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AT&T Picks Indy as 7th Mobile 5G City
News Analysis | 8/31/2018

City joins AT&T's rollout plans for Dallas, Atlanta, Waco, Charlotte, Oklahoma City and Raleigh.

McBride on Why CenturyLink Delivers 'Home-Brewed' Flavors of NFV & SDN
Kelsey's Grammar | 8/31/2018

During his keynote at Light Reading's NFV & Carrier SDN event in Denver next month, CenturyLink's Kevin McBride plans to address real-world challenges for service providers in monetizing and scaling the deployment of SDN/NFV and cloud technologies.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom Sets Out Its 5G Stall as Auction Approaches
News Analysis | 8/31/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: DT gets into smart-speaker game; Vodafone's Indian merger completes; MTN's Ghanaian IPO falls short.

5G Fixin' to Become 'Largest Existential Threat' to Broadband Providers – Analysts
News Analysis | 8/30/2018

5G's combined threat of reach and speed presents risk to cable's dominant position in the US in-home broadband market.

'Volumetric' AR Poised to Ride the 5G Wave
News Analysis | 8/30/2018

Jaunt adds volumetric capture capabilities to platform as content category starts to surface as a 'new media type' for mobile devices that will need fast speeds, low latencies, CEO says.

Eurobites: MTN's Stock Slumps as Nigeria Demands Return of $8.1B
News Analysis | 8/30/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone's Aussie merger confirmed; Qatar's 'first 5G customer'; Bouygues on the up; UK releases more full-fiber cash.

When Disaster Strikes: A New Opportunity to Build a Fail-Safe Network
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 8/29/2018

Once a brick, always a brick? In preparation for disasters, users around the world are turning to technologies that use smartphones to create a resilient mesh network layer that underlies the current cellular network.

VMware Sees 'Enormous' Telco Opportunity
News Analysis | 8/29/2018

SD-WAN is driving deals where VMware partners with telcos to sell to enterprise customers.

Disney's Ben Havey: Collaboration & Content in a 5G World
CxO Spotlight | 8/29/2018

To help its parent company connect with consumers as a new kind of service provider, The Walt Disney Studios is creating new entertainment experiences, solving tech problems and getting ready for 5G networks.

ZTE Back in the Game, Seeking Trust & 5G Deals
News Analysis | 8/28/2018

But the road ahead looks steep, despite domestic support and opportunities.

Could Japan Also Bar Huawei, ZTE?
Shades of Ray | 8/28/2018

Or are we into FUD territory?

Eurobites: Nokia Bags €500M EU Loan for 5G-Focused Research
News Analysis | 8/28/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Proximus invests in transport network upgrade; Vodacom boasts Africa's first 5G service; KPN tweaks its management team; and CyrusOne buys into Europe.

Inventiveness & Pragmatism Pays Off in 5G Test & Measurement
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 8/24/2018

As the market continues to push toward 5G, test and measurement (T&M) will expand, offering many more opportunities for T&M vendors.

Cable Industry Advice Led Tibit to Its Tiny OLT
News Analysis | 8/24/2018

New 'MicroPlug' expected to tie into cable's move toward virtualization, distributed access architectures.

AT&T Boosts Akraino With Code, Summit
News Analysis | 8/23/2018

Carrier hosted two-day developer summmit for open source edge software project, after it released key seed code for major use case.

Jeff McElfresh Is New Face of 5G at AT&T
News Analysis | 8/23/2018

Succeeding Melissa Arnoldi in the role, the AT&T vet is the company's new president of technology and operations and will helm the company's mobile 5G rollout. 

Telefónica's Elizondo on UNICA's Promise of Network Automation
Kelsey's Grammar | 8/23/2018

Antonio Elizondo says his keynote at Light Reading's event next month will focus on how Telefónica is using UNICA, its network virtualization program launched in 2014, to automate network services.

Australia Excludes Huawei, ZTE From 5G Rollouts
News Analysis | 8/23/2018

Australian government 'undermines 5G future' as it rules out Chinese vendor involvement in the country's 5G plans.

AT&T's 5G Figurehead Arnoldi Shifts to Vrio, Ma Bell's LatAm Pay-TV Unit
News Analysis | 8/23/2018

Melissa Arnoldi is no longer president of Technology and Operations at AT&T -- now she's head of the operator's Latin American entertainment unit, Vrio.

Zayo Sets Sales Goals, Reiterates REIT Plans
News Analysis | 8/22/2018

Zayo looking forward to landing bigger deals and to advancing its REIT plans.

Cable Ops Preparing to Exempt Some OTT Services From Data Caps
News Analysis | 8/22/2018

OpenVault CEO says some MSOs with broadband data policies are considering plans to 'zero-rate' traffic from select video streaming services to differentiate their broadband services in a way that goes beyond speeds and pricing.

Will 5G Be a Cord-Cutter's Dream?
Jonestown | 8/22/2018

Can 5G be the wireless platform that will spur a massive increase in cord cutting? Maybe so...

Sprint's Marquardt on the 5G Sweet Spot
Kelsey's Grammar | 8/22/2018

Dr. Ron Marquardt, VP of technology for Sprint, will kick off Light Reading's annual breakfast workshop at Mobile World Congress America next month with a keynote focused on Sprint's strategy for deploying 5G.

The World of Disney: StudioLAB Innovation, Cisco Collaboration & 5G Anticipation
The Philter | 8/21/2018

With technology partners and an eye toward 5G networks, the StudioLAB is helping Disney-owned content studios solve technical production problems and reach consumers in novel ways.

States Challenge FCC 'Internet Freedom' Order
The Philter | 8/21/2018

Twenty-three attorneys general, representing 22 states and the District of Columbia, are suing to block the FCC's rollback of net neutrality regulations, again bringing up the agency's tendency to preempt state and local laws.

Behind the Scenes at Disney's StudioLAB
LRTV Documentaries | 8/21/2018

Disney is using tech from Cisco and other partners to reach consumers in new ways. We take you behind-the-scenes at the StudioLAB, where Disney execs explain how 5G networks will unlock new opportunities in storytelling and content distribution.

Pedal to the Mobile: Verizon Completes 5G Drive Test With Nokia
News Analysis | 8/21/2018

But, beyond tests, will Nokia announce 5G deployment deals with Verizon, like Ericsson and Samsung have done?

China Telecom Beats Rivals but Gets Lost in Translation
Morris Lore | 8/20/2018

China Telecom says it is outperforming China Mobile in the mobile market, but it falls well behind on intelligibility.

The US May Yet Catch Its Global Peers in 4G Speeds
Column | 8/17/2018

The US could start a steady climb back up the global rankings if more cities practice intensive spectrum management and make new LTE-Advanced upgrades.

Australia Could Open 5G Door to Huawei
News Analysis | 8/16/2018

Australia's telcos may be allowed to use Huawei's equipment after all – with caveats.

The Dawn of Mobile 5G: Deployment, Use Cases & Destinations
Jonestown | 8/16/2018

Join Heavy Reading & Light Reading for a breakfast briefing in Los Angeles to talk 5G strategies.

Taking the Pulse of NFV in the Mile-High City
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 8/16/2018

This year's NFV & Carrier SDN event will examine the industry's progress in monetizing virtualization efforts, but will also consider the impact of process automation, which is now positioned as a ubiquitous add-on to any technology.

Eurobites: Exponential-e Takes Virgin Atlantic Into the Cloud
News Analysis | 8/16/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Swisscom's fixed-line challenge; MegaFon on the march in Q2; O2 sees the light; Virgin's fiber-to-the-crater.

Telstra Profits Pummeled by NBN
News Analysis | 8/16/2018

Australia's largest retail service provider has blamed the government's NBN pricing for a sharp fall in profits.

Cisco: Service Provider Revenues Grow, but the 5G Bonanza Is Yet to Come
News Analysis | 8/15/2018

Disappointing shortage of bad news in Cisco's quarterly earnings, with revenues up across the board.

Packet Carving New Niche at the Edge
News Analysis | 8/15/2018

Industry veteran Ihab Tarazi helps lead company in providing IaaS at the edge of the network, offering bare metal compute as part of a larger edge computing ecosystem.

What's the Plan for Command & Control of 5G Networks?
Column | 8/15/2018

Operators will need full control over network and application performance if 5G services are to thrive.

Indy Is Verizon's 4th Fixed 5G City
News Analysis | 8/14/2018

Verizon will package Apple TV boxes and YouTube TV service in its residential 5G bundles.

Altice USA Gears Up for Trio of CBRS Trials
News Analysis | 8/14/2018

Cable operator is working with FCC and suppliers such as Nokia, Ericsson and Arris to tee up trials that could ultimately help Altice USA keep its MVNO costs in check.

Pivotal Commware CEO Expects 5G Repeaters in Field in Q1 2019
News Analysis | 8/14/2018

Pivotal Commware is currently applying for an FCC license to show and test its 28GHz Echo with carriers and equipment makers over the next year.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: Scraping the Barrel
LRTV Documentaries | 8/14/2018

The crud on top has been skimmed off to reveal a heady brew, bubbling with insights into Ericsson, Cisco, Samsung, AI and more (it says here...)

FCC Might Freeze Fixed-Line Broadband Speed Benchmark
News Analysis | 8/13/2018

Agency recommends keeping the 25 Mbit/s downstream definition for 'advanced telecommunications capability,' but one Commissioner asserts that it should be raised to 100 Mbit/s.

Dish's Window to Sell Spectrum Has Closed, Analyst Says
News Analysis | 8/13/2018

Top industry analyst downgrades Dish shares to 'sell' and cuts the target price on the stock over concerns about company's network buildout strategy.

Germany's United Internet May Bid in 5G Auction – Report
News Analysis | 8/13/2018

German service provider says it may bid to become a fourth mobile network operator despite opposition from Deutsche Telekom.

Crown Castle Courting Enterprises
News Analysis | 8/13/2018

Shared infrastructure play now includes delivering fiber services, lit and unlit, to enterprises in large urban areas across US.

Telenor's Svendsen Has Gut Feeling About AI
News Analysis | 8/13/2018

The Norwegian telco wants to base more of its decisions on hard data and not intuition. Investment in AI-based systems could hold the key.

Ericsson Ramps Its 5G Activity in US
News Analysis | 8/10/2018

Vendor set to hire at least 380 new tech staff and start manufacturing locally to better support its important US customers, but where will these experts come from?

Eurobites: Ericsson Pumps Up Its US 5G R&D
News Analysis | 8/10/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Openreach reins in Gfast rollout; Fitch returns Nokia to investment-grade status; Huawei powers Fastweb's WiFi; UK smart meter program in crisis.

Magic Leap Jumps to the 5G Future
The Bauminator | 8/10/2018

AR startup's pricey 'Creator Edition' goes on sale, but Magic Leap still needs to jump a much larger hurdle if it's to forge a connection to the consumer mainstream.

Indian Telcos May Avoid Next Spectrum Auction
News Analysis | 8/10/2018

Mountainous debts, a surplus of spectrum and the weak business case for 5G could all compel India's telcos to skip a forthcoming auction.

AT&T Tests in Austin: 5G High & Rising
News Analysis | 8/9/2018

Ma Bell gets 39GHz mmwave infrastructure and devices tested ahead of its planned mobile 5G commercial launch at the end of the year.

China Mobile Sees NB-IoT Boom as Profits Rise
News Analysis | 8/9/2018

China's NB-IoT push has led to a dramatic increase in IoT connections on the network of the country's biggest mobile operator.

Deutsche Telekom Raises Outlook on US Growth
News Analysis | 8/9/2018

German operator's second-quarter results tell a familiar story of rampant growth in the US and an underwhelming performance in Germany and Europe.

Why Do You Need a 5G Cloud-Native Core?
Column | 8/9/2018

To deliver the new services promised by 5G, your existing 4G core will not be enough.

Driving Low Latency: VZW Prez Talks 5G Apps & More
News Analysis | 8/8/2018

Verizon Wireless' president starts to unveil a three-year plan for 5G, starting early in 2019.

Samsung to Pump $22.3B Into AI, 5G, New Tech
News Analysis | 8/8/2018

South Korean equipment maker aims to address shareholder concerns about its future competitiveness with an ambitious new investment plan.

For AT&T, 5G Is a City Kitty, Not a Residential Fat Pipe
News Analysis | 8/8/2018

AT&T will bring more mid-band spectrum into the 5G picture through next year.

Seven Bidders Register for Italy 5G Auction
News Analysis | 8/7/2018

Italy's 5G auction could exceed a government target of raising €2.5 billion ($2.9 billion) after attracting interest from companies outside the mobile market.

Tower Companies Brace for an Edge Computing Bonanza
News Analysis | 8/7/2018

Cell towers represent a logical location for edge computing and their owners see major opportunity, once they figure out the business model. Two major operators are already on the move.

America Is Losing the 5G Race, Says Deloitte
Morris Lore | 8/7/2018

While US operators are good at talking about 5G, the Chinese are doing are much better job of preparing their country for the potentially game-changing technology, according to compelling new research.

A 5G Device Timeline for 2018 & Beyond
News Analysis | 8/7/2018

We're now on the runway for a mobile 5G device take-off. Fasten your seatbelts!

The Great 5G Spectrum Devaluation
News Analysis | 8/6/2018

Operators are rattled about the payments they make for spectrum, but telco spending on frequency licenses has continued to fall.

Digital Twins: A New Tool in the Network Management Arsenal
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 8/6/2018

The concept of digital twins could be taken to a much higher level in areas like network planning and design, programmable networks and field service management.

Dish: We Can Meet Wireless Buildout Schedule
News Analysis | 8/3/2018

Says it's 'on track' to complete the first phase of a 5G-capable network by March 2020.

Eurobites: KPN taps Ericsson for 5G test drive
News Analysis | 8/3/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Hyperoptic raises £250 million for fiber expansion; Arcep gets tough on 4G; new economics wonk at Ofcom; Amazon's little tax miracle.

Indian Optical Market Will Outpace China – Nokia
News Analysis | 8/3/2018

Finnish equipment vendor says India's optical networking market is booming thanks to soaring usage of mobile broadband services.

Verizon's First 5G Mobile Device? It's a Snap!
News Analysis | 8/2/2018

Verizon says Moto's 5G module will support its gigabit-speed mobile 5G, which is coming in 2019.

Nokia, Samsung Miss Out as Three UK Gives 5G Job to Huawei
News Analysis | 8/2/2018

Three UK has picked Huawei over existing radio access network suppliers Nokia and Samsung to build its 5G network.

T-Mobile Promises 'A Lot of Firsts' for New OTT TV Service
News Analysis | 8/2/2018

But company remains vague on how it intends to change the pay-TV game almost eight months after acquiring Layer3 TV.

Eurobites: Altice Europe Pays the Price of Growth in Q2
News Analysis | 8/2/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Three makes progress in Q2; Brits love smartphones, but not for talking into; telcos and e-sports.

Spirent Making Big New Promises
News Analysis | 8/2/2018

Veteran test and measurement firm seeks more strategic role in service assurance, 5G rollouts and cybersecurity.

T-Mobile: 5G Lets Us Take Broadband Across America
News Analysis | 8/1/2018

T-Mobile plans to take on the cablecos and others with a massive 5G push to bring broadband and video to the home.

Sprint's Massive MIMO 'Lynchpin' for 5G
News Analysis | 8/1/2018

Sprint says it has a few massive MIMO arrays live in market, which is key to Sprint's mid-band mobile 5G push in 2019.

Ericsson vs. Nokia: Who's Ahead in 5G Right Now?
News Analysis | 8/1/2018

Market reaction suggests Ericsson is now racing ahead of Nokia, but the contest between them is finely balanced.

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