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Vodafone adds 1,400 engineers and flaunts APIs in software reboot
News Analysis | 6/30/2022

The UK-based operator has beefed up its software team and been developing some innovative new features.

Secure Services Edge market scores $800M in revenue for Q1, Dell'Oro
News Analysis | 6/30/2022

The Secure Services Edge (SSE) grew 40% year-over-year to over $800 million in revenue in Q1, according to Dell'Oro Group.

FCC turns spotlight back onto TikTok
News Analysis | 6/30/2022

FCC commissioner Brendan Carr calls on Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores.

Eurobites: Vodafone makes the UK case for 'full 5G'
News Analysis | 6/29/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Arm trumpets new gaming-friendly GPU; Mavenir in the mix for European public warning systems; Sweden's Telness Tech scores Series A funding.

Colt, Versa team up on SASE
News Analysis | 6/28/2022

Colt's new SASE service can be deployed via the cloud and/or on-premises; Colt is deploying the Versa Secure Web Gateway and other Versa services within its own cloud.

CableLabs takes aim at network and service convergence
LRTV Interviews | 6/28/2022

In this podcast, Carmela Stuart, director of the future infrastructure group at CableLabs, discusses several projects underway to explore use cases and tech requirements for supporting 5G and DOCSIS at the network edge.

Eurobites: Campaign group wins UK personal data case
News Analysis | 6/27/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: repercussions of Belgium's 5G spectrum auction; Telecom Italia trials satellite-based multicast technology; Wimbledon latest.

China chips: Growing faster but still a laggard
News Analysis | 6/27/2022

China's chip sector is growing fast but it's still consuming far more than it produces - with growth driven by US sanctions.

Cisco exit will drive Russia further into China's embrace
News Analysis | 6/24/2022

The US equipment maker follows Nokia in deciding to wind down operations in Russia. Its move will make Russia even more heavily dependent on China.

Eurobites: A1 Telekom Austria opts for VMware's SD-WAN wizardry
News Analysis | 6/24/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange Spain cuts deal with DAZN; London mayor tackles digital exclusion; Italian hacking job raises Google's hackles.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile tout Z-axis support for 911
News Analysis | 6/23/2022

Z-axis data, along with X- and Y-axis data, ought to let emergency responders know exactly which floor a 911 caller might be on. And now, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are successfully capturing that data.

China Mobile pays $620M for controlling stake in security firm
News Analysis | 6/21/2022

Operator's investment arm China Mobile Capital has acquired 23.08% of Venustech's voting stock through its purchase of 284 million shares at 14.57 yuan.

Eurobites: KKR et al put in bid for Deutsche's towers unit – report
News Analysis | 6/20/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Wi-Fi trials in Dublin; Jurassic Fibre extends UK rollout; Telia brings 5G to the Norwegian military.

FCC plagued by 'materially deficient' filings in Huawei, ZTE swap-out
News Analysis | 6/17/2022

'Of the 181 applications filed with the commission, 122 were found to be initially materially deficient,' FCC chief Jessica Rosenworcel told Congress of the agency's 'rip and replace' program.

Podcast: Cisco's Masum Mir on the reality and hype of the metaverse
LRTV Interviews | 6/16/2022

In this podcast, Masum Mir, VP and GM of engineering at Cisco, discusses changes on the horizon for networks and network security to support the so-called metaverse, and how Cisco's relationship with the cable industry is evolving.

Nobody has the foggiest about the edge
Morris Lore | 6/16/2022

Does edge computing decentralization make sense? What form should it take? What role is left for network operators? The telecom industry is still seeking answers.

Cisco CEO: Navigating constant crisis is the new reality
News Analysis | 6/15/2022

Supporting and securing the network is rapidly evolving as data and applications are massively distributed and effectively delivered 'everywhere,' CEO Chuck Robbins said at the annual Cisco Live event.

Huawei's auto business rebounds
News Analysis | 6/14/2022

The Wenjie M5, the first model to be equipped with Huawei's Harmony OS, is reportedly the fastest to reach 10,000 units sold in China.

As 5G licensing gathers pace, Huawei talks up IP creds
News Analysis | 6/10/2022

Alan Fan, head of Huawei's IP department, says more than 2 billion smartphones have been licensed with Huawei IP in the past five years – around 27% of the total.

VPN providers remove servers from India to protest new rules
News Analysis | 6/10/2022

The action is in response to a government mandate on storing information about customers to boost cybersecurity.

Orange brings SD-WAN and AI to evolution of enterprise IT
LRTV Interviews | 6/9/2022

Orange Business Services executives discuss the SD-WAN deployment to nearly 1,200 Siemens sites plus the launch of Service Manage-Watch.

Huawei's big role in open source threatens new security backlash
News Analysis | 6/9/2022

Chinese companies are among the biggest contributors to Kubernetes, and not everyone buys the arguments about open-source security.

Eurobites: Court upholds Swisscom's $73.4M pay-TV fine
News Analysis | 6/9/2022

Also in today's EME regional roundup: Sparkle connects Benetton; Three hikes prices for pay-as-you-go customers; Salt savors network success in Switzerland.

Star's Ukraine contingency plans in place since 2014
News Analysis | 6/9/2022

Chairman of the IT software company says advanced planning has helped increase employees' safety in the wake of Russia's invasion.

Reliability paramount in home broadband, former Comcast CTO says
News Analysis | 6/8/2022

Multi-gigabit speeds to the home is on trend, but 'massive reliability' across every link in the local area network is critical, says Plume board appointee Tony Werner.

Eurobites: Telecom Italia agrees first tranche of job cuts – report
News Analysis | 6/8/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Deutsche Telekom turns to 700MHz for rural 5G; Telefonica Tech hooks up with Constella Intelligence; EU plumps for USB-C charging port as standard.

Eurobites: Orange extends Nokia's networks contract in Poland
News Analysis | 6/7/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: TIM gives cloud support to Salesforce; Telefonica Tech adds Netskope security; Yandex boss steps down.

Ciena CEO: Supply chain constraints reach 'most volatile' levels
News Analysis | 6/3/2022

The network equipment vendor managed to grow revenues by 14% in its fiscal second quarter, but strong demand was overshadowed by worsening supply chain constraints that caused its backlog to balloon to more than $4 billion.

Nokia mobile boss says Russia backlash could bring 5G gains
News Analysis | 5/30/2022

Some countries are making up their minds about high-risk vendors and Nokia's mobile market share has stabilized after earlier setbacks, says Tommi Uitto.

China's PLA wants to be able to take out Starlink
News Analysis | 5/30/2022

PLA scientists say the LEO network's capabilities, including huge global footprint, ubiquitous broadband and low latency, pose a military threat to China.

Jim Hodges on the complexity of 5G security and private networks
LRTV Interviews | 5/27/2022

Hodges explains the complexities behind 5G security and why he is skeptical of industry hype over private networks.

Here's how the US government plans to secure 5G
News Analysis | 5/27/2022

The US government's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said its new 5G guidelines 'will provide assurance that the government enterprise system is protected.'

Amid 'rip and replace' funding debate, some rural wireless carriers move on
News Analysis | 5/27/2022

Although the FCC has not yet begun releasing funds to remove Huawei and ZTE equipment from US networks, PTCI and United Wireless have begun ripping that equipment out anyway.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom, Inmarsat boost in-flight broadband network
News Analysis | 5/26/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT agrees security deal with MTN; Nokia shares booth space with robots; A1 Telekom Austria Group acquires Bulgarian ICT company.

Eurobites: Cash-strapped Brits carry on streaming
News Analysis | 5/25/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone wants more open RAN collaboration; TIM climbs aboard maritime transport; Synamedia acquires Utelly.

Canada officially gives Huawei and ZTE the boot
News Analysis | 5/20/2022

Operators need to clear the Chinese vendors out of their 5G networks by mid-2024 and stop buying any products from them later this year.

Eurobites: Allegations fly in Phones 4U case
News Analysis | 5/17/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Openreach fiber rolls on; Ziggo brings the gig to Hoogeveen; Sparkle teams up with Atos.

Telefónica surfs on favorable exchange rates, rides inflation wave
News Analysis | 5/12/2022

Increasing strength of cloud, cybersecurity also helps Group post better than expected Q1 net profit.

Eurobites: Swisscom draws on Amazon's cloud clout
News Analysis | 5/10/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ethio Telecom launches 5G services; Ofcom seeks mmWave feedback; Nokia opens 5G security lab in US.

SKT cybersecurity spin-off pulls plug on $2.8B IPO
News Analysis | 5/9/2022

Korea's SK Telecom called off the IPO after encountering what it said was lackluster response from institutional investors early this week.

While some Chinese companies exit Russia, Huawei remains a question mark
News Analysis | 5/6/2022

The WSJ reported that Russian telecom operator Beeline, owned by Dutch company Veon, said it received a delivery in March of telecommunications equipment from Huawei.

Arm embargo remains biggest threat to Huawei
News Analysis | 5/5/2022

Recent moves in China could pave the way to Arm's initial public offering in the next year, with possible consequences for China's biggest equipment maker.

Eurobites: Vodafone goes large on analytics to boost network performance
News Analysis | 5/5/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia trumpets 600G success; Three's feeling flat in Q1; the problem with app stores.

India seizes over $700M in Xiaomi assets over forex violations
News Analysis | 5/4/2022

India's authorities are hinting that Xiaomi has illegally transferred funds to its Chinese parent company's subsidiaries. The move is part of the country's broad investigation into all kinds of business dealings involving Chinese companies and executives.

MEF's TAB to buoy vendor voices in strategic work
News Analysis | 5/3/2022

CTO Pascal Menezes says the new advisory board will give technology supplier members more of a voice in MEF's strategic vision around cybersecurity, business automation, SD-WAN, underlay connectivity and edge computing.

Eurobites: CityFibre signs up Giganet across UK footprint
News Analysis | 5/3/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ofcom investigates Shell Energy; Nokia sells edge routers in Denmark; Spotify loses podcast tech supremo.

Orange brings SD-WAN to nearly 1,200 Siemens sites
News Analysis | 4/29/2022

This is a considerably large SD-WAN deployment for an enterprise with 370,000 employees. Orange's John Isch usually sees an SD-WAN deployment of this size in retail locations.

Eurobites: Nokia builds basestations in Turkey with Karel
News Analysis | 4/29/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Colt saddles up with VMware for SD-WANnery; KPN, Proximus tick over in Q1; BBC iPlayer plays a (Peaky) blinder.

Omdia sees enterprise edge services market soaring to $214 billion by 2026
News Analysis | 4/25/2022

Enterprises want service providers to define business cases, run pilot projects and scope out approaches to edge computing use cases, explains the research group.

EU moves ahead on new rules to tackle Meta and more
News Analysis | 4/25/2022

Deal or no deal: The new Digital Services Act is set to come into force in 2024, after the EC announced that it had finally reached political agreement.

How one US cable exec is helping Ukraine, and how you can too
News Analysis | 4/25/2022

Derek Elder is collaborating with an informal network of business leaders, working at the behest of government officials, to keep Ukraine's networks and computer systems up and running.

Eurobites: Video-streaming services lose subs as Brits tighten their belts
News Analysis | 4/19/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: FiberCop gets some TLC; Nokia extols the wonders of SaaS; Ericsson helps Batelco in Bahrain.

T-Mobile getting revenge on hackers
News Analysis | 4/18/2022

A recent DoJ indictment appears to take aim at a hacker who was selling T-Mobile data for around $270,000. And it appears that T-Mobile paid that price to halt the spread of that data, albeit unsuccessfully.

Omdia: SD-WAN boosted by 5G, edge computing growth
News Analysis | 4/18/2022

Edge computing use cases, an increased use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and growth in IoT are also increasing demand for SD-WAN services, said Omdia.

Ericsson expects US fines as digital loss hits $5.6B since 2017
News Analysis | 4/14/2022

The Swedish company's share price took another hit after profits were also hurt by its decision to suspend business in Russia indefinitely.

SASE roundup: Aryaka plants Paris PoP
News Analysis | 4/13/2022

Also in today's SASE roundup: Palo Alto expands availability of its Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition router to the US and Canada.

Juniper CEO: The new networking – experience, speed and scale
CxO Spotlight | 4/13/2022

Juniper's M&A strategy is helping it build a managed services arsenal that adds more value to service provider connectivity in the enterprise market.

Nokia to 'exit' Russia as Huawei reportedly stops work
News Analysis | 4/12/2022

The move by the Finnish vendor comes a day after Ericsson suspended operations 'indefinitely' and could leave Russian networks in peril.

Eurobites: Vodafone, Sky considering TalkTalk bid – report
News Analysis | 4/11/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone UK switches on more 5G; Telkom settles with South Africa's regulator; 40 years in fiber.

Skills gap threatens future of 5G and open RAN, Eightfold AI reports
News Analysis | 4/8/2022

Eightfold AI explains that the skills gap is an immediate issue that telecom companies need to address - within the next two years - to prepare for trends such as 5G and IoT, cloud and edge computing, big data and AI, SDN and SASE, and open RAN.

The Russian roulette of buying software written in Moscow
News Analysis | 4/8/2022

Western technology companies still have significant teams of people based in Russia, and their status remains unclear.

Dorsey's Internet is better than the anarchy of tomorrow's Web3
Morris Lore | 4/7/2022

If today's tech billionaires look scary, just wait for tomorrow's crypto-enriched masters of the universe.

Akamai CTO: All access is remote access
CxO Spotlight | 4/5/2022

Robert Blumofe, EVP and CTO at Akamai, discusses his company's recent acquisition of Linode and how his company stays flexible enough to deal with the changes in enterprise computing.

AT&T, Northrop Grumman team for 5G 'digital battle network'
News Analysis | 4/5/2022

'By bringing our 5G services together with Northrop Grumman's powerful avionics and defense systems, we expect to create an ideal platform to deliver DoD's JADC2 vision,' said AT&T's Lance Spencer.

Starlink helps Vodafone Ukraine reconnect battle-scarred towns
News Analysis | 4/4/2022

Using Elon Musk's satellite constellation as a transport network, the operator restores 2G/4G services in Irpin and Romanivka.

Verizon's Maggie Hallbach on securing and connecting the public sector
LRTV Interviews | 4/4/2022

Hallbach discusses how her team works with Verizon Frontline to utilize technologies such as 5G to support first responders, and the learnings from Verizon's $119 million network investment in and around SoFi Stadium for Super Bowl LVI.

Apple under fire over courting of Chinese chip firm
News Analysis | 4/4/2022

US Senator Marco Rubio has written to Tim Cook, the iPhone maker's CEO, telling him a deal with YMTC would be 'unacceptable' to Americans.

Huawei hunts for AI and cloud expertise in Moscow
Morris Lore | 4/1/2022

The Chinese vendor continues to advertise job vacancies in Russia, where its main rivals have suspended operations.

Despite sanctions, US chip sales to China boomed in 2021
News Analysis | 3/31/2022

Major US companies reported a $25 billion sales increase in China last year, stoking fear about Chinese access to American technology.

Nokia shows why Russia is a bog for Western tech firms
News Analysis | 3/30/2022

The Finnish equipment vendor, which has not furloughed Russian employees, cannot simply turn off its tech.

Ukraine-Russia cyberwarfare escalates with attack on Ukrtelecom
News Analysis | 3/29/2022

Apple, MegaFon also in fallout flak as war enters second month.

Windstream Enterprise's UC service goes global
News Analysis | 3/29/2022

OfficeSuite UC, Windstream Enterprise's Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform, is now available outside the US and Canada, for a total of 16 locations.

Huawei cut 10K non-R&D jobs in two years but still got bigger
Morris Lore | 3/29/2022

The Chinese kit vendor is morphing into an R&D specialist but may struggle to maintain spending at its current level.

Huawei is slowly being strangled
Morris Lore | 3/28/2022

The Chinese vendor is in worse shape than anyone thought before the publication of its latest annual results.

Apple iPhone 14 may feature Chinese chips with military links
News Analysis | 3/28/2022

Apple is evaluating memory chips made by state-owned YMTC, according to a Credit Suisse report.

Telenor bids final farewell to Myanmar
News Analysis | 3/25/2022

The Norwegian group completes the sale of Telenor Myanmar, but its exit is likely to have far-reaching consequences.

Eurobites: Vodafone, Nokia set course for marine-focused 5G in Plymouth
News Analysis | 3/24/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: KKR wants to see TIM's books; Ghana extends SIM re-registration deadline; Google gives green light to Spotify's payment platform.

Russia's war on Ukraine looks a nightmare for Netcracker
News Analysis | 3/24/2022

The telco software company says it has stopped business in Russia, while dodging questions about its reliance on Russian coders.

ZTE whistleblower: They think the law is just a suggestion
News Analysis | 3/24/2022

A decade on, ZTE whistleblower shares inside story of illegal trades – as Chinese vendor exits US probation despite last-minute allegation of visa fraud.

SASE scoops up $4B in revenue for 2021, Dell'Oro Group reports
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

Dell'Oro Group predicts the SASE market will reach double-digit billion-dollar revenue by 2025.

Comcast's latest open source contribution centers on cybersecurity
News Analysis | 3/23/2022

Comcast's 'xGitGuard' tool uses AI and machine learning techniques to detect 'secrets' - such as API tokens and passwords - that might be inadvertently lurking in open source code.

Charter goes big at the edge
News Analysis | 3/22/2022

Charter's Spectrum Enterprise unit is putting more emphasis on the higher end of the market with Enterprise Network Edge, a platform that features advanced security and SD-WAN capabilities.

Juniper takes Apstra and IBN to edge data centers
News Analysis | 3/22/2022

Juniper's latest version of Apstra to support smaller edge data centers comes in response to enterprise customers' increased use of edge data centers for applications such as industrial automation and augmented reality.

Eurobites: CityFibre bags fresh £300M investment from Mubadala fund
News Analysis | 3/21/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson continues stables-cleaning process; VEON employees tough it out in Ukraine; Nokia's patent applications rise.

Arm cuts itself off from Russia, joining Intel and AMD
News Analysis | 3/18/2022

The UK-based chip designer has suspended product deliveries and support, leaving Russian data centers with a looming problem.

Arm has awkwardly become a lifeline for the Huawei cloud
News Analysis | 3/17/2022

A UK-based chip designer currently owned by a Japanese billionaire has provided an essential helping hand for one of China's most controversial companies.

Eurobites: UK's Online Safety Bill reaches lawmakers
News Analysis | 3/17/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone creates jobs in Stoke, slims down Newbury HQ; FiberCop and Neoip add towns to fiber rollout; Nokia trials 5G network with Japan's Omron.

Windstream Enterprise teams with Cato to roll cloud-based SASE service to North American customers
News Analysis | 3/16/2022

The managed SASE service includes five components: SD-WAN, firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS), secure web gateways (SWGs), zero trust network access (ZTNA) and cloud access security broker (CASB).

Eurobites: Irish watchdog takes €17M bite out of Meta for data breaches
News Analysis | 3/16/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ofcom sets out space spectrum strategy; how Viasat hack helped Russia's invasion of Ukraine; EU approves Amazon's takeover of MGM, disses Midnight Cowboy.

What's the Story? The splinternet is coming
LRTV Interviews | 3/15/2022

Mike Dano discusses his recent coverage of the 'splinternet' and what it means for the industry at large.

DDoS attacks up nearly 40%, mostly targeting gaming and retail, Radware reports
News Analysis | 3/14/2022

Between 2020 and 2021, the average DDoS volume per company was also up 26%, but attack vectors larger than 10 Gbit/s were down 5%.

Ukraine has made Huawei even more toxic for European telcos
Morris Lore | 3/11/2022

The Chinese equipment vendor's continued involvement in Russia is awkward for its biggest European customers.

Preparing for the splinternet
DanoVision | 3/10/2022

Cogent and Lumen moved to cut Russia off from the Internet. But some analysts warn such actions could 'cause other countries to consider ways to either control those companies or utilize other companies.'

Brokerage firm warns Google's $5.4B deal with Mandiant may face 'protracted' review
News Analysis | 3/10/2022

MKM Partners suspects Google's all-cash swoop for cybersecurity specialist will hit some regulatory buffers.

Eurobites: Huawei hit by UK resignations as it continues to do business in rogue-state Russia
News Analysis | 3/10/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ukrainian government considers moving data to safety; ETNO calls for more coordination to defend against increased cyberwarfare risk; Zain, BT in reality check.

Orange Business Services teams up with Fortinet on cloud-based SASE service
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

Fortinet is Orange's first vendor partner in the SASE space, but the service provider expects to add more managed SASE options in the future.

Eurobites: Cellnex targets automotive market with Segula tie-up
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Lumen pulls the plug on Russia; Vodafone brings HBO Max to more European markets; Proximus does Belgium proud by Ukrainian refugees.

ZTE trumpets strong 2021 on back of 5G sales
News Analysis | 3/9/2022

The China-based vendor continues its recovery following its near collapse in 2018.

Huawei carries on in Russia as other Chinese firms wait and see
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

The exit of western brands from Russia might seem like a golden opportunity for Chinese firms, but it is not that straightforward.

How Western sanctions will hurt Russian telecom and tech
News Analysis | 3/8/2022

Operators have been cut off from the only viable non-Chinese suppliers, and the Chinese ones have problems of their own.

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