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Telia Carrier applies celestial inspiration to new brand Arelion
News Analysis | 1/20/2022

Since divesting from Telia Company in June 2021, Telia Carrier has been developing a new brand, name and look with inspiration from the stars.

Juniper adds security features, hardware to SD-WAN portfolio
News Analysis | 1/18/2022

Juniper has updated its Session Smart Router (SSR) SD-WAN platform with intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), URL filtering capabilities and Juniper-branded hardware.

Cybersecurity should not be a bolt-on, Comcast CISO says
CxO Spotlight | 12/14/2021

Noopur Davis on Comcast's journey into the Secure Development Lifecycle, ensuring security is prioritized at an early stage rather than tacked on at the end.

Jessica Rosenworcel confirmed for another FCC term
Broadband World News | 12/7/2021

Rosenworcel's official designation as chair (a position she's held in an acting capacity) makes her the first woman to helm the federal agency.

The risky business of multicloud insurance
The Wizard of Roz | 11/15/2021

Telcos need a way to address the hyperscaler lock-in. Roz Roseboro ponders whether Vodafone's TaaS platform plan is a reasonable insurance policy or another example of a telco driving recklessly.

Omdia's Nicole McCormick: How to really sell 5G to consumers
LRTV Interviews | 11/15/2021

Omdia analyst Nicole McCormick joins the podcast this week to discuss her latest research on 5G pricing and what seems to be catching on with consumers.

WiCipedia: The importance of diversity in cryptocurrency
WiCipedia | 11/12/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Funding is 'surging' for female-founded companies; will new Texas laws cause a tech exodus?; harassment may be unavoidable for women in tech; and more.

MWCLA 21: The Light Reading Recap
LRTV Documentaries | 10/29/2021

The Light Reading editorial team gathers for a recap of the of some of the issues that were scattered, covered and smothered at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2021.

WiCipedia: Art makes tech less 'boring' for kids
WiCipedia | 10/29/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Working from home has career progression downsides; the FCC makes gender equality waves; social media potentially a bright spot for women in tech; and more.

Verizon SVP Debika Bhattacharya on the credibility conundrum for women in comms
Kelsey's Grammar | 10/21/2021

Light Reading recently caught up with Bhattacharya during a fireside chat at Light Reading's Big 5G Event in Denver to discuss the role mentors and sponsor have played in her career, and what she sees as the current biggest barriers for women in the industry.

SD-WAN revenue to hit $5.5 billion in 2025, Omdia reports
News Analysis | 10/15/2021

SD-WAN product revenues reached $844 million in Q2, an increase of more than 30% year-over-year. This shows, overall, that the pandemic hasn't negatively impacted the SD-WAN market, says Omdia's Dominika Koncewicz.

WiCipedia: The 'broken rungs' of women's careers
WiCipedia | 10/15/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Women get short shrift when it comes to promotions; workplace harassment is as pervasive as ever; telecom steps into the 21st century; and more.

WiCipedia: How women are mansplained into silence on social media
WiCipedia | 10/1/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Gender parity in social media; the top companies for women in tech; 'greentech' and investment in female founders; and more.

Verizon zeroes in on recovery efforts and network refresh
News Analysis | 9/30/2021

Sue Schnaars leads a team of project managers tasked with integrating new equipment into Verizon's network, and she explains how scope creep and vendor interoperability are among the challenges her team faces in updating the network.

Huawei CFO case ends with everyone looking bad
Morris Lore | 9/27/2021

The only positive thing about this case was the release of two innocent Canadians, and yet that also confirms China as the worst kind of state.

WiCipedia: When sexism goes to trial
WiCipedia | 9/24/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Female CEOs are few and far between; a unicorn falls from grace under oath; progress in STEM at the White House; and more.

WiCipedia: Is 38 'over the hill' in tech?
WiCipedia | 9/17/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Iceland a new hotspot for women in tech; age discrimination is an overlooked diversity issue; upskilling online; and more.

Verizon's Artley on anchoring a private 5G network at Port of Southampton
LRTV Interviews | 9/8/2021

Port of Southampton teamed up with Verizon and Nokia to deploy a private 5G network.

'Get comfortable with being uncomfortable,' Google's Joshi advises on women leadership programs
News Analysis | 9/1/2021

During a fireside chat at the Women in Telecommunications Workshop, Joshi shared her insights into how organizations can develop informal and formal programs to support women's upward career trajectory.

Comcast Business acquires Masergy at 'opportune time,' say industry analysts
News Analysis | 8/26/2021

As an MPLS, VPN, SD-WAN and managed services provider, Masergy is a great fit for Comcast Business, says Vertical Systems Group's Rosemary Cochran.

WiCipedia: Gender equity and climate tech are 'inextricably linked'
WiCipedia | 8/20/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: A new children's book series is set to be written by Chelsea Clinton; the annual Grace Hopper Celebration is back and bigger than ever; climate change and gender equity are interlinked; and more.

Verizon and IBM team up on 5G, MEC testbed
News Analysis | 8/19/2021

Verizon has installed 5G Ultra Wideband and its Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) platform at the testbed, based in Coppell, TX, so enterprise customers can try out hybrid cloud, edge, AI, IoT and other applications on Verizon's 5G network.

WiCipedia: STEM Barbies glamorize tech careers for kids
WiCipedia | 8/13/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Pay and hiring gaps persist; how can Black women catch up to white men?; diversity makes for a happier workplace; and more.

Podcast: Verizon on data theft and donuts
LRTV Interviews | 8/11/2021

Verizon's Suzanne Widup has her finger on the pulse of hackers' evolving efforts to undermine network security via phishing attacks, ransomware and social engineering.

Mentor Spotlight: NTT VP on transitioning to the cloud during COVID-19
Kelsey's Grammar | 8/6/2021

In this mentor spotlight, Kurshid shares her insight into how COVID-19 has impacted customers' priorities around cloud networking, how corporate culture can better support a distributed workforce and advice she's received in her career that has helped her blend technical skills with business development acumen.

WiCipedia: Study finds job application process rife with racial discrimination
WiCipedia | 8/6/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Prejudice in hiring practices; for women in tech, harassment is the norm; heavy hitters get together for real change; and more.

Whatever Huawei did, the case against Meng looks spiteful
News Analysis | 8/3/2021

Huawei's chief financial officer is back in a Canadian courtroom this week and her extradition case could run for years.

Podcast: Clearfield CEO Cheri Beranek on the growth of 'community' broadband
CxO Spotlight | 8/2/2021

Clearfield CEO Cheri Beranek joins the podcast to talk about how she's helped build a company that keeps growing as more and more community broadband providers deploy fiber.

WiCipedia: What's it like being the only girl in STEM class?
WiCipedia | 7/30/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Nearly half of women feel they are overlooked for promotions; there's a new CEO in robot-land; and what it's like being the only girl in class.

Minim opens new chapter, gears up for expansion
CxO Spotlight | 7/18/2021

Following its merger with Zoom Telephonics, a rebranding and an uplisting to the Nasdaq, Minim has set its sights on adding customers worldwide and pursuing new markets, President and CMO Nicole Zheng says.

WiCipedia: Working more to earn less
WiCipedia | 7/16/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Women work harder to get fewer promotions; female AI leaders gather and GSD; Instacart gets a Facebook alum; and more.

WiCipedia: You can't become what you don't see
WiCipedia | 7/9/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Children look up to male role models in STEM; The Generation Equality Forum tackles inequality on a worldwide scale; tech accessories designed for women; and more.

WiCipedia: MWC lacks 'all-inclusive panel' due to pandemic
WiCipedia | 7/2/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Mobile World Congress boasts only 20% female keynoters; will women in tech be left behind?; podcast recs; and more.

WiCipedia: Connectivity should be a right for all
WiCipedia | 6/25/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: International Women in Engineering Day highlights disparities; Pride Month marches on with the Queer 50 list; women far more unlikely to have access to Internet than men; and more.

WiCipedia: Coded Bias sheds light on facial recognition inequalities
WiCipedia | 6/18/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: AI needs an overhaul; only 5% of tech roles are held by women of color; women take on the autonomous vehicle industry; and more.

VMware adds cloud-based security to SASE stack
News Analysis | 6/15/2021

Windstream Enterprise plans to make VMware's new cloud-based security service available to its SD-WAN customers later this year.

WiCipedia: Working from home isn't for everyone
WiCipedia | 6/11/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Working from home does not work for everyone; the biggest diversity trends; women in engineering experience daily microaggressions; and more.

DoD's 5G bet is already paying dividends
Guest Perspectives | 6/10/2021

The Miramar competition provides a look into the breakthrough wireless technologies that the DoD investments have already produced.

Podcast: Women in Comms Spotlight – Verizon engineer on the value of being a 'relentless doer'
LRTV Interviews | 6/9/2021

There is still immense pressure on women to balance the demands from their careers and personal lives, and tech companies need to provide employees with the flexibility to succeed at home and in the workplace.

WiCipedia: The new normal of workwear
WiCipedia | 6/4/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: What should we wear as we return to office?; how Sephora does things differently; who benefits most from mentors; and more.

Hackers update phishing lures with COVID-19 misinformation – Verizon DBIR report
News Analysis | 6/1/2021

Phishing and ransomware attacks increased by 11% and 6% in 2020, respectively.

WiCipedia: Command Shift aims to bring gender equality in tech to the 21st century
WiCipedia | 5/28/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: An HR trend too obvious to ignore at Amazon; it's time for tech to pay attention to menopause; HP becomes first Fortune 100 company to commit to gender parity pledge; and more.

WiCipedia: Apple's rotten hire incites petition from employees
WiCipedia | 5/21/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Apple makes rotten hiring choice; the glass ceiling may be made of concrete for some; startups are equality's last hope; and more.

WiCipedia: 'Blind' hiring may offer solutions for women in tech
WiCipedia | 5/14/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Returnships could offer post-pandemic option for women who left jobs; blind interviews create hiring solutions; how work culture should change to accommodate employees; and more.

WiCipedia: How to tackle implicit bias and the 'lonely only'
WiCipedia | 5/7/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: How to overcome implicit bias; Snapchat shares diversity report findings; sports tech nonprofit lobbies for women to join industry; and more.

WiCipedia: 'Gender is embedded in the job'
WiCipedia | 4/30/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Conferences go virtual this year; the tech industry's fundamental flaw; getting girls access to the Internet; and more.

WiCipedia: Climate tech needs more women on its team
WiCipedia | 4/23/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Women's role in climate tech; how Black women are affected by AI; Women in Tech's monumental pandemic growth; and more.

WiCipedia: A cybersecurity PR blunder for the ages
WiCipedia | 4/16/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: A cybersecurity PR blunder; Amazon makes commitment to hire minority employees into senior roles; the evolution of diversity in space travel; and more.

Comcast makes waves in open source
News Analysis | 4/12/2021

Two projects originally created by Comcast engineers – Kuberhealthy and Trickster – are the first from the operator to be accepted as 'Sandbox' projects by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

WiCipedia: What makes a good company for female employees?
WiCipedia | 4/9/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: How trans people in tech are faring; the best places for women to work; 'tech-bro gender-blindness'; and more.

WiCipedia: Women leave workforce in droves due to pandemic and burnout
WiCipedia | 3/26/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Women of color are leaving work in droves; the UK is experiencing a 'digital skills shortage'; Black Girls Code creates a future workforce; and more.

Cox SVP on making the move beyond middle management
Kelsey's Grammar | 3/22/2021

In part two of this Mentor Spotlight series, Cox's Patricia Martin shares how organizations can better provide flexible working environments to support the remote workforce, and how women can tap mentors to accelerate their career trajectory.

WiCipedia: The lack of women in tech is bigger than a 'pipeline problem'
WiCipedia | 3/19/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Telecom's gender pay gap; working from home does not work for all women; Equal Pay Day; and more.

WiCipedia: The trials and tribulations of salary negotiation
WiCipedia | 3/12/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Melinda Gates takes DC universities by storm; what the Bumble IPO means for women in tech; International Women's Day celebrates all women; and more.

Mentor Spotlight: Cox SVP says cybersecurity is everyone's job
Kelsey's Grammar | 3/8/2021

Cox's Patricia Martin shares some potential growth areas for the industry this year, why every employee needs to take responsibility for cybersecurity, how the cable industry is addressing the digital divide and what progress is being made in closing the gender gap in cable.

WiCipedia: Women find opportunities for entrepreneurship in pandemic
WiCipedia | 3/5/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Amazon fails minority employees; BT works with Code First Girls to provide upskill courses; pandemic creates founder boom; and more.

Mentor Spotlight: This 'doctor' researches a cure for GPON vendor interoperability
Kelsey's Grammar | 3/4/2021

In this Women in Comms Mentor Spotlight, GPONDoctor's Maria Alejandro shares her approach to the dilemma of vendor interoperability, how she's improved automating test procedures for her customers, and her professional advice for other women in technical positions.

From 5G to 6G: What could it look like?
Guest Perspectives | 2/26/2021

As demand for connectivity increases, it's time to begin defining the 6G standard, and understanding the benefits and challenges that 6G will present.

WiCipedia: Pandemic culture shifts rank of best cities for WiT
WiCipedia | 2/26/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: New study reports gender equality in tech stats; Google seeks to improve image; the best cities for women in tech in 2021; and more.

WiCipedia: The buzz on Bumble's billionaire boss
WiCipedia | 2/19/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: There's a new billionaire in town; Clubhouse excludes minorities; the gaming industry makes ghosts of female developers; and more.

CableLabs CMO sets her exit
News Analysis | 2/12/2021

CableLabs, which recently merged with SCTE and is inching toward its '4Front' event in June, said it has begun a search for a new chief marketing officer amid the departure of Rachel Beisel.

WiCipedia: The new '5 to 9' work hustle
WiCipedia | 2/12/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Dolly Parton is the new face of entrepreneurship; the struggle isn't over for Google's defamed AI researcher; diverse VC funds are the future of funding; and more.

WiCipedia: The workplace culture that creates 'hackathon queens'
WiCipedia | 2/5/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: How the pandemic has affected various demographics at work; FirstBoard ensures board diversification; the importance of skill-based mentorship; and more.

Clearfield CEO on wading out of the mire of middle management
Kelsey's Grammar | 2/4/2021

In part two of this Mentor Spotlight series, Light Reading's Women in Comms caught up with Clearfield President and CEO Cheri Beranek to discuss how far the needle is moving for women in telecom who are interested in historically male-dominated roles.

WiCipedia: New administration brings changes for minorities in tech
WiCipedia | 1/29/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Politics gets a bit more politically correct; breaking the hiring mold; how companies can actually create change; and more.

Clearfield CEO: Pandemic reinforces broadband demand
Kelsey's Grammar | 1/26/2021

Light Reading's Women in Comms caught up with Clearfield President and CEO Cheri Beranek to discuss how the pandemic has impacted broadband demand, fiber infrastructure and the industry's efforts to close the digital divide.

WiCipedia: How to create a diverse board
WiCipedia | 1/22/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Board diversification goal setters; Netflix releases first inclusion report; CES 2021 focuses on women in tech; and more.

Is COVID-19 a catalyst for enterprise cloud growth?
Kelsey's Grammar | 1/15/2021

In part two of this series, Navisite COO Gina Murphy shares how the company is working with customers to assist their move to the cloud and help automate their operations.

WiCipedia: Should tech jobs require college degrees?
WiCipedia | 1/15/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: The argument for why jobs in tech shouldn't require a diploma; a new online community for women in UX; how language in job descriptions affects applicants; and more.

Navisite COO on creating a successful M&A playbook
Kelsey's Grammar | 1/11/2021

In this mentor spotlight, Gina Murphy discusses the key to completing a successful acquisition, and the importance of building a company culture that supports new ideas, new technology and diverse teams.

WiCipedia: Google employees protest and unionize
WiCipedia | 1/8/2021

This week in our WiC roundup: Google workers start to unionize; female keynoters take over a virtual CES; 2021 tech events for women; and more.

Podcast: US Ignite on PAWRing up rural broadband
LRTV Interviews | 1/5/2021

US Ignite's Mari Silbey shares how her organization is partnering across the industry to address broadband access in underserved areas.

WiCipedia: Big tech meets Music City
WiCipedia | 12/30/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: A booming tech space in Tennessee; Pinterest employee complaints draw unequal results; something good comes of Amazon's wealth; and more.

WiCipedia: Are ethics in AI a losing game?
WiCipedia | 12/18/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: The future of ethics in AI; why minorities don't want to stay in tech; pandemic's effects on women at work; and more.

Upload strength a 'huge differentiator,' Google Fiber exec says
News Analysis | 12/16/2020

The pandemic has helped tell the upstream story for a key FTTP advantage as people continue to work and school from home, Google Fiber's Melani Griffith said at the 2020 Virtual Fiber Connect event.

WiCipedia: Minority numbers in STEM studies still lag
WiCipedia | 12/11/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: STEM college numbers aren't adding up; Tesla's first diversity report; women on the moon; and more.

Podcast: AT&T VP on security for 5G
LRTV Interviews | 12/9/2020

AT&T VP Rita Marty joins the podcast to discuss how the service provider is addressing 5G security, and what that means for its enterprise customers.

COVID-19, network reuse contribute to strong PON market
Column | 12/7/2020

Omdia's Julie Kunstler outlines why the broadband equipment market uptick will keep on going in 2021.

WiCipedia: Is there an alternative to imposter syndrome?
WiCipedia | 12/4/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: How to avoid imposter syndrome; fundraising for good; what it takes to build a diverse team; and more.

Ting Internet's top priority: Boost 'build velocity'
CxO Spotlight | 12/1/2020

Jill Szuchmacher, an exec late of Google Fiber, is Ting Internet's new chief strategy officer. One of her key aims is to accelerate the company's ability to deploy FTTP networks.

WiCipedia: Is Singapore the land of opportunity for women in tech?
WiCipedia | 11/27/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: Sometimes jobs in the White House can actually lead to good; is Singapore Silicon Valley 2.0?; validation and recognition for LGBTQ tech workers; and more.

Juniper and 128 Technology: WAN big happy family?
Kelsey's Grammar | 11/23/2020

Once the process of bringing 128 into Juniper amps up next year, it will be clearer how this acquisition repositions Juniper in the WAN space, and whether this move can improve Juniper's service provider business.

WiCipedia: From military life to startup founder
WiCipedia | 11/20/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: Non-profit Girls in Tech launches a job board; making the transition from situation room to board room; ushering in a new tech agenda in the White House; and more.

Podcast: Analyst Erin Dunne's forecasts for fiber and SD-WAN markets
LRTV Interviews | 11/13/2020

Vertical Systems Group's Erin Dunne explains how organizations such as MEF are impacting the standardization of SD-WAN, and shares predictions on how the SD-WAN market might fare in 2021.

WiCipedia: AR-enabled murals meld science and art
WiCipedia | 11/13/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: AR-enabled murals celebrate women in STEM; tech unicorns are lacking in female leaders; how to excel in engineering; and more.

128 Technology's Sue Graham Johnston: Creating a session-aware network
CxO Spotlight | 11/11/2020

128 Technology's President Sue Graham Johnston joins the podcast to explain the company's approach to improving user experience of the network with session-aware routers, and how enterprises can develop security strategies to protect their assets.

NTT CMO: How to 'adjust and be agile' during a rebranding
Kelsey's Grammar | 11/6/2020

In part two of this series, Ruth Rowan emphasizes the importance of keeping the 'why' for a rebranding front and center, as well as how to minimize confusion and improve the employee and customer experience.

WiCipedia: How to be a better ally
WiCipedia | 11/6/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: Black and Latina women create pipelines to break into tech; trans workers flock to the tech industry; how to level up your allyship practice; and more.

NTT CMO: Rebranding a telco requires cultural sensitivity
Kelsey's Grammar | 11/5/2020

In this Women in Comms mentor spotlight, CMO Ruth Rowan shares the challenges and lessons learned as she led the charge in rebranding dozens of tech companies across multiple countries.

WiCipedia: Breaking through barriers and smashing inequality
WiCipedia | 10/30/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: Female founders raise initial capital faster; wage gap politics; new campaign urges women to dismiss boundaries; and more.

WiCipedia: Exclusive networking club affected by racism and pandemic cocktail
WiCipedia | 10/23/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: The Wing's co-founder issues a too-little-too-late apology to workers; incarcerated women struggle with tech access; the Israeli Army has questionable definitions of 'women in tech'; and more.

Cisco carves away at enterprise WAN complexity with new routers
News Analysis | 10/20/2020

Cisco has given its ISR and ASR routers a refresh with the Catalyst 8000 series to provide connectivity and security features in the data center, branch and edge.

Podcast: Telefonica targets fiber expansion
LRTV Interviews | 10/19/2020

Light Reading's Iain Morris and Kelsey Ziser discuss highlights from last week's BBWF event, including Telefonica's approach to fiber buildouts.

WiCipedia: Coming back stronger post-COVID
WiCipedia | 10/16/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: Ada Lovelace Day reminds us of the power of coming back stronger than before; tone-deaf ads can't stop won't stop; all the ways to learn how to code from home; and more.

Podcast: What's the story with SD-WAN security?
LRTV Interviews | 10/15/2020

This week: Light Reading's Kelsey Ziser on SD-WAN security updates in the age of remote work.

WiCipedia: Black Tech Fest 20 is the place to be
WiCipedia | 10/9/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: Black Tech Fest 20 is right around the corner; ADP is named the top large company for women in tech; women lack confidence, not skill; and more.

COVID-19 slams cable next-gen network upgrades
Column | 10/7/2020

Spending on major architectural overhauls has declined this year because of the pandemic as many cablecos have defaulted to performing quick network upgrades and meeting urgent bandwidth capacity demands.

Juniper jockeys for position in security space
News Analysis | 10/7/2020

Dell'Oro Group's Mauricio Sanchez says security is still an emerging business area for Juniper but that the company is well positioned there and looking to expand.

WiCipedia: Is Trump going to end diversity training in tech?
WiCipedia | 10/2/2020

This week in our WiC roundup: Harassment numbers in tech aren't improving; working moms of color find scholarship opportunity with The Mom Project; tech conferences aren't structured for women; and more.

Eurobites: Nokia celebrates its 5G century
News Analysis | 10/2/2020

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia cleared of profit-warning perfidiousness; BT clears out of Latin America; ETNO wheels out survey findings to prompt more 5G evangelism by governments.

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