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TDVision Wants to Fill Up Cable's 3DTV Glass
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/30/2010

Tech firm pitches encoding process that can generate full-resolution, hi-def 3DTV signals without busting MSO bandwidth budgets

SPIT Vendors Indulge in M&A Action
News Analysis | 7/30/2010

Redknee's buying, Intec's looking for a buyer, and TTI's being bought

Smartphone Wars Pay Off in Q2
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/30/2010

Smartphone competition is driving higher volumes for handset vendors, but it's also putting pressure on their bottom lines

The OS Outlook
Que Sera Sarah | 7/30/2010

2:05 PM Thinking beyond smartphones key to OS success

Panasonic Tunes Out Tru2way TVs
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/30/2010

Tru2way's retail pursuits hang by a thread, though hope may be found in 'set-back' boxes that can be paired with TVs via HDMI

Microsoft Working on Tablet
Contentinople | 7/30/2010

9:30 AM CEO Ballmer says the unveiling of an iPad competitor 'ain't a long time from now'

Qualcomm Names India LTE Investors
News Analysis | 7/30/2010

Qualcomm announces Global Holding and Tulip Telecom as initial investors in its Indian LTE venture

Euronews: July 30
EuroBlog | 7/30/2010

8:20 AM AlcaLu, Telefónica O2 Germany, and Nokia are on the splash-resistant menu of today's European telecom news

AlcaLu in Recovery Mode
News Analysis | 7/30/2010

Second quarter shows signs of improvement, though Alcatel-Lucent is still losing money and constrained by parts shortages

Rumor: Tellabs Masters Its Domain at AT&T
Rumors | 7/29/2010

Juniper is partnering with Tellabs in AT&T. But what will Tellabs stay in backhaul or move to the EPC?

Everyone Hearts the Tuning Adapter!
The Bauminator | 7/29/2010

5:10 PM Tired of hearing complaints about the much-maligned tuning adapter? Some Cox subs seem downright giddy about them

Missing Mobile
EuroBlog | 7/29/2010

2:05 PM What would BT be like if it still had a mobile operation?

Virgin Media CEO Disses DSL
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/29/2010

Neil Berkett downplays the DSL threat as UK MSO preps a 100-meg Docsis 3.0 tier and sets the intro of TiVo-powered video services

Opera’s Not-So-Mini Success
Que Sera Sarah | 7/29/2010

11:30 AM Opera’s alternative browser: 1 billion served per day

Motorola Posts $162M Q2 Profit
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/29/2010

Handset sales are still down, but the vendor is predicting that smartphones will help spur sales for the rest of the year

AlcaLu, Juniper, Cisco Share AT&T Domain Status
News Analysis | 7/29/2010

As expected, Juniper gets IP/Ethernet/MPLS/EPC domain slot at AT&T, and it's joined by Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco

Even Steven
The Bauminator | 7/29/2010

11:00 AM Cedar Point starts to reach parity overseas

Amazon Announces Cheaper Kindle
Contentinople | 7/29/2010

10:20 AM Amazon targets mass market with $139 e-book reader

Euronews: July 29
EuroBlog | 7/29/2010

9:35 AM It's a results bonanza in today's charcuterie of European telecom news nibbles

Technicolor Lands Verizon Gateway Deal
News Analysis | 7/29/2010

French vendor (formerly Thomson) lands home gateway deal at Verizon, extends at DirecTV, and updates on its financials

Enterprise Demand for Security Booms, AT&T Says
News Analysis | 7/29/2010

Demand is soaring for network-based threat resolution that keeps 'dirty' traffic out of the enterprise

Arris Falls on Mixed Q2
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/29/2010

Arris warns of a CMTS purchasing slowdown just as Docsis 3.0 CPE shipments begin to speed up

Global Crossing Dives Into Telepresence Pool
News Analysis | 7/29/2010

Although late to the market, carrier believes managed service that integrates with other conferencing options will sell

Genband Challenging MetaSwitch
News Analysis | 7/28/2010

With its acquired base of Nortel DMS-10s and support for older Siemens switches, GenBand is targeting Tier 2 and Tier 3 IP migrations

Wireless Q2 Scorecard
Que Sera Sarah | 7/28/2010

3:00 PM Parsing the key metrics in AT&T, VZW, and Sprint's Q2 earnings

Ceton Ready to Fire Live Bullets
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/28/2010

Following earlier delays, the vendor's CableCARD-powered PC-TV tuners are now poised to reach US shores by the middle of next week

India Clears Way for Chinese Imports
News Analysis | 7/28/2010

New rules are issued for testing and clearance of foreign technology, but operators face enormous fines if security breaches are discovered

UK Plots 4G Spectrum Auction
Wireless Bits | 7/28/2010

12:55 PM It's about time, too

Comcast Flashes Cash at Biz Services, SDV
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/28/2010

MSO is placing bigger bets on commercial services, switched digital video, and its broader IP and service convergence strategies

Sprint Sticks With Unlimited Data Plans
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/28/2010

CEO Hesse says on Q2 call that Sprint could move to tiered pricing for smartphones in the future but is sticking with unlimited for now

Mediocrity Rules Mobile Video
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/28/2010

Bytemobile’s latest data shows that mobile video is on the upswing, but the user experience leaves much to be desired

TeliaSonera Develops New Mobile Data Model
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/28/2010

TeliaSonera looks ahead to new mobile data pricing models as the industry shifts from unlimited to usage-based pricing

'Up To' No Good
Rewired | 7/28/2010

11:10 AM The 'up-to' clause is under fire in the UK, but is that a sign that tiered pricing may be on its way for wireline broadband?

Online Ads Still Plagued by Inconsistency
Contentinople | 7/28/2010

10:35 AM Unreliable viewership measurements are still hampering the online ad market's growth

Euronews: July 28
EuroBlog | 7/28/2010

9:10 AM Telefónica, Vodafone, and Virgin Media are among those whetting appetites on the deli counter of today's European telecom news

BSNL's Chief Issues Parting Shot
News Analysis | 7/28/2010

Outgoing chairman and managing director of Bharat Sanchar Nigam regrets not being able to show profit like other private players

Viva La Vivo Deal
News Analysis | 7/28/2010

Telefónica strikes new deal to take control of Brazilian operator Vivo, leaving Portugal Telecom with the potential to invest in a rival carrier

Report: 3DTV Not Ready for Prime Time
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/28/2010

Some MSOs may be jumping on the 3DTV bandwagon now, but cable can afford to wait until the tech matures and consumer adoption grows

Verizon Breathing Down Sprint's 4G Neck
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/27/2010

Rumors of a November 15th launch for Verizon's LTE could turn up the pressure on Clearwire and Sprint to launch 4G in more big cities

Major MSOs on Cusp of TV Everywhere Era
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/27/2010

Turner exec says cable ops, telcos, and satellite TV providers are poised to go wide with TVE by the end of this year and into 2011

Comcast's Target: 105-Meg D3 Downstream
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/27/2010

More hard evidence emerges that the MSO's close to launching a residential wideband tier that offers 105-Mbit/s bursts

Microsoft Brings a Device Hohm
Que Sera Sarah | 7/27/2010

2:00 PM Microsoft Hohm hooks up with a device for residential energy management

Dish & the iPad
The Bauminator | 7/27/2010

1:15 PM It's got an app for that, too

Operators Have a WAC at Apps
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/27/2010

The Wholesale Application Community revealed the business model and new executive team for its operator-led mobile apps push

Tellabs on a Roll
News Analysis | 7/27/2010

Like butter! Q2 shows vendor's Q1 blowout wasn't a fluke, but Tellabs admits it's facing a threat in AT&T's backhaul network

Study: No One Would Pay for Twitter
Contentinople | 7/27/2010

11:30 AM Not one of a new study's participants would pay up for the microblogging site

Moto, BigBand Play Small Ball With SDV
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/27/2010

Moto says hosted SDV will bring the technology to the Tier 2/3 crowd, but rival BigBand questions if the approach can handle the load

Clearwire Sheds Irish Biz
Wireless Bits | 7/27/2010

9:30 AM But hangs on to a minority stake

Euronews: July 27
EuroBlog | 7/27/2010

8:50 AM Vodafone, KPN, Virgin Media, and BT are amongst those jostling for space in today's salad cart of European telecom news

ISPs Shamed by UK Broadband Speed Tests
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/27/2010

Research commissioned by regulator Ofcom shows gap between advertised DSL speeds and reality is growing as cable operator Virgin Media shames ISPs

WiFi Hotzones: AT&T’s Half-Baked Network Savior
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/26/2010

AT&T is expanding its WiFi hotzones to additional US cities in hopes that data offload will save its 3G network, but will it be enough?

Cracks Emerge in the Moto-Cisco Duopoly
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/26/2010

Comcast Media Center offers Tier 2 and 3 cable ops a DVB-based digital video option that pairs Evolution HD-DTA boxes and Conax security UPDATED 7/27 11:50 AM

India Adds 18M Subs in June
News Analysis | 7/26/2010

Bharti Airtel leads the way as another 18 million mobile numbers are activated in India, but there's still no sign of number portability

Clearleap Reels In a Big Fish
The Bauminator | 7/26/2010

12:25 PM Verizon heads into Clearleap's clouds to help the telco out-local its cable rivals

CENX, EXFO Team on Off-Net Monitoring
News Analysis | 7/26/2010

Collaboration enables CENX to offer its carrier customers the ability to monitor Ethernet SLAs when traffic goes off-net

Pace Makes $475M Move on 2Wire
News Analysis | 7/26/2010

Set-top box specialist sees way into Tier 1 carriers in US with home gateway vendor acquisition

BBT Buys Into Boxes
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/26/2010

Cable group has no long-term set-top plans, but bought R.L. Drake's box assets to speed adoption of its downloadable security system

IBBS, SinglePipe Tie the Knot
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/26/2010

With SinglePipe, IBBS strives to become a voice and data one-stop shop for Tier 2 and 3 cable operators

Euronews: July 26
EuroBlog | 7/26/2010

7:55 AM Orange, BT, an IPO, and true crime stories are the plats du jour in today's roundup of European telecom news

AlcaLu Pitches Single-Vendor LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/26/2010

Alcatel-Lucent is taking its message of end-to-end LTE from one vendor around the country, but one size doesn’t fit all for some wireless operators

MSO Hangs 10 on MPEG-4 Wave
The Bauminator | 7/26/2010

6:30 AM NewWave ready to take the plunge as it taps into Avail-TVN's linear, VoD, and PPV service trio

Counting Down to LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/23/2010

Verizon says it is on track for a Q4 launch; AT&T plans to start trials this year

Comcast's 'Project Infinity' Takes Flight
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/23/2010

MSO's video CDN is running in Philly, with 25,000 on-demand choices on deck and the ability to serve up more than 100,000 on the horizon

Apple's White Elephant
Jonestown | 7/23/2010

1:05 PM Making a differently colored case is more difficult than you thought

Verizon Likes Its Droids
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/23/2010

Verizon’s smartphone portfolio struggled before Droid came along, but now data growth is so good that it isn’t sweating tiered pricing

Ericsson CFO: India Bottleneck Easing
News Analysis | 7/23/2010

The security clearance constraints that affected Ericsson's Q2 are easing, says CFO, but there's no telling what might come next

IP, IP, Ooray!
The Bauminator | 7/23/2010

10:25 AM IP technologies and debates set to dominate SCTE's Cable-Tec Expo in New Orleans

Verizon Wireline Profits All About the Job Cuts
News Analysis | 7/23/2010

Despite improved FiOS sales and a better enterprise picture, Verizon's wireline opps only profit by cutting costs, especially jobs

Hulu Leads in Web Video Ads
Contentinople | 7/23/2010

9:25 AM Hulu more than doubled Google's total of video ad views

Euronews: July 23
EuroBlog | 7/23/2010

8:30 AM Financial results rule today's meze assortment of European telecom news

Parts Problems Hurt Ericsson's Q2
News Analysis | 7/23/2010

Just like NSN, components issues and purchase order holdups in India lower Ericsson's second-quarter numbers

Customer Growth Driving Infinera Success
News Analysis | 7/22/2010

Customers need more bandwidth to deliver video and wireless and are buying Infinera optical gear in record numbers as a result

Cable Thinking Big With Video-Focused CDNs
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/22/2010

To deflect OTT pressure and blaze a path to TV Everywhere, cable's video-optimized content distribution networks could support a million or more on-demand titles

Mixed EuroFortunes
EuroBlog | 7/22/2010

2:30 PM As C&W suffers British budget aftershock, COLT's optimistic

AT&T's Q2 iBoost
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/22/2010

AT&T's pay-as-you-go subscriber base grew fast in Q2 thanks to the Apple iPad, but monthly subscriber numbers could be worrisome

Northern Exposure for Ex-CableLabs Chief
The Bauminator | 7/22/2010

12:45 PM Canadian MSO elects Dr. Richard Green to its board, or so says the newspaper ad

Netflix CEO: Hulu Plus Still 'Too Small to Matter'
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/22/2010

Netflix chief views Hulu's subscription offer as a direct threat, but apparently isn't losing much sleep over it yet

AlcaLu Courting Smaller Telcos With IPTV Play
News Analysis | 7/22/2010

New compact integrated IPTV system takes Microsoft Mediaroom to new heights in a smaller package

India Holdups Smack NSN's Q2
News Analysis | 7/22/2010

Procurement delays in India cost Nokia Siemens hundreds of millions of euros

Facebook Reaches 500M Users
Contentinople | 7/22/2010

9:35 AM But Twitter investor Fred Wilson is sooooooo unimpressed

Euronews: July 22
EuroBlog | 7/22/2010

8:45 AM Nokia, Vodafone, C&W, and Telefónica are just some of the favorites on today's canape tray of European telecom news bites

NSN's 2010 Confidence Slips
News Analysis | 7/22/2010

Bullish outlook for year tempered by sluggish market, with Nokia Siemens Networks now looking to maintain, rather than increase, market share

Tata Comms Mulls Its WiMax Strategy
News Analysis | 7/22/2010

After losing out in the recent BWA spectrum auction, Tata Communications is rethinking its WiMax plans

Moto Accuses Huawei of Theft
AsiaBlog | 7/22/2010

5:50 AM Motorola is suing Huawei over the alleged theft of trade secrets

FCC: Broadband Starts at 4 Mbit/s
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/21/2010

Up to 24M Americans lack access under new speed definitions as FCC pursues a National Broadband Plan and Universal Service Fund reform

Charter Means Business With 75-Meg Wideband
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/21/2010

MSO intends to take it to the T1 market with new Docsis 3.0 tiers that burst out downstreams of 40 Mbit/s and 70 Mbit/s

Oclaro Adds Mintera to the Fold
News Analysis | 7/21/2010

Adds 40G products and bolsters 100G coherent developments with acquisition of Mintera

Carrier Execs Dominate Top 10 Influencers List
News Analysis | 7/21/2010

Movers & Shakers list sees representation from fixed and wireless highflyers from across the globe

Android’s 5 Flavors of Fragmentation
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/21/2010

Fragmentation on Android is a multi-faceted reality, but it won’t stop developers from flocking to the platform

BT Quality Guy Seeks Fanfare for Better Testing
News Analysis | 7/21/2010

Brian Buege leaves BT for testing automation provider Fanfare because he sees widespread need for faster, better testing of new solutions

AlcaLu Cements PON Position in China
News Analysis | 7/21/2010

With the Chinese government committed to a fiber-based broadband market, Alcatel-Lucent is reaping the benefits of major FTTx investments

Euronews: July 21
EuroBlog | 7/21/2010

8:55 AM Telefónica, Vodafone Germany, and Ericsson are among the treats in today's all-you-can-eat banquet of European telecom news

Telefónica Outsources Pre-Paid Billing
News Analysis | 7/21/2010

Spanish giant hands over management of its monster pre-paid billing platform to Ericsson and Spanish IT services firm Indra

Ericsson, Huawei Land Vodafone LTE Gig
News Analysis | 7/21/2010

Vodafone Germany goes with two radio access vendors for its next-generation mobile upgrade

Comcast Chases Big[ger] Business
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/21/2010

MSO is prepping a Carrier Ethernet play targeted at the enterprise and backhaul markets, and Juniper and Ciena may be the richer for it

Apple Sells Over 3M iPads, Nets 78% Profit Jump
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/21/2010

Despite intense interest in antenna issues, Q3 was excellent for Apple, with more than 3 million iPads and 8 million iPhones sold

Moto Gives NSN a WiMax Option in India
News Analysis | 7/21/2010

In the wake of the recent BWA spectrum auction, the proposed Motorola acquisition could provide opportunities and challenges for NSN in India

Etisalat's Indian Hurdles
AsiaBlog | 7/20/2010

4:30 PM Etisalat has a lot of hurdles to leap if it's to take a stake in Reliance Communications

iFail: Mixed Signals
Jonestown | 7/20/2010

4:00 PM Others try and get their hands around Apple's antenna issue

Harbinger Hatches LTE Challenger in US
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/20/2010

Private equity firm launched an LTE wholesale network today, called LightSquared, but the venture will need more financing to meet its coverage targets

Cox Rolls More D3
The Bauminator | 7/20/2010

12:25 PM MSO is phasing its 50-meg tier into its Kansas and Arkansas systems

SCTE Hires CTO to Help Fill Cable's IP Void
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/20/2010

Docsis vet and former Broadcom and Motorola engineer Daniel Howard is charged with beefing up the industry's IP IQ

Handset Makers Object to Apple Antenna Claims
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/20/2010

Apple's competitors criticize Jobs for dragging them into his antenna mess, while Apple strikes back with more 'proof'

Blue Coat Tees Up 'Try-It' Service
News Analysis | 7/20/2010

With loaner program, service providers can show enterprises where the problems lie in their WANs before selling them a solution

Amazon's E-Book Milestone
Contentinople | 7/20/2010

10:00 AM E-book sales now exceed hardcover sales on the site

TeliaSonera Taps FTTH Brakes
EuroBlog | 7/20/2010

9:20 AM Regulatory uncertainty to blame

CENX Connects With Cable Player
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/20/2010

Optimum Lightpath, Cablevision's big business arm, is first firm with cable ties to hook up with the budding Carrier Ethernet exchange

NSN Lands $7B LTE Deal in US
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/20/2010

Harbinger Capital has awarded Nokia Siemens a $7 billion equipment contract for its national LTE network in the US

Euronews: July 20
EuroBlog | 7/20/2010

7:25 AM Today's finger buffet of European telecom news features NSN's Moto move, Nokia CEO speculation, and an update on Telefónica/Vivo

AlcaLu Trash-Talks Cisco on 100G
News Analysis | 7/20/2010

AlcaLu talks up its 100-Gbit/s optical transport & routing technologies

Consortium Labels Its TV Everywhere Locker
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/20/2010

DECE locks in 'UltraViolet' as the consumer brand for a digital rights locker that has big cross-platform aspirations

NSN & Moto: It's All in the Execution
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/20/2010

Now that NSN has made its $1.2B move on Motorola's wireless infrastructure business, analysts say NSN's execution of the deal will be key to its success

Will Moto-NSN Deal Reopen the Set-Top Doors?
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/19/2010

The structure of the wireless deal could open opportunities for Huawei and others that want a big piece of the US set-top and modem markets

WDM-PON Gets Its Day
Craig's A-List | 7/19/2010

4:50 PM It's a Sunday, a workshop alongside the FTTH Conference

Mu Chief: Smart Grid Isn't
Que Sera Sarah | 7/19/2010

3:40 PM Reliability, not privacy, should be top of mind, testing vendor says

NSN Back in Love With WiMax
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/19/2010

Nokia Siemens Networks likes the migration prospects it will inherit with Motorola's WiMax business, but it'll need to tread carefully

Moto Hangs On to $400M iDEN Biz
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/19/2010

NSN didn’t acquire Motorola’s iDEN technology, a 'dead-end' tech that’s still bringing in lots of revenue for the vendor

NSN Expands in North America With Moto Buyout
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/19/2010

Company says it was looking for ways to build a bigger North American footprint and Motorola fit the bill

OpSource Targets SPs With Outsourced Clouds
News Analysis | 7/19/2010

White-label offer would let telecom service providers rapidly add cloud computing to their network services

Reader Poll: NSN's Best US Fit
News Analysis | 7/19/2010

NSN is on course to add Moto's wireless business to its portfolio, but would Nortel's assets have suited it better?

Netflix Streams to Canada
The Bauminator | 7/19/2010

11:40 AM But are the cable incumbents ready to defend their tundra?

Euronews: July 19
EuroBlog | 7/19/2010

9:30 AM Today's news tapas from Europe, featuring NSN, Telefónica, BT, and Ericsson

NSN to Buy Moto's Wireless Biz for $1.2B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/19/2010

Nokia Siemens Networks agrees to buy most of Motorola's wireless infrastructure business for $1.2 billion

Calient Gets Ambitious With Optical Switching
News Analysis | 7/19/2010

All-optical switches are ready for a second chance, thanks to ROADM deployments, but Calient needs to make some changes to take advantage

Mu Dynamics Evolves Testing for Real-World IP
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/19/2010

Mu says its test gear can generate real traffic at a 100,000-session scale, giving carriers a better idea of what they're facing in next-generation services usage

Bharti Takes Its Smarts to Africa
News Analysis | 7/19/2010

Bharti Airtel aims to export its Indian success model to Africa

Mobile Backhaul Driving Carrier Ethernet Success
News Analysis | 7/19/2010

Network operators are reshaping their Carrier Ethernet plans to meet the exploding demands of the mobile backhaul market

Vivo Offer Expires
EuroBlog | 7/19/2010

5:15 AM Telefónica declines to extend deadline

Cloud Watch: Redimensioning
News Analysis | 7/16/2010

The nostalgia behind Dimension Data, an Amazon lesson on grid vs. cloud, and a SPIT angle to cloud security

Wegleitner Retiring From Verizon
News Analysis | 7/16/2010

Well-known CTO and senior vice president of technology led Verizon through challenging times including FiOS initiative

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 7/16/2010

4:45 PM Cablevision-Bresnan passes the FTC smell test, Comcast's most famous tweetmeister is leaving, and Verizon bakes some upper-crust 3DTV

Apple's Answer to 'Antennagate'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/16/2010

Free cases for all! But CEO Jobs says the problem has been 'blown out of proportion' anyway

Cable Tees Off on FCC's 'Third Way' Proposal
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/16/2010

Idea of applying partial Title II telecom rules on broadband services is 'fundamentally flawed' and subject to a court reversal, says NCTA

Could Russia Block Mobile Phone Imports?
Wireless Bits | 7/16/2010

1:15 PM Russia could take a controversial position

Tetra Time in India
AsiaBlog | 7/16/2010

12:45 PM After bagging the New Delhi Government Radio Network order, Motorola is looking for more Tetra traction

Email Glitch Hits Cablevision
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/16/2010

MSO says its trying to solve 'techincal issues' that are preventing subs from accessing the Optimum Online email system. Update: The MSO hit back

Google: Browser Is Most Popular Android App
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/16/2010

Google says mobile search has been growing enough to offset Android’s mobile costs, which are 'immaterial'

Local Rival for Huawei, ZTE?
AsiaBlog | 7/16/2010

11:50 AM China to merge two vendors to create a rival to giant duo

China TD-LTE Latest
AsiaBlog | 7/16/2010

11:00 AM China Mobile's latest TD-LTE move

Five Androids to Watch
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/16/2010

The Droid X goes for sales, CherryPal offers cheapness, and HTC revs up data speeds, as we list five Android devices to watch

Euronews: July 16
EuroBlog | 7/16/2010

8:50 AM Today's news smörgåsbord from Europe, featuring Huawei, Sony Ericsson, and Tele2

Tele2 Snaps Up bbned
EuroBlog | 7/16/2010

8:45 AM Pan-Euro operator boosts Dutch presence

Sony Ericsson Ramps Its ASP
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/16/2010

Device vendor manages two quarters of profit in a row as it sees its average selling price (ASP) shoot up by 31%

Huawei Wins Managed Services Deal in Spain
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/16/2010

Chinese vendor to supply VoIP and IMS capabilities to Spanish cable operator, and run its voice network for next seven years

Pyramid: The Struggle for Broadband in AME
News Analysis | 7/16/2010

Poor wireline coverage, desperately low incomes, and a host of other issues mean broadband penetration in AME will be an uphill battle

Downsizing Cable
The Bauminator | 7/15/2010

4:00 PM Can cable do more with less without breaking the subscription TV business model?

Tata Gets Cloudy With Google
AsiaBlog | 7/15/2010

3:40 PM Targets Indian SMEs with Web giant

SPs Combat Cloud Hype
News Analysis | 7/15/2010

Cloud services represent a business gold mine for service providers, but only if they can keep marketing messages clear

Apple's iPhone 4 Press Conference
Jonestown | 7/15/2010

1:00 PM What do you think Apple's options are?

NTT Splashes $3.2B on DiData
News Analysis | 7/15/2010

The global potential of cloud services is behind the Japanese giant's cash bid for IT network services firm Dimension Data

US MSOs Get Rolling With 100-Meg Wideband
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/15/2010

Following launches by Suddenlink and Cablevision, Comcast is getting ready to push Docsis 3.0's speed needle

Broadband Britain: The Wait Goes On
EuroBlog | 7/15/2010

12:35 PM Even 2 Mbit/s is too much to ask for by 2012...

App Focus: Premium Shazam Comes to Android
Que Sera Sarah | 7/15/2010

11:10 AM Android wants users to pay for mobile apps, but Microsoft will pay developers to make them

T-Mobile USA Boosts M2M, HSPA+
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/15/2010

T-Mobile USA teams with IContain to bring M2M to asset tracking, while rumors swirl that 19 more HSPA+ markets are on their way

TEF's VoIP Revolution
EuroBlog | 7/15/2010

8:00 AM Launches its first Jajah-based packet voice service

Euronews: July 15
EuroBlog | 7/15/2010

8:00 AM Today's news snippets from Europe, featuring Telefónica, Sistema, and optical burst switching

Operators Cash In on Mobile Payments
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/15/2010

Mobile payments let operators be the bank for the unbanked, but it won't be a simple job, Heavy Reading says

Pulling a Hulu
The Bauminator | 7/14/2010

6:15 PM Pardon the expression, but the days of free TV Everywhere services could be short-lived

Qualcomm's Place-Shifter
Craig's A-List | 7/14/2010

5:50 PM Its network-stretching startup, Skifta, is getting ready to launch

Cable: FCC's AllVid Goes Too Far
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/14/2010

NCTA says agency's idea for one-size-fits-all boxes and adapters is overly ambitious and obsolete from the start, and TiVo agrees

Ridin' Millimeter Waves to 4G
Wireless Bits | 7/14/2010

5:20 PM More wireless backhaul goings-on

ECI Tunes In to Radio Backhaul
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/14/2010

Israeli vendor adds a microwave product to its backhaul portfolio to give it a full set of fixed, wireless, TDM, and packet options

Carrier Ethernet Market Off to Good Start in 2010
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/14/2010

Thanks to Carrier Ethernet's compelling value, the market continues to grow at a good clip despite the sluggish global economy

JDSU Invades Your Living Room
Rewired | 7/14/2010

4:40 PM Providing light source for new gesture recognition technology could be major new consumer market for long-time telecom player

A Smart Phone Shopper
The Philter | 7/14/2010

3:50 PM What do we really want from a smartphone? It's easier to tell when you look at a few top models side-by-side

Apple Getting Deeper Into Maps?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/14/2010

The iPhone maker has reportedly bought a French-Canadian mapping company that appears to rival some Google location capabilities

Clearwire Gets a New Backhaul Buddy
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/14/2010

Clearwire reveals deployment of millimeter-wave equipment from startup E-Band

Mobile Money Machines
LR Mobile Column | 7/14/2010

Mobile handsets are on track to become a primary component of basic business transactions worldwide

Photos From Our Mobile Broadband Summit, III
Slide Shows | 7/14/2010

The roadshow moved from New Delhi to Mumbai, and our photographer came with us

WOW: Comcast-NBCU Menaces Service Rollouts
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/14/2010

CEO of cable overbuilder WideOpenWest claims carriage fees resulting from deal would limit its ability to spend on network upgrades

3D Coming to YouTube
Contentinople | 7/14/2010

10:10 AM YouTube will begin offering 3D content via the PlayStation 3 this year

Verizon Launches Health Information Exchange
News Analysis | 7/14/2010

Cloud-based service would enable secure access to patient medical records via an Internet connection

Euronews: July 14
EuroBlog | 7/14/2010

7:30 AM Today's news snippets from Euroland, featuring Telefónica, AT&T, and BT

Telefónica Preps Femto Launch
Wireless Bits | 7/14/2010

6:10 AM It's femto fiesta time!

Tata Quits Industry Body
AsiaBlog | 7/14/2010

4:00 AM Recent recommendations by the regulator the likely cause of rift between old and new players

Web TV Takes a Crack at Comcast-NBCU Union
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/13/2010

Panelists at FCC hearing weigh the threats the deal could have on the budding online video distribution market

Braun Ready for the Next Thing
News Analysis | 7/13/2010

Former Aviat CEO remains mum on reasons for departure but says he's looking at telemetrics, wireless networks, and more for next gig

Comcast Unleashes Wireless Beast Out East
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/13/2010

MSO launches 'High-Speed 2go' in 10 more Eastern markets, expanding availability of WiMax/3G combo and newer 3G-only option

Android’s Fragmentation ‘Problem’
Que Sera Sarah | 7/13/2010

1:30 PM It’s only a problem if developers say it is

Tyco Snaps Up ADC for $1.25B
News Analysis | 7/13/2010

Tyco Electronics to add ADC's broadband access portfolio to its Network Solutions business

Huawei Gives Finisar a Boost
News Analysis | 7/13/2010

The ROADM business keeps getting better, as Finisar gets a 40% bump thanks in part to Huawei orders

JumpTap Lures Developers From Apple, Google
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/13/2010

Independent ad network wants to remind publishers there are more lucrative options than just Apple and Google in the ad market

Pyramid: Ruling Slows Taiwan Recovery
News Analysis | 7/13/2010

Mobile data will eventually provide the way forward for Taiwan's telcos, but there's pain before the gain, predicts Pyramid Research

CableLabs Tuning Up TV Everywhere Specs
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/12/2010

With new interface specs Cablelabs seeks to scale the way MSOs and programmers authenticate and authorize subs for TV Everywhere services

Samsung Wants to Go Deep Into Apps
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/12/2010

That's not a weird euphemism for something, is it?

Microsoft Courting SPs as Cloudmates
News Analysis | 7/12/2010

Uses Worldwide Partner event to encourage telecom service providers to include on-demand IT services with their network offerings

Consumer Reports 'Can't Recommend' iPhone 4
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/12/2010

Consumer guru's tests confirm iPhone 4 antenna problem and suggest a quick fix – cover the antenna hole with tape!

Mobile Startups Face Reality
Craig's A-List | 7/12/2010

1:50 PM The MobileBeat conference is trying a fun way to get startups on stage

Microsoft 'Hell-Bent' on Major Mobile Push
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/12/2010

Microsoft chief makes more colorful promises on the future of his company but admits it missed an entire generation of users

Photos: Covering the 3DTV Bases
Contentinople | 7/12/2010

12:30 PM Quick pics from the YES Network viewing party in NYC

Yankees Net, DirecTV Recover From 3DTV Glitch
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/12/2010

Despite a brief hiccup in the early innings, YES Network and the satellite giant got to show off TV baseball in all its 3D glory UPDATED 12:30 PM

Ceton Steps Forward
The Bauminator | 7/12/2010

10:40 AM Says its CableCARD-fueled PC-TV tuner has reached production, but stays mum on launch timing

Google Touts 'Interactive Video Ads'
Contentinople | 7/12/2010

9:55 AM CEO Eric Schmidt says the new ad format is on the way

CENX Taps AT&T's Brown as New CEO
News Analysis | 7/12/2010

Man who built AT&T's Carrier Ethernet offering chosen to lead Ethernet exchange through operational expansion

Huawei Confident of Indian Import Resolution
News Analysis | 7/12/2010

Chinese vendor sees an end to the current controversy surrounding the sourcing of Chinese technology by India's network operators

Ubiquisys Nabs $9M for Femto Push
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/12/2010

UK femtocell maker gets a $9 million funding boost from new and existing investors

Mark Twain on the Art of the Interview
Monkey Bidness | 7/11/2010

8:30 AM Too bad he didn't live to see blogs

Netgear's Bash
Craig's A-List | 7/9/2010

5:00 PM Party in an art gallery. Of course we went

No Tru2way? No Problem
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/9/2010

SeaChange says its TiVo VoD play is ready for its close-up, a move that might further weaken the tru2way market and threaten Cisco and Moto

Netgear Can't Set TiVo Free
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/9/2010

The upcoming ReadyNAS Ultra sure sounds like it could be a 'TV Everywhere' option for TiVo – but alas, DRM gets in the way

Fring Punches AT&T in the FaceTime
Que Sera Sarah | 7/9/2010

1:25 PM Much to Apple's dismay, Fring one-ups FaceTime with 3G calling

Photos From Our Mobile Broadband Summit, II
Slide Shows | 7/9/2010

More snaps from the Mobile Broadband Summit 2010 in New Delhi, where the operators turned out in force

Apple to Add $1 TV Rentals
Contentinople | 7/9/2010

9:30 AM According to reports, Apple is planning to add streaming rentals of TV episodes to its next version of Apple TV

Mission-Critical M2M
Que Sera Sarah | 7/9/2010

8:40 AM For some M2M apps, using the 4G network could be a matter of life or death

Comcast Shoots for 'DVR2Go' Trademark
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/9/2010

Trademark filing describes service that can broadcast, stream, and transfer audio, video, and data to portable electronic devices

India's 3G Players Ready for Swift Launch
News Analysis | 7/9/2010

Multiple operators will launch 3G services within weeks of getting their spectrum, says president of Reliance Communications

WiMax Finds Short-Term Niche in 4G M2M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/9/2010

WiMax chipset costs are low enough to make it appealing for M2M, but Heavy Reading says it won’t be a sustainable advantage

Cisco Interviews... Me?!
The Philter | 7/8/2010

4:25 PM Cisco's social networking maven quizzes me on social media, publishing, and Light Reading's evolution

Photos From Our Mobile Broadband Summit, I
Slide Shows | 7/8/2010

The Mobile Broadband Summit 2010 in New Delhi was a hit, with plenty of laughs, and a few budding relationships, as our photographer discovered

TiVo's Crafting a Whole-Home DVR
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/8/2010

The company is developing hardware for a multi-room DVR for MSOs, and it's left the door open for a retail version

Clearwire Cutting Capex in 2H10?
LR Mobile Rumors | 7/8/2010

Soleil Group analyst says Dragonwave results and Ciena projections indicate that Clearwire is cutting back on mobile backhaul capex

Calamari Paul
Monkey Bidness | 7/8/2010

LUNCHTIME Germans blame the tentacled messenger

Suddenlink Boxes Up TiVo Deal
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/8/2010

TiVo Premiere DVR and future non-DVR boxes to be 'customized' to work with MSO's VoD platform, but tru2way isn't involved

Small Cells Key to LTE, Analyst Says
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/8/2010

A new class of small base stations is a quick and easy fix to get broad coverage in 4G rollouts, In-Stat reports

Call Quality Complaints Plague AT&T Femto
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/8/2010

AT&T's 3G Microcell user support forum reveals service quality problems like latency and dropped calls on the operator's new femto service

Is Vivo Deal Back On?
EuroBlog | 7/8/2010

7:15 AM Telefónica might get its Brazilian after all

C-3PO Strives for Green Photonics
News Analysis | 7/8/2010

I told you, R2, you have to pay attention to the power consumption of the optical components, too! Oh, this is all your fault!

NetLogic Mashes It Up
Craig's A-List | 7/7/2010

5:50 PM New chip is like a tour of the company

Recovery Act Funds Sit Still
News Analysis | 7/7/2010

US agencies have just a few months to award more than half the $7.2B set aside for broadband projects

AlcaLu Takes Blame for AT&T 3G Slowdown
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/7/2010

AT&T is blaming slow uplink speeds on an Alcatel-Lucent HSUPA bug, echoing recent 3G networking problems for the vendor in New Zealand

EchoStar Slings Overseas
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/7/2010

EchoStar's global box strategy gets a boost with deal to make a 'SlingLoaded' DVR for UK-based Freesat

Comcast Moving On Move Networks Alternative
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/7/2010

Amid shakeup at Move, MSO and the vendor work on a 'transition plan' that will shift Web-fed, premium Xfinity TV fare to a new media player

Musical Chairs
The Bauminator | 7/7/2010

11:50 AM The SCTE didn’t have to look far to find a new program committee chairman for its big show in The Big Easy

T-Mobile HSPA+ Smartphone Due in September
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/7/2010

T-Mobile prepares to launch HSPA+ smartphones for its newly upgraded 3G network in the US

E-Book Wars Heat Up for B&N
Contentinople | 7/7/2010

10:15 AM Challenges are ahead for Barnes and Noble as Amazon's new patent could kill its e-reader and Borders launches an e-book store

WiMax, 3G to Dominate India's Broadband Future
News Analysis | 7/7/2010

With little further to come from India's fixed access lines, the country's broadband goals are set to be met with wireless technologies

Qik Touts Video Chat Explosion on Sprint's EVO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/7/2010

Two-way video sessions last an average of four minutes, as the company claims to have ironed out some teething troubles

Alvarion to Support TD-LTE
News Analysis | 7/7/2010

WiMax vendor to add LTE capabilities to its wireless platform

Full House in New Delhi
AsiaBlog | 7/7/2010

4:00 AM Standing room only at Mobile Broadband event

BSNL to Split Top Role
AsiaBlog | 7/7/2010

2:00 AM Chairman and managing director role to be split, says source

Time Warner Cable Gears Up for Mobile Hotspots
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/6/2010

MSO follows Sprint's 'Overdrive' with 'IntelliGo,' a mobile WiFi hotspot generator that can tether up to five devices

Apple's Antenna Issues: Them's the Breaks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/6/2010

Tear-down specialist at UBM TechInsights says that an antenna break on the left side of the iPhone 4 casing could be the source of signal strength woes

Comcast: DTAs Can Be 'Force-Tuned'
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/6/2010

MSO contends the capability doesn't turn inherently one-way DTAs into 'interactive' devices, but will the FCC agree?

Juniper Discounts Ethernet
Craig's A-List | 7/6/2010

2:10 PM Vendors trolling for enterprise Ethernet sales

Seeking 3G Alternatives for Mobile TV
Que Sera Sarah | 7/6/2010

1:30 PM WiFi will bring mobile TV to the masses, but it won’t be a sustainable solution

M2M: Where WiMax Meets Lindsay Lohan
LR Mobile Column | 7/6/2010

The proliferation of machine-to-machine technologies and services is shaping a future where people will carry three to five M2M devices each

Nokia Nabs RIM Exec
Wireless Bits | 7/6/2010

12:55 PM Meet Nokia's new go-to-market maven

India's Still Hot for WiMax, Says Forum
News Analysis | 7/6/2010

WiMax vendors are still bullish about the Indian market, but the window of opportunity might be short

Photos From Qualcomm's Uplinq Conference
Slide Shows | 7/6/2010

Qualcomm brought developers to its home city of San Diego to pitch them on its new view of Brew – here's our view

Netflix Takes on Movie Channels
Contentinople | 7/6/2010

10:30 AM Netflix signs its first pay-TV deal, preparing to challenge premium movie channels like HBO and Showtime

ECI Opens Up on BT
EuroBlog | 7/6/2010

9:45 AM New-gen broadband deployment out in the open

Nokia Sells Modem Unit for $200M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/6/2010

Nokia sheds its wireless modem business in a $200 million deal to sharpen focus on devices and services

No Androids From Nokia
Wireless Bits | 7/6/2010

4:20 AM Symbian and MeeGo will do

China Telecom Revs Up Rev. B
News Analysis | 7/6/2010

China Telecom revealed CDMA EV-DO Rev. B trial results at Light Reading's 2010 Mobile Broadband China event

FT Unveils New Action Plan
News Analysis | 7/5/2010

France Telecom stresses FTTH and LTE potential as it unveils its five-year 'conquest' strategy

BT's Visionary Strategy
EuroBlog | 7/5/2010

7:45 AM Aims to boost its IPTV subs base with cut-price sports content

Pirelli Tires of Broadband
EuroBlog | 7/5/2010

6:00 AM To sell gateway, set-tops business

Challengers Shake Up LTE Chips
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/5/2010

Mobile chip vendors are set to meet the demand for LTE, but new contenders are challenging established silicon suppliers, finds a new Heavy Reading report

Samsung Shares Apple Core
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/5/2010

UBM TechInsights finds that Samsung's new Galaxy S Android phones share a 1GHz core with the Apple iPhone 4 and iPad

Docsis 3.0: It's More Than Speed
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/5/2010

Big burst speeds dominate the D3 headlines, but MSOs will need to tap into wideband's other features to take it beyond early adopters

Pitching Into the Cloud
LRTV Documentaries | 7/5/2010

Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre talks to some of the specialist technology providers at the Cloud Computing World Forum event in London

Juniper Finds Another Optical Partner
News Analysis | 7/2/2010

Juniper adds ADVA to the fold as it continues amassing optical expertise to cope in a packet-optical world

The JDSU Question (Again)
Craig's A-List | 7/2/2010

11:45 AM Re-rethinking the optics thing

Apple Explains iPhone 4 Troubles
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/2/2010

Apple says its been over-optimistic calculating the signal strength of 3G networks... and, oh, and you're holding it wrong, anyway

Far EasTone Converges
AsiaBlog | 7/2/2010

10:15 AM Buys majority stake in fixed broadband player

Metaphors Gone Wild
Monkey Bidness | 7/2/2010

9:30 AM Journalism is still dying

BT's 21CN Slammed
EuroBlog | 7/2/2010

8:30 AM 'It is quite clear to us that BT's 21CN network simply cannot cope with demand at present...'

Cable Winks, Giggles at TR-069
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/2/2010

Cable's playing kissy-face with a standard born out of DSL as MSOs gird for a massive deployment shift toward Docsis 3.0-powered gateways

Cloud Formation at Verizon Business
LRTV Interviews | 7/2/2010

Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre talks to Mark Beaumont from Verizon Business about the development of the international business carrier's cloud services portfolio

Verizon: Utilities Warming to Telecom Aid
News Analysis | 7/2/2010

New head of Verizon's utility and energy practices sees a shift in thinking by utility execs, now willing to buy managed telecom services

Qualcomm Open to Selling FLO TV Unit
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/2/2010

The future of FLO TV is uncertain, even to Qualcomm’s chief, who’d like to provide the technology, but not the service itself

Verizon Recommits to Brew
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/2/2010

In the face of waning feature-phone revenues, Verizon doubles down on the Qualcomm platform and its developers

No Respite for Chinese Vendors
AsiaBlog | 7/2/2010

6:55 AM Indian government draws up banned vendor list, reports suggest

Comcast: 'AnyRoom DVR' is Live in 20+ Markets
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/1/2010

MSO gets its multi-room DVR off the ground in several Moto-based markets, including Oregon, western Mass, and the Bay Area

Telcos Go Pro? No!
Rewired | 7/1/2010

4:10 PM Adding professional services to their business portfolios is not necessarily the way to boost revenues

P-OTS for Mobile Backhaul
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/1/2010

If it can overcome a number of challenges, mobile backhaul could become the 'killer app' for packet-optical transport systems

WOW Plugs In Hulu
The Bauminator | 7/1/2010

3:30 PM Cable over-builder, which has come out against proposed Comcast-NBCU deal, embeds Hulu into its customer Web hub UPDATED 4PM

Apple Kills Bees
Monkey Bidness | 7/1/2010

2:40 PM Cellphones are a real buzz kill

Clearwire Coverage Tops 50 Million People
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/1/2010

WiMax provider has proto-4G service in 41 markets in the US and is adding towns in New York and California, with network signals detected in the Big Apple

Cloudy Days at Savvis
LRTV Interviews | 7/1/2010

Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre finds out about Savvis's cloud service offering from the company's EMEA managing director, Brian Klingbeil, who's looking for speedier provisioning times from the carrier community

Amazon Cuts Kindle DX Price
Contentinople | 7/1/2010

10:50 AM The device has been suffering in limbo between the iPad and the regular Kindle

TiVo Hopes to Reign in Spain
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/1/2010

DVR pioneer's global hopes rise after ONO, Spain's largest cable operator, picks TiVo software to run on broadband-connected Cisco boxes

Qualcomm Chief Stresses Need for App Efficiency
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/1/2010

Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs says more spectrum will be critical for operators dealing with the data rush, but developers also have a role to play

Security Storm in India
AsiaBlog | 7/1/2010

7:45 AM Authorities want access to message content from RIM, Google, Skype

AT&T Suffers Femto Activation 'Issues'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/1/2010

Just days after AT&T announced the completion of its national Microcell rollout, the carrier suffered a femto service activation hitch

Top Indian Operators Set Out Broadband Agenda
News Analysis | 7/1/2010

Leading carrier and Department of Telecom executives to address mobile broadband developments at Light Reading conferences in India

Qualcomm Augments Reality for Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/1/2010

With the help of Mattel and Qualcomm, Barbies will come to life and robots will duke it out

AT&T to Serve More Brew
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/1/2010

AT&T CMO says to expect a simplified Brew development experience and 10 more Quick Messaging Devices within the year

TEF Hits Back Over Vivo
EuroBlog | 7/1/2010

7:00 AM Telefónica slams Portuguese state intervention

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