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AWS outage cuts down swaths of the Internet
News Analysis | 12/7/2021

Citing API and console issues in its US-EAST-1 Region, AWS says it's identified a root cause and, at last check, was 'starting to see some signs of recovery.'

Apple goes to court over Russian app store dispute
News Analysis | 12/6/2021

The iPhone maker has apparently started legal proceedings in relation to alternative payment options on its app store platform.

Lumen unveils uCPE for WAN and IT application management
News Analysis | 12/3/2021

Lumen's uCPE focuses on improving and consolidating the delivery of IT applications and WAN management.

The 5G challenge: Which verticals to leave out
News Analysis | 12/3/2021

AWS's entry into 5G through its Dish partnership could be the shot in the arm enterprise 5G needs.

China Telecom loses last-chance saloon US court bid
News Analysis | 12/3/2021

China Telecom loses its court bid for a stay of execution for its US business, while Didi Global delists from the NYSE just six months after its IPO.

Trump seeks big funding for new social media app
News Analysis | 12/3/2021

A Trump in need of cash is hoping fans will invest in his new media venture, fueled by revenge against what he sees as liberal Big Tech.

Amazon, Dish peddle 5G products for the enterprise
News Analysis | 11/30/2021

Amazon kicked off its annual AWS re:Invent trade show with a new AWS Private 5G product. Meanwhile, AWS customer Dish Network touted its own 5G plans.

Hit the road, Jack: A Twitter retrospective
News Analysis | 11/30/2021

The resignation of Twitter's Jack Dorsey robs tech of an idealistic eccentric, with Parag Agrawal now stuck sorting the platform's monetization woes.

Ho ho ho – telco Xmas list asks Europe to scrap net neutrality
Morris Lore | 11/30/2021

The region's big players have written a hopeful letter asking for mergers to be approved, spectrum to be cheaper and big tech to pay up.

UK on Meta-Giphy: Let's call the whole thing off
News Analysis | 11/29/2021

The UK's CMA looks poised to block Meta's $400 million purchase of Giphy. Does this signal the end of Zuckerberg's run buying social media companies?

India panel urges social media crackdown – reports
News Analysis | 11/29/2021

Pressure is mounting on Facebook and Twitter, with local authorities saying they should be held accountable for user content on their platforms.

EU acts to tackle might of 'gatekeeper' platforms
News Analysis | 11/24/2021

The Digital Markets Act takes a further step towards the goal of ending 'unfair practices of big online platforms.'

Doom for Zoom boom, as CEO looks to enterprises
News Analysis | 11/23/2021

Zoom beat expectations but still saw its slowest growth since 2018.

Alibaba Cloud returns to black as group profit sinks
News Analysis | 11/19/2021

Another torrid quarter for China's Alibaba as earnings plummet amid a slowdown in consumer demand – although its cloud division is on the up and up.

China telecom operators join the metaverse race
News Analysis | 11/17/2021

China is in the grip of metaverse fever, with hundreds of new businesses being formed and regulators stepping in to combat soaring stock prices.

Qualcomm hopes to lead 5G pivot into metaverse
News Analysis | 11/16/2021

Qualcomm, one of the primary companies driving the development of 5G technologies, believes the metaverse 'has the potential to be the next computing platform.'

Prickly Deutsche Telekom boss wants hyperscaler deals curbed
Morris Lore | 11/16/2021

US tech giants are buying the companies that telcos use to 'digitize' their core infrastructure, and the CEO of Europe's largest telco is not happy.

STC pumps $400M into data center expansion
News Analysis | 11/16/2021

Phase 3 of DC construction program gets underway; framed as part of kingdom's Vision 2030 to be 'premier' digital hub in MENA region.

Telenor does AI deal with Google despite its big-tech fears
News Analysis | 11/15/2021

The Norwegian incumbent becomes the latest Tier 1 operator in Europe to partner with a Silicon Valley giant on AI.

Omdia's Nicole McCormick: How to really sell 5G to consumers
LRTV Interviews | 11/15/2021

Omdia analyst Nicole McCormick joins the podcast this week to discuss her latest research on 5G pricing and what seems to be catching on with consumers.

The risky business of multicloud insurance
The Wizard of Roz | 11/15/2021

Telcos need a way to address the hyperscaler lock-in. Roz Roseboro ponders whether Vodafone's TaaS platform plan is a reasonable insurance policy or another example of a telco driving recklessly.

Eurobites: TIM takes open RAN into the mountains
News Analysis | 11/15/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Arm/Nvidia deal faces closer scrutiny; Vodacom's H1; Virgin Media O2 carries on converging.

NTT scrubs 'dirty networks' with AI threat sensor
News Analysis | 11/8/2021

Cyber Threat Sensor AI (CTS-AI) is a virtual appliance built into the MDR platform, and can be accessed through a mobile app to secure customer applications and workloads in AWS.

Huawei offloads x86 business as it chases self-sufficiency
News Analysis | 11/8/2021

In yet another shift away from its traditional hardware business, Huawei has sold its x86 server unit to a state-owned Chinese firm.

China leading world in public cloud growth
News Analysis | 11/5/2021

The pandemic and digital transformation are driving break-neck growth in China's public cloud markets.

Fastly customers have learned to stop worrying and love the cloud
News Analysis | 11/4/2021

Customers are back and sales are up, but the content delivery network's losses are also mounting.

Equinix's revenue results unmarred by supply chain shortages in Q3
News Analysis | 11/4/2021

Equinix's CEO said supply chain challenges impacting much of the telecom industry haven't had a major effect on Equinix's revenue for Q3.

Eurobites: 'Burner phone' allegations put the heat on Orange's Scheen
News Analysis | 11/4/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vivendi flexes muscles at Telecom Italia; Virgin Media O2's Q3; Vodafone and Microsoft combine on cloud services.

Microsoft Metaverse has PowerPoint – be very afraid
News Analysis | 11/4/2021

Microsoft makes a play for the metaverse, announcing its Teams will have VR-supporting avatars from early next year.

VMware and Dell break up, but the shareholders are alright
News Analysis | 11/3/2021

The spinoff includes a $11.5 billion special cash dividend to VMware shareholders, which equates to a $27.40 per share dividend payment to all VMware stockholders.

Huawei's subscale cloud unit needs more than just chips
Morris Lore | 11/3/2021

The Chinese vendor's fledgling cloud business remains tiny alongside industry giants and may struggle even if it can fix its hardware problems.

IBM's Lambertson sees blue skies in telco, cloud collab
LRTV Interviews | 11/2/2021

Lambertson explains how service providers' approach to public cloud usage is changing, and how intent-based networking can improve network automation for operators.

BT and the taming of the net neutrality beast
News Analysis | 11/2/2021

As Ofcom continues its post-Brexit review into net neutrality, the UK phone incumbent spies an opportunity to break free of current constraints.

Vertical Bridge brings the edge closer to the data
News Analysis | 11/2/2021

The cell tower company says it's building 'edge to suit' data centers where the client determines the location.

Vodafone DIY plan adds drama to the Netcracker suite
News Analysis | 11/1/2021

The operator's plan to recruit another 7,000 software engineers and build more of its own technologies threatens upheaval in the IT vendor community.

MWCLA 21: The Light Reading Recap
LRTV Documentaries | 10/29/2021

The Light Reading editorial team gathers for a recap of the of some of the issues that were scattered, covered and smothered at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2021.

Juniper's $1.2B in Q3 revenue shadowed by supply chain shortages
News Analysis | 10/29/2021

CEO Rami Rahim highlights fifth quarter of year-over-year growth for the networking company, while pessimistic about the supply chain in 2022.

AWS the one sparkle in Amazon's cloudy earnings
News Analysis | 10/29/2021

Amazon's profits may drop to zero over Christmas amid supply chain grief, as Q3 income sinks by half. But thankfully for Jassy, AWS income is up 40%.

That time public cloud hyperscalers invaded MWC LA
DanoVision | 10/28/2021

Microsoft, Google and Amazon fielded plenty of executives at this year's MWC LA show. Their goal is to get mobile network operators to put their core network services in the cloud.

Rising chip demand, higher prices drive Samsung Q3 profit
News Analysis | 10/28/2021

Strong chip demand and higher prices have powered Samsung Electronics to one of its best quarters, with net income climbing 31.3% to 12.29 trillion won.

Alphabet inks fifth straight record-profit quarter
News Analysis | 10/27/2021

Google's profits grew by a yearly 69%, but it's unlikely to be more than a third-place player in cloud.

Microsoft starts 2022 fiscal year with a bang
News Analysis | 10/27/2021

Buoyed by soaring demand for digital transformation, Redmond company sees quarterly cloud revenue top $20 billion for first time during its fiscal first quarter.

Facebook to snub older users, go search for youth
News Analysis | 10/26/2021

Facebook will make deep changes to try to win back young users. So far its ad revenue has held up, but its political fortunes tell a different story.

Calix reports strong Q3 but projects supply chain issues for 'entirety of 2022'
Broadband World News | 10/26/2021

Speaking to shareholders, Calix CEO Carl Russo was optimistic about the company's ongoing success with small ISPs. But he notes Calix is experiencing the 'direct effects' of low global vaccination rates.

The Big Tech elephant is squashing telecom
News Analysis | 10/26/2021

For all their software activity and hope, telecom operators will struggle to avoid a utility fate.

Rakuten orchestrates Korean deal for Symphony
News Analysis | 10/25/2021

Rakuten Mobile is to buy South Korea's Estmob with its Send Anywhere service to boost Symphony platform.

AT&T uses Google Stadia to stream Batman game for free
News Analysis | 10/22/2021

AT&T again signaled its interest in cloud gaming, and cloud computing in general, by offering a Batman game for free to its customers using Google's Stadia infrastructure.

Vodafone plans software blitz to cut IT spend and cloud risks
News Analysis | 10/21/2021

The operator is to add another 7,000 software experts to its team by 2025 as it aims for more technology independence.

Netflix shows why telcos should fear AWS
Morris Lore | 10/20/2021

The streaming service is more popular than ever and its share price has soared, but its public-cloud arrangements carry enormous risk.

VMware zeroes in on data management, security and carbon emissions
News Analysis | 10/18/2021

During VMworld, VMware launched several initiatives to assist its cloud provider partners in delivering managed security services and simplified app management to end users.

TelcoDR sets up $1B fund for public cloud mission
News Analysis | 10/18/2021

Made famous by this year's MWC, public cloud evangelist Danielle Royston now has $1 billion at her disposal to buy and develop telecom software.

CableLabs' Kyrio unit sets sights on network convergence
News Analysis | 10/15/2021

Kyrio's new software-powered Adaptive Route Control (ARC) system enables fixed and mobile operators to route customer traffic to the best available network on an application-by-application basis.

Microsoft starts selling transport, routing services to 5G operators
News Analysis | 10/14/2021

Microsoft said it has built a 'well-managed, reliable, and performant' transport and routing network for its Azure cloud computing service. Now it's selling that network to 5G operators.

Comcast forges 'network to modem' DOCSIS 4.0 connection
News Analysis | 10/14/2021

Cable op claims another '10G' milestone with Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) live lab trial that linked its virtual cable modem termination system to DOCSIS cable modems configured to operate in the FDX spectrum band.

Verizon's Visible confirms hack
News Analysis | 10/13/2021

'Our investigation indicates that threat actors were able to access username/passwords from outside sources, and exploit that information to login to Visible accounts,' the company reported.

BT's Rob Shuter: Enterprises want solutions, not just connectivity
CxO Spotlight | 10/13/2021

Customers are looking to combine telco and tech elements into solutions, coupled AI, edge computing and IoT, Shuter said.

Fresh funding will fuel some M&A, Plume CEO says
CxO Spotlight | 10/12/2021

Armed with a $300 million from an 'F' round led by Japan's SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Plume intends to target companies that can broaden the smart home software specialist's cloud, data and AI capabilities, Plume CEO Fahri Diner says.

Rakuten to legacy operators: Time to take the cloud plunge
News Analysis | 10/12/2021

Japanese cloud networking pioneer Rakuten says it's time traditional telcos took the plunge into virtualization.

100% green subsea cable set to link Norway and Canada
News Analysis | 10/12/2021

As subsea cable-laying hits a frenzied pitch, a renewables-fueled link from Norway to Canada pitches the naturally cool Nordic data centers instead.

Google wants to take your mobile network off your hands, telcos
News Analysis | 10/12/2021

The number-three hyperscaler is ramping up its range of telecom offerings in its public cloud slugfest with AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Harmonic: Let's put the MAC here, there... anywhere
News Analysis | 10/11/2021

Vendor says its 'MAC Anywhere' play fits with CableLabs' new Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA), and also opens the door to potential integrations with third-party cable network hardware suppliers.

NEC to build US-Europe subsea cable for Facebook
News Analysis | 10/11/2021

As Facebook and Alphabet up their cable-laying game, NEC bags a contract to build a half petabit per second cable between the US and Europe.

DZS pact with Plume to extend its cloud to the home network
News Analysis | 10/11/2021

DZS says the Plume deal paves a path to more recurring revenue and establishes a way for it to manage and orchestrate the core, access and in-home networks, and provide partners with a new option for premium whole-home services.

TIM brings Oracle into Noovle fold
News Analysis | 10/8/2021

Noovle expands its partner roster with a cloud provider that might appeal more to the public sector.

Nokia Deepfield CTO: How DDoS attacks are changing
News Analysis | 10/7/2021

Just as connectivity is becoming more critical during the pandemic, the nature and types of DDoS attacks are more dangerous than ever, according to Nokia Deepfield's Craig Labovitz.

Facebook outage should frighten everyone
Morris Lore | 10/5/2021

The social media giant suffers a blackout that lasts several hours and causes disruption for its customers worldwide.

The seven-hour glitch: How a DNS fail felled Facebook
News Analysis | 10/4/2021

The seven-hour outage also took down WhatsApp and Instagram, thanks to a botched update in the Border Gateway Protocol.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: Public cloud, China and devices
LRTV Documentaries | 10/4/2021

We are delighted to welcome another special guest this week – public cloud evangelist Danielle Royston. She had heard us slagging off the public cloud in previous pods and was keen to offer a more benign perspective. That chat took up nearly all of the pod but we did eventually get around to quickly covering the latest developments concerning China vs the US and Internet companies getting into consumer devices.

Five9 shareholders doom $15B purchase by Zoom
News Analysis | 10/4/2021

Shareholders in call center software company Five9 voted down what would have been Zoom's biggest purchase ever, as videoconferencing company eyes its post-pandemic future.

Rakuten rearranges Symphony for investments
News Analysis | 10/1/2021

'Rakuten Symphony Inc., a newly established corporation, will consider accepting capital, etc. in addition to business partnerships with strategic partners,' the company wrote in a release.

India's Airtel boosts data centers, unveils new brand identity
News Analysis | 10/1/2021

India's second-largest service provider, Airtel, has decided to increase its data center business infrastructure.

Eurobites: Sweden's Sinch buys Pathwire for $1.9B
News Analysis | 9/30/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone turns to Ericsson in Oman; Orange's teleport passes muster; Nokia helps with 5G monetization.

TIM leads charge for national cloud hub
News Analysis | 9/30/2021

Italy's incumbent proposes creation of 'national strategic hub,' a public-private partnership aimed at providing cloud services and infrastructure for the public administration sector.

Eurobites: Ericsson connects IoT users to AWS public cloud
News Analysis | 9/29/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Proximus tests glass antenna; TalkTalk has its knuckles rapped over 'fixed price' ad; BT class action moves a step closer.

More change at SeaChange as industry vet Peter Aquino takes the helm
News Analysis | 9/27/2021

Aquino, a former CEO of RCN, Internap and Primus Telecommunications Group, joins SeaChange soon after company declares it is entering a period of stability and growth following years of restructuring.

ONF spins off Aether for private wireless networking
News Analysis | 9/27/2021

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) said Ananki will focus on the sale of private 5G networking services to enterprises. The company is based on the group's Aether flagship project, launched last year.

BT on clearing up the cloudy relationship between telcos and hyperscalers
CxO Spotlight | 9/27/2021

BT's Chet Patel explains how telcos and hyperscalers can collaborate to provide a better cloud experience for enterprise customers.

Orange alert to cloud 'lock-in' risks as it takes next edge steps
News Analysis | 9/27/2021

As it weighs a global plan for cloud, the edge and open RAN, the French operator does not want to become overly reliant on Google.

Google strikes back over EU's $5B Android fine
News Analysis | 9/27/2021

Search giant takes on Margrethe Vestager, aka Europe's 'tech-slayer in chief,' over 2018 fine for alleged abuse of Android's mobile dominance.

Next Huawei battle with the US will be fought over the cloud
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

The Chinese firm's fast-growing cloud services business is the next big concern for its American opponents.

Extreme Networks enters SD-WAN market with $70M Ipanema acquisition
CxO Spotlight | 9/24/2021

Extreme's CTO Nabil Bukhari discusses the company's decision to acquire Ipanema and its plans for entering the SD-WAN market.

Eurobites: Russia's Yandex to set up cloud shop in Germany
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Truphone expands its IoT reach with Sony; mobile money booms in sub-Saharan Africa; Orange extends 4G in French Guiana.

5G World: Vodafone's Andrea Donŕ takes on the telco legacy
LRTV Interviews | 9/24/2021

Vodafone's chief network officer, Andrea Donŕ, said the way to the 5G future is to first make sure you radically simplify and take care of legacy networks and services.

5G World: Reasons to be upbeat about 5G and the telco cloud future
LRTV Interviews | 9/23/2021

5G is still in its beginning stages and that means telcos need to find business models that work and shore up their relationships with the hyperscale cloud providers, according to one of Omdia's lead service provider analysts.

Light Reading Recap: Week ending Sept. 17
LRTV Documentaries | 9/20/2021

Last week's telecom news highlights included a look at the wild valuation ride of social media and messaging platform Discord as it recently rejected a $12 billion takeover bid and then a $500 million funding round. We also review the latest info on 3G network shutdown dates for the big US carriers.

Allen Broome rises to CEO at MediaKind
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

Broome, a former Comcast exec who was named CTO of MediaKind in the fall of 2019, succeeds Matt McConnell, another former Comcast exec.

Investors value Discord at $15B in funding round
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

Discord flies high, with potential buyers Amazon and Twitter reportedly offering up to $18B and causing longstanding Internet forums to flop.

WhatsApp pilots Business Directory in e-commerce drive
News Analysis | 9/16/2021

Messaging service launches pilot in Brazil and indicates that India and Indonesia could be next.

Big 5G Recap: Going hybrid in the mile-high city
LRTV Documentaries | 9/14/2021

Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner and Mike Dano join Phil Harvey to recap the Big 5G Event and discuss what has happened lately with in-person events.

DT plans German sovereign cloud – with Google
News Analysis | 9/10/2021

New joint offering from T-Systems and Google Cloud to start in mid-2022.

T-Mobile's Neville Ray: 5G's extraordinary upside
LRTV Documentaries | 9/3/2021

"I think we have so much to deliver on 5G."

Dish's Stephen Stokols hints at what's next for Boost Mobile
LRTV Interviews | 9/2/2021

Stephen Stokols, the Dish Network executive in charge of the company's growing camp of mobile brands, said Dish might not be done buying MVNOs.

Leading Lights 2021: The Finalists
News Analysis | 9/1/2021

Light Reading is delighted to announce the finalists for this year's Leading Lights Awards program, which is now in its 17th year.

Korean law breaks up Google, Apple app payment monopolies
News Analysis | 9/1/2021

Korea has stolen a march on the rest of the world with the first law to compel Google and Apple to allow other payment systems in their app stores and apps.

Making sense of China's tech onslaught
News Analysis | 9/1/2021

China's tech sector and foreign investors still digesting raft of new rules as it gets even harder to keep up with the torrent of new Beijing directives.

Zoom CFO flags earlier than expected 'headwinds' on Q2 call
News Analysis | 9/1/2021

Kelly Steckelberg sees softening of demand in an 'evolving environment,' but videoconferencing powerhouse still glides past $1 billion quarterly revenue milestone for first time.

Comcast Business deals for Masergy to help speed its way up-market
News Analysis | 8/25/2021

Play for Masergy, a key supplier of SD-WAN and cloud services with more than 1,400 customers worldwide, aims to accelerate Comcast Business' plans to serve midsized and enterprise-level customers.

Rakuten needs telcos to ignore bum notes in $100B Symphony pitch
News Analysis | 8/24/2021

A year since launching Japan's fourth mobile network, the Japanese Internet company is now setting itself up as a vendor.

Light Reading Recap: Week ending August 20
LRTV Documentaries | 8/23/2021

Last week's telecom news highlights included all the damage, and damage control, surrounding T-Mobile's recent hack and data breach.

SES shows off its new baby
News Analysis | 8/18/2021

SES is nearing the launch of an initial set of high-capacity, medium Earth-satellites made by Boeing that will work in tandem with its existing satellite fleet, hook into Microsoft Azure, and provide global coverage.

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