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Cable players are taking many paths to PON
News Analysis | 6/18/2021

Though many cable operators will continue to head down the road of DOCSIS in the years to come, they're also taking a close look at various FTTP options as they explore next-gen network moves.

Biden back in DC, but China still on his mind
News Analysis | 6/18/2021

Back from his foreign junket, Biden issues an order letting the government subpoena or ban Chinese app makers, while the FCC closes Huawei loopholes.

AT&T, Verizon are still using spectrum tied to Dish for COVID-19 traffic spikes
News Analysis | 6/18/2021

At issue are billions of dollars worth of spectrum licenses that Dish Network is still trying to acquire. The FCC, meantime, is loaning those licenses to AT&T and Verizon.

China 5G device sales slow
News Analysis | 6/18/2021

The China 5G handset juggernaut is slowing down – after growing at a thundering pace in early 2021 with 91 million devices shipped in the first four months.

Telecoms equipment market rebounds in Q1 2021 – Dell'Oro
News Analysis | 6/18/2021

Huawei retains its grip with a 36% share outside North America, almost equal to the combined share of Nokia, Ericsson and ZTE.

With five IPOs and $5B, SK plans Korea's SouthBank
News Analysis | 6/18/2021

Eyeing the SouthBank Group blueprint, South Korea's SK Telecom hives off an investment arm, with $5 billion and five IPOs lined up.

Open RAN a lifeline for emerging market telcos
News Analysis | 6/18/2021

The ardent debates around open RAN have obscured the reality that many of the biggest proponents of the new architecture are in the developing world.

WiCipedia: Coded Bias sheds light on facial recognition inequalities
WiCipedia | 6/18/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: AI needs an overhaul; only 5% of tech roles are held by women of color; women take on the autonomous vehicle industry; and more.

Symphony MediaAI builds churn-buster for streaming services
News Analysis | 6/18/2021

Company ties streaming subscriber data with its AI and machine learning engine to get to the core of why or when subs are about to churn and provides provides potential remedies to keep them from fleeing.

Eurobites: Orange's pole upgrade bill just got bigger
News Analysis | 6/18/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Proximus demonstrates 5G with VR gig; Infosecurity Europe goes online-only; A1 puts its faith in esports.

Google Fiber's free upgrade play pushes Chromecast with Google TV devices
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

The gigabit-happy ISP is also tossing in whole-home Google WiFi upgrades as Google Fiber seeks to eventually detach itself from its legacy, managed IPTV product.

Another East Coast utility starts testing private wireless LTE network
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

Avangrid is testing a private wireless LTE network with equipment from Nokia and GE working on spectrum bands including 900MHz from spectrum-leasing company Anterix.

Microsoft expands telecom portfolio with Azure private MEC
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

An 'evolution' of Microsoft's previous offering in the area, Azure private MEC represents a melding of the company's cloud computing technology with its new Affirmed and Metaswitch assets.

Viavi probably won't get Exfo, and that may be OK
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

Exfo's board said a merger with Viavi 'is not capable of being completed.' But one financial analyst firm said Viavi's prospects in the sector, even without an acquisition of Exfo, remain undimmed.

Cable's wireless biz 'ready for its star turn' – analyst
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

Comcast's multi-line pricing and break-even status of its mobile biz, coupled with traffic offload opportunities presented by CBRS, show 'it's time to take cable's wireless business seriously,' according to Craig Moffett.

Podcast: The Divide – Internet Society Foundation aims to bolster broadband with global grants
LRTV Interviews | 6/17/2021

This week: Sarah Armstrong, executive director of the Internet Society Foundation, on the organization's mission to support Internet access for everyone and its current work to award grants for community-led efforts in Bangladesh, Colombia and Senegal.

Google Cloud brings more apps to the edge in 5G drive
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

Cloud services provider brings 22 more industry application providers into the fold as part of broader telecoms strategy.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom goes on the hunt for fiber funding
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia rolls out 5G for TTN in Denmark; MTN digs open RAN; UK government gets gung-ho on gigabit broadband.

Rakuten to expose what open RAN kit makers charge
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

The Japanese firm plans to reveal exactly what it pays for components in a move that the big vendors may not welcome.

Router/switch market back to pre-pandemic levels – Dell'Oro
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

Market research firm expects transition to 400G products, along with mobile backhaul upgrades, as key demand drivers going forward.

India launches Trusted Telecom site to address security concerns
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

Portal gives clearance to telecom gear before it is installed by service providers, as new rules mandate telcos use equipment from 'trusted' sources only.

TIM gets Cisco into Noovle
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

Operator's cloud company taps into expertise of seasoned enterprise networking giant.

Ericsson bags 5G 'core' deal with Vodafone UK
News Analysis | 6/17/2021

The UK's mobile core market looks increasingly Nordic as Ericsson extends its role within Vodafone's network.

Verizon's CFO 'pretty excited' about potential for reduced network capex
News Analysis | 6/16/2021

Verizon is spending billions of additional dollars on capital expenses over the next few years. But that higher level of spending isn't permanent, according to the company's CFO.

Consolidation in test and measurement: Viavi goes for Exfo
News Analysis | 6/16/2021

Viavi has made a $430 million offer to purchase testing and measurement company Exfo, a play that counters the plans of Exfo's founder to take the company private.

Juniper CEO: 5G future is virtualized
CxO Spotlight | 6/16/2021

Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper Networks, explains why future 5G services will be virtualized, and how the company plans to further automate data center operations.

Lightpath enters Boston market via M&A flurry
News Analysis | 6/16/2021

Lightpath, the fiber connectivity company now owned by Altice USA and Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners (MSIP), will enter a market served by incumbents that include Comcast, RCN and Verizon.

Betting big, Nokia goes open RAN fishing in Texas
News Analysis | 6/16/2021

Nokia opens an open RAN collaboration and testing center in Dallas, as CEO Pekka Lundmark bets large on O-Ran to catch Ericsson and hobbled Huawei.

Eurobites: CMA puts mobile 'ecosystems' under the microscope
News Analysis | 6/16/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: HMD Global does IoT with Nokia's WING; Ekinops lands Croatian transport deal; Deutsche Telekom updates on 5G rollout.

Nokia covers all the bases with its cloud partnerships
The Wizard of Roz | 6/16/2021

Dish went all-in with AWS. Nokia is splitting its time and attention between the three leading cloud providers. Contributing analyst Roz Roseboro looks at the merits of the approach and how it lines up with each cloud provider's strengths.

Vodafone and AWS kickstart war on latency with UK 'edge' launch
News Analysis | 6/16/2021

The UK gets its first taste of a low-latency 5G service this week as it launches the Wavelength service that was first promised last year.

Ericsson says fears about Europe's 5G lag have come true
News Analysis | 6/16/2021

New data shared exclusively with Light Reading shows just how badly Europe has now fallen behind other parts of the world in 5G, says the Swedish equipment vendor.

New Ericsson report calls 46% data traffic growth 'normal'
News Analysis | 6/16/2021

According to a new Ericsson report, mobile data traffic grew 75% in 2018 and early 2019, but that growth slowed this year.

VMware, Intel and Cohere discuss spectrum efficiencies and the telco cloud transform in the RAN
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 6/16/2021

Stephen Spellicy, VP of product marketing and solutions from VMware, Caroline Chan, GM, 5G infrastructure from Intel, and Ray Dolan, CEO from Cohere Technologies join Gabriel Brown to discuss a recent announcement in the RAN.

AT&T, T-Mobile prepare to tackle the 5G perception problem
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

T-Mobile's marketing leadership is in a transition phase. Meantime, AT&T is preparing a brand refresh campaign. The actions are in response to expectations of frenetic growth in the 5G industry this year.

Not all churn is created equal, Sling TV exec says
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

OTT-TV provider has a 'robust restart business' among customers who come and go, while others, particularly families with multiple users, tend to be more loyal and represent more value.

VMware adds cloud-based security to SASE stack
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

Windstream Enterprise plans to make VMware's new cloud-based security service available to its SD-WAN customers later this year.

On the Huawei question, Biden replaces Trump's stick with carrots
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

The US government is offering training, workshops, handbooks and, most importantly, money, to encourage countries to block the purchase of Chinese 5G equipment.

Dish's 'Project Gene5is' signup site hints at American 5G
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

Dish Network has erected a website signup page for its planned 5G network that carries the 'Project Gene5is' branding and promises to 'democratize wireless access.'

TiVo-NCTC agreement enables MobiTV service to live on
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

New master services agreement comes together about a month after TiVo emerged as the top bidder for MobiTV's assets.

Malaysia surprises with another unusual spectrum handout
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

Once again, the Malaysian government has surprised the industry with a sudden and unexplained spectrum allocation.

Vodafone UK takes aim at rivals with new offers
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

The UK operator positions itself to meet the challenge of converged rivals BT/EE and O2/Virgin Media.

Rakuten says chips crunch is 'much worse' than expected
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

Telecom industry faces an uphill battle over the next two years, warns Rakuten Mobile's Tareq Amin.

Small WISP gets government cash to cover Apple's HQ with broadband
Broadband World News | 6/15/2021

About $8,000 in RDOF funding is going to LTD Broadband to provide 1-Gig service in areas surrounding Apple's massive $5 billion headquarters. That's drawn a complaint from the Competitive Carriers Association.

India's BSNL future uncertain as it struggles to launch 4G
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

The recent approval by India's DoT of 5G trials has put the spotlight on state-owned BSNL, which is still struggling to build a 4G network.

The forecast for in-person telecom events: Expect a busy Q4
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

From the Big 5G Event to Connect (X) 2021, ACA Connects and the NAB Show, US telecom executives are expecting a strong return to in-person events in the fall.

The folly of attempting to future-proof broadband
Guest Perspectives | 6/15/2021

Broadband usage today is completely asymmetrical, making symmetrical requirements misguided.

Telia Carrier CEO: Pushing for global expansion
CxO Spotlight | 6/15/2021

Telia Carrier CEO Staffan Göjeryd said his company is poised to keep growing and will likely become more focused and more competitive now that it is standing on its own. Meanwhile, the need to balance technology investments and market expansion looms larger than ever.

Eurobites: Beeline Georgia modernizes core with Nokia
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Sparkle Nibbles into northern Europe; UPC mobile customers move over to Sunrise; AI for Spain's industrial sector.

Cautious start to 5G in spectrum-starved Indonesia
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

Led by Telkomsel, Indonesian operators have begun rolling out limited 5G deployments in the face of a severe spectrum shortage.

SES, Comcast deal ties into C-band reclamation for 5G
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

New deal paves way for Comcast Technology Solutions to transition video distribution services to a different satellite and help SES eventually vacate a portion of the C-band that will be used for 5G.

Study sizes up cost and performance options for bridging the broadband gap
Broadband World News | 6/14/2021

ACA Connects and Cartesian connected on a multi-faceted study finding that it would cost in the range of $61 billion to $118 billion to bring 1 Gbit/s to certain locations not covered by the phase I RDOF auction.

Taking the OSS to the cloud – are CSPs there yet and how does it help their digital and network transformation?
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 6/14/2021

Traditionally, public cloud was regarded as unable to meet the performance, security and data governance requirements of the mission-critical business and operation support systems used by the communications and media industry. However, faced with the need to increase their agility and operational efficiencies, a growing number of CSPs are now looking at migrating their operations support systems (OSS) to public clouds in order to achieve these objectives.

AT&T to take open RAN indoors first
News Analysis | 6/14/2021

AT&T plans to implement open RAN first in its indoor networks, mainly because such networks are often relatively simple. And the operator can push traffic onto its outdoor networks if there are problems.

Light Reading Recap: Week of June 11
LRTV Documentaries | 6/14/2021

Last week's highlights included a piece of good news for TikTok users in the US, a big bet on BT's fiber rollout from French telecom giant Altice and Starlink's plans to provide in-flight Wi-Fi.

Orange says software bug to blame for outage
News Analysis | 6/14/2021

The French group says a cyberattack was not to blame for a major network outage that affected calls to emergency numbers.

Biden to UAE: Sheikh off Huawei or lose F-35s
News Analysis | 6/14/2021

UAE achieved one of the world's best 5G rollouts using Huawei kit. But Biden tells the Emirates to break with Shenzhen or lose an F-35 jet shipment.

Eurobites: MTN Uganda turns to TIP tech for network automation
News Analysis | 6/14/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia and Ooredoo deploy 4G and 5G FWA in Oman; STC adds fire alarm system to its smart armory; Openreach's Selley lands a CBE in Birthday Honours list.

Satellite firms, telcos fight over 28GHz spectrum in India
News Analysis | 6/14/2021

There seems to be a tug of war going on between the satellite communication firms and Indian service providers over the 28GHz spectrum band.

Samsung beats Euro, US rivals to land Vodafone UK open RAN deal
News Analysis | 6/14/2021

The South Korean vendor emerges as the key player in the deployment as Vodafone works on replacing China's Huawei in its 5G network.

New York judge halts $15/month broadband, handing victory to telecom industry
News Analysis | 6/11/2021

Although a New York judge issued an injunction against legislation requiring $15 per month broadband, the issue is still very much undecided.

Cable access market rises on back of new hardware deployments – Dell'Oro
News Analysis | 6/11/2021

Deployments of distributed access architecture (DAA) equipment are also showing signs of life, but suppliers of DOCSIS CPE could be in for more pain as chip shortages persist.

US telecom groups warn of network construction delays from chip shortages
News Analysis | 6/11/2021

'The minimum delay reported by members was generally three to four weeks,' NTCA told the FCC. Some network operators report 'not being able to obtain the equipment for the 2021 construction season.'

Wi-Fi 6E poised to pave a 'VIP lane' for service providers
News Analysis | 6/11/2021

Tapping into the 6GHz band with Wi-Fi 6 will enable service providers to free up the 5GHz band and pursue a new wave of high-bandwidth, low-latency apps and services, CommScope exec says.

Intel wants to high-five SiFive – reports
News Analysis | 6/11/2021

US chip giant said to have offered $2 billion to get its hands on chip-designer startup.

Will service providers achieve the desired outcomes of digital transformation?
Guest Perspectives | 6/11/2021

Service providers need to both bend to the technology realities of the moment, while continuing the march towards a longer-term vision, writes A10's Terry Young.

Reshoring: TSMC seeks offshore options
News Analysis | 6/11/2021

Asia's most valuable company, TSMC, is weighing construction of an advanced chip-making plant in Kumamoto, western Japan.

A battle royale is forming in private wireless networking
DanoVision | 6/11/2021

A wide range of companies – from mobile network operators to cloud computing companies to startups – are colliding in their pursuit of the private wireless networking opportunity.

WiCipedia: Working from home isn't for everyone
WiCipedia | 6/11/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Working from home does not work for everyone; the biggest diversity trends; women in engineering experience daily microaggressions; and more.

Eurobites: Drahi to push for Openreach spin-off – report
News Analysis | 6/11/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telia Carrier highlights pandemic security spike; 5G gaming-by-the-sea; AWS to plant data centers in Israel.

Rakuten network wins plaudits but could need a 'Hail Mary' deal
News Analysis | 6/11/2021

It performs well in a comparison with other international 4G networks, but one analyst says the loss-making Japanese firm desperately needs a deep-pocketed investor.

NBCU to deliver live coverage of Tokyo games in 4K HDR
News Analysis | 6/10/2021

Programmer's first live primetime coverage of the Olympic games in the eye-popping format will be complemented by live 4K HDR coverage on NBCU's Golf Channel and the Olympic Channel.

Accelerating broadband access tailwinds – Light Reading discusses major marketplace opportunities with DZS CEO Charlie Vogt
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 6/10/2021

DZS CEO Charlie Vogt and Light Reading Editor-in-Chief Phil Harvey discuss the accelerating tailwinds and significant opportunities present in the access market today, the turnaround at DZS and how the company is helping service providers capture "generational" opportunities.

Skepticism of Dish's 5G plans is justified – analysts
News Analysis | 6/10/2021

'Selling to enterprises is very difficult, and we don't know why anyone would work with Dish, which has no experience in building networks or working with enterprises,' argued the financial analysts at J.P. Morgan.

DoD's 5G bet is already paying dividends
Guest Perspectives | 6/10/2021

The Miramar competition provides a look into the breakthrough wireless technologies that the DoD investments have already produced.

Open RAN groupie Airspan shows progress ahead of IPO
News Analysis | 6/10/2021

Airspan reported a 67% year-over-year increase in its revenues to $45.9 million and a 42% year-over-year increase in its gross profit to $20.9 million ahead of its planned debut as a public company.

Biden's billions a throwback to Cold War innovation
News Analysis | 6/10/2021

The Biden administration's plans to tip tens of billions into new tech to counter China is a throwback to the Cold War – not necessarily a bad thing.

Starlink courting airlines for in-flight Internet connectivity deals
Broadband World News | 6/10/2021

SpaceX exec says Starlink's aviation product is in development and talks are now underway with 'several' airlines, moves that are sure to amp up competition with satellite broadband companies such as Viasat.

TikTok tale ticks to Biden finale, second season
News Analysis | 6/10/2021

Biden overturns Trump's TikTok and WeChat bans, but his new review on how Chinese companies use US data may see them die another day.

Podcast: The Divide – INDATEL and Connected2Fiber on monetizing 'fiber to the farmhouse'
CxO Spotlight | 6/10/2021

This week: Ben Edmond, founder and CEO of Connected2Fiber, and Mel Wagner, CEO of INDATEL, on the economic challenges of rural broadband and how Connected2Fiber is helping operators plan and monetize their networks.

Bring me wine and let robots run the BT network
Morris Lore | 6/10/2021

Regarding people as a problem, BT's chief network architect is determined to automate as much as he possibly can over the next decade.

Details of Verizon's C-band buildout begin trickling out
News Analysis | 6/10/2021

Verizon may not get early access to the B and C Block portions of its C-band holdings. However, it plans to add CBRS capabilities to its network as part of its C-band buildout.

Altice snags 12.1% stake in BT
News Analysis | 6/10/2021

Biggest single shareholders in UK incumbent are now French and German.

Eurobites: KPN switches on fiber joint venture
News Analysis | 6/10/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefónica invests in Monogoto; TIM teams up to digitalize Italian industry; Sky Italia fails to bag sports content.

Intel is building an open RAN fortress, but it's also under attack
News Analysis | 6/10/2021

Operators believe open RAN can spur competition and supplier diversity in the radio access network. So how come today's ecosystem is built around one giant chipmaker?

On China, Senate passes telecoms, chips, 5G bill
News Analysis | 6/9/2021

Eyeing China, the US Senate passed a $250 billion bill to boost the US semiconductor, telecoms, and AI sectors, but its path ahead is uncertain.

T-Mobile's CMO Matt Staneff is no longer with the company
News Analysis | 6/9/2021

Staneff said on Twitter that it's time for a new adventure. He left the wireless carrier on June 1.

Need for mobile convergence forced cable to 'think differently,' CableLabs CEO says
News Analysis | 6/9/2021

'You can't operate in a silo,' CableLabs CEO Phil McKinney says regarding a pair of recent convergence-focused initiatives that are actively seeking out cross-industry collaboration.

Private wireless networks in the US start going public
News Analysis | 6/9/2021

Private wireless networks are emerging in locations such as the Port of Oakland and the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia – an indication of the maturation of the space.

Hitting the upstream 'sweet spot' with DOCSIS 4.0
Broadband World News | 6/9/2021

DOCSIS 4.0 presents a multitude of spectrum options, but operators are already gravitating towards expanding the upstream to 396MHz, which would support upstream speeds of about 3 Gbit/s, CommScope exec says.

Podcast: Women in Comms Spotlight – Verizon engineer on the value of being a 'relentless doer'
LRTV Interviews | 6/9/2021

There is still immense pressure on women to balance the demands from their careers and personal lives, and tech companies need to provide employees with the flexibility to succeed at home and in the workplace.

CNG Europe Preview: From Dodgy to DOCSIS
LRTV Documentaries | 6/9/2021

Alan Breznick and Tien Fu share bad British humor as they prep for LR's upcoming Cable Next-Gen Europe digital symposium on June 22 and 24.

Huawei steps up the fight
News Analysis | 6/9/2021

The China-based vendor insists that country of origin does not affect the security of network equipment.

Eurobites: Google bows to EU pressure on Android search engine choice
News Analysis | 6/9/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Iskratel expands into Germany; online living in the post-pandemic world; Lebara sticks with Vodafone in the UK.

Open source software expected to drive open RAN deployments
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/9/2021

SPONSORED: Key findings from Heavy Reading's 'Accelerating Open RAN Platforms Operator Survey' show that carriers are shifting to open source for their RAN software.

There are many paths to the promised land of '10G'
News Analysis | 6/8/2021

Operators have multiple tech options, including HFC, PON and even wireless, to achieve the capacity, low latency and security goals of the cable industry's 10G initiative, execs at the Anga Com event say.

Boris Johnson is shafting the GSMA
Morris Lore | 6/8/2021

UK government rules may deter thousands from attending this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Is the Twitter-India standoff over?
News Analysis | 6/8/2021

The social media giant has sought more time from the government to comply with the new IT rules, possibly marking an end to the standoff.

TIM trumpets new open RAN lab in Turin
News Analysis | 6/8/2021

After being late to the European operator open RAN party, the Italian group is trying to build a head of steam.

Rethinking networking in a 'post MPLS' world
Guest Perspectives | 6/8/2021

Performance on the Internet middle mile, once the network service provider's problem in the MPLS network, is now a concern for the enterprise, writes TeleGeography's Greg Bryan.

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