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MWC Preview: LTE in the Limelight
GSMA News Analysis | 2/7/2008

Next-generation mobile broadband standard LTE is set to steal the spotlight at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week

WorldGate Winding Down
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/7/2008

iTV firm-turned-videophone-maker might have to hang it up for good in the wake of a testy dispute with its largest customer

Cisco's 'First Inning'
Craig's A-List | 2/6/2008

Well, that's not a good sign

Videotron Update
The Bauminator | 2/6/2008

Cisco/SA modems for speedier 'Ultimate' tiers are bonding two Docsis channels, and synchronizing everything via a third 'control channel'

Cisco Sounds Warning Bells
News Analysis | 2/6/2008

Q2 results were good, but signs point to at least one quarter of stunted growth

FCC Auctions Hit $19B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/6/2008

The 700 MHz auctions reach almost double the initial dollar expectations

A Giant Parade
Raynman | 2/6/2008

Drunk people outside my window

Videotron Hits the Gas
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/6/2008

Canadian MSO pushes the speed envelope with the launch of 30- and 50-Mbit/s services

Cox Continues Ethernet Climb
BroadBananas | 2/6/2008

Now No. 4 in the market, MSO continues to gain ground on much larger competitors

Time Warner Cable Survives Q4
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/6/2008

The MSO didn't blow out the period, but two acquired systems 'turned the corner' to help earnings come out OK

JDSU Surges After Q2
News Analysis | 2/6/2008

Shares climb 30% on sunny earnings, including an end-of-year surge in test and measurement

LRTV Xmas Reel
The Philter | 2/6/2008

You have to Walken before you can run

LRTV's Outtake Reel
LRTV CTIA Wireless | 2/6/2008

Light Reading: When you've gotta have more cowbell. Heck of a slogan, no? Have a look this short LRTV our outtake reel, as introduced by Larry the Monkey and a special guest voiceover guy, and you'll understand why it concludes with the line: 'I've seen mimes with a better command of the language.'

LRTV's Outtake Reel
LRTV Documentaries | 2/6/2008

Light Reading: When you've gotta have more cowbell. Heck of a slogan, no? Have a look this short LRTV our outtake reel, as introduced by Larry the Monkey and a special guest voiceover guy, and you'll understand why it concludes with the line: 'I've seen mimes with a better command of the language.'

Netgear Gateway Goes Femto
GSMA News Analysis | 2/6/2008

Negear unveils the first home gateway with an integrated 3G femtocell from Ubiquisys

AT&T 's Road to 4G
Wireless Bits | 2/6/2008

AT&T prepares for LTE

More 'Legal Issues' at Vonage
Raynman | 2/6/2008

Chief Legal Officer departs

Cheech & Chong & Gingivitis
Monkey Bidness | 2/6/2008

Hey kids: Just say 'Ah'

Fujitsu Teams Up to Tackle Mobile WiMax
GSMA News Analysis | 2/6/2008

Fujitsu enters the mobile WiMax base-station market with partner Airspan and unveils products designed to whet KDDI's appetite

Vodafone Plans LTE Powwow
GSMA News Analysis | 2/6/2008

Vodafone will host a meeting with vendors to discuss plans for next-generation mobile broadband standard LTE, Light Reading has learned

LTE Hits 300 Mbit/s
GSMA News Analysis | 2/6/2008

The LTE/SAE Trial Initiative has released its first lab trial results of early 4G LTE systems, boasting of a 300-Mbit/s downlink

Allot Wins Highlight Mobile Traction
News Analysis | 2/6/2008

The wireless segment is hot, as carriers seek deep packet inspection to avoid a mobile data crunch

JDSU: Positive Numbers
Craig's A-List | 2/5/2008

A 20% shot in the arm, leading into OFC season

Apple Has New 16GB iPhone
GSMA News Analysis | 2/5/2008

Will it unveil a 3G model in Barcelona?

Cable IMS Resurgence?
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/5/2008

MSOs' hot-and-cold view on the technology is heating up again, insist execs from Ericsson and Camiant

Wideband Cometh?
The Bauminator | 2/5/2008

Videotron is set to announce a 'new very high speed Internet product' likely based on channel bonding techniques found in Docsis 3.0

SingTel's Q3 Rides Emerging Markets
News Analysis | 2/5/2008

Emerging markets accounted for 53% of SingTel's underlying net profit in its fiscal Q3

Vyyo Details Restructuring
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/5/2008

The company says staff reductions and a focus on cable products will save $20M annually

What, No Android?
Cutting Loose | 2/5/2008

Google is conspicuously absent at London mobile developer love-fest

SEC Could Shelve Nacchio Case
News Analysis | 2/5/2008

The civil fraud charges against former Qwest boss Joseph Nacchio could get dropped due to 'matters of national security'

How Big Is Mobile?
EuroBlog | 2/5/2008

About $860 billion, apparently

A Gap at 100Gig
Craig's A-List | 2/5/2008

Certain chip startups are rare; just ask NetLogic

Fringsters Get New Fring
MO Content | 2/5/2008

Fring launches new version of mobile VOIP service

Beatles in Space
Monkey Bidness | 2/5/2008

Here, there, and everywhere

Monte Charlo
The Philter | 2/5/2008

The hottest casino on the Strip

DCAS Update
The Bauminator | 2/5/2008

We have ourselves a good old fashioned PolyCipher sighting

KPN Plans FTTx, Cuts More Staff
News Analysis | 2/5/2008

Dutch incumbent unveils its plans, including more job cuts, an FTTx rollout, and aggressive earnings forecasts

O2, 3 Merge Video Services
MO Content | 2/5/2008

O2, 3 combine user-generated mobile video services

Acme Packet Targets FMC
News Analysis | 2/5/2008

Session border controller vendor goes after wireless and fixed/mobile convergence opportunity

Telefónica Checks Out PBT
News Analysis | 2/5/2008

Spanish giant joins the growing list of Tier 1 operators checking out the potential of connection-oriented Ethernet services

On Second Thought…
The Bauminator | 2/4/2008

The FCC does have something to say about this whole cable programmer lawsuit thingie

700 MHz Auctions 'On Hold'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/4/2008

C 'beachfront' package broken up (for now) as value of separate licenses overtakes $4.7B

Fourth Subsea Cable Down in Middle East
News Analysis | 2/4/2008

The fourth cable outage in less than a week hits the Middle East, this time between the United Arab Emirates and Qatar

Starent Shines in Q4
GSMA News Analysis | 2/4/2008

Mobile packet core equipment vendor makes good in late 2007

DVD Direct
The Bauminator | 2/4/2008

Cablevision continues to think outside the (cable) box

PicoChip Unveils LTE Reference Design
GSMA News Analysis | 2/4/2008

picoChip unveils LTE reference design that runs on same platform as its WiMax reference designs

Cable Programmers Sue FCC
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/4/2008

Lawsuit from six national cable programmers claims last year's dual must-carry ruling violates their First Amendment rights

Zhone Founder Feared Dead in Crash
News Analysis | 2/4/2008

Jeanette Symons, 45, is believed dead after her plane crashed early Friday

WiMax Edges Closer to LTE
GSMA News Analysis | 2/4/2008

The FDD version of mobile WiMax is making progress at the WiMAX Forum, Unstrung has learned

Cablevision VOD Gets Physical
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/4/2008

Teams with Popcorn Home Entertainment on service that enables digital subs to rent VOD films, and buy the DVD, in a single purchase

Reliance Infratel Files for IPO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/4/2008

India's Reliance Communications files draft prospectus to publicly list the shares of its tower infrastructure unit

Where Are the Missing iPhones?
LR Mobile Gizmo | 2/4/2008

All over the world, apparently

ERIC’s IP Ambitions
EuroBlog | 2/4/2008

Ericsson has big plans for Redback

700 MHz Auctions, Rounds 26-27
Wireless Bits | 2/4/2008

Bids appear to be slowing down in the 700 MHz auctions

Redback Goes on the Offensive
GSMA News Analysis | 2/4/2008

Former CEO DeNuccio says he wasn't forced out, and that Redback is on the rise and targeting Alcatel-Lucent and Juniper

Disease of the Month
Monkey Bidness | 2/2/2008

And the month is young

Redback's Fate
Craig's A-List | 2/1/2008

They're saying it's not as glum as you might think

Vyyo Cuts 70+ & Closes Israel Office
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/1/2008

Spectrum overlay specialist says it will focus solely on cable and move the bulk of its manufacturing to Asia

Communication Breakdown
LR Mobile Gizmo | 2/1/2008

AT&T EDGE outage gives iPhone users a taste of radio silence today

Moto: Spin or Sale?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/1/2008

Analysts speculate on the fate of the mobile device division as the networking giant mulls its options

Third Cable Outage Hits Middle East
News Analysis | 2/1/2008

As if two Mediterranean cable cuts weren't enough, FLAG Telecom's Falcon cable, off the coast of Dubai, gets damaged as well

TVS Makes All-Digital Pitch
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/1/2008

Transparent Video Systems is marketing a platform that enables ops to reclaim analog and break the Motorola/Scientific Atlanta duopoly

Reliance Updates on Profits, Capex
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/1/2008

India's Reliance Communications boosts profits by 48.5% as it prepares to spend billions of dollars to expand its GSM network nationwide

Terabit Ethernet
The Philter | 2/1/2008

Bob Metcalfe is thinking big (again)

Infinera Shares Soar
News Analysis | 2/1/2008

A strong Q4 is worth a 35% upgrade as investors send Infinera shares skyward

700 MHz Auctions, Rounds 22 & 23
Wireless Bits | 2/1/2008

All quiet on the spectrum front

DeNuccio Replaced at Redback
News Analysis | 2/1/2008

Redback's CEO Kevin DeNuccio has been moved upstairs and a new chief has been put in place by owner Ericsson

Ericsson Cuts Jobs as H2 Bites
News Analysis | 2/1/2008

Tough market conditions mean Ericsson will cut 1,000 in Sweden and more globally

Microsoft Makes $44.6B Hostile Bid for Yahoo
News Analysis | 2/1/2008

Yahoo's stock sores more than 50% on Microsoft's unsolicited $31 per share offer

DVR Battle Not Over Yet
The Bauminator | 2/1/2008

Dish Networks says it has not exhausted its legal options in the TiVo 'Time Warp' patent case

Who Wanted WWP?
Craig's A-List | 2/1/2008

Not Cisco, but more than just Ciena

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