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Can the 'New' T-Mobile Make America's Networks Great Again?
Jonestown | 4/30/2018

A US 5G lead, more jobs and cheaper services all sound good, if not bigly, but is it all just promises right now?

T-Mobile & Sprint: Marriage Made in Hell
Morris Lore | 4/30/2018

Consumers, industry employees and equipment vendors must all hope that regulators block a T-Mobile merger with Sprint.

T-Mobile to Buy Sprint for $26.5B to Create US 5G Powerhouse
News Analysis | 4/30/2018

But the companies will need every ounce of spectrum to succeed.

Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Most Innovative NFV Deployment Strategy
News Analysis | 4/30/2018

Boingo Wireless and Comcast Business make the shortlist for our NFV deployment strategy award.

Where Charter's Chugging Along... & Where It's Not
News Analysis | 4/27/2018

Investors may be worried about the wrong things.

T-Mobile, Sprint Close to Merger Deal – Reports
News Analysis | 4/27/2018

US mobile operators are close to reaching agreement on the terms of a deal, according to reports.

Eurobites: Fiber Up or Fade Away, Ofcom Tells BT
News Analysis | 4/27/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Comings and goings at Telecom Italia; Orange active in Africa; Proximus hits 2.94 Gbit/s in 5G trial; Facebook CTO gets a UK grilling.

FCC: High-Band 5G Spectrum Cleared for Take-Off in 2019
News Analysis | 4/26/2018

FCC says agency is ready for 24GHz, 28GHz and 39GHz auctions in 2019, and has plans to open up the 3.7GHz to 4.2GHz band for 5G.

Qualcomm Profits Hammered by Licensing Disputes
News Analysis | 4/26/2018

Qualcomm blames its legal battles with Apple and another licensee for a fall in profits but managed to grow sales thanks to its chips business.

Eurobites: UK Bets Big on AI
News Analysis | 4/26/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefónica, Orange and KPN reveal Q1 earnings; Ericsson lands Italian virtualization job.

Nokia Tumbles on Weak Results, Insists Good 5G Times Lie Ahead
News Analysis | 4/26/2018

Finnish vendor insists the second half of 2018 will be much better than the first half as customers start to invest in long-awaited 5G networks.

WiC Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Female-Led Startup to Watch
Que Sera Sarah | 4/26/2018

Libelium and Movandi and their founders are pioneering new technologies that are already changing the game for IoT and 5G, respectively, making them startups you want to keep an eye on in 2018 and beyond.

Nimble Small Cell Vendors Find Another Market to Exploit
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 4/26/2018

LTE and future 5G networks are evolving in a way that overcomes previous barriers to the use of standardized public-network technologies for private applications, and there is better support for features needed in mission-critical use cases.

AT&T on Track With 5G, Starts FirstNet Build
News Analysis | 4/25/2018

Market punishes AT&T for miss, but Ma Bell lauds 5G progress.

New Data on Pole Prices Power 5G Debate
News Analysis | 4/25/2018

The cost of 5G deployments depends in part on the cost of pole attachment fees.

US Investigating Huawei for Sanctions Violations – Report
News Analysis | 4/25/2018

The WSJ reports that Huawei is in the Justice Department's crosshairs for its activities related to selling goods and services to Iran.

Vodafone-Liberty Merger Doubtful in Germany, Says Analyst
News Analysis | 4/25/2018

For all the banker excitement about a possible tie-up between Vodafone and Liberty, any deal in Germany seems highly unlikely.

Verizon Targets OTT Video at 5G Markets
News Analysis | 4/24/2018

Unlike AT&T and other major pay-TV providers, Verizon is holding off on introducing a full-fledged OTT video service until it launches residential 5G service later this year.

Verizon Preps Fixed 5G but Mobile Gigabit-Speed Downloads May Not Arrive Until 2019
News Analysis | 4/24/2018

The Verizon CFO isn't sure a standards-based fixed 5G CPE will be ready until 2019.

Cloud Is a Strategic Imperative for Telcos
Column | 4/24/2018

With 5G on the horizon, major new innovations in smartphones and the expansion of IoT devices and services, the cloud is more critical than ever in ensuring operators remain relevant.

AT&T Rolls Out Faux 5G in 100+ US Markets
News Analysis | 4/23/2018

The '5G Evolution' upgrades will help provide faster 4G connections to backstop initially limited 5G deployments.

Facebook Hearings Were the TIP of the Data Iceberg
Jonestown | 4/20/2018

Is Facebook a monopoly? Sure it is. Just a 21st-century monopoly, where data is king.

Ericsson Takes Giant Leap Toward Profitability
News Analysis | 4/20/2018

Swedish equipment vendor appears to turn a corner with its best set of quarterly results since the departure of former CEO Hans Vestberg.

ZTE in Existential Crisis as It Slams 'Unfair' US Ban, Considers 'Judicial Measures'
News Analysis | 4/20/2018

ZTE hits back at US Dept. of Commerce's 'denial order' that bans US component firms from selling to the Chinese vendor for seven years, raises prospect of 'judicial measures' and questions its own survival.

Qualcomm Cuts Jobs as It Seeks Chinese Approval for NXP M&A
News Analysis | 4/19/2018

Qualcomm says 1,500 job losses are part of a cost-cutting plan announced in January.

The Network Edge: Where Services Go to Thrive
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 4/19/2018

A major re-architecting of the network will be needed to deliver future services, as we'll discuss during the upcoming BCE 2018.

Eurobites: Facebook Backs Out of Ireland as GDPR Jeopardy Looms
News Analysis | 4/19/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Red Hat, Altran join Spanish 5G R&D initiative; Sky powers on; Orange pals up with Siemens for IoT; DT's Open Telekom goes hybrid.

Indian Telcos to Ramp Up Network Investment in Next 2 Years
News Analysis | 4/19/2018

India's telcos have announced plans for a dramatic expansion of basestation infrastructure, but the network expansion will not be without challenges.

Verizon: Lack of Interoperability, Consistency Slows Automation
News Analysis | 4/18/2018

Verizon executive Vickie Lonker thinks both vendors and network service providers can do a better job to move forward faster.

Pay-for-Play Is a Sticking Point in Congress
News Analysis | 4/18/2018

...in the net neutrality debate. Why, what were you thinking?

Orange Hails AI Progress in 5G With IBM, Nokia
News Analysis | 4/18/2018

French service provider unveils details of AI research with Nokia and IBM as part of Europe's 5G-PPP initiative.

AT&T: Skillsets Still a Barrier to IoT Market
News Analysis | 4/18/2018

One of the biggest challenges AT&T's channel partners face in implementing new IoT services for their customers is an internal knowledge gap, said AT&T's Randall Porter.

Huawei's First 5G Smartphones Will Arrive in Q3 2019
News Analysis | 4/18/2018

Timed to arrive as the first domestic 5G networks come online.

Google Pushes for More 4G CBRS Tests in Texas, as 3.5GHz Spectrum Decision Nears
News Analysis | 4/17/2018

Google continues on the 3.5GHz trail, as the FCC is expected to hand in a decision on the spectrum usage soon.

BDAC Blowback – Ex-Chair Arrested
News Analysis | 4/17/2018

It doesn't help the optics when your former committee chair now faces jail time.

5G Won't Solve Everything, Warns Huawei Boss
News Analysis | 4/17/2018

Chinese vendor's chairman downplays 5G technology, saying it is not materially different from 4G.

US Govt. Bans Domestic Component Sales to ZTE
News Analysis | 4/16/2018

As part of an ongoing dispute, the US Department of Commerce bans component sales to ZTE.

CableLabs' Levensalor Levels on Automation & 5G
LRTV Documentaries | 4/13/2018

DALLAS – Automation Everywhere – Randy Levensalor, lead architect for CableLabs, explains how CableLabs is utilizing partnerships and open source to drive NFV interoperability in an effort to enable operators to spend more time focusing on their automation strategies.

Advancing the Telco Cloud: Q&A With VMware's Shekar Ayyar
From the Founder | 4/13/2018

Light Reading founder Steve Saunders talks with VMware's Shekar Ayyar, who explains why cloud architectures are becoming more distributed, what that means for workloads, and why telcos can still be significant cloud services players.

Eurobites: KPN to Test 5G With Drones, Cars, Boats & More
News Analysis | 4/13/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Fon buys XCellAir; Telegram app blocked in Russia; Deutsche Telekom upgrades "nearshore" areas.

It's Alive! Verizon & Friends Deliver First xRAN Spec
News Analysis | 4/13/2018

xRAN is for open source RAN hardware, ORAN is for CPRI, apparently...

Millimeter Wave 5G: The Usain Bolt of Wireless?
Jonestown | 4/12/2018

5G as a sprint, not a long-distance proposition.

Nokia Seizes Open RAN Initiative as Ericsson Holds Back
News Analysis | 4/12/2018

The Swedish vendor seems to have a bigger problem with openness than its Finnish rival.

Eurobites: Telefónica, Etisalat Form Security Alliance With Asian Giants
News Analysis | 4/12/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Google helps cut data use in Africa; Deutsche Telekom invests in Israeli IoT startup; Nokia and Telia put the 5G into Industry 4.0.

2 Cities Put Future of Wireless to the Test
News Analysis | 4/12/2018

'Most of all, it took a lot of crazy.' Major telecom players are lining up to build city-scale testbeds for next-generation wireless technologies.

Huawei Can Help Cut 90% of Networks Operations Jobs, Says Senior Exec
News Analysis | 4/12/2018

The Chinese vendor says its automation tools and services will support major workforce reductions in network operations.

AT&T 5G Tests Go Gaga for Gigabit
News Analysis | 4/11/2018

Never mind the coverage range, feel the gigabit speeds!

Eurobites: Telefónica Boards the 5G Bus
News Analysis | 4/11/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: EU officials raid Fox's London office; Nokia in talks with Google over airplane broadband sale; Orange Luxembourg goes with Comarch for BSS.

Sprint & T-Mobile Talk M&A Again – Report
News Analysis | 4/10/2018

Just five months after merger talks were called off, the rumor mill grinds into action again.

Eurobites: Telecom Italia Plans to Thwart Elliott Plot
News Analysis | 4/10/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telia Sweden CEO resigns; new boss at Liquid Telecom; Viavi displays the Cobham effect; smart city developments.

Eurobites: Orange Slams UK Spectrum Auction
News Analysis | 4/9/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Brexit twist in Facebook data shenanigans; Telefónica chooses ASSIA for WiFi management; Nokia gets China Mobile gig; Deutsche Telekom rethinks media-buying operations.

Eurobites: Orange Signs Satellite Broadband Deal
News Analysis | 4/6/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Colt expands Inbound Voice Services; Deutsche Telekom rolls out fiber in Mansfeld-Südharz; Facebook faces flak.

Charter: To Live & 5(G) in LA
News Analysis | 4/5/2018

Charter continues on its 5G fixed wireless test path in Los Angeles.

Sprint: 3 Big Smart City Challenges
News Analysis | 4/5/2018

Smart cities are no walk in the park.

UK's £1.4B '5G' Auction Looks Bad for Industry
News Analysis | 4/5/2018

The results could leave operators short of cash to invest in 5G networks, warns a leading analyst, while the UK's spectrum imbalance persists.

The First 5G Standard Is Complete – So What's Next?
Column | 4/4/2018

What comes after blazing broadband for the 5G specification?

5G: Health Risks & Nimbyism
Jonestown | 4/4/2018

The anticipated 5G wave of new small cells is likely to kick off a new round of cellular 'Nimbyism' too.

Is 5G Fixed Wireless vs. FTTH a Cage Fight or a Toolkit?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 4/3/2018

Fiber to the home (FTTH) and mm-wave 5G fixed wireless access (5G-FWA) are not actual competitors, as they both have their strengths and places in the market

Cities to FCC: Stop Undermining Us
News Analysis | 4/3/2018

Another city leader has parted ways with the FCC's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee.

Huawei Dwarfs Ericsson, Nokia on R&D Spend in 2017
News Analysis | 4/3/2018

Results from the Chinese equipment giant show how difficult it will be for Ericsson and Nokia to mount an effective challenge.

Boingo CTO: 5G No Threat to Cable
LRTV Documentaries | 4/2/2018

Boingo's Derek Peterson discusses use cases and opportunities for cable companies in preparing for 5G.

Optical on the Up: OFC 2018
News Analysis | 4/2/2018

The optical community was buzzing at this year's OFC event, fueled in part by 5G expectations and developments from the likes of Ciena, Coriant, Infinera, Nokia and NeoPhotonics.

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