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Time to Redefine the Browser
Nearpoints | 9/7/2007

And change its name, too

Let’s Not Forget Authorization
Nearpoints | 9/4/2007

The other A in AAA

802.11n & Voice
Nearpoints | 8/31/2007

A great truth, again

It's the Architecture, Stupid
Nearpoints | 8/22/2007

OK, it's .11n too

Projector in a Cellphone?
Nearpoints | 8/13/2007

And you thought it wouldn't fit

Femtocells on the Rise
Nearpoints | 8/8/2007

Blast from the past

The iPhone is 3G
Nearpoints | 8/8/2007

A small matter of definition

Open Access
Nearpoints | 7/26/2007

The triumph of the commons

What's in a Name?
Nearpoints | 7/20/2007

I’m no longer sure

Air Power
Nearpoints | 7/17/2007

Should I move out of the way?

The UI Problem
Nearpoints | 7/13/2007

I’ll show you a gesture…

Management Über Alles
Nearpoints | 6/5/2007

Meaningful differentiation that users never see

What Price 4G?
Nearpoints | 6/1/2007

The high cost of wireless broadband

Wired & Wireless
Nearpoints | 5/31/2007

Its not a case of one or the other

Aerohive: Busy Bees
Nearpoints | 5/14/2007

The return of the big AP?

Big Bad Backhaul Blast
Nearpoints | 5/7/2007

Keeping 'em flying

The Right Way to 700
Nearpoints | 5/4/2007

Sharing is Caring

Re-Thinking Mesh Requirements
Nearpoints | 4/26/2007

Counterintuitive Cost Control

Learning From Blackouts
Nearpoints | 4/24/2007

Thoughts on the BlackBerry outage

Instant News
Nearpoints | 4/20/2007

Wireless changes the rules of video journalism – even in the face of horrific events

Apple v Microsoft
Nearpoints | 4/17/2007

Pulling for the underdog just might help us all

The Big Sheet
Nearpoints | 4/13/2007

A solution to global warming the space crowd could love

.11n Thunder
Nearpoints | 4/9/2007

Next-gen WiFi to dominate by the end of 2007?

Q Misadventures
Nearpoints | 4/2/2007

Support as an abstract, theoretical concept

Craig Goes Q
Nearpoints | 3/26/2007

Cost-effective, or just cheap?

Nokia's N800
Nearpoints | 3/19/2007

Better than the 770? Not just yet

Clearwire Takes a Dip
Nearpoints | 3/13/2007

It may not mean much

Mobility & Global Warming
Nearpoints | 3/8/2007

Could a battery charger save the polar bears?

Meshes & Interference
Nearpoints | 2/28/2007

Two more things to worry about

Thinking About Interference
Nearpoints | 2/21/2007

A manageable problem

The Right Way to do Mobile Video
Nearpoints | 2/7/2007

Penthera’s approach just might work

The Linux Option
Nearpoints | 1/31/2007

And it may be a popular one at that

Geeks: A Bright Future
Nearpoints | 1/29/2007

A problem that is only occasionally solved

Don't Talk 'n' Drive
Nearpoints | 1/25/2007

Time to get serious about restricting cellphone use in cars

Other People’s Wires
Nearpoints | 1/23/2007

Does powerline play?

And What About the Browser?
Nearpoints | 1/19/2007

Going on a Safari

Thoughts on Thick
Nearpoints | 1/16/2007

An OS with some junk in the trunk

The iPhone Arriveth
Nearpoints | 1/11/2007

And it's surprisingly business-like

The Power Question
Nearpoints | 1/10/2007

With really, really big implications

The Three Cs of Convergence
Nearpoints | 1/4/2007

Success boils down to three key elements

What Did You Get for Christmas?
Nearpoints | 1/2/2007

I’ll bet it wasn’t $60K cell phone

Back & Forth
Nearpoints | 12/29/2006

Projections and reflections

Vacation? What Vacation?
Nearpoints | 12/27/2006

We never sleep here at Farpoint Group

The Other Qualcomm Deal
Nearpoints | 12/18/2006

The economics of obsolescence

Follow the Chips
Nearpoints | 12/13/2006

It's the silicon, stupid

Qualcomm’s Strategy Is a Winner
Nearpoints | 12/11/2006

Does Qualcomm Have OFDM locked up?

Copyrights 'n' Such
Nearpoints | 12/7/2006

Be careful what you shoot

More on the Protocol Issue
Nearpoints | 12/6/2006

Vendors speak up on this vexing issue

Futzing the Protocol
Nearpoints | 11/28/2006

A flap over .11 packet header fields has long-term implications

2007: The Year of Software
Nearpoints | 11/16/2006

The year of coding mobility?

Virtual Benchmarking
Nearpoints | 11/14/2006

More testing times

Pushing 60
Nearpoints | 11/10/2006

No, not me. GHz

Is Jamming Really a Problem?
Nearpoints | 11/3/2006

It could be, and it doesn't even depend on the band

Thinking About Interference
Nearpoints | 11/2/2006

So, is it a problem, or not?

AutoCell Is Back
Nearpoints | 10/31/2006

I thought they were history. Now maybe they can make some

Best in Show
Nearpoints | 10/19/2006

One product at WiMax World really caught my eye

WiMax: The Landscape Unfolds
Nearpoints | 10/13/2006

Energy, momentum, and a sharpening competitive picture

Ethics 101
Nearpoints | 10/5/2006

The biggest challenge in business today isn’t technical

Unified Switches: Get Ready
Nearpoints | 10/3/2006

The WLAN switch is dead. Long live the unified switch

4G: What & When
Nearpoints | 9/28/2006

4G is suddenly hot, but the what and when remain unclear

The Dark Room
Nearpoints | 9/27/2006

I spent most of the weekend locked in one – trying to answer an important question

FCC to Logan: You're Grounded
Nearpoints | 9/22/2006

The big tower tells Boston's airport to take a flying leap

The Auctions Endeth
Nearpoints | 9/20/2006

No big surprises – and no big changes to the wireless landscape

Motorola Gobbles Symbol
Nearpoints | 9/19/2006

And becomes a leader in wireless LANs – just like that

WiMax Success: It's in the Chips
Nearpoints | 9/12/2006

VLSI will determine the boss of the WiMax world

RFID Won't Replace Bar Codes
Nearpoints | 9/11/2006

I continue to hear that RFID will do something that it cannot

Multi is the New Black
Nearpoints | 9/8/2006

Fall marketing themes are out, multi is the word

Certification Fallout
Nearpoints | 9/5/2006

The Wi-Fi Alliance did the right thing, but lots of issues remain

A Security Blanket?
Nearpoints | 8/28/2006

WiFi security is a good thing, but far from sufficient

Still More on the CrackBerry
Nearpoints | 8/25/2006

Wow, this is worse than I thought

Drafting 'N' Solution
Nearpoints | 8/24/2006

Repositioning may be the answer in the short term

Pull, Not Push
Nearpoints | 8/23/2006

A simple plan for dealing with BlackBerry addiction

Blessing Draft N
Nearpoints | 8/16/2006

The Draft N crowd has two problems, and one will be easy to fix

A Tale of Two Throughputs
Nearpoints | 8/14/2006

Or, why the marketing department needs more engineers

Undue Influence?
Nearpoints | 8/10/2006

Is Intel buying the success of WiMax? And does it matter if it is?

Sprint Drops the WiMax Shoe
Nearpoints | 8/9/2006

OK, I’m nowhere near as skeptical about WiMax as I was Monday

Does WiFi Still Matter?
Nearpoints | 8/3/2006

Look for the logo – it might not be there

Centrino & the Mac
Nearpoints | 8/1/2006

Two unstoppable forces drive the inevitable enterprise wireless future

Will OFDMA Replace CDMA?
Nearpoints | 7/28/2006

An argument that’s not just for geeks anymore

Bad for Them; Good for Us
Nearpoints | 7/25/2006

Welcome to the post-PC era

Too Much Throughput?
Nearpoints | 7/21/2006

I'm always amused by statements that contain both 'wireless' and 'too much throughput'

When the Lights Go Out
Nearpoints | 7/18/2006

It looks like metro-scale WiFi may be at a disadvantage in at least one area - reliability during a blackout

The Skinny From Yahoo
Nearpoints | 7/14/2006

It may not be fashionable, but the big portal firm's thin email client is the wave of the future

Qualcomm's .11n Solution
Nearpoints | 7/12/2006

R&D team produces a high-end WiFi-for-the-home system

No Draft-N Specification
Nearpoints | 7/10/2006

The rumors ain't true – the Wi-Fi Alliance is maintaining its hands-off policy for Draft-N

My Notebook Sleeps Around
Nearpoints | 7/7/2006

Well, not mine, but a lot of them do – and they might bring a social disease to your network

Newbies vs. Geeks
Nearpoints | 7/5/2006

The eternal challenge

Goring the Box
Nearpoints | 6/28/2006

What happens when you want your MTV, or whatever, but your carrier would rather you watch something completely different?

How to Offer Free WiFi
Nearpoints | 6/26/2006

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there is a way to offer free WiFi without too much pain

Security 101
Nearpoints | 6/19/2006

Every day there's another announcement of personal data stolen from a notebook computer and I know what to do about it

We Built It, Now Don't Come?
Nearpoints | 6/12/2006

Telling a college student not to use the Internet is just like telling a Red Sox fan not to watch baseball

Analyst Makes Good
Nearpoints | 6/8/2006

Why my competitors are my friends

Secrets of the Mesh, Part III
Nearpoints | 6/7/2006

The real promise of customer premises kit

Reality Bites: 802.11n Edition
Nearpoints | 5/30/2006

A new record for the IEEE standards process, and something else beyond the obvious for high-speed WiFi

An Interesting Integrity Challenge
Nearpoints | 5/22/2006

Strange conversations are a hallmark of wireless. So today we ask: What happens if wireless goes bang?

Microsoft Wins Again
Nearpoints | 5/16/2006

The battle for the mobile OS is over – and the winner, unfortunately, is Redmond

Secrets of the Mesh, Part II
Nearpoints | 5/11/2006

I know more than I did last night, but still not enough.

Secrets of the Mesh
Nearpoints | 5/10/2006

I am reminded of Animal House where the Dean puts our heroes on 'Double Secret Probation'

The Enterprise Goes Wireless
Nearpoints | 5/9/2006

It's inevitable.

No, I'm Not Happy
Nearpoints | 5/4/2006

The recent vote on the IEEE 802.11n draft is no cause for celebration, and it shouldn’t be.

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