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Sorrento Gets Debt Holder Approval
News Analysis | 1/8/2003

Metro DWDM vendor moves one step closer to finishing its restructuring as bondholders approve the plan

M&A Whispers Continue
News Analysis | 1/7/2003

There's talk of deal activity but the real action won't likely start until carriers begin spending again

WaveSmith Overhaul Ousts Founders
News Analysis | 1/7/2003

Ramping up for RBOC wins, WaveSmith's clearing the decks once more, losing Bob Dalias in the process

Is Vodafone Interested in AWE?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/7/2003

AT&T Wireless looks a likely takeover for Vodafone, which may need to exit Verizon Wireless, says analyst report

Live! and Kickin'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/7/2003

Vodafone blows its own trumpet, so to speak, but is it an earner?

FCC Talk Boosts Lucent, Nortel
News Analysis | 1/7/2003

Bernstein says changing fed regulations would most benefit Lucent, Nortel; most telecom stocks rise

Vodafone Extends Euro Reach
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/7/2003

Deal with Telekom Austria takes brand to three new territories

Marvell Readies GigE Attack
News Analysis | 1/7/2003

In the market for Gigabit Ethernet switch chips, Marvell is making its move against Broadcom

Microsoft Makes CDMA Push
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/6/2003

It's got new operating systems, products, network partners -- but devices could be shockingly expensive

Agere Gets Mapper-Happy
News Analysis | 1/6/2003

Claims a fourfold improvement in density of its access mapper product, but it doesn't come on a single chip

Neos, Level 3 Meet & Greet on Ethernet
News Analysis | 1/6/2003

Two carriers team to storm the European Ethernet market

Headcount: We're Baaaack!
News Analysis | 1/6/2003

Alidian shuts down and shuts up, Chiaro cuts, Gluon motivates, and TeleChoice rambles

Will Powell Pull the Plug?
News Analysis | 1/6/2003

The FCC Chair may be about to scrap regulations, in order to give RBOCs a helping hand

Operators Line Up for UMTS
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/6/2003

Hutchison might still be first to the European commercial 3G line, but there will be others shortly behind

IDC Predicts Metro Ethernet Boom
News Analysis | 1/6/2003

Says market will grow 39 percent annually, with Asia/Pacific remaining particularly strong

RBOC Accounting Mystery Resurfaces
News Analysis | 1/6/2003

The FCC's halting of investigations into $18B worth of missing RBOC equipment is being called into question again

Nettest Leaves the Mother Ship
News Analysis | 1/3/2003

Great Nordic has cut loose its Nettest subsidiary, and at least two new test gear companies could result **UPDATED 1/3/03 6:00PM**

IPO Market Dead in 2002
News Analysis | 1/3/2003

Venture-backed telecom startups couldn't find their way to the public markets in 2002

Infinera Shoots for the Moon
News Analysis | 1/3/2003

The secretive components startup is rumored to be looking for a $100 million round

Riverstone Picks Up Pipal
News Analysis | 1/3/2003

The deal is done, and it looks to be all about Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol

What's Up With Chinese 3G?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/3/2003

Another year, another set of possibilities

Spain Eyes Spectrum Trading
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/3/2003

Looks set to allow carriers to buy and sell all or part of radio spectrum

Mobile Gun Culture
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/3/2003

Bad reception? Hell, just shoot the mast, why dontcha!

Application Killers
Column | 1/3/2003

Application Killers – Geoff Bennett

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/3/2003

Vodafone executive invests $1.2 million in parent company shares

Level 3 President Sheds Shares
News Analysis | 1/3/2003

Level 3 honcho Kevin O'Hara filed to dump more than 700,000 shares in December

Top Ten Service Providers to Watch
News Analysis | 1/2/2003

For 2003, we're looking at the risk takers, the oddballs... and Big Brother

Yankee: Europe on EDGE in 2004
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/2/2003

There's a chance for Alcatel to carve a handset niche for itself, says analyst

Tellium Lawsuits Allege Rigged IPO
News Analysis | 1/2/2003

Shareholder suits say Tellium and Qwest execs puffed up a now-defunct contract to boost share price

Lucent Puts Aversano Suit to Rest
News Analysis | 1/2/2003

Lucent's reached closure on a key lawsuit, fending off trial UPDATED 1/3 10:30AM

Will Lewis Return to C&W?
News Analysis | 1/2/2003

Speculation that Duncan Lewis could get the top job at Cable & Wireless may be unfounded

Picture Progress
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/2/2003

Picture messaging to hit 3.1 billion in 2003

Corporate Holiday Cheer
News Analysis | 1/2/2003

More & more telecom companies are giving workers the holiday week off, according to Light Reading poll

Fingers Crossed for MMS
LR Mobile Column | 1/2/2003

Wireless operators and their equipment suppliers will be praying for steady data service uptake in 2003

Portugal Extends 3G Deadline
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/2/2003

Remaining operators given another year to launch service

2002 Top Ten: People
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/1/2003

The individuals who have tickled our fancy in the past 12 months and the awards we've decided to bestow upon them

2002 Top Ten: Uses For Obsolete Networking Equipment
News Analysis | 1/1/2003

Wondering what to do with those extra modules lying in the warehouse? Here's some creative suggestions

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