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Dish is not wedded to AWS after all
News Analysis | 5/18/2022

The company building America's newest mobile network wants a hybrid cloud deployment and not AWS lock-in, it says.

Eurobites: Ericsson shuffles its management pack
News Analysis | 5/18/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT makes quantum leap; Richard says no to golden handshake; Telefonica leads investment in wearables-for-seniors startup.

Red Hat is a bright spot in the dreary IBM picture
News Analysis | 5/16/2022

Big Blue stumped up $34 billion for the open-source pioneer back in 2019, but was the huge outlay worth it?

Rakuten is dumping Red Hat's OpenStack for its own cloud tech
News Analysis | 5/16/2022

Following the acquisition of Robin.io in February, the Japanese company is phasing out an older platform it used to support its mobile network.

Whither Twitter sale, after Elon Musk pauses offer
News Analysis | 5/13/2022

As Elon Musk 'pauses' his Twitter offer, that his offer was accepted in the first place shows how vast Twitter's profitability problems are.

DZS CEO predicts $1B market opportunity post acquisition
News Analysis | 5/12/2022

CEO Charlie Vogt said DZS will target more software and enterprise licensing deals as it finalizes its purchase of Assia's analytics assets.

Synchronoss swimming in losses but sees hope in cloud
News Analysis | 5/11/2022

The US telco software company is cutting back at its messaging and digital units after years of underperformance.

Eurobites: Swisscom draws on Amazon's cloud clout
News Analysis | 5/10/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ethio Telecom launches 5G services; Ofcom seeks mmWave feedback; Nokia opens 5G security lab in US.

Eurobites: Telefónica Tech boosts IT services credentials with B-terna buy
News Analysis | 5/9/2022

Also in today's EMEA's regional roundup: Orange France chooses Ericsson's 5G charging software; BT class action rumbles on; the African edge.

MobiledgeX is dead. Long live Google Cloud
News Analysis | 5/4/2022

The platform once touted as a future telco standard has succumbed like so many industry initiatives to Big Tech's advance.

Eurobites: BT takes a chance on Amazon's cloud
News Analysis | 5/4/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: school's in for TIP; Paramount+ reaches UK, Ireland in June; UK tech regulator de-fanged.

MEF's TAB to buoy vendor voices in strategic work
News Analysis | 5/3/2022

CTO Pascal Menezes says the new advisory board will give technology supplier members more of a voice in MEF's strategic vision around cybersecurity, business automation, SD-WAN, underlay connectivity and edge computing.

Orange brings SD-WAN to nearly 1,200 Siemens sites
News Analysis | 4/29/2022

This is a considerably large SD-WAN deployment for an enterprise with 370,000 employees. Orange's John Isch usually sees an SD-WAN deployment of this size in retail locations.

India's Airtel acquires stake in Cnergee cloud startup
News Analysis | 4/29/2022

The acquisition will allow Airtel to boost its NaaS portfolio for small and medium businesses who want to use cloud-based applications.

AWS proves a pandemic saving grace for parent Amazon
News Analysis | 4/29/2022

Amazon Web Services is a bright spot in an otherwise loss-making quarter for Amazon.

Equinix skirts around threat of rising energy costs to continued growth in data center market
News Analysis | 4/28/2022

Rising energy costs, labor cost inflation, supply chain challenges and a competitive M&A environment were among the financial landmines that Equinix avoided to have a successful quarter.

Zuckerberg tries putting meat on Meta's bones
News Analysis | 4/28/2022

Meta breathes a sigh of relief as its user numbers increase again. But will slowing revenue growth make Zuckerberg trim back his metaverse goals?

Huawei revenue and profit take another tumble
News Analysis | 4/28/2022

The company said the fall in profit was mainly due to the drop in revenue as well as higher investment in new business segments and business continuity.

YouTube's ad woes leave Alphabet reaching for the cloud
News Analysis | 4/27/2022

Google's parent company sees profits tumble by $1.5 billion, while Google Cloud betters analysts' forecasts and grows revenue by 44%.

Juniper's service provider segment and stock hit a speed bump
News Analysis | 4/27/2022

On the flip side, Juniper's cloud business grew 13% and its enterprise segment was up 18.5%. CEO Rami Rahim says this is the first time Juniper's enterprise business has been the company's largest customer vertical.

2022 could be even worse, warns Huawei co-chair
News Analysis | 4/27/2022

Chairman Ken Hu noted threats from escalating economic risks - Ukraine, inflation, the pandemic, rising commodity prices and volatile foreign exchange rates.

Omdia sees enterprise edge services market soaring to $214 billion by 2026
News Analysis | 4/25/2022

Enterprises want service providers to define business cases, run pilot projects and scope out approaches to edge computing use cases, explains the research group.

Snap losses mount as the sales outlook dims
News Analysis | 4/22/2022

War in Ukraine, rising interest rates and supply-chain disruption are weighing on the social media company as it plows money into R&D.

Gartner: SaaS leads in public cloud services
News Analysis | 4/20/2022

While SaaS is the largest public cloud services segment, Gartner predicts infrastructure-as-a-service will see the highest end-user spending growth this year at 30.6%, followed by desktop-as-a-service at 26.6% and platform-as-a-service at 26.1%.

What's the Story? Tier 2s are bullish about 5G
LRTV Interviews | 4/19/2022

Mike Dano explains what smaller service providers are planning to do with federal infrastructure funds, and why they're showing a growing interest in utilizing public clouds.

Omdia: SD-WAN boosted by 5G, edge computing growth
News Analysis | 4/18/2022

Edge computing use cases, an increased use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and growth in IoT are also increasing demand for SD-WAN services, said Omdia.

Verizon to grab 9.9% stake in Casa Systems
News Analysis | 4/18/2022

Verizon and Casa also forged a six-year purchase and development agreement at up to $140 million that will have Casa supply 5G core software to power Verizon's Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) service.

As 5G shifts to the cloud, open source software projects are in upheaval
News Analysis | 4/15/2022

'I think it's only a matter of time before our [networking] elements start moving into the public cloud,' said Rick Brooks, CTO of Cellcom, which offers service throughout Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

SASE roundup: Aryaka plants Paris PoP
News Analysis | 4/13/2022

Also in today's SASE roundup: Palo Alto expands availability of its Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition router to the US and Canada.

Cloud infrastructure spending reaches new heights in 2021, led by AWS – report
News Analysis | 4/12/2022

Amazon Web Services led with 33% of cloud infrastructure services spending in Q4 2021, followed by Microsoft Azure with 22%, and Google Cloud with 9%.

Adderton's Mobile X edges closer to launch
News Analysis | 4/12/2022

'We won't be commercial until we are 100% sure the Mobile X platform works, so expect us to take a few months of real users on platform for full commercial launch,' said Mobile X founder Peter Adderton.

Skills gap threatens future of 5G and open RAN, Eightfold AI reports
News Analysis | 4/8/2022

Eightfold AI explains that the skills gap is an immediate issue that telecom companies need to address - within the next two years - to prepare for trends such as 5G and IoT, cloud and edge computing, big data and AI, SDN and SASE, and open RAN.

Dorsey's Internet is better than the anarchy of tomorrow's Web3
Morris Lore | 4/7/2022

If today's tech billionaires look scary, just wait for tomorrow's crypto-enriched masters of the universe.

Akamai CTO: All access is remote access
CxO Spotlight | 4/5/2022

Robert Blumofe, EVP and CTO at Akamai, discusses his company's recent acquisition of Linode and how his company stays flexible enough to deal with the changes in enterprise computing.

Belal Hamzeh takes over role as CableLabs' convergence champion
News Analysis | 4/4/2022

Hamzeh, CableLab's CTO, has assumed the wireless/mobile convergence duties at the organization after Mariam Sorond exited to take a big role at VMware.

Google nabs former Verizon exec for edge computing
News Analysis | 4/4/2022

Sanyogita Shamsunder was previously a top networking executive at Verizon. Now she's 'Head of Global Network Edge' for cloud computing giant Google.

What's gone wrong at Huawei enterprise?
News Analysis | 4/4/2022

With US sanctions crushing its handset business and throttling network gear sales, Huawei sees salvation in corporate demand for cloud and smart connectivity.

Huawei hunts for AI and cloud expertise in Moscow
Morris Lore | 4/1/2022

The Chinese vendor continues to advertise job vacancies in Russia, where its main rivals have suspended operations.

How Reach Mobile is connecting with cable
CxO Spotlight | 3/31/2022

Hot off a deal with WideOpenWest, Reach Mobile CEO Harjot Saluja says his company's platform enables partners to offer a range of flexible offerings, including family plans, underpinned by the networks of top US carriers.

Nokia lab powers the future of PON, FWA
News Analysis | 3/30/2022

Nokia showed its lab to Light Reading and discussed its approach to 25G PON, beacon devices for mesh Wi-Fi home networks, fixed wireless access (FWA) technologies and more.

Nokia shows why Russia is a bog for Western tech firms
News Analysis | 3/30/2022

The Finnish equipment vendor, which has not furloughed Russian employees, cannot simply turn off its tech.

Windstream Enterprise's UC service goes global
News Analysis | 3/29/2022

OfficeSuite UC, Windstream Enterprise's Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform, is now available outside the US and Canada, for a total of 16 locations.

Huawei is slowly being strangled
Morris Lore | 3/28/2022

The Chinese vendor is in worse shape than anyone thought before the publication of its latest annual results.

Huawei sags under weight of sanctions despite asset sales
News Analysis | 3/28/2022

Huawei's two main business units are suffering and the company relied mainly on divestments for higher profits.

Eurobites: Zain chooses Huawei as it looks to push the 5G envelope
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Tele2 commits to circularity; Telia issues euro 500 million green bond; Zoomed-out UK workers bang nails into caffeine's coffin.

Juniper takes Apstra and IBN to edge data centers
News Analysis | 3/22/2022

Juniper's latest version of Apstra to support smaller edge data centers comes in response to enterprise customers' increased use of edge data centers for applications such as industrial automation and augmented reality.

Apple recovers from massive outage
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

Several Apple services, including its app store, Apple TV+, iCloud, Maps and Apple Music were temporarily knocked out on Monday.

Vodafone admits software rebirth will be hard to deliver
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

The operator is competing against dozens of other companies for a pool of expensive talent and its success cannot be guaranteed.

Arm cuts itself off from Russia, joining Intel and AMD
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

The UK-based chip designer has suspended product deliveries and support, leaving Russian data centers with a looming problem.

Microsoft inches closer to fixed-mobile convergence
News Analysis | 3/17/2022

'You'll have one device to rule them all and won't have to carry around two mobile phones for business and personal use while still having a distinct separation between work and personal calls,' an exec boasted.

Arm has awkwardly become a lifeline for the Huawei cloud
News Analysis | 3/17/2022

A UK-based chip designer currently owned by a Japanese billionaire has provided an essential helping hand for one of China's most controversial companies.

Windstream Enterprise teams with Cato to roll cloud-based SASE service to North American customers
News Analysis | 3/16/2022

The managed SASE service includes five components: SD-WAN, firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS), secure web gateways (SWGs), zero trust network access (ZTNA) and cloud access security broker (CASB).

AWS opens the curtain on its 5G strategy for Dish
News Analysis | 3/14/2022

'By utilizing the AWS Cloud, Dish was able to architect, design, build and deliver a complete cloud-native 5G network with full operations and network deployment automation,' AWS engineers wrote.

AT&T hints at its 'Act 2'
News Analysis | 3/14/2022

'The AT&T story will be written in two acts. Today we'll focus on the first act, and that is taking our current asset base and delivering competitive returns," CEO John Stankey said.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom starts tower sale process – report
News Analysis | 3/11/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: 25G PON in Croatia; Teldat chooses Telefonica Tech's public cloud; EU, UK probe Google/Meta deal on advertising.

Google will do the thinking for BT in future
News Analysis | 3/10/2022

Artificial intelligence developed by US Big Tech will help to run the UK operator in the years ahead.

Orange Business Services teams up with Fortinet on cloud-based SASE service
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

Fortinet is Orange's first vendor partner in the SASE space, but the service provider expects to add more managed SASE options in the future.

GF's new platform takes aim at exploding data volumes, power consumption
LRTV Interviews | 3/9/2022

Anthony Yu, VP of computing and wired infrastructure at GlobalFoundries (GF), joins the Light Reading podcast on the show floor at OFC to discuss his company's GF Fotonix announcement, the partners involved and the timing of the markets it is addressing with silicon photonics.

How Western sanctions will hurt Russian telecom and tech
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

Operators have been cut off from the only viable non-Chinese suppliers, and the Chinese ones have problems of their own.

MWC takes leave of reality as visitors pile back
Morris Lore | 3/7/2022

The mobile industry's giant shindig was back with 61,000 visitors, even if the big news stories had nothing to do with it.

How Dish's cloud journey has already reshaped its business
News Analysis | 3/7/2022

The deployment so far, in partnership with Nokia, Mavenir and AWS, had already yielded lessons in how the new architecture can drastically change a telco operations and business.

Verizon to build a new 200,000-square-foot data center north of Dallas
News Analysis | 3/4/2022

The service provider's decision to build a new data center comes just a few years after divesting nearly 30 data centers to Equinix for $3.6 billion.

5G transport: Meeting capacity demand
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/3/2022

SPONSORED: New survey includes network operator views on transport deployment issues and timelines, fronthaul networks and RAN centralization, routing and synchronization and 5G edge connectivity.

The next telco worry is paying for the metaverse
News Analysis | 3/1/2022

As Facebook demands network improvements, operators gathered at MWC weigh the impact of the metaverse and call for new business models.

Why 5G is uniquely ill-equipped to support the metaverse
DanoVision | 3/1/2022

According to Meta, the 5G industry needs to support reductions in network latency, symmetrical bandwidth and a 'common framework' for data sharing. Good luck with that.

BT's Howard Watson on why the 'standalone evolution' matters
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2022

Howard Watson, CTIO of BT Group, discusses the operator's shift from non-standalone to standalone 5G, why it matters for customers and the technological hurdles to standing up a 5G core.

Why startup ng-voice stands out among 5G giants
LRTV Interviews | 2/28/2022

David Bachmann, CEO of ng-voice, talks about his company's technology and why he thinks startups have a better chance to work alongside telecom giants as 5G networks become more software-centric.

Microsoft refines Azure sales pitch at MWC
News Analysis | 2/28/2022

Azure Operator Distributed Services, Azure Operator 5G Core, Azure Private 5G Core and Azure public MEC solution are among the new offerings from Microsoft.

Elisa moves closer to being powered by Google
News Analysis | 2/28/2022

The Finnish mobile operator has made a name for itself in automation. Now it is turning to US Big Tech for the next chapter in the story.

MWC22: What the experts think will stand out
News Analysis | 2/25/2022

It's back. Mobile World Congress Barcelona. So what should we expect? Light Reading asked the analysts at Omdia for their predictions.

The time I visited a Dish 5G cell site
DanoVision | 2/25/2022

On Wednesday morning I got a surprise call from a Dish representative: Did I want to take a tour of a Dish 5G cell site in the next 15 minutes? I dropped everything and did. Here's what I learned.

AT&T touts progress toward open RAN with Intel
News Analysis | 2/24/2022

'Radios have traditionally needed to be physically connected to baseband equipment,' wrote AT&T's Gordon Mansfield. But that's no longer the case.

Cloudflare adds SASE email security with acquisition of Area 1 Security
News Analysis | 2/24/2022

The $162 million acquisition comes on the heels of Cloudflare's purchase of CASB startup Vectrix earlier this month.

As Cato plans for IPO, company to grow headcount by 40%
News Analysis | 2/23/2022

More insight into Cato's financials could be coming soon - the company plans to go public in a few years, said Cato VP Eyal Webber-Zvik.

Charter sharpens its business services edge
News Analysis | 2/22/2022

Spectrum Enterprise, Charter's business services unit, is using Cisco's Meraki platform to tack on critical support for remote workers and teleworkers and for secure connections to AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Intel's growth plan is a big roll of the dice
News Analysis | 2/18/2022

The US chipmaker predicts annual revenues will be nearly $30 billion higher by 2026, but investors should be wary.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom and friends seek common cloud ground
News Analysis | 2/18/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Colt touts 800G tech; Ericsson expands RAN, edge prouct ranges; Proximus sees Q4 earnings fall.

Equinix to enter West African data center market in $320M deal
News Analysis | 2/17/2022

Equinix announced plans to expand in Africa with an agreement to acquire MainOne, a West African provider of data center and connectivity solutions.

Juniper jumps into zero-trust NAC market with WiteSand acquisition
News Analysis | 2/16/2022

Juniper hasn't disclosed financial details of the deal nor WiteSand's head count but has shared plans to bring on WiteSand's engineering team in addition to its Network Access Control technology.

GCI taps Harmonic's 'CableOS' amid 2-Gig push
News Analysis | 2/15/2022

Alaskan operator is also deploying a distributed access architecture as GCI presses ahead with a plan to bring 2-Gig speeds to 77% of the state in 2022.

How T-Mobile broke promises on jobs amid US telco workforce cull
Morris Lore | 2/15/2022

John Legere, the operator's former CEO, said a merger with Sprint would be 'jobs-positive' from day one, but 5,500 roles have gone and the cuts by rivals are even bigger.

NTT on the security and business case for private 5G networks
LRTV Interviews | 2/14/2022

NTT executives explain why nearly 25% of organizations are piloting private 5G networks.

With $3B in bookings, Rakuten Symphony makes big app store pitch
News Analysis | 2/14/2022

The 'un-vendor' launched by Japan's Rakuten last year wants to unite the telecom world around its new Symworld platform.

Regulating Big Tech and the metaverse: What the experts think
News Analysis | 2/14/2022

The biggest risk to Meta's metaverse plans is regulators with Zuckerberg's company in their crosshairs. We ask experts how new regulations might look.

Could a solar storm bring down the Internet?
News Analysis | 2/11/2022

After Starlink loses 40 satellites to a geomagnetic storm, news that a severe solar storm could crash the entire global subsea cable network.

Twilio targets 'consistent' profitability from 2023
News Analysis | 2/10/2022

Software company sets a confident note for the coming years after a strong performance in 2021.

Vecima tucks DAA controller into the AWS cloud
News Analysis | 2/8/2022

Proof-of-concept test with Bluepeak tapped the AWS cloud in Ohio to control a Vecima remote MACPHY node located about 1,000 miles away in South Dakota.

Telenor offshoot WG2 aspires to be the Twilio of telecom
News Analysis | 2/8/2022

A Norwegian software startup with its own core stack is creating a few ripples in a sector that has not been known for innovation.

Low viral load: What went wrong with Citrix?
News Analysis | 2/7/2022

Remote work software company Citrix should have prospered during COVID but didn't. Will its merger with Tibco help it catch VMware and Microsoft?

Juniper takes SRX to the cloud with Secure Edge
News Analysis | 2/4/2022

Secure Edge provides customers with the ability to access the security features available on Juniper's security, routing and switching hardware (SRX Series Service Gateways) in the cloud.

Amazon eats more of the world as Facebook starts to rot
News Analysis | 2/4/2022

The e-commerce giant reports a doubling in net profit thanks partly to a surge in cloud business as Zuckerberg's firm comes unstuck.

The problem is not Vodafone – it's telecom
Morris Lore | 2/2/2022

Despite its bad rap in the mainstream media, the UK-based operator has outperformed other telco stocks, and its peers face most of the same challenges.

Cato clips in CASB security to SASE service
News Analysis | 2/2/2022

Protection for cloud applications - run in data centers and public clouds - is increasingly critical as workers connect to business applications from anywhere.

Harmonic sees growth ahead despite supply chain headwinds
News Analysis | 2/1/2022

Supplier says deployments of its 'CableOS' virtualization platform have reached 73 service providers worldwide and now serve 4.8 million modems.

IBM buys consulting firm as it chases telco systems integrator biz
News Analysis | 2/1/2022

IBM acquired Sentaca, which provides telecom consulting services and solutions. The company hopes to benefit from the relationships Sentaca has developed with service providers throughout North America.

India's Airtel gets $1B deal boost from Google
News Analysis | 1/31/2022

Google will spend $700 million acquiring a 1.28% stake in Airtel, and will spend another $300 million over the next five years on commercial agreements.

Juniper closes Q4 with $1.3B in revenue, up 6%
News Analysis | 1/28/2022

CEO Rami Rahim said he remains optimistic for growth in 2022 despite supply chain challenges.

China Unicom finally falls to the FCC with US market ban
News Analysis | 1/28/2022

Following rivals China Mobile and China Telecom, China's third-largest operator has fallen afoul of the FCC, banned from the US due to security concerns.

Calix reports continued growth amid supply chain struggles
Broadband World News | 1/27/2022

In a letter to investors, CEO Carl Russo warned that supply chain constraints in 2022 will 'challenge our ability to grow as fast as we have the past two years.'

Samsung rides smartphone, chip sales to record Q4
News Analysis | 1/27/2022

South Korean tech giant increased operating profit by 53% and net income by 64% on the back of record sales of 76.57 trillion won ($63.7 billion).

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