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Analyst Lowers Q4 View for AlcaLu
News Analysis | 12/31/2009

Slowdown in spending in China, Europe, and the US set to hit Alcatel-Lucent's Q4 numbers, but the longer-term outlook is brighter, sector analyst says

Asia Watch: M&A, IPTV & Indian Delays
News Analysis | 12/31/2009

The latest developments from the APAC region, including wireless acquisitions and activity in the broadband TV markets

Predictions & Probabilities for 2010
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/31/2009

Five predictions for the coming year

2009 Top Ten: Cloud Stories
News Analysis | 12/31/2009

2009 has seen a swath of new services and platforms offering on-demand, online, pay-as-you-go capabilities

VMOps Claims Cloud-Computing Creation
News Analysis | 12/31/2009

Turnkey software aims to get service providers into cloud-computing game more quickly

2009 Top Ten: Wireless Stories
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/30/2009

We reveal the top Unstrung stories of 2009

2009 Top Ten: Nortel Stories
News Analysis | 12/30/2009

A look back on one of the most tumultuous years for any company in the Light Reading universe

Rumor: Google Unveiling Phone Next Week
Rumors | 12/30/2009

The Nexus One could make its debut before CES starts next week

2009 Top Ten: Most Popular Non-Nortel Stories
News Analysis | 12/30/2009

Because there were other things to write about, you know...

02 Felt iPhone Crunch Too
Jonestown | 12/29/2009

3:00 PM UK operator says iPhone caused it capacity problems too

Nokia's New Patent Complaint
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/29/2009

Nokia is taking a new patent complaint against Apple up with the ITC

2009 Top Ten: OSS/IT Stories
News Analysis | 12/29/2009

As the telecom back office shifts to the front line in a more applications-centric world, we look at our most popular telecom software and IT-related stories of the year

BT in Spectrum Spat
EuroBlog | 12/29/2009

9:00 AM BT objects to planned UK spectrum handout

2009 Top Five: Wireless Rumors
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/28/2009

Apple and Android top this year's rumor roundup

AT&T Halts Online iPhone Sales in NYC
Jonestown | 12/28/2009

10:20 AM A traffic-calming measure?

2009 Top Ten: Most Popular Cable Stories
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/28/2009

M&A speculation, Comcast's bandwidth buster, and anything about Huawei got your index fingers a-clickin' in 2009

The Set-Top Files (Part II)
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/28/2009

Verizon, Cablevision, Cisco, and Moto all pitch ideas on how the FCC can help spark innovation in the video device market

Enterprises Tighten Belts, Check Bills
News Analysis | 12/24/2009

Telesoft survey shows enterprises cracking down on inaccurate bills and uncontrolled mobile usage

TiVo Gives Cable Both Barrels
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/24/2009

TiVo may be biting the hand that's feeding it by whining to the FCC that cable discriminates against retail boxes and hinders product innovation

India Passes 500M Mobile Mark
News Analysis | 12/24/2009

India's mobile operators activated nearly 18 million new lines in November, taking the total well over 500 million

Sprint Plotting WiMax Phone at CES?
Jonestown | 12/23/2009

5:25 PM The carrier did say it will launch a WiMax phone in 2010

CableCARD Update
The Bauminator | 12/23/2009

3:15 PM Leased CableCARDs are drubbing the retail modules by a score of 17.75 million to 456,000

Can One Middleware Rule European Cable?
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/23/2009

Cable Europe Labs aims to unify a fragmented digital video market with a pan-European middleware spec, but it needs MSOs to buy in

HomeGrid Aims for the Smart Grid
News Analysis | 12/23/2009

Backers of the universal G.hn standard for home networking also promise service providers a path into the smart grid market

Telefónica Buys VoIP Player Jajah
News Analysis | 12/23/2009

As expected, the Spanish giant wins the race to buy VoIP service provider and application developer Jajah for €145 million

Genband Bids $282M for Nortel's VoIP Unit
News Analysis | 12/23/2009

Genband is the 'stalking horse' bidder for Nortel's Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions business, laying down a $282 million offer

Speaking the Language of Net Neutrality
The Cable Pipeline | 12/23/2009

10:25 AM The FCC's draft rules seem to suggest that ISPs won't be allowed to prioritize access to content and applications

ZTE Scores Euro 3G Deal With KPN
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/23/2009

Cut-price deal gives ZTE a breakthrough in Europe as Dutch incumbent expands and upgrades its 3G networks in Belgium and Germany

RIM Suffers Another Outage
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/23/2009

Users are reporting data problems in North America and beyond on the iconic BlackBerry service

The Set-Top Files (Part I)
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/22/2009

Cable and CE giants and their lobbying arms are telling the FCC how it can help spur video device innovation. Here's a sampling of what's been said so far...

Clearwire Shoots for Another $361M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/22/2009

Could the money speed up network deployment? Clearwire surely isn't saying

Apple Video Play May Hurt Boxee, Roku
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/22/2009

It's stylish to label Apple's purported subscription TV service as a 'cable-killer,' but it's the Web TV players that could face the most risk

Comcast Settles P2P Class Action Spat
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/22/2009

MSO will pay up to $16M to settle the score for its previous use of a network management system that throttled some P2P applications

Asia Watch: India 3G Update
News Analysis | 12/22/2009

Auction still set for January, but the wait for spectrum will continue, plus other news from India and elsewhere in APAC

Morin's Plan: Stick With Ciena
News Analysis | 12/22/2009

Nortel's MEN man appears to be on board for the transition once the optical division gets acquired by Ciena

Carriers Form FTTH JV
EuroBlog | 12/22/2009

10:00 AM Portuguese carriers team for fiber rollout

China Pumps $15B Into 3G
News Analysis | 12/22/2009

China's Big 3 carriers invested $15 billion in their 3G networks during the first nine months of this year, according to the MIIT

Device Sales Are Soaring
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/21/2009

Shipments of smartphones, netbooks, cellular modems, and other mobile devices will grow from 1.2 billion in 2009 to 2.25 billion in 2014

Verivue Tech Gets a Toehold at Shaw
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/21/2009

Industry sources say the Canadian MSO is among the first to use Verivue's Flash-centric servers, paving the way for a future Web TV play

Analyst: Nortel VoIP Biz Bids Imminent
News Analysis | 12/21/2009

Analyst expects stalking horse bid for Nortel's Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions unit this week... but who might flash the cash?

Customer Handcuffed by Bad Service
Rewired | 12/21/2009

1:30 PM -- How bad can customer service get? Ask the Telus customer who was arrested for seeking a refund

The Regrettable Noughts
Monkey Bidness | 12/21/2009

12:40 PM A lighthearted look back at a decade of wonders

Who's Saying Hello to Moto?
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/21/2009

Report says Arris and a handful of private equity firms are eyeing Moto's set-top unit, though Arris will likely need financial help to land it

Top 10: Mobile M&A Mania
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/21/2009

Unstrung tracks the top M&A deals of 2009 that reshaped the wireless industry

Why Oclaro Picked Xtellus
News Analysis | 12/21/2009

Scalability was important, but the price tag might have been a bigger factor when Oclaro went ROADM shopping

Consumer Groups to FCC: Redo the Set-Top Rules
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/18/2009

Group calls on the FCC to open a new rulemaking process for a standard 'gateway' that can accommodate video from all sources, including the Web

Nortel Ex-CEO Roth Wants Protection
News Analysis | 12/18/2009

He's reportedly asking the company for $1B in indemnification against class-action lawsuits

Orange Unveils Cloud Formation
News Analysis | 12/18/2009

Orange Business Services gains a cloud services strategy, but loses its leader, as analyst suggests how carriers can benefit from the cloudburst

Operation Jokehold
Jonestown | 12/18/2009

2:10 PM Fake Steve says, 'This was meant as a joke'

Verizon: Huawei No Shoo-In for XG PON
News Analysis | 12/18/2009

Verizon used Huawei's XG PON gear in its first field trial, but that has no bearing on its final vendor selection and deployment process

This Week in WiMax
Kaps Korner | 12/18/2009

12:45 PM Where are the devices? Coming, says Moto's Brda

Airvana Going Private for $530M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/18/2009

A group of private equity firms is buying Airvana for $530M

AlcaLu Swaps Out Its APAC Chief
News Analysis | 12/18/2009

Asia/Pacific president Sean Dolan is unexpectedly replaced, though it's unclear whether he's leaving the vendor

TiVo Culls It Some Cable
The Bauminator | 12/18/2009

11:55 AM TiVo's partnership with Evolution Broadband bore some Tier 2 fruit this week

Broadcom's Still Mum on Femtocells
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/18/2009

And on LTE, too. At least they're consistent

Huawei Beats Ericsson to Swedish LTE Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/18/2009

Swedish joint venture of Tele2 and Telenor turns to Chinese vendor for its national LTE rollout, leaving Ericsson to rue a home turf loss

Recovery Act: Cable Shortchanged
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/18/2009

Lots more broadband stimulus funds are to be handed out, but only one American Cable Association member, a telco, has scored so far

Digging Up 'Friendster'
The Bauminator | 12/18/2009

7:00 AM 'Internet archaeologist' discovers the perfectly preserved ruins of a once vibrant, but primitive, online civilization

ActiveVideo Goes Over-the-Top With CE Play
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/17/2009

ITV firm isn't abandoning its MSO model, but embedding its 'CloudTV' platform in broadband-fed TVs and Blu-ray players could offer a fresh growth opportunity

Shakeup at France Telecom
EuroBlog | 12/17/2009

3:15 PM French giant plans top-level changes; global chief quits

Oclaro Makes Its ROADM Bid
News Analysis | 12/17/2009

Filling a noticeable gap, the company goes to the acquisition for some optical switching power

Ubiquisys Femtos Go Soft
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/17/2009

Femtocell pioneer Ubiquisys unveils a new software licensing business model, signaling change across the nascent femto market

AT&T: Don't Choke Us
Jonestown | 12/17/2009

2:00 PM Jokey plan to take down AT&T's network might have 'spun out of control'

Ericsson at the Core of BendBroadband's HSPA+ Tilt
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/17/2009

Ericsson's packet core and radio access gear is powering the offering, which taps into the MSO's AWS spectrum

Will Green Sell? Telcos Try
News Analysis | 12/17/2009

New AT&T and Verizon initiatives put environmental benefits out front, but still count on bottom-line savings to convince businesses

Video Battle Lines Are Being Drawn
TelcoTV Thoughts | 12/17/2009

12:50 PM Cable has content; telcos have apps

Recovery Act: $182M Awarded for Broadband
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/17/2009

$182M for 18 projects unveiled, part of a $2M tranche over next 75 days

Videotron Trots Out Tru2way
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/17/2009

Tru2way's future in Canada brightens with Videotron's commitment to support Samsung HD-DVRs and sell the boxes via the MSO's retail chain

FCC: Retail Set-Top Is Possible, at Least
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/16/2009

As the cable industy pushes for the development of a network-agnostic, retail set-top, it may have found a champion at the Commission

Bytemobile Quiet on M&A Talk
News Analysis | 12/16/2009

Wireless data accelerator has no comment on Juniper M&A rumor

Broadcom's Thinking Gets Cloudy
News Analysis | 12/16/2009

Visions of multichassis data-center switches were what led Broadcom to buy startup Dune Networks

Vendors Tackle Mobile Data Management
News Analysis | 12/16/2009

Two new solutions aimed at managing individual mobile data sessions have hit the market, but neither are from traditional telecom vendors

China Gets Femto Fever
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/16/2009

Huawei supplies femtocells to China Unicom as other vendors look to China to boost the femto market worldwide

YouTube & Twitter in 2009
Contentinople | 12/16/2009

11:35 AM The sites announce what we've been watching and Tweeting most this year

DirecTV Disses Cable's 'All-MVPD' Plans
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/16/2009

Claims retail box that's agnostic to all network types would be 'cost-prohibitive,' and that most customers prefer to lease set-tops

Broadcom Options Case Disintegrates
News Analysis | 12/16/2009

Fraud charges against former Broadcom execs drop like flies

Jinni Locks In Its A Round
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/15/2009

Startup closes up $1.6M round as it gears up to chase down deals for its mood-based video search and recommendation technology

Comcast's 'Xfinity' to Go Mobile in 2010
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/15/2009

Comcast's 'Xfinity' lineup is presently limited to broadband-connected PCs, but access to mobile devices is in store for 2010

There's a Hole in My Data Bucket
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/15/2009

Verizon Wireless's CTO was saying there was no future in unlimited data long before AT&T's latest furor over wireless data plans

MetroPCS Polices LTE With Bridgewater
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/15/2009

Policy management specialist Bridgewater lands its first LTE gig with MetroPCS

Asia/Pacific Warms to MPLS-TP
News Analysis | 12/15/2009

Emerging connection-oriented Ethernet technology MPLS-TP is gaining traction in APAC, with AlcaLu adding to UTStarcom's early successes

Rumor: Juniper Eyeing Bytemobile
Rumors | 12/15/2009

Avian analyst suggests that Juniper is sniffing around Bytemobile to improve its wireless data acceleration capabilities for 3G networks

Comcast's 'Xfinity' Goes Live
The Bauminator | 12/15/2009

9:35 AM MSO's Web TV service, and its initial stab at the 'TV Everywhere' concept, appears to be available on a national level this morning UPDATED 11:25 AM

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 12/14/2009

5:40 PM Comcast's 'Xfinity' brand makes a brief appearance, WOW back in hot water, Charter's big on backhaul, and more

Meet the New Google Phone
Jonestown | 12/14/2009

3:45 PM Same as the old G-Phone?

Cablevision Eyes T-Commerce Launch in 2010
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/14/2009

Following its interactive-ad launch in '09, the MSO plans to let TV subs buy products directly from the set-top box sometime next year

CastleNet Tunes In to IPTV
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/14/2009

CastleNet's modem with on-board IPTV capabilities is one of six Docsis 3.0 products to get stamps from CableLabs in Cert Wave 71

Google's 'Mobile Lab'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/14/2009

The search giant's 'G-Phone' may actually be a test device, or another HTC Android phone

TeliaSonera Prices First LTE Offer
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/14/2009

TeliaSonera sets introductory tariffs and data usage limits for its commercial LTE service launched today

Verizon Switches On 100G in Europe
News Analysis | 12/14/2009

Using Nortel gear, Verizon upgrades its live Paris-to-Frankfurt link with a 100G wavelength on existing fiber

TeliaSonera First to Go Live With LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/14/2009

TeliaSonera claims a world first as it launches commercial LTE networks in Oslo and Stockholm, and plans further deployments

Finisar Climbs ROADM Ranks
News Analysis | 12/14/2009

JDSU remains the leader in a fragmented market, but analysts are keeping an eye on Finisar's gains

Weighing the Net Neutrality Debate
The Cable Pipeline | 12/11/2009

5:30 PM Regulating ISPs may be the only path toward true open access

Will Buffering Blunt Web TV Biz Models?
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/11/2009

Call it changing channels for the broadband TV age: The vast majority of consumers click away when a video rebuffers, study says

Cable's Got Ideas for a Universal Retail Box
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/11/2009

A retail set-top that works across video industries doesn't exist yet, but a common interfaced based on HDMI-CEC is a possible candidate

This Week in WiMax
Kaps Korner | 12/11/2009

2:30 PM Why 'hybrid' plans make sense

The Art of Shutting Up
Craig's A-List | 12/11/2009

1:45 PM Amazing news: A day without Twitter is entirely possible

Sad Sports News
Monkey Bidness | 12/11/2009

12:45 PM Doping scandal hits the pie circuit

Oracle Targets Mobile Ads
News Analysis | 12/11/2009

Software giant extends its service delivery platform into the world of advertising campaign management and delivery

My 62 Cents
The Philter | 12/11/2009

11:45 AM AT&T sending me a tiny check suggests the telco may have big problems getting to know its customers

VoLGA: Dead or Alive?
Jonestown | 12/10/2009

5:30 PM If it is dead, nobody told T-Mobile

Apple Tablet Eyed for March Release
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/10/2009

The iPad watch has gained ground in the wake of a report from an Oppenheimer tech analyst

Ciena on a Slow Rebound
News Analysis | 12/10/2009

Fourth-quarter revenues are up 7% sequentially and about flat from a year ago, but the full year's sales are down nearly 28%

IPCO Update
The Bauminator | 12/10/2009

12:50 PM Company claims to be 'courting' MSO orders for its CableCARD-compliant boxes, and, hey, here's a picture of one

Turquoise: The New Black
Monkey Bidness | 12/10/2009

11:30 AM We anticipate a soothing, languorous year

Video Encoding Gets Cloudy & Cheap
News Analysis | 12/10/2009

HD Cloud lowers price to $1 a gigabyte for volume users and offers low-volume service for free

BigBand Acquires Arris's M&A Guy
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/10/2009

Hiring of Rajive Dhar indicates BigBand may use an acquisition strategy to fuel revenue growth and diversify its customer base

60GHz Can Too Run a Home Network
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/10/2009

The oft-disparaged band is considered a one-room wonder, but the WiGig and WirelessHD camps say it can (un)wire the entire home

Cisco's Bid for History
Craig's A-List | 12/9/2009

7:20 PM John Chambers isn't playing for just 12% to 17%

Hesse Hedges on a Clearwire Buyout
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/9/2009

The CEO stresses the importance of '4G' but can't answer whether Sprint might eventually bring Clearwire entirely under its wing

Network Crunch Could Stymie Cloud Computing
News Analysis | 12/9/2009

Network latency is one thing that could slam the brakes on cloud computing, even as enterprises join the TMForum effort

Providers Ponder Planning Problems
News Analysis | 12/9/2009

Amdocs-commissioned study shows network planning process sapped by rapid change and a disconnect between planners and marketing staff

AT&T Mobile Boss: NYC & San Fran Are 'Underperforming'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/9/2009

AT&T's de la Vega says 3G issues are being addressed in two major markets right now

Orange Joins Apps Store Club
EuroBlog | 12/9/2009

1:25 PM France Telecom pitches up against Vodafone et al.

Box Maker Blames FCC for Everything
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/9/2009

IPCO claims waivers for integrated security boxes are destroying its ability to get funding and sell its CableCARD-compliant set-tops

Porting Tru2way
The Bauminator | 12/9/2009

12:45 PM ADB touts tru2way box's porting from a Cisco/TWC network to a Moto/Comcast environment – you know, what it's supposed to do

Congress Acts
Monkey Bidness | 12/9/2009

12:15 PM Committee finally tackles the big issue

E-Books Delayed
Contentinople | 12/9/2009

11:40 AM Major publishers refuse to release e-books at the same time as their hardcover counterparts

Nokia Teams Up for Chinese Apps Push
News Analysis | 12/9/2009

Big day for the Finnish handset giant as it forms a service venture in China and secures an exclusive deal with hot songstress

Cisco: HP, IBM Had Their Chance
News Analysis | 12/9/2009

Big-partner relations, the Flip offensive, and other quips from Cisco's analyst day

BT, Cisco Claim Cloud Coup
News Analysis | 12/9/2009

BT turns to Cisco to build a set of 'global' cloud-based IP telephony services, but what does global mean these days?

Zhone Stays Put in O-Town
News Analysis | 12/9/2009

Company says it's not looking to move and has even fended off suitors for its campus and property

Roll Video: The Boxee Box Event
Contentinople | 12/9/2009

9:00 AM More time with Boxee's CEO, the crash of the Boxee Box beta demo, and Boxee's solution to video piracy

Verizon Eats Its Own Clouds
News Analysis | 12/9/2009

By deploying an internal cloud computing solution, Verizon increases productivity while cutting costs and shrinking data centers

'Ocean' Washed Up Already?
Jonestown | 12/8/2009

6:00 PM 2010 is going to be a year of intense competition for mobile OS share

Facing Dumb Pipe Fears
Rewired | 12/8/2009

5:45 PM Qwest is taking the road less traveled when it comes to video services

Ericsson Axes 1,000 More Staff
News Analysis | 12/8/2009

'Surprise' cuts affect Swedish staff as Ericsson pares back its costs even further

Dell Unwires Some More
Jonestown | 12/8/2009

5:20 PM Forms new mobile unit

Ronen: Boxee Isn't a Cable Killer
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/8/2009

CEO Avner Ronen says Boxee's Web TV service and new broadband-fed box won't encourage cable TV 'cord-cutting' in a big way

Xmas Shopping for Broadband
The Philter | 12/8/2009

4:40 PM Not easy. Not fun. So why can't we just pay by the bit?

AlcaLu Lands LTE Gig
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/8/2009

Exclusive French trial for French vendor – quelle surprise!

Qwest Ready to Ride Video's Over-the-Top Wave
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/8/2009

Walled-garden IPTV efforts are doomed, so Qwest wants to ensure that OTT video runs the best on its broadband network, exec says

Rumor: Zhone's New Home
Rumors | 12/8/2009

Cox Pivots Back Into Mobile Services
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/8/2009

MSO is tapping Sprint's 3G CDMA network to speed Cox's mobile foray into parts of Virginia, California, and Nebraska

Cisco: Yep, HP's a Competitor
News Analysis | 12/8/2009

Now that it's obvious, CEO John Chambers is willing to say it out loud

TM Forum Seeks Enterprise Help With the Cloud
News Analysis | 12/8/2009

As part of its new Cloud Services Program, the TM Forum has for the first time created an enterprise council

Could LTE Offer Better Battery Life?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/8/2009

Verizon talks up modulation technique used in LTE as a potential battery-saver

'iTunes for Magazines'
Contentinople | 12/8/2009

10:30 AM Publishers come together to create a digital storefront for magazines

BT CDN Update
EuroBlog | 12/8/2009

9:00 AM Google linked to BT's content delivery network plans

WiFi Faces Video Challenger
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/8/2009

It's a battle of the 5GHz bands as the Wireless Home Digital Interface gets ready to roll

Will Telcos Embrace OTT Video in 2010?
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/8/2009

Companies like Sezmi, ZillionTV, Roku, and even TiVo think telcos are poised to add video services without going the IPTV route

Paying VoD's Freight
The Bauminator | 12/8/2009

8:20 AM Sunflower Broadband's ad-insertion trial in Kansas could show the way for larger MSOs

Sprint Reportedly Planning New WiMax Devices
Jonestown | 12/7/2009

5:25 PM Could a netbook be in the cards?

Force10 Strikes at the Core
News Analysis | 12/7/2009

Set the controls for the heart of the network: Force10 adds MPLS and starts working on IPoDWDM

Chinese Firms Create OSS Giant
News Analysis | 12/7/2009

Merger of AsiaInfo and Linkage creates a telecom software and systems integration giant in a deal worth $733M

ZyXEL Intros LTE SOHO Router
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/7/2009

Targets US markets with 700 MHz support in new LTE customer premises equipment

Ericsson Quits Voice-Over-LTE Forum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/7/2009

Ericsson withdraws its membership and touts IMS approach – but VoLGA Forum says it's still alive and kicking

FCC Investigates Verizon Cancellation Fees
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/7/2009

FCC looking into Verizon's doubling of its cellphone early-termination fees

What Digeo Was Making
The Bauminator | 12/7/2009

11:10 AM Not a heckuva lot, reveals Arris SEC filing

Heavy Reading: How Cable Will Expand Biz Services
LRTV Interviews | 12/7/2009

Cable has just scratched the surface of the massive business services market, and Heavy Reading's Alan Breznick offers some perspective on how far cable has come and what it will have to do to compete for enterprise dollars

Nook vs. Kindle
Contentinople | 12/7/2009

10:10 AM Reviews are in today for Barnes and Noble's new e-book reader

Whither the CableCARD?
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/7/2009

The FCC admits its CableCARD rules have failed to create a vibrant retail market for set-tops and is now seeking fresh ideas that encourage innovation

FCC Explains Its Broadband Plan
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/4/2009

FCC men came to Silicon Valley to talk about the National Broadband Plan. One message: The boring parts are more important than you might think

Manic Mondi
Jonestown | 12/4/2009

5:40 PM Yee-ha! WiMax Internet gizmo is coming to Texas

Light Peak Puffs Up Enablence
News Analysis | 12/4/2009

Shares of Enablence are soaring on news that a dinky photodiode can be worth $10 to $12. Really?

When Will Verizon Launch LTE in 2010?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/4/2009

A Verizon LTE Website possibly reveals some speed details, but a spokesman says there's no date yet for network launch

T-Commerce Back on the Radar
TelcoTV Thoughts | 12/4/2009

1:45 PM Signs of life ahead

Post Chapter 11, Charter Banks on Biz Services
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/4/2009

With a bankruptcy reorg wrapped up, Charter thinks renewed focus on business services will help get it on the road back to profitability

Tiscali Heads South With Infinera
News Analysis | 12/4/2009

Italian competitive operator to build its own network in the south of the country with long-haul and metro gear from Infinera

This Week in WiMax
Kaps Korner | 12/4/2009

11:05 AM WiMax 2010 outlook: a big year for 'Pocketspots'

Panasonic Appeals Over 'Set-Back' Ruling
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/4/2009

Consumer electronics giant is developing a tru2way 'set-back' box, but believes the device shouldn't have to contain an analog tuner

Cisco Lands Tandberg, at Last
News Analysis | 12/4/2009

After an almighty struggle, Cisco finally holds more than 90% of the videoconferencing firm's stock and will complete the takeover

Sonoa Gets iPhone Cred
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/4/2009

The company started by optical bubble star Raj Singh manages to tie together iPhone cool and 'cloud' hipness

Optimum Lightpath's Glenn Calafati: Disruptive Data Services
LRTV Interviews | 12/4/2009

Glenn Calafati, director of product marketing and development at Optimum Lightpath, discusses how his firm compares itself to telcos by offering simplified pricing and more flexible services

TWC's Outlook: Cloudy, With a Chance of Ethernet
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/4/2009

'Ethernet Everywhere,' software as a service, and mobile broadband are on Time Warner Cable's business services agenda

Comcast O'Brien
The Bauminator | 12/4/2009

8:50 AM On the eve of Comcast's big deal, some NBC'ers were already paying homage to their potential new cable masters

The MagicJack Femtocell
Jonestown | 12/3/2009

5:50 PM CES could give us some clues as to whether 2010 will be a good year for femtocells

Cox's Phil Meeks: On the Road to $1B
LRTV Interviews | 12/3/2009

The business market for cable companies is still growing. Cox Business VP Phil Meeks says his company's business service group will hit $1 billion in revenues next year and could double that in six years

Google, Skype Put Cable Biz Phone Service at Risk
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/3/2009

Enhanced phone services will help MSOs juice up their business services revenues, but they must be wary of over-the-top VoIP foes

AlcaLu Shows Off Its Apps Abs
News Analysis | 12/3/2009

Alcatel-Lucent believes it has the muscle, stomach, and smarts to help service providers tap into the apps development community

Sigma Doesn't Blame Broadcom
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/3/2009

A sudden revenue shortfall isn't a sign of long-awaited competition from Broadcom, the chipmaker insists

Will We Ever See Telco 2.0?
EuroBlog | 12/3/2009

3:00 PM Carriers have the chance, but will they take it?

Cox Targets $2B in Biz Revenues
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/3/2009

Cox Business VP Phil Meeks says $1B in revenues is a lock for 2010 UPDATED 5:25 PM

Apple Tablet to Be Shockingly Cheap?
Contentinople | 12/3/2009

11:20 AM Still more details emerge about Apple's upcoming tablet device, including a Sports Illustrated demo

Biz Services Offer Big Upside for MSOs
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/3/2009

Cable firms think they're poised to steal commercial service revenues from the telcos

ST-Ericsson Plans Further Cutbacks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/3/2009

Another 600 jobs are in danger as the wireless chips firm targets an additional $115 million in annual savings

Comcast to Take Control of NBC Universal
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/3/2009

Comcast to pay $6.5 billion for 51% of media giant NBC Universal, unveils plans to combine the companies' content and programming assets

Tier 2 MSOs Tee Up 'T-Commerce'
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/3/2009

Buckeye CableSystem and Sunflower Broadband will be among the first MSOs to intro remote control purchasing in tandem with the Comcast Media Center and iCueTV

Siemens Slammed by NSN Charge
EuroBlog | 12/3/2009

7:25 AM German giant takes €1.63 billion hit on its Nokia Siemens stake

NSN Hopes Dashed as Ciena/Nortel Deal OK'd
News Analysis | 12/3/2009

Nokia Siemens's last-minute objection to Ciena's acquisition of Nortel's optical assets fails as court approves sales of MEN and GSM units

TelcoTV Promo
LRTV Named Documents | 12/3/2009

The Case for Ciena/Nortel
News Analysis | 12/2/2009

Suppose Nortel's optical group ends up with Ciena rather than Nokia Siemens. It's not all doom and gloom from there

NSN CEO: Don't Write Our Obituary
News Analysis | 12/2/2009

Reports of Nokia Siemens Networks' death are 'totally false,' says CEO, as he predicts 2010 growth

AT&T & Verizon End Map Scrap
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2009

AT&T & Verizon drop lawsuits around the 3G map dispute as Verizon continues with coverage campaign

Nokia's Not Giving Up on Symbian
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2009

Nokia pledges commitment to the Symbian operating system for its smartphones and plans a new mobile computer

Getting Down to Virtual Business
The Bauminator | 12/2/2009

11:40 AM Even if you won't be in NYC for our BIG cable biz event Thursday, you can still catch part of it live via the Intertubes

Cedar Point Snags Growth Funds
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/2/2009

A near-term sale of Cedar Point appears unlikely after VoIP vendor taps into newly available debt finance to help it chase global deals

iPhone Gets Live-Streaming App
Contentinople | 12/2/2009

9:55 AM Thanks to the intervention of Steve Jobs, reports say

Nokia: Device Volumes up 10% in 2010
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2009

Nokia said today it expects overall industry mobile device volumes to be up 10 percent next year, compared to 2009

Tandberg Lets Telepresence Run Free
News Analysis | 12/2/2009

New telepresence solution breaks down boardroom barriers and lets classrooms and research labs be part of the immersive video experience

Cisco's Nordic Gap
EuroBlog | 12/2/2009

7:50 AM Cisco is close, but not quite there, in its bid to buy Tandberg

Verizon Offers Cloud Lessons
News Analysis | 12/2/2009

New Verizon Business service helps businesses assess their need for cloud computing and migrate to the virtual world more easily

Mediacom's Other 105-Meg Market
The Bauminator | 12/2/2009

7:10 AM It's Dagsboro, Del., and the 'Ultra 105' tier is expected to sell for an introductory price of about $150 per month

NSN Might Rebid for Nortel's MEN
News Analysis | 12/1/2009

Do-over! NSN is challenging Ciena's winning $739 million bid and offering to better it with $810 million cash

Comcast Lights Up Broadband Bit-Counter
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/1/2009

The MSO's long-anticipated broadband usage meter starts testing in Portland, with NetForecast checking its bit-counting accuracy

Cable Offers 50% Broadband Discount to School Lunch Bunch
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/1/2009

As the feds vet a big broadband plan, cable proposes 50% Internet service discounts and free modem installs for about 1.8M low-income households

If Google Is Building a Phone...
Jonestown | 12/1/2009

3:20 PM Why aren't they hiring more hardware people?

Telstra Gets Trendy
AsiaBlog | 12/1/2009

2:45 PM New positions reflect changes in carrier concerns

AsiaWatch: Upheaval at Telstra
News Analysis | 12/1/2009

Telstra's changing shape by the minute, plus other news and speculation from Malaysia, India, China, and Thailand

Clearwire Launches in Seattle, Opens Retail Stores
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/1/2009

Now covers 30M people in 27 markets with 'Clear' mobile WiMax service

Woods Hits Wood
Monkey Bidness | 12/1/2009

1:20 PM The story of the decade, in case you hadn't heard

YouTube to Stream TV
Contentinople | 12/1/2009

12:30 PM The site is in talks with networks to stream episodes for $1.99

Cleared for Takeoff?
The Bauminator | 12/1/2009

11:50 AM Vivendi and GE reportedly found common ground on the value of NBCU, paving the way for Comcast to seal a deal for the media giant

LTE Core Action Heats Up
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/1/2009

In LTE packet core networks, many vendors are lining up to challenge Ericsson and Nokia Siemens, a new Heavy Reading report finds

Back to the [Broadband] Future
The Cable Pipeline | 12/1/2009

11:10 AM Lessons from the regulatory past could help the FCC establish the broadband future

Arbor Intros 40-Gig DDoS Defense
News Analysis | 12/1/2009

Arbor Networks introduces 40-Gbit/s version of PeakFlow SP, to mitigate increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks

Dune Digs In at Broadcom
News Analysis | 12/1/2009

The chip vendor picks up a new switch fabric and finds a way to get cloud computing mentioned in the deal

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