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Huawei's CFO heading home after deferred prosecution deal reached
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

A deal reached with the US Justice Department will allow Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou to avoid US extradition and return home, The WSJ reports.

Next Huawei battle with the US will be fought over the cloud
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

The Chinese firm's fast-growing cloud services business is the next big concern for its American opponents.

Vecima touts 'breakout year' as DAA deployments start to flourish
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

Video and broadband tech supplier posts best fiscal year in its 33-year history as cable operators start to make progress with next-gen network projects.

Orange Belgium says hey! to digital natives
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

Orange's Belgian unit aims to shake up the market by targeting rival low-cost brands such as Base, Mobile Vikings and Youfone.

Altice USA looking at MVNOs, but not necessarily buying
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

Altice USA CEO Dexter Goei acknowledged that the company has been poking around the MVNO market, but stressed that its interest in the market is more focused on areas such as branding and distribution.

Fiber judgement day approaches for Huawei in UK
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

The government has finished its consultation with operators on what to do about Huawei in fiber, and new restrictions could be a death sentence for its UK business.

EU to phonemakers: Come up with common charger
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

To cut down on waste and save consumers from juggling multiple cables, the EU is minded to make Apple adopt the USB-C standard. Apple is unimpressed.

WiCipedia: When sexism goes to trial
WiCipedia | 9/24/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Female CEOs are few and far between; a unicorn falls from grace under oath; progress in STEM at the White House; and more.

The Leading Lights finalists: Part III
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

On this podcast, Light Reading's Kelsey Ziser, Fiona Graham and Iain Morris discuss trends they're seeing, what's happening in the awards categories that they're judging and what they've learned from the contest entries as they dig in and prepare to announce this year's winners.

Extreme Networks enters SD-WAN market with $70M Ipanema acquisition
CxO Spotlight | 9/24/2021

Extreme's CTO Nabil Bukhari discusses the company's decision to acquire Ipanema and its plans for entering the SD-WAN market.

6G becoming too politicized, warns Huawei's Xu
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

6G is in danger of becoming politicized and over-hyped, Huawei's Eric Xu has warned.

Eurobites: Russia's Yandex to set up cloud shop in Germany
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Truphone expands its IoT reach with Sony; mobile money booms in sub-Saharan Africa; Orange extends 4G in French Guiana.

5G World: Mavenir EVP dishes on open RAN's technology advantage
LRTV Interviews | 9/24/2021

Stefano Cantarelli, EVP and chief marketing officer at Mavenir, says that open RAN's differences are its strengths and, over time, its architecture will become a technological advantage.

5G World: Vodafone's Andrea Donà takes on the telco legacy
LRTV Interviews | 9/24/2021

Vodafone's chief network officer, Andrea Donà, said the way to the 5G future is to first make sure you radically simplify and take care of legacy networks and services.

Comcast, Charter CEOs point to emerging CBRS partnership
News Analysis | 9/23/2021

Pact will allow the MSOs to 'create a synthetic, national opportunity by creating a CBRS business' and an offload process that mobile subs of both companies can take advantage of, Charter CEO Tom Rutledge says.

Liberty Global flirts with FTTP opportunities in Germany
News Analysis | 9/23/2021

Two years after Liberty Global sold its German cable assets, the MSO's investment arm has teamed with InfraVia Capital to explore FTTP opportunities in greenfields, starting with underserved German municipalities.

The Leading Lights finalists: Part II
News Analysis | 9/23/2021

On this podcast, Light Reading's Phil Harvey, Jeff Baumgartner and Alan Breznick discuss trends they're seeing, what's happening in the awards categories that they're judging and what they've learned from the contest entries as they dig in and prepare to announce this year's winners.

Huawei eyes growth from recovery, low-carbon solutions
News Analysis | 9/23/2021

With its legacy business facing headwinds, Huawei's enterprise group is emerging as its prime growth engine.

Frontier plows ahead with XGS-PON
News Analysis | 9/23/2021

Amid an aggressive fiber upgrade plan, Frontier has tapped Nokia to connect about 100,000 homes to XGS-PON, a technology that puts the network service provider on a path to 10-Gig services.

Could Helium finally succeed where so many others failed?
DanoVision | 9/23/2021

A number of companies in the telecom industry have attempted to create a network of individual networks. But Helium is doing so with one big, new element: a very clear and tangible incentive.

Xiaomi denies censoring as Lithuania advises ditching phones
News Analysis | 9/23/2021

A security report found one Xiaomi phone had built-in censorship tools, and also points to security flaws in a Huawei device.

5G World: Reasons to be upbeat about 5G and the telco cloud future
LRTV Interviews | 9/23/2021

5G is still in its beginning stages and that means telcos need to find business models that work and shore up their relationships with the hyperscale cloud providers, according to one of Omdia's lead service provider analysts.

5G World: The 5G icon is starting to mean something
LRTV Interviews | 9/23/2021

New, improved 5G radios and other products are starting to make a difference in service provider deployments, according to Heavy Reading's mobile network equipment analyst.

A new king is crowned in the cloud
Guest Perspectives | 9/23/2021

Data is the most valuable business asset, and how you leverage it defines business success.

Biden seeks chip transparency in summit today
News Analysis | 9/23/2021

The White House is gathering leaders from Intel, Apple, Microsoft, TSMC, Samsung and carmakers for a virtual summit today about the chip shortage.

Eurobites: Telefónica turns to IBM et al for 5G core network platform
News Analysis | 9/23/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT taps Oracle for policy management; BICS conducts 5G roaming trials with Proximus; Altice fine upheld by EU.

Industry, government and public-interest groups unite over 5G security
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

From open RAN to wireless emergency alerts, the FCC's new Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) plans to look at security and 5G networks.

Disney+ forecasts slip amid Q4 subscriber warning
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

Disney shares tumbled Tuesday after CEO Bob Chapek warned that Disney+ 'has hit some headwinds' as production slowdowns linked to the pandemic cause a new wave of content to come in lighter than expected.

Lynk and AST SpaceMobile battle for mobile operator customers
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

Lynk announced its first two operator customers: Aliv in the Bahamas and Telecel Centrafrique in the Central African Republic. AST SpaceMobile, meanwhile, counts deals covering a total of 1.5 billion subscribers.

StarHub nabs 40% of Singapore's broadband share
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

Singapore's StarHub, attempting to expand its profitable broadband business, buys MyRepublic's domestic offerings, boosting its market share to 40%.

India's Vodafone Idea wins battle, needs to win the war
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

For the first time in months, India's third-largest service provider is on somewhat positive footing.

Ericsson's 12kg 5G box puts Nokia and Huawei on back foot
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

The Swedish firm says it is winning the weight war with a new massive MIMO unit weighing 5 kilograms less than Nokia's.

Verizon's Shah on private networks, now and later
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

While AR, VR and robotics applications generate the most buzz, Anand Shah says many of those private network use cases are several years out. Currently, computer vision is one of the most widely used private network use cases.

Comcast unleashes global streaming box, the XiOne
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

New 4K- and Wi-Fi 6-capable streaming box is initially available to Sky Q customers in Italy and Germany, and is starting to be rolled out in the US to Comcast's Xfinity Flex subs.

Cisco backs Qwilt to fuel global CDN and edge cloud push
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

Cisco Investments participated in a $70 million round in Qwilt. Tied in, the companies are teaming on a global CDN service featuring Qwilt's open caching tech and Cisco's edge compute and networking infrastructure.

AT&T scores a win over Verizon in mmWave 5G
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

'AT&T mmWave 5G users on average spent a lower amount of time connected to mmWave 5G compared to our mmWave 5G users on Verizon, but when they did connect to mmWave 5G, they consumed a much larger amount of data,' according to Opensignal.

China Mobile faces $15B bill for second 5G network
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

China Mobile could be on the hook for as much as $15 billion for the construction of the new national 700MHz network.

Russia's Nornickel dials up rhetoric on private 5G
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

Russian mining company expresses desire to work directly with vendors on private 5G, although such a scenario is currently not permitted.

Eurobites: Telecom Italia leads the 5G pack, says Opensignal
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: DAZN reportedly bidding for BT Sport; European Commission on collision course with Apple over phone chargers; don't buy Chinese phones, says Lithuanian government.

AT&T's phone-unlocking ringleader gets locked up
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

Muhammad Fahd sentenced to 12 years in prison for unlawfully unlocking nearly 2 million phones in scam costing AT&T more than $200 million.

Iliad bolsters Polish Play with UPC buy
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

The acquisitive French group pursues European convergence ambitions with agreement to buy Polish cableco from Liberty Global.

Biden's leadership vacuum may hamstring US spectrum strategy
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

'We need a national spectrum strategy,' concluded Gina Raimondo, President Biden's Secretary of Commerce. However, Biden still has not named leadership for the FCC and the NTIA.

New silicon may speed up open RAN and spoil Intel party
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

Inline accelerators could inject some much-needed competition into the open RAN market, if their backers can build support.

AT&T's fiber expansion could reach beyond 30 million locations
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

The only thing that stands in the way of expanding AT&T's fiber buildout target in the coming years is 'execution and performance,' says AT&T CEO John Stankey.

Verizon's CEO acknowledges supply chain, labor constraints
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

Verizon's Hans Vestberg said it's a 'tougher labor market there' in retail, due to the ongoing pandemic. He also acknowledged 'there are some challenges in the supply chain.'

US government of two minds over blacklisting Honor
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

Huawei's spin-off Honor is perplexing US security agencies, who are split over whether to include it in America's export blacklist.

Altice France to gain 530,000 clients through Coriolis buy
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

Patrick Drahi-owned operator to buy the smaller telecoms player for a total of €415 million.

Ericsson CEO signals new direct approach to enterprise
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

The Swedish vendor will cater directly to companies that own spectrum and have no wish to involve operators.

SCTE clears way for standardized network nodes
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

The cable industry's standards-making body has blessed the enclosure specs for the Generic Access Platform (GAP), as well as the specs for interoperable service modules that will snap into the next-gen nodes.

Cisco siphons $20M into Rural Broadband Innovation Center
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

The $20 million Center was launched in mid-June under the umbrella of Cisco's Country Digital Acceleration program, and will focus on delivering high-speed Internet access to rural areas to lessen the digital divide.

Eurobites: 5G is good for you, insists ETNO
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telkom pursues separate SA listing for towers subsidiary; Ericsson weighs in with lighter radio; Netflix launches free service in Kenya, but only on Android mobiles.

Open RAN is following the script
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

Despite early criticism, vendors may eventually be tripping over each other to sell open RAN products.

Nokia's FP5 chip taps into security and energy fears
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

The successor to the ballyhooed FP4 promises a lot more power efficiency and defense against cybercrime.

Nokia, Ericsson start winning Huawei replacement deals
News Analysis | 9/20/2021

Viaero said it would cost $300 million to replace Huawei's equipment in its network. Union Wireless put that figure at $110 million. Now, Nokia and Ericsson are sweeping up those deals.

Recalibrating valuations in the private wireless industry
DanoVision | 9/20/2021

A utility provider covering Kansas and Missouri just announced plans to deploy its own private wireless LTE network, and it's spending $30 million on the spectrum licenses alone.

Roku rolls new products and OS as streaming competition stays hot
News Analysis | 9/20/2021

Roku's refreshed product lineup includes a pair of more powerful streaming sticks and an update to an operating system that underpins the company's fast-growing Platforms business.

Light Reading Recap: Week ending Sept. 17
LRTV Documentaries | 9/20/2021

Last week's telecom news highlights included a look at the wild valuation ride of social media and messaging platform Discord as it recently rejected a $12 billion takeover bid and then a $500 million funding round. We also review the latest info on 3G network shutdown dates for the big US carriers.

Starlink to exit beta, as EU eyes OneWeb stake
News Analysis | 9/20/2021

The EU eyes a stake in UK-backed OneWeb, just as its satellite broadband rival Starlink says it will emerge from 'Better Than Nothing Beta' next month.

AT&T begins testing Ericsson, Nokia kit ahead of Andromeda auction
News Analysis | 9/20/2021

AT&T is widely expected to dominate the Andromeda auction, though it's unclear how much money AT&T might dole out during the event, which is scheduled to start in October.

Eurobites: Virgin picks Plume for 'smart home' services push in UK
News Analysis | 9/20/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange turns to Ericsson for mobile money boost; Vodafone, ITU combine on mobile Internet initiative in Africa and beyond; BT's emissions target moves closer.

Who should pay for the bridge across the digital divide?
News Analysis | 9/17/2021

Two new studies conclude that the US government's Universal Service Fund (USF) is in need of change. But they differ on whether ISPs or Big Tech should fix the situation.

AT&T takes FCC to court over 5G backhaul
News Analysis | 9/17/2021

Wi-Fi users in the 6GHz band are 'very likely to result in harmful interference at unpredictable places and times,' AT&T argues. The company may be looking to protect its 5G backhaul operations.

Former cable exec to take on AT&T and Comcast in Jacksonville
CxO Spotlight | 9/17/2021

Ted Schremp, an exec late of Charter and TiVo, now heads up IQ Fiber, a service provider that has secured funding for a phase I buildout of an XGS-PON network that will serve 60,000 homes in the Florida city.

FCC clears way for another 466 winning RDOF bids
Broadband World News | 9/17/2021

Latest round of FCC authorizations cover winning bids from 13 companies and organizations, including BEK Communications, Cumberland Connect, Easton Utilities, Gibson Connect and Union Telephone.

EXA Infrastructure rises from ashes after GTT fiber sale
News Analysis | 9/17/2021

GTT Communications completes the sale of its infrastructure division to I Squared Capital, which has now set up a new business called EXA.

WiCipedia: Is 38 'over the hill' in tech?
WiCipedia | 9/17/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Iceland a new hotspot for women in tech; age discrimination is an overlooked diversity issue; upskilling online; and more.

Europe's bigwigs want homegrown chip ecosystem
News Analysis | 9/17/2021

President of European Commission trailers new 'European Chips Act' aimed at lessening reliance on Asian and US chipmakers.

Eurobites: TalkTalk turns to GPON/XGS-PON for new fiber network up north
News Analysis | 9/17/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Citymesh and TowerEye combine on private networks; Glasgow's 5G is miles better than London's; Telxius deploys 400 GigE.

ISPs suffer losses and make plans in face of climate crisis
Broadband World News | 9/17/2021

A worsening climate crisis that has exacted a toll on cables, fiber lines and wireless towers is making clear how vulnerable that critical infrastructure is.

T-Mobile will shut down its 3G UMTS network in 287 days
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

'As of July 1, 2022, T-Mobile's older 3G UMTS network will be retired,' the operator wrote. Just a few weeks ago, the operator did not provide a firm shut down date for that network.

Logix Fiber links up with Versa on SD-WAN
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

This is the first SD-WAN service Logix is deploying; executives say security, network visibility and application prioritization are among key features.

Is T-Mobile losing its edge?
DanoVision | 9/16/2021

T-Mobile's iPhone 13 promotions aren't impressing analysts. The company's new 5G icon follows Verizon's lead. And T-Mobile's growth prospects for Q4 appear stunted. 'Uncarrier' it isn't.

The Divide: How Uprise Fiber seeks to solve what you hate about your ISP
Broadband World News | 9/16/2021

This week: Sam Sanders, CEO of Uprise Fiber, on how the company sets itself apart from traditional ISPs and seeks to build digital equity into broadband deployments.

Locast slapped with permanent injunction
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

Court order still leaves the door open for Locast to appeal. Meanwhile, Locast and the broadcasters have asked for a 'brief bench trial' to address statutory damages.

Allen Broome rises to CEO at MediaKind
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

Broome, a former Comcast exec who was named CTO of MediaKind in the fall of 2019, succeeds Matt McConnell, another former Comcast exec.

Investors value Discord at $15B in funding round
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

Discord flies high, with potential buyers Amazon and Twitter reportedly offering up to $18B and causing longstanding Internet forums to flop.

Telstra targeting A$500M in cuts and 5G growth
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

Telstra aims to shed A$500 million ($365.8 million) in costs, sell off further assets and become a major consumer tech retailer under its latest transformation plan.

India announces major reforms, relief for Vodafone Idea
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

In a much-anticipated move, the Indian government has finally approved a relief package and several new reforms for the telecom industry.

WhatsApp pilots Business Directory in e-commerce drive
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

Messaging service launches pilot in Brazil and indicates that India and Indonesia could be next.

Windstream CMO: SD-WAN stalled, not squashed, by pandemic
CxO Spotlight | 9/16/2021

Concerns around cost and ease of use stalled SD-WAN deployments for remote workers, but the tide is turning as remote access tools improve and enterprises budget for a long-term distributed workforce.

Vodafone Spain to axe hundreds more jobs
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

Staff to bear the consequences of Vodafone's latest 'digital transformation' as it targets huge cost savings.

Better times for suppliers in H1 (Huawei, Nokia flag) – Dell'Oro
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

Slowdown in China impacts Q2, but revenue from telecom equipment worldwide was still up for a fifth consecutive quarter.

Eurobites: CityFibre raises further £1.1B to take the fiber fight to BT
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: A1 Austria takes Offensity across Europe; BT's fancy new digs in Brum; Nokia helps spread the digital gospel in Africa.

AT&T: 2.7% of customers will be affected by 3G shutdown
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

Groups ranging from the Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC) to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) have been arguing of the 'deadly' effects posed by AT&T's 3G shutdown plans.

13 an unlucky number for 5G
DanoVision | 9/15/2021

Apple took the wraps off its latest iPhone, the iPhone 13. But the company spent almost no time talking about 5G during its unveiling event.

NAB cancels 2021 event as Delta variant surges
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

Prior plan was to hold the event in Las Vegas in October and require attendees to show proof of COVID-19 vaccinations. The new plan is to provide virtual options for 'select' 2021 NAB Show content.

Huawei wishlist: Global talent, 6G, set own standards
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

Huawei Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei tells staff that Huawei is seeking to lure foreign tech talent to China to lead in 6G and to dominate global standards.

FTTH covers just 22% of EU rural households – report
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

New report from FTTH Council Europe shows that overall deployment is progressing rapidly, but rural coverage remains a challenge.

The Leading Lights finalists: Part I
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

Light Reading editors discuss trends they're seeing, what's happening in the awards categories that they're judging and what they've learned from the contest entries as they dig in and prepare to announce this year's winners.

Tenth launch boosts OneWeb halfway to its target
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

OneWeb's constellation grows to its halfway mark of 322 after its tenth launch, while Amazon picks a fight at the FCC with Elon Musk's Starlink.

Eurobites: Telecom Italia bangs open RAN gong
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Google's Grace Hopper cable lands in Cornwall; GÉANT network trials 800G with Infinera; EU promises chip sovereignty.

O-RAN founders keep control as big kit vendors bear the risk
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

The O-RAN Alliance is ensuring that technical contributions will be 'non-confidential,' but little else has changed.

5G and IoT can reduce UK emissions by 78% by 2035 – report
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

As the world gets ready for COP26 in Glasgow, using 5G and IoT in manufacturing, transport and agriculture can cut UK carbon emissions by 4% a year, according to a new report commissioned by Vodafone.

Comcast nearing launch of 'XClass'-branded TVs – report
News Analysis | 9/14/2021

Once again it looks as though Comcast is ready to enter the smart TV market. A report in Protocol says Comcast will soon offer two TV models made by Hisense and outfitted with the cable operator's software platform.

T-Mobile CFO: Samsung 'has really fallen behind the eight ball'
News Analysis | 9/14/2021

'A lot of our customer base are very significant Samsung lovers, and so we probably saw a little bit more of the supply chain issue there,' said T-Mobile CFO Peter Osvaldik.

US mobile providers love coverage maps, but not coverage details
News Analysis | 9/14/2021

Verizon, T-Mobile and CTIA were among those voicing support for the FCC's ongoing broadband mapping initiative. However, they pushed against sharing cell site information, in-vehicle coverage data and more.

AT&T promises to steal mobile customers from rivals
News Analysis | 9/14/2021

AT&T's new CFO, Pascal Desroches, says the company has a number of growth strategies firmly in place. 'All those things collectively are allowing us to grow and to gain share,' he said.

Comcast in no rush to deploy CBRS spectrum
News Analysis | 9/14/2021

Referencing an 'excellent' MVNO deal with Verizon, pricing on wholesale mobile access is relatively in-line with the economics Comcast could achieve by offloading traffic using CBRS, Comcast CFO says.

Matrixx CTO: How modern charging, billing unlocks new mobile services
CxO Spotlight | 9/14/2021

Marc Price, CTO of Matrixx, talks about the possibilities that exist for network operators when they can more creatively charge for services and what new infrastructure unlocks those opportunities.

Telefónica puts NEC in its open RAN driving seat
News Analysis | 9/14/2021

The Japanese kit maker will take on the systems integrator role and provide radio units for Telefónica trials in important markets.

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