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Disaggregating the Broadband Access Network
News from Huawei | 3/26/2018

Work to disaggregate the BNG is on the right track and aligns well with network operator goals.

Mobile Communications Help Create Virtuous Circle in Africa
News from Huawei | 3/20/2018

Closing the digital divide in Africa is a primary goal for stakeholders from operators to governments to NGOs.

Wanted: New Approaches to Indoor 5G
News from Huawei | 3/19/2018

The good news is there are lots of interesting propositions.

Digital Transformation Will Propel Growth in Emerging Markets
News from Huawei | 3/19/2018

Digital transformation will drive change across the telecom sector around the world.

The Challenge & Opportunity for Mobile Services in Africa
News from Huawei | 3/19/2018

With more than 1 billion people, Africa represents a market opportunity too large to ignore

An Indoor Battle Strategy for 5G
News from Huawei | 3/14/2018

For mobile operators, the struggle to provide adequate service indoors becomes a full-on battle as they ramp up 5G networks.

Transforming the Telecom Ecosystem in Emerging Markets
News from Huawei | 3/13/2018

With growth in mature markets flat at best, many across the telecom ecosystem are looking to emerging markets to provide the next area of growth.

Can China Steal a Lead in Intelligent Transport Systems?
News from Huawei | 3/12/2018

The Government is starting with small projects and, as successes mount, it intends to scale them nationally while being active in international standards development, so as to be a major global provider.

Mobile IoT Set to Move From Deployment to Monetization in 2018
News from Huawei | 3/12/2018

How will operators efficiently monetize the likes of LTE-M and NB-IoT?

Build a Fully Connected, Intelligent Emerging Market
News from Huawei | 3/1/2018

Due to the lack of infrastructure and strong business foundation in emerging markets, developing ICT sectors face challenges.

Chen Lifang: Connecting All Things Is the Basis of Everything Else
News from Huawei | 2/27/2018

Chen Lifang, Senior Vice President of Huawei, emphasized that connecting all things is the basis of everything else, and is the cornerstone of an intelligent world, in her speech in Unlocking New Economic Value Summit during Mobile Congress World 2018.

Digitalization: Key to 5G Indoor Success
News from Huawei | 2/27/2018

Boosting intensive indoor coverage in preparation for the 5G era has been and will continue to be a serious concern for many operators. What options are available for operators?

Finding New Growth with All Business Connected LTE Evolution
News from Huawei | 2/27/2018

From simple individual communication to digital society, new businesses bring huge opportunities to mobile operators who are facing challenges in growth.

Ryan Ding: On 5G, Work With Huawei
News from Huawei | 2/27/2018

Ryan Ding, Huawei Executive Director and President of Carrier Business Group, shared his views and vision for 5G with the industry at the '5G is Now' Summit during Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018.

TM9, Powering Smartphones With an Astonishingly High Throughput
News from Huawei | 2/23/2018

TM9, a standardized transmission mode defined by 3GPP, is the core technology for further improving FDD LTE user throughput.

Huawei Cloud Enterprise Communications Solution
News from Huawei | 9/5/2017

Huawei Cloud Enterprise Communications (CloudEC) solution integrates capabilities, such as HD video, instant messaging, collaborative conference and contact center together, and can be applied in offices, mobile workspace, cross-regional working and other scenarios.

Implementing the Cloud+X Strategy on Enterprise Connection and Communications Services
News from Huawei | 8/25/2017

Cloud+X is the best choice for carriers' enterprise market expansion plans.

Case Study: Service Cloudification Enables B2B Transformation in China Telecom
News from Huawei | 8/25/2017

Guangdong Telecom's all-fiber network deployment transformed its enterprise services potential.

Enterprise Cloud Communications Deliver Borderless Collaboration
News from Huawei | 8/25/2017

There are still a lot of problems and challenges that impede the construction of an information-based enterprise but Huawei has some solutions.

Opportunities Present Themselves to Operators in the B2B Market
News from Huawei | 8/24/2017

Industry boosts in the B2B market meet new enterprise service requirements.

Service Cloudification Enables B2B Transformation in China Telecom
News from Huawei | 8/21/2017

How can communications service providers develop new lines of business based on emerging trends in the enterprise ICT sector?

CloudOptiX Restructures Transport Networks to Facilitate All-Cloud Network Evolution
News from Huawei | 3/7/2017

Huawei's CloudOptiX solution facilitates the cloudification of transport networks to both fulfill current demands and prepare for future challenges.

Huawei CloudCampus Empowers New Business Opportunities for Operators
News from Huawei | 3/7/2017

Huawei CloudCampus solution leverages cloud management technology to implement centralized multi-tenant management and scales to manage up to several millions network elements so that operators can take full advantage of their high-performance network platforms.

All-Cloud Networks: Enabling Telco Business Success in the Cloud Era
News from Huawei | 3/1/2017

Huawei's end-to-end All-Cloud network, introduced at Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC17), demonstrates how telecom operators can evolve their networks to innovate and grow in the digital era.

All-Optical Switching Supports Full Mesh Backbone Networks to Achieve One-Hop Transmission Between DCs
News from Huawei | 3/1/2017

Huawei's OXC all-optical switching solution has large-capacity switching and multi-degree optical-layer grooming capabilities, which can better meet requirements on full mesh connections on backbone networks.

4.5G Evolution – Where Technology Meets Business Growth
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

More than 100 carriers have deployed 4.5G commercial or trial networks around the globe.

Let's Get 5G Up & Running
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

Together, we need to actively embrace new technology, new business modes, and new applications to fully prepare for the arrival of the 5G era.

Pushing the Limits of Spectrum to Unleash Network Potential
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

Huawei's 'All Cloud' mobile network strategy receives widespread industry recognition.

Huawei Launches Next-Gen Indoor Mobile Broadband Solution, LampSite 3.0
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

New indoor coverage solution accelerates digital transformation and unleashes the potential of indoor digital economy.

NFV to NFC: Operators Must Prepare a Future-Ready Cloud
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

Huawei is committed to the introduction of cloud technology and extension to the basic network of various fields.

Huawei All-Flash Storage, Accelerating Mission Critical Business for Carriers
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

Flash memory used to be considered a differentiated competitive advantage, but now it is a must-have in cloud data centers.

Huawei Completes First Commercial Use of Its Butterfly Site, a Rural Mobile Network Solution
News from Huawei | 2/24/2017

Cost-effective butterfly sites bring connections to unconnected rural areas.

Huawei X Labs, Born for Innovative Wireless Applications
News from Huawei | 2/23/2017

X Labs has been created to be a center for cooperation and innovation in the wireless applications community.

As Video Becomes a Basic Service, Telecom Carriers Must Redefine Their Networks
News from Huawei | 2/23/2017

Networks built for video deliver the best video experience, explains Ryan Ding, Executive Director of the Board and President of Products and Solutions at Huawei Technologies.

Video as a Basic Service Brings New Development Opportunities to Carriers
News from Huawei | 3/11/2016

Mobile video data usage will increase 24-fold in the next six years, and video services will become an even greater form of communication and recreation.

U-vMOS-Defined Network Architecture
News from Huawei | 3/11/2016

Video has already become both a new point of growth and a fundamental service for carriers in the ultra-broadband era.

Three SDN System Integration Approaches Help Operators Provide One-Stop Enterprise CloudVPN Services
News from Huawei | 3/10/2016

Enterprises need efficient, reliable, flexible ICT services for quicker market expansion, more agile innovation and higher productivity.

The Network Force Awakens
News from Huawei | 3/10/2016

Reflections on architecture transformation for Network 2020.

Superior Mobile Video Experience, Improve Service & Brand Competitiveness
News from Huawei | 3/10/2016

Huawei has extensive global delivery experience and well anchored research & development that looks into new technologies to improve the mobile video experience.

Network Experience PLUS, Driving Performance Beyond
News from Huawei | 3/10/2016

In today's 4G/5G era, networks have to support more services and more traffic than ever. Operators understand that a differentiated network experience is critical to maintaining a leading position.

IoT: Collaborating on Connections
News from Huawei | 3/10/2016

The Internet of Things is destined to change life and revolutionize every industry.

Fixed Network Modernization Services Rejuvenate Copper Networks
News from Huawei | 3/10/2016

Huawei's fixed network modernization service solution provides integrated services that cover an entire network life cycle.

Digitizing with Huawei Telco OS
News from Huawei | 3/9/2016

Architecture and applications, by Dr. Sun Dong, Chief Architect of Digital Transformation Solutions, Huawei.

Video Connections Make For a Closer, Brilliant Life
News from Huawei | 3/8/2016

Huawei's Big Video vision.

The Gigabit Challenge for Mobile Operators
News from Huawei | 3/8/2016

What are the challenges for hitting Gigabit speeds at base stations? This infographic outlines the main ones.

4K: Sony Makes You Believe via UBB
News from Huawei | 3/8/2016

4K is set to redefine how we see and utilize video, Sony's Head of AV Media for Sony Professional Europe, Olivier Bovis, tells Jason Patterson & Linda Xu.

Re-architecting Infrastructure and Operations to Enable New Growth
News from Huawei | 3/8/2016

User experience is critical to retaining users, attracting new users, and increasing their lifetime value

Cloud Transformation, Reforming Your Business
News from Huawei | 3/7/2016

The digital era is here and is reshaping entire industries and the way we live our lives, writes Huawei Senior Marketing Manager Michael Lee.

NFV Has Entered the Fast Lane
News from Huawei | 3/7/2016

Core networks will be the first to take a stroll in the clouds.

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