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Verizon's LTE: What You'll Get
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/30/2010

With more LTE details from Verizon due tomorrow, LR Mobile looks at what you can expect from the '4G' service

Did Level 3 Know What It Was Getting Into?
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/30/2010

It's common for CDNs to pay additional fees if the amount of traffic being swapped among peers is out of balance, industry sources say

iPad Passport Stamped in 11 More Countries
Que Sera Sarah | 11/30/2010

3:00 PM With a parade of Android and WP7 tablets to follow

LTE Devices: Where's the Lust?
LR Mobile Column | 11/30/2010

LTE mobile device sales are expected to reach anywhere from 500,000 to 1M units in 2011

Apple Cuts iPhone Signalling Chatter
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/30/2010

Apple answers operators' call to cut down smartphone signaling traffic

Cablevision Trademarks Mobile, RS-DVR Brands
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/30/2010

Trademark awards and recent job listings indicate MSO is close to launching two new products – 'Optimum Mobile' and 'iO DVR Plus'

AT&T, BT Spur Telepresence Interconnection
News Analysis | 11/30/2010

By linking the two largest telepresence networks with a scalable, automated approach, these giants may have created a new standard

Reliance Gives Impetus to LTE TDD in India
News Analysis | 11/30/2010

Reliance Industries is all set to go with LTE TDD, not WiMax

Euronews: Nov. 30
News Analysis | 11/30/2010

Orange, Nokia Siemens Networks, and Magyar Telekom crack the whip in today's canter through the Euro telecom news headlines

Level 3: Comcast Erected Web Video 'Toll Booth'
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/30/2010

Is Comcast violating network neutrality by charging extra for Netflix streaming? Or is a new fee just the effect of normal peering negotiations?

Zoom Moans About Comcast's Modem Tests
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/29/2010

Vendor complains to the FCC that the MSO's 'Physical and Environmental' tests have harmed its ability to sell modems at retail

ZON Turns On 360Mbit/s Internet Service
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/29/2010

Portuguese MSO taps Cisco gear to introduce a EuroDocsis 3.0 service that pumps out downstream bursts of 360 Mbit/s

Marvell Gets Off the Hook
News Analysis | 11/29/2010

Even so, the lesson remains: When leaving someone a voice mail, don't make it sound like you stole things from them

A Season of Sanity, at Last?
Rewired | 11/29/2010

2:00 PM The FCC could be poised to give broadband ISPs an early gift in the form of net neutrality rules that don't break the investment bank

Gen Y's Digital Hipsters Go Mobile
Que Sera Sarah | 11/29/2010

1:00 PM To Gen Y, mobile phones are better than PCs, but apps are better than the Web

Microsoft: 'Virtual MSO'?
The Bauminator | 11/29/2010

12:25 PM Microsoft reportedly working on an over-the-top subscription TV service for the Xbox 360 and other broadband-fed devices

Vodafone Beats Deutsche Telekom to LTE Launch
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/29/2010

In Germany, Vodafone will be the first mobile operator to offer LTE services

Comcast Hit by Regional Net Outage
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/29/2010

Comcast restored service outage in Boston and other East Coast systems on Sunday night, believed to be caused by DNS server issues

Symbian Shutters Its Sites
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/29/2010

Open-source project continues its spiral into irrelevancy as it stops offering its platform source code and turns support over to Nokia

Sprint, Clearwire Fire Up 4G in LA
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/29/2010

Sprint and Clearwire launch mobile WiMax in LA early and add five other markets

Google-Backed Satellite Startup Secures $1.2B
News Analysis | 11/29/2010

O3b Networks has raised $1.2B to bring connectivity via satellite to ISPs and telcos in emerging markets

Euronews: Nov. 29
News Analysis | 11/29/2010

You can keep your Wikileaks – we've got hot stuff on Telecom Italia, Vodafone, NSN, and more in today's Euro telecom digest

Data Is India's Next Tariff Battlefield
News Analysis | 11/28/2010

With India's operators still nursing their voice tariff war wounds, the pricing battle is all set to shift to the data services market

Skype Stats
EuroBlog | 11/26/2010

11:20 AM Skype's big user numbers have been making the news, but its other stats are just as interesting

Europe's Broadband Challenge
EuroBlog | 11/26/2010

6:30 AM Speeds are improving, but the EC's targets are tough

Euronews: Nov. 26
News Analysis | 11/26/2010

Intune Networks, BT, TDC, and AlcaLu are the hot potatoes in today's Euro telecom news mash-up

Allied Fiber Finds More Financing
News Analysis | 11/26/2010

Two institutional investors agree to finance some of Allied Fiber's first dark fiber and facilities buildout

LR Mobile's Black Friday Re-Gifting Guide
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/26/2010

Five wireless gifts that you won't want to hang on to

MNP, Finally!
News Analysis | 11/25/2010

After multiple delays, mobile number portability arrives in India

CxO Downloads: NTT America's Doug Junkins
iBraue | 11/25/2010

12:00 PM Ethernet’s not just a service, but the 'underlying technology for delivering a host of services,' believes Doug Junkins

IPV6, MPLS-TP Are Hot, Says Forum
News Analysis | 11/25/2010

The Broadband Forum's members are showing a high degree of urgency around IPV6, and are looking for help with MPLS-TP deployments

Euronews: Nov. 25
News Analysis | 11/25/2010

The European Commission, France Telecom, Vodafone, and BT feel mighty real in today's Euro telecom news digest

Australia Clears NBN Hurdle
AsiaBlog | 11/24/2010

1:40 PM National Broadband Network plan gains critical political support

Rangaswami Goes Cloudy
EuroBlog | 11/24/2010

12:50 PM Former BT man maintains scientist status as he joins cloud services giant

Boomer! Goes the Market
Rewired | 11/24/2010

12:20 PM Aging baby boomers make the senior market lucrative – and it's also very loyal, if you know how to design a service right

Swedish LTE Challengers Wield Unlimited Offers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/24/2010

Telenor and Tele2 take on TeliaSonera with cheaper LTE prices and unlimited data plans in Sweden

TiVo: $99 Premiere DVR Revving Retail
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/24/2010

TiVo chief says steep holiday-season hardware price cuts are helping as DVR pioneer reports losing 112,000 subs in the third quarter

Insight Battles U-Verse With $95 Wideband
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/24/2010

Insight is the latest Tier 2 MSO to boot up wideband services as it starts off with a 50Mbit/s downstream tier in three markets

Weighing Cable's IP Video Options
LRTV Interviews | 11/24/2010

Cox SVP of technology Jay Rolls discusses the pros and cons of potential cable IP video architectures, including the use of gateways and delivering video over Docsis

Euronews: Nov. 24
News Analysis | 11/24/2010

France Telecom, Sunrise, and Ukrtelecom are mixing it in today's Euro telecom news digest

WDM-PON Gets the Red Light
Craig's A-List | 11/24/2010

7:30 AM Why a Florida muni turned down the technology (take a guess)

Comverse Kobi Coughs Up $54M
News Analysis | 11/24/2010

Fugitive Kobi Alexander shells out $53.6 million to settle with the SEC, but he's still on the run

ISPs, MSOs Merge in Bulgaria
EuroBlog | 11/24/2010

7:00 AM Cable operators and ISPs form single player

Thailand in Turmoil
AsiaBlog | 11/24/2010

4:30 AM -- 3G and national broadband plans up in air

India's Tower Sector Set to Catch M&A Fever
News Analysis | 11/23/2010

India's telecom tower sector is set for a wave of consolidation activity in the coming months

Cisco, Cyan Think Beyond the Box
News Analysis | 11/23/2010

The dream of a multivendor control plane is slowly coming to life. Cisco even says it's doable now

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 11/23/2010

6:05 PM Word spreads that FCC is teeing up a new net neutrality proposal, Comcast rides fiber into the Rockies, FilmOn is off, and more

DigiForge Teaches DTAs New Tricks
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/23/2010

Startup has built a specialized EBIF user agent that creates a uniform app environment for millions of one-way channel zappers

WiMax Operator Issues LTE RFP
News Analysis | 11/23/2010

Russia's Yota says it's shifting to LTE as soon as possible because it doesn't want to get stuck with a 'Betamax' technology

Will Ericsson Buy Networks?
Wireless Bits | 11/23/2010

6:40 AM What's the next step for the managed services giant?

Euronews: Nov. 23
News Analysis | 11/23/2010

Draka, Apple, TalkTalk, and Alcatel-Lucent top the bill of fare in today's digest of Euro telecoms news bites

Draka's In Demand
News Analysis | 11/23/2010

Dutch fiber specialist receives improved takeover offer worth nearly $1.4 billion from Chinese conglomerate

Operators Still Seeking LTE Engineers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/23/2010

LTE network buildouts have been in the works for years, but there's still a demand for engineering talent at the wireless operators

Next-Gen Security for Mobile Infrastructure
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/22/2010

Equipment vendors need to prioritize securing mobile networks against cyber attacks, and build their messaging around that

Wi-LAN Suit Targets Comcast, TW Cable, Charter
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/22/2010

Patent troll claims the MSOs are infringing on a patent that covers channel bonding and other features tied to Docsis modem technology

Netflix Debuts Streaming-Only Option
The Bauminator | 11/22/2010

2:15 PM Company is now 'primarily a streaming video company' as it jacks up tiers that include DVD rentals

Making the IP Video Leap
LRTV Documentaries | 11/22/2010

In this Q&A session, Light Reading Cable editor Jeff Baumgartner and Heavy Reading senior analyst Alan Breznick discuss why IPTV is hot, where MSOs stand with it, and possible business models for TV Everywhere services

DirecTV, Dish Connect on Interactive Ads
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/22/2010

Satellite-TV giants are close to striking a deal with a media buyer that would pipe interactive ads to homes served by both companies

Verizon Confirms December LTE Launch
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/22/2010

Verizon's first jab in the FauxG marketing wars, a commercial that aired last night, confirms a December 2010 launch date for LTE

Deutsche Telekom Reveals Next LTE Move
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/22/2010

Beyond the required rural broadband coverage, Deutsche Telekom plots what it will do next with LTE

Policy Player Ready to Rumble
Policy Management News Analysis | 11/22/2010

BroadHop gets feisty over policy control

WiMax Still Hot in Malaysia
AsiaBlog | 11/22/2010

7:15 AM WiMax is still the wireless broadband technology of choice in Malaysia

Euronews: Nov. 22
News Analysis | 11/22/2010

Prysmian, France Telecom, and T-Systems get busy in today's digest of Euro telecom news

Prysmian Lands Draka for $1.15B
News Analysis | 11/22/2010

A year after they faltered at the altar, fiber vendors agree acquisition terms, leaving Nexans empty-handed

Ipanema Prepares for the Cloud
News Analysis | 11/22/2010

Adds to its application-centric service management capabilities with a remote agent that takes system intelligence to multiple locations

Verizon 150-Meg Tier Usurps Cable's Speed Crown
News Analysis | 11/22/2010

Bar-raising service available to majority of FiOS's 12.5M-home footprint and coming to businesses late this year

McSlarrow Is McLeaving
The Bauminator | 11/19/2010

5:00 PM Kyle McSlarrow, the NCTA chief who slugged it out with the Kevin Martin regime, is leaving the building next spring

Cox Wireless Starts Out Femto-Free
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/19/2010

MSO finds femtos 'interesting' for in-home voice coverage, but thinks WiFi is a better near-term option to handle 'data tonnage'

OS Watch: Developers Rally for Symbian
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/19/2010

Nokia's Ovi momentum, birds' Android issues, Woz's fighting words, and more, on this week's OS shakedown

U.S. Cellular's CIO/CTO Combo
Que Sera Sarah | 11/19/2010

11:15 AM Single technology systems post helped operator's Belief Project

No-Frills Cable TV
The Bauminator | 11/19/2010

11:00 AM Will Time Warner Cable's lower-end, ESPN-free 'TV Essentials' tier appeal to cord-cutters or cord-shavers?

Nortel's Cash Scrap
EuroBlog | 11/19/2010

10:20 AM Sets its legal team on Genband and NSN

AlcaLu Doesn't Expect LTE Small Cells Until 2011
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/19/2010

Multi-mode LTE femtos and other small cells won't show up until 2011 at the earliest, AlcaLu says

U.S. Cellular Believes in SPIT
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/19/2010

U.S. Cellular's ambitious customer experience makeover, The Belief Project, is underpinned by network and service provider information technology (SPIT) changes

Bharti Gets a Makeover Before 3G Launch
News Analysis | 11/19/2010

Bharti Airtel decides to go for a facelift before the impending launch of its 3G services in India

India's Regulator Wants 2G Licenses Revoked
AsiaBlog | 11/19/2010

6:30 AM The TRAI recommends the cancellation of licenses over failure to meet rollout obligations

Euronews: Nov. 19
News Analysis | 11/19/2010

TeliaSonera, Apple, NSN, and a guest appearance from wrinkly rocker Peter Gabriel -- it's all in today's Euronews roundup

Cox Wireless: The Starting Lineup
The Bauminator | 11/19/2010

12:00 AM Here's a snapshot of the devices and plans Cox will feature as it bursts into the wireless game

Cox Wireless Is Go for Launch
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/19/2010

MSO boots up 3G wireless services in three markets and 25 retail locations, and leads off with five Android-powered smartphones

Comcast Trims Another Division
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/18/2010

Following a field reorg, Comcast is down to three divisions as the MSO eliminates its East Division and creates a new Central Division

Comcast Accelerates ITV Development
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/18/2010

MSO tees up a 'rapid deployment network' down south as its number of EBIF-capable homes reaches 14.5M

CableLabs Pours Home Security Foundation
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/18/2010

CableLabs has built signaling, management, and provisioning specs for advanced home security services, but has even broader ideas in mind

Ovi Store Picks Up Steam
Que Sera Sarah | 11/18/2010

11:00 AM Sees 3M app downloads per day; Angry Birds rejoice

Where Did Everyone Go?
The Bauminator | 11/18/2010

10:30 AM Report that US pay-TV sector lost 119,000 subs in the third quarter fans the cord-cutting flames

Rumor: T-MPLS Group Gets Shouted Down
Rumors | 11/18/2010

The debate over T-MPLS and MPLS-TP is alive and kicking, and sometimes yelling, as evidenced by a 12-minute argument at this week's IETF meetings

Vendor Price Gaps: A Thing of the Past?
News Analysis | 11/18/2010

Major suppliers say there's little to choose between the main rivals these days in terms of system prices

Euronews: Nov. 18
News Analysis | 11/18/2010

France Telecom, BSkyB, and Deutsche Telekom are keepin' it real in today's roundup of Euro telecom news nuggets

Hot Dogs, High Tech & Oil Shale
Column | 11/18/2010

Howard Jonas made billions in telecom, but it's his other ventures – like an energy spinoff with Rupert Murdoch – that keep him interesting

AT&T Confirms Move to 21Mbit/s HSPA+
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/17/2010

AT&T will match T-Mobile's 21Mbit/s theoretical maximum speeds for HSPA+ with average performances increasing through 2011

Xilinx Preps for 400G
News Analysis | 11/17/2010

In showing off 28G transceivers, the company says it's prepped for the post-100G era

CellSouth Taps Samsung for LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/17/2010

Samsung will supply rural carrier Cellular South with equipment and smartphones for its LTE deployment in Q4 2011

AT&T Speeds Up 80% of Its 3G Network
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/17/2010

CTO says the carrier's 3G HSPA+ upgrade now covers most of its network in the US

SFR to Bolt Femtos on Home Gateways
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/17/2010

SFR took the wraps off its new home gateway and revealed that it will feature a femtocell module add-on

Xfinity App Coming to TiVo?
The Bauminator | 11/17/2010

10:45 AM Comcast isn't being that specific, but says support for the new app will reach more box types in the coming months

Ops Still Finding Their Way With Apps
News Analysis | 11/17/2010

Mobile operators are still working their way towards the optimum strategy for the creation, delivery, and monetization of applications

Florida Muni Gets the Greenlight
LRTV TelcoTV | 11/17/2010

The city of Dunnellon, Fla., is building a fiber broadband network without using tax dollars or stimulus funds

Vodafone Flexes Traffic Management Muscle
Policy Management News Analysis | 11/17/2010

Vodafone has upped its traffic management game in an effort to stem the mobile data deluge and improve the customer experience

Mobile Heading for 6B Connections
News Analysis | 11/17/2010

Mobile Asia Congress opens with a smorgasbord of mobile statistics

Motorola Plays Host to Microsoft IPTV
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/17/2010

Helping to push Microsoft's Mediaroom to smaller telcos, Motorola is building a hosting service for the IPTV software

Cable Gives IPTV a Try
LRTV Interviews | 11/17/2010

Buckeye CableSystem CTO Joe Jensen explains how IPTV can help accelerate cable innovation and offers an update on how the MSO's IP video trial with BigBand Networks is going

Euronews: Nov. 17
News Analysis | 11/17/2010

Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, and Nokia hog the limelight in today's digest of Euro telecom news nuggets

Docomo Links LTE to the Cloud
News Analysis | 11/17/2010

Having an LTE network opens up new service opportunities, says NTT Docomo CEO

Palm Plots Beyond Phones
Que Sera Sarah | 11/16/2010

8:20 PM HP plans to reinvigorate webOS next year with tablets, printers, and 'other ideas'

Waiting on LTE
Jonestown | 11/16/2010

4:25 PM Perhaps an early December launch for Verizon's LTE markets?

Juniper Swings $152M for Trapeze Buyout
News Analysis | 11/16/2010

Juniper is buffing up its mobile enterprise offerings by buying Trapeze from Belden

Intel Votes for Verismo
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/16/2010

The Internet video startup raises $17M and gets the Intel Capital seal of approval

US Carriers Combine Mobile Wallets
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/16/2010

With help from Discover and Barclays, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile are hoping to kick start mobile commerce

Huawei Makes LTE Headway
AsiaBlog | 11/16/2010

11:55 AM Claims 18 signed deals for the new-generation mobile technology

KDG, Cisco Hit 1Gig Cable Modem Speeds
The Bauminator | 11/16/2010

11:00 AM German MSO takes Docsis 3.0 to the extreme with Cisco in field trial that produces downstream bursts of 1.17 Gbit/s

Verizon to Manage Mobile Apps
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/16/2010

New service intends to let enterprises manage business apps over multiple smartphones, including their employees' own phones

NEC Pushes Femtocells in India
News Analysis | 11/16/2010

NEC is aiming to sell 1M femtocells in India in the next two years, but will the Indian operators oblige?

Verizon Unveils 3D VoD Service
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/16/2010

New wave of 3D on-demand movies to cost $1 to $2.50 more than 2D-HD alternatives as Verizon brings Avail-TVN's service to FiOS subscribers

Vodafone's $554M India Bill
AsiaBlog | 11/16/2010

6:40 AM Vodafone will have to shell out $554M to the Indian tax authorities

APAC's $729B Mobile Broadband Opportunity
News Analysis | 11/16/2010

The harmonized allocation of digital dividend spectrum in Asia/Pacific could boost economies significantly, claims the GSMA, but is this a realistic expectation?

Euronews: Nov. 16
News Analysis | 11/16/2010

Vivendi, Iliad, and Cable & Wireless Worldwide are in the mix for today's roundup of Euro telecom news nuggets

NSN Stake Sale Proving Tricky
EuroBlog | 11/16/2010

4:10 AM Reports suggest consensus might be hard to find

US Cellular Plots LTE Launch
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/16/2010

Operator has been conducting technical trials for the past nine months, planning a customer trial next year followed by a full launch by 2012

Teeing Up LTE TDD
LTE TDD News Analysis | 11/15/2010

Light Reading brings you the latest news and developments in next-gen mobile broadband technology LTE TDD

TelcoTV 2010: That's a Wrap-Up
TelcoTV News Analysis | 11/15/2010

TelcoTV was so over the top, but it was also all about widgets, three-screen delivery, and why customers are shaving the cord

Comcast Invades the iPad
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/15/2010

'Xfinity TV' app beachhead starts with search and navigation, to be followed next month by video streaming from HBO, Starz, and Showtime

CEO Offers $600M for Mediacom
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/15/2010

Rocco Commisso on verge of taking Mediacom private after sweetening his cash offer to $8.75 per outstanding share

LTE Showdown in Sweden
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/15/2010

TeliaSonera gets some 4G competition as Tele2 and Telenor launch commercial LTE services in Sweden

Cisco (Finally) Adds P-OTS
News Analysis | 11/15/2010

It's not an updated ONS 15454 but an entirely new system aimed at replacing Sonet/SDH transport

Juniper Updates Core Routers
News Analysis | 11/15/2010

The T4000 (almost) delivers on the core-router upgrade Juniper promised in February

Brocade Flattens Out
News Analysis | 11/15/2010

New switches create an Ethernet fabric that steals some data-center thunder from Juniper

India's Telecom Minister Quits
AsiaBlog | 11/15/2010

7:00 AM Indian telecom minister A Raja finally resigned yesterday, but was he really all that bad for the industry?

Euronews: Nov. 15
News Analysis | 11/15/2010

Tele2, Telenor, Google, and 3 are the ones to watch in today's roundup of euro news

Advertising's Role in IPTV
LRTV Documentaries | 11/14/2010

Verizon's Joe Ambeault says new TV advertising will have its place, but all other TV subscription revenue streams aren't going away

TelcoTV: A 1Gbit/s Prediction
LRTV Documentaries | 11/13/2010

Service providers should prepare to deliver 1 Gbit/s to homes in the next few years, says Occam Networks VP Russ Sharer

TelcoTV 2010: Highlight Reel
LRTV Documentaries | 11/13/2010

See the whole TelcoTV 2010 show floor in about a minute

Entone Crafting VUDU-Powered Cable Boxes
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/12/2010

Entone's about to launch a CableCARD-based media hub that blends cable's linear TV with VUDU and other over-the-top content

Verizon FiOS Gets Flexible
LRTV Interviews | 11/12/2010

Verizon's director of video services Joe Ambeault tells us about Flex View, FiOS's new on-demand cloud service, and opines on tablets place in the living room

Cisco Spiking Its IPTV Middleware
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/12/2010

Cisco is freezing development of ISDP and offering a cut-over to Mediaroom. But some customers aren't thrilled about the idea

TelcoTV 2010: In Pictures
Slide Shows | 11/12/2010

Our recap of the busy TelcoTV tradeshow floor, where 132 exhibiting companies changed a 27,600 square foot floor into an IPTV wonderland

Vendors Unveil ROADM Roadmaps
Next-Generation ROADM News Analysis | 11/12/2010

Six major optical system vendors have discussed their ROADM market views with Light Reading, and they're not all on the same wavelength

Spectrum Storm in India
AsiaBlog | 11/12/2010

10:50 AM India's telecom minister might not survive the latest turn in the 2G spectrum allocation controversy

Manti Manages IPTV Expectations
LRTV Interviews | 11/12/2010

Dallas Cox, general manager of Utah-based rural telco Manti Telephone, talks about the surprising costs of IPTV content acquisition, how to please his customers, and how to make money on the service

F5 Starts a Delivery Business
Craig's A-List | 11/12/2010

6:10 AM The company thinks its policy work is vital to carriers, but carriers don't always know what to do with it

Euronews: Nov. 12
News Analysis | 11/12/2010

Net neutrality, TeliaSonera, TDC, and Vodafone are in the ring for today's bout of Euro telecom news

Charter's Internet Cap to Bare Its Fangs
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/11/2010

Heavy users beware: The MSO says it's actually going to start enforcing its cable modem usage policy

Cisco's Cable Crunch
The Bauminator | 11/11/2010

2:25 PM Cisco's pain is cable's gain, says analyst

TelcoTV 2010: Apple's Cord-Cutting Fanboys
Que Sera Sarah | 11/11/2010

11:50 AM TDG says iPad owners are more likely to cancel pay-TV subscriptions. Is OTT to blame?

Dishing Up TV Everywhere
LRTV Interviews | 11/11/2010

Dish Network's Vivek Khemka explains how the satellite giant is embracing over-the-top video, rather than fighting it, and why it's working with Google TV

Boxee Launches Cord-Cutting Box
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/11/2010

But, in wake of 'truce' with Hulu, Boxee users will have to settle for the premium version of the high-end Web video service

Is Cisco's Q1 Contagious?
News Analysis | 11/11/2010

When Cisco's quarterly forecast comes in disappointing, investors start getting nervous about the rest of tech

Over the Top in Toledo
LRTV Interviews | 11/11/2010

Toledo Telephone COO Dale Merten discusses how OTT was a game changer for the telco after IPTV proved to be more trouble than it was worth

Verizon Does 100GigE in Europe
EuroBlog | 11/11/2010

9:45 AM Builds on its 100Gbit/s transport route with Juniper

Net Neutrality: EU vs. US
Wireless Bits | 11/11/2010

6:40 AM Cultures clash over net neutrality

BT Reports Q2 Ups & Downs
News Analysis | 11/11/2010

BT's revenues are down, but so are costs and debt, while profit margins have improved

Euronews: Nov. 11
News Analysis | 11/11/2010

Telefónica, BT, and ZTE have stories to tell in today's nosebag of Euro telecom news nuggets

Sensitive Information - Junos Pulse
Video Resources | 11/11/2010

Advertising :30 second spot showcasing vulnerability of smartphone security

IPTV Bogeymen: 2 Down, 1 Still Looms
Rewired | 11/10/2010

8:45 PM Heavy Reading debunks the immediate threat of OTT and finds consumers willing to accept targeted ads

TelcoTV 2010: Should the Feds Fund Entertainment?
TelcoTV News Analysis | 11/10/2010

Mixing video services with raw Internet access needs more play as the feds look to reform the USF and enlist a National Broadband Plan

TelcoTV 2010: Future of TV Is Tablets, Moto Says
TelcoTV News Analysis | 11/10/2010

Forget widgets on the TV. Moto GM thinks that tablets tied to the TV-viewing experience are the wave of the future

TelcoTV 2010 Photos: Opening Keynotes
Slide Shows | 11/10/2010

Here are a few snapshots of the show leading up to the big exhibit hall opening this afternoon

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 11/10/2010

3:15 PM Dish debuts Google TV; TWC's Look Back is missing some important content; MSO tests 100Mbit/s symmetrical D3, and more...

TelcoTV 2010: Verizon Takes a Flex View of the Cloud
TelcoTV News Analysis | 11/10/2010

Verizon launches Flex View for FiOS to kill off video format acronyms and move the rest to the cloud and more devices

AlcaLu's India Alternative
AsiaBlog | 11/10/2010

2:50 PM It's nowhere in 3G, but Alcatel-Lucent's focus in India may lie elsewhere

TelcoTV 2010: Cable Wrestles With IP Changes
TelcoTV News Analysis | 11/10/2010

IP video might make things easy and fun for consumers, but you can't say the same for small cable operators trying to keep up

AT&T Adds GetJar for App Attack
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/10/2010

The largest independent app store is open for business at AT&T

TelcoTV 2010: Pay TV Shows Multi-Screen Appeal
News Analysis | 11/10/2010

Heavy Reading survey data reveals that pay-TV providers could tempt some consumers with a multi-screen service – and they'd pay!

TelcoTV 2010: Occam VP Warns of the Rule of 18
TelcoTV News Analysis | 11/10/2010

To stop TV from becoming a niche service, Occam VP says telcos must adopt a beta mindset, improve the content, and prep their networks

BT's 'Chief Scientist' Quits
EuroBlog | 11/10/2010

10:15 AM JP Rangaswami has left the BT building…

TelcoTV 2010: RUS Sends Friend Request to FCC
TelcoTV News Analysis | 11/10/2010

The FCC lost an ally in its efforts to revamp the US's Universal Service Fund. Maybe the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) can fill the gap

TelcoTV 2010: Dish Ready to Serve 'Sling Adapter'
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/10/2010

Dish expects to launch the $99 USB-powered place-shifting device, targeted to legacy DVR receivers, within a couple of weeks

Ericsson's India Crown Under Threat
News Analysis | 11/10/2010

With most 3G deals awarded, Ericsson retains its crown as the leading mobile networks vendor in India, but NSN and Huawei are close behind

Euronews: Nov. 10
News Analysis | 11/10/2010

The EC prepares to pronounce on net neutrality as Telekom Austria, BT, and Orange do other stuff in today's Euro telecom news digest

Qualcomm Updates on India Exit Plan
AsiaBlog | 11/10/2010

4:45 AM Wireless broadband licenses could be in new hands by this time next year

The Battle of FauxG
Jonestown | 11/9/2010

5:50 PM Stop the phony 4G marketing war and give us real-world speed data we can use

Startup Builds TV Widgets for NSN
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/9/2010

L4 Media makes its debut at TelcoTV with an interactive TV widget platform that, it says, mirrors the mobile experience

Droid Does Chicago
Que Sera Sarah | 11/9/2010

10:45 AM It's a cellphone operating system! It's a small adorable robot thing! It's both!

Spirent Paves Cable Path to Growth
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/9/2010

Test firm says cable can make up 30% of its business as it chases a market held by the likes of JDSU, IneoQuest, and Cheetah

Altnet Rewinds to VoD Downloads
TelcoTV News Analysis | 11/9/2010

It's not all about streaming, you know. Opanga's variable-speed downloading will soon get its first practical test from Mexico's Axtel

Euronews: Nov. 9
News Analysis | 11/9/2010

Vodafone, Swisscom, and Skype set out their stalls in today's flea market of Euro telecom news

Vodafone Updates Strategy, Profit Outlook
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/9/2010

Vodafone sells its Japanese holdings for $5 billion, mulls other asset sales, and ups its full-year profit outlook as it reports a rise in H1 revenues

Ethernet Management Looms
Craig's A-List | 11/8/2010

5:15 PM Strangely enough, there's more to life than 100G

Calix Reveals Its Fiber Future
News Analysis | 11/8/2010

New E7-20 platform said to provide architectural flexibility and video services headroom for the next decade

ACA: Comcast-NBCU Deal Could Cost Subs $2.4B
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/8/2010

Study claims pricing power of Comcast-NBCU would boost cable bills, but MSO counters that the economic analysis is flawed

Nokia Takes the Helm at Symbian
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/8/2010

Finnish phone maker takes over platform development from the Symbian Foundation, which will become just a licensing entity

TW Cable Unleashes 'Look Back'
The Bauminator | 11/8/2010

12:00 PM MSO starts rolling limited network DVR that plays nice with programmers and advertisers

Ethernet Expo Breaks Records
Ethernet Exposed | 11/8/2010

10:30 AM We bid farewell to another successful Ethernet Expo

What to Do About FLO TV?
Que Sera Sarah | 11/8/2010

10:00 AM CEO Paul Jacobs says a wholesale model, sale, joint venture, or sale of spectrum are all possibilities

Charter's VoD Network Tastes of CDN
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/8/2010

Charter centralizes the storage and management of its VoD library, paving the way for a cross-platform video content delivery network

Huawei, ZTE Spook Sprint?
Wireless Bits | 11/8/2010

9:20 AM Operator reportedly rejects Chinese vendors over security fears

Aircel Seals 3G Vendor Deals
AsiaBlog | 11/8/2010

8:00 AM Aircel is set to roll out its 3G network with three vendors, including Huawei

EENY 2010: In Pictures
Slide Shows | 11/8/2010

We've got a big set of pics to share from last week's Ethernet Expo Americas 2010 show in New York City

NTT Docomo Sets LTE Date
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/8/2010

Japanese giant NTT Docomo sets a launch date of December 24 for its LTE network

Euronews: Nov. 8
News Analysis | 11/8/2010

Ericsson, Vodafone, Internetq, and the UK's farming community are making waves in today's pool of Euro telecom news droplets

BSNL Joins the Cloud Crowd
News Analysis | 11/8/2010

State-owned Indian operator BSNL has entered the data center hosting and cloud services market to target enterprises large and small

EENY 2010: Packet vs. Optical
Craig's A-List | 11/5/2010

8:00 PM Could the two sides join forces for packet/optical good? Probably not

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 11/5/2010

5:35 PM i-Control and uControl merge, a Cedar Point M&A rumor is resurrected, Hulu's killing pay TV, and ZillionTV teeters on the edge

Amdocs Opts for Growth Investments
News Analysis | 11/5/2010

Amdocs prepares for 2011 growth opportunities, but investments and pressure from its Clearwire account put pressure on its EPS outlook

Comcast 'RNG' Set-Tops Have IPTV Potential
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/5/2010

Comcast may be seeding an IPTV strategy using a new class of set-tops that can be 'flipped' to support IP video

Cablevision's Ready for Streaming & Slinging
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/5/2010

The network RS-DVR and the PC-friendly Optimum Link are nearing launch – and it seems Cablevision could use the boost

Leading Lights 2010: In Pictures
Slide Shows | 11/5/2010

Enjoy some photos from Tuesday evening's dinner and drinks celebration at Hudson Terrace in New York City

Clearwire Cuts as It Hunts for Funding
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/5/2010

Workforce will be cut by 15% as Clearwire explores its options for much-needed funding

OS Watch (Out): Here Comes V Cast Apps
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/5/2010

Verizon's force-fed app store, V Cast Apps, and Microsoft's ongoing revival kick off this week's OS roundup

3DTV Eye Strain? Take a Break, ESPN Says
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/5/2010

ESPN 3DTV lab trial shows that few consumers experience eye strain and headaches that can't be fixed with a dose of common sense

Euronews: Nov. 5
News Analysis | 11/5/2010

Telecom Italia, OTE, and O2 are lighting the blue touchpaper of today's Euro telecom news fireworks (hey, check the date, all right?)

TelcoTV's Smaller Screen
Que Sera Sarah | 11/5/2010

5:00 AM Here's hoping I'm not the only one thinking about wireless at next week's show

EENY 2010: Overture Gets More Optical
News Analysis | 11/4/2010

The company's newest boxes extend its reach to the edge and put a new emphasis on plain old Ethernet

Keeping Customers in the Dark
Rewired | 11/4/2010

2:10 PM Enterprises want full disclosure on network performance, but some network operators admit all that info often goes unused

MetroPCS Plots LTE Smartphones, VoLTE Trials
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/4/2010

On the back of a CDMA expansion, Metro is thinking ahead to LTE and the smartphones it will offer to compete when it's no longer alone in 4G

Pace Buys Again
EuroBlog | 11/4/2010

12:20 PM Snaps up digital rights management specialist Latens to add to its video tech portfolio

3G's Chinese Puzzle
LR Mobile Column | 11/4/2010

China's ranks of 3G subscribers will more than double this year, reaching 40M units

EANTC Global Interconnect, Part II
LRTV Documentaries | 11/4/2010

EANTC's Carsten Rossenhoevel updates us on the progress of the Advanced Global Interconnect Test Program demonstrated at Light Reading's Ethernet Americas event in New York

HP's Joe Weinman: Cloud Economics, Part II
LRTV Interviews | 11/4/2010

HP's Joe Weinman talks about the economics of cloud computing and the challenge for IT organizations to get their infrastructure ready to handle changing customer demands

Ethernet Expo 2010 Highlights
LRTV Documentaries | 11/4/2010

In about a minute, see the whole Ethernet Expo 2010 show floor

Subscriber Bleed Continues for TW Cable
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/4/2010

The MSO's earnings beat the street, but subscribers – even digital video subscribers – continued to leave

Photos: Xbox Sucks Us In
Craig's A-List | 11/4/2010

7:50 AM Do we care about Xbox Kinect? No. Do we have NYC photos anyway? Oh my yes

AlcaLu Posts Q3 Profit
News Analysis | 11/4/2010

Vendor's recovery continues as it ramps revenues, returns to profitability, and hints at strong fourth quarter

EENY 2010: 100G Complaints Continue
100G News Analysis | 11/4/2010

A nonstandard optical module looks awfully compelling in the face of 100G prices, panelists say

Euronews: Nov. 4
News Analysis | 11/4/2010

AlcaLu and Deutsche Telekom do Q3, and the Symbian gang gets some EU help in today's Euro telecom news roundup

Will Rivals Tap Cable's TVE Specs?
The Bauminator | 11/3/2010

5:00 PM So far: one no, and one no comment

Telcos & TV: Will Going Everywhere Take Us Somewhere?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/3/2010

US service providers will explore how to profit in a multi-screen world at next week's annual TelcoTV event

SK Telekom Preps Femto Service
Wireless Bits | 11/3/2010

3:00 PM Femto fun kicks off in South Korea

EENY 2010: Telx CEO Eric Shepcaro
LRTV Interviews | 11/3/2010

With Ethernet exchanges being a hot topic at Ethernet Expo, Telx chief executive Eric Shepcaro updates us on that business and how it relates to cloud services

Virgin STBs to Ride Broadband Video Expressway
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/3/2010

MSO to set aside a dedicated data path to pipe in QoS-enabled broadband video to Cisco boxes outfitted with TiVo software

Intel 's LTE Bonus
Wireless Bits | 11/3/2010

1:05 PM With Infineon, Intel will also pick up a German LTE specialist

HP's Joe Weinman: Cloud Economics, Part I
LRTV Interviews | 11/3/2010

After two cups of coffee, we cornered HP's Joe Weinman for a chat about cloud computing, emerging technologies, business strategy, and creating network value

EENY 2010: Carrier Wants Cheap 100GigE Now Please
100G News Analysis | 11/3/2010

As ever, Interoute CTO Matt Finnie speaks his mind at the Ethernet Expo in New York

Twitter, Facebook Coming to Cox's Tru2way IPG
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/3/2010

Cox to take stronger run at Verizon's IPG by integrating Twitter, Facebook, and other widgets in the 2.0 version of its 'Trio' guide UPDATED 3 PM

T-Mobile Launches '4G' Assault
Que Sera Sarah | 11/3/2010

10:05 AM T-Mobile brings HSPA+ to six new cities, angers all its '3G' competitors

KPN Kicks Apps With AlcaLu
News Analysis | 11/3/2010

Euro carrier is one of the first operators to reveal its work with AlcaLu on applications enablement

India's Tata Ready for 3G Launch
News Analysis | 11/3/2010

Tata DoCoMo is about to become the first private operator to launch 3G services in India

Leap Hears Crickets in Q3
Que Sera Sarah | 11/3/2010

7:30 AM Because things get quiet when you're bleeding subscribers

Leap Wireless Looks Ahead
LRTV Interviews | 11/3/2010

In time for its third-quarter earnings this week, Leap Wireless COO Al Moschner discusses the firm's plans to compete in prepaid and LTE, while also surviving as an MVNO

Euronews: Nov. 3
News Analysis | 11/3/2010

AlcaLu, Qualcomm, Fastweb, and BT are present and correct in today's roundup of Euro telecom news nuggets

Light Reading's Hall of Fame: ASSIA's John Cioffi
LRTV Interviews | 11/3/2010

Light Reading Hall of Fame inductee John Cioffi, the CEO of ASSIA, talks about his past, current developments in DSL line management, and the economics of broadband technologies

EENY 2010: SLAs Get Their Day
Craig's A-List | 11/2/2010

5:25 PM Service monitoring isn't as exciting as Terabit Ethernet, but could be a battleground for vendors

Vodafone Germany Gears Up for LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Vodafone has already turned on some LTE sites in Germany, but the dongles won't be ready until December

Ethernet Exchange Smackdown?
Rewired | 11/2/2010

4:15 PM Major players in this growing segment gather tomorrow at Ethernet Expo. Can they overcome some carrier skepticism?

Azuki Box Takes DRM Over the Top
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Video startup introduces a new appliance to host its SaaS product for OTT video delivery to mobile devices

EENY 2010: Broadcom Debuts 100G Switch
100G News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Fruit of the Dune acquisition, the new switch fabric paves the way for 100Tbit/s multichassis switches, Broadcom claims

EENY 2010: COLT Hooks Up to CENX
News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Pan-European service provider COLT signs up for CENX's exchanges to reach potential wholesale Carrier Ethernet customers

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 11/2/2010

1:45 PM ivi benefits from the Cablevision-Fox flap, Cox takes IPv6 to the test, more D3 rolls into Germany, and TWC gets artsy

Android Gets Bigger (& Cheaper)
Jonestown | 11/2/2010

1:15 PM Expect Google's mobile-derived revenue to rise even as fragmentation remains an issue

Apple Dominating Tablet Takeover
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Apple's got a sizable head start, but the tablet crowd is growing in numbers and plotting to topple the iconic iPad

EENY 2010: AT&T Gets to 40G
Craig's A-List | 11/2/2010

12:45 PM 40G services are here; an Ethernet exchange deal isn't

MPLS-TP Delays Keep T-MPLS Alive
News Analysis | 11/2/2010

The MPLS-TP standard has been slow to arrive, and the longer it takes, the stronger the T-MPLS case sounds

EENY 2010: HP's Weinman Says Clouds Are Inevitable
News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Economics of handling peak demand and ever more complex applications will drive pay-per-use services

Bell Aliant Rings Up 170-Meg Tier
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Rogers competitor teams big downstream with a 30 Mbit/s upstream for C$249 per month in New Brunswick

CableLabs Issues TV Everywhere Specs
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Online Content Access specs seek TVE scale with common authorization and authentication interfaces for MSOs and programmers

Euronews: Nov. 2
News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Everything Everywhere, TeliaSonera, TalkTalk, and Tiscali are the mixed nuts in today's Euronews nibbles

Apple Sues Moto
Wireless Bits | 11/2/2010

8:30 AM Apple fires back at Moto with countersuit

Broadcom vs. Qualcomm Goes Femto
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/1/2010

Qualcomm and Broadcom are set to clash in the femto chip market, and that fight could even spill over into the residential gateway sector

Moto CMTS Set to Bond With Cable's Upstream
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/1/2010

Moto plans to release its Docsis 3.0 upstream channel-bonding software in Q2, teaming it with a new, dedicated upstream CMTS blade

LTE TDD: In Mobile, Size Matters
LR Mobile Column | 11/1/2010

To keep up with mobile broadband service demands, mobile network operators are deploying LTE TDD technology to end users

A Drop in the Bucket?
The Bauminator | 11/1/2010

11:25 AM The regulatory fallout from the Cablevision-Fox retrans battle may be heavier than the sub losses suffered by the MSO

WiMax Arrives in NYC
Wireless Bits | 11/1/2010

10:45 AM WiMax picocells cover urban canyons and tall buildings

Cable Clicking With Remote Shopping Apps
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/1/2010

TV-based click-to-buy era steams toward deployments in wake of integration deals among ITV, VoD, and billing players

Aircel Preps 3G Vendor News
AsiaBlog | 11/1/2010

10:00 AM India's seventh-largest operator is set to name its 3G suppliers, with Huawei set for a share of the spoils

Fujitsu Readies 100G Optics
100G News Analysis | 11/1/2010

Continuing a 100G trend, Fujitsu is developing its own optical modules for the Flashwave

India Set for Source Code U-Turn
AsiaBlog | 11/1/2010

9:25 AM Indian government looks set to do away with the amendment that demands gear manufacturers share their technology source code

Cloud Watch: Intel, Oracle Chip In
News Analysis | 11/1/2010

New labs, new investments, new partnerships, and the end of the overhype cycle fill this week's cloudy review

Managing the Mobile Enterprise
LRTV Interviews | 11/1/2010

Telecom management firm AOTMP dishes on how enterprises are dealing with multiple OSs, equipment vendors, and prosumer-oriented phones

Euronews: Nov. 1
News Analysis | 11/1/2010

Join our whistle-stop tour through Spain, Italy, and Switzerland to get the latest on Telefónica, Telecom Italia, and Swisscom

LTE Watch: Sequans to IPO?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/1/2010

Future LTE chipmaker is rumored to be going for $80M in an NYC IPO in our next-gen mobile digest

Triggering a New Control Plane
Craig's A-List | 11/1/2010

4:00 AM Someday, someone's going to develop a multivendor control plane. We think

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