia Networks speeds up Sonera; Tele2 launches 4G in the Netherlands; Airtel sells off African towers.

Cognilytics Deal Speeds CenturyLink's Big Data Play
News Analysis | 12/12/2014

Latest acquisition adds big data and analytics capabilities to both CenturyLink's cloud services portfolio and its IT services roster.

Vodafone to Ride T-Mobile Back Into US
News Analysis | 12/12/2014

Vodafone has struck a deal with T-Mobile to serve multinational corporate customers in the US.

Gardner's Departure a Cautionary Tale
Rewired | 12/12/2014

Board of directors allegedly wanted faster pace of change from one of the telecom industry's change pacesetters.

How Cable Biz Services Hit $10B Mark
LRTV Interviews | 12/12/2014

Cable operators reached $10 billion in annual business services revenues by delving deeper into their vertical markets and expanding beyond the smallest firms.

KVH Takes Its Elastic Data Center Service Beyond Japan
News Analysis | 12/12/2014

Japanese data center services specialist has expanded its flexible data center interconnection services to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Cisco Builds Analytics Into Network Edge
News Analysis | 12/12/2014

The Internet of Everything will require analytics built into routers and other edge devices, says Cisco.

Eurobites: BT Mobile M&A Plot Thickens
News Analysis | 12/12/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson in line for ZTE's Ethiopian business; SFR goes large on big data; Google in partial Russian pull-out.

Cisco Makes Big Analytics Push
News Analysis | 12/11/2014

Cisco introduced a suite of applications for carriers and enterprises designed to improve network operations, mobility, retail efficiency and more.

AT&T Promises More VoLTE Markets in 2015
News Analysis | 12/11/2014

AT&T has expanded 4G voice-over-LTE services to parts of South Carolina and is promising more markets and interoperability work in 2015.

Telekom Austria Plans NFV Boot Camp
News Analysis | 12/11/2014

Telekom Austria's CTO is devising a training course that can help all of his company's staff prepare for the transition to NFV.

Consolidated Enters KC Gigabit Fray
News Analysis | 12/11/2014

Consolidated Communications is the latest gigabit broadband player in the Kansas City market.

FCC Ready to Reclassify Some OTTs – Report
News Analysis | 12/11/2014

The FCC is reportedly close to approving a new rule that would extend the definition of a multichannel video programming distributor to include some over-the-top service providers.

Arista CEO: Cisco Lawsuit Is 'Smear Campaign'
News Analysis | 12/11/2014

But CEO Jayshree Ullal conceded one allegation in the lawsuit.

Ciena Upbeat Despite Q4 Loss
News Analysis | 12/11/2014

The optical vendor builds the case that success with a variety of network operator types, not just telcos, will lead to a strong 2015.

Eurobites: Optimism Stages a Comeback
News Analysis | 12/11/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone signs small cells deployment deal with JCDecaux; Deutsche Telekom's IPO backlash; Sky's rethink on Now TV.

Mediacom Aims to Test Connected Tractors
LRTV Documentaries | 12/11/2014

Cable business service provider is taking its services to the 'agribusiness' sector in partnership with farm equipment specialist John Deere and is getting involved in Gigabit Cities developments.

Telcos Target a Piece of the M2M Action
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/11/2014

Communications service providers are looking to play an integral role in the M2M (machine-to-machine) value chain, but it's not easy.

AT&T Adds Brocade, Ciena, Cisco to Its SDN, NFV Program
News Analysis | 12/10/2014

AT&T has added three more names to the growing list of vendors engaged in its cloud/SDN/NFV program and reiterated that it expects its capex spend to go down as it build out its next-gen network.

Ciena Looks to Shake Off Capex Concerns
News Analysis | 12/10/2014

Ciena will look to distance itself from carrier capex concerns as it reports fiscal fourth-quarter earnings.

Comcast Sued Over Home Hotspots
News Analysis | 12/10/2014

Bay Area residents are suing Comcast over the cable company's home-based WiFi hotspots.

SDN Drives Codero's Flexible Hybrid Clouds
News Analysis | 12/10/2014

Hosting specialist's special mix of commercial technology and home-grown software allows its enterprise customers to mix-and-match cloud with bare metal servers.

Are Utilities Really Gigabit Players?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/10/2014

Many US utility companies today are caught in a crisis of identity, progression and even purpose.

Arista Gets With the Programmability Program
News Analysis | 12/10/2014

EOS+ is designed to allow network operators to use off-the-shelf and custom EOS apps to make networks more flexible.

Eurobites: Ericsson's Radio Dot Goes Live
News Analysis | 12/10/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia opens mobile security center in Berlin; AlcaLu's new EMEA man; KPN cuts jobs in business unit.

TWC Business Looks Beyond $3B
LRTV Interviews | 12/10/2014

TWC Business Services chief Phil Meeks explains how his unit has reached $3 billion in annual revenues and what its plans are for next year.

AT&T's New Security Strategy
LRTV Documentaries | 12/10/2014

AT&T's Chief Security Officer Ed Amoroso explains how his company is wrapping virtual security layers around micro network domains.

Charter Completes Digital Transition
News Analysis | 12/9/2014

Charter is turning off its last analog TV signals this week, bringing an end to its all-digital transition.

US Carriers Spanked on Big Red's Q4 Margin Squeeze
News Analysis | 12/9/2014

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon shares all fall on concerns about the impact of holiday pricing deals in the US.

2020 Vision: A First View
LRTV Documentaries | 12/9/2014

At the 2020 Vision Executive Summit in Iceland, unique Heavy Reading research shows that comms service providers are optimistic about the next five or so years.

2020 Vision Photos: First Light
Slide Shows | 12/9/2014

It's good news for insight-seeking telecom execs but bad news for puffins as Light Reading's 2020 Vision executive summit hits town.

Holiday Deals Squeeze Verizon's Q4 Wireless Margins
News Analysis | 12/9/2014

Verizon says promotional offers and high customers volume will hit at its wireless margins in Q4.

Security Suffers From 'Not My Job' Mentality
News Analysis | 12/9/2014

Security is the most important trend for future networks, according to Heavy Reading's 2020 Vision survey, but it requires organizational changes and a change in mindset.

ConteXtream Launches OpenDaylight-Based SDN Fabric for NFV
News Analysis | 12/9/2014

The vendor adds support for OpenDaylight, OpenStack and other standards to its venerable SDN fabric.

Eurobites: Telenor Strikes 5-Year Deal With Huawei
News Analysis | 12/9/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: faster uploads in Finland; Altice agrees to buy Portugal Telecom; Swisscom buys IT company.

Optical Sector Awaits Finisar-JDSU Deal
News Analysis | 12/9/2014

Finisar eyes the potential for consolidation in the optical components sector, with many believing JDSU's optical unit could be an M&A target for Finisar.

Can Silicon Photonics Add Spark to Hardware?
News Analysis | 12/9/2014

Huawei's latest R&D push on silicon photonics is a reminder that vendors still want to differentiate on hardware.

Palo Alto Urges Prioritizing NFV/SDN Security
News Analysis | 12/9/2014

Speaking at Light Reading events, Christer Swartz cautions against trying the bolt-on security approach after-the-fact.

Who Has 2020 Vision?
Shades of Ray | 12/8/2014

A select group of industry executives has gathered in Iceland to discuss the future of networks, services, skills, strategies and the role of service provider IT.

Comcast Unlocks Ethernet @Home
News Analysis | 12/8/2014

Comcast has unveiled a new Ethernet @Home service that extends Ethernet services over HFC lines to employees working at home.

CenturyLink Acquires DataGardens for Cloud Disaster Recovery
News Analysis | 12/8/2014

Carrier acquires Canadian-based software firm, DataGardens, with which it had been partnering.

Eurobites: 4G Fires European Recovery
News Analysis | 12/8/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: TDC looks at Com Hem; Nokia speeds up TDD-FDD LTE; big-name BT shareholder happy with mobile plans.

G.fast Chip Startup Raises $17M
News Analysis | 12/8/2014

Fixed broadband access specialist banks a new round of funding as standards-based products head to the market.

Photos: Velkomin til Íslands!
Slide Shows | 12/8/2014

Light Reading's first 2020 Vision Executive Summit promises to be the 'Davos for telecom' -- but first, some pictures of the event's beautiful backdrop of Iceland.

CESR Vendor Focus Turns to Energy Efficiency
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/8/2014

Energy efficiency has long been vital to service providers because of its large and growing effect on their operating costs and earnings.

UNH-IOL Testing Ethernet for Connected Cars
News Analysis | 12/8/2014

Interoperability testing expands for both the OPEN Alliance approach to single-pair Ethernet and what is likely to be new IEEE standards.

Cisco Slams Arista With Massive Patent & Copyright Suit
News Analysis | 12/5/2014

The lawsuits charge Arista ripped off Cisco features and documentation, then bragged about it.

G.fast G.ets G.reen Light
News Analysis | 12/5/2014

Standard gets final approval, lining up a scrap for chip and system-level traction.

Obama Signs CableCARD Death Warrant
News Analysis | 12/5/2014

President Obama formally ended the CableCARD mandate by signing into law the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act Reauthorization (STELAR).

For Verizon, IoT Is All About Evolution
News Analysis | 12/5/2014

Verizon's early IoT efforts are focusing on enterprises in areas such as smart cities, energy and intelligent transportation.

Eurobites: Orange Expects BT M&A Decision by Christmas
News Analysis | 12/5/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: EU probe into Orange's Jazztel bid; 4G in Kenya; Belgacom makes a difference in Brussels.

Mega Media Deals Back on the Clock
News Analysis | 12/5/2014

The regulatory review clock resumes on the Comcast/Time Warner Cable and AT&T/DirecTV deals even as the public rhetoric heats up again over net neutrality concerns.

HeyWire Accuses Operators of Censorship
News Analysis | 12/5/2014

All four of the big US operators have changed their tune on iOTT messaging providers, blocking their services and demanding increased fees, HeyWire says.

ETSI NFV Group Sets Phase 2 Agenda
News Analysis | 12/4/2014

The ETSI NFV Industry Specifications Group has met for the final time in its 'Phase 1' and has set some objectives for Phase 2.

Cox Biz Looks Beyond SMBs
News Analysis | 12/4/2014

Larger businesses and carrier services, including small cell backhaul, will get more attention in 2015, says SVP Steve Rowley.

Verizon Begins 3G Refarming to Add LTE Capacity
News Analysis | 12/4/2014

Verizon is starting to refarm its PCS spectrum for LTE, but it will be a slow, gradual death for its 2G and 3G networks.

SDN's Role in Carrier WiFi
Column | 12/4/2014

SDN can play a significant role in helping operators offload data traffic via WiFi.

Eurobites: Vodafone Squashes M&A Speculation
News Analysis | 12/4/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: data privacy regulation debate; UK introduces Diverted Profits Tax; Finland cables up for data center market.

Black Arrow Snags Virgin Media
News Analysis | 12/4/2014

Scoring its first European win, Black Arrow strikes deal with largest UK cable operator to insert ads in on-demand, multiscreen video programming.

Startup Aims to Be Europe's First Virtualized Telco
News Analysis | 12/4/2014

Luxembourg carrier Join Experience looks to network virtualization to provide its customers with flexible service.

Ericsson Calls for Data-Centric Security Approach
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

Ericsson says data security must move beyond a perimeter-centric approach.

Investments on the Rise for Carrier-Grade WiFi
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

New Amdocs research suggests carrier-grade WiFi connections will jump from 14% of total WiFi hotspots today to 72% in 2018.

AT&T Adds Virtual Layer of Security
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

Carrier now using software-based security to 'shrink-wrap' micro-domains inside its broader network perimeter.

Mobile Ops Must Hike Security Spending
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

With network and device threats, infections and attacks all on the rise, Heavy Reading Chief Analyst Patrick Donegan urges mobile operators to boost spending on security measures.

FCC Spectrum Auction Tops $40B in Bids
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

The AWS-3 auction has pulled in more than double the total bids that the 700MHz auction did in 2008.

Ciena Amps Up Software Play, Attacks VNF 'Agility Gap'
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

Ciena deepens its software strategy with offerings to help service providers sell VNFs on demand to enterprises.

Vendors Split Over New Ethernet Specs
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

Industry attention on 2.5GBit/s and 5Gbit/s Ethernet is heating up, but the emergence of two vendor groups, one boasting Brocade and the other Cisco, threatens to slow down interoperability.

Eurobites: TeliaSonera, Telenor to Merge Danish Units
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Skype co-founder launches new multimedia-messaging app; Swisscom's network wins praise, and prize; Gulf contracts row.

China Approves Competitive Broadband Networks
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

China commits to private broadband networks – but with limits.

CSPs Seek New World Order
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

New Heavy Reading research shows that service providers still have work to do in improving order management for business services customers.

CenturyLink Aims Gigabit at Businesses
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

When it comes to Gigabit broadband, CenturyLink means business.

Sprint Halves Rivals' Pricing Plans... Sorta
Que Sera Sarah | 12/3/2014

Sprint's promotion to halve the service pricing plans of those switching from AT&T or Verizon isn't as good as it seems when you factor in the new device requirements.

TWC Rakes In $3B for Business Services
News Analysis | 12/2/2014

Time Warner Cable has passed the $3 billion mark for business services revenue in 2014.

Cable Still Working on Biz Credibility
News Analysis | 12/2/2014

Commercial services revenues are flowing for cable operators, but VIP customers in segments such as healthcare still need convincing that MSOs can deliver the business services they need.

Has EE Solved the Rural Connectivity Challenge?
News Analysis | 12/2/2014

UK mobile operator plans to reach connectivity-starved remote villages with wireless links that make use of its existing licensed spectrum assets.

Verizon Taps SpiderCloud for Dual-Band 4G Small Cells
News Analysis | 12/2/2014

Vendor will provide its dual-mode LTE small cell system for Verizon's enterprise customers and public venue deployments.

NTT's 4G: Faster Than a Speeding Shrimp?
News Analysis | 12/2/2014

NTT DoCoMo loads up the crustacean cannon for a really blazing 4G ad.

Interview: Alcatel-Lucent CEO Michel Combes
LRTV Interviews | 12/2/2014

'Networks are back!' is one of the key messages from Alcatel-Lucent CEO Michel Combes, who also talks about the vendor's financial rehabilitation.

Eurobites: Fitch Signals End of Euro Telecom Slump
News Analysis | 12/2/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Finland gets LTE in the 450MHz band; Sky prepares for possible M&A action; Millicom seeks new CEO.

US Cable Nears $10B in Business Service Revenues
News Analysis | 12/2/2014

Heavy Reading prediction kicks off annual New York event for cable business services sector that highlights continued market growth and success.

Layer3 TV Signs SeaChange, Signals RDK Plans
News Analysis | 12/2/2014

Video startup Layer3 TV has signed a deal to implement SeaChange's Nucleus video gateway software, which is built on top of RDK.

AlcaLu Virtualizes Mobile Malware Security
News Analysis | 12/1/2014

Vendor's rebranded mobile malware software, Motive Security Guardian, is now being offered in the cloud.

The Big Spend on AWS Has Consequences
Jonestown | 12/1/2014

The soaring bids for the FCC's AWS-3 auction will likely impact its planned Incentive auction and carrier capex plans, among other things.

Bell Labs Gains 2020 Vision
LRTV Interviews | 12/1/2014

Bell Labs President Marcus Weldon, who is also Alcatel-Lucent CTO, talks about the network of 2020, the role of R&D and his recent brush with U2's Bono.

Alticast Software Powers New Videotron DVR
News Analysis | 12/1/2014

Alticast provided much of the software and systems integration work behind Videotron's new X8 multi-room DVR.

Eurobites: Vodafone Chews Over Liberty Merger
News Analysis | 12/1/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Altice confirms offer for Portugal Telecom; Orange tests three-carrier aggregation in Poland; AlcaLu's 400G job in Algeria.

Telcos Tap Into Cloud Platforms
News Analysis | 12/1/2014

Fast-growing cloud service platform providers such as AppDirect bring telcos closer to their business customers.

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