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Eurobites: Telecom Italia's Genish Sets Record Straight Over Elliott
News Analysis | 4/30/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: German cable operators could face change in network access rules; Jan Frykhammar joins Openet board; Timotheus Höttges on that merger.

We're Sorry If We Set Your Car On Fire – Love, Oracle
Wagner’s Ring | 4/27/2018

In which we receive an alarming email from Oracle.

Amazon Cloud Revenue Leaps 49% to $5.44B
News Analysis | 4/26/2018

AWS isn't just growing fast; growth is accelerating.

Microsoft Crowds the Cloud With AI, Expansion Focus
News Analysis | 4/26/2018

Microsoft's Intelligent Cloud group, which includes server, enterprise products and services, reported that its revenues were up 17% to $7.9 billion.

Always Hungry: Feeding Data Center Bandwidth Demands in the Cloud Era
News Analysis | 4/26/2018

Cloud applications have an insatiable appetite for east-west bandwidth inside the data center, as well as between data centers. What can service providers do about that?

Six Key Takeaways From Facebook's Q1 Earnings Call
News Analysis | 4/25/2018

Facebook is doubling down on its ad business, and using AI to moderate hate speech and other inappropriate content.

Google Partners Compete on Ease of Cloud Connections
News Analysis | 4/25/2018

Network operators take different approaches to using new Google Partner Interconnect.

Telstra's Programmable Network Sidesteps a Slippery Slope
LRTV Documentaries | 4/25/2018

Telstra's Jim Fagan explains how service providers can apply lessons learned about automation in the cloud to delivering more automation in their networks.

No Containers Yet? No Worries
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 4/25/2018

Containers seemed poised to take over the Earth, but they've proven slow to implement. Find out how people are implementing containers on real-world service provider networks at the Big Communications Event in Austin next month!

Google Launching G Suite 'Confidential Mode,' Including Self-Destructing Email
News Analysis | 4/25/2018

The new G Suite and Gmail security capabilities aren't bulletproof, but they add an extra layer of control.

Alphabet Splashes $7.7B on Capex Spree
News Analysis | 4/24/2018

The Google parent is spending hard to catch up on with Amazon in the home and cloud, and driving its businesses forward, including YouTube, hardware and Waymo self-driving cars.

Google Plugs in New Cloud Connectivity
News Analysis | 4/24/2018

Google Partner Interconnect is designed for enterprises requiring cloud connectivity who don't require full 10 Gbit/s of a dedicated circuit.

Google Assesses Its Strengths in Its $1B Per Quarter Cloud Business
News Analysis | 4/23/2018

Open source and machine learning are strengths as Google Cloud Platform goes up against bigger competitors.

Dell's Software Engine, Pivotal, Climbs 5% on Its IPO
News Analysis | 4/20/2018

The Dell-controlled Cloud Foundry vendor has an implied value of more than $3 billion on its first day of trading as a public company.

I'm Back for the Future of Communications
The Philter | 4/20/2018

Texas mop, KC smoke, Carolina vinegar – I like all styles of communications, really.

Eurobites: Facebook Backs Out of Ireland as GDPR Jeopardy Looms
News Analysis | 4/19/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Red Hat, Altran join Spanish 5G R&D initiative; Sky powers on; Orange pals up with Siemens for IoT; DT's Open Telekom goes hybrid.

Can Cable's IoT Dethrone Alexa?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 4/19/2018

Cable is moving into the Internet of Things (IoT) market, specifically homing in on home automation, using its advantage of existing connectivity and customers.

IBM's Bouncing Back – Why the Stock Drop?
News Analysis | 4/19/2018

Even though IBM is turning around its long revenue decline, the stock fell hard on Wednesday.

Alibaba Goes for Cloud Foundry Gold
News Analysis | 4/18/2018

The Chinese cloud giant is supporting Cloud Foundry on its infrastructure and joining its Foundation as a gold member.

Zinc Helps 'Deskless Workers' Find Their Voice
News Analysis | 4/18/2018

Zinc's collaboration service is designed for field service technicians, home healthcare workers, retail workers – people who don't spend their workday staring at screens.

At IBM, Cloud Helps Keep Turnaround Going
News Analysis | 4/17/2018

IBM revenue grew for the second consecutive quarter, driven in part by cloud growth, following 22 consecutive quarters of revenue decline. But Wall Street still wasn't happy.

Mirantis Has Seen the Future (Again) & This Time It's Spinnaker
News Analysis | 4/17/2018

Turn around bright eyes: After pivoting to Kubernetes, Mirantis is pivoting to Spinnaker.

Oracle Leads Lobby Against AWS for Juicy Pentagon Deal – Bloomberg
News Analysis | 4/13/2018

Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and other Amazon competitors want to ensure that AWS doesn't get the whole enchilada from a lucrative Department of Defense cloud contract for millions of users, according to Bloomberg.

Is Gmail Testing Self-Destructing Messages?
News Analysis | 4/13/2018

Gmail is getting an overhaul, including new security features, according to reports.

Advancing the Telco Cloud: Q&A With VMware's Shekar Ayyar
From the Founder | 4/13/2018

Light Reading founder Steve Saunders talks with VMware's Shekar Ayyar, who explains why cloud architectures are becoming more distributed, what that means for workloads, and why telcos can still be significant cloud services players.

Cloudflare Wants to Protect the Whole Internet – Legacy Apps, IoT, the Works
News Analysis | 4/13/2018

Cloudflare's Spectrum service extends Cloudflare's web protection and acceleration to anything that uses an Internet connection.

Cloudflare Protects Data With Lava Lamps
News Analysis | 4/13/2018

A wall of lava lamps in Cloudflare's San Francisco office makes encryption psychedelic.

KDDI Europe Sides Wth Silver Peak on SD-WAN
News Analysis | 4/12/2018

KDDI Europe, the UK-based subsidiary of KDDI, launched a new SD-WAN service offering for its 500 enterprise customers with SD-WAN supplier Silver Peak.

Top 4 GDPR Misconceptions
Column | 4/12/2018

Don't get tripped up by these myths about the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Congrats to 2018's WiC Leading Lights Finalists
Que Sera Sarah | 4/12/2018

Ten worthy women and two trailblazing startups made the shortlist this year for Women in Comms' Leading Lights awards. Winners will be unveiled soon at BCE.

Google Has Intent to Cut Humans Out of Network
News Analysis | 4/11/2018

Search engine giant is building an intent-driven tool to stop human employees from stressing out the network, says one of its chief engineers.

Cisco & Juniper Heat Up Cloud Security Feud
News Analysis | 4/11/2018

Competitors Cisco and Juniper upgrade their cloud security platforms, to help you lock up your cloud infrastructure from public cloud to private cloud and on-prem.

Google & Netflix Launch 'Kayenta' for Cloud-Scale Continuous Software Delivery
News Analysis | 4/10/2018

Kayenta is open source software designed to help operators incrementally roll out application upgrades at cloud-scale without breaking things.

IBM Launches 'Skinny' Cloud Mainframe
News Analysis | 4/10/2018

Two new IBM mainframes with security, machine learning and other capabilities for cloud applications are sized to fit in standard data center racks.

Podcast: SD-WAN Goes Beyond Cost-Cutting [Sponsored]
Wagner’s Ring | 4/9/2018

SD-WAN is about more than saving money – it also provides application delivery, insights and reliability. Find out more in this podcast sponsored by Citrix.

Google & Alibaba Cloud Gaining Fast in Public Cloud – but AWS Still Rules
News Analysis | 4/9/2018

Google and Alibaba have a long way to go to catch up with Amazon and Microsoft, but if they can keep up the triple-digit growth they'll get there.

Telstra's Fagan: Network Automation Demands Disruption
News Analysis | 4/6/2018

Jim Fagan, director of Global Platforms for Telstra, delivered a keynote on the operator's Programmable Network and how it has set the stage for Telstra's journey toward network automation.

Trump Bashes Bezos's Baby, but US Government Is a 'Yooge' Amazon Customer
News Analysis | 4/5/2018

Trump casts a cannonade of anti-Amazon tweets, but the company does big business with the US government.

Amazon Automates Cloud Security
News Analysis | 4/4/2018

Rolls out tools to automate managing secrets, certificates, firewall policies and compliance data.

Microsoft Splashes $5B on IoT
News Analysis | 4/4/2018

The cloud provider plans to invest $5 billion on Internet of Things technologies over the next four years, and it's also cutting pricing for its IoT Hub platform for connecting IoT devices.

Google Spins Subsea Cable Web to Australia & Southeast Asia
News Analysis | 4/4/2018

Google is investing in a subsea cable connecting the two continents, casting its subsea web wider.

Intel Spins Out Wind River for Industrial IoT
News Analysis | 4/3/2018

Newly independent vendor will pursue Internet of Things, intelligent devices and edge computing.

CNCF: Containerize Your Legacy!
News Analysis | 4/3/2018

Dan Kohn says going cloud-native doesn't require a total rewrite to microservices of legacy systems – that can come later.

JetStream De-Stealths With Cloud Data Migration Platform
News Analysis | 4/3/2018

Launches with tools to help enterprises migrate data across clouds and multiple data centers.

Lumina Ties BGP/MPLS Into White Box Switching
News Analysis | 4/2/2018

New capabilities are integrated in a way to enable smoother, more efficient transition to SDN.

Come to BCE 2018: It's a Smart Move
LRTV Documentaries | 4/2/2018

Among the many great reasons to join us at BCE 2018 in Austin, Texas, are the educational workshops and panels. To find out more about Light Reading's Big Communications Event (BCE), click here.

Amazon Exec: IoT Reverses the Internet
News Analysis | 4/2/2018

The Internet is designed to deliver mass content from the center to the edge, but the Internet of Things needs to reverse that, says Sarah Cooper, Amazon Web Services general manager of IoT analytics and applications.

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